Children of Alexander Tsekalo: photo


Name: Alexander Tsekalo (Aleksandr Tsekalo)

Middle name: Evgenyevich

Birthday: March 22 1961 (58 years old)

Place of Birth: Kiev, Ukraine

Height: 163 cm

Weight: 75 kg

Eastern horoscope: Bull

Career: Media Persons 102 place

Photo: Alexander Tsekalo

Childhood and the family of Alexander Tsekalo

Sasha was born in Kiev. He studied at a school with an English bias, studied piano at a music school. He always with pleasure participated in amateur performances and school theater performances. He had a craving for acting from early childhood. He also learned to play the guitar and composed the song “Dove of Peace”. As a schoolboy, Sasha organized a musical group, which was called "IT". The repertoire included the compositions “Slade” and “The Beatles”.

The future showman decided after school to enter the correspondence department of the Leningrad Institute of Technology. Continuing to live in Kiev, he began working in a chemical laboratory, and then worked as a fitter. Another place of his work is the Variety Theater, where Sasha was the illuminator and installer of the stage.

Relocation of Alexander Tsekalo to Moscow

It was not easy to find your place in the capital. There were problems on all sides - living, working, friends, money and so on. It was the assertiveness of the couple that helped them get on television. First, an acquaintance with Vladimir Tsukanov, who in those years was a music editor, took place.

He suggested that Alexander write the script for the Morning Mail program. The music editors drew attention to the fact that Lolita and Alexander managed to speak well without a script in the frame. The fact is that there were very few TV presenters capable of this. Therefore, the duo was offered to become TV presenters, although this was not in their plans.

The creative union broke up when Tsekalo turned thirty-nine years old. For a while he played in a theater called the Quartet And. Eugene Grishkovets invited the artist to the role of candidate for governor in the production of PoPo.

Roles Tsekalo in the movie

Alexander began to play small roles in 1991, but this happened rarely, not every year. He successfully engaged in dubbing. His work is the dubbing of a documentary called “Monologues. Private Chronicles ”drew the attention of filmmakers.

In 2000, Tsekalo was invited to play one of the main roles in the film "Silver Lily of the Valley", which was shot by Tigran Keosayan. Alexander understood that the acting profession was not what interests him, but he couldn’t be removed from such a director. Four years later, Alexander appeared in the second part of the film, where he played the same hero - Lev Bolotov.

Personal life of Alexander Tsekalo

Tsekalo has three official marriages. He first married when he organized the Hat group in Kiev. The name of his chosen one is Alena Shiferman. With his wife, he came to Odessa to work on distribution. Alexander's parents rejoiced in this marriage, as they hoped that Alyona and family life would distract their son from the seemingly frivolous passion for acting.

Working in a duet with Milyavskaya, a romantic relationship developed between the partners over time. Each of them at that moment was married. They got married and went together to Moscow. In marriage, their daughter Eva was born. However, this family broke up. Each went their own way, but both of them connected their future life with television.

In 2008, Tsekalo married again. His wife is much younger than him. This is Victoria Galushka, who is the younger sister of Vera Brezhneva. Vika gave birth to her husband a son and daughter.

Daughter Tsekalo and Milyavskaya Eva - photo

The thought that Lolita did not conceive at all from Alexander Tsekalo was prompted by the reaction of the future pope - the complete absence of emotions about the joyful event. However, Alexander officially recognized Eve as his daughter, but divorced her mother three months after the birth of the girl.

Absolutely nothing is known about Alexander’s close relationship with Lolita’s daughter Eva. Milyavskaya herself is engaged in her upbringing, she never put forward either moral or material claims to Alexander.

The girl has congenital health problems. Eva spends most of her time with her mother’s parents in Kiev. Recently, after the attack on Lolita’s mother, the girl lives with Lolita in Moscow.

Children Tsekalo and Galushko - photo

In a marriage with Victoria Galushko, Alexander Tsekalo had two children - Alexander's daughter and son Mikhail. Both children were born in European clinics. The age difference between children is 4 years.

Photos of children Alexander and Victoria have never been posted on the Internet, moreover, none of the Russian or European journalists can boast of their presence. The couple zealously guarded Alexandra and Mikhail from the attention of the press.

The news of the divorce of Alexander Tsekalo and Victoria Galushko became a real sensation. Speculation and speculation about its cause immediately appeared in the press. Journalists believed that the motivation for the gap is a new passion for the head of the family. Erwin Tsekalo was published with Darina even before the divorce from Victoria was officially filed.

Alexandra and Mikhail stayed with their mother, but dad also takes an active part in their lives. The showman took over the financial care of the children.

The new wife of Alexander Tsekalo - who she is and where she comes from

The fourth wife of Alexander Tsekalo Darina Erwin is a model, actress and artist. She is an American of Russian origin, half Russian, half Korean.

The girl often starred for glossy magazines in Japan, plays episodic roles in American films, writes paintings in the style of "nude".

After meeting Alexander Tsekalo and leaving the family, Darina moved to Russia and became the mistress of the showman’s luxurious mansion at Rublevka.

Alexander's ex-wife, along with his children, moved to Tekalo's modest apartment in Khimki. Her relatives considered this decision of her former spouse Victoria as a betrayal on his part.

Alexander Tsekalo does not answer questions from journalists regarding his personal life. The only thing that the journalists managed to find out was that he arranged an official marriage with Darina Erwin, solemn events on this occasion took place in the United States, in the circle of relatives and friends of the newly made Mrs. Tsekalo. There is no information about the beginning of Darina’s career as an actress in Russia under the auspices of her husband.


Alexander Tsekalo was born on March 22, 1961 in Kiev. Father - Yevgeny Borisovich Tsekalo, thermal power engineer. Mother - Elena Leonidovna Volkova. The elder brother is Victor Tsekalo, an actor.

The future producer entered the correspondence department of the Leningrad Technological Institute of the Pulp and Paper Industry, worked as a fitter.

In 1979 he created the “Hat” quartet. Externally, he graduated from the LTI Pulp and Paper Mill, worked at the Kiev Variety Theater as a scene assembler, and as a lighting engineer. In 1985 he graduated from the Kiev Variety and Circus College, worked at the Odessa Philharmonic.

In 1986, together with Lolita Milyavskaya, Alexander Tsekalo formed the Academy cabaret duo, performed together until 2000.

In 1996, Lolita and Alexander began to lead the program “Good morning, country!”. In 2001, he played a major role in Tigran Keosayan’s film “Silver Lily of the Valley”. Since September 2002, Alexander Tsekalo is the executive producer of the STS television channel.

2002-2007 - Head of the STS Entertainment Broadcasting Department. Until February 2003, Alexander Tsekalo was the executive producer of the musical Nord-Ost, then - general producer of the company Russian Musical, director of the musical 12 chairs.

2004-2007 - TV show "Good Songs" on STS, co-host, general producer. Teleprojects “Life is beautiful”, “The most intelligent”, “You are a supermodel”, “Good jokes” on STS, producer.

2006-2007 - television show "6 frames" on STS, producer.

2006 - “Two Stars” on Channel One, co-host.

2006-2007 - the television project “Thank God you came!” On STS, co-host, general producer.

2007 - TV show “Mind Games” on STS, host, author of the idea, general producer. 2007-2008 - Deputy General Director of Channel One for special projects. After his dismissal, he continued to work as a leader.

2007 general producer of the Red Square television company.

2007-2008 - the TV project "Wall to Wall" on Channel One, co-host, general producer.

2008 - TV show "Minute of Glory" on Channel One, the host of the third season.

2008 - our time, the TV show "The Big Difference" on Channel One. Co-host with Ivan Urgant, general producer.

In 2008, he founded the Sreda production center, which produces television programs for Channel One and TVC.

2008 - TV project "The Singing Company" on the TV Center, general producer.

2008-2012 - TV project "ProjectorParisHilton" on Channel One, co-host.

2009 - TV show “Yuzhnoye Butovo” on Channel One, general producer, TV project “The Pinochet couple” on NTV, general producer.

Alexander performed as the director of creative evenings of Igor Krutoy, the Kinotavr festival, solo concerts by Angelica Varum and Alsu.

In 2014, he made his debut as a journalist, interviewing Director of the Channel One movie screening department Sergei Titinkov and TNT general producer Alexander Duleyrain for GQ magazine and his sister-in-law, singer Vera Brezhneva, for Interview magazine.

In 2016, he turned out to be the first Russian producer who managed to sell his series - Major - to the largest American online movie theater Netflix in the world.

In 2017, he sold five more series to this company: Farce, Method, Locust, Sparta and Territory.

In the same year, with the assistance of the TV-3 channel, he became the first producer of Russia to release his series, Gogol, at the box office.

In 2018, he became a mentor of the Showrunner educational program at the Moscow Film School.

In 2019, Alexander Tsekalo married for the fourth time. His new darling was the Kazakh and American model and actress Darina Erwin.


1993 - Prize of the festival "Song of the Year" for authorship of poems and music of the song "Oh, oh, oh."
1995 - Prize of the festival “Song of the Year” for authorship of poems and music of the song “Doggy”.
1996 - the award of the Song of the Year festival for authorship of the verses of the song Zaraza, the Golden Gramophone award for the song Zaraza.
1997 - Golden Gramophone Award for the song “I was offended”, Ovation Award in the nomination for the host of a television music / entertainment show for the Good Morning, Country! Program.
1998 - Golden Gramophone Award for the song “Tu Tu Tu”.
2004 - Laurel award in the nomination "Best documentary series, a series of documentary programs" for the project "Tattoo" in the Middle Kingdom.
2005 - TEFI 2005 Award in the category "Information and Entertainment Program" for the project "Stories in Details".
2006 - three TEFI 2006 awards: in the nomination “Information and entertainment program” for the project “Stories in Details”, in the nomination “Music Program” for the project “On the Wave of My Memory” and in the nomination “Special Project” for the film “ Night in the style of childhood. "
2007 - TEFI 2007 Award in the nomination Infotainment Program for the Stories in Detail project.
2008 - First Channel Award in the Debut of the Year nomination for the Big Difference program.
2009 - TEFI 2009 Award in the nomination “Humorous Program” for the project “Big Difference”.
2010 - four TEFI 2010 awards: in the nominations “Producer of a television program” and “Humorous program” for the project “The Big Difference” and in the nominations “Presenter of an entertainment program” and “Screenwriter of a television program” for the program “Searchlight Perishilton”,
2011 - Georges Award in the nomination “The Best Russian Comedy” for the film “What Men Talk About”, the Teletriumph Award in the nomination “Humorous Program” for the project “Big Difference (Ukraine)”.
2012 - two TEFI 2011 prizes: in the nomination Entertainment program. Lifestyle "for the television version of the festival" The Big Difference in Odessa "and in the nomination" Leading the entertainment program "for the program" Searchlight Perishilton ", the prize" Georges "in the nomination" Russian Comedy of the Year "for the film" What else do men talk about. "
2013 - Award of the Association of Film and Television Producers in the nomination “Best Mini-TV Series (5-16 episodes)” for the series “The Other Side of the Moon”.
2014 - Award of the International Festival of Sports Film and Television in Samara in the nomination "The Best Russian Feature Film about Sports" for the film "Only Girls in Sports", award of the International Festival of Sports Film and Television in Milan in the nomination "The Best Foreign Feature Film about Sports" for the film "Only girls in sports."
2015 - Award of the Association of Film and Television Producers in the nomination “Best mini-television series (5-24 episodes)” for the series “Major”, “Georges” award in the nomination “Russian series of the year (drama)” for the series “Major”, Portsmouth International Film Festival Award for Best Film for the Locust.
2016 - two TEFI 2016 awards: in the nomination “Television producer of the season” for the series “Method”, “Locust”, “Klim” and “It does not get better” and in the nomination “Television film / series” for the series “Method” , Georges Award in the nomination Russian Series of the Year (Drama) for the series Method.
2017 - Golden Eagle 2017 award in the nomination “Best TV movie or mini-series (up to 10 episodes)” for the series “Klim”,
2018 - two TEFI 2018 awards in the nomination “Television film / series” for the series “Trotsky” and in the nomination “Event of the television season” for the film “Gogol. Beginning ”, 2 awards of the Association of Film and Television Producers in the nominations“ Best Mini-TV Series (5-24 episodes) ”for the series“ Trotsky ”and“ For the successful distribution of the television series ”for the film“ Gogol. Beginning ”, award of the festival of television series“ Pilot ”in the nomination“ Best Producer ”for the series“ Alibi ”.
2019 - Golden Eagle 2019 award in the nomination "Best TV movie or mini-series (up to 10 episodes)" for the series "Sparta".

A family

First wife - Alena Shiferman, soloist of the ensemble "Hat"
Second wife - Lolita Markovna Milyavskaya, singer
The third wife - Victoria Viktorovna Galushka (1985), the younger sister of the singer and TV presenter Vera Brezhneva
Daughter - Alexandra (10/31/2008), from the third marriage
Son - Michael (born in September 2012), from his third marriage
Fourth wife - Darina Erwin, model


Alexander Evgenievich Tsekalo was born on March 22, 1961 in the capital of Ukraine - in Kiev. The boy’s family was very simple: his parents worked as heat engineers. Mother - Elena Leonidovna Volkova, Jewish by nationality, and father - Yevgeny Borisovich Tsekalo, Ukrainian. This international family had two children. Alexander has an older brother, Victor. He is also a creative person, and the people of Ukraine know him as a talented actor.

Interest in music with Alexander Tsekalo appeared in childhood. He played the piano, perfectly knew how to play the guitar. Already at school he gathered the first musical group - the Ono group. The stage attracted a creative young man, and he constantly participated in theatrical productions and concerts.


He studied Alexander Tsekalo in Kiev school number 89 with intensive study of foreign languages. In 1978, having graduated from his educational institution, he entered the correspondence department of the Leningrad Technological Institute of the Pulp and Paper Industry. During training, he worked as a fitter, and also managed to participate in amateur theater. In the second year, Tsekalo organized the “Hat” group and the whole team, upon invitation, entered the second year of the Kiev Circus and Variety School. He eventually graduated from the Leningrad Institute as an external student in 1982.

Cabaret duet "Academy"

In 1985, Alexander organized his most successful project at that time - the Academy cabaret duet, where the bright brunette Lolita Milyavskaya became his partner. Four years later, they moved to Moscow and immediately felt all the delights of fame. They were considered one of the most striking creative groups in the country.

In 1996, Alexander and Lolita became the host of the Good Morning, Country! Program. Two years after the first broadcast, the rights to the program were acquired by the Ukrainian channel “1 + 1”, the founder of which was Alexander Rodnyansky, who subsequently positively influenced the development of Tsekalo as a great artist. At the peak of fame, in 2000, Tsekalo and Milyavskaya decided to stop performing together as a duet.

TV projects and work as a producer

Tsekalo almost immediately began to be invited to various musical projects, for example, he took part in several parts of the program "Old Songs about the Main", which appeared on the first channel. Alexander also voiced the film “Private Chronicles. Monologue".

In 2000, Alexander Tsekalo was shot in the film "Silver Lily of the Valley". The audience loved the character of Alexander - a romantic producer who falls in love with an unremarkable, slightly eccentric girl. This role brought Tzekalo even more popularity and recognition.

Alexander began producing with a large-scale but notorious musical “Nord-ost”. Then he acted as a producer in the musical 12 Chairs, and also became its director. After that, he continued to work as a producer of entertainment programs on the STS channel, but after a few years he was dismissed, according to rumors, due to a conflict with the leadership.

Subsequently, Alexander became the host of Channel One. Viewers could watch him in the programs “Two Stars”, “Minute of Glory”, “Searchlight Paris Hilton”, “Big Difference” and others.

In 2008, Tsekalo organized his own production company, Sreda.

What does Alexander Tsekalo do in recent years?

At the moment, in addition to producing, Alexander acts as the director of various concerts and television programs, in particular, he has become the director of Igor Krutoy's performances, and has also proved himself as a screenwriter and became the host of this event. In addition, he was a screenwriter and director of the Silver Siner, Kinotavr, TEFI - 2006, Top 50 Most Famous People of St. Petersburg, and Dog. Ru ”, the concert program of Angelica Varum and Alsou, as well as the wedding of Anastasia Volochkova and many other projects.

Tsekalo has two restaurants in which he is a co-founder - The Garden and Chichibio.

Interesting Facts

  1. Alexander's height is only 163 cm.
  2. During his studies at the institute, Tsekalo managed to work as a fitter, as well as a scene assembler and illuminator.
  3. In an interview with Yuri Dudu, Alexander Tsekalo admitted that in the nineties, in addition to creativity, he was also involved in political technologies. In particular, thanks to his help, a resident of the French city of Carot was able to take the post of mayor.
  4. For the film "Silver Lily of the Valley" Alexander wrote the song "History". Subsequently, it was performed by Philip Kirkorov and included in his album For you.
  5. Alexander became the host of the First Two Star Channel project after Konstantin Ernst, the producer of the channel, personally agreed with Alexander Rodnyansky, producer of the STS channel, where Tsekalo was a full-time employee.
  6. For ten years, Alexander Tsekalo was the editor-in-chief of the cigar magazine Hecho a mano.
  7. Alexander was the first Russian producer to sell his series “Major” to the British movie portal Netflix. After that, the company acquired the rights to display five more series and films by Alexander Tsekalo.
  8. Alexander became the first Russian producer to be able to release the series - it's about Gogol.
  9. Tsekalo participated in the preparation of the singer Alsou for the Eurovision music contest, in which she took second place.
  10. In 2008, Alexander survived the robbery of his house. The criminals tied the artist and took out all the valuables from the apartment. All intruders were subsequently found.

Alexander is a very versatile person. He did a great job with many functions, from plumbing to directing. Such a creative person as he, no doubt, will not stop there and will continue to delight the audience with new projects. It remains only to wish him more inspiration, time and effort.


In his youth, Alexander Tsekalo created the artistic quartet “Hat”, during the vivid performances of which the extraordinary abilities of him and the rest of the team were noticed by teachers of the Kiev Circus School. All team members without entrance exams were enrolled immediately to the second year. In 1985, the "Hat" participants graduated from college and were redirected to work in the Odessa Department of Culture as part of a quartet.

Lolita Milyavskaya and Alexander Tsekalo

The first known project called the cabaret duo “Academy” Alexander Tsekalo and Lolita Milyavskaya created at the end of 1985. Upon arrival in Moscow, young artists would expect a slight disappointment, but the determination and assertiveness of Alexander and Lolita allowed the young artists not to break from the harsh tests of the capital and stay on television.

The Academy managed to win the audience’s favor with humor and positive energy. One time the musicians entered the stage caused a smile - tall Lolita and short Alexander (Tsekalo's height is 167 cm) resembled the vocal ensemble “Sonny and Cher”, which gained fame in the 60-70s in the USA.

Artists carefully prepared each number, inventing real theater numbers not just with a dance, but with the participation of actors. As a result, already in 1988, Tsekalo and Milyavskaya made their television debut at the “Sergei Minaev Disco”. Throughout the 90s, musicians delighted fans with vivid clips for the hits “Do you want, but keep quiet”, “When my husband went for a beer”, “Doggy”, “Moskau”. For the performance of the songs “I was offended” and “Tu-Tu-Tu”, the duet was awarded the Golden Gramophone prize.

For fifteen years, the duo toured the country, delighted viewers and fans with satirical numbers. Critics and fans noted that many of the numbers were born right on stage, in the process of improvisation. In total, over the years seven albums have been released, among which are “Celestial Dances”, “Want, but keep quiet”, “Wedding”, “Tu-Tu-Tu, Na-Na-Na”.

In 2000, the group broke up, but the songs of the "Academy" remained in the hearts of millions of fans. Six years later, Milyavskaya and Tsekalo again united, but already as television presenters of the Two Stars show on Channel One.


Having left the musical collective, Alexander went into a solo career, choosing a different vector of creative biography. The artist became the TV presenter of the then popular television programs. Along with this, Tsekalo became the producer of the famous Russian musicals “12 Chairs” and “Nord-Ost” based on the novel by Russian writer and playwright Veniamin Kaverin.

In 2006, Alexander Tsekalo was invited to work as a presenter on Channel One of the television projects Two Stars, Big Difference, Minute of Fame, Searchlight Perishilton, and Mind Games. His partners on the platform in television projects were Ivan Urgant, Nonna Grishaeva and other famous personalities of Russian television.

Alexander Tsekalo in the ProjectorParisHilton program

In 2007, the showman took over the post of general producer and deputy director of Channel One for special projects. A year later, Alexander was removed from his post in connection with the reorganization of the governing structure of the directorate of the channel, but the artist continued to work as a host of television programs.

At the same time, the star of Russian television has repeatedly shown himself in creating productions for the Kinotavr festival, was the organizer of the creative evenings of the composer Igor Krutoy, concerts of the singers Alsu and Angelika Varum. Today, on the account of the TV presenter, producer and showman, dozens of television projects for which Tsekalo repeatedly received awards "Ovation", "Profi", "Star" and "Golden Gramophone".


In addition to a successful career as a producer and presenter of popular projects, Alexander Tsekalo starred in several films. In the comedy “Lily of the Valley Silver”, where the legendary Russian comedian Yuri Stoyanov acted as his partner, Tsekalo played the role of producer Bolotov. The plot of the film was based on the story told by Bernard Shaw in the play "Pygmalion".

Alexander Tsekalo in the film "Silver Lily of the Valley"

Later, in 2004, Alexander played a minor role in the Russian television series Special Forces in Russian 2. At the same time, Alexander Tsekalo voiced several characters of foreign cartoons. The voice of the artist is the giraffe Melman from the cartoon "Madagascar" and the penguin Reggie from the full-length animated film "Catch the Wave."

Despite the high appreciation of Tsekalo's talent by the audience, Alexander Evgenievich himself does not consider himself a talented actor, so he tries to devote a minimum of time to cinematography. Alexander notes that the production of television projects, where he acts as a specialist at all stages of the process, became his life calling.

The first production projects of Tsekalo were the comedy Radio Day and What Men Talk About, the main cast of which included members of the Quartet I theater - Rostislav Khait, Leonid Barats, Kamil Larin, Alexander Demidov.

A real gift for moviegoers was the television series “The Other Side of the Moon,” directed by Alexander Kott, in which the main character was played by Pavel Derevyanko. High ratings of views of the first part of the series allowed the creators to remove the second part after three years.

In addition to producing, Tsekalo continues to appear in the frame. One of the works in the movie was the role of the killer in the TV series "Method". The crime of the hero Alexander Tsekalo was masterfully discovered by investigator Rodion Meglin (Konstantin Khabensky) and his young partner Esenia (Paulina Andreeva).

One of the high-profile projects of 2013 was a crime film with elements of eroticism “Locust”, which was also produced by Alexander Tsekalo. The premiere of the film, in which Peter Fyodorov and Paulina Andreeva played the main roles, took place at the Moscow International Film Festival. Loud statement on television Tsekalo became the series "Major" with Pavel Priluchny in the title role.

In 2015, the dramatic saga “Fartsa” followed, to which Alexander also wrote the script. Film critics and creators of successful television projects after the premiere praised the potential of the picture, noting the name Tsekalo as a kind of guarantee of the quality of the future project. The films “Klim”, “Dregs”, “Sparta” did not pass by the viewer.

Alexander Tsekalo now

Alexander Tsekalo continues to release new rating projects. In 2017, a promising trilogy about the life of the Russian writer Nikolai Gogol started, during the creation of which elements of the detective and the mystical thriller were used.

On August 31, the first part of the film “Gogol. The Beginning ”, in which the stars of the Russian screen appeared - Alexander Petrov, Oleg Menshikov, Evgeny Stychkin, Taisiya Vilkova. In the story, Nikolai Vasilievich works as a writer in the subordination of investigator Yakov Petrovich Guro. Periodically at the crime scene, the future writer falls into a trance, the information received from which helps in the investigation of cases. An investigator from St. Petersburg is invited to a village near Dikanka to investigate a series of mysterious murders. Guro takes a talented writer with him.

The film received recognition from the public. Premiere of the second part “Gogol. Enchanted Place ”took place in October of that year. Now the sequels of the film - “Gogol. Wii ”and“ Gogol. Terrible revenge. "

In addition to a large-scale large-scale project, Alexander Tsekalo released the melodrama House of Porcelain, the historical series Trotsky, and the comedy detective Secretary. Eight more projects remain in the work, including the films “Kilimanjar”, ​​“Major-3”, “About Faith”, “Provocateur”, “Territory”.

The main shoe trends of 2020: what models should each have

58-year-old producer in the company of 27-year-old Darina Erwin appeared at the APKiT Prize. Alexander Tsekalo looked happy and kissed his wife on camera.

Alexander Tsekalo is not shy to demonstrate his feelings. The producer says that he has more than one marriage, because he considers himself obligated to marry the woman he loves. The night before, a famous singer, TV presenter and producer brought out his young wife. They came together for the award of the Association of Film and Television Producers, which took place at the International Trade Center in Moscow. For Darina Erwin, this is the first stellar exit as the wife of Tsekalo. The couple did not hide and obviously enjoyed the increased attention of the public.

Holding hands tightly, they walked along the makeshift red carpet and stopped to give themselves a better look. Tzekalo and Erwin chose a bow in total black style for the event. Darina dressed in an elegant black dress on the floor on thin straps, emphasizing her slim figure, and shoes with a pointed toe in tone. Of the accessories, she chose a small clutch and a modest chain with a pendant. Alexander came in a black V-neck jumper, stylish trousers, a loose-cut jacket and sneakers. The artist looked fresh, youthful and madly in love. He did not restrain himself and kissed the newly-born spouse in front of the cameras. Darina smiled shyly.

"Caught": the young wife of Alexander Tsekalo saw him stroking a naked girl

All evening, close attention was focused on Alexander Tsekalo and his companion. Darina was confident and maintained a conversation with her husband's acquaintances. But he did not leave a companion even one step, held her by the waist, kissed and gave warm looks.


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