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A popular interior designer in Moscow Marina Muravyova is better known by the name of her husband, singer Oleg Gazmanov. The companion of life of the famous artist has been supporting her husband for many years, helping with wise advice and providing a cozy rear. Marina Anatolyevna is a successful businesswoman, a caring mother and wife, a welcome guest at social events in the capital.

Childhood and youth

Marina Muravyova was born on March 11, 1969 in Voronezh. An educated and intelligent family tried to do everything so that a harmonious personality grew out of a girl, instilled a sense of beauty from childhood, brought up classical music and high poetry.

Marina Muravyova

Parents early discerned choreographic abilities in their daughter and sent to a ballet school. When it came time to go to college, the girl preferred economic education to a liberal education and entered Voronezh State University.


The girl took her studies seriously and received a brilliant education.

“Although then the time was such that even with an excellent diploma, getting a job was problematic,” Marina recalls.

In the late 80s, the time of cooperatives and the first private enterprises reigned in the country. Thanks to her bright appearance, Marina worked part time in an advertising shoot. And one of the companies-customers invited a charming polite girl to work. Marina began to apply the knowledge gained at the university with zeal in practice and did it so successfully that she soon rose to the position of commercial director.

Business Lady Marina Muravyova

The young woman continued her career ascent in Moscow. She worked in the financial and accounting field of a large organization. She entered the circle of serious businessmen: Mikhail Prokhorov, Vladimir Potanin and others.

“I made decent money, drove a car with security, and I could afford a lot. And the whole world was open ... ”, Marina Anatolevna recalls those times in an interview with Telenedele.

Marriage and the birth of children for some time interrupted the work biography of a businesswoman. But when the youngest daughter grew up and the primary care of the children went by the wayside, Marina, not used to sitting idle, decided to return to work. Now she wanted to organize her own business. The woman stopped the choice on interior design. Since childhood, she had an impeccable sense of taste and style. In addition, in her youth, Marina graduated from the school of arts and crafts.

“I am by calling a man who loves to twist beautiful nests, and education helps me with this. Unfortunately, I don’t have a magic wand, but I have the ability to do a feasibility study to create what I want, ”the designer admits.

Personal life

The personal life of Marina Muravyova is a vivid example of the fact that fate will still find and return the one to whom you are destined.

Marina Muravyova in her youth and in 2018

The first meeting with Oleg Gazmanov took place in Voronezh. Marina, a university student, was 18 years old, Gazmanov - already a popular singer - 38. He came on tour and accidentally saw a dazzling blonde with her hair loose on the street. The model appearance of the girl (height 170 cm, weight 60 kg) attracted the singer. Therefore, having again noticed a stranger near the stadium where the performance was taking place, he sent an assistant with an assignment to invite her to the concert.

Marina, hearing that Gazmanov was inviting her, strangely enough, was indignant:

“Tell the boss - let him find the time for a personal invitation. In the evening I will be at the Glazunov exhibition. ”

Either taken aback by such a brisk answer, or overly charmed by the impregnable beauty, Gazmanov arrived at the exhibition center. So Marina and Oleg met, talked, exchanged phones, the singer gave the girl CDs.

The next meeting took place already in Moscow: Marina accidentally met Oleg at the exhibition, he was with his son Rodion. It seemed that a warm friendship was established between the girl and the artist: the couple called up, went for walks. Oleg said that he was married, but his wife maintained a formal relationship so that his beloved son Rodion would not suffer.

Businesswoman and designer Marina Muravyova

To stop even innocent meetings, Marina suggested. Firstly, Irina, the wife of Gazmanov, became aware of them, and secondly, around the spectacular and successful young woman there were many single and wealthy candidates for her favor. And Marina needed to arrange her life.

Marina met in the business circle with her first husband Vyacheslav Mavrodi, brother of the founder of MMM Sergey Mavrodi. According to the woman, the marriage was not hasty:

“First, a human attitude arose. Glory is smart, well-read, educated, wonderful person! ”

However, the woman’s family happiness did not last long. The spouse was accused of illegally buying up gold, trafficking in precious metals and bank fraud. By this time, Marina was already in the first stages of pregnancy, the first-born Philip. Despite this, she negotiated with lawyers, went to interrogations, and even suffered anonymous threats. But the efforts were in vain. Vyacheslav Mavrodi was arrested right before the birth of Marina. The man gave his wife a divorce before serving his sentence.

Marina Muravyova with family

At this difficult moment in the life of Marina Oleg arose again. The singer recently divorced Irina and returned to the one whom he had been thinking about all these years. Eight years the couple lived in a civil marriage. In 2003, the singer made a sweetheart proposal in the Maldives. By the time of the wedding, Marina was already pregnant with her daughter Marianna.

The celebration was celebrated among close friends, fashion designer Valentin Yudashkin, the then mayor of Moscow Yuri Luzhkov, was noticed among the guests. Towards the crown, mother was led by Marina's eldest son, Philip, whom Oleg had raised as a native.

Marina Muravyova now

Today, business lady Marina Muravyova implements design projects, in the list of her clients are famous people and celebrities. She is a loving mother, she often uploads photos of adored children on Instagram.

Marina Muravyova with her husband, son Philip and daughter Marianna

In social networks, a woman gives advice on raising children, the psychology of partnerships, recommendations on the style and decoration of the house. Marina also finds time for a hobby - not so long ago the wife of a famous singer was carried away by Argentine tango.

Creative path, life and family.

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Name and surname:Marianna Gazmanova
Middle name:Olegovna
Name in English:Marianna gazmanova
Year of birth:2003
Birthday:December 16th
Place of Birth:Moscow
Height:165 cm.
Weight:45 kg
Eastern horoscope:Goat
Social network:Vk Twitter Instagram

Childhood and family

"Cute little saffron" Marianna Gazmanova was born in Moscow on December 16, 2003. Her famous father, who at that time was 52 years old, was going to be present at the birth and even underwent special training for this purpose. However, the girl was born ahead of schedule when he was on tour in Israel. Then his Israeli fans, who learned about the upcoming important event, gave the happy father a lot of gifts for the newborn during the concert. Gazmanov even joked that the baby had lost more applause than he was.

Marianne became the third child in their family, after the eldest son of Rodion (from his first marriage with Irina) and stepson Philip (the son of Marina, the second wife, a native of Voronezh, whom the singer met when she was 18 years old and he was 38).

According to the mother, their girl and Oleg, like all the redheads, are a special child. She is both vulnerable, incredibly sensitive, and persistent, never departing from her chosen position, a visionary with a hard temper. She did the lessons mainly with her grandmother, who lived with her family, admitting that when they solve problems, they like to argue, while “pens, notebooks fly like that!”

In communication with strangers, she was very nice, attentive and helpful. Even at school, instead of an insulting nickname, she was called Dushka. When asked by her mother why she behaves differently at home, the beautiful woman offered a sigh to adults to choose where it is more important for her to build the image of a kind, compliant and modest girl - inside the family or outside the house, warning that she would not be enough for two places.


After several years of study at the gymnasium, Marianne moved to the most unusual Moscow school of the honored teacher of the Russian Federation Sergei Zinovievich Kazarnovsky “Class Center”, where, along with general subjects, she studied jazz history, music literature, solfeggio, make-up art, acting, stage movement, dance. And also, together with other students, she visited theaters, museums, participated in competitions, performances, and tours. Graduates of this educational institution, in addition to the certificate of secondary education, receive two additional diplomas - about the end of the drama and music school.

She really liked to study there, despite the heavy load. Marianne was delighted with their director - she stated that if she had her will, she would have cloned him. For the purpose of freedom of expression, he allowed children to appear in school in shorts and colorful leggings instead of a strict form, as well as dye their hair in the most unexpected colors. To develop the ability of children to improvise, he created a jazz ensemble and introduced many other interesting traditions. For example, on September 1, dressed in a tailcoat, the director personally brings a donkey to the school porch, carrying a cart full of watermelons, which they then eat together.

In accordance with the requirements of the educational process, the daughter of Oleg Gazmanova develops her creative abilities in the so-called “Class Theater”. At the age of 12, she participated in the play “Harton”, based on the tales of the American children's poet Dr. Seuss about a sweet and simple-minded elephant who fell into the most incredible stories, in particular, hatched a chick in a bird’s nest.

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15-year-old Marianna, daughter of Oleg Gazmanov, took part in the first professional photography this year. The girl previously refused to work as a model, but now she has changed her mind.

In the picture, which was shared on Instagram by the wife of the popular singer Marina Gazmanova, her daughter poses sitting on the edge of the chair. Marianne is dressed in a snow-white suit, complemented by a neck scarf of the same color. The model's dark red hair is loose, in her hands she holds glasses in a bright red frame and a telephone.

“My beloved teenager classically goes through all the stages of development and formation of personality. There was a long ban on photography. But a new creative proposal came from a young stylist and photographer: Svetlana Panova and Irina Kharlamova. And Marianne finally lifted the ban! ”Wrote Marina Gazmanova. She admitted that she considers her daughter a very smart, talented and good person.

"Red-haired beauty": the wife of Oleg Gazmanov compared the 15-year-old daughter with the goddess

“Marinochka, I thought you were 10 years ago”, “She is an incredibly beautiful girl, very charismatic”, “This photo is magic”, “Happiness to your Ryzhik, Marina!” - the followers of the singer’s wife commented on the photo.

Marianne herself posted on her page and another staged shot. In the photo she sits in a silver dress with bare shoulders and a white fur coat.

The first professional shooting of Marianne took place two years ago. Even then, the girl's parents believed that she was waiting for a successful career.

The 21-year-old son of the singer Philip Gazmanov also works in the modeling business. So, in April last year, he starred for Tatler magazine. And in November, he shared shots from a fashion shoot for Cosmos Journal.

Marianna Gazmanova

Netizens admired the picture and noted that Marianne looks quite adult: “We haven’t had such colorful beauty here for a long time,” “Chanterelle-sharp nails, beauty like a mother”, “What a doll”, “Well, right class”, “Very beautiful ”,“ 15 years old ?! ”,“ All the best from mom and dad! ” The result was a girl of unearthly beauty. " Some advised Marianne not to abuse makeup: “So young, beauty by nature, why bother spoiling this beauty with cosmetics, it’s painted so much” (authors' spelling and punctuation are preserved. - Ed.).


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