Chris Hemsworth: biography and personal life


Name: Chris Hemsworth

Birthday: August 11 1983 (36 years old)

Place of Birth: Melbourne, Australia

Height: 191 cm

Weight: 95 kg

Eastern horoscope: Boar

Career: Foreign actors 76 place

Photo: Chris Hemsworth


Chris Hemsworth is a Hollywood actor of Australian descent. The role of Thor in the cinematic universe of Marvel brought Chris popularity, in which he appeared in solo films about the character and in blockbuster crossovers about the team of superheroes Avengers, which includes Thor.

Actor Chris Hemsworth

In addition to the role of the Scandinavian deity, Chris’s creative biography has dozens of roles in feature films and TV shows.

Childhood and youth

Chris Hemsworth was born in Australia, in one of the largest cities in the country - Melbourne. He was the second child in the family of social worker Craig Hemsworth and English teacher Leoni Hemsworth. Brother Elder, 2 years old, and Liam, 7 years younger, also later became popular movie actors, although, according to their own recollections, not one of the boys planned to connect life with the film business. In the filmography of Liam Hemsworth, the movie The Hunger Games became the most interesting project, and Luke starred in the rating series Wild World.

Chris Hemsworth with his brothers

The boy studied at the school at Hesmont High College, but due to frequent travels, his education turned out to be fragmentary. The family often changed their place of residence until they finally made their choice in favor of the island of Philip, where Chris Hemsworth, who was 15 years old at the time of the move, passed his youth.

The guy studied in high school, and devoted his free time to sports: gym, swimming and surfing. This brought a positive result. With a height of 190 cm, Chris weighs 95 kg, the actor has a taut figure and sculpted muscles, which subsequently almost guaranteed Hemsworth the role of superheroes.


Since the age of 18, Chris Hemsworth has been trying in various castings for company with his older brother. In 2002, he starred as King Arthur in the joint Australian-Canadian children's series Genre Alternative Gwen Jones, as well as in episodic roles in the youth TV series Neighbors, Marshall Low, Equestrian Club, Fergus Such Different McFile. " The more successful work of the aspiring actor can be considered the series "Home and On the Road", where he plays not the main, but a prominent role, Kim Hyde. He participates in approximately 170 episodes of the film and even receives the local Loki Award for Best Debutant.

In 2009, having exhausted himself in domestic cinema, Hemsworth leaves for Hollywood. For the year he starred in three films at once: "Star Trek", "Perfect Escape", "Big Money".

Chris Hemsworth in the movie Big Money

Thanks to his professional approach to work, as well as his unconditional acting talent, the attention of the producers attracts attention. In 2011, the movie “Thor” was shot on the screens, shot on comic books popular for America for children and adolescents. Chris played the god of thunder Thor, who, according to the plot of the comics, lives in another world, called, as in mythology, Asgard.

Thor came to Earth when the father of the young god and the king of Asgard Odin expelled the heir for excessive arrogance, shortsightedness and cruelty. The hero loses superpower, but finds new associates to save the Earth and other worlds. The main assistant to Thor in this matter was astrophysicist Jane Foster, whose role was played by Natalie Portman. Odin was played by Anthony Hopkins. The main villain of the film was the god Loki, seeking to occupy the throne of Odin. His role went to Tom Hiddleston.

Chris Hemsworth in the movie Thor

After filming in the comic blockbuster, Chris becomes popular and starred in the new adaptation of the Avengers comics. The new film combines several previously released Marvel paintings, creating a single cinematic universe from disparate paintings. The Avengers' prequels were the aforementioned Thor, The Incredible Hulk, Captain America and Captain America, and Iron Man. According to the plot of the film, superheroes unite in a mobile combat team to counter threats to humanity that they can not cope on their own. Chris's colleagues on the set were Robert Downey Jr., Scarlett Johansson, Jeremy Renner, Tom Hiddleston and Samuel L. Jackson.

Chris Hemsworth in the movie Avengers

In order not to become an actor of one role, Hemsworth appears in the psychological thriller “Cabin in the Forest”, in the military drama “The Elusive” and the sports film “Race”, based on historical events. The choice of such diverse roles was deliberate, and Chris Hemsfort was able to prove that he could be interesting and in demand not only in the role of a mythological character or superhero.

For the first time in his career, the artist received a fee of $ 5 million. This amount was agreed upon for starring in the main role of the science fiction film "Snow White and the Hunter." The acting ensemble of the film also included Kristen Stewart and Charlize Theron. For participating in the second part of the blockbuster, which came out 4 years after the first, the artist received $ 10 million.

Chris Hemsworth in the movie “Cabin in the Forest”

Later, the actor was expecting a sequel to the solo movie on the comics “Thor 2: The Kingdom of Darkness” in 2013, and 2 years later another sequel to the Marvel movie “Avengers: Age of Ultron” was released.

In the same year 2015, several films of other genres with Chris Hemsworth in the cast were also released: the crime detective Cyber ​​and the family comedy Vacation. Interestingly, the actor often agrees to several filming at the same time, so 3-4 films with his participation are released in one year. The man is responsible for his work, therefore, when for the role in the film “In the Heart of the Sea”, the film adaptation of the novel “Moby Dick”, needed to lose weight, Chris safely took this step. By the end of filming, he weighed only 80 kg, having thrown off 15 kg. Such work exhausted the artist, sometimes being in the frame, he almost fainted.

Cyber ​​Movie Trailer

In 2016, the expected Avengers sequel, Captain America: Civil War, was released. The Avengers team split into two warring factions, all the heroes of previous films, except Thor, were involved in the conflict. Chris Hemsworth did not take part in the filming of the picture. In response to a question from fans where Thor was when his friends and associates staged a civil war, Marvel released a series of short, humorous videos about Thor's life in Australia.

Soon the premiere of the second part of the fabulous adventure film "Snow White and the Hunter 2" also took place. The plot of the picture moves even further away from the classic fairy tale about Snow White, the princess herself is not even in the film, and focuses on the background of the hunter Eric, whose role, like in the first film, was played by Hemsworth. The picture tells that in his youth the hunter escaped from the Snow Queen's army, and about the reasons for Eric to take revenge on another evil sorceress.

Chris Hemsworth in the movie Snow White and the Hunter 2

In July 2016, the film Ghostbusters was released, an adaptation and reboot of the 1984 film. The main roles of the hunters in the science fiction comedy were played by Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig, Kate McKinnon and Leslie Jones. Hemsworth played Kevin, the secretary of the hunters. The film received mixed reviews. Critics gave him good marks for the plot and shooting, but bloggers and journalists defeated the film, opinion leaders publicly refused to watch the picture.

The first trailer of the picture received the maximum number of negative reviews for the entire existence of the YouTube service and collected a million dislikes. Also, "Ghostbusters" were banned from hire in China, which affected the film's worldwide box office.

Chris Hemsworth as Secretary in Ghostbusters

The main claim to the picture was that it uses the idea of ​​a film of the 80s, but replaces the male composition with a completely female one. Bloggers accused the tape of excessive feminism and insulting the canonical franchise films. In response to this, representatives of the picture called such critics intolerant and accused of sexism.

Separate claims were made about the character of Chris. Kevin was called incredibly stupid. At the same time, Kevin is a rather accurate male version of the secretary from the original picture, in which the nearness of this assistant was also played with humor.

Chris Hemsworth in Boss Bottled fragrance ad

After two controversial movie ratings, Chris Hemsworth returned to the role of Thor. The actor appeared in this image in October 2016 in a scene after the credits of the next Marvel film “Doctor Strange”.

In addition to his acting career, Hemsworth tried himself in the modeling business. The famous actor is known as the official face of the Boss Bottled fragrance.

Personal life

During the filming of the television series "Home and On the Road," Chris met actress Isabelle Lucas. Young people met for a year, but the relationship came to a standstill.

Chris Hemsworth and Isabelle Lucas

On Christmas 2010, Hemsworth marries Spanish-American actress Elsa Pataki, and several months have passed since they met. The most famous project with the participation of the actress is 4 parts of the blockbuster "Fast and the Furious". The actress played the role of Elena Nives.

Chris and his wife live in Australia. The actors took this decision to raise their children in a calm and quiet place, away from the paparazzi. Three children are raised in the family: daughter India Rose, born in 2012, and the twins Tristan and Sasha, who were born in March 2014. Hemsworth’s house is home to a dog and three donkeys. The mansion itself is located on the coastal cape, together with the children, the artist often watches passing whales and sperm whales.

Elsa's mother Pataki enthusiastically speaks of Chris Hemsworth, calling him the best father for her daughter's children, which she could only dream of.

Chris continues to play sports. He participated in the fifth season of the Australian version of the show "Dancing with the Stars", where he took 6th place.

Chris Hemsworth with his wife and children

Hemsworth maintains an official Instagram account. Judging by the abundance of photos with children and his wife, the actor does not hide his personal life from subscribers, but generously shares the joy of communicating with his family. The artist is a big fan of surfing. He also devotes microblog posts to his hobby.

Chris Hemsworth Now

2017 brought the Australian artist the opportunity to play a leading role in the fantastic comedy “Thor: Ragnarok”, which raised $ 800 million at the box office. In the new part, the character of Chris lost his long blond hair, which was the chip of Thor. With a new haircut, the hero is much less like a Scandinavian deity. According to the plot of the film, Thor again lost his magic hammer and was captured, where he was forced to fight in gladiatorial fights and fight against his friend and teammate Hulk.

Chris Hemsworth in the movie Thor 3: The Ragnarok

The film takes place after the Age of Ultron and in parallel with The Confrontation, revealing the real reason why Thor did not participate in the battle of the Avengers.

In 2018, the actor’s repertoire was replenished with the next, third, part of the popular Hollywood blockbuster “Avengers: Infinity War”. In this picture, the scattered Avengers will have to unite with the Guardians of the Galaxy against the cosmic threat in the person of supervillain Thanos. Thus, the picture will be added to the Guardians of the Galaxy to the films already combined into one cinematic universe.

Chris Hemsworth in the movie Avengers 3: Infinity War

Filming, the box office of which amounted to $ 2 billion, took place in the strictest confidence. Starring Robert Downey Jr, Mark Ruffalo, Chris Evans, Scarlett Johansson, Benedict Cumberbatch worked on fake scripts and did not know the plot of the film. The producers took this step intentionally to exclude the disclosure of plot intrigue before the release of the film on screens.

Now they are shooting the next part of the Marvel cinematic universe "Avengers 4", where the Australian is also filming. According to the assurances of the producers, even those heroes who died in the previous film will appear in the film, but their images will not appear in advertising posters.

Chris Hemsworth and Liam Hemsworth

Chris Hemsworth's participation is announced in Part 4 of Men in Black, which will be produced by Stephen Spielberg. In the spin-off of the blockbuster, the actor along with Tessa Thompson will play the main character. Another work that will appear in the treasury of a talented artist in the near future is the 4th part of Star Trek.

In the detective thriller Nothing Good at the El Royal Hotel, which was created by director Drew Goddard (Huts in the Forest), Hemsworth was also entrusted with the main role. His character, along with a priest, singer Darlene, a seller of vacuum cleaners and girls from the South, find themselves together at night in a provincial hotel, where ominous events begin to take place. The film also featured Dakota Johnson, Jeff Bridges and John Hamm.

Chris Hemsworth in the 2018 movie Nothing Good at El Royal Hotel

Chris Hemsworth was also distinguished by the fact that he was in the top ten rating of the highest paid actors of the year. Topped the list by George Clooney. It also included Dwayne Johnson, Jackie Chan, Chris Evans, Will Smith, Adam Sandler.

Parameters - height, weight

Chris Hemsworth, like his role as a god, has truly heroic parameters.

  1. Date of birth - August 11, 1983.
  2. Height - 190 centimeters.
  3. Weight - 90 kilograms.
  4. The zodiac sign is Leo.
  5. Born in the year of the Boar (according to the eastern horoscope).
  6. Marital status - married, three children.
Actor with family

Actor's career

The filmography of Chris Hemsworth is a huge number of films that affect a variety of genres and styles and reveal the actor himself in different ways.

As mentioned above, the first role of Chris Hemsworth was a character in the Australian Neighbors, in which he starred for several years.

The next time he takes part in "Home and On the Road", where he starred for about three years. During this period, Chris not only gained good acting experience, but also learned some skills, for example, he learned to ride horses.

Over the next few years, Chris played small roles in several television series: Horse Club, Gwen Jones, Marshall Low and others.

Star trek

In 2007, after the move, the man already plays characters in American films and TV shows. His debut film was "Star Trek", where he played the father of one of the main characters. He then plays in the low-budget film Big Money with Sean Bean. The film was more successful than expected, so this role brought Hemsworth first popularity. Shortly afterwards, Chris plays in yet another crime scene with Mila Jovovich and Steve Zahn called Perfect Escape.

In 2011, in the acting career of Chris Hemsworth, a turning point came - he was chosen to be the thunder god in the superhero film from Marvel. This was a real success, as a huge number of already known actors claimed this place, among whom was Chris Liam's younger brother. From that moment, Hemsworth’s life changed dramatically.

From the movie “Perfect Escape” Chris Hemsworth as Thor

However, the man continued to take part in other films. After the first films about “Torah”, the actor took part in the film “Cabin in the Forest”, where he played a character with an excellent sense of humor and self-irony. Many viewers did not recognize Hemsworth in the character, since to see him without the "divine" beard was unusual and rather strange.

In 2013, Chris takes part in the biographical film "Race", which talks about the life of the British Formula 1 driver. This role dropped the label of a handsome superhero from Hemsworth and proved his acting professionalism.

In 2016, Hemsworth plays the secretary of charming hunters in the remake of Ghostbusters.

"Race" "Ghostbusters"

Success at Marvel

The first Marvel movie Hemsworth starred in was Thor. The main character - the god of thunder - was exiled to Earth as a punishment for his actions that led to the war in Asgard. Here he is forced to master earthly technologies and make acquaintances.

A year later, the actor starred in the movie "Avengers", in which the entire superhero team fights against the stepbrother of Thor Loki, who decided to gain power in the entire universe.

The Avengers

In 2013, Thor 2: The Kingdom of Darkness is released, in which Thor is busy restoring nine worlds, and his brother Loki is imprisoned for all his actions.

In 2015, Hemsworth continues to fight alongside the Avengers in Avengers: Age of Ultron. Now superheroes are hunting for powerful weapons that can destroy all life. They need to find him first, otherwise a catastrophe will happen.

In 2017, the final solo film about the Torah “Tor: Ragnarok” is released. The hero continues to hunt for stones of infinity and fight evil.

In 2018, another part about the superhero team Avengers: Infinity War is released.

The Marvel franchise is one of the most interesting and successful in the world, and the role of Thor, played by Chris Hemsworth, occupies one of the central places in the superhero universe.

“Thor. Ragnarok ” “Avengers. Infinity War ”

Filmography and career of the actor

21-year-old Chris Hemsworth got a role in the Australian soap opera Home and On the Road, moved to Sydney for filming and was involved in the project until 2007. The series brought Hemsworth fame in Australia and opened the way to Hollywood. Agent William Ward noticed the young actor, thanks to which Chris was able to move to the USA to try to achieve success here. The financial situation was not the most rosy. Chris lived in Ward's house, which was ready to help a young Australian, and paid for the provided housing by helping William keep an eye on the children.

The first Hollywood projects of Chris were the films "Star Trek" (the actor appeared only in the first scenes) and "Perfect Escape", shot in 2009. By that time, Chris was no longer so lonely in Los Angeles, because his brother Liam, who also decided to become an actor, moved closer to Hollywood.

This was followed by a cast for the lead role in the movie Thor, which marked a turning point in Chris's career. Its competitors were dozens (if not hundreds) of young talents. Director Kenneth Brann was looking for new faces - actors who had not yet flashed on the screens. By the way, at first the brother of Chris Liam was among the “finalists” of the casting, but in the end everything turned out differently - they still gave the main role to Chris. But he was facing a serious test. To appear on the screen in the image of a thunderer, Chris needed to gain 20 pounds of weight. By the way, after filming in the first “Torah” Chris now and then had to either lose or gain weight. For the film “Race” he lost 6 kilograms, and then for “Torah-2” he was again building muscle mass. After that, the shooting of the film “In the Heart of the Sea” began, the director of which demanded that the actor lose weight so that he could play a starving sailor.

Having played Thor, one of the heroes of the Marvel comics, Chris became famous not only in America, but also in other countries of the world. He was offered a role in The Avengers, then he became Eric the hunter in Snow White and the Hunter with Charlize Theron and Kristen Stewart.

Rumors of romance

Despite the label of a handsome heartthrob, Chris Hemsworth never gave a reason to be called a traitor and a traitor - he is an established family man who wants to have a strong and large family.

But now the old idyll has been restored to their family.

Hollywood actor

Chris Hemsworth (Eng. Chris Hemsworth) - a famous Hollywood actor of Australian descent. Hemsworth became famous for the role of the god Thor in the series of films of the Marvel Universe (Avengers, Thor). Also in the biography of Chris Hemsworth are the films “Race”, “Cabin in the Forest”, “Nothing Good at the El Royal Hotel”, “In the Heart of the Sea” and others.

The early years and the formation of Chris Hemsworth

Chris Hemsworth was born on August 11, 1983 in Melbourne (Victoria, Australia).

Father - Craig Hemsworth - was a social worker.

Mother - Leoni Hemsworth - taught English.

Three sons were born in a happy Hemsworth family: Luke, Chris and Liam. Chris is average. All children became actors.

The ancestors of Hemsworth come from Holland, Ireland, England and Germany, this is stated in the biography of Chris Hemsworth on Wikipedia.

The family had to constantly move. Chris studied at Hesmont College.

Finally, Chris's parents settled on the island of Phillip, which is located just 120 km from Melbourne. Children grew up in the beautiful nature of the park protected by the government of Victoria.

In his youth, Chris went in for sports. He was fascinated by surfing, swimming. In addition, the young man was engaged in the gym. This came in handy in his career as an actor.

In the Hemsworth family, the brothers grew up friendly. And, besides surfing, the guys were fond of the theater. From childhood, they played small scenes in front of their relatives. This activity strengthened their friendship. They often dreamed that when they grow up, they will reach the same heights as other great Australian actors.

Chris Hemsworth's Career Start

Hemsworth brothers' career began in the series. Since 1985, the series "Neighbors" has been broadcast on local television. In it, the episode first starred Luke and Chris, and then Liam also got into the series.

Chris was already 21 years old when he was invited to the series "Home and On The Road." The series was shot in Sydney. Therefore, the young man left his father's house and moved there. It was in Sydney that the guy was waiting for his first success - for his role in the series, he was awarded the Australian Academy of Film and TV Award as a “breakthrough of the year”.

The project lasted three years, and Chris gained good experience, learned to ride a horse. In parallel, he appeared in episodes of the television series Horse Club, Marshall Low, Gwen Jones, and also took part in the fifth season of the Australian version of Dancing with the Stars, where he lasted until the fifth week.

Chris Hemsworth Career in the USA

Chris Hemsworth, of course, understood that he could not achieve great success, filming only in Australia, and in 2007 he left for the United States to pursue a career in Hollywood.

Chris liked Hollywood and was immediately approved for the cast of Star Trek (the 11th in the Star Trek universe). “Star Trek” was highly praised by critics (94% on Rotten Tomatoes), also became the highest-grossing film of all parts of the series at that time and for Hemsworth’s biography participation in it was very useful.

After Chris played paired with Sean Bean in the crime comedy Big Money. Finally, the name of Chris Hemsworth sounded along with the names Mila Jovovich and Steve Zana in the project "Perfect Escape".

In 2012, Chris starred in the thriller “Cabin in the Forest”. A film intentionally copying a cult film Sam Raimi The Evil Dead (1981), parses and makes fun of a variety of clichés of the horror movie genre. The heroes of the tape - five young people - go for the weekend to a hut in the forest, not suspecting that they become involuntary participants in a carefully planned operation.

Another significant role for Chris at that time was the tape hunter. Rupert Sanders “Snow White and the Hunter” (2012). Chris Hemsworth showed his real dramatic talent in the movie “Race” (2013).

At that time, the Avengers franchise already played a major role in Hemsworth’s biography, but there was plenty of time for other projects. In 2016, Chris Hemsworth appeared in the "female" remake of "Ghostbusters." He played the secretary of the beautiful paranormal hunters.

Also in the filmography of Chris Hemsworth of those years was the comedy “Vacations”, as well as action and adventure films “Cyber”, “In the Heart of the Sea”, “Cavalry”. In 2018, the thriller “Nothing Good at the El Royal Hotel” was released Drew Goddardstarring besides Chris were Jeff Bridges, Cynthia Erivo and Dakota Johnson.

Together with Tessoy thompson and Liam Neeson Chris Hemsworth played in restarting the Men in Black franchise.

Thor and The Avengers

The fame overtook the actor when he played the role of the hammer god Thor in the inexhaustible Avengers franchise. Of course, Chris was chosen from among many applicants not only for his artistic talent, but also for his powerful athletic appearance. His courageous Nordic profile was able to give odds even to the Swedish actor, a purebred Scandinavian Skarsgard.

To gain even more muscle mass, Hemsworth conducted grueling workouts: during the day he “rocked” in the gym, and in the evening he surfed, boxed or ran for several hours.

The first “Thor” feature film was released in 2011 Kenneth Branagh based on Marvel Comics comics. Together with Chris, stars such as Natalie Portman, Tom Hiddleston and Anthony Hopkins.

When the picture came out on the big screen, Chris Hemsworth realized that after such success he could be confident in his acting future. Thor has grossed over $ 449 million worldwide and received critical acclaim.

A year later, Chris Hemsworth first appeared on the big screen as part of a team with other Marvel superheroes: Tony Stark, Hulk, Black Widow, Captain America and other fearless fighters with evil in the movie "Avengers". In the first "Avengers" played Robert Downey Jr, Chris Evans, Chris Hemsworth, Scarlett Johansson, Jeremy RennerTom Hiddleston Samuel L. Jackson, they remained in the project until 2019.

In the United States, Avengers raised more than a billion and a half dollars, ranking sixth on the list of highest grossing films in history.

In 2013, Thor 2: The Kingdom of Darkness, Hemsworth's second solo album, was released. Next up were Avengers: Age of Ultron (2015), Tor-3: Ragnarok, Doctor Strange, Avengers: Infinity War (2018), and Avengers: Final (2019).

The Marvel Avengers project has been hugely successful in the United States and abroad. As reported in the movie news, Avengers: Final was among the most anticipated films of 2019. At the box office, they set a new movie saga record, raising $ 644 million for an incomplete weekend. True, in the Russian box office the general box office of the final “Avengers” could not surpass the success of the film “Upward Movement” (3 billion).

Chris Hemsworth's earnings

All the stars of the Avengers saga earn pretty well. The news reported the fees of actors starring in Avengers from Marvel Studios. Robert Downey Jr. had the biggest fee in the image of Iron Man for the 2012 film. Then he earned $ 50 million. At the same time, his first appearance in the 2008 film cost the creators only 500 thousand dollars, they wrote in the news of the movie.

Bree Larson from "Captain Marvel" received $ 5 million, Chadwick Bowzman from “Black Panther” - 2 million. “Captain America” Chris Evans earned for the films “Avengers: Infinity War” and “First Avenger: Confrontation” at $ 15 million. Chris Hemsworth paid the same amount for participating in the films Thor: Ragnarok and Avengers: The Infinity War.

In 2018, Chris Hemsworth was in the top 10 according to Forbes magazine along with such actors as Adam Sendler, Jackie Chan, Chris Evans, Will Smith and Akshay Kumar. For all of them, they earned $ 748.5 million over the year. However, only Downey Jr. got into the top 3 from Avengers, in company with George Clooney and Dwayne Johnson.

Chris Hemsworth's personal life

Chris Hemsworth is an exemplary family man, the news about the actor’s personal life concerns only his successes as a father.

True, he had a short marriage with an actress Isabelle Lucas (Chris’s partner in “Home and On the Road”), hastily imprisoned in 2006 and equally rapidly collapsed.

In 2010, Chris met a Spanish actress Elsa Pataki, the future star of The Fast and the Furious. After three months of relationship, young people declared themselves bride and groom.

Hemsworth and Pataki's wedding took place at Christmas, in Chris's hometown. Despite the age difference (Elsa is 6 years older than Chris), genuine harmony reigns in the family.

The first-born couple Hemsworth appeared in the spring of 2012. The couple had a charming baby - India Rose Hemsworth. After the birth of a daughter, both spouses forgot about a stellar career and began to spend as much as possible three of them. When the baby said “Dad!” For the first time, Chris almost burst into tears of happiness, and in 2014, when the twins Tristan and Sasha appeared in the family, he nevertheless gave vent to feelings and could not restrain the tears of joy.

In the summer of 2019, after the premiere of the next Avengers, Hollywood actor Chris Hemsworth announced that he decided to stop his movie career. According to him, the whole thing is to devote more time to personal life. Until the end of 2019, the actor is definitely not going to work.

Chris Hemsworth's career

4. The beginning of the journey.

The young man began to take part in various auditions at the age of eighteen. The idea of ​​becoming a famous actor did not come about by chance, his first brother was just taking the first steps in this field. In 2002, Chris still got his first role as King Arthur in the children's serial film Gwen Jones.

After some time, the novice actor managed to prove himself on the set of several Australian TV shows. He was part of the Neighbors, Equestrian Club and Neighbors projects. Many film critics appreciated his play in the TV series Home and On the Road, where Chris starred in 170 episodes.

5. Relocation to America.

2009 was a fateful year for a promising man. He understood that Australian cinema could not satisfy all his ambitions. But Hemsworth was already waiting for Hollywood, where the actor was immediately approved for several roles.

The Australian moved to the United States with his brother Liom, the guys first lived at home with agent Chris Word, and only then they moved to a rented apartment in Los Angeles. For a short period of time, Chris starred in the films “Star Trek”, “Big Money” and “Perfect Escape”.

Tom Felton and Emma Watson

6. The big breakthrough.

The man managed to become a superstar thanks to the movie "Thor", where he played the main character of the picture. The creators tried to find an actor who would look like a comic book character.

Hemsworth tried to get this role twice. The first failure did not force the actor to abandon his idea to light up on large screens, subsequently a few more castings he received the coveted role. The twenty-five-year-old actor perfectly played a young god who was banished to the earth. In order to better get used to the role, the Australian gained about 20 kilograms before filming.

7. The wave of popularity.

The comic blockbuster quickly became a cult, a new film about the events of the Marvel universe did not take long. The story of Avengers (whose world premiere took place in 2012) unites the plot of several films at once. His prequels were the films “The First Avenger”, “Thor”, “The Incredible Hulk”, “Iron Man”. The cast was awesome: on the set, Chris's colleagues were Robert Downey Jr., Tom Hiddleston, Samuel L. Jackson, Scarlett Johansson and many other cult actors. Hemsworth continues to appear periodically in Marvel films; he starred in several sequels to Thor and The Avengers.

8. Acting with Tom Hiddleston.

The heroes of Hiddleston and Hemsworth were the main opponents in the film "Thor". The men managed to become friends very much during their joint work, as they constantly worked in pairs and attended various events together. The shooting took place not without curious cases and excesses. Once Chris accidentally hit Tom with his elbow on his nose, blood instantly flowed in a stream. On the set, a loud blow and curses were heard, the damaged actor could get in order only after a couple of minutes.

9. Other roles of the guy.

Chris understood that it was important not to remain hostage to a single role.He accepted the offer to star in the thriller “Cabin in the Forest”, in the drama “The Elusive”, as well as in the autobiographical film “Race”. Hemsworth deliberately tried to choose diverse roles in order to prove to everyone that he was able to prove himself in any role. The guy is a real hard worker, as he is simultaneously participating in several projects at once.

Chris hemsworth

Actor Chris Hemsworth is not yet as famous as Russell Crowe, Mel Gibson or Hugh Jackman. But the young talented Australian has every chance to join the ranks of famous compatriots in Hollywood. For more than eight years, a native of Victoria has been stubbornly moving to world fame. However, his career on television and in the cinema started much earlier - in 2002. The actor is known to Australian viewers thanks to the popular series “Home and On the Road”. Cinema fans around the world remember Hemsworth as Thor, the powerful hero of the Marvel universe, who was once the greatest warrior of Asgard.

Height, weight, age. How old is Chris Hemsworth

In Hollywood, there are quite a few world-class stars of the first magnitude. Some of them appear for a short time and soon disappear. Others do not cease to please fans with their new works. Chris Hemsworth, whose photos in his youth and now differ slightly, belongs to the latter, he grew a small beard and began to wear slightly longer hair.

Since childhood, the film actor has been involved in sports. He swims like a fish, enjoys surfing. This made the figure of a man more courageous and athletic. With a growth of 190 cm, it weighs 93 kg.

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Fans can find the most detailed information about the artist. On the Internet, information is presented, what is his height, weight, age. How old is Chris Hemsworth - the answer is simple. The hero of blockbusters celebrated his 35th birthday in 2018, although many believe that he is much younger.

Filmography: films starring Chris Hemsworth

The debut of the film actor took place at the beginning of the zero years. He played the role of King Arthur in Gwen Jones, Merlin's Apprentice. The first work in the film industry became so successful that he soon began to play the main roles at the highest grossing filmmakers. For several years, his filmography was replenished with several main roles at once. Films featuring Chris Hemsworth in the lead role were successful in his native Australia. In those years, he played in Neighbors, Marshall Low and others.

At the end of 2008, a man decides to go to Hollywood to become a world star. A few months after the move, he played in Star Trek, Big Money, The Perfect Escape, and a number of others. The number of admirers of the talent of the film actor began to increase from project to project, and filmmakers began to call him one of the responsible and talented artists.

Films of our hero were marked by the main awards at film festivals. Chris received the award for filming in Thor, The Avenger, Snow White and the Hunter. Hemsworth later played in The Elusive, Race, Ghostbusters, Doctor Strange.

The latest work of the star were roles in "Cavalry", "Avengers: War of Infinity" and others. Chris is not sitting without work. He is currently starring in the final episode of Avengers and Men in Black. The release on the world screens of film bestsellers is planned at the end of 2019.

Chris Hemsworth Family and Children

The family and children of Chris Hemsworth are an important topic in the fate of our hero. He was windy in his youth. Having broken the heart of another beauty, I did not think about it at all. Only Elsa Pataki was able to transform the film actor. He began to protect his relationship, trying to make his girlfriend happy.

A young man spends a lot of time with children. The artist has three of them. The first beautiful daughter was born, and a few years ago the family was replenished with twins and sons.

Parents had a significant influence on their son, although they were not associated with creativity. Dad worked for a fairly successful insurance company. Mom taught children at school to speak English.

The film actor has two brothers, who also starred in various films. They live and work in Los Angeles. For their creative work, men received a number of prizes and awards.

Chris Hemsworth's son - Tristan

In 2014, our hero became the dad of charming twin babies. Tristan became the first son of the couple. He was born 5 minutes earlier than his brother. The boy looks like his star dad.

The son of Chris Hemsworth - Tristan is carefully guarded by parents from the attention of outsiders. The artist himself is proud of the success of his son. He says that he is already swimming pretty well. Perhaps the boy will become a swimmer and will play for Australia at various competitions. Or maybe he will connect his life with the film industry, like his star father himself. Everything will show time.

Chris Hemsworth's son - Sasha

The second son, the beloved wife, was born the second after a 5-minute period of time after the birth of his brother. The little boy was named after his paternal grandfather. He spends a lot of time with his mother, brother and sister. The boy’s dad tries to spend time with his twin sons in days free from filming.

Chris Hemsworth's son - Sasha loves to swim. The artist in his last interview said that his youngest son is promising to become a good athlete. He feels water well and goes around his brother in competitions.

Sasha already says that he wants to go to school. He draws, knows the letters. The kid is more assiduous than Tristan.

Chris Hemsworth's Daughter - India Rose Hemsworth

In 2011, star parents announced replenishment in their family. They named their daughter India Rose. Dad and mom spent a lot of time with the baby, doing everything for her happiness.

From a young age, the girl was engaged in dancing. Already in a year she was dancing in music like that. The little girl is engaged in a dance studio in Melbourne. She has already performed on stage as part of a dance group, as Chris told her fans.

Chris Hemsworth's Daughter - India Rose Hemsworth goes to school. She only comprehends the basics of science, but already states that she would like to become a school teacher. Will she change her mind in the future, time will tell.

Chris Hemsworth's Wife - Elsa Pataki

From a young age, cinema became the dream of Elsa. She was educated in the Spanish metropolitan metropolis. In the early 2000s, the girl moved to Hollywood, where she met on the set of one of the films of her future husband.

Before the wedding ceremony, lovers met only a few months. They immediately felt that they had met their soul mate.

Chris Hemsworth's wife, Elsa Pataki, gave her beloved husband three children. She spent some time with them all the time. Currently, the woman began to act as actively as before the birth of the babies.

Instagram and Wikipedia Chris Hemsworth

Chris Hemsworth's Instagram and Wikipedia are widely available. It is thanks to these sources of information that you can find out about everything that happened in the life of a star throughout its life.

In social networks in various social networks there are pages of this idol. The accounts of men are presented on Instagram, VKontakte and Odnoklassniki. In them you can not only read about the creative fate of Chris, but also view photos. On the pages, the artist also often uploads video files in which you can see how a man spends time with his family.

Wikipedia talks about the artist’s childhood. Here you can read how he began to get involved in the artistic field. The page presents the entire career of a man, thanks to which he was recognized around the world. On Wikipedia, you can read in which films Chris starred and what awards he was awarded. Information is also provided about the family of the star, his wife and children.


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