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The team, which includes a young man and a pretty girl, is a good combination for promotion in the music industry. Especially when she is beautiful and talented, and he is a famous rapper with experience working with artists.

Artik & Asti Group

Such a duet is Artik & Asti - young people look great with each other, and their songs are heard not only in Ukraine and Russia, but also abroad. Before creating a successful joint career, each artist went his own way.

The special genre of music, original performance and non-standard motives will not leave the listeners indifferent.

Group history and composition

The biography of the future popular producer, singer and composer Artem Umrikhin began in Soviet times: December 9, 1985. The boy’s childhood passed like most children of that time: he went to school, played football and in the evenings listened to music on a tape recorder.

Artik (Artem Umrikhin)

Once, a friend gave Artyom a cassette with tracks of the "Bachelor Party" group, which then really "thundered". After listening to the songs of this collective, the young man “fell ill” with rap: he began to compose his own short compositions and record them on a tape recorder.

After graduating from school, Umrikhin and his friends created the Karat group, which immediately began performing in local clubs and quickly gained popularity. After a year, the participants decided to conquer the capital of Ukraine and went to Kiev. The first collection "Platinum Music" has become popular in the country and neighboring countries. The group received a proposal for cooperation from Dmitry Klimashenko, and the work continued successfully.

Artem Umrikhin at the piano

Umrikhin, under the pseudonym Artik, found time for solo collaboration with other performers, which he did well. Among the artists Artik worked with: Julia Savicheva and Dzhigan, members of the Hot Chocolate group and the Quest Pistols collective.

In 2010, the guy decides to create his own music project. So began the search for a girl who would become a universal candidate for joint cooperation. The requirements were high: bright appearance, original voice and ability to dance, but Artyom’s ambitions were serious, he wanted to “blow up” the world of pop music.

After listening to several recordings of Ani Dziuba, Artik realized that this was just what he needed. And he asked Yuri Barnash to call the girl and offer cooperation.

Asti (Anna Dziuba)

The future star of the duo Artik & Asti was born on June 24, 1990 and grew up on the banks of the Dnieper. From early childhood, the girl was fond of music, but her dream of a career as a singer seemed ghostly to her. Therefore, in order not to lose time after school, the girl immediately began to work. She tried her strength in visage, worked as an assistant lawyer, but the music continued to attract Anna.

In parallel with work, the girl recorded songs and put them on the Web with the hope that someone would hear her voice and discern talent. The wait lasted until 2010, when late in the evening Anna called a young man who introduced himself as Yuri Barnash.

Artik and Asti Group

Prior to that pre-emptive call, Anya knew who Artik was, but did not believe that this popular performer was calling her into a joint project. Overcoming the fear of the unknown, the girl went to meet her dream.

Initially, the history of the group began under the name “Artik pres Asti”, but a little later, the performers decided to reduce it to Artik & Asti.

Photo: Artik and Asti


In January 2012, the first joint clip "Antistress" was released. High-quality and exciting music, an original performance mater, a video at the proper level - it is not known why the first work did not cause enthusiastic enthusiasm among the audience. Despite this, I gained a decent number of views, and the guys continued to work.

The song "I will not give it to anyone" by the group "Artik & Asti"

Talented and full of ambition performers in 2013 released their debut album entitled "# ParadiseOneTwo." The title track “My Last Hope”, according to rotation data, gained 1.5 million views in a month - that’s it, a real success.

After the release of the first album, the group began to be invited to recordings and tours, Anya-Asti was recognized on the streets and asked for autographs: fame literally fell upon the girl. Naturally, Artik continued to go towards the goal, not stopping at the result. He, as an experienced producer, understood that, besides him, in the music world there are also performers releasing quality music.

The song “I Will Not Give Up” of the groups “Artik & Asti” and “Marseille”

The next album, entitled “Here and Now” was released in 2015 and the audience liked it even more. The group won not only the attention of fans: Artik & Asti are winners of the Golden Gramophone awards and nominees for the Best Promotion on the Russian musicbox channel.

In 2017, Artik & Asti, together with the Marseille group, were nominated for the RU.TV Award as “The Best Duet”. The third collection, entitled "Number 1", released in 2017, finally consolidated the popularity of Artik and Asti.

History of creation

The Artik and Asti group was preceded by a successful Umrikhin hip-hop project: the Carats group (silver medalists of the InDaHouse festival in 2003, the best rnb hip-hop group in 2005 according to the Ukrainian show-business award, the best RnB group in 2008 according to the version of the All-Ukrainian award "SHOWTIME RnB / Hip-Hop AWARDS"). And collaboration with the bands Quest Pistols and Marselle brought fame to Artem as a producer.

By the end of 2009, Artik also tried himself as a composer. He wrote music for famous artists: Dima Bilan, Julia Savicheva, Ivan Dorn, Zhanna Friske, and others. But the creative nature of Artik needed a new grandiose project, however, the most important thing was missing - a good vocalist. Umrikhin listened to many applicants for this role. Good luck came from where they did not expect: on the Internet, the sound producer was attracted to the musical recordings of an unknown singer.

Artik & asti

Artik & asti

Artik & Asti at the Big Love Show 2018
basic information
Years2010 - present
The country Ukraine
LabelSelf made music
CompositionArtyom Umrikhin
Anna Dziuba
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«Artik & asti» («Artik and Asti») - Ukrainian pop group, founded in 2010 by producer and performer Artyom Umrikhin (pseudonym Artik). The group consists of two artists: Artik (Artyom) and Asti (Anna).

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Artik to fame

Umrikhin Artyom Igorevich (pseudonym - Artik) was born in Zaporozhye. As a child, he was an ordinary boy who liked to drive football with friends in the yard and listen to music on a cassette recorder. He loved to listen to the songs of the group “Bachelor Party”, which is why from the age of 11 he became interested in hip-hop music.

Gradually, the young man began to write his musical compositions (songs). In 1997, Artyom recorded his first musical works, performed with them in clubs. In 2003, he became the founder of the successful hip-hop project “Carats”.

It was then that Artyom got the pseudonym Artik, and he and the group moved to live in Kiev. In 2004, the first collection of the Platinum Music group was released, which became very popular among a wide range of listeners.

Artyom collaborates and writes music for such artists as: Anna Sedokova, Julia Savicheva, Ivan Dorn, DJ Smash, Dima Bilan. He is the founder of the music company: Self made music.

Asti before it became known

Anna Dziuba (pseudonym - Asti) was born in Cherkassy in a musical family. The girl has an older sister. From early childhood, Anna began to get involved in music and dream about the stage and career of the singer. She loved to sing and dance. The girl grew up an active and artistic child, but obedient. Favorite singers in childhood were Whitney Houston, Mariah Carrie, with which she listened to the cassettes to the holes. Participated in all school activities. She recorded her first songs as a teenager.

After leaving school, the girl, believing that in show business you can get through only thanks to money, goes to work as a makeup artist, and later as an assistant lawyer in a law firm. At the same time, Anna recorded her songs and posted them on the Internet.

Professional activity

The group recorded the first song at the Kiev music studio and it was called "Antistress". But the composition was hardly noticeable. But thanks to the second song "My last hope" the group becomes famous not only in Ukraine, but also in Russia. Their YouTube clip for this song scored several million views in a short period.

Over the eight years of its existence, the group released three albums: 1 album - “Paradise for two” was released on October 1, 2013, 2 album - “Here and Now” was released on February 10, 2015, which included 12 songs. The album became one of the most popular in Russia and took ninth place as the best-selling in Russia. 3 album - “Number 1” (April 21, 2017).

During the existence of the group, about 20 clips for songs from various albums were recorded. One of the most striking clips is the video for the song “You Can Do Anything” (February 16, 2016). The main performers in the video were: dancer Ayhan Shinzhin and actress Agnia Ditkovskite. The director of videography was Rina Kasyura.

Interesting notes:

Over the period of its existence, the group has toured a lot, not only in Russia and Ukraine, but also throughout Europe. From 2014 to 2018, the Artik & Asti group was nominated for various awards, among which there were many victories in various nominations:

  • In 2015, they became winners in the nomination “Best Pop Project” (Annual Music Award),
  • 2016 - Radio Takeoff (Top Hit Music Awords),
  • 2017 - “Group of the Year” (Russian Music Box),
  • 2018 - “Best Pop Group” (Muz-TV) and Group of the Year ”(Fashion People Awords).

The group supports the foundation “Center for the Development of Children I NEED” and the social project “Beauty - Stylist: Transformation”. The team has a friendly, almost family atmosphere. Artyom has a relationship with Anna like a brother and sister. They almost never quarrel, always and in every way support each other.

Artyom is the only person for Anna, to whom she always first of all listens. The group has a constantly busy tour schedule, their popularity and demand is growing every day.

They take part in all major concerts and successfully tour around the world. Their compositions most often occupy leading positions in all musical charts.

Personal life and interesting facts

Artyom (Artik) is married and has a son. He is a versatile creative person. Often in Moscow attends High Fashion Week. He likes designer Bella Potemkina. Prefers the Alaya Couture brand.

Artyom met his wife Ramina on the Internet through friends. She lived at that time in Riga, the girl has gypsy roots. Before the wedding, they talked for two years. Before marriage, Ramina worked as a makeup artist, stylist and hairdresser on the set.

In 2016, in the city of Vienna, in a romantic setting, the artist made an offer to his girlfriend. In the fall of 2016, they got married. 10/09/2017 in Miami, in an elite clinic in the family, a son was born, who was named Ethan. The best vacation for the artist is traveling to other countries. For his wife, Artyom wrote a frank song "Give me my word." Today Artyom manages to combine family life with the active creative activities of the group.

In addition to participating in the group, Anna is involved in the development and organization of her beauty salon in Moscow. Also, the girl is in demand as a model in various fashion magazines. Her height is 175 cm, weight - 55 kg. Anna brings herself into shape with the help of stretching, tsogo and meditation classes.

The singer launched her clothing line - "Selfmade by Asti." Is a catwalker. In herself, the artist is proud of such personal qualities as determination, openness and kindness. Anna's motto is: "It is better to burn out than to fade away." Asti is a very emotional girl and wants everything from life all at once. Appreciates every moment lived in life.

Facts from the biography

The biography of young performers is very interested in fans. Many people ask questions: how old are they, where were they born, nationality, whether they are a couple. Artem was born in Ukraine in 1985. He studied at school, played with friends and listened to the popular “Bachelor Party” at that time. The boy was so fond of rap music that he decided to try to write a song in this style.

Artem and Anna in childhood

After graduation, he created his first group “Carats”. The team became very popular in their homeland and successfully toured. A year later, the first album, Platinum Music, was released. The group received a proposal for cooperation from Dmitry Klimashenko, the musicians agreed. Umrikhin took the pseudonym Artik and successfully performed under him solo, as well as duets with many famous singers.

Anna Dziuba is also a native of Ukraine. The girl is much younger than her groupmate. She was born on June 24, 1990. Now the actress is 29 years old. The girl graduated from school in Cherkasy and almost immediately began to work. Her first profession was makeup artist and assistant lawyer. From early childhood, the girl dreamed of music and did not make up hope, recorded songs in her own performance and posted on the network. In 2010, Artik listened to the recordings and wrote to Anna, after which the duo Artik & Asti was born.

Russ - AINT GOIN BACK, new clip

The popular duo Artik & Asti presented a clip for the song “Sad Dance”, recorded with the participation of singer Artem Kacher.

The video was directed by clip maker Gosha Visnu. In the video, Asti (Anna Dziuba) speaks to a bohemian audience at a reception. Guests hide their faces behind fancy masks and accessories. They relaxedly drink champagne from glasses and have small talk. Meanwhile, Anna and Artem continue their performance in the hall, between the tables.

On some frames, the heroine poses in front of the camera, lying in the bathroom among snakes. Reptiles swirl at the artist's feet and crawl over her body. The audience met the new work of artists ambiguously. Regarding the song itself, the fans spoke out positively. The track has long been loved by the public, and she was looking forward to the release of the video. However, many viewers were disappointed with the video, arguing that the picture does not coincide with the sensations from the track.

The song "Sad Dance" was included in the new mini-album of the duet 7 (Part1), which was released on March 29. He became the first EP in the band's career. In addition to him, Artik and Asti have her three full-length albums in the discography. The release of the last of them took place in the spring of 2017.

Creation of a group and its composition

Artik & Asti is a popular group in Russia, Ukraine and other countries. The duet was born in 2010, when Artik drew attention to the songs performed by Asti. The real names of the musicians: Artem Umrikhin and Anna Dziuba.

Yuri Banrash, at the request of Artem, called the girl and offered cooperation. Asti was unable to refuse such an offer and met with Artik. Young people liked each other and created a group. Soon, the first songs and videos of the duo appeared on YouTube. Clips gained millions views.

After 9 years, the group is at the peak of its popularity. Thanks to competent producer and excellent vocal data of the performers, the duo is successfully developing.

Who is Annie Asti

Anna Dziuba is the real name of the singer. This is a young and talented girl who believed in her dream. From an early age I wanted to sing and perform on stage, but I did not see any real prospects. The girl graduated from high school and went to work. At the same time, she posted demos of her songs to the network in the hope that someone would hear them. Girlfriend girlfriend supported the aspirations of Anna.

In 2010, Artik offered cooperation to Anna and she, without hesitation, agreed. In 2013, the duo already released their first album, "One Paradise for Two." At the beginning of her career, Asti was criticized by the audience, which concerned her figure. The girl was the owner of magnificent forms. Actively engaged in yoga and self-improvement, and a year later she appeared in a new image.

In 2017, she managed to open her own clothing line, which she demonstrates on Instagram. In the pictures, a girl in very revealing outfits and willingly shows an ideal figure.

Now 29-year-old Annie Asti is a popular and beautiful woman who is happy with her life.


For 9 years of creativity, the duo has a fairly extensive list of songs, videos and albums.

The most popular tracks of the group are: “Not Divisible”, “Hold Me Tight”, “Kisses”, “I Will Not Give To Anyone”.

All tracks are included in the albums: “Paradise for two”, “Here and Now”, “Number 1”.

In 2017, a provocative clip of the group with Glucose “I smell only you” was released.

Artik & Asti biography is a good combination and combination of circumstances. Random listening to songs performed by Asti caught the attention of Artik. This situation turned out to be an excellent group, which is very popular among listeners.

The main stages of creativity

In the spring of 2017, “Artik and Asti” presented their single from the new album “Indivisible” to fans, which for a long time occupied the first lines in Russian top charts.

By the end of 2017, the group released 16 clips. Among them: “My last hope” (2011), “I will not give it to anyone” (2014), “You can do anything” (2015), “Indivisible” (2016), “Number 1” (2017). Actress Agnia Ditkovskite took part in the video for the song “You Can Do Anything”. This work in the style of the film “Fifty Shades of Gray” was twice nominated for the RuTV Prize.


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