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Top 10 most expensive watches in the world


A watch is a timeless classic accessory, which is not only a device for determining the exact time, but also an important component of the image of a modern person. Some of them are real works of art that amaze not only with their beauty, but also with the complexity of the mechanism, which, of course, is displayed on their price.
Present to your attention The 15 most expensive pocket and wrist watches in the worldworth over $ 2 million.

15th place: Parmigiani Fleurier Fibonacci - a pocket watch made of white gold, decorated with inlay in the form of a lotus flower, which imitates the principle of the Fibonacci golden ratio. The flower is studded with diamonds, rubies, emeralds, sapphires and semiprecious stones with a total weight of 49.5 carats. The watch is equipped with a perpetual calendar, minute repeater and a moon phase indicator. Manufactured by Parmigiani Fleurier Fibonacci exclusively on request. The cost of a luxury accessory will be $ 2.4 million, and the manufacturing process will last about 2 years.

14th place: Franck Muller Aeternitas Mega 4 - the most complex mechanical wristwatch in the world, the cost of which reaches $ 2.7 million. This creation of watchmaking in a white gold case consists of 1483 parts. They are equipped with 36 functions, 25 of which are presented on the dial, dotted with nineteen hands. Aeternitas Mega 4 displays the time of three time zones, has a 999-day Gregorian calendar, a reverse chronograph and a Westminster fight. Unique watches are only available in New York and Geneva.

13th place: Cartier Secret Watch with Phoenix - a wristwatch in the form of a phoenix, made of rhodium and plated with 18x white gold. The body of the mythical bird is encrusted with 3010 diamonds weighing 80.13 carats. The eyes of the phoenix are pear-shaped emeralds and diamonds of 3.53 carats. The cost of this work of art is 2,755,000 conventional units.

12th place: Unique wristwatch of the famous Swiss company Patek Philippe, made in the distant 1942. Made of 18 carat gold, the accessory is equipped with a moon phase indicator and a perpetual calendar. Patek Philippe (1942) was sold in November 2009 at Christie’s in Geneva for $ 2,773,721.

11th place: Patek Philippe Model 2523 Heures Universelles (1953) - another creation of the famous watch manufacturer, sold in May 2012 at the Christie’s Geneva auction for $ 2,990,154. Gold wrist watches with a sophisticated design show time in 24 time zones. The dial of the model is decorated with an enamel map of North America.

10th place: Piaget Emperador Temple - a wristwatch representing a real triumph of luxury and splendor. The accessory, made of 18 carat gold and encrusted with a huge number of diamonds, was created in 2010. The top cover of the watch is decorated with 481 round diamonds and 207 baguettes. The dial is studded with 11 baguette-cut diamonds and 162 round-cut diamonds, and the bracelet has 350 baguettes on it. In total, two copies of the Piaget Emperador Temple were released, but some of them have already been sold. The cost of the watch is 3.3 million dollars.

9th place: Patek Philippe Single-Button Chronograph Watch (1928) - a one-button pillow-shaped chronograph, created in 1928 by order of an anonymous buyer. They are made of 18 ct white gold and decorated with 28 precious stones. The watch was sold in May 2011 at Christie’s auction, and the price paid for it was $ 3,637,408.

8th place: JB Champion's platinum observatory chronometer - a 1952 platinum wrist watch manufactured by Patek Philippe masters commissioned by the legendary American collector J. B. Champion. In November 2012, at Christie’s auction in Geneva, they were sold for $ 3,992,858. This is the most expensive watch in the world without complex functions.

7th place: Patek Philippe Platinum World Time (1939) - a wrist watch from the great Swiss company, created by the outstanding Geneva watchmaker Louis Cottier in 1939. They are equipped with a self-winding mechanism, which allows you to find out the time in any of the time zones of the globe, while the watches are distinguished by a reliable mechanism and elegant design. Patek Philippe Platinum World Time was sold at the Geneva Antiquorum auction in 2002 for 4,026,524 conventional units.

6th place: Paris Precision Stopwatch by Breguet & Fils. - exquisite pocket watches with a stopwatch, made of 18 carat gold and platinum and decorated with precious stones. They represent the first experimental Breguet chronometer, equipped with two dials with Roman and Arabic numerals. The first watch was purchased by Mr. Garcia in August 1814 at an auction in London for 5,000 francs. The last price that they gave for them in May 2012 at Christie’s auction was 4,682,165 conventional units.

5th place: Patek Philippe Caliber 89 - a pocket watch with two dials, created in 1989 on the 150th anniversary of the famous Swiss company. They became the most sophisticated watches released by Patek Philippe. In total, four copies were released, the case of each of which was made of precious metal: yellow gold, pink gold, white gold and platinum. A luxury accessory, the manufacture of which the watchmakers needed as long as 9 years of work, is decorated with 126 precious stones, consists of 1728 parts and has 33 functions. Unique watch weighs 1.1 kg. The main features of Caliber 89 include: calendar, moon phase indicator, chronograph, thermometer, chime and starry sky map. The cost of unique watches is $ 5 million.

4th place: Patek Philippe Reference 1527 - a classic wristwatch from 1943, made of gold using 23 precious stones. Originally owned by the Stern family, which owns the Patek Philippe brand. The watch is equipped with a perpetual calendar and moon phase indicator. At the Christie’s auction in May 2010, the Patek Philippe Reference 1527 was purchased for 5.63 million conventional units.

3rd place: Patek Philippe Henry Graves Supercomplication is a super-exclusive watch model that was born in 1932 as a result of a dispute between two wealthy American friends. They argued which of them will be the owner of the most difficult watches in the world. The winner was New York banker Henry Graves, who ordered a watch from Patek Philippe. This incredibly complex order took 5 years to complete. The watch, made of 18 carat gold and consisting of 900 parts, is equipped with 24 functions. An interesting feature of the Patek Philippe Henry Graves Supercomplication is the starry sky on the dial, which looks exactly like from the window of the Graves house in New York. In 1999, at Sotheby's, they were purchased by an anonymous buyer for $ 11,002,500 and are now in the watch museum in Geneva, Switzerland.

2nd place: 201-carat Chopard - an exclusive bracelet watch that combines the achievements of jewelry and watchmaking. Chopard launched them in 2008. The watch is generously strewn with a mountain of diamonds, among which you can see a small dial. The three main heart-shaped diamonds - white, red and blue - are located around the dial. Their total weight is 38 carats, while the weight of all precious stones, the number of which reaches 874, is 200 carats. This work of art is estimated at 25 million dollars.

The winner of the rating is the watch of the Swiss brand Jaeger-LeCoultre - Joaillene Manchette, whose approximate cost is $ 26 million. They represent the latest model of the Joaillerie 101 series, equipped with a manual winding. A white gold watchband is encrusted with 576 diamonds and 11 onyx crystals, while the silver dial of Joaillene Manchette is covered with sapphire crystal.

Jaeger-LeCoultre - Joaillene Manchette

The Swiss company Jaeger-LeCoultre's Joaillene Manchette is a microscopic watch that you can never see time on. But this tiny dial is embedded in a mechanical bracelet strewn with 576 diamonds, 400 diamonds and 11 onyx crystals. And this is the most expensive watch on planet Earth. Their price - $ 27 million - 1 billion 726 million 515 thousand rubles.

9. Excalibur Quatuor | 1 million 200 thousand dollars

| 1 million 200 thousand dollars

So, Excalibur Quatuor - the most complicated engineering mechanism for 1 million 200 thousand dollars were released in 3 copies. This is the first watch in the world whose case is completely made of silicon. Despite its lightness, this material is four times stronger and lighter than steel. Watches belong to the elite collection of the world.

1st place. Graff hallucination

In the first place is the embodiment of Graff Lawrence's incredible love for multi-colored diamonds. A small dial and 110 carats of various diamonds - this is what Graff's dream come true that he dreamed about for many years. Bright color kaleidoscope was presented by the British jewelry house in 2014.

The cost of a Graff Hallucination watch is more than impressive — $ 55,000,000.


Breguet is one of the leading companies specializing in the production of expensive watches. Currently, the work of this organization is known throughout the world. It is worth adding that the company is one of the oldest. A few centuries ago, company employees presented the first watch in the form of a pocket case. The most expensive watches are called Breguet. Made of 18x gold. The cost of the product is 730 thousand dollars. Attract with a rotating cover and unique design.

7. Vacheron Constantin Tour de I’Ile | 1,550,000 dollars

| 1,550,000 dollars

Vacheron Constantin Tour de I’Ile worth $ 1,550,000 is rightfully taking its seventh place among the most expensive watches. They are distinguished from other representatives of the rating by a complex mechanism and a double dial. You can select the time of the second time zone and find out the exact time of sunset. The watch beats every half hour, hour, and quarter at the request of the owner. The mechanism informs about the difference between solar time and accepted.

The model was released in 2005 in the amount of 7 copies to the 250th anniversary of the house of Vasheron. Each copy has its own unique ornamental pattern and serial number. The case is made of pink gold and a white dial and only one of the 7 copies has a black dial.

Blancpain 1735, Grande Complication

The most expensive watches in the world today include the work of the company Blancpain 1735 - Grande Complication. The price is 800 thousand dollars. It includes a unique, one might say, priceless mechanism. The watch consists of 740 components. It is worth noting that in 2019 they are one of the most elegant and beautiful works. The watch is equipped with a self-winding system, which is protected by a platinum case. Probably not worth saying that the assembly is manual. Includes 44 expensive stones and a branded accessory.

Louis Moinet Magistralis

The only company on the planet that produces watches that include a natural fragment of the moon. You did not dream! Indeed, the organization uses a 2000-year-old meteorite from the moon to create a watch. Accordingly, the cost of the product is amazing. The Louis Moinet Magistralis series watches cost $ 860,000. Demonstrate the lunar phases. A very complex mechanism provides other functions. For example, the perpetual calendar, chronograph and minute repeater. The case is made of gold (5N-pink). Unique product released in a limited edition.

Hublot black caviar bang

The rating of the most expensive watches in the world was replenished by Hublot specialists, having proposed the Black Caviar Bang model to the public. The cost of new items is 1 million dollars. Attract with an invisible cut. It is worth noting that the price of watches largely depends on the availability of black diamonds. Through this trick, employees were able to significantly increase the cost of the product. In addition to a creative approach to the manufacture of goods, the ingenuity of leadership should be highlighted. Watches are supplied in conjunction with decorative accessories made of precious metals.

4. A. Lange & Sohne Grand Complication | 1 920 000 euro

| 1 920 000 euro

The clock every hour and a quarter of an hour is notified by sound signals. Especially for this, the mechanism is equipped with a separate drum. The watch case and clasp are made of gold; the strap is made of crocodile leather. It took seven years to develop and test watches with the most complex combat mechanism. In the entire history, 6 copies have been issued, although the number of people wishing to purchase them is much greater.

The Chopard Super Ice Cube

Another model of luxury watches equipped with diamonds, an original design and a famous name. The Chopard Super Ice Cube is made of eighteen-carat white gold. Exquisite jewelry is estimated at 1 million 100 thousand dollars. It is difficult to say why the design is somewhat reminiscent of Joaillene Manchette, but also the latest model. Perhaps this is a subjective opinion. It is important to note that the latest model is today the leader in the list of the most expensive watches.

Patek philippe sky moon tourbillon

Surely, all watch connoisseurs have heard of the global brand Patek Philippe. So, know that the company introduced the Sky Moon Tourbillon model, which costs $ 1.3 million. The uniqueness of watches lies in the fact that they have the most complex mechanism in the history of the company. They include a perpetual calendar, 2 dials and a retrograde pointer at once. In addition, there is a lunar phase and the definition of time zones. A very unique watch design complements the new “brainchild” of the expensive Patek Philippe segment.

2. 201-carat Chopard | 25 million dollars

| 25 million dollars

The white gold dial is encrusted with three diamonds in the shape of a heart in pink, blue and white. The mechanism is designed so that the stones open like flower petals. Smaller stones go from the center to the bracelet. The name 201-carat itself speaks of the weight of diamonds. This is one of the most exclusive jewelry in the world in the form of a clockwork.

Vacheron Constantin Tour de l’Ile

Not without this list, and without a model called Vacheron Constantin Tour de l’Ile, the cost of one and a half million dollars. Thus, the developers decided to celebrate the 200th anniversary of their company. The mechanism includes pink gold and a unique 18-carat diamond. In this series there are only 7 models. In addition, each type of watch has a unique number and cover. However, all the watches imply an interesting pattern. He highlights each of the models. The mechanism includes over 800 parts.

Patek Phillipe’s Supercomplication

Patek Phillipe’s this year decided to simply hit the public. The watch house introduced another model commissioned by Henry Graves. As a result, a New York banker received a unique product called Patek Phillipe’s Supercomplication. The cost of new items - 11 million dollars. This watch has been developed for 5 years. Only walkers include about 900 parts. The whole case is made for 18 carat gold. There are 24 additional features. In this aspect, they are the most complex and interesting. Individual order did not upset the client!

Patek philippe platinum world time

The ex-leader in the top is another watch from Patek Philippe - Platinum Platinum World Time, worth $ 14 million. Features include support for different time zones. The owner of this work of art can easily find out what time it is in any state. Initially, this product was created to order. Over time, something went wrong. However, the watch is designed only for collectors. Actually, this can be understood even by the cost of the product.

The most expensive watch - 201-carat Chopard

The most expensive watch in the world is the 201-carat Chopard. From the name you can understand what caused such a cost of the product ($ 25 million). It's all about the presence of diamonds:

A total of 201 carats. The watch has a large display, but this does not push away from the perception of design. The watch is very cool and unusual. However, the price speaks for itself.

Updated! In 2019, the most expensive watch model is Joaillene Manchette, which costs $ 27,000,000.

1. Patek Philippe

Original Swiss watch Patek philippe occupy high positions among famous brands. They are distinguished by perfect design, unique mechanical design and impeccable reliability. The quality of the watch is fully consistent with international standards, and the technology of their production is constantly being improved, delighting its owners with a variety of stylish models. For the manufacture of each instance, various non-standard materials are used.That is why all watches of this brand are elegant and stylish movements. The most expensive Patek Philippe model was sold for $ 11,136,642.

3. Lange & Sohne

German company Lange & sohne known as one of the most expensive serial watch manufacturers. The watch from Lange & Sohne is designed for true connoisseurs of high quality. Each model has a perfect appearance and a durable mechanism. Many owners consider this accessory a profitable investment and a competent addition to their impeccable style. All items are made using gold, platinum and precious stones. The watch is especially attractive with engraving. And manual grinding and polishing makes the appearance even more accurate and noble. Such watches are a peculiar sign that a person has a high status and reputation. The most expensive copy from Lange & Sohne was estimated at $ 2.5 million.

4. Vacheron Constantin

Luxury watches of a very expensive brand Vacheron constantin managed to earn an impeccable reputation, thanks to excellent quality and chic external data. Refined accessories of high class possess perfect precision of mechanisms, since the best masters of the world work on their creation. Modern technologies allow them to produce the best of the best watches, among which there are rare mechanical exhibits in museums. The symbol of the original watch is considered to be the Maltese cross. The high cost of these products is due to the fact that in the process of their production high-quality materials, precious stones and art paintings are used. The products are very high quality and characterized by the reliability of the mechanical system. The highest recorded price is $ 1.5 million.

5. Blancpain

The top 10 most expensive watch brands include Blancpain, with a maximum cost of $ 800,000. During the period of its existence, the watches of this Swiss company managed to become iconic, and some items even take pride of place in different world museums. Each model harmoniously combines technical innovation, as well as the skill of artists and masters themselves. The sophisticated and elegant design of the mechanisms blends perfectly with the noble classic style. The brand managed to win many significant awards and earned worldwide recognition in all corners of the planet, which indicates the unsurpassed quality of its products.

6. Audemars Piguet

Audemars pigiget - A Swiss manufacturer of expensive watches, which harmoniously combines strength and elegance, which are an integral part of a strict style. Such models have long been enjoyed by strong and business personalities. This brand is listed in the Guinness Book of Records, which indicates the worldwide recognition of the brand as one of the best and unique. All mechanisms are assembled exclusively by hand, and each model is assigned an individual serial number, as well as the autograph of the author. In the manufacturing process, materials such as gold, stainless steel, diamonds, emeralds and diamonds are used. The dial is decorated with hand-painted decor. Such a solid accessory is equipped with a precise mechanism and is very popular in elite circles.

7. Ulysse Nardin

Ulysse nardin - High-quality and not cheap Swiss luxury watches. Characterized by excellent quality and extravagant appearance. Products of this brand are very popular among wealthy bidders. Masterpieces with the company logo are listed in the Guinness Book of Records. All watch models have wear resistance and chic external data, due to which they are an indispensable complement to the image of the wealthiest representatives of the highest elite.

8. Girard Perregaux

Status and luxury watches of the Swiss brand Girard perregaux have long been held in high esteem by many world collectors. The chronometers of these accessories are more than a symbol of prestige and high position in society. Individual developments and scientific research allow the company to create truly worthy and very expensive watches for the most demanding customers. Each model fits perfectly on the wrist due to the anatomical shape of the bracelets. Manual assembly allows you to create truly reliable and accurate mechanisms that are already appreciated by true connoisseurs of high quality.

9. Jaeger LeCoultre

The high cost of the original Swiss brand watch Jaeger LeCoultre is her kind of calling card. Such a reliable and high-quality mechanism exceeded all expectations. Each unit of the product lies at the most different stages of processing, so that they are as resistant to shock as possible. All specimens are characterized by exceptional complexity due to the ingenious design. Professional assembly and carefully selected parts make the watch durable and functional.

10. Rolex

Rolex with the original logo in the form of a crown is considered one of the most famous and expensive watch brands in the world. They are an indicator of luxury and prestige. These mechanisms are characterized by incomparable chronometric accuracy, the fact of which is confirmed by the corresponding certificates. Modern design and professional assembly have made the watch of this brand demanded in all countries of the world. Quality indicators, product accuracy and material strength are at their best. In addition to aesthetic data, the watch is characterized by impeccable functionality, which is felt during operation.

2nd place. Graff fascination

This creation also belongs to the house of Graff Diamonds. Unlike the previous model, this quartz watch is decorated with exceptionally transparent diamonds of amazing purity. Their total weight is almost 153 carats.

The dial is made in the form of a drop. It can be closed with a suitable diamond shape - then the watch will turn into a luxurious bracelet. If you intend to use the watch for its intended purpose, the stone is removed, it can be installed in a ring or necklace.

Transformer watches Graff Fascination in a platinum case were presented in 2015, their cost is $ 40,000,000.

3rd place. Joaillene manchette

In 2008, the Swiss company Jaeger-LeCoultre released this model of women's watches in white gold, which became the most expensive in the world at that time.

A hand-wound miniature dial is embedded in a bracelet richly decorated with precious stones - a total of 987 diamonds, diamonds and onyx crystals. The square dial itself is only a centimeter wide, about a fifth of the width of the strap.

One copy of this watch was presented to the Queen of Great Britain. According to official figures, no one else owns such an accessory.

The company has not sold a single instance of a Joaillene Manchette watch, the cost of which is $ 26,000,000.

4th place. 201-carat Chopard

This women's watch is also a piece of jewelry. The dial is surrounded by 3 main stones: diamonds in the shape of a heart of white, red and blue colors. The strap is a floral-jewelry symphony: white diamonds depict flower petals, and yellow diamonds represent the core and stems. In total, 874 stones were used to decorate the watches.

The 201-carat Chopard watch was created in a single copy and sold for $ 25000000.

5th place. Billionaire

This watch is intended for men. Jacob & Co was engaged in its development in collaboration with the Italian businessman Flavio Briatore, and for him.

Watches are named not so much in cost, but in the name of a brand of incredibly expensive clothes owned by a businessman. These things also need appropriate watches. Both the founder of the jewelry company and the customer are extraordinary personalities with the ability to think in a non-standard way. This was reflected in their creation.

The dial is transparent, with an open movement. It is one of the highlights - a tourbillon, not only a stylish piece, but also a mechanism capable of compensating the gravity to some extent and providing greater accuracy. The mechanism is housed in a white gold case. The dial and bracelet are adorned with 260 transparent diamonds.

The cost of a Billionaire watch is $ 18.8 million.

6th place. Patek Philippe Ref. 1518

Unlike previous examples, this watch is not decorated with a scattering of precious stones and made of the most ordinary steel. They show not only time, but also the phase of the moon, and the date, although this also will not surprise anyone.

The value of this model lies in its rarity: this series of watches was produced in 1941-1955, and in those days it was extremely rare to make steel cases, and during this time only 4 pieces were released. Specifically, those watches that were sold at the Phillips auction are the first steel watches in the series - they date back to 1943 and are perfectly preserved.

Watch Patek Philippe Ref. 1518 were sold under the hammer in 2016 for $ 11,000,000.

7th place. Grand complication in steel

This watch was released by Patek Philippe in 2015, and it immediately became famous. They are the only reprint of the famous 5016 model, which was produced in 1993-2011, but already in a case made of steel with a diameter of 36.8 mm.

Grand Complication in Steel is one of the best representatives of the watch classics, which supports the perpetual calendar option, a mechanism that marks a certain period of time with sound, and a tourbillon (you can see it if you turn the clock over). In total, about 300 copies were produced.

Grand Complication in Steel was created specifically for the Only Watch auction and sold for $ 7,300,000.

8th place. Snow white princess diamond watch

The model was introduced in 2013 by Mouawad. The stylish case is made of white gold, 2 large diamonds are located above and below it, and the dial itself and the circumference of the case are decorated with smaller ones. The watch bracelet also consists of diamonds attached to a gold base: square stones are located in the center of the bracelet, and diamonds of a diamond-shaped form extend from them at a slight angle.

The watch Snow White Princess Diamond Watch was sold for $ 6,800,000.

1. Joaillene Manchette | 27 million dollars

| 27 million dollars

Women's watches are made of white gold. They are decorated with 576 diamonds and 11 onyx crystals. The dial is quite small and the mechanism does not claim to be innovative. It is more a decoration than a watch. They were created as a gift to Queen Elizabeth II.

9th place. Patek Philippe ref. 5208T-010

The company provided these traditionally sophisticated watches for the Only Watch auction in 2017. The case is quite large (42x15.11 mm), made of titanium - a material that the manufacturer rarely uses.

The blue dial in the center is decorated with a carbon-like pattern. Of the complications, there is a one-button chronometer, repeater and perpetual calendar. There is a sapphire crystal insert on the back case, through which you can admire the mechanism.

Watch Patek Philippe ref. 5208T-010 were put up for auction in 2017 and sold for $ 6,224,800.

10th place. Patek Philippe Reference (1527)

The model is made of pink gold and decorated with 23 stones, equipped with a calendar and shows the phases of the moon. The high cost is due to some details:

  • the model was made in 1943, in wartime,
  • the watch belonged to representatives of the Stern family, owners of Patek Phillipe,
  • only 2 copies were made,
  • the design of this particular watch model has become exemplary for subsequent creations of the famous watch house.

At a Christie auction in 2010, $ 5630000 was paid for a Patek Philippe Reference watch.

11th place. Genghis khan

This creation was created by Swiss masters Ulysse Nardin. They gave rise to a revival of musical repeaters that make a sound every 15 minutes. The 42 mm case is made of pink gold. On the dial of blue aventurine mounted moving gold figures.

Build quality provides amazing water resistance - up to 30 meters. The back cover of the case is transparent, through it you can observe the operation of the mechanism, which should be started manually. The watch is equipped with a tourbillon and an alligator leather strap. The watch is released in a limited edition - only 30 pieces.

The cost of a men's watch Genghis Khan is $ 5,000,000.

12th place. Patek Philippe ref. 130

A watch with a one-button chronograph in a steel case is already an infrequent phenomenon in this company, and medical chronometers are even less common. The counters are located vertically, which is called the aviation style.

The age of the watch is also respectable - this model was released in 1927. The fact that the model was created in only two copies, one of which is in the museum of the company, makes them a real rarity.

During the auction, the fight for the Patek Philippe ref. 130 lasted about 20 minutes, the final cost stopped at $ 4,987,000.

13th place. METEORIS

Amazing watches from Louis Moinet were released in the amount of 4 pieces, in a luxurious case and with a partially transparent dial. Each of the four copies has its own peculiarity, namely a piece of the celestial body:

  • the fragment of the rocky rock of Mars is placed in the body of the first model,
  • a piece of the oldest Sahara meteorite is placed in the body of the second model,
  • the third model is based on a fragment from an asteroid,
  • the fourth model contains a piece of the lunar meteorite.

The cost of a METEORIS watch is $ 4,600,000.

14th place. Platinum world time

In 1939, Patek Philippe launched 115 watches of the same model under the supervision of outstanding watchmaker Louis Cottiere. The product went well: the watch has an elegant design, while allowing you to know the time anywhere in the world and is equipped with automatic winding.

There were several versions of the watch, including one with a card on the dial. One version of this model was released in a single copy, its feature is a platinum case.

A Platinum World Time watch with a platinum case was sold in 2002 at an auction in Geneva for $ 4036524.

15th place. Patek Philippe ref. 5004T

For a charity auction in 2013, the company presented the re-released 5004T watch model as the only one made specifically for this purpose. The case is made of titanium, its diameter is 36.7 mm. The dial is made of gold and decorated with a characteristic carbon fiber pattern, which continues on the calfskin strap.

The mechanism has a complete list of complications: moon phases, calendar and chronograph. The back cover is removable: you can install titanium or sapphire crystal. The watch is equipped with excellent water resistance.

Watch Patek Philippe ref. 5004T were sold under the hammer for $ 4,000,000.

16th place. Platinum observatory chronometer

This watch was also released by Patek Philippe, and it is the most expensive “simple” (without any complications) watch in the world. They were created for the American collector and lawyer John Ben Champion Jr., known for his punctuality. The watch won the competition of accuracy and is the only known version of this model in a platinum case.

The lawyer purchased the watch, but wanted to make some changes: replace the numbers on the dial with diamonds, and especially indicate the number 5, which the owner considered happy. The bracelet has also been replaced.

After the owner’s death, the watch was put up for auction in that form. But by 2012, the original components were found, and the copy was put up for sale in its original form, and the set included elements of the owner's personal preference: a dial with diamonds and a platinum bracelet.

The total value of this item at Christie's auction was $ 3992858.

17th place. Patek Philippe, 1928

A single-cell chronometer watch was made in 1928 by order of an anonymous buyer. The case is made of white gold, it is decorated with almost 30 gems. Its diameter is 34 mm, its shape is pillow-shaped.

The model came out very elegant. Today it is the only one of its kind in those years of this form in white gold. Complicators are arranged vertically - a special chic of those years.

How much the buyer paid for this watch is also unknown, but by 2011 the cost of Patek Philippe 1928 was $ 3,637,408.


The luxurious creation of PIAGET is studded with diamonds a little more than completely. The watch closes with a two-level lid: under the first level there is a small dial, under the second - large and transparent, so that you can see the mechanism.

The Swiss masters of this company are known not only for watches, but also for jewelry. The lid, bezel and dial itself are decorated with precious stones, like a bracelet: a total of 1,200 diamonds. The series is limited: only 2 such copies are released, one of them is sold.

The cost of a luxury product EMPERADOR TEMPLE in 2010 amounted to $ 3,300,000.

19th place. 2523 Heures Universelles

Patek Philippe is the creator of most of the most expensive watches. Model 2523 was created in 1953 and had amazing features and design at that time. The smallest elements of the mechanism were used, which made it possible to know the time and phase of the moon in any time zone. The watch is equipped with a one-button stopwatch.

In the center, the dial is decorated with an enamel map of North America. On the circumference of the dial are the names of countries and cities, the time of which can be found. The case is made of gold, complemented by a leather strap.

In 2012, Christie paid $ 2,990,154 for a 2523 Heures Universelles watch.

20th place. Patek philippe 1942

Another amazing watch in the historical context. They were released in wartime, while possessing an eternal calendar, showing the phase of the moon and were equipped with a stopwatch. The case is made of 18 carat gold, near each watch indicator there is a small diamond.

At the Christie's auction in 2009, a 1942 Patek Philippe watch was sold for $ 2,773,721.

The cost of any of the watches in the rating may change in the unstable world of auctions. The most expensive watches are either jewelry, richly decorated with precious stones, or have historical value, or were released in limited quantities.


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