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Denis Buzin is a cheerful and charming guy who has chosen an acting profession. For many of you he is known for the series “Soldiers” and “Chop”. Would you like to study his biography (personal and creative)? Then read the article below.

Biography: childhood and youth

Denis Buzin (photo above) was born in 1987 (July 24) in Moscow. He is from an ordinary middle-income family. The father and mother of our hero are far from the world of cinema.

What was Denis in childhood? He grew up an active and inquisitive boy. From an early age he began to show artistic abilities. He liked to arrange home concerts and parody the stars of domestic pop.

At school, our hero studied well, had exemplary behavior. The boy went in for sports: tennis, swimming, basketball and so on. When Denis was 15 years old, he went on an excursion to VGIK. Elderberry got there not by chance. Within the walls of the university, shooting was conducted with the participation of his good friend. And Den wanted to see it with his own eyes. The teenager liked the atmosphere prevailing on the set. And even then he decided to connect his future life with the theater and cinema.

Student and theater work

At the end of high school, Denis Buzin submitted documents to VGIK. He managed to enter the university the first time. A cheerful and purposeful guy was enrolled in the course to A. Lenkov. In 2008, Buzin was awarded the long-awaited diploma. Almost immediately, a graduate of VGIK was accepted into the troupe of the theater. Stanislavsky. On the stage of this institution, Denis participated in various performances. For example, in the production of Romeo and Juliet, he played Benvolio.

Denis Buzin. Films with his participation

The film debut of our hero took place in 2006. He, then still a student at VGIK, was offered a cameo role in the Mustang film. Den is 100% up to the task. That's just the movie was never completed.

In the same 2006, Denis Buzin appeared in the 9th season of the popular series “Soldiers” (REN-TV). His character is Private Yura Butonov. A tall guy with full lips constantly became the object of ridicule from his colleagues. The image turned out to be interesting and believable. But the actor himself never served in the army. Blame the curvature of the spine. Over time, Yuri from a modest recruit turned into a strict and fair "Butonov’s grandfather." This character can also be seen in the 10-16th season of the series "Soldiers".

In 2007, the drama “Father” was presented to the audience. Elderberry got a small role. He successfully got used to the image of the boy Vasya, a classmate of Masha (Svetlana Ivanova).

In the detective series Volkova-4 Hour (2010), Denis played Glushakov in his youth. It should be noted one more of his film works. The young actor "lit up" in the 3rd season of "Capercaillie" (series "Office Plankton"). He was approved for the role of medical student Slavik, a friend of Nastya (Maria Boltneva).

Between 2011 and 2014, he participated in the filming of several paintings. What images the artist did not try on himself! Dan was a car dealership seller, rapist, student, and thief.

In 2015, on the TNT channel, the premiere of the CHOP sitcom took place. Buzin brilliantly played the Glory (Hochmach and the joker), who works as a security guard in the private agency "Cedar". His colleagues on the site were Sergey Tereshchenko. Maslennikov Gennady, Sam Nickel and Stepin Sergey. The series has gained immense popularity with the audience. In 2016, the second season of the CHOP sitcom was released. And again, the project showed high ratings.

Today, many Russians know who Denis Buzin is. The actor continues to act in films. In 2017, the next film with his participation will be released. It's about the comedy "Just Not Them." Denis will be reincarnated as a psycho.

Childhood and youth

At school, the boy did well. In parallel to training, he played in KVN. Often he staged performances and took part in them. In amateur performances he was always the main participant - the star of the school. Also, while studying at school, the young man was fond of swimming, basketball, volleyball, tennis, and also hockey.

In the eighth grade, having been with a friend at the Institute of Cinematography, he firmly decided to become a professional actor in the future. The young man received acting education at VGIK in Moscow, where he studied from 2004 to 2008. Admission to college was not easy for the young man. Despite this, he entered the first time. He was 16 years old for admission. The master of the course at Denis was the People's Artist of the Russian Federation (1997) Lenkov Alexander Sergeevich (1943-2014 - years of life).

Denis's classmates were such actors as Yaroslav Zhalnin, Ekaterina Radchenko, Galina Bob and others.

Today, the actor believes that teachers and classmates underestimated him at the cinema university, so he constantly proves the opposite to them. Denis's best friend at the institute was his classmate Artyom Grigoriev.

Professional activity

The actor worked on the stages of various theaters, including the Stanislavsky Moscow Drama Theater (the play "Tender Heart"), the Museum-Theater "Bulgakovsky House" (the play "Romeo and Juliet") and others. He took part in the entreprise production of the director Igor Molchanov “Corporation”, where the actor played the role of Vadik.

The filmography of the young actor for today is more than 30 film projects. Denis’s film career began in 2006 with the comedy series of directors Vlad Nikolaev and Elizabeth Kleinot “Soldiers-9” and “Soldiers-10”, where he got the role of private Butonov.

Later, the artist participated in the subsequent series of the film "Soldiers" (11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16 parts), as well as in the films "Capercaillie-3", "Volkov Hour", "Private Security Company", "Unknown", "Winners " other. In the movie, Denis chooses for himself only those roles that are close to him in spirit. Most often, the actor can be seen in television series.

Interesting notes:

In 2019, viewers could see Denis participating in three film works: the crime melodrama Desperate (Lapin), the comedy Polyarny (Pylypchuk) and Tourist Police-2 (Sych).

Biography, show business and family.

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Name and surname:Denis Buzin
Middle name:Vladimirovich
Name in English:Denis buzin
Year of birth:1987
Birthday:July 24
Place of Birth:Moscow
Occupation:actor, russian actor
Height:187 cm.
Weight:78 kg
Zodiac:a lion
Eastern horoscope:Rabbit
Social network:VkontakteInstagramWikipedia

Biography of Denis Buzin

Denis Buzin is a cheerful and charming actor of domestic theater and cinema, a cheerful lover of team and sports games. Perfectly coped with the roles in the series "Soldiers" and the sitcom "Chop". It was these serial films that brought the guy popularity.

Charismatic young actor Denis Buzin

Film career Denis Buzin

While still studying (in 2006), Denis Buzin made his film debut in the series "Soldiers" with the role of private Yuri Butonov. The charming guy in uniform liked the audience so much that he stayed in the series for another 7 seasons - the last of them was released on television in 2009. Although the role of Private Butonov was played with a bang, in fact the young actor did not serve in the army - in connection with the curvature of the vertebra, Denis was declared unsuitable.

Private Butonov from the "Soldiers" - Denis Buzin

During this period, Denis Buzin also starred in the feature film "Father" with a cameo role of a guy named Vasya, a classmate of the heroine Svetlana Ivanova, as well as in the series "Volkov Hour", playing the authority of Glushakov in his youth.

In 2010, Buzin starred in the third season of the popular series "Capercaillie" (the series "Office Plankton"). He got the role of medical student Slavik, an old acquaintance of the heroine Maria Boltneva, who played in Glukhara Nastya Klimenko.

Denis Buzin in the series "Radio SEX"

Then Denis Buzin’s career took off: he played in one of the Lavrova Method series with Svetlana Khodchenkova (episode 19, the role of the buyer), DJ Tresh in Zaitsev + 1, as well as the mobile phone operator in the Fizruk series with Dmitry Nagiyev. And thanks to a catchy voice, they began to invite him to the voice acting of foreign films.

However, the real popularity came to Denis after the premiere of the sitcom “Chop”, where the young actor played Glory, a security guard from the private agency “Cedar”. He worked very well with his “partners”: Sergei Stepin, Sam Nickel, Gennady Maslennikov and Sergei Tereshchenko, and earned the fame of an unrecognized colleague, Hochmach and joker. He very often jokes out of place, therefore his colleagues do not always understand jokes, think a lot, and are not at all endowed with qualities such as kindness, responsibility, and honesty.

In the photo: Denis Buzin and Sergey Stepin

Personal life of Denis Buzin. Hobbies

At the moment, the actor is not married, has no children. Friends and relatives of Denis characterize the guy as a calm, serious and thoughtful person. Elderberry always tries to remain himself under any circumstances and not be arrogant. Before signing the contract, he always studies the scenario in detail. The actor refuses unwanted roles, choosing for himself images of heroes who are close in spirit. Elderberry always tries to be sincere, natural and not dependent on specific events.

Denis Buzin leads an active lifestyle

Denis is engaged in charity work. While speaking at KVN, the guy had already participated in raising funds for sick children. Later, on the initiative of the actor of the series “Soldiers” Roman Rusakov, Buzin participated in raising funds for the treatment of sick children, selling T-shirts and other souvenir products of the series.

The actor does a lot of charity work

The guy is fluent in English, enjoys playing tennis and team games such as volleyball, soccer, hockey. In addition, Denis prefers a fast ride, is engaged in fencing and is studying stage combat.

Also, the guy is not alien to the passion for music. His favorite styles are jazz and modern. Due to his flexibility and plasticity, Denis is good at ballroom dancing.

Denis Buzin today

In 2016, the second season of the series “Chop” was released - Denis Buzin appeared in front of the audience in the familiar role of the guard-fun-man of fame.

"CHOP": Denis Buzin as a guard of Glory

Moreover, two major premieres with the participation of Denis Buzin were planned for this year. This is a fantastic blockbuster “Night Watch” with Leonid Yarmolnik and Ivan Yankovsky, where Buzin appeared as a porter, as well as the post-apocalyptic comedy “Just Not They” with the participation of the star of the series “Deffchonki” Polina Maximova. Denis Buzin masterfully embodied in a psycho, along with five other characters who ended up in an extinct city after a party called "End of the World."

Children's hobbies

The fact that television provides assistance in raising children has been known for a long time. Some parents would be happy to refuse such help, but this is not so simple. As a child, Denis Vladimirovich Buzin regularly watched television programs. He especially liked music programs.

The boy was born July 24, 1987 in an ordinary Soviet family. Parents lived in Moscow. My father worked at the ZIL enterprise famous at that time. Mother taught Russian language and literature at the pedagogical school.

Denis from an early age showed his relatives and friends artistic abilities. He easily remembered the motive and lyrics of songs that sounded from the “blue screen”. This fact surprised my father and mother a lot. Yes, they liked the performances and performances of the son, who entertained them on weekends. However, they did not formulate any forecasts regarding the professional orientation of the child. If someone said through laughter: “Denis, you need to go to the artists”, then such statements by others were not taken seriously for the time being.

At school, Buzin studied well. According to the class teacher, it could have been better. However, this prevented the numerous hobbies of the boy. Already in the lower grades, Denis was seriously interested in playing sports. He played football, volleyball and basketball very well. For a change I visited the swimming section. In high school, he was invited to the KVN school team. Quite quickly, Denis grew into an author of humorous sketches and miniatures from an ordinary performer of satirical verses. He accurately noticed the peculiarities in the behavior of people and clothed the plot in a short form.

It is not surprising that the witty and charming guy had many familiar girls. One fine day, a girlfriend invited Denis to the set, where she needed to work out a small episode. It should be noted that the girl was a student of the famous VGIK. After this day, Buzin firmly decided to become a professional actor and get a specialized education. Of course, any decision must be confirmed by real deeds and activities. Denis began to actively prepare for admission to the same institute of cinematography. In 2004, he received a certificate of maturity and successfully passed the entrance exams.

Interesting Facts

  • His favorite areas of music are jazz and modern.
  • Denis is fluent in English.
  • Our hero plays football in summer and hockey in winter. Also, the guy is engaged in fencing and is studying stage combat.
  • Elderberry is involved in charity events. While still a student, he helped raise money for sick children.

The path to the profession

Having completed his studies in 2008, the certified actor joined the troupe of the Stanislavsky Moscow Theater. According to the established tradition, Elderberry began to experience episodic roles. From the first days he was included in the repertoire performances. The young actor had to play the roles of waiters, janitors, footmen and other "non-talking" characters. Once, according to the apt remark of the actor, he managed to make a good appearance in the image of a lamppost. Over time, as it should be, Buzin waited for responsible roles.

In the cult performance based on Shakespeare's play Romeo and Juliet, the actor was already noticed, although he played a supporting role. But the phrases allotted by the script he uttered with a special expression. In this context, it should be noted that Buzin was already attracted to work in the theater and cinema on a student bench. This practice has been applied a long time ago. In dealing with experienced actors, techniques and behavioral skills on stage are better understood. As a student, Denis convincingly embodied on the screen the image of a new recruit in the series “Soldiers”.

Films and TV shows

By the time Buzin entered the profession, Russian directors and productions had already taken over the experience of their foreign colleagues in the production of series. They mastered information technology and methods for attracting performers. Denis quickly understood the specifics of the filming process. Acting in the "long-playing" series, he managed to take part in other projects. In this way, he played a cameo role in the film "Father." Then there was a supporting role in one of the series “Capercaillie”. The portfolio of the actor gradually filled up. The career was developing accordingly.

In the series "Radio SEX" Buzin played a major role. The audience liked the series. Critics and experts noted the sound play of the actor. Since the production process of films works without stopping, there will always be work for a talented artist. In the detective "Volkov Hour" Buzin embodied the image of the protagonist in his youth. The next full-fledged project, in which Denis played one of the main roles, is called “ChOP”. The success of this comedy among the audience is explained by the fact that the main characters are found at every step in real life.

Hobbies and personal life

According to the actor himself, creativity on the set takes away "a lot of time."Denis is fluent in English and does not stop practicing in this direction. Perhaps the actor is waiting for an invitation from Hollywood. In his free time, Elder plays football or hockey. The specifics are determined by the time of year.

Denis talks about his personal life willingly and without hiding. He has no wife. He easily meets girls and easily breaks up. Without mutual insults and claims. And he also participates in charity events that are aimed at helping seriously ill children.


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