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Alyssa Sutherland was born on September 23, 1982 in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia, and now lives in New York. Her height is 180 cm.
Her modeling career began when she won the 1997 contest to find new models for Girlfriend, a youth magazine in Australia. After her victory, she signed with Vogue Australia.

She had often performed at shows, she was printed and shown on TV. She made a good modeling career, she worked with Bulgari, Ralph Lauren, Garnier, John Frida, Kerastase, Hugo Boss and Abercrombie & Fitch.

She was on the covers of Vogue (Australia), Harper’s Bazaar Singapore, Australian Style, Glamor Italy and Black and White. She also starred for Vogue (Germany, Australia, Italy, Greece and the USA), Elle (Australia and the USA), Marie-Claire (Great Britain), Harper's Bazaar (Australia), Glamor Italy, ID, Wallpaper, and The Face and Scene often working with well-known fashion photographers such as Herb Ritz, Bruce Weber, Ellen von Unvert and Stephen Meisel.

In 2007, she became the face of Cadbury, and starred in their video. She also starred in several films and the television series "New Amsterdam."

Photo: Alyssa Sutherland

Alyssa Sutherland Biography

But, unlike many models who began their acting career with low-budget, shot without proper elaboration of tapes, Alyssa made her debut in the film industry right away in the highest-level picture - “The Devil Wears Prada”.

Note that Alyssa Sutherland is not related to Donald Sutherland and his son Kiefer Sutherland. They are namesakes.

Alyssa Sutherland • Alyssa Sutherland

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Alyssa Sutherland - biography

Alyssa Sutherland is a red-haired, blue-eyed, 35-year-old Australian model and actress who appeared in a new look by playing Princess Aslaug in 4 seasons of the historical television series The Vikings. At first it was an episodic character, but in the second season he became the main one. For four consecutive seasons, the heroine of Sutherland captivated the audience. Of the 49 episodes, the princess appeared in 35.

Career model

Alyssa Sutherland's date of birth is September 22, 1982. Place of birth - the city of Brisbane, in the Australian state of Queensland. From the age of 15, the girl worked as a model.

Photo: Alyssa Sutherland

It all started with the fact that in 1997 Alyssa won the model contest, organized each year by Girlfriend magazine. This success allowed Alyssa Sutherland to sign a contract with representatives of the popular Vogue magazine. The girl immediately attracted attention, becoming a successful model. Fashion shows were replaced by photo shoots and participation in the filming of commercials. Sutherland represented world brands Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein, Hugo Boss, Chanel and others.

Alyssa graced the covers of Vogue, Elle, Harper’s Bazaar, Glamor, and others. The girl actively collaborated with eminent photographers.

In 2007, filming of a video advertising the Flake Girl chocolate bar, where Alyssa was shot, was filmed. It was a remake of the already existing popular Cadbury ads, but it also appealed to the audience. Indeed, the viewer was offered a sensual video, where Alyssa sat in a convertible and enjoyed the Flake bar, not noticing that it was raining all around.

This was followed by the “Keep Cadbury British” project, in which Sutherland participated along with other actors working in Cadbury programs. The company's goal was to express its categorical “no” to the sale of the confectionery company to non-British owners. The project was defeated because in 2010, Cadbury was acquired by Kraft Foods (USA).

Actress career

Alyssa can not yet boast of a great filmography, but the cinema of the 35-year-old actress has already brought some success.

The first role of Alyssa Sutherland is an episode in the sensational film of 2006 - “The Devil Wears Prada”. A small role in the dramatic film "Fire Day" also did not bring much success.

In the series “Immortal” (2008), Alyssa also appeared only in the episode. The pilot series "Huge" (2008), where Sutherland had a small role, did not interest the channels and never grew into a series.

The year 2009 finally brought a serious role. Alyssa starred in the movie Do Not Look Up. Critics generally endowed this film with negative reviews, so Alissa did not give fame to this project either. Two years later, Sutherland received an episodic role in the American multi-season procedural drama Law and Order. Special Corps ". In 2012, Alyssa had to play an episodic character in the thriller Vicious Passion. The tape did not bring glory, but the pleasure of working with Richard Gere, Susan Sarandon, Tim Rott and Letizia Casta was definitely received by a young actress.

The 2013 film “Theory of Fortune” again failed to bring Alyssa out of the shadows, but then there was a fateful role in the TV series “Vikings”. The unusual combination of the slanting eyes of the actress with bright red hair attracted the attention of the director of the historical saga "Vikings".

Princess Aslaug, played by Alyssa, appeared in the 9th episode of the first season of the project. She was a charming woman who seduced the main character of Ragnar Lodbroka. Having become pregnant from a Viking, Aslaug goes to his hometown of Kattegat in the second season. Ragnar divorced his first wife Lagerta and quickly sealed his alliance with Aslaug. But in front of these spectators a symbolic fight between the ex-wife and the future wife was shown. Aslaug proved to be strong spiritually and physically. Further on the plot, the heroine of Alyssa Sutherland gifted Ragnar with four sons.

The popularity of the “Vikings” grew with each episode, the actors who played roles turned into stars. Alyssa was also waiting for success. She threw all her strength into acting, pushing the modeling career into the background.

Thanks to the “Vikings,” Alyssa Sutherland was offered the lead role in the multi-part sci-fi drama from the Spike channel - “The Darkness”. The basis of this film was the story of Stephen King - "Fog". Alissa was seen by the creators as the main star in the cast of this project. Unfortunately, neither the credibility of the story, nor the advertising announcements, nor the good play of the actors could attract the audience. At the end of June 2017, the series started and 10 initial episodes were shown, after which at the end of September the creators of the project closed. So far, Alyssa Sutherland has no plans for new roles, but many critics are sure that the actress will soon please her fans with new interesting images.

Personal life

Often Alyssa reporters ask questions whether she is a relative of the charismatic actor Donald Sutherland. In fact, celebrities just have the same surname.

In 2012, Alyssa Sutherland and director Lawrence Chanet officially formalized their long-term relationship. The wedding was celebrated in Thailand. A year later, the couple broke up and today the Australian beauty is free. Alissa has no children. In the interview, the actress and model does not hide that she is not yet ready to become a mother. But Alyssa Sutherland enthusiastically helps with the education of a niece.


  • 2006 Devil wears Prada
  • 2008 New Amsterdam
  • 2011 Law and Order: Special Corps
  • 2012 Vicious Passion
  • 2013—2016 Vikings
  • 2017 Mist

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Modeling career

Vogue Australia first showed the beauty of a young model on the cover of his magazine. Over time, the brilliant fashion shows of the talented Alyssa Sutherland replaced photo shoots and commercials.

The model was the face of many famous brands:

  1. Ralph Lauren,
  2. Calvin Klein,
  3. Hugo boss,
  4. Chanel and others.

Showed on the covers:

Shooting in an advertisement for chocolate sweets from Flake Girl helped the Australian beauty to test and demonstrate her acting data. Sutherland successfully coped with this task and was remembered by the public. Later, the artist advertised the famous company “Cadbury” and became a famous face of local television.

Model business

The debut of her modeling career was the participation in the contest of the magazine "Girlfriend" in 1997. Victory in it was the first step into the world of model business. Although, perhaps, the future of the girl was predetermined - the height of Alyssa is 180 cm with a weight of 65 kg. After a bright application for the girl, the creators of the Australian Vogue drew attention. She regularly began to appear on the pages of a fashion magazine.

Alyssa Sutherland won the beauty contest

After an impressive start, Alyssa continued to consolidate her success. Her photos appeared on the covers of international magazines Harper’s Bazaar, Elle, she was the face of Bulgari, Calvin Klein, Chanel and other popular brands. However, this girl did not seem enough, and she decided to conquer the world of cinema and television.

To begin with, Alyssa tested acting skills on the set of the commercial for the Flake Girl chocolate bar. The video used a plot similar to the script for the Cadbury video clip. The main character enjoys the taste of chocolate, while being in a luxurious convertible while the street is raining. Largely due to the participation in the video of Alissa Sutherland, the video was remembered by viewers.

Model Alyssa Sutherland

Soon, the artist has already appeared in an advertisement for Cadbury's Keep Cadbury British. She became a recognizable face on Australian television, so the filmmakers paid attention to the girl.

Start of success

2013 turned the life of Alyssa. The unusual appearance of the girl became the key to success in the adventure picture of the Vikings. Sutherland played the role of Princess Aslaug, who demonstrated the moral and spiritual strength of a woman in the film. The popularity of the series brought incredible success to its actors. Therefore, the performer abandoned the career of a fashion model and devoted herself to a difficult role.

The Vikings marked the beginning of a successful acting career. Alyssa Sutherland played a leading role in the movie series Mist, based on the novel by S. King Fog. But, unfortunately, the series did not appeal to the viewer and after a while the project was closed.

It was also involved in the paintings:

Personal moments

In 2012, a thirty-year-old actress married a producer, Lawrence Chanet, whom she had been dating for a long time. The wedding was played in Thailand, and then began to live in America. But just a year later, the young family of Alyssa Sutherland broke up. The couple did not have children, so the star easily filed for divorce. She is currently free. Alyssa Sutherland does not publicize her personal life and does not give rise to gossip.

The fiery red hair and the "cat" eyes of the actress won the hearts of millions of viewers. Therefore, without a doubt, we will still see the amazing Alyssa in many films.

Now the performer is involved in the sensational idea of ​​the Blood Vessel, where she will play a major role in the horror movie. On the instagram page, Alyssa shares her work moments and minutes of rest.

Early years

Alyssa was born on 09/23/1982 in the city of Brisbane, Queensland. The blue-eyed slender blonde with the parameters 89.5 x 61 x 89.5 got into the modeling business at the age of 15. Her career began in her native Australia. Alyssa Sutherland won the local Girlfriend magazine model contest and contracted with Vogue Australia.

Her career began in her native Australia. Alyssa Sutherland won the local Girlfriend magazine model contest and contracted with Vogue Australia.

The television series "Vikings"

The Vikings television series co-produced by Canada and Ireland is a project by British producer Michael Hurst. The series was first shown on the History television channel in March 2013.

The plot of the “Vikings” is not based on real historical events, but is a revised version of the Scandinavian sagas.

In the first season of the television project, Alyssa appeared in only one of the episodes, and from the second season she became one of the key characters. The girl got the role of a princess named Aslaug. Aslaug is a beautiful girl who seduced the hero of the series Ragnar Lodbroka and went with him to his hometown. At the time of meeting with Aslaug Ragnar was already married, but divorced for the sake of the beautiful princess. The heroine of Sutherland gave birth to a brave Viking four sons.

The shooting took place in Ireland at the Ashford film studio, as well as in the Wicklow Mountains in the south-east of the country.

Along with the growing popularity of the television series, success came to Alyssa, who pushed aside her modeling career for the sake of working in this historical drama. At the moment, they plan to shoot six seasons of the television series. The character Aslaug in the plot in the fifth and sixth seasons will not appear.

Thanks to her work at The Vikings, Sutherland received many offers to appear in the most diverse films of famous directors.

Recent projects

After the TV show "The Vikings," Alyssa was invited to star in the new television series based on the novel by the horror master Stephen King, "The Darkness." This television series is based on the novel Fog.

The creator of the project was Christian Thorpe, and the main roles in the film adaptation were played by Morgan Spector, Gus Byrni, Dannika Churchich, Luke Cosgrove and others.

The action takes place in the small town of Bridgeville in the USA. The city is covered by a strange white fog in which people die one after another.

Sutherland in this project got the role of Yves Copland, wife of Kevin and mother of teenage daughter Alex.

Unfortunately, the audience did not like the new series too much. After the first season, the show was closed. Now Sutherland is just choosing a new project for itself. Fans are sure that for a long time a talented and attractive girl will not remain without work.

Alyssa Sutherland Now

A role in a rating international project has made Alyssa Sutherland a famous actress. Cinematographers appreciated her dramatic talent, and already in 2017, by the end of work with director Michael Hirst, Alyssa signed a contract to participate in the fantastic drama “The Darkness” produced by Spike. The plot of this series was based on the story of Stephen King's “Fog”.

Alyssa Sutherland in the drama "The Darkness"

In the summer, the pilot series of the project started, but he was not able to captivate viewers, so the company limited to shooting only 10 episodes.

Now the actress decided to repeat her experience in a horror film. Alyssa starred in an Australian project with the working title "Blood Vessel", where she plays the main character.


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