In - Network there was a photo of the actor Sami Naseri beaten in - Moscow


Name: Samy Naceri

Birthday: July 2, 1961 (58 years old)

Place of Birth: Paris, France

Height: 182 cm

Weight: 75 kg

Eastern horoscope: Bull

Career: Foreign actors 517 place

In the photograph taken after the beating in Moscow, under the left eye of the actor Sami Naseri, the star of the movie "Taxi", a huge bruise is visible.

Sami Naseri was beaten on the night of August 5 in Tverskaya, where the artist was relaxing with his brother Larbi. According to preliminary information, the actor did not share the microphone with guests from Belarus, after which the fight began.

The artist received a serious injury and underwent a complex operation at the Helmholtz Institute of Eye Diseases. Now it is under the control of the Ministry of Health and personally the main Vladimir Neroev, RIA Novosti reports.

Three people were detained on suspicion of beating the artist. They face charges under the article “Deliberate infliction of grievous bodily harm, life threatening”, which provides for up to 12 years in prison.

The French actor of Algerian descent, Sami Nasseri, is known to most viewers by the role of the dashing taxi driver Daniel from the movie Taxi franchise. In recent years, the actor often fell into the criminal news bulletins of his hooligan antics. He was repeatedly detained by the police and served several prison sentences. In the list of Naseri's offenses: brawls, fights, beatings, drunken riding, assaults on police officers and simply indecent behavior. The artist was also forcibly treated for alcoholism and put in a psychiatric clinic.

Last year, the actor said that he had tied with crime. He returned to the cinema and began to help difficult teens solve problems with the law. In addition, Sami visited Crimea, where he was admitted to the honorary members of the Crimean taxi drivers union. The actor also announced his desire to get a Russian passport.

Samy naceri

Sami is a French actor with Algerian roots. The star annually recalls its existence, if not with talented works, then with hooligan antics. On the account of the actor more than four dozen roles. If not for the explosive nature, there would have been more. Many remembered the main role in the four parts of "Taxi". Sami’s career goes up and down. He does not give up and does not give up his favorite pastime.

Biography Sami Naseri

Actor Sami Naseri was born July 2, 1961 in Paris in a poor family. In addition to him, parents raised seven more children. Mother is a native Frenchwoman, and father is Algerian.

Sami was a difficult child. He dropped out of school at age 14. The reason for this act was the poverty of the family and the conflict behavior of the teenager. In order not to sit in the care of his parents, the guy was looking for part-time jobs. He helped his father for some time at a construction site, but after he dropped a bucket of cement on his foreman, he was fired. At 18, he became addicted to drugs. Then he received a prison sentence for robbing a store. The young man sat behind bars for 4 years.

In 1980, Sami accidentally ended up in the extras of the movie "Inspector-razinya." Since that time, he began to dream of a career as a film actor. Having settled the problems with the law, the guy began to go to auditions. In 1994, he was given a role in the film Brothers: Red Roulette. In 1995, the actor was invited to the tragicomedy “Paradise”, for the role in which he was awarded the Paris Film Festival and the Golden Leopard.

Sami became truly famous after the release of the first part of the criminal comedy “Taxi”. The success was so deafening that director Luc Besson planned a sequel to the movie. The film brought Sami Nasseri the Cesar film award. Then the actor appeared in such films as “Free Fall”, “Hornet’s Nest”, “Second Chance”, “Patriots”.

In the 2000s, the star again had problems with the law. The reason was alcohol abuse, hooligan behavior. Because of this, the film career gradually began to decline. Sami continues to act in films, but mainly plays minor characters.

Path to the abyss

In total, seven children grew up in a family of French-born Jacqueline and Algerian Djilali, who emigrated to Europe. Nasserie lived not rich, rented a cheap Paris apartment. To help his parents, Said (the name "Taxi" star received such a name at birth) dropped out of school quite early and began to earn money himself.

But the “crooked path” led the guy to a bad company, where drugs and booze were the norm. So Said became addicted to the "potion", it happened already at 18.

And at 23, he already received a substantial prison sentence (served 4 out of 5 required years): money was needed for drugs, and another robbery failed.

A brick in the foundation of glory

After leaving the places of detention, Said decided to start life anew. The first step was to change the name - now his name was Sami. After all, there is a belief that a person who has changed his name, rewrites his fate. And the guy dreamed of an artistic career. Shebutny and impudent, he wanted to pour out indefatigable energy on spectators. Therefore, if regular filming was taking place in any corner of Paris, the nimble Sami found himself right there, he gained experience in these extras and tried to “pray for the eyes” of the directors.

So, Naseri was able to get to the site of the future blockbuster "Leon" and he was assigned a small episode. It was the first "brick" laid in the foundation of future glory.

The role was assigned to a novice actor by director Tom Gil. Nasseri in "The Spoke" played almost himself in the recent past - a drug dealer who does not shy away from personally trying his goods. True, the character was waiting for a bad end - he was killed. But the actor was noticed and encouraged at the Locarno Film Festival.

Tempting offer

Probably, the master Besson spotted a passionate desire to act in Sami (although he flashed in “Leon” in a couple of shots), otherwise how can one explain that the director invited him to a central role in his new project - a comedy crime thriller?

In the script, we were talking about the naughty and timid police officer Marcel Emilien, in love with his blonde colleague. One day he meets Daniel, a “loose” taxi driver who, neglecting all conceivable traffic rules, drives like a wind. They become buddies, Daniel helps a friend in unraveling the most difficult cases. And it lasts throughout the entire “Taxi” tetralogy.

Then, in 1998, of course, no one expected that the picture was destined to become a blockbuster and that all this would result in a franchise. But the strong “hard worker” Nasseri and the puny “intellectual” Difenthal became a good on-screen duet, and the tape has gained millions of fans across the planet. The decoration of the action movie was the still little-known very pretty Frenchwoman Marion Cotillard (much later she will receive her Oscar for the role of Piaf). She played a friend of Daniel.

Legendary franchise and war drama

So, one after another (with a break of 2 years, and then in 3), two more parts of Taxi came out. The fourth was created already, one might say, “encore” in 2007, it was not as good as its “sisters”.

The year before Taxi 4, Nasseri received the highest Cannes award. The military drama “Patriots” was nominated for an Oscar, and a whole cast of five actors, including Sami Naseri (and Jamel Debbouz, whom we have known since Amelie), received one general prize at the Cannes Film Festival.

The story of the Africans who found themselves in the midst of the Second World War is really touching. It was a new experience for the actor, fundamentally different from what he received, acting in the role of a cheerful driver.

Indefatigable nature

Success in the acting field did not curb the indefatigable nature of Naseri. He continually gets into another bad story. Either a drunken driver will get into a wheel, or he will make a showdown in a night club, or he will beat the poor fellow who fell under the "hot hand". Already, he was deprived of the right to drive a car, and exorbitant fines were awarded, and they were charged with imprisonment, but the stormy Algerian temperament haunts the actor!

One of the last (January) noise around the name of the actor was raised in connection with another fight.

In 1995, Sami Naseri acquired an heir - his son Julian (12 years later, in the last Taxi, they will show the grown up sons of the characters Nasseri and Difenthal).

Now the artist is married to a French colleague, Marie Guillard. She is not very familiar to our public, although she starred in "Aliens 2" and in the action movie "Three days to kill."


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