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- In Saratov, fortunately, the name of Sergei Maslennikov is not widely known. But, as a precaution, it will not be out of place, probably, to find out what kind of person he is and why his views at the official level are recognized in the Church as false ...

- In fact, avid lovers of the books of Sergei Maslennikov are still present in many churches of Saratov, as well as the followers of Archpriest Vladimir Golovin, who is now banned, is forbidden in the priesthood of Scheme Archimandrite Ioakim (Parr), and mountain preacher Ignatius Lapkin and others like them. These people either preach spirituality of a very dubious nature, or they are clearly opposing themselves to the Church, like the same Maslennikov, on whose site one can increasingly see criticism of the clergy. Moreover, they all position themselves as Orthodox missionaries.

These troublemakers began their activities within the Church, as they say, "for health", and ended, from the point of view of conformity to Orthodoxy, unfortunately, "for peace." So, Maslennikov in his lectures and books pursued, among others, one good goal - to lead people to repentance. His conversations and publications were called “School of Penance”. In his lectures, he relied heavily on the writings of St. Ignatius (Brianchaninov), who, as we know, describes in sufficient detail a dangerous state of spiritual charm for a Christian. Spiritual life, if it is implicated in passion and devoid of control by an experienced confessor, is often subject to the most exotic twists. This is exactly what happened in the case of Maslennikov. Having obsessed with the topic of spiritual charms, he began in some marvelous way, under the guise of fighting it, to form a circle of admirers around his personality and his books, which began more and more to resemble an intra-church sect. And now it takes on the features of a real pseudo-Orthodox sect with elements of the guruism of its founder, who, without a dignity, reserves the right to deprive the people of Communion, condemn the episcopate, or, as happened in a visit to Saratov, ignoring the bishop’s church authority, to come and arrange some lectures, announcing them in such partisan ways as sending SMS messages from anonymous phones. And such messages, I must say, were received by many parishioners.

- Was, in your opinion, the creation of a sect conscious or is it just a person who is in some of his delusions?

- Sometimes it is very difficult to say whether the leader of a particular sect is a mentally ill person who sincerely believes in what he is saying, or if he is a prudent businessman who consciously plays the role of a guru for banal extorting money from unlucky admirers. Often these phenomena are intertwined: a person, starting as a businessman, ends up with mental damage and begins to believe in his chosenness and in the nonsense that he has been carrying all these years for purely material reasons.

In the case of Maslennikov, in my opinion, we are dealing with spiritual damage that resulted from a misinterpretation of the laws of asceticism. Ironically, his lecture entitled “Asceticism for the laity” introduces errors precisely into the readers' ideas about the ascetic foundations, his doctrine of charms is implicated in charms, and so on. What they fought with, as they say ...

- What danger are people attending such “meetings with readers”?

“I am not aware of any fraud or crime among Maslennikov’s followers that would concern administrative or criminal law.” More precisely, I did not look for them and the victims personally did not contact me in this way. But if you look at the conclusions of the commission, which was created at the Publishing Council of the Russian Orthodox Church, when they deprived the author of the book of the neck, which allows people to offer them in church stores and churches, we can say that there is definitely a danger to the believer. This is the risk of spiritual damage, which is not recognized by many as clearly as, say, the risk of losing some amount of money, but which can lead to grave consequences for the whole life of a person, his professional activity, his family. The existence of this risk in this case was confirmed by the confessors of the most authoritative monasteries of our Church.

- Is there an opportunity to counteract the "tour" of such false preachers at the legal, including legislative, level?

- The whole complexity of the situation with schismatics of this kind or simply “misguided" missionaries "lies in the fact that for people external to the Church and at the same time deciding something on a legal plane, their danger is not visible at all. The trouble of our time is that the vast majority of our contemporaries are absolutely religiously illiterate. Such illiteracy has always existed among the people, but in our time it has been added to the fact that now everyone considers himself an expert in everything that relates to his personal spiritual life. Such a thing as obedience to the Church is ostracized, although this is one of the key concepts for a Christian. Listening to the voice of the Church in the person of its Patriarch, bishops, priests is a matter of primary importance, since all schisms begin with the fact that someone who says that he is the very voice of the Church ...

- What should parishioners do if they hear in a church or in a parish life that someone is privately disseminating such ideas? Do I need to do something?

- If someone becomes aware of this kind of activity, usually hidden from the clergy, first of all it is necessary to inform the rector of the temple about it. Every priest before God is responsible for the spiritual health of his flocks. Wolves in sheep’s clothing are usually dangerous because they seem to say the right thing, emphasize their "Orthodox". To expel the misconceptions they introduce from the church environment is our common task, but we should not try to counteract this alone - we must, without embarrassment, tell the priest what you are faced with.

Newspaper "Orthodox Faith" No. 23 (618)

The start of the sports career of Sergei Maslennikov

The first victories did not come immediately, but Sergey managed to firmly enter the number of permanent participants-leaders of the All-Russian competitions rather quickly. The first silver medal in the individual event was back in 2003 at the Russian Championship in the classics. Then he received the bronze - in the team championship.

Until 2005, Sergei Maslennikov actively participated only in the All-Russian championships. During this time he won a large number of medals. Among them are bronze in the team event in 2005, silver in 2004 in sprint competitions, and gold in sprint and classic in 2005. Then, in 2005, recognition came at the international level after receiving a silver medal at the Universiade in the sprint race. This already then announced the rather big sports potential of this young man.

Life, family and work.

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Name and surname:Sergey Maslennikov
Middle name:Evgenyevich
Name in English:Sergei Maslennikov
Year of birth:1982
Birthday:April 18th
Place of Birth:Ufa
Height:175 cm.
Weight:60 kg
Eastern horoscope:Dog
Social network:Wikipedia


The Publishing Council of the Russian Orthodox Church withdrew the stamp from the books of Sergei Maslennikov and prohibits their distribution. Commenting on the situation O.V., the head of the secretariat of scientific and theological reviewing and expert evaluation Kostishak.
- Oleg Vasilievich, Publishing Council of the Russian Orthodox Church withdrew the stamp from the books of Sergei Maslennikov and prohibits them from being distributed. What caused such a measure?
- The Publishing Council did review the works of S.M. Maslennikov for several years and some of them were given a church vulture. However, in the course of familiarization with the latest works in which the author ignored the previously mentioned remarks, they revealed a serious danger to the reader and listener. I want to emphasize that the decision to recall the vultures assigned to the works of S.M. Maslennikov, was caused not by his individual erroneous opinions or inaccuracies, which the author expresses, but by the generally incorrect, one might say, system of his views on Christian life.
- What kind of person is Sergey Maslennikov? Where does he serve?
- According to the data available in open sources, Sergey Mikhailovich is a layman, lives in the city of Yekaterinburg, accepted the sacrament of Baptism at a sufficient age. He is not a clergyman and does not have a theological education. The path of his spiritual knowledge is very doubtful. Bearing obedience at one of the Ekaterinburg parishes, he actively carried out catechesis activities that went far beyond the parish. Strong emphasis in his catechetical and writing activities S.М. Maslennikov does on the doctrine of repentance - in the form in which he understands it. The catechism courses themselves were called by him the School of Penance. To the extent that the author understands repentance, to one degree or another, all his works are devoted.
- What is the spiritual harm to the books of Sergei Maslennikov?
- In his works (I think, not by malicious intent, but by spiritual illiteracy) S.M. Maslennikov is trying to explain everything in an accessible and simple way, where it is accessible and simply cannot be explained, he is trying to detail what does not need to be detailed, he is trying to express himself cataphatically where only apophaticism is possible. Spiritual practice recommended by S.M. Maslennikov, not healthy and in the end, can lead a person to a terrible spiritual impasse. It is worth saying that St. Ignatius Brianchaninov himself, actively quoted by S.M. Maslennikov wrote about the dangers of the form of spiritual life proposed by the author and directly connected it with a passion of pride. It is very important for us to remember that Christianity is not a set of rules, and the Bible and the books of the fathers are not quotes. Christ is a Person, and Christianity (asceticism, repentance, and everything else necessary in spiritual life) is love for Christ and striving for communion with Him.
- Tell us more about inaccuracies in the presentation of Orthodox teachings in the books of Sergei Maslennikov.
- CM. Maslennikov is often taken with great confidence to affirm something when there is no direct answer and cannot be (which is often the case in Orthodox theology). The author's idea of ​​passions and virtues consists of a mechanical and formal comparison of the utterances of the holy fathers, while the Holy Scriptures, liturgical texts, and the creations of the holy fathers require a long and organic understanding. Claims to the works of S.M. Maslennikov, as already mentioned above, refers primarily to the system of his views, which in some places leads the author to serious errors. Figuratively we can say that from the phrase prp. Silouan of Athos “Keep your mind in hell and do not despair” S.М. Maslennikov left only the first part of it. In all works, the author places particular emphasis on how sinful and sinful a person is, how unworthy he is of God's love, how much he must repent, etc. A clear illustration of this approach, in my opinion, is drawn up by S.M. Maslennikov and everywhere he promoted the "Diary of the penitent." In this "Diary" sins are classified into "mortal", "everyday" and "forgiven" (although, as you know, the difference between mortal and immortal sin is more than conditional), they are detailed and detailed in paragraphs. In particular, the author defines it as a sin, even if someone woke up from hunger at night and took food, it is also considered a sin if the parents praise their child.
I emphasize that the “Diary of the penitent” is proposed by the author to all, without exception, preparing for confession. It should be said that confession is a very lively affair and only in its most general form lends itself to some kind of structuring. The general rule of how to practice is the word prp. Ambrose Optinsky: “Do not hide anything, speak directly, do not round off”, and how and with what words this will be done is a matter of conscience, sensitivity and spiritual sobriety of the confessing and confessing.
You asked about inaccuracies in the works of S.M. Maslennikova. I can say that sometimes his thoughts take an even more tangible form. For example, the following excerpt from the audio recording of his lecture: “Who can say about himself that he is humble? This is a sign of vanity and hypocrisy! The listener’s question: “And if in prayer it occurs:“ ... a humble, sinful and unworthy slave ... ”?” Answer by S. M. Maslennikov: Drop this word! If it bothers you, release it! The meaning of prayer is not distorted, not distorted, but for us it becomes more understandable, accessible. " In the comments this moment is hardly needed. Of course, it is wrong if we do not adjust ourselves, spoiled by sin, to the Church’s doctrine, and try to adapt the Church’s doctrine to our understanding - even when this adaptation takes the most “pious” forms.
- I know that there are reviews of the clergy of the Valaam Monastery, Optina Desert and the Trinity-Sergius Lavra about the books of Sergei Maslennikov. What moments do Orthodox believers pay attention to?
- Yes, indeed, the Publishing Council requested the opinion of the inhabitants of reputable monasteries you named. In general, the confessors who submitted their reviews were united in a negative assessment of his works. In the reviews, the monks expressed the opinion that the “Diary of the penitent” (it was primarily a question of him) is an attempt to structure the spiritual penitential life inadmissibly in detail. “One gets the impression,” says one of the reviews, “that for him, the answer at the Last Judgment is something like a check of financial statements. On the other hand, a detailedization of the “levels” of the same sin evokes the wording of the criminal code ... Only thanks to some lexical turns does the publication of the “Diary of the penitent” have something similar to Christianity. For the rest, by her jurism, it could well be compared with the Old Testament requirements. ” Also, a common place in the reviews was that such a “template” approach would make it impossible for the living and graceful formation of personality in repentance. An attempt to love God without austerities and repentance will degenerate into a kind of spiritual hedonism, and an asceticism for austerities and repentance for a repentance will degenerate into dark sectarianism. The gracious life in the Church of Christ, proper spiritual guidance, reading of Scripture and the fathers will educate - cannot help but educate - a true view of spiritual life, if only we can listen to the Lord God, who will answer the questioner, open to the interpreter, and find him looking for.
- There is video content of Sergey Maslennikov’s speeches on the Internet - is it worth it to watch and listen?
- Everything said about the books of S.M. Maslennikov can be attributed to his speeches. His repeated appeals - not only against the decisions of the Publishing Council, but also against the reviews of the monasteries - showed that he was rooted in his opinion and was not going to change him. I do not exclude that for someone at some stage in the spiritual life of the work of S.M. Maslennikov were helpful. However, if you look at his work as a whole, then they are hardly worth recommending.
- What to do with books that are already sold in church shops? Will they be withdrawn from sale?
- Of course, it will be necessary to suspend the distribution of S.M. Maslennikov through the church book network.
- Is the reaction of publishing houses that publish books by Sergei Maslennikov known? They treated with understanding?
- The decision to recall the vultures from the works of S.M. Maslennikov was recently adopted, and the reaction of the publishers publishing it is not yet known to me. I really hope for understanding from publishers and distributors, since caring for the souls of people is the main thing that we should keep in mind in such cases.
Interviewed by T. Medvedev
Publishing Council / Patriarchy.ru www.patriarchia.ru/db/text/4080490

Sports career

Sergey Maslennikov participated in the Olympic Games of 2006 and 2010, and world champions since 2003. The best result in personal competitions is the 10th place in the pursuit race at the 2006 Olympics in Turin.

Sergey Maslennikov's assets include victory at the 2007 Winter Universiade in team competitions and a silver medal in the sprint at the 2005 Universiade.

The best results at the stages of the World Cup are two 10th places in personal races in the 2004/2005 season.

The childhood and family of Sergei Maslennikov

Sergey Maslennikov, the future famous athlete and participant in the Olympic Games in Ufa, was born on April 18, 1982 in an ordinary working-class family at that time. Even in his childhood, his craving for sports was noted, and already in his school years, the start of his future sports career began. Sergey began with the usual youth sports school, which gave him a ticket to the big sport.

Take-off of a sports career, awards of Sergey Maslennikov and the Olympics

Since 2006, Sergey began to actively participate in various championships of the international level. The first of these was the Winter Olympics, held in Turin. It was on it that he was able to achieve one of his best results in competitions of the highest level, taking 10th place in the pursuit race. And he completed that sports season at the 56th place of the final standings of the Planetary Cup.Sergei Maslennikov left a big sport before the Olympics in Sochi. Next, one after one there were victories at various championships. In 2007, he won gold in team competitions at the Winter Universiade. In the 2008 season, Sergey was already on the 53rd line of the rating. The year 2009 was marked for the participant by the national team victory in the mass start at the All-Russian Championship in Nordic Combined. Then he managed to get around such athletes as Ivan Panin, Anton Kamenev, Konstantin Voronin, Niyaz Nabeev and Alexey Barannikov, who were included in the final six. In the same year, he managed to take 51 positions in the final standings, put up based on the results of the Planetary Cup.

The year 2010 was marked for Sergei Maslennikov with his second participation in the Olympiad, this time in Vancouver. In the ski biathlon competition, where gold was won by Jason Lamy Chapui from France, he was able to take only 42th place, which he dropped from 32 (where he was after the ski jumping) according to the relay.

The departure of Sergei Maslennikov from big sport

The year 2011 was marked for Sergey Maslennikov also by participating in several world competitions and Russian Championships. In particular, at the All-Russian Ski Nordic Championship, which was held in March in Ufa, the athlete’s hometown of the athlete, he managed to take a leading position in the Gundersen race. K-90 plus a distance of 10 km, which indicates his still quite good athletic form at that time.

12 year was the final in his career as an athlete. This was due primarily to his exclusion from the newly formed Russian national team, after which he was forced to think about finding another significant source of money and leave the sport. Although Sergei Maslennikov does not exclude the possibility of his future return to sports arenas.

Today he is the chief specialist in ski jumping and ski biathlon in the Northern Capital - St. Petersburg. Sergey decided to invest his efforts in an attempt to develop this sports area in Russia and prepare the Olympic reserve in these areas. He really has something to convey to future potential champions of the country, and, possibly, the world. Indeed, behind Sergei Maslennikov's back there is about 20 years of his own sports career, and he can convey to them many of the nuances of participating in international competitions, including Olympic ones.

Personal life of Sergey Maslennikov

About personal life, Sergei Maslennikov prefers to remain silent. All that is known about her for today is that he is married.Very little is known about the personal life of the flying skier Sergei Maslennikov.Sergei Maslennikov will be known in Russia for a long time, as today is the only Russian double-combatant who defended Russia for several years at competitions of various levels, including the highest. Despite the fact that for him always the main trump card remained and remains ski jumping, unlike running on the track, according to the results of which he did not reach the treasured spectacular thirty times, his results will be an example for a rather long period.


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