What happened to Vyacheslav Malezhik


Vyacheslav Malezhik is a talented singer, guitarist and composer, who conquered thousands of his fans with virtuoso playing, pop and bard compositions, as well as rock and roll. He has come a long way from a boy with a button accordion to a real star collecting full concert halls. Over the years, Malezhik performed in various groups, but his solo works, which are collected in more than 30 albums, brought him popularity.

The future famous musician was born in Moscow on February 17, 1947. His childhood cannot be called carefree. In the post-war capital, life was hard and half-starved. At the same time, Vyacheslav's parents moved to the capital from the countryside.

Vyacheslav Malezhik in childhood

Father Efim Ivanovich, for a long time lived in the village of Belousovka (Poltava region). During collectivization, he fled from his native home to Moscow and got a job as a driver. The mother of the future star, Nina Ivanovna, was from Tula and worked as a mathematics teacher.

At school, the boy was a diligent student, and therefore brought home almost one "five". In addition, from a young age, Vyacheslav was interested in music. Parents supported their child's enthusiasm in the hope that later this would bring him additional income. So the boy began to attend a music school near Butyrka prison and learn to play the button accordion.

Vyacheslav Malezhik in his youth

After this, Malezhik repeatedly had to demonstrate his musical abilities. As a child, he spoke to relatives, neighbors and even played at weddings. Nevertheless, music lessons were then perceived only as a minor hobby.

After school, Malezhik entered the pedagogical school and mastered playing the guitar. The ambitious guy did not stop there. He wanted to go to MEPhI, but he was expecting failure. But already in 1965, Vyacheslav managed to qualify for MIIT in order to become a railway technologist in the future.

At that time, the creativity of the bards was gaining popularity. Everyone loved the songs of V. Vysotsky and E. Klyachkin, Malezhik was no exception. In addition, the guy admired the nascent rock and roll and songs of the Beatles. More than once, the father was angry with his son, who was little interested in subjects by profession and devoted more and more time to playing the guitar.


Vyacheslav Malezhik began his career in 1967, when he, together with Nikolai Vorobyov, Alexander Zhestyrev and Yuri Valov, created the group “Guys”. The collective did not last long, but the beginning of musical activity at a professional level was laid.

Already in 1969, Vyacheslav was the guitarist and vocalist of the Mosaic group. This team also included Yuri Chepyzhov, Valery Khabazin, Yaroslav Kesler and Alexander Zhestyryov.

Vyacheslav Malezhik (left) in the “Mosaic” group

Soon, the young artist was expecting new changes. In January 1973, Malezhik became a member of the popular ensemble "Happy Guys", and two years later, a creative search led him to the group "Blue Guitars".

Vyacheslav Malezhik in the group “Flame” (left in the upper row)

From 1977-1986 Malezhik was a member of the Flame ensemble. Many songs of this group became legendary and turned their performers into celebrities. The audience liked such compositions as “The snow is spinning”, “At the village of Kryukovo”, “Around the bend”, “I’ll get off at the far station”, etc.

Solo career

At the same time, Vyacheslav Malezhik sought to realize himself as a solo artist. So, the first glory to the talented artist was brought in 1982 by the composition “Two hundred years” (recorded together with the ensemble “Flame”). The singer did not stand aside during the hostilities in Afghanistan. He was not afraid to come in 1986 near the city of Jalalabad and give several concerts for Soviet soldiers.

The first solo album of Vyacheslav Malezhik appeared in 1984. Two years later, he gave his team the name "Sacvoyage" and in 1987 their first CD appeared under the spectacular name "Cafe" Sacvoyage ". The guys bathed in the rays of glory, as evidenced by the number of copies sold disc - about 2 million.

The peak of the fame of the group came in 1988 and 1989. At this time, Malezhik actively collaborated with Record Studio, twice became a finalist of the popular Song of the Year festival and often toured.

The talented musician also tried his hand in the role of the leader. During 1986-1991, Vyacheslav Malezhik and Katya Semenova conducted the program “Wider Circle”. At the same time, the artist often performed his songs, and some of them were presented for the first time during a TV show (for example, “Islands”, “Recently and Long ago”, “Fog in December”).

In 2000, Malezhik performed on “Song of the Year”, where he performed the song “Two hundred years” (nomination “Song of the Century”). In addition, the musician periodically gave anniversary concerts. So, in 2002, fans of the artist could enjoy his performance at the State Concert Hall “Russia”, and in 2007 the star performer gave a concert in the Kremlin Palace. With his participation, the artist was supported by famous friends - Alexander Gradsky, Yuri Antonov, etc.

The singer did not lose its former glory, and his work continued to delight many admirers. In 2007, Malezhik again participated in "Song of the Year", where he performed the song "Provincial."

Vyacheslav Malezhik

Note that many songs of Vyacheslav are pleased to be performed by other artists. Among the famous admirers of Malezhik should include Valery Leontyev, Vadim Kazachenko, Irina Ponarovskaya, Katya Semenova and others.

Although at that time the singer reached a respectable age, he did not lose his sense of humor and excitement. So, in 2008, an 18-year-old guy, Yuri Kaplan, taking the pseudonym Valentin Strykalo, published an appeal to Vyacheslav Malezhik on YouTube. He asked the famous musician to act as his producer and provide support. The startling artist with a fictional biography and defiant songs clearly did not expect the rocker to notice him and even pay attention.

Later, the TNT channel decided to make a film about the young artist and arranged for him to meet with the star. Malezhik not only talked with Kaplan, but also managed to “kick him up” well. Yuri recalled that he did not expect such humor and acuteness of words from the famous artist and was forced to recognize the “coolness” of Vyacheslav Efimovich. At the same time, Internet users compared the photos of Valentin Strykalo and Vyacheslav Malezhik in their youth and found a surprising similarity.

Vyacheslav Malezhik and Valentin Strykalo

The long road to fame, many years of hard work and extensive life experience allowed Malezhik to do writing. In 2012, he presented his first book, Understanding. To forgive. To accept". It presented some of the artworks of a talented musician and his youthful memories.

A year later, two more books by Vyacheslav Efimovich appeared, which included poetry of the star and stories about the life of young people in the USSR. According to the author himself, after reading these works, many will remember the past years and even be able to recognize themselves in the heroes. In 2015, the latest literary creation of a celebrity called "The Hero of That Still Time" was published.

Vyacheslav Malezhik now

Now the discography of Vyacheslav Malezhik totals more than 30 music albums. According to critics and ordinary listeners, his best songs are “Fellow traveler”, “Two hundred years”, “Mosaic”, “Gift”, “Fog in December”, “Provincial”, “Islands” and others. They continue to enjoy great popularity and bring thousands of loyal fans of the star memories of youth.

Personal life

Despite the star status, Vyacheslav Malezhik is a real family man. He married a girl from Donetsk, Tatyana, back in 1977. The singer met his chosen one during the tour of the ensemble "Jolly Fellows". At that time, Tatyana played in the theater of her native city. A little later, the girl arrived in the capital to enter the Moscow Art Theater. After the young people met again in the capital, a serious relationship arose between them, and soon they got married.

Vyacheslav Malezhik with his wife

Tatyana Alekseevna sacrificed her career for the sake of the family and is now the husband's administrator. The singer also always showed a special love and care for his wife and children. Now the couple is constantly living in his mansion in the Olympic Village.

Vyacheslav Malezhik with his family

Vyacheslav and Tatyana raised two sons - Nikita (born 1977) and Ivan (born 1990). The eldest son works for a subsidiary of Gazprom and brings up two daughters. The youngest son decided to make a musical career, as a result of which he entered VGIK and for some time was the frontman of the Weloveyouwinona group.

Was Milezhik became Malezhik

Vyacheslav Malezhik gave his very first concerts to the accompaniment of the button accordion at home: as a schoolboy he played at family parties, and sometimes even at neighboring weddings. He mastered the guitar after school, as a student. I must say that this hobby really did not like the father of the future singer. The man was sure that the guy was doing nonsense instead of mastering the normal profession of a railway worker. Often, Efim Ivanovich even promised to chop the tool with an ax. And he threatened in earnest, and not in jest.

The real name of his father, who moved to Moscow from near Poltava, was Milezhik. The transformation happened as a result of a "mistake" of the passport girl. As a result, in the 1980s, Vyacheslav MAlezhik became the new star of the Soviet stage, whom the public recognized and loved for the songs “For two hundred years the gypsy has guessed my life”, “I will lay down the mosaic ...”, “Lilipuchy liliputik”, “Provincial”, “Ah, my fellow traveler ...” and "Islands of the island."

The favorite of the whole Union

The popularity of the singer could be envied by many of today's stars. He toured all over the Soviet Union, invariably collecting full halls. He came to the cities for a whole week and every evening gave a full-house performance, or even two.

Vyacheslav became even more recognizable thanks to the TV program “The wider circle”, which he led along with Ekaterina Semenova.

In the 2000s, the singer moved into the category of "retro stars", but still continued to be very popular. The next anniversary of the musician in 2017 was celebrated with a big concert in the Kremlin Palace with the participation of good friends - colleagues from the youth.

I forgot how to sing, walk, play the guitar ...

Alas, just three months after the big holiday in the center of the capital, everything changed. And it began with the fact that the concert director of the singer suddenly disappeared. At the same time, the man grabbed all the money received for Malezhik's concerts, a very decent amount. For the singer, this was a blow. He had a stroke while traveling to Montenegro.

The wife of Malezhik said that Vyacheslav Efimovich was hospitalized on time and immediately provided the necessary help. Thanks to this, grave consequences were avoided, the singer was not paralyzed. However, he forgot how to speak and walk for a while.
Recovery was difficult. And the music helped in this. Vyacheslav decided at all costs to return to normal life and again enter the stage.

At the end of the same year, the singer gave his first concert, behind the curtains of which there were always doctors who were ready to help at any time.

Fortunately, this was not needed.

What about the money thief ?!

What happened to Vyacheslav Malezhik is not even known to many loyal fans of the musician. He not only started performing again, but also released another album, to which he gave his name: “VyachesLove”.

To maintain health, the singer fulfills all the recommendations of doctors: he drinks the prescribed medications and does physiotherapy exercises.

As for the fraudster who deceived the singer and escaped with his fee, nothing has been reported about his detention or criminal prosecution of the swindler. However, as stated by Malezhik’s colleagues in the scene, in the show business this man became an outcast. Singer Rodion Gazmanov, who also lost his money, even posted a scan of the passport of the promoter-scammer on the Network so that his colleagues would be aware of who should stay away ...

A family

  • Wife - Tatyana Alekseevna Malezhik (born December 18, 1954) - a former actress, refused a career for the sake of the family, from Donetsk, married since 1977
    • Son - Nikita Malezhik (born 1977), graduated from the Department of Ecology at the University of Peoples' Friendship. He also has an economic education.
    • daughter-in-law Olga
      • granddaughter Lisa (born 2003)
      • granddaughter Katya (born 2009)
    • Son - Ivan Malezhik (born 1990), studying at the Faculty of Production and Economics, at the Department of Producing at VGIK, became a musician, former frontman of the group Weloveyouwinona.


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Vyacheslav was born in Moscow on February 17, 1947.

His father, Malezhik Efim Ivanovich, was from a peasant family living in the village of Belousovka in the Poltava region. During the period of collectivization, he fled to Moscow, where he began to work as a driver. His real name was Milezhik, but the passportist was mistaken in one letter, and it turned out - Malezhik.

Vyacheslav’s mother, Nina Ivanovna, was born and raised in a village near Tula. It turned out to be in Moscow, as it fled from the terrible famine that reigned in the villages. In the capital, she learned and worked as a teacher of mathematics.

Nina Ivanovna for the first time was married to the engineer of the aviation enterprise Dmitry Vasilyevich. During the accident at the plant, the man was badly injured, and his wife faithfully looked after him for two years. However, it was not possible to put her husband on her feet, and Nina Ivanovna was left alone in her arms with her daughter. Efim Ivanovich Malezhik used to work as a chauffeur for her husband and once he stopped by to visit the family of his former boss. Gradually, feelings started between them, and over time he moved to Nina Ivanovna in a six-meter room in an old two-story barrack-type house near the Belorussky railway station.


Childhood Malezhik can not be called carefree, the family lived poorly.Food was rescued, which sometimes a paternal grandmother sent a parcel from the village: apples, honey, potatoes, less often meat (when a pig or lamb was pricked). She remained to live in the Poltava region. And grandfather, who was a first-class tailor, was slandered and repressed.

At school, Vyacheslav was a diligent student, almost always there were “excellent” marks in his diary, and exact sciences (physics, mathematics) were best given. In the lower grades, he began to show interest in music. Parents decided that if the boy learns to play the button accordion, he will always have the opportunity to earn extra money. Slavik was recorded in a music school located near the Butyrka prison. The first teacher of Malezhik - Chukhlantsev Ivan Dmitrievich - taught the child not only classics, but also popular music.

Vyacheslav mastered playing the button accordion quickly. He demonstrated his abilities, speaking at school concerts, in front of neighbors and relatives, sometimes acquaintances invited him to play at weddings. Nevertheless, he perceived music as a hobby, and was not going to associate a future profession with it.

In the early 1960s, active housing construction was carried out in the capital. No matter what people go to get new apartments and move from barracks. Vyacheslav with parents and neighbors at night hollowed the foundation and poured water there. At freezing temperatures, she froze and tore the brickwork. As a result, their house was declared emergency, and the Malezhik family received a new three-room apartment in the five-story building in south-west of Moscow. Then for them it was a paradise.


In 1965, Vyacheslav entered MIIT (Moscow Engineering Institute of Transport), decided to study as a railway technologist. It was no longer fashionable to play the button accordion. At this time, the heyday of bardic creativity was at its peak; everyone heard songs of Okudzhava, Vysotsky, Klyachkin. Malezhik was also interested in playing the guitar, at first he was taught by his son-in-law (the eldest sister was the first husband), he further understood himself.

Due to Vyacheslav's passion for guitar, his father was very angry. Each session threatened to smash the instrument against the wall, believing that the son was not studying science, but was chattering on strings for days on end. But father’s threats did not scare Malezhik very much; along with his studies, he became a guitarist in an institute musical group. In the summer, the group went to play for youth in the student camp "Petrel".


In 2011, Malezhik added the role of a writer to his talents as a musician, composer and poet. His first book, Understanding. To forgive. Accept ”, which included youthful memories and works of art.

Over the next six years, five more books of Vyacheslav were published:

  • "Portraits and other arts",
  • “It has been snowing for 100 years ...”
  • “Cornflower, Ginger and new friends”,
  • "The hero of that time",
  • "About the country of Chudland and its inhabitants" (for children).

According to the author, after reading his books, many recall the past happy Soviet years, and in some heroes they even recognize themselves.

Princess of Cambodia Love

In college, the princess of Cambodia was in love with Malezhika. When he played with the institute VIA in the student camp "Petrel", two girls from the choreographic school always came to dances. They were from Cambodia. One of them, by the name of Tana, immediately drew attention to the charming, handsome and young guitarist. Her uncle Norodom Sihanouk was the Cambodian king.

When they returned to Moscow, Tana called Vyacheslav. The girl spoke with a monstrous accent, understood Russian poorly, nevertheless, she really wanted to continue communicating with the young man she liked. They met for a while, but Tana's relatives were categorically against such a choice. They told the girl that no man could be more valuable than his homeland.

Tana expected that Vyacheslav would make her an offer, and she would have every reason to stay with him in the Soviet Union. But Malezhik himself did not have such strong feelings for the Cambodian as to marry. Tana went to her home, wrote one letter, after which the connection broke.

Many years later, she came to Russia and found through the newspaper her favorite guitarist, but Vyacheslav by that time was already happy in marriage and raised his eldest son.

Vyacheslav Malezhik

Vyacheslav Efimovich Malezhik. Born February 17, 1947 in Moscow. Soviet and Russian pop singer, poet, composer. Honored Artist of Russia (2004).

Vyacheslav Malezhik was born on February 17, 1947 in Moscow.

Father - Efim Ivanovich Malezhik, a driver, worked for some time at the Swedish Embassy. His real name is Milezhik. But as a result of a mistake the passport girl became Malezhik. Originally from the Poltava region.

Mother - Nina Ivanovna Malezhik, a teacher of mathematics. Originally from the Tula region.

Has an older sister Nonna.

He told about his parents: "My parents, peasants, came from the village. My mother became a teacher, and my father with two education classes worked as a chauffeur. He spent 24 hours driving a bagel to earn money for a family, and my mother raised me and my older sister Nonna" .

At school, he was seriously interested in mathematics, and other subjects were easily given to him.

In school, he graduated from a music school in the accordion class.

He gave his first concerts on the accordion in the village of his grandmother. He recalled: “I was 11-12 years old, I couldn’t boast of my height then - a meter with a cap. And although I could barely see it because of the button accordion, I played with might and main at weddings and dances! I also remember that people specially came from "nearby villages to listen to me. There were no clubs in their villages - and, accordingly, there was no cinema or dance."

In 1965 he entered the Moscow State University of Railway Engineering (MIIT), devoting a diploma topic to cybernetic synthesis in music.

While studying at MIIT, he learned to play the guitar - his sister's first husband taught him. "He showed me a few chords, and I invented the rest myself," recalled Malezhik.

As the artist said, he owes his success only to himself. Parents not only did not help, but in every possible way prevented his passion for music. Moreover, because of this, he did poorly at the institute: "Each session, the father threatened to break the guitar with an ax, because the guy does not study, does not master the heights of the railway technologist."

In 1967 he began his career as a singer - in the group "Guys", together with Yuri Valov, Alexander Zhestyryov (drums) and Nikolai Vorobyov (bass).

Since the end of 1969 - vocalist and guitarist in the group "Mosaic" with Yuri Chepyzhov (keyboards), Yaroslav Kesler (bass), Valery Khabazin (guitar) and Alexander Zhestyryov (drums). The songs composed by Vyacheslav Malezhik and other musicians of the group from 1963 to 1972 were recorded in 2015 and were released on the album "Forever."

From January 1973 to September 1975 he was part of the ensemble "Funny boys", since 1975 - member of VIA Blue Guitars.

Vyacheslav Malezhik in his youth

From 1977 to November 26, 1986 as part of the ensemble "Flame".

In the 1980s, he began to write and record his songs. The song “Two hundred years” brought him first fame in 1982. It was first recorded with the ensemble “Flame”.

Vyacheslav Malezhik - Two hundred years

First solo album "Sac" released in 1984. So since 1986, his group began to be called.

In 1986 he was in the 66th Motorized Rifle Brigade of the 40th Army near Jalalabad in Afghanistan. There he gave concerts along with a ballet of several dancers.

In 1987, the first giant disk Café Sacvoyage appeared at Melody, a company that sold 2 million copies.

The most popular singer falls on the years 1985-1989.

Malezhik collaborated a lot with the All-Union Studio of SPM Record, went to the finals of the “Song of the Year” festivals (in 1988 - with the song “Smolod”, in 1989 - “Provincial”), performed with numerous tours around the country and abroad.

Vyacheslav Malezhik - Mosaic

In 1986-1991 he was the host of the program “The wider circle” with Ekaterina Semenova. He performed a number of his songs in the program, including for the first time on television - “Islands” (December 30, 1986), “Recently and Long” (March 8, 1987), “Fog in December” (December 30, 1988), etc.

In 2000 he participated in the festival “Song of the Year” in the nomination “Songs of the Century” with the song “Two Hundred Years”. In 2007, he again took part in the “Song of the Year” festival in the nomination “Anniversary of Favorite Songs” with the song “Provincial Girl”.

The most famous songs are “Two hundred years old”, “Fellow traveler”, “Mosaic”, “Fog in December”, “Gift”, “Islands”, “Provincial”. Malezhik dedicated the song “Vanyatka” to his youngest son.

"I don’t have a permanent musical collective - this is my fundamental decision. It’s easier and more honest to enter into temporary labor relations - when you hire musicians to play a concert. The guys come in, play notes and play quite calmly. As for the phonograms, I use them in rare cases, for example, at corporate parties. I turn on the phonogram accompaniment, but I always sing live. I generally think that the relationship between the performer and the audience is so curious from the point of view of energy exchange that people who deprive themselves of satisfaction singing live performances is very badly received, "he said.

His songs were performed by Valery Leontiev, Irina Ponarovskaya, the Blue Bird ensemble, Albert Asadullin, Vadim Kazachenko, Katya Semenova, Yaroslav Evdokimov and others.

Wrote a number of books. In 2011, the musician’s first book, “Understand. To forgive. Accept ”, which contains the works of Malezhik, as well as the memories of youth. Next came the following books, “Portraits and other arts” and “Snow has been falling for 100 years. ".

Vyacheslav Malezhik in the program "Alone with everyone"

Growth of Vyacheslav Malezhik: 181 centimeter.

Personal life of Vyacheslav Malezhik:

Wife - Tatyana Alekseevna Malezhik (born December 18, 1954), a former actress, but abandoned her career for the family. Tatyana is from Donetsk, they met during a tour of the ensemble "Funny Guys" in the capital of Donbass. Then Tatyana played in a local theater. Later, she came to Moscow to enter the Moscow Art Theater, they met again in the capital and a serious relationship arose between them. They got married in 1977.

The couple has two children - Nikita (born in 1977) and Ivan (born in 1990).

Vyacheslav Malezhik and wife Tatyana

Nikita Malezhik graduated from the Faculty of Ecology of the University of Friendship of Peoples, also has an economic education. Married, his wife's name is Olga, they have two daughters - Lisa (born in 2003) and Katya (born in 2009). Nikita works for a subsidiary of Gazprom.

Ivan Malezhik decided to make a musical career, entered the VGIK (the department of production skills), was the frontman of the Weloveyouwinona group.

The family of Vyacheslav Malezhik lives in his mansion in the Olympic Village.

Vyacheslav Malezhik with his sons

In June 2017, he suffered a severe stroke. What he himself reported on his website: “The intensive work that I did at concert venues, at radio stations, in publishing houses of newspapers and magazines, probably took a lot of energy! And I missed the dangerous attacks of the STROKE. In an instant, I forgot how to sing, play the guitar and walk. The prognosis of doctors is not without optimism. Will live. Pray for me! ”

Filmography of Vyacheslav Malezhik:

1985 - One for all! (short) - composer
2013 - Beach of Hope - music author and performer
2013 - She could not otherwise - cameo
2014 - Alena Apina. And she is love. (documentary)
2015 - Pursuit of the Past - Marius Oskarovich, cardiac surgeon

Bibliography of Vyacheslav Malezhik:

2011 - “Understand, forgive, accept. "(Book of poems and songs)
2012 - “Portraits and other art”
2013 - “It has been snowing for 100 years. "
2014 - Cornflower, Ginger and New Friends
2015 - “The Hero of That Still Time”

Discography of Vyacheslav Malezhik:

1985 - Traveling Bag
1985 - Nostalgia
1985 - Black Market
1986 - Menu of the cafe "Sacvoyage"
1987 - Camel
1987 - Cafe Sacvoyage
1988 - Camel
1989 - Freeze frame
1989 - Alleyways.
1990 - Drul in the marinade
1991 - Freeze frame
1993 - December Fog
1993 - “Sack” Album 1
1993 - “Sack” Album 2
1994 - Madame
1995 - Favorite songs of our company
1995 - The Night, You and Me
1995 - Right to risk
1996 - Two hundred years
1997 - In a new light
1997 - Collection of the best songs
1998 - Songs with the Guitar
2000 - Quarter 32-33
2001 - Names for all time
2001 - Mosaic
2002 - Anthology of Unobtrusive Observations of the Artist
2002 -. The best
2003 - Apples Fall
2003 - Grand Collection
2003 - Evening collection
2004 - Homework
2004 - Warsaw Evening
2004 - Ivan Nam Ba Van
2005 - Waltz by candlelight
2005 - I got lost in you
2005 - Warsaw evening (minus one)
2007 - Bridges
2007 - Cafe Sacvoyage (digital restoration)
2007 - Museum of Memories
2007 - Love River
2007 - As a keepsake
2007 - In the same breath (together with Igor Vorontsov)
2008 - Hello
2008 - Concert for their (online edition)
2009 - French novel
2010 - Wonder Bird
2011 - Evening of the meeting (part 1)
2011 - Evening of the meeting (part 2)
2012 - Evening of the meeting (part 3)
2012 - Grand Collection
2013 - Fellow traveler (songs on verses by Y. Remesnik)
2014 - Favorite songs of our parents (Internet edition)
2014 - VIA "Malezhik"
2014 - Overnight in San Francisco (Online Edition)
2014 - Minerals (Mosaic group, recording 1972) (Internet publication)
2015 - Over Peter (Online Edition)
2015 - Forever (Mosaic group) (Internet edition)
2016 - “People Meet” (group “People Meet”)

Songs of Vyacheslav Malezhik:

Fellow traveler
200 years
Love fairy tales
Recently and long ago
Love river
December Fog
Give me back the summer (duet with Katya Semenova)
The islands
I like you
You have a wedding today
From youth

Songs of Vyacheslav Malezhik performed by other artists:

“Picture of love” (words by Nikolai Denisov) - Pavel Smeyan and Natalya Vetlitskaya
“Luck” (words of Pavel Khmara) - Nikolay Karachentsov
“Chains of Love” (words by Vyacheslav Malezhik) - Nikolai Karachentsov
“September” (words by Sergey Task) - Nikolai Karachentsov
“I believe!” (Words by Mikhail Tanich) - Nikolai Karachentsov
"Polina" (words of Yuri Remesnik) - Yaroslav Evdokimov
“Look in Haiti” (“Port-au-Prince”) (words by Mikhail Tanich) - Valery Leontyev
“Pipe” (words by Anna Akhmatova) - Barbara
“Reed Paradise” (words by A. Kudryavtsev) - Evgeny Fionov
“I love you” (words by V. Smogul) - Evgeny Fionov
“Winter, winter” (words of Vyacheslav Malezhik) - Glory to Medyanik
“I Like You” - Julian
“Without You” - Julian

Malezhik Vyacheslav Efimovich

Born February 17, 1947 in Moscow.

Soviet and Russian singer, poet, composer.

Honored Artist of Russia (2004).

He performed with the groups "Mosaic", "Funny Guys" and VIA "Blue Guitars", and was also an artist of the ensemble "Flame".

In a duet with singer Katya Semyonova was the host of the entertaining musical program “Wider Circle!” (70s - 80s).

Career of Vyacheslav Malezhik

Malezhik worked in such groups as “Guys”, “Mosaic”, “Cheerful Guys”, “Blue Guitars”, “Flame”. He composed lyrics and attracted the attention of the public with his own albums. In the 80th year Vyacheslav was shocked by the following events: the death of John Lennon, the death of Vladimir Vysotsky, as well as a very significant concert of “Time Machine”.

The first voyage of Malezhik as an independent performer took place in 1987. Meanwhile, he led the television program “Wider Circle” in tandem with singer Ekaterina Semenova. In 1994, Vyacheslav traveled to the United States (California), where he worked very fruitfully. Vyacheslav Malezhik is an Honored Artist of the Russian Federation.

Other hobbies of Vyacheslav Malezhik

Vyacheslav Efimovich began to engage in writing. His first book has already been published, which contains not only the memories of his youth, but also the real works of a novice writer. A year passed, and Malezhik presented his readers with two new books. They already had poems and talk about celebrities from the Soviet Union.

Musical discography expressed by the composer and performer in 30 albums. The huge popularity is due to the fact that the singer does not sing to the soundtrack. Sometimes he indulges in this at corporate parties. At all concerts at which the composer performs, he sings live so as not to lose energy exchange with the audience.


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