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Vladislav Kotlyarsky
Vladislav Yuryevich Kotlyarsky
Birth nameVladislav Yuryevich Kotlyarsky
Date of BirthAugust 2, 1972 (1972-08-02) (aged 47)
Place of Birth
  • Moscow, USSR
CitizenshipUSSR → Russia
Career2002 - present time
Directiontheater and film actor
IMDbID 3439620
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Vladislav Kotlyarsky was born on August 2, 1972 in Moscow.

In childhood he was engaged in boxing and sambo.

In 1979-1989 he studied at the secondary school No. 930 of the city of Moscow.

Vladislav began acting in films since 1990. At the beginning of his film career, directors attracted him to various television series exclusively for episodic roles (“Firebighters”, “Russian Amazons”, “Shtrafbat”, “Airport”, “Doctor Zhivago”, etc.). The actor’s first major film career was the role of police major Stanislav Karpov in the criminal television series "Capercaillie" (2008). The actor created the image of a tough, cynical policeman who uses his official position for personal purposes and “roofs” in his area all more or less profitable places and criminal elements. The series caused a response from the audience, and in 2009 its second part, “Capercaillie: Continuation,” was released, where the hero of Kotlyarsky “grew up” to lieutenant colonel. The most successful can be considered the tragic role of the already retired police lieutenant colonel Karpov in the TV series "Karpov", which was released in 2012. non-authoritative source?

Theater "The first experimental youth Vakhtangovskaya studio" Turandot "" (Moscow)

  • 2015 - the play "Random Happiness", a comedy (director - Artyom Bibilyurov) -
  • Theater "Art House"

“Asterix and Obelix against Baba Yaga.” - Ivan. “Prostokvashinsky detective.” - Postman Pechkin.

  • He worked in the theater "At the Nikitsky Gate" / "Art House".

Now an actor of the LeCourt theater agency.

The most interesting

Four years passed from the time of acquaintance before the wedding - officially, Vladislav and Victoria became husband and wife in the winter of 2016, and six months later, a charming daughter was born to them.

In the photo: Victoria Kotlyarskaya with her daughter

Before meeting Victoria, Kotlyarsky had many novels, but his wife, Vladislav Kotlyarsky, was different from other girls in that she had to be conquered.

At first their family life did not turn out very smoothly - they got used to each other for a long time, there were disagreements, sometimes very serious. Vlad says that they parted with Vika several times, and for a long time, but they managed to overcome this difficult period, and now they are happy.

In the photo: actor’s family

Vladislav takes all the blame for the fact that there were problems in their relationship with Victoria, believing that sometimes he behaved incorrectly.

“Only recently I realized that simple human happiness is not in stunningly romantic dates. Naturally, at first we all experience strong emotions, but they can’t boil constantly, ”says the actor.

I would like to hope that the daughter of Elina is the first of the children of Vladislav Kotlyarsky, who may appear in their family in the future, because he has already proved that he can be not only a good husband, but also a wonderful father.

He happily fiddles with his daughter, and when she was very small, he got up at night, came up with different games.

Victoria says that she was lucky with her husband, although before the wedding she had great doubts, but Vladislav did everything so that their marriage took place.

Short biography of Vladislav Kotlyarsky

Vladislav was born and raised in Moscow and already at school he decided to become an actor, but the failure to enter the theater almost changed his plans for the future.

With the help of his brother, he entered the Moscow State University, but studied there for only two years, again tried to enter a theater university, and his owl was disappointed. Then there was another attempt, but only in 1998 he entered the directing department of GITIS, and a year and a half later he transferred to acting.

In the photo: Vladislav Kotlyarsky on the stage

After high school, Kotlyarsky got a job at the Theater at the Nikitsky Gate, then worked at the Snuffbox, the Art House Chamber Drama Theater.

The film debut took place in the ninetieth year, but only after eighteen years in his career the first serious role appeared when Vladislav starred in the television series “Capercaillie”.

While working in the theater, Kotlyarsky did not stop going to auditions, but everywhere he was refused until the representatives of the Grouse film crew called him, offering a choice of two roles - a swindler and a policeman.

In the series "Karpov"

Now the actor continues to act, and the last role in Kotlyarsky’s filmography for today is investigator Poryvaev in the TV series Youth.

Life, family and work.

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Name and surname:Vladislav Kotlyarsky
Middle name:Yurievich
Name in English:Vladislav Kotlyarskiy
Year of birth:1972
Birthday:August 2
Place of Birth:Moscow city
Occupation:actor, russian actor
Height:176 cm.
Weight:85 kg
Zodiac:a lion
Eastern horoscope:Rat
Social network:Wikipedia

The early years, childhood and the family of Vladislav Kotlyarsky

Vladislav Yuryevich Kotlyarsky was born on August 2, 1972 in the city of Moscow. His family was not among the Soviet elite, and also had no relation to the world of cinema. However, despite this, our today's hero began to dream about cinema and the big stage from the very early years.

After graduating from secondary school, Vladislav submitted documents to the acting department of the RATI, but due to a lack of necessary knowledge and experience, he failed to do so. After that, yielding to the entreaties of his parents, the young guy for some time gave up trying to break into the theater university and chose a different path for himself. At first he entered the faculty of psychology at Moscow State University, but he studied

Actor Vladislav Kotlyarsky is at the peak of popularity

there are only two years, after which he moved to the geological faculty. Paradoxical as it may seem, here the future actor also lingered for a short while. After a long search and wandering, the guy again decided to return to the beginning and for the second time in his life he filed documents with the RATI. However, this time, in order to increase the chances of admission, I decided to try my hand not at the acting department, but at the directing department. Vladislav Kotlyarsky managed to enter the chosen specialty, but ... not at the first attempt.

Due to constant throwing and searching, our today's hero managed to get the coveted student card only in 25 years. Thus, the creative path of the actor began relatively late.

Childhood and youth

Vladislav was born on a warm summer day on August 2, 1972 in Moscow. The family had nothing to do with cinema, but from an early age Vlad firmly intended to become an artist. Parents did not approve of his choice, the father saw his son as a factory worker, although he himself worked in the Ministry of the automobile industry, and his mother also in the ministry, only the aircraft. The actor has a half brother Paul, born in his father’s second marriage.

When it came time to go to college, Kotlyarsky applied to the theater school. But the future actor failed the exams, the lack of knowledge and basic experience of acting, which applicants receive in children's amateur groups, affected. The upset guy entered a prestigious educational institution - Moscow State University, at the Faculty of Geology.

Although at school Vladislav was not famous for good grades and preferred to mess around, he had enough knowledge to pass all exams except mathematics. With exact science, Kotlyarsky was helped by a cousin, who took the passport of the future artist and went in his place, despite the fact that the brothers looked completely different.

The guy’s studies did not inspire, and after 2 years Vladislav left the university and again went to the theater. Once again he was refused, then Kotlyarsky again returned to Moscow State University, but already to the faculty of psychology. Finally, in 1998, the young man succeeded in entering the Russian Academy of Theater Arts at the directing department of Andrei Goncharov, where the competition was much smaller. After 1.5 years, transferred to the acting group.

At the end of his studies, Kotlyarsky became an artist in the theater troupe "At the Nikitsky Gate". The roles in the performances that he played on stage seemed to him insignificant, while the actor’s ambitions required something more. He changed jobs at the Art House Theater, but even there continued to haunt a sense of dissatisfaction.

At one time, Kotlyarsky even thought about changing his profession and doing business with his friends, despite the crisis. Everything changed when Vladislav found his niche in Russian cinema.


The path to fame, Vladislav Kotlyarsky began in 2002 with a small role as an ambulance doctor in the unremarkable series "Russian Amazons". The RATI student was in no hurry to call for serious roles in films, preferring to use his artistic abilities in episodes. He appeared in the series “Shtrafbat”, “Doctor Zhivago”, “Airport”, “Firebouts”.

On a vacation in Crimea, Vladislav played the role of the classic Odessa impresario in Alexander Stefanovich’s film “All Courage” about Alla Pugacheva, turned into plumbing in the melodrama “General’s granddaughter” with Alexander Porokhovschikov and Irina Apeksimova.

Gradually, the number of paintings with the participation of Vladimir was growing, making his acting resume more solid. The roles of a security guard, a battalion commander, a collector and even a police captain appeared on the track record, creating a stable role for the artist as a law enforcement officer.

When Kotlyarsky was invited to the role of Major Karpov in the television series "Capercaillie", he had a dozen police images behind him. At first, Vladislav even refused to participate in the project. The actor was offered two roles to choose from: Karpov, who was part of the main plot, and the episodic role of a swindler, who, according to the scriptwriters, was supposed to steal a passport from a representative of the traffic police. Kotlyarsky wanted to choose a swindler, but the director of the film Timur Alpatov insisted on the role of a major and did not lose.

The series starred Maxim Averin, Victoria Tarasova, Denis Rozhkov, Maria Boltneva. The role was not easy, the character was the exact opposite of the character of the actor. To reliably play Karpov, the artist for some time plunged into the life of a policeman: together with real law enforcement officers, he went for interrogations and on duty, caught villains.

By the way, the acquired skills were useful to him not only on the set: during the New Year's bustle a couple of guys stole documents from Vladislav, but thanks to the long work with the police, the artist managed to return the property and detain the criminals on his own.

The image of Major Stanislav Karpov was very popular with viewers after he appeared in several episodes of the series in 2008. The next season, he already became a regular character in the picture, and after 4 years he was awarded his own television project under the same name “Karpov”, in which, in addition to Kotlyarsky, Victoria Tarasova, Julia Mayboroda, Maxim Shchegolev and others starred. This character also appeared in the series Pyatnitsky.

The directors of the popular series "The ment in law" called Vladislav to the main role in the series dedicated to the peculiar Robin Hood. From the project, in which the artist was immediately offered 9 images, it’s a sin to refuse, Kotlyarsky said.

In 2016, a man admitted in an interview that he is not filming anywhere, although he regularly attends auditions. To some extent, he is even glad that he is not being taken. According to Vlad, after the role of Karpov, he cannot afford to act in a sitcom. When asked whether Karpov’s role can be considered a reference, Kotlyarsky replied that he once met Sergei Yursky in a restaurant, and he called the role of the former head of the police department “great”.

And yet, one role on Kotlyarsky’s account in 2016 was: he starred in the short film “Just a Game”, where the computer “shooter” turns into reality.

In the same year, the painting “Reverse” was launched with the participation of Vladislav Kotlyarsky. The project, declared as a mystical tape about time travel, has not yet come to its logical conclusion.

Personal life

Vladislav Kotlyarsky speaks very little about his personal life. After filming in the role of Stanislav Karpov, he had numerous fans who associated the actor with a screen image. The status of an enviable bachelor did not give girls peace, and by any means they sought to attract the attention of the artist. Vlad had to hide in a taxi, like in a movie, and then completely rent an apartment in another district.

The media reported that the former lover broke the actor’s heart by committing treason. After that, Vladislav did not even want to think about a new relationship. Against this background, he began to ascribe an affair with actress Victoria Tarasova, who played Irina Zimin in the series "Capercaillie" and "Karpov".

Tarasova, the tabloids wrote, could be an excellent couple to Kotlyarsky, because she is divorced and also faced in life a betrayal of loved ones. Be that as it may, the on-screen friendship of the heroes of the series has not grown into anything serious in life.

In 2012, there was a rumor about the imminent marriage of Vladislav Kotlyarsky to Elena Morozova, a shocking actress who changed her first name, middle name and last name in honor of a distant relative of Savva Morozov. But, judging by further events in the life of Kotlyarsky, who remained a bachelor, the hearing again had no ground under it. And the two actors are connected by friendships.

Later, the media clung to Kotlyarsky’s appearance with a young actress Victoria Boldyreva, who starred in the TV series Soldiers, Students, and in the episode Karpova. The actor appeared in tandem with the girl at the awards ceremony for the Association of Television Movie Producers. There were rumors about a romance between the 40-year-old at that time Kotlyarsky and 26-year-old Boldyreva, who had been warmly communicating all evening.

In the winter of 2016, the artists entered into an official marriage. Before deciding to take this step, Vika and Vladislav more than once converged and diverged, and the man took the blame for the problems on himself, because sometimes he did wrong.

Soon, the daughter of Elina appeared in the family. Marriage and the birth of a child are the main events in the life of Kotlyarsky, but in second place after Karpov.

Vladislav is an enthusiastic person who is not alien to go windsurfing and snowboarding, paragliding, skiing. Kotlyarsky’s height is not the highest for a man at 176 cm, but this did not stop him from playing hockey as a defender in the KomAr team of artists. I had to start a hobby due to a knee injury.

In his youth, the actor woke up a business vein: Vlad worked as a personal driver for a German businessman, received a salary in foreign currency. Together with friends, he traded books and magazines in transitions. Now Kotlyarsky went into the IT business, came up with a program for those who spend days on the Internet and are not able to limit virtual communication. Vladislav himself said that he uses Facebook, on Instagram the photos of the actor are published on fan pages.

In the creative biography of Kotlyarsky there was a place for a youthful enthusiasm for psychology: the artist entered a magistracy and even receives a scholarship.

Vladislav Kotlyarsky now

In 2018, the short film “Civilized People” with the participation of Vladislav was awarded the Silver Jean-Luc Prize at the Kinolikbez International Film Festival. This award is given to projects that most closely meet the requirements of experimental, avant-garde author's cinema. The awards are named after the films of Jean-Luc Godard, “Civilized People” was awarded the prize “Special Gang”.

The detective drama "The Bailiffs" is again devoted to the work of law enforcement agencies, this time to the bailiffs. As in Glukhara, the characters of the film understand that the law is not always fair, and help people involved in cases in finding a way out of a difficult situation. Partners of Vladislav in the picture were Alexei Chadov and Natalia Antonova.

Another tape in the filmography of Kotlyarsky appeared in 2019. This is the series “SMERSH” directed by Oleg Fomin. In addition to Vladislav, the ensemble of actors included Alexei Makarov, Mikhail Dorozhkin, Svetlana Stepankovskaya. The plot focuses on a State Security Officer transporting a batch of emeralds from Germany to the Soviet Union.

Fans of theatrical art delighted in the play "Dangerous Boys". Together with colleagues from the “Capercaillie” Vladimir Feklenko and Alexander Bobrov, they act as brothers, one of whom wants to adopt a child from an orphanage, and the dark past of the other two prevents this.

The same trinity of friends is involved in the play “Egoists” with an age limit of 16+. In the project of the production center of Vladimir Smolkin "I hate. Jeanne" Vladislav and Victoria Tarasova play spouses. A husband is an official with personal interests and financial gain from scams in the first place. The wife suffers his lies and treason.


2004 - The Shtrafbat
2005 - Doctor Zhivago
2007 - Tatyana’s Day
2008 - Capercaillie
2010 - "Capercaillie in the movie"
2010 - Mine
2011 - Pyatnitsky
2012 - Interns
2013 - The Amulet
2014 - The cop in law
2016 - “Just a Game”
2018 - Youth
2019 - The Bailiffs

Photo: Vladislav Kotlyarsky

The successes of Vladislav Kotlyarsky in cinema and theater, filmography

After graduating from RATI, Vladislav Kotlyarsky began performing at the Nikitsky Gate Theater, but his career here also did not work out. For a long time, the actor received extremely small roles and was not involved in all theater productions.

For this reason, at one point, our today's hero decided to leave his former place and move to the Art House theater. Things went better on the new stage, but some dissatisfaction with his career in the guy’s soul still remained.

As for the cinematic roles, in this field Vladislav Kotlyarsky managed to establish himself only in 2002. His first films were paintings - “Russians in the City of Angels”, as well as “Russian Amazons”. In these projects, our today's hero played episodic roles, and therefore they are often not even included in the official filmography of the actor.

It is worth noting that the actor subsequently played episodic roles in various television projects for a very long time. He was practically not offered larger roles, and therefore at some point our today's hero decided to start doing business with friends. Perhaps today we would not have known anything about such an actor as Vladislav Kotlyarsky, but one fine day the situation began to slowly improve.

Vladislav played quite prominent roles in episodes of the series “Kulagin and Partners”, “Detectives”, “Volkov’s Hour”, “Trial Column”. Although these acting works did not bring Vladislav great popularity, he made his resume much more significant.

In 2008, our today's hero received an offer to play the role of a policeman in the next series - the series "Capercaillie". At first, the actor appeared in only a few series, but subsequently the audience and producers liked it so much that it was decided to make him a permanent character in the project. In the second season of the series “Capercaillie” Vladislav Kotlyarsky received one of the main roles. And therefore, later the image of Stas Karpov became truly family for him.

The actor played the role of this character in three seasons of the Grouse project, and later also played a police officer in the films Grouse. Come, New Year! ”,“ Capercaillie in the movie ”,“ Capercaillie. New again! ”, As well as in the television series Pyatnitsky.

Vladislav Kotlyarsky today

The last season of the Karpov 3.0 project will be released in 2014. In the framework of this series, the actor will again play the role of criminal investigator. So, all fans of your favorite screen character will not have to be bored. There, along with Kotlyarsky, viewers will see Stepan Rozhnov, Nikolai Kozak, Maxim Shchegolev and other stars.

Developing the theme of new acting, we also note that the actor will also play the role of Stas Karpov in the series Pyatnitsky. Chapter Four, in which the actor has been playing for several seasons.


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