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Name: Artem Pivovarov (Artem Pivovarov)

Middle name: Vladimirovich

Birthday: June 28 1991 (28 years old)

Place of Birth: Volchansk, Ukraine

Height: 170 cm

Weight: 69 kg

Eastern horoscope: Goat

Career: Russian musicians 415 place

Photo: Artem Pivovarov

The childhood of Artem Pivovarov

Artem was born on June 28, 1991 in a small town Volchansk, Kharkov region. The singer’s mom is a medic. My father left the family when Artyom was about a year old, so mother and grandmother were engaged in the upbringing of the future singer.

Mom wanted her son to also work in the medical field, but Artem was attracted to music from an early age. At age 12, he decided to learn to play the guitar and enrolled in music school. After studying for only three months, Pivovarov abandoned this case, because he was not satisfied with the educational system and the approach of teachers. But he didn’t stop playing music and he himself mastered the instrument.

Childhood and youth

Artem Vladimirovich Pivovarov hails from Volchansk (Kharkov region). Born June 28, 1991. Since childhood, he was fond of art and entered a music school when he was 12 years old. The future artist learned to play the guitar, but the education system at the local educational institution Artyom did not suit. Therefore, Pivovarov has no musical education - after three months, he stopped attending classes in the guitar class.

Artem Pivovarov in childhood

Artem studied at the secondary school for 9 years, and then became a student at the Volchansky College of Medicine. After receiving a diploma in medical education, he entered the National Academy of Municipal Economy, which is located in Kharkov. He graduated in ecology.

Musical career of Artyom Pivovarov

A year later, Artyom’s collaboration with sound producer Yuri Vodolazhsky began. Pivovarov considers April 1, 2013 to be the starting point of a serious musical career: on that day, his debut studio album, Cosmos, was released.

In the summer of that year, the musician released two clips for the songs "Hot Summer" and "Native", which he directed. Along with the release of the album, Artem began performing with a group of musicians in the CIS countries and at festivals.

In 2015, Artyom Pivovarov’s second album, Ocean, was released. The video for the song “Collect me” fell into the rotation of the TNT channel, after which the singer’s popularity rushed up. Also, this song became the official soundtrack of the youth Ukrainian-Russian TV series "Hotel Eleon". The next clip for the song “Dependents” fell into rotation already on top music channels like RuTV and MuzTV.

At the end of 2016, Artyom began work on his third album. Together with rapper Mot, he recorded the track "Monsoons", topping the top iTunes chart.


Artyom Pivovarov’s musical career began in 2011, when he became a member of the Ukrainian group “Dance Party. Dance! Dance! ”, With which the collection“ God would have made it louder ”was released. By 2012, the acoustic songs of the young artist gained great popularity on YuoTube.

Artem Pivovarov in the Dance Party. Dance! Dance! "

At the beginning of April 2013, the first Cosmos album was released, as well as two clips for the songs Rodnaya and Lighter. With a concert program consisting of compositions from his debut collection, Artem traveled to CIS countries and participated in festivals.

In 2014, the first Ukrainian song “Khvilini” appeared. At the same time, the video “Ocean” was released. A year later, Artyom began working together with a member of the 5'Nizza collective and the leader of the SunSay rock group Andrei Zaporozhets (song “Exhale”) and with the popular group “Nerves” (“Why”). Later, videos were shot on both compositions. In the summer of the same year, Artyom completed the recording of his second album, Ocean, and was highly praised by music critic Igor Panasov.

Artem Pivovarov’s song “Ocean”

After the release of the second collection, Artem released the video “Collect me”. The song sounded on the show "Dancing" on TNT. The singer’s popularity has increased dramatically since that moment, the song took third place in terms of the number of downloads in iTunes (in the first two places: Sam Smith and Adele). This is a Russian rating, the number of Pivovarov fans has increased significantly. Behind the clip “Collect me” there was a video “Dependents”.

Since 2015, the musician tried himself as a sound producer and worked with many stars of show business. Among them: KAZAKY, Regina Todorenko, Dantes, Misha Krupin, Anna Sedokova, Tanya Vorzheva, Dside Band, group Play.

Singer Artem Pivovarov

Along with solo tracks in the discography of Artyom Pivovarov there are many duets. The style of performance is not limited by strict boundaries; the singer prefers to experiment. In 2016, Artem recorded a joint track with the star “Black Star Inc.” Motom. The song topped iTunes, and the clip garnered 8 million views on YouTube.

In April 2016, under the direction of Leonid Kolosovsky, the clip "Element" was shot. In September of this year, Artyom worked with director Taras Golubkov, in collaboration with whom he released a video for the song “In Depth”. The video turned out to be one of Pivovarov’s most successful works; he appeared on the air of the European music channel Vilanoise TV. By the way, there is no more Ukrainian content on this channel.

Artem Pivovarov’s song “Full Moon”

In October, Artem Pivovarov became the author of the first Internet series in Ukraine, Unknown. The plot is based on stories about little-known creative people. In the first series: musician Milos Yelich (member of the Ocean Elzy band), sound producers Vadim Lisitsa, Maxim Zakharin, Artem Pivovarov, artist Yuri Vodolazhsky (part of the Brunettes Shoot Blondes band) and songwriter Misha Krupin.

At the end of 2016, the song “Collect Me” was approved by the main soundtrack of the series “Hotel Eleon”. Artyom later became the sound producer of Regina Todorenko’s first compilation Fire.

Artem Pivovarov’s song “Oxygen”

In 2017, Pivovarov presented his third album, entitled "The Element of Water." It includes ten songs. The most popular of them are “My Night” and “Oxygen”. For the last one in March, the singer shot a clip telling about special albino people. In the early days, millions of YouTube fans watched the video.

In August, another work was released with Taras Golubkov - the clip “My Night”. The shooting involved a girl of Artem Pivovarov, Daria. At the end of summer, the Ukrainian version of My Night appeared.

Artem Pivovarov’s song “My Night”

The young artist is one of the most popular and popular not only in Ukraine. The clips of Artyom Pivovarov have long maintained a leading position in the charts. The singer has an official site with video clips, songs, fresh photos and information about upcoming concerts.

Since 2017, Artem has its own program “Artem Pivovarov. Backstage ”on the Megogo.net Internet site (online cinema).

Personal life

The audience first met the girl Artyom Pivovarov in 2017 in the clip “My Night”. Dasha Cherednichenko is the owner of a memorable appearance and a broad smile.

Artem Pivovarov and his girlfriend Dasha Cherednichenko

In an interview, the singer said that he was not going to disclose details about his personal life, but he would not hide his soulmate from the fans. He also admitted that the relationship in life and what the viewer saw in the video “My Night” are largely similar.

There are no details of the relationship with Daria on Artyom’s social networks, but there are always enough new photos.

Artem Pivovarov now

On June 28, 2018, the birthday boy Artyom Pivovarov presented the new short-film work Provincial. The fans knew about the fact that the singer was going to release a clip in two months and looked forward to this day.

Artem Pivovarov in 2018

A short film is an excerpt from Artyom’s biography: these are stories from childhood and adolescence, the formation of personality. The clip, directed by Taras Golubkov, was delighted not only by admirers of the creativity of young talent, but also by the circle of people close to him. Many left comments and warm wishes.

Creative path, biography and family.

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Name and surname:Artyom Pivovarov
Middle name:Vladimirovich
Name in English:Artem pivovarov
Year of birth:1991
Birthday:June 28th
Place of Birth:Volchansk, Ukraine
Height:170 cm
Weight:69 kg
Eastern horoscope:Goat
Social network:VkontakteWikipedia

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Artem Pivovarov was born on June 28, 1991 in the city of Volchansk, Kharkov region.

Artem from early childhood was fond of music, he was a very creative child. Later, a cute passion turned into work.

Since 2010, he created an acoustic project - ART REY, from which it all began. He recorded two acoustic mini-albums “We Can't Get It Back” and “If In Thoughts. ".

In 2013, Pivovarov began working with sound producer Yuri Vodolazhsky.

April 1, 2013 released the first full-length album "Cosmos", which opens a new page in the work of the musician. It is this moment that Artem considers a point of reference in the formation of himself as a solo artist.

In the summer of 2013, two official clips for the songs “Hot Summer” and “Native” are released. The artist himself became the director of the video.

The clip "Hot Summer" is actively broadcast on TV channels in Ukraine and the CIS.

Artem Pivovarov is a young and talented performer whose songs can make you cry or laugh, have fun or sadness, experience a variety of emotions, but certainly not indifference. After all, Artem himself writes music and the words of his songs and every time he experiences what he sings about.

Rare men can talk about love out loud, and very few can sing about it. The frank texts of Artem Pivovarov do not pass by, but remain inside to turn into our own thoughts.

Photos of Artyom

Biography and personal life

Artem Vladimirovich Pivovarov was born on June 24, 1991 in the city of Volchansk in Ukraine. From childhood, the boy became interested in art. He personally decided to go to music school. When he was 12 years old, he began to comprehend the basics of professional guitar playing. Only the school system did not appeal to him. He studied at a music institution for 3 months and dropped out.

After graduating from the 9th grade of high school, Artem decided that he wanted to get a medical education. Having become a student at the Volchan Medical College, the Brewers devoted a lot of time to learning. After receiving the diploma, he entered the National Academy of Municipal Economy in the city of Kharkov and received a diploma from the Faculty of Ecology.

Artem never gave up on his creative development. In 2011, he became a member of the Dance Party. Dance! Dance! ” Together with colleagues in the group, he released the collection "God would have made it louder." In 2012, the audience of music lovers became more famous. His acoustic versions of songs began to gain views on the YouTube network.

In 2013, released several clips. These were video works for the songs “Easier” and “Native”. In the same period, Pivovarov’s album, entitled Cosmos, was released. Artem even went on tour in the CIS countries presenting his debut collection. He was an active participant in various festivals.

In 2014, he presented the first composition in his native language. It was the track “Khvilina”. Then, a clip called “Ocean” appeared on the screens. In 2015, he released several songs with Andrei Zaporozhets and the Nerves group. These were the exhale and why tracks, respectively. A little later, I pleased the fans with clips on them.

Then in the summer his album “Ocean” was released. He was warmly received by critics. Artem did not stop there. He released a new song, “Collect me,” which was voiced on the show “Dancing” on the air of the Russian television channel TNT. Since then, Artem has become famous, his songs have gained popularity.

Following this came the video for the song “Dependents”. In 2015, Pivovarov tried himself as a sound producer. He managed to work with KAZAKY, Dantes, Regina Todorenko, A. Sedakova and many other famous artists.

In 2016, his song “Rain” was released in a duet with the ILO, then a clip was shot for the song "Element", then at "In Depth". He also became the author of the Internet series "Unknown", which became the first in Ukraine. Based on the story of creative people who are little known to society.

At the end of the year his song "Collect me" became the soundtrack for the series "Hotel Eleon", and Artem took the place of the sound producer of the first album Regina Todorenko. In 2017, he presented to the society of music lovers a new album, The Element of Water, made a video that was watched by millions of people on YouTube in the early days of the release.

In the summer of that year, he presented music lovers with a new song, “My Night”. After that, a version appeared in the artist’s native language, My Nich.

Interesting notes:

In 2018, he presented the new song “Provincial”. This work can be called a film about the real life of Artem. It was attended by his real teachers, who happily agreed to Artem's offer to star in the video.

Today Artem Pivovarov gives concerts with his own program, takes the leading places in the charts. In addition to popular social networks, the artist has a personal website, where fans of his work can watch fresh photos, videos, find out information about future concerts.

Now Artem Pivovarov lives in Kiev. He is in a relationship with a girl named Daria. Their acquaintance took place in 2017 during the filming of the clip “My Night”. In fact, Artem is not very enthusiastic about his personal life. He admitted that he has a serious relationship with Dasha, which can lead to marriage. But while they are single.

He does not cease to admire the strength of spirit of the eastern peoples. He tries to meditate in his spare time. The artist believes that such skills help him in his main work, and therefore always advises all creative people to also resort to meditation in order to control their emotions and actions.

Artem Pivovarov biography

Artyom Pivovarov is a popular pop singer of Ukrainian origin. It is one of the 10 most popular performers in Ukraine.

  • Before he became famous
  • Musician career
  • Artyom Pivovarov - “The Element of Fire”
  • Artem Pivovarov and his girlfriend
Artem Pivovarov photo

Before he became famous

Artyom was born and spent all his childhood in a small town near Kharkov - Volchansk. Artyom was raised by one mother, since his father left the family almost immediately after his birth. Mom worked in the field of medicine and wanted her son to follow in her footsteps, but Artyom Pivovarova was attracted to music from an early age. At the age of 12, she voluntarily enters a music school in the class of a guitar, but after three months leaves her visit, because he did not like the teachers' approach to teaching children. Pivovarov did not give up music classes and independently learned to play the guitar and the basics of solfeggio. But he never received a diploma in music education.

Brewers interview

At the end of the 9th grade of the school, Artyom Pivovarov, on the instructions of his mother, enters a medical college in his hometown. Higher education received at the National Academy of Municipal Economy in the city of Kharkov, at the end of which he received a bachelor's degree in ecology.

In 2017, Artyom Pivovarov moved from his hometown of Volchansk to Kiev.

Artem Pivovarov photo

Artyom Pivovarov - “The Element of Fire”

December 1, 2017 Artyom Pivovarov’s fourth solo album is released, which is called "The element of fire", the album includes 10 songs made in the usual for Pivovarov style, so beloved by his fans.

Artem Pivovarov - Element of Fire

Artyom Pivovarov and his girlfriend

Previously, Artyom Pivovarov preferred to hide his personal life and did not extend to the topic: “does he have a girlfriend”, but this lasted until the release of the video for the song “MyNight”, where she dreamed in the title role Dasha Cherednichenko - girl of Artyom Pivovarov, the video also demonstrates their fiery kiss.

Artyom also has official VK and Instagram accounts.

Artyom Pivovarov and his girlfriend Artem Pivovarov with his girlfriend - Dasha Cherednichenko

Studio albums

  • Released: April 1, 2013
  • Label: UMIG Music
  • Format: CD, Digital Distribution
  • Track list
2."See you"3:24
4."Hot Summer"3:19
7."We will not be returned"3:53
8.“You have me, I have you”3:42
12."What for?" (Nerves feat. Artyom Pivovarov)4:23
13."Stereo system" (Cover)3:44
  • Released: August 20, 2015
  • Label: UMIG Music
  • Format: CD, Digital Distribution
  • Track list
2."We are Young"3:45
7."Pick me up"3:54
8.“Lift yourself” (feat. SunSay)2:16
9.Exhale (feat. SunSay)3:26
Water element
  • Released: February 10, 2017
  • Label: First Music Publishing House
  • Format: CD, Digital Distribution
  • Track list
2."At a depth"3:10
3.Meridians (feat. Vladi)3:45
4."Go crazy"3:38
5."My night"3:16
6."Fire and Me" (feat. Kravts & 813)3:40
10."I'm coming"3:37
Fire element
  • Released: December 1, 2017
  • Label: First Music Publishing House
  • Format: CD, Digital Distribution
  • Track list
1."Full moon"3:33
3."What did you mean?"2:16
6.“The world is peace!”3:16
7."Be yourself"4:14
8."Chaos" (feat. Anacondaz)3:32
9."Paranormal" (feat. Fenoman)4:11
10."Mono" (feat. Bakey)3:10
  • Released: November 8, 2019
  • Label: First Music Publishing House
  • Format: CD, Digital Distribution
  • Track list
5.Deja vu4:04
7.“In each of us” (feat. Christmas tree)4:46
9."Pass me by"3:48
10."My poems, your notes"3:53

Mini albums

City rumors
(feat. Misha Krupin)
- EP
  • Released: April 28, 2017
  • Label: Sony Music Entertainment
  • Format: Digital Distribution
  • Track list
1."Anna" (feat. Misha Krupin)3:34
2."Good morning" (feat. Misha Krupin)3:57
3."One" (feat. Misha Krupin)2:59
4."Sea" (feat. Misha Krupin)3:29
5."Sea" (Sorry4 Remix)3:25
6."Anna" (DJ Kiev.Pills Remix)4:06
Total: 20:10

Official singles

1 "Native"Space 2013
2 "Easier"2014
3 "We are Young"Ocean 2015
4 "Pick me up"
5 "Dependent"
6 "Element"Water element 2016
7 "At a depth"
9 "Oxygen"2017
10 "Anna"
(feat. Misha Krupin)
City Rumors - EP
11 "My night"Water element
12 "Full moon"Fire element
13 "Provincial"2018
15 «№1»Terrestrial 2019
16 «2000»
17 "House"


1 "Do your thing"
(feat. Not People)
no album 2016
2 Meridians
(feat. Vladi)
Water element 2017
3 "My night"2018
5 "Pass me by"Terrestrial
6 "Karma"
7 “In each of us”
(feat. Christmas tree)

With the participation of Artyom Pivovarov

1 "What for?"
(Nerves feat. Artyom Pivovarov)
Space 2013
2 Monsoons
(Mot feat. Artyom Pivovarov)
Inside out
(Mota album)
3 "Shower"
(Mot feat. Artyom Pivovarov)
Kind music keys
(Mota album)
4 "Magnetic eyes"
(Anna Sedokova feat. Artyom Pivovarov)
In the wild
(album A. Sedokova)
5 “Save”
(Smash feat. Artyom Pivovarov)
Viva amnesia
(Smash album)


  • Dear
Artyom PivovarovSpace2013
  • Easier
Artyom Pivovarov and
Sergey Matsenko
  • We are Young
Alexander DandelionsOcean2015
  • Pack me up
  • Addicted
Taras Golubkov
  • Monsoon
    Mot feat. Artyom Pivovarov
Katya YakInside out
(Mota album)
  • Element
Leonid KolosovskyWater element
  • At a depth
Taras Golubkov
  • Do your thing
    feat. Not people
Dima Manifesto and
Dmitry Shmurak
no album
  • Oxygen
Taras GolubkovWater element2017
  • Anna
    feat. Misha Krupin
City Rumors - EP
  • My night
Water element
  • Full moon
Dima Manifesto and
Dmitry Shmurak
Fire element2018
  • Provincial
Taras Golubkov
  • Vidchuy
no album
  • №1
  • 2000
  • House