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Curtis James Jackson, better known under the pseudonym 50 Cent, is one of the most prominent rap artists of our time. He is talented, enterprising and has his own unique style, which, in fact, made him a real star.

Currently, the famous "Fifty" is at the pinnacle of success. He often performs on stage, and also delights fans of his talent with bright and notable movie roles. But can it be said that the path to the heights of popularity was given to him simply and easily? Of course not. Indeed, in the fate of the famous rapper, there were a lot of strength tests.

Early years, childhood and family 50 Cent

Curtis James Jackson was born July 6, 1975. His poor home was Queens, New York City, which at all times was not the best place for a child. At the time the appearance of his mother's son was only fifteen years old. She traded crack, and therefore spent most of her life on the street. She practically did not participate in the upbringing of her child, but, feeling guilty for this, she constantly tried to make amends for the money.

Real name rapper 50 Cent Curtis James Jackson

One day, she completely forever passed away from the life of her little son. Having decided to abandon her former business, she fell out of favor with her former friends, and therefore very soon died in very doubtful circumstances. From that moment, Curtis remained in the care of his grandmother.

From the earliest years in the life of the future rap artist, there were only two main hobbies - music and boxing. From the age of eleven, he began to play sports, and also began to devote much time to music. However, the last hobby very soon faded into the background when drugs first appeared in the life of our today's hero. According to some reports, just like his mother used to be, Curtis had been selling drugs since he was twelve years old. For a long time, “boxing” and “crack” were the main words in his life.

But at some point in the life of the future musician, changes did occur. In 1994, he was arrested for possession of drugs, and was subsequently sentenced to three years in prison. In jail Curtis, James Jackson spent only part of the prescribed term and some time later managed to achieve parole.

After returning to freedom, the young musician finally decided to change everything in his life. He refused the drug trade, began to compose musical compositions again, and also took the name 50 Cent in honor of the famous gangster of the past.

Rapper career 50 Cent

In 1996, Curtis James Jackson met with musician Jam Master Jay’s, who greatly helped the young guy in the early stages of his work. He taught 50 Cent’s how to work in the studio, to feel the beat, to properly build the intonation. Together they were supposed to record Curtis James's first album, but the release of the record, for unknown reasons, failed.
50 Cent - Just A Lil Bit
The debut album of the musician was released only in 2000. The unofficial album “Power of the Dollar” immediately became quite popular in certain circles of the United States of America, and therefore very soon 50 Cent began to often perform “opening act” along with other rap artists.

The rapid ascent to the summit was interrupted due to an attempt on the life of a musician on May 24, 2000. Right on the street, the rapper was wounded nine times in the face and chest. For several days he was on the border between life and death, however, in the end, he still managed to get out.

This episode gave the musician strength and self-confidence, and very soon he began to work with renewed vigor. In 2002, he began fruitfully collaborating with Eminem and, with his support, recorded an album with the symbolic title “Get Rich or Die Tryin’ ”. The disc was a huge success, and some time later the geography of the concert tours of the musician swept all over America.

Subsequently, our today's hero released four more successful albums, each of which was warmly received by the public. The main hits of "Fifty" have become a real classic of the genre and brought him a huge number of awards and prizes. The total circulation of the albums was nearly five million copies. Thus, already in the mid-2000s, 50 Cent became one of the most popular performers in the United States of America.

50 Cent - In Da Club

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50 Cent Biography: Who Is It?


50 cent in the early years

Sabrina Jackson - Curtis mother

Little 50 cent with grandma

50 cent in childhood

Future rapper in his youth

50 cent in 1994 while imprisoned

Jackson in his youth

To world fame

50 cent in the music video "Onyx - React"

50 Cent - In Da Club (2003)

50 Cent - Candy Shop ft. Olivia (2005)

50 Cent - Straight To The Bank (2007)

50 Cent - Baby By Me ft. Ne-Yo (2009)

50 Cent - Pilot (2014)

50 Cent ft. Chris Brown - I’m The Man (2016)


Part of the world of hip-hop Jackson introduced his young cousin, who read under the nickname "Two Five" and earned himself the nickname 25 Cent. After problems with the law, Curtis realized that it was impossible to slide downhill, so he decided to take the true path and direct his energy in the right direction. Jackson begins to practice verbal art in a friend’s basement, taking the nickname 50 Cent in honor of a famous gangster from the past who lived in Brooklyn in the 1980s. As a background music (backing track), the guy used an old gramophone.

Rapper 50 Cent

In 1996, a friend of Curtis introduced him to the popular DJ Jason William Misell, who was a member of the mainstream rap group Run-D.M.C. It is worth saying that this hip-hop gang occupied a leading place on the charts along with Beastie Boys and Public Enemy. Therefore, a meeting with Jason played into Curtis’s hands. Hip-hop guru taught a novice artist to feel the beat. The release of Jackson's debut album was supposed to take place under the label Jam Master Jay Records, but this did not happen.

But the young man does not give up and already in 1999 begins cooperation with the oldest producers of Trackmasters in the framework of the recording brand Columbia Records. "50 cents" begins to work in accelerated mode. For 14 days, he composed over 30 songs, half of which were on the unofficial album of Power of the Dollar (2000). It would seem that life is in full swing, 50 Cent is gradually becoming a popular rap singer, and nothing portends trouble. But in 2000, Curtis was in the balance of death.

Attempt at 50 Cent

The fatal event happened to the budding performer on April 24, while he was sitting in the back seat of the car near the house of his own grandmother. An unknown criminal shot Jackson 9 times, one of the bullets hit right in the face and almost deprived the musician of his voice. 50 Cent miraculously managed to survive, the doctors managed to get the young man out of the next world. Rehabilitation took place over 5 months, 4 of which the rapper went on crutches. After this tragic event, Curtis always puts on body armor when he appears in public. Having recovered from injuries, the singer continued to engage in his favorite activity.

Eminem and 50 Cent

Acquaintance with rap guru Eminem (with whom 50 Cent later recorded several collaborative tracks, for example “You Don’t Know”) helped Curtis get out of the mud to riches, because the most popular performer appreciated Jackson’s creative efforts. Impressed by the tracks, Eminem introduced Curtis to the successful beatmaker Dr. Dre. In Los Angeles, after a deal that was valued at $ 1 million, 50 Cent recorded the mixtape No Mercy, No Fear.

Already in the winter of 2003, Curtis released his debut commercial album Get Rich or Die Tryin ’, which lifted Jackson to the top of his fame. The rap record included such rotated singles as “Inda Club” (according to Billboard - the number one song in the USA for 2003), “PIMP”, “Don't Push Me”, “If I Can't” and many others. Get Rich or Die Tryin ’was sold in the amount of 872 thousand copies in the first 4 days.

50 cent on stage

The release of Curtis' second album, The Massacre, took place in March 2005. Success was not long in coming: almost 1.5 million records were sold in the first four days. His singles "Intro", "Outta Control" and "In My Hood" sounded from all the speakers of the car, and the clips "Candy Shop", recorded together with Olivia Theresa Longgott (Olivia), "Disco Inferno" and "All His Love" were broadcast on all music channels.

After 2 years, Jackson creates the third Curtis album, which includes tracks “My Gun Go Off”, “Man Down”, “Ayo Technology” (feat. Justin Timberlake, Timbaland), “Peep Show” (feat. Eminem), “All of Me ”(feat. Mary J. Blige),“ I'll Still Kill ”(feat.Akon),“ Straight to the Bank ”and others. In 2007, Curtis recorded the album Bulletproof as the soundtrack for the computer game 50 Cent: Bulletproof (in 2009, also released the shooter 50 Cent: Blood on the Sand).

In 2008, the non-album single “Get Up” was released, and in 2009, 50 Cent delighted fans with the fourth studio album Before I Self Destruct. In 2015, “50 Cents” delighted fans with the mixtape The Kanan Tape, which included tracks “I'm the Man” (feat. Sonny Digital), “Nigga”, “Body Bags” and others.


It is worth saying that “50 Cents” is not only a successful singer, but also a talented actor who is given any images. Curtis confidently keeps in front of the director’s cameras, so screenwriters often invite rappers to change roles and work on the set. For 2017, the track record of the artist has more than 30 film works.

Actor 50 Cent

In 2005, Curtis played in the Jim Sheridan film “Get Rich or Die,” which seems to describe Jackson’s biography. The plot of the picture revolves around a little boy who has crossed the line of law for the sake of money. But the protagonist of the picture changes his attitude to life and the drug trade, prefers music.

In 2009, Fifty starred in John Evenett's action-packed action movie The Right to Kill, where he worked on the same movie platform with the famous Hollywood stars: Robert De Niro, Al Pacino, Carla Gugino. Three years later, Curtis plays the main role in the exciting action movie Freelancers, where he transforms into a policeman who, after the murder of his father, vows to punish criminals.

50 Cent in the movie "Wedge by Wedge"

In the same 2012, Curtis appears in David Barrett's film "Wedge by Wedge", which tells of a firefighter who falls under the state witness protection program. The cast of this picture includes Rosario Dawson, Bruce Willis and Julian McMahon.

50 Cent in the movie "Lefty"

In 2013, “50 Cents” tried himself in a new role and played in a drama with elements of the comedy “Star Peppers”, where Michael Douglas, Kevin Kline and Morgan Freeman also participated. In addition, he starred in the crime thriller “Prince” (2014), in the comedy “Spy” (2015) with Jude Law and Jason Statham in the lead roles and sports drama “Left-Handed” (2015).

Childhood and adolescence

From childhood, the boy was surrounded by poverty, social inequality and dirt. Curtis Jackson never knew or saw his father. One of his mother's boyfriends, Sabrina, disappeared from sight immediately as soon as he learned about the pregnancy of a 15-year-old girl. So she had to stay alone with the baby. However, she was not yet ready for such responsibility as motherhood, so she was not particularly involved in raising her son.

Can say that real parents for jackson became his grandparents. They were busy with the child while the mother was selling drugs. Such a passion of Sabrina, as well as poverty in the family, caused Curtis to be involved in drug trafficking at the age of 12. The son rarely saw his mother, and she tried to compensate for the lack of attention, care and affection for the offspring with expensive gifts from time to time.

At 8 years old life of the future rapper “50 Cent’ ”(translated into Russian -“ Fifty cents ”) turned upside down. Sabrina Jackson at this time dies under mysterious circumstances. Another woman gentleman poured a sleeping pill into her alcoholic cocktail, and he opened the gas burners in the house while the young woman was in a helpless state. Grandparents told Curtis about the tragedy. They told the boy that his mother would never come to him again, so he should stay with them.

One of the vents in the difficult life of a teenager Curtis was boxing. After completing classes at school, he attended the sports section, where he could practice a punching bag with plenty, pouring out his resentment and extreme stress in this way. To this day, “50 Cent” loves this hobby, one of the branches of his activity is boxing promotion.


1994 will forever remain in the memory of young Curtis. His first caught on the "bait"when state police officers dressed in civilian clothes bought cocaine from a young drug dealer.

After about 20 days, a new misfortune happened with Curtis - several grams of heroin, other drugs and firearms were found during a search of his apartment. This time he was not able to easily get rid of the guardians of law and order - for the drug trade, Jackson was sentenced to imprisonment for 3 years. However, the future rapper achieved parole and served only a small part of the imprisonment in prison.

Curtis Jackson had a big family - in addition to grandparents, another 8 of his uncles and aunts lived in the house, as well as their children. Thanks to this, the young man became acquainted with such a musical art as rap. For the first time he heard about this genre from his cousin. Curtis’s cousin himself controlled rap art, wrote and read his own texts under the pseudonym “25 Cent”.

A short prison term and hardships made it clear to Jackson that he was letting his life downhill, and the young man decided to start all over again. Thanks to the help of his cousin, he also begins to practice rap. The first rap battles of the young artist are held in the basement of a childhood friend. To mark the beginning of his new activity, Curtis comes up with the nickname "50 Cent" - in honor of the famous gangster who lived in the Brooklyn area.

After only 2 years, through one of his friends, Jackson makes an acquaintance with the popular DJ D. Mizell. The guy was in the famous rap band “Run-D.M.C.”. Misell held master classes for the novice performer, taught him to feel the rhythm and tact while reading the text. Under the wing of Run-D.M.C. “The presentation of Curtis’s debut album was to take place. but the record never saw the world due to different life circumstances.

In 1999, luck again smiled at Curtis Jackson. The producers of the major music label "Columbia Records" offered the guy cooperation. This spurred the young rapper, and in 2 weeks he managed to compose about 30 tracks, some of which were used to create his first unofficial collection “Power of the Dollar”, which saw the world in 2000.

Armed attack on Fifi St.

Shortly after the release of the album, an event happened that almost became tragic. After one of Curtis’s visits to his grandparents, an unknown person shot the guy in the face about 10 times from the barrel. Doctors miraculously managed to save the rapper, while retaining his face and voice. Rehabilitation after a bullet wound was long - about six months.

But the weakened and thinner Curtis was able to steadfastly endure this incident and soon again began to work. True, this incident forever instilled fear in him for his life and health, therefore, to this day, rapper “50cent” always puts on body armor under his clothes when he goes to a public place.

World fame and discography

Especially successful is Jackson's acquaintance with the legendary rap icon Eminem. It was thanks to him that Curtis managed to gain world fame. Marshal Bruce Mathers appreciated the talent and outstanding abilities of the young man, undertook to help him in the future, and even recorded several joint tracks with him. In addition, Eminem introduced him to the popular beatmaker with the pseudonym “Dr. Dre ”, with whom they are jointly recording the popular mixtape“ No Mercy, No Fear ”.

In 2003, Jackson released one of his most famous albums, titled Get Rich or Die Tryin. It is noteworthy that several tracks of the artist, such as “P.I.M.P.” (the clip of the same name became especially popular), “If I Can’t”, “Inda Club”, entered the world top chart of popular songs at once.The world popularity that covered the artist can be evidenced by the fact that Curtis's commercial album was sold in nearly a million copies in the first few days.

The next album “50 Cent” titled “The Massacre” (2005) also gained wide popularity. This time he broke record sales of the previous record, which became a world hit. Literally in 4 days of the release of the album, make up more than 1.5 million copies sold.

In 2007, Jackson released an autobiographical record called Curtis. World-class performers such as Justin Timberlake, Timbaland, Eminem and others also reached the creation of the album.

List of rapper's studio albums "Fifticent":

  1. Power of the Dollar (2000).
  2. Get Rich or Die Tryin (2003).
  3. The Massacre (2005).
  4. Curtis (2007).
  5. Before I Self Destruct (2009).
  6. Animal Ambition (2014).

In 2007, with the assistance of the musician, a computer game called “Fifty Cent: Bulletproof game” was released. All soundtracks for it were written by Curtis Jackson. "50 cents" continues to be actively engaged in creative activities to this day.

Thanks to the extraordinary success of Get Rich or Die Tryin, the mixtape group G-Unit has even been created.

Filmography Jackson Curtis

Besides writing and performing rap, Curtis also successfully realized himself in the acting field. The directors believe that he has a natural talent for this kind of activity. For 14 years of his acting career, he managed to star in more than 30 films.

The first film "50 Cent" was the tape "Get rich or die." The protagonist of the tape is a boy who has to make deals with his conscience and step over the law to get money. But then he realizes that such a way of life will bring him nothing but pain, so he decides to make music and develop his talents in this field. The plot of the picture became for Curtis a purely personal and autobiographical reminder of his past.

In 2009, "50 cents" was invited to the set of the director D. Evnet, who was shooting at that time an action movie called "The Right to Kill." This experience became extremely interesting for the rapper, as he was able to get to know and chat with such recognized screen stars as Al Pacino, Robert De Niro and others. In 2012, “50 Cents” again received an offer to star in the adventure-fighting film “Freelancers” . In the film, he plays the role of a servant of the law, who vowed to find and neutralize the murderers of his father.

In some paintings, Curtis worked not only as a guest actor, but also as a director and screenwriter. All tapes with his participation received high marks from film critics.

Since 2012, the rapper managed to star in several other films:

  1. The tragicomedy "Star Peppers" (starring M. Douglas, C. Kline, M. Freeman),
  2. The crime thriller "Prince",
  3. The comedy The Spy (starring D. Lowe and J. Statham),
  4. Sports drama Lefty.
  5. The series "Power in the night city" (2014).

In 2018, the world immediately saw 2 pictures with the participation of the rapper. One of them was a tape called "Den of the robbers" and the crime thriller "Escape Plan 2". The 50 Cent film Lefty was nominated for the prestigious Grande Award.

Personal life and family

The personal life of "50 cents" to this day remains shrouded in a veil of secrecy. The fact is that the rapper prefers to keep intimate details a secret from strangers. But a few years ago, the paparazzi managed to find out that Curtis has a Marquis son from a girl named Shanikva Thompson. But the life circumstances of the couple developed in such a way that Shanikwe was not destined to become the wife of a famous rapper.

Jackson behaves like a good father, he likes to spend time with the boy and often posts their photos together on his Instagram social network profile. His other son's name is Cyrus Jackson., he was born from a relationship with Curtis famous model Dina Joy. There were rumors that the rapper was going to legalize relations with the mother of his child, but this did not happen, and soon the couple decided to leave forever.

As Jackson himself recently found out, he has third son. Boy's name Davian, he recently turned 11 years old. The rapper chose to keep his mother's name a secret from the public. It became known that Davian is considered one of the best students in his school and often receives higher grades in subjects, which his star father is proud of. He even got the boy to study at a special summer school, where he can develop his talents for study.

Other activities

In addition, Jackson is a successful entrepreneur. For some time he was engaged in the voice acting of computer games. Also on his account there is a cooperation contract concluded with the Reebok sports shoes and clothes corporation for 3 years. In addition, Curtis worked for some time with a brand of energy drinks called Vitamin Water.

Also, Fifti Saint writes books. During his writing career, he wrote more than 10 works of various genres and styles. Some of them have been translated into Russian and appreciated by readers.

Currently, Curtis does not stop there, he is trying to reveal his creative potential from different angles. Various sources said that the rapper is now preparing to release a new album called "Street King Immortal".

The collection will be released on the occasion of the fifteenth anniversary of the release of another album, Get Rich or Die Tryin, which at one time became a cult album and broke all the world records for popularity. Those who are interested in the work of the American rapper can now follow his life in the Instagram application.

Career in other fields, filmography 50 Cent

In parallel with his musical career, our today's hero systematically also built a career in the cinema industry. Over the years, he starred in twenty-three films, many of which, for sure, are well-known to contemporary movie connoisseurs.

So, the films “Get rich or die”, which, in fact, are the musician’s autobiography, as well as the films “The House of the Brave”, “Frozen Earth”, “The Right to Kill”, and “Twelve” are among the most notable films. It is noteworthy that many of the musician’s acting has received very high reviews from critics.

In addition, it is also worth noting that the musician also worked as a producer and / or screenwriter on the creation of some films (“Before I Self-Destroy”, “Frozen Land”).

50 Cent’s writing career also deserves special mention. Currently, his bibliography has about a dozen books. And that inspires respect.

50 Cent now

In 2016, 50 Cent along with Chris Brown recorded the acclaimed track “No Romeo No Juliet”.

In 2018, viewers of the world will immediately see two paintings with the participation of Curtis. He will star in the action movie Den of the Robbers, and along with Sylvester Stallone and Dave Batista will take part in the thriller Escape Plan 2.

Childhood Story 50 Cent Plus Plus Untold Biography Facts: Early / Family Life

Curtis James Jackson III, professionally known as 50 Cent, was born on the 6th day of July 1975 in Queens, New York. 50 Cent was born left for his late gangster mother, Sabrina Jackson and the relatively unknown Father, Curtis James Jackson. Sabrina Jackson was with him when she was only 15 years old.

50 Cent was raised by one mother in a rough neighborhood of Jamaica. His mother worked as a drug dealer and was terribly killed in unexplained fire when Jackson was only eight years old.

After the death of his mother, his grandmother, pictured below, claimed responsibility for raising 50 Cent herself.

He had childhood aspirations to be a boxer and fight at a junior level. He started boxing at the age of about 11. At the age of 12, 50 Cent began selling drugs. His grandmother thought he was studying in after-school programs. He was brave enough to bring weapons and drug money to school. In that tenth grade, he was caught by metal detectors in Andrew Jackson High School: “I was embarrassed that they arrested me like that. After I was arrested, I stopped hiding it. I told my grandmother openly: "I am selling drugs." At the age of fifteen, 50 Cent bought his first pistol. At 19, he became a neighborhood drug business, selling drugs worth $ 150,000 per month. It was a time when he dropped out of school and became a full gang star, as shown below.

On June 29, 1994, when he was 19 years old, Jackson was arrested for selling four bottles of cocaine to a secret police officer. Three weeks later he was arrested again when police ransacked his home and found heroin, ten ounces of cocaine and a starting pistol. He was sentenced to imprisonment for a term of three to nine years, but, however, served six months with a boot and earned his own GED. He claimed that he did not use cocaine.

Jackson after the release took the nickname "50 Cent" as a metaphor for changing its paths. The name was inspired by Calvin Martin, the Brooklyn robber of the 1980s who was known as "50 Cent" Jackson chose him for the reasons that he described in his words. “The name says everything I want to say. I am the same person 50 Cent. I give myself any means. ” He started rapping when he was 21 years old in a friend's basement. He never had a real job all his life.

50 Cent Plus Plus Untold Childhood Story Biography Facts: Haircut and Shooting

50 Cent was once stabbed to death by Ja Rule while recording in the studio.

Also in the spring of 2000, 50 Cent was shot in the face, arm and legs by a man with nine millimeters at close range. The New York rapper picked up the wounds, arm, thigh, both legs, chest and face (left cheek). He survived a total of nine bullets. One of the bullets was in the lower stallion. There is still a gaping wound where several of his back teeth used to be. A bullet wounded by a jaw changed his voice and gave 50 Cent a unique sound.

Much later in his life, he was sued by an orthopedic surgeon, who took care of him after his shooting. Today, to protect the 50 Cent, one three-piece security piece is not enough. He wears a bulletproof vest religiously, like both members of his G-Unit.

Childhood Story 50 Cent Plus Plus Untold Biography Facts: Ascent to Glory

He returned to music after his recovery and made some low-budget recordings with his friends Lloyd Banks and Tony Yayo as a crew called the G-Unit. Their efforts attracted the attention of Eminem and Dr. Dre, who heard the 50 Cent mixtape “Guess Who's Back?” In 2002 and signed it along with their labels Shady Records and Aftermath Entertainment.

Debut album 50 Cent, Get rich or die trying ,' was released by Eminem and Dre. It was a huge commercial success, which ultimately sold 9 million units. Grow rich another hit album followed in 2005, Massacrein which Jackson continued to talk about his past life on tracks such as "Sweet shop" and "A little bit."

He started his own label under the Interscope umbrella, signing Lloyd Banks and Young Buck and including them in the G-Unit on their 2004 album Asking for mercy, which sold over 5 million copies worldwide. The rest, as they say, are now history.

Childhood Story 50 Cent Plus Plus Untold Biography Facts: Relationships

50 Cent has a son named Marquise Jackson as a result of a short relationship with her mother, Shanikva Tompkins. Shanikva Tompkins is an American personality. She is known for her ex-girlfriend 50.

Below is a photograph of their son, Marquise, who has a very tense relationship with his father.

The rapper 50 Cent was once sued by his ex-girlfriend and mother to his son, Shanika Tompkin. According to Ms. Tompkins, the rapper is trying to evict her and their son Marquise from his Long Island home. This explains the tensions between father and son. Below is a photograph of the Marquise, along with her mother, looking like an adult.

Also, after another short relationship with Daphne Joy, his second son, Sir Jackson was born.

As of this writing, 50 cent is single, but rumor has it that the rapper met a large number of women. 50 Cent was in a relationship with Tattedup Holly (2013 - 2015), Chelsea Handler (2010), Ciara (2007 - 2012), Joy Bryant (2005), Vivitsa A. Fox (2003), Meagan Nice (2001 - 2002).

50 Cent had meetings with Lindsay Lohan (2010 - 2011), Kim Kardashian West (2009), Paris Hilton (2008), Leila Rumi (2006), Carrin Steffans, Dollysia Brian and Nia Long.

Childhood Story 50 Cent Plus Plus Untold Biography Facts: Seriously Active

50 Cent takes the action incredibly seriously and is reportedly lost for 4 stone (54lbs) for his role as a cancer patient in the film 'Everything is falling apart' , which was released back in February 2012.

He lost weight nine weeks after a fluid diet and treadmill three hours a day. 50 Cent plays Kanan's lead character on his hit show Power, which appears on the Starz television network.

The rapper is also the executive producer of the show.

Childhood Story 50 Cent Plus Plus Untold Biography Facts: A Game For Yourself

50 Cent actually has two different third-party video games based on itself.

His first game 50 Cent: Bulletproof was released in 2005 and is available on the PlayStation 2, Xbox and Xbox 360 consoles. While the sequel, released in 2009, appeared on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

Childhood Story 50 Cent Plus Plus Untold Biography Facts: Bankruptcy

According to Forbes, 50 Centa's net worth peaked in 2015 when it was announced that it was worth $ 155 million on its annual list of the richest Hip-Hop artists.

However, a lengthy lawsuit reportedly showed that its net worth fell by almost $ 200 million, leaving it officially bankrupt. Celebrity Net Worth claims that 50 Cent is currently worth $ 20 million. Due to his recent exploits in the cinema and other turmoil, this estimated money was supposed to increase.

FACT CHECK: Thank you for reading our 50 Cent Childhood Story plus uncountable biography facts. In childhood biography, we strive for accuracy and justice. If you see something that is not true in this article, post your comment or contact us !.

Life Style 50 Cent

The musician’s novels and hobbies are rarely made public. Curtis James Jackson usually keeps the details of his personal life with him. It is only known for certain that in 1997, the famous rap artist had a son - Markis Jackson. The mother of the child was a girl named Shanigawa Tompkins. It was not a question of a wedding or a life together.


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