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10 mysterious deaths not solved to this day


Last time, we already sorted out the top of mysterious deaths and you liked this topic. And especially for you, I decided to write 2 of the mysterious deaths.

Harry was murdered in 1943. Harry was the richest man in the Bahamas. The murder occurred in the evening of 1943, when the police entered Harry's apartment, they saw a terrible sight, the killer first beat the victim with a nail and then doused him with gasoline and tried to set fire to it, but for some reason he could not do it. Harry also had a very close relationship with the governor, for which he hired 2 of the best detectives.

Harry's son-in-law became the first suspect, as his fingerprints were found at the crime scene, but due to lack of evidence, he was released.

The next suspect was a certain Harold, who owed the victim a very large amount of money. Oaks’s neighbors also saw Harold leaving the victim’s house on the night of the crime. At the trial, Harold claimed that on this day he was at home with his family. And again, due to lack of evidence, he was released. Oaks's culprit has not been found to this day.

2) Lilly Linderstorm.

Lily lived alone in her apartment. She worked as a girl of easy virtue. On one of the May days of 1932, a girlfriend came to visit Lilly, sit down to drink tea and talk about life. But suddenly Llily called the client and said that he would come in about an hour and the girlfriend had to leave. After a few hours, the girlfriend nevertheless decided to go to Lilly again, but to her great regret, no one had trusted her. After 3 days, the girlfriend began to get very worried and called the police, the story repeated the same, no one opened the door, and then it was decided to break the door. As the police entered the apartment they were a naked girl, with 3 gunshot wounds in the back of the head. A wine glass with blood inside was found near the scene of the murder. As the examination showed, the killer drank the blood of the victim from this glass. Detectives asked all the victims' clients, but they could not find the killer.

The final mysterious death that occurred on October 26, 1984. Gunter was in a car accident, he was found dead while driving his car.

According to the first data, it was revealed that he died after an accident from injuries, but after examination, everything turned out differently. An examination found that Gunther first moved something (his bones were crushed), and then they put him in a car. The cause of death has not yet been established.

Tom Thomson

07/08/1917 one of the famous painters of Canada Thompson went fishing. He often did this, so everyone began to worry only when, after a couple of hours, the canoe washed ashore without Tom.

There was only breakfast on board, which no one had touched, and also the only oar. At first they thought that Thompson was enjoying the views somewhere on the shore. 07/16/1917 the body of the artist was found, it floated on the lake 115 meters from the shore.

Tom was dead for several days, and there was no water in his lungs, but there was a bruise on his temple and fishing line, which tightly wrapped around his ankle sixteen times. Versions of death - accidental entanglement in fishing line, murder by laborers, poachers, spies, the emergence of a local tornado.

Frederick MacDonald

The Member of Parliament of Australia disappeared 04/15/1926, after which a farewell note remained. Police said the suspicion fell on parliamentarian John Lee, who allegedly stole and killed a colleague.

The suspect was a well-known fraudster, he gave Frederick a bribe of 2,000 US dollars so that he would not run in the elections.Shortly after this incident with Frederick, another member of the parliament, Goldstein, threw himself into the sea from a cliff, as he asked to investigate Lee's case fairly.

It is unclear whether Thomas John Lee had a hand in those deaths, but in 1946 he was arrested for the murder of his woman's lover. He was not sent to prison, for they recognized him insane and sent to the mental department, where he died a year later.

William Briggs

An interesting young man Alfred Rose in the 30s tried to stage his own death in order to receive insurance payments. The man managed to find a victim that perfectly resembled him in body complexion. Rose killed the unfortunate unknown with a hammer blow on the dark, and then carefully put behind the wheel of his own car and arson.

Alfred was quickly exposed, he was sentenced to death by hanging, and the name of his victim remained unknown. For several years it was believed that she was William Briggs, who disappeared around this period.

In 2014, relatives did a DNA test and determined that it wasn’t Briggs who died in the car. This information added even more questions about who was the victim of Rose.

Julia Wallace

01/20/1931 a man called the Liverpool Chess Club and called himself Qualtre, he asked to call Mr. Wallace to the staff.

The insurer Herbert was promised a good reward for the fact that at half past seven in the evening he would go to the place indicated by the client and issue an insurance policy for his daughter on her birthday. The man drove to the address and realized that he simply did not exist. The wife did not meet him, and both doors - the main and the back door - were blocked.

The man called the neighbors, but did not have to break the door, as it opened. Julia was killed in the living room, the poker and a small amount of money disappeared, and no one touched the accumulation. They didn’t find any signs of hacking, they wanted to hang Herbert, but then they justified it.

Letizia Turo

On a warm evening in May 1937, Letitia got into the subway car, except for her passengers. When the train stopped, a Turo was found in the first-class carriage, a sharp dagger sticking out of its neck.

The girl led a double life: in the afternoon - the widow and employee of the glue factory, and in the evening - a police informant. They say that Leticia was in an intimate relationship with a journalist Gintet, collaborating with terrorists. Members of the Privy Revolutionary Committee wore hooded jackets, they killed and carried out terrorist attacks.

Members of the group said that they killed Turo at the request of their leader, but then they were beaten and refused to testify. One version is the murder on the orders of Mussolini because of the secrets that the girl learned.

Harry Oaks

Oaks was the wealthiest man in the Paradise Bahamas, he was influential, and many wished him dead. Harry died under mysterious circumstances, when in July 1943 he was killed with a baseball bat with large spikes.

The body was doused with gasoline and densely sprinkled with feathers from the pillows, and then tried to burn. Arson plans failed, but the corpse remained lying on the bed. Oakes was the owner of Canadian gold mines, but escaped from there to the Bahamas in order not to pay taxes.

The head of the Bahamas decided to turn to private detectives, they learned that Oaks was killed by his brother-in-law Alfred de Marini, who hated his father-in-law. First, they found his imprint on the bed, and then denied the information, and accused partner Christie. The man was later acquitted.

Lilly Linderstorm

Lilly was a divorced woman who worked as a prostitute, and then discussed plans for the future with her roommate Minnie. In 1932, another client called her, so Minnie ran away to her, and then Lilly came to her for condoms.

After a couple of hours, Jenson knocked on Linderstorm, but she didn’t open, so the neighbor went outside. Three days later, Minnie called the police, opened the room, she was found dead by three headshots in bed. The clothes lay in a pile, and on the floor lay a sauceboat with blood from which the killer drank.

Among the eighty regular customers, a mysterious pervert who used the blood of his victim was not found. The Atlas vampire is unknown until today.

Mary moni

In 1905, the cut body of a young girl was found on rails in an English tunnel. The police started talking about suicide, but the medical examiner proved that she was strangled with a scarf. The caretaker said that the body did not have time to cool down, so Moni easily recognized her brother.

At 7 pm, the girl went for a walk, and several witnesses and a friend saw her. Then there were those who saw in the company of a stranger who got out of the subway car alone.

The police decided that the guy killed Mary and threw out the window in the tunnel at full speed. It was not possible to find a lover among all the familiar men of Moni, but then the suspicion fell on his brother, who killed his wife, lover and children in 1912. The murder of Mary Robert was not proven.

Charles Bravo

The famous British lawyer Charles Bravo died tragically, he was poisoned with antimony in 1876. The man died painfully and for a long time, since the poison kills the victim for at least 3-4 days. Charles refused to tell others who pour poison into his glass of water.

The lawyer was accused of the death of his wife Florence, the lover of Gally's wife, the maid of Cox. Everyone had motives: the lawyer perverted his wife in perversion, he wanted to dismiss the maid under a far-fetched pretext, and was going to kill his lover at all.

There is a completely strange version that Charles wanted to crack down on his wife and her lover, so he put poison in a glass for them. Then a ridiculous mistake occurred, Bravo's lawyer drank the poisoned water himself.

Gunter Stoll

In 1984, the mysterious death of a German Gunther took place, who was found in a cuvette near a busy highway in his own car. He still showed signs of life, but died without regaining consciousness in an ambulance.

At the autopsy, traces of alcohol were found in Stoll’s blood, so it was decided that he simply couldn’t manage it. Everything turned out to be not so simple, as experts proved that he was hit by a car, moved several times and put into the salon.

Inside the car, they found a scrap of paper with the word YOGTZE, the meaning of which no one has yet understood. Gunther’s wife remembered that on that day he was writing something and threatening someone before leaving the house. This word can be inverted coordinates, an acronym, cipher, a Romanian radio signal, or a harmful additive in yoghurts.

Mysterious murders that we can never explain

It's hard to let go of a mysterious death that we can never explain. While detectives can become obsessed with an unsolved crime, imagine what torment unsolved crimes inflict on the families of the victims.

It is easy to think that there is one missing piece of the puzzle necessary to solve it. But, sometimes the puzzle will never be solved. The mystery will remain. And we will be wondering what really happened.

Here are 8 mysterious deaths that we can never explain.


1. A burning car killer.

Being in serious financial debt, Alfred Rouse planned to fake his death and flee the city. He picked up a stranger on the side of the road and planned to kill him, and then set his car on fire. He beat him and burned in his car. As a result, Rouse was caught and hanged for this crime.

Around the same time, a man named William Briggs left his home to visit a doctor and no one else heard of him. People thought that Briggs was the man Rouse killed, but recent DNA tests revealed that it was not Briggs, which raises two questions.

What happened to Briggs and who was the man in the car?

2. Edgar Allan Poe.

On October 3, 1849 in Baltimore, Edgar Allan Poe was found lying in a ditch by Joseph W. Walker, a composer. Poe was alive at the time, but was delirious. Po spent the next four days in seizures of delirium and hallucinations. Officially, he died of cerebral edema.But no one understands how he got into such a state. Theories abound: from killing and flu to rabies and alcohol poisoning.

3. Albert Dekker.

A famous actor, Albert Dekker spent most of his life in Hollywood, creating a successful career. At the age of 62, Dekker played a role in the classic western film Wild Gang. The film that he never saw.

His wife found him in her Hollywood apartment, naked and dead, hanging with a leather belt around his neck. His eyes were tied with a scarf, there was a ball in his mouth, and his hands were tied behind his back. The bathroom door was locked inside with a chain, and there were no other exits.

How he could do all this with himself is a mystery.

4. The black dahlia.

In 1947, Elizabeth Short, nicknamed the Black Dahlia, was a 22-year-old girl who dreamed of conquering Hollywood.

She worked as a waitress to feed herself until she gained fame, but, unfortunately, this day never arrived. Later found her naked body, which was completely torn in half and mutilated.

Her killer also completely bled her and took out the insides. Despite the efforts of the police and the FBI, the killer was never found.

The famous landscape painter of the early 20th century, Tom Thomson, loved to paint landscapes in Algonkin Park. He was delighted with his beauty. Tragically, this is the same park that will take his life. July 8, 1917 his canoe turned upside down, but the body of the artist was not found anywhere.

6. Sisters Grimes.

It was in 1956 in Chicago, just a few days after Christmas, when the sisters Grimes, Barbara, 15, and Patricia, 13, asked their mother to let them go on a bus trip to see Love Me Tender, the first Elvis Presley movie. They were huge fans of the singer, and their mother agreed.

A month later, a builder on his way to Willow Springs, Illinois, discovered their dead, frozen bodies. After the autopsy, the medical examiners did not find any blows, wounds or bullet wounds. They concluded that the girls died from freezing.

An autopsy also revealed that Barbara had sex, but there was no more evidence. Over time, the case was closed.

7. The massacre in Willisk.

A little over a hundred years ago, in the small town of Willisk, Iowa, a man with an ax entered the Moore residence with cruel intent.

It was midnight, and the man went through the open back door, quietly slipping past two sleeping girls and climbing the stairs to where Jay Moore was sleeping next to his wife. The man was the first to hit Jay's head with an ax and quickly did the same with his wife.

Then he calmly went to the rooms of their children and killed them with an ax. Finally, he went downstairs and killed two other girls who were sleeping. Instead of leaving, he stayed, went upstairs again and again hit Jay's head with an ax and did the same with the rest of the family.

It is believed that he stayed in the house for several hours, until he left at about five in the morning, locking the door behind him. Several suspects were brought to trial, but no conviction was filed. The case is still unsolved.

8. Karen Silkwood.

When Karen Silkwood got a job as a metallography specialist at the Cimarron plutonium plant, she hardly knew what it would lead to. She later joined the Union of Petroleum, Chemists, and Atomic Workers and became part of the Negotiating Committee, which commissioned an investigation into health and safety issues.

In 1974, she told the Atomic Energy Commission that she had discovered serious health and safety issues for workers. This is where the oddities began. Shortly afterwards, she discovered that her working system was 400 times the allowable limit of plutonium, although she had never dealt with hazardous items as part of her work.

She decided to publish all her findings and went to the New York Times reporter when her car got off the road and hit a culvert, killing her.While the sleeping pills were discovered in her car and her blood, indicating that she fell asleep at the wheel, few believed this.

Even more suspiciously, the documents in her car that she was about to show to the New York Times reporter disappeared. A federal plant investigation confirmed Silkwood’s allegations. The factory closed in 1975.

Undisclosed secrets, or TOP 10 mysterious murders and disappearances

Historians and archaeologists constantly puzzle, trying to find answers to the mysteries of history, but many secrets remain covered in darkness. Below are the ten most famous cases of mysterious deaths or disappearances of people who still remain unsolved secrets.

The mysterious death of the Dyatlov group

In February 1959, a search team discovered an abandoned tent camp in the north of the Ural Mountains.

A tourist group of 9 people headed by Igor Dyatlov went skiing and went missing.

The tent discovered by the rescuers was torn, but inside it were the shoes and clothes of tourists, while on the side there were tracks left by people barefoot or in socks.

The bodies of the members of the Dyatlov group were found only in May, when the snow melted. As it turned out, most tourists died of hypothermia, but two of the group had skulls broken and ribs broken, and one did not have a tongue.

The official version of the Soviet investigation sounded like "death as a result of crushing natural force", under which, most likely, an avalanche was put. That's just what really happened with the group Dyatlov, still no one knows for certain.

There are various versions of what happened, ranging from the attack of wild animals or the Bigfoot to mass psychosis caused by exposure to low-frequency signals. Even the version of the alien attack is not ruled out, referring to the fact that UFOs were often observed in those places. That's just the story of the Dyatlov group remains a mystery.

Tamam Shud and Rubai Khayyam

"Tamam Shud" - the most famous mysterious death of a person on Australian soil. The story received such a bizarre name from Persian words written on a piece of paper that was found in the pocket of the deceased.

The corpse of an unknown man was discovered on a beach south of Adelaide in 1948. No documents were found confirming his identity.

The deceased found only cigarettes, a ticket for a local train, a comb and a piece of paper with the mysterious inscription "Tamam Shud", which in Persian means "The End".

What is curious, as it later turned out, a piece of paper was torn from a rare edition of the book “Rubai Omar Khayyam”. There were even more riddles when, as a result of the autopsy, it turned out that the dead man was most likely poisoned.

Subsequently, the police found a book of poems from which a piece of paper was torn out with the words "Tamam Shud." A telephone number was discovered in the book that led the investigation to a resident of Australia.

The woman claimed that she had never been acquainted with the murdered woman, and that the book really once belonged to her, until she lent it to someone.

In addition, mysterious handwritten inscriptions were found in the found book.

In 2009, Derek Abbott, a professor at the University of Adelaide, suggested that the inscriptions encoded in the book might have been the result of manual encryption or decryption, a spyware technique that can be based on text from a book (in this case, based on Rubai Omar Khayyam) . So, there is every reason to believe that the “Tamam Shoud affair” is somehow connected with the activities of a foreign spy in Australia. But the identity of the deceased is still a mystery to society.

Family matters, or the mystery of the death of Julia Wallace

The mysterious death of housewife Julia Wallace from Liverpool in her own house in 1931 for many decades has become the main intrigue for detectives and writers.

Insurance agent William Wallace (Julia's husband) was invited on January 21, 1931 to visit the house at Menlove Gardens East. To his surprise, he discovered that such an address in reality simply does not exist.

When Wallace returned home after his unsuccessful search for a nonexistent address, he found his wife in the living room.

William Wallace was arrested and sentenced to death for killing his own wife. But the sentence was quashed on appeal.

Researchers at this mysterious murder believe that Julia Wallace was killed by one of William's employees, who was fired after being charged with embezzlement.

But in 2013, the British writer James, who was investigating this case to write a book, said he believed the murder of Julia Wallace was still the work of her husband. However, the name of the real killer Julia was never announced.

The Secret of Flight No. 19

Flight No. 19 was the name of the group of five Avenger military aircraft, which mysteriously disappeared during a day training flight off the coast of Florida in December 1945. This mysterious disappearance has become one of the foundations for the emergence of numerous legends about the mystical Bermuda Triangle.

Mysteriously, all 14 pilots aboard five planes, as well as 13 crew members who sent them in search of disappeared. Could not find the bodies or the wreckage of the aircraft.

This disappearance gave rise to the legend of the existence of the deadly Bermuda Triangle between Florida, Puerto Rico and Bermuda, where the largest number of aircraft and ships disappear without a trace. But the US Coast Guard sees nothing supernatural in this.

It was flight No. 19 that gave rise to myths about the Bermuda Triangle and stories about the mystical halo of this place and the meeting here with UFOs, which are reflected in world literature and cinema. For example, the story of the mysterious disappearance of American bombers was used as the basis for Steven Spielberg's science fiction film “Close Encounters of the Third Degree”.

Mysterious Mr. Cooper

Dan Cooper is a mysterious criminal who managed to hijack a Boeing 727, but still remain an unknown hijacker. This mysterious story happened on November 24, 1971 aboard an airliner flying from Portland to Seattle.

Shortly after takeoff, the man who booked the flight ticket under the pseudonym Dan Cooper claimed to have carried a bomb in his briefcase on board.

The hijacker made the pilots a demand to land at Seattle airport, where he should receive a ransom of $ 200 thousand and a parachute.

After the requirements were met, passengers were able to leave the plane, and the invader, together with the pilots, again flew up to the sky. At an altitude of about 3,000 m, the mysterious Mr. Cooper jumped out of the plane with a parachute, capturing the ransom he received. Since then, no one else has seen this man.

The search by the FBI yielded no results. Investigators concluded that, most likely, Cooper did not survive after jumping from an airplane. But there are numerous versions according to which the mysterious hijacker is alive. In 2016, a documentary was even released, the creators of which claimed that the hijacker is still alive and now lives in Florida under the guise of a former war veteran.

Murder at the South Pole

On May 12, 2000 (at the height of the Antarctic winter), Australian astrophysicist Rodney Marx died under mysterious and unclear circumstances at the Amundsen-Scott station at the South Pole.

Since winter flights to the South Pole are dangerous, the body of the deceased was kept frozen at the station until spring, and then sent to New Zealand.

An autopsy revealed that the scientist died from methanol poisoning.

In the process of investigating this mysterious death, 49 people were interviewed, who at that time wintered at Amundsen-Scott station.

New Zealand police ruled out suicide, suggesting it was unlikely that Marx could have accidentally poisoned himself. In 2008, the case was closed, and suicide was called the official version of the death of the scientist.

But this particular case was publicized in the media as “the first murder at the South Pole”, the secret of which was never revealed.

Baroness of the Galapagos Archipelago

Eloise Bosque de Wagner Verhorn, better known in history as the “Baroness of the Galapagoss,” is a young Australian woman who mysteriously disappeared on the island of Floreana in 1935.

Located in the eastern part of the Pacific Ocean and part of the Galapagoss, the island became well-known in Germany after it was "colonized" by a German couple in 1929 - Friedrich Ritter and Dore Strauss, who settled on these lands in a primitive hut made of stones and snags.

They served as a good example for other German families who saw the utopian paradise on earth in Florean Island.

In 1933, the “Baroness” arrived on the island with her two lovers - Robert Philippson and Rudolf Lorenzo. After they built a house on the island, Eloise announced her plans to create a luxury hotel here with elements of aristocratic life amidst the simple colonists of Florean.

On March 27, 1934, Baroness Eloise mysteriously disappeared along with Philippson. Rudolph claimed that they boarded a yacht passing by the island, which went to the shores of Tahiti. However, no records were found that could testify that any vessel passed by the island during that period.

No less intriguing in this mysterious story was the fact that a few days later Rudolf Lorenzo hastily left the island on a Norwegian fisherman's ship, which was heading to the shores of South America. A few months later, their mummified bodies were found on a wrecked ship thrown ashore.

There is an assumption that Lorenz killed Eloise and Robert, and other island colonists helped him hide the evidence of this murder, but this is not reliably proven. The mysterious disappearance of the “Baroness Galapagoss” is still among the most mysterious murders of the 20th century.

Last flight of Amelia Earhart

American pilot Amelia Earhart is one of the most famous women aviators in the world. In May 1932, she became the first woman to cross the Atlantic by air alone, and in 1935 she made a solo flight from Honolulu in Hawaii to Auckland, California.

In July 1937, while trying to make a round-the-world flight, Amelia Earhart's plane disappeared over the Pacific Ocean. The search for the US Coast Guard lasted two weeks (and went down in US history as the longest and most expensive), but were unsuccessful - no remains of the aircraft were found.

According to one of the unconfirmed versions, the plane crashed and its crew (Amelia and her navigator Fred) could be with the Japanese.

There were even rumors that a white woman and a man were held captive by the Japanese, who were subsequently executed.

Another theory of the mysterious death of Amelia partially found confirmation when on one of the Pacific islands that make up the Phoenix archipelago, artifacts were discovered that could well belong to the legendary pilot.

An examination conducted in 2016 even showed that the remains found on the island could well belong to Earhart. But for sure, what happened on the last flight of Amelia remains a mystery, hidden by time and the ocean.

Mysteries of the Pioneers of Everest

On June 4, 1924, British climbers George Mallory and Andrew Irwin from Everest Base Camp set off to conquer an impregnable peak in the hope of becoming the first people to succeed. Four days later, they were spotted by their colleague, who was on the north-eastern part of the ridge. But the clouds hid the figures of climbers, and no one else saw them.

Researchers and climbers believe that Mallory and Irwin probably survived the summit of Mount Everest, reaching a height of 8848 m, but died during the descent from the mountain, presumably on June 9, 1924.

In 1933, Irwin’s ice ax was found on top of a mountain, which confirmed the climbers ’guesses that Mallory and Irwin had reached an altitude of 8564 m. In 1999, the expedition discovered Mallory’s remains on Mount Everest at an altitude of 8230 m.

Some climbers claimed to have seen another body nearby. It is likely that this was Irwin. And although the findings confirm the death of the pioneers of Everest, the intrigue still remains the question of whether Mallory and Irwin really reached the top of the mountain shortly before their death or whether these are all speculations that have no real basis.

The riddle "MaryCeleste »

On December 5, 1872, about 640 km east of the Azores, in the eastern Atlantic, a drifting US merchant ship Mary Celeste was discovered with partially preserved sailing weapons. On board the ghost ship were a lot of water supplies and provisions, which allowed you to safely travel through the expanses of the sea for many months.

The only lifeboat on board was missing. Most likely, it was on it that people left the side, but what is surprising, apparently, this was done not in a storm, but in good weather.

No less surprising was the fact that people left the ship, leaving all their belongings on it. The cargo carried on the ship turned out to be intact.

Barrels of alcohol were found exactly in the quantity in which they appeared when loading.

The ship left New York, and a month before it was discovered without a crew, it was seen in Italian Genoa. At that time, there were 10 people on board: 7 crew members, as well as a captain with his wife and two-year-old daughter. The reason Mary Celeste is empty is still a mystery.

In 1884, a few years before the stories of Sherlock Holmes appeared, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle published a fictional story in which he spoke on behalf of a hero who survived on Mary Celeste.

In the story voiced by the master of the detective genre, the crew was killed by a vengeful serial killer from the ship’s crew.

The story turned out to be more popular than the real story, and even often appeared in some newspapers as reality.

There are other versions that explain how the Mary Celeste turned into a ghost ship. There is an assumption that the crew left the ship due to the threat of an explosion from the leak of alcohol vapor in the cargo compartment. According to another version, the ship was attacked by Moroccan pirates who put people on a boat and left the cargo on board.

In 2007, documentary filmmaker Anne McGregor presented another version of the development of events aboard Mary Celeste to the audience. According to her, the captain, foreseeing a storm, saw the earth on the horizon and decided that it was most safe to land on a boat.

But this could be a fatal mistake, and the boat with the crew went to the bottom, while the ship was able to survive the storm and subsequently drifted through the vast expanses of the sea without a team or captain.

10 mysterious ciphers that humanity has not solved yet

In the mysterious ciphers of ancient civilizations, great secrets can often be masked. Presented to your attention a dozen still unsolved ciphers, reports BigPicture.

Photo taken from BigPicrture

For twenty years now they remain unencrypted. Ricky McCormick's noteswho was discovered dead in a cornfield in Missouri in 1999.

Neither the FBI cryptanalysis unit, nor the American Cryptanalytic Association were able to decrypt these notes

The trick is that Ricky disappeared and his body was found after 72 hours with two encrypted notes in his pockets. Ricky was not educated and even served a juvenile rape.

He was last seen five days before his death.No experts and specialists were able to find out what is encrypted in the notes, which were published only after 12 years.

According to relatives of Ricky, he used this encoding system since childhood, but no one knows the key.

The director of the CIA set the task to unravel ciphers back in the 90s

The next mystery of mankind is sculpture of cryptosinstalled in front of the CIA office in Virginia. Three of the four encrypted messages on it are already decrypted. The last part, containing 97 characters, has not yet been solved.

What has already been deciphered is more like a secret CIA correspondence. The installation itself looks like paper coming out of the printer.

The book bears the name of the antique dealer Wilfried Voynich, who bought it in 1912

The most famous mystery of the Renaissance - Voynich manuscriptwritten in the 15th century. It has 240 pages, but that's not all: some are missing. The manuscript is full of biological, astronomical, cosmological and pharmaceutical illustrations.

All characters, the number of which is 170 thousand, are not regulated at all by any rules. No punctuation or interval between sentences.

Leon Battista Alberti, the father of Western cryptography, lived at the time the manuscript was created. He even tried to solve it and invented the first mechanical encryption machine.

One thing is certain: the solution to the manuscript can change our understanding of science and astronomy.

Shepherd's Monument is located in the picturesque Staffordshire in England

Shagboro inscription - A monument located in England and created in the 18th century. Under the picture is a sequence of 10 letters: D O U O S V A V V M. Two heads are depicted above the picture: a bald man with a smile and a man with horns and pointed ears.

One of the popular versions: the abbreviation stands for "Optimae Uxoris Optimae Sororis Viduus Amantissimus Vovit Virtutibus", which means "Best of wives, best of sisters, a devoted widower devotes it to your virtues."

There is also an opinion that the code is somehow “tied” to the Masons.

And there is also a myth that this code refers to the tree of life of Jesus. But hardly.

Linear A is a variation of Cretan writing that contains hundreds of characters and has not yet been decrypted.

Linear A - This is a variation of Cretan writing, containing hundreds of characters and still not decrypted. This letter was used by the ancient Greeks who lived before our era.

He was replaced by linear letter B, which was deciphered only in the last century. Codes from it to version A do not fit.

There is an idea that this is the forerunner of the Cretan Minoan script. And this is what can be seen on a burnt clay disk with a diameter of about 16 cm, dating from the second millennium BC and found in the Phaistos Palace in Crete. It is covered with symbols of unknown origin and meaning.

No one could figure out the letter.

Elgar sent his girlfriend Dora Penny a “note to Dorabella” - that’s exactly what he called his girlfriend, who was twenty years younger than him.

Once lived such a composer of British descent Edward Elgar. He was incredibly interested in cryptology. And the first cryptographic machines were even named in honor of his work, Enigma Variations.

Once he sent an encrypted message to his lover, who was a couple of decades younger. The message was called “Dorabella Note”. Unfortunately, neither the beloved nor the composer's friends knew what was written there.

Bail's only message, which was transcribed, says that the author left a huge amount of gold, silver and jewelry in a stone cellar at a depth of six feet

140 years ago, a brochure was presented to humanity, which allegedly describes a huge treasure. Today it would be worth $ 60 million.

They managed to decrypt one of the messages. The author claims to have left a lot of jewelry in the cellar. The catch is that the location of the cellar is encrypted in another message.

California's famous serial killer, nicknamed the Zodiac, teased San Francisco police with several ciphers

California police "terrorized" serial killer nicknamed Zodiac. He stated that his codes would reveal to the police the location of bombs buried in different parts of the city. He sent parts of the ciphers to local newspapers. Then, one teacher saw them was able to solve the code.

The message said: “I like to kill people because it is so much fun. This is more fun than killing wild animals in the forest, because man is the most dangerous animal of all. Killing gives me the most thrills.

This is even better than sex. The best thing is when I die. I will be born again in paradise, and everyone I killed will become my slaves.

I will not tell you my name because you will want to slow down or stop the recruitment of slaves for my afterlife. ”

It is noteworthy that the man who claimed responsibility for the killing of 37 people was never found.

In December 1948, a man’s body was found on Somerton Beach in Australia. The identity of the deceased was never established, and the case is shrouded in mystery to this day.

On one of the beaches of Australia, a corpse was found, still unidentified, in 1948. A Somerton man was wearing a white shirt, tie, brown knitted pullover, and taupe jacket. He did not have any documents and, even, his teeth could not be "broken" according to any of the dental records.

With him, he had only a piece of paper with the words “tamam shud”, or “finished” in Persian. There is a version that this is the name of an excerpt from the book of Omar Khayyam.

The book was found and a local telephone number and an encrypted message was written on the inside of the cover.

In addition, a suitcase with things was found in the storage room of a nearby railway station, but this did not help establish the identity of the murdered person. Nobody knew who this murdered man was.

Documents cannot be dated, however, according to the popular version, blitz codes are the work of the occultists or masons of the 18th century

Seven years ago another mystery was unveiled. Blitz Ciphers - These are a few pages discovered during the Second World War. They are full of strange drawings and encrypted words. Documents contain more than 50 unique calligraphic characters.

When they were created, it was not yet possible to find out. The most common version is the work of the occultists or masons of the 18th century.

The mysterious death of celebrities

Their whole life path is shrouded in secrets, many of which have not been solved to this day. But their death is no less mysterious ... Wuzzup presents to your attention 15 stars who died under mysterious circumstances.

15. Michael Jackson

The death of Michael Jackson was discussed very widely, and amazing details of what happened did not escape the attention of the public. Jackson was found dead on June 25, 2009 by his attending physician Conrad Murray, who stated that the singer was not breathing and did not respond to resuscitation attempts.

An ambulance was called, Jackson was taken to the nearest hospital, where they officially declared death. There are many strange circumstances in the case: a lethal dose of propofol and a sedative, benzodiazepine, was found in the singer’s blood.

This caused widespread outrage, since the drugs were provided to Jackson by Murray, the same doctor. It is still unclear why the singer took these drugs in such large doses, conspiracy theories speak of both murder and suicide with the help of an outsider.

Be that as it may, although this death was most likely accidental, Murray spent two years in prison for manslaughter.

14. Jim Morrison

Doors band leader Jim Morrison was found dead in a bath in his apartment in Paris on the morning of July 3, 1971, he was 27 years old. The mysterious rumors surrounding Morrison’s death are fueled by the fact that, oddly enough, no one performed an autopsy.

Morrison's friend Pamela Kurson claimed that Morrison died from a fatal overdose of heroin, she believed that it was a fatal accident and that Jim confused heroin with cocaine. However, although a heart attack was indicated as the official cause of death, we do not know the exact cause, because

there was no autopsy and the body was in the apartment with Kurson, until he was buried three days later at the Pere Lachaise cemetery. There is something oddly unpleasant about the fact that Kurson lied to the US embassy, ​​claiming that Morrison has no close relatives, in order to expedite the burial. They say that there was not even a priest at the funeral.

Well, the last fact is like a cherry on a cake: no one knows the name of the doctor who witnessed the death of Morrison, because Kurson claims that he cannot remember his name.

13. Bruce Lee

For the first time, Brice Lee felt a serious malaise on May 10, 1973 on the set of the movie “Dragon's Exit”. He was rushed to the hospital, as he suffered from severe headaches and cramps. Doctors diagnosed brain edema, treatment was successful and Bruce was able to return to work.

Unfortunately, a little over a month later, on July 20, Lee again had a headache. He complained about this on the set of partner, Betty Ting Pei, and she gave him a pill for the headache “Ecuestic”, the tablet contained aspirin and a tranquilizer meprobameyt.

Later, Lie down to rest, but no matter how much he was awakened, he did not wake up. When Bruce Lee died, all the media discussed this tragic event, there was no end to rumors and speculation. According to one theory, it was the revenge of a secret criminal organization called the Triad. Allegedly, they cursed Bruce Lee.

Officially, it was "death by negligence": the drug included in the pill was not compatible with Li's disease, and caused a fatal reaction.

12. Brittany Murphy

The investigation into the tragic death of Brittany Murphy definitely left more questions than answers. Murphy passed out in the bathroom at her home in Los Angeles on the morning of December 20, 2009.

She was immediately taken to the nearest hospital, but the doctors had only to state death after suffering a heart attack. Murphy was only 32 years old.

At first, her death was explained only by an unfortunate combination of circumstances - pneumonia and taking medications against the background of anemia, which in this combination led to death.

However, conspiracy theories later emerged, mainly based on the fact that her husband, Simon Monjack, died just five months after Brittany, and with very similar symptoms. In 2013, Brittany's father Murphy initiated independent testing on Murphy's hair, blood, and tissue, and the study found a high level of 10 heavy metals. Perhaps the matter is unclean and it was poisoning.

11. Jimi Hendrix

The rock icon Jimi Hendrix died on September 18, 1970, he was only 27 years old. They say that he died in a dream in the apartment of his girlfriend Monica Danneman, choking on vomit, after taking a dose of barbiturates 18 times the recommended dose and drinking the whole thing with red wine.

And although there is evidence that in his last days Hendricks looked bad and felt bad, many still believe that something in this whole story does not add up.

For example, there is a problem: Danneman claimed that when she found Jimmy suffocating, she called an ambulance and accompanied her boyfriend to the hospital, but he died on the way there.

However, ambulance workers told another version of what happened: when they arrived at the apartment, there was nobody but a dead body on the bed. They say that Danneman, giving official testimony, was constantly confused and changed his version.

10. Bob Marley

Bob Marley died on May 11, 1981 from malignant melanoma. The strange circumstances of Marley’s death are sometimes associated with how the reggae legend’s disease was discovered.It was like this: Marley injured his big toe while playing soccer and a doctor was called to him who, according to rumors, gave the artist an injection of an unknown drug.

Many people, even today, still hold the view that this may have been an attempt on the singer’s life and caused his illness.

Doctors recommended that the finger be amputated, but Marley refused the operation because of his religious beliefs, melanoma progressed, metastasized to the lungs and brain, which led to the death of Bob Marley at age 36.

9. Heath Ledger

Heath Ledger was found dead on January 22, 2008, he was only 28 years old. The mystery, shrouded in darkness: after all, was it suicide or not? The actor was lying on the floor of his Manhattan apartment, surrounded by a pile of pills, some of which were prescribed to him, and some not.

Many conspiracy theory advocates that Heath Ledger was so immersed in the role of the Joker (in the movie The Dark Knight) that he was no longer able to separate himself from his character, which drove him crazy. However, this is only speculation, because There was no farewell note, and he had bought large quantities of medicine in the past before.

Nevertheless, his death remains mysterious and frightening, and no one knows what he had in mind in the last days before the tragic death.

8. Natalie Wood

Actress Natalie Wood died on November 29, 1981, death was recognized as accidental and came as a result of hypothermia and drowning. It is believed that Wood fell into the water while traveling on a yacht with her husband Robert Wagner, Brainstorm partner Christopher Walken and the ship's captain.

Moreover, all three men claim that they did not see how Natalie Wood fell overboard. It was found that in the blood of Wood, the alcohol content at the time of death was 0.14 percent, and pain medications were also found in the blood.

And although these reasons are quite enough to explain the fall overboard, there are still details that do not fit into a harmonious picture. For example, the actress died at about 12 noon, and no alarms were given for another hour and a half.

In addition, they say that Wood untied the boat - where did she intend to go on it? Or rather, why? Well and another suspicious touch: the body of the actress was found a mile from the yacht and she was only wearing a nightgown.

1. Swedish skull stakes

In 2009, archaeologists found an 8000-year-old Stone Age settlement known as Kanaljorden in southeastern Sweden. At the excavation site at the bottom of the former lake, fragments of the skulls of 11 people were found in a mass grave. Oddly enough, the bases of two of these skulls were pierced with wooden stakes. No one knows who these people were and why they were buried in such a strange way. Archaeologists also cannot explain why the temporal bone of another woman was found inside the skull of one woman inside. One theory is that it was some kind of ritual. Another theory is that the Swedes killed their enemies in battle and brought their heads home as trophies.

2. New facts about Tutankhamun

Since then, the tomb of Tutankhamun was first discovered in 1922, the cause of the premature death of the Egyptian pharaoh (he died at 19 in 1323 BC) is the subject of endless debate. One theory says that Tutankhamun crashed in an accident on a chariot, while other historians suggest that he was attacked by a hippo or a horse kicked. These theories are based on the fact that a huge trauma was discovered on the boy's chest. Nevertheless, some experts believe that the injury was posthumous, and thieves inflicted it in the 20th century, when no one guarded the pharaoh’s grave during the Second World War. According to recent analyzes, scientists suggested that Tutankhamun died due to serious health problems caused by genetic disorders due to inbreeding of his parents.

3. Sahara skeletons - evidence of the first known intercommunal conflict

On the outskirts of the Sahara desert in northern Sudan, archaeologists and anthropologists studied human remains found in the Jebel Sahaba cemetery east of the Nile River. Skeletons, which are 13,000 years old, are the oldest ever found in official cemeteries. But more importantly, they may be victims of the first known intercommunal conflict in the world that has been raging for months or even years. Most of the victims died from wounds inflicted by flint-tipped arrows. Scientists believe that these people were the ancestors of modern African-Americans, but so far the identity of those who attacked this tribe or community has not been established. It is possible that their enemies were of a completely different race or ethnic group.

4. The mysterious poisoning of the Italian commander

The warlord and ruler of Verona of the Renaissance, Can Grande della Scala, died in 1329 due to a stomach ailment. But at the opening of his mummy in 2015, it turned out that the ruler was actually poisoned with digitalis poison (which causes nausea, vomiting and diarrhea in small quantities and cardiac arrest in case of an overdose). In July 1329, 38-year-old Can Grande arrived in the city of Treviso that he had recently conquered. A few days later he had a fever, vomiting and diarrhea. Symptoms progressed rapidly and Can Grande died four days later. At that time, it was believed that he died from drinking contaminated water. But during a modern autopsy, researchers found digitalis pollen in the rectum, liver, and stool samples of the ruler of Verona.

5. The brutal warriors of Mesa Verde

At the end of the 13th century, the number of inhabitants of Mesa Verde (central Colorado) fell in just three decades from 40,000 to zero. A 2014 study by the University of Washington may partially shed light on the unusual violence that affected the disappearance of this culture. Archaeologist Tim Kohler found that almost 90 percent of all skeletons in this area belonged to people who died in 1140-1180 and had head or arm injuries. This means that many of them died a violent death. Kohler believes that this happened as a result of the war of Mesa Verde and Rio Grande.

6. Mayan victims

In the old Mayan city of Uxul (Campeche, Mexico), archaeologists from the University of Bonn excavated, unexpectedly making a terrible find in a man-made cave, which was once a reservoir. They found 24 human skeletons, each of which was beheaded and dissected. Skulls were randomly scattered throughout the cave. Violent death was obvious, especially since traces of axes were preserved on many skulls, i.e., their heads were cut off. It remains a mystery who these people were and why they were killed in this way. Some of them had jade tooth inserts, which indicates a high social status.

7. Woman with the taken off flesh from the valley of the Devil

In the Philippines, 9,000 years ago, there was a bizarre funeral rite. All the flesh was removed from the corpse of an adult woman and their internal organs were removed, the bones were crushed, burned, and then they were placed in a small box, which was buried in a cave in the Devil's Valley. It was the first known cremation in Southeast Asia, and it is especially noteworthy for its complex ritual. The large bones of the arms, legs, and skull were broken with a hammer. Where the flesh of a woman went is unknown.

8. Mass grave of sacrificial children with llamas

Archaeologists once believed that the people of the Chimu civilization in northern Peru performed their ritual sacrifices only in the capital Chan Chan, which was conquered by the Incas in 1470. However, in 2011, a 600-year-old mass grave was found outside the former capital, in which lay the skeletons of 42 children and 76 lamas. Although the people of Chiang Chan built a sophisticated irrigation system that helped their cities prosper, only about 0.25 cm of precipitation fell annually in this harsh desert region.Therefore, water has always been a valuable resource for this community. In the summer of 2014, archaeologists discovered another victim at the Chimu habitat. It is believed that all these deaths occurred as part of a religious ritual.

1. Headless Valley, Canada

This place got its terrible name because of a whole series of tragic incidents. At the end of the 19th century, gold was discovered here, and fortune hunters reached the valley. In 1898, a group of 6 gold miners disappeared without a trace. 7 years later, two Macleud brothers and their friend Robert Veer disappeared in the same valley. After 3 years, 9 decapitated corpses were accidentally discovered.
Mysterious disappearances of people continue in the valley to this day.

The locals themselves are convinced that all deaths are the work of squealers. Creatures similar to hairy giant people were often seen here, their traces were even more often found.

In fact, most likely, this is the work of a gang of gunmen working in the valley, who hunt for gold prospectors and their prey. However, the police do not confirm this conjecture.

9. Remains of Casta Hill

In the Greek northern province of Macedonia, during the excavation of Casta Hill, archaeologists have discovered another secret. An approximately 60-year-old woman whose remains were found in the largest grave ever excavated in northern Greece was identified as the Olympics. The mother of Alexander of Macedon was executed by Cassander, one of the commanders-dyadohs who took control of the empire of Alexander after his death. In order to guarantee his place on the throne, Cassander destroyed all of Alexander’s closest relatives, including his mother, the Olympics, his wife Roxanne, and his young son Alexander.

2. Valley of Falling Birds, India

In the last days of summer in the Indian state of Assam in the mountain valley of Jating unusual events occur. At night, closer to midnight, flocks of birds fly here in an almost unconscious state.

The birds circle low - the locals even knock them with sticks, and then cook at the stake. Many birds fall to the ground and do not even try to escape from the hands of the person lifting them.

Residents of the valley are sure: it is the gods who reward them for a righteous life, sending easy prey.

Scientists have found that the hypnotic behavior of birds (lack of self-preservation instinct and body reactions to external stimuli) is formed only with the obligatory combination of factors such as new moon, wind and dark.

Based on this, it is possible to voice the hypothesis that there is a short-term geomagnetic anomaly in a given area, which, when all of the listed natural factors coincide, has such an unusual effect on the birds living in the area.

10. Kennevik man

Kennevik man is a prehistoric skeleton, whose age dates from 9300 years. This was sued by eight prominent anthropologists and archaeologists against Native American tribes and the US government, who wanted to prevent the scientific investigation of the remains and bury them. It all started in the summer of 1996, when a couple of teenagers accidentally found a skull on the banks of the Columbia River in Kennevik, Washington. Soon, almost a whole skeleton was found. The stumbling block for scientists was that Kennewick man looked completely different than the American Indians. In 2004, a federal appeals court ruled that the Kennewick man was too old to be relevant to existing Native Americans. As a result, scientists were able to study the remains. They found that Kennewick was about 40 years old when he died. His height was 175 centimeters, and weight about 75 kilograms. He was incredibly strong, but had many injuries, the origin of which remains a mystery.

In continuation of the historical theme, we will tell you about one of the most mysterious places on the planet: a 7-meter boulder that violates the laws of physics.

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3. Death Valley, USA

Contrary to popular legends, this place is not connected with the disappearance of people and the death of cattle - the valley got its name during the California Gold Rush. Here you can observe unusual creeping stones - many saw them, but only 2 years ago recorded on the camera.

Tracks stretching for many kilogram boulders reach several tens of meters.

Scientists led by paleobiologist Richard Norris (Richard Norris) reported that they revealed the secret of moving stones in Death Valley.

According to them, the movement of stones is influenced by daily temperature drops in winter, coastal wind, the nature of the soil at the bottom of a nearby lake, and even climate change. In their opinion, due to general warming, such movements began to occur less frequently.

4. Drossolidides, Greece

Near the castle of Franca Castello on the Greek island of Crete, many locals and tourists were faced with an amazing timing (an event from the past) called "Drossolides", which means "droplets of moisture."

According to them, in the early summer morning over the sea, shrouded in fog, strange outlines of warriors appear and sometimes the sound of battle can be clearly heard. After some time, the chronomyrage disappears at the castle walls. A fierce battle between Turks and Greeks took place at this place in the middle of the 19th century. All who have observed this mystical phenomenon claim that the phantoms of these very soldiers appear at the castle.

Researcher Andrei Perepelitsyn believes that elementary particles with sufficiently high energies, moving in air saturated with water vapor, leave a trail of water droplets. They may be able to ionize the air and "appear" in foggy images before the dew falls. And the rest is a matter of human imagination.

Perhaps, chrono-mirages cause magnetic storms or geomagnetic disturbances in some small area. To find out, further studies are necessary, taking into account the possible impact of these factors.

5. Dead Lake, Kazakhstan

This small lake in the Taldykurgan region of Kazakhstan from the side seems completely ordinary, but even in the hottest summer it remains terribly cold. There is absolutely no life in the lake: fish are not found here, even aquatic insects do not live.

And people are constantly drowning in the lake. Also frightening is the fact that the dead lake drowned do not float to the surface, but, on the contrary, sink to the bottom and stand there straight as candles. Even professional divers with equipment cannot be in the water of this lake for longer than 5 minutes. For some inexplicable reason, they begin to suddenly suffocate, although their cylinders are still full of air.

According to one version, mystical rumors are associated with the phenomenon of hypersolarization of water and the purple bacteria that live there, emitting hydrogen sulfide. Even in small doses, it actively affects the human psyche.

There is also an assumption that there is a cleft at the bottom of the lake, from which toxic gas is released, which kills all life. However, they are not going to conduct separate scientific studies of Dead Lake in Kazakhstan yet.

6. Hollow of black bamboo heizhu, China

Hundreds of people annually enter these bamboo wilds and stay there forever. Moreover, everything disappears completely without a trace - no traces, no bodies, no personal things. Documented cases of people missing here originate from the middle of the last century.

In 1950, for an unknown reason, an airplane crashed here. Interestingly, there were no technical malfunctions on board, the crew did not give distress signals and did not report any oddities. The plane, along with all the people, simply disappeared.

Of course, locals talk about portals to parallel worlds and time paradoxes that transport people from the hollow to some other reality.

But scientists from the Chinese Academy of Sciences revealed a completely unique structure of geological rocks in this place, as well as recorded the release of deadly toxic fumes, which turned out to be the product of decay of some tree species, of which there is an abundance. Researchers also noted a difficult local climate with unexpectedly and dramatically changing weather, and strong geomagnetic radiation.

7. Plackley Village, England

Residents of the English village of Plakli claim that there are already 12 ghosts in their village. The Plaklians say that all the ghosts once lived in this village, but died or died a long time ago.

Skeptics are sure that the population of the village is simply flattered by the attention of tourists who constantly gather to stare at ghosts.

However, when a group of researchers arrived in the village in 2011, something inexplicable happened. Hordes of flies descended on Plakli, and this at almost zero temperature at the beginning of winter. Researchers had to return with nothing.

8. Palmyra Island, Pacific Ocean

The ship of the American captain Edmund Fanning in 1798 crashed off the coast of Palmyra - a small uninhabited atoll with an area of ​​only 12 square meters. km Many of those who tried to swim to the island drowned or were eaten by sharks. 10 people were saved, and in 2 months only three survived on the island. Survivors claimed that the rest was killed by the island.

During World War II, Palmyra was used by U.S. airplanes for landing. However, everyone who was at different times on the island maintained that he aroused fear, depression, anger and hatred in them. Some unexpectedly took their accounts with life for no apparent reason, while others, on the contrary, suddenly went crazy and killed their friends and colleagues. Almost everyone says that the island was scary all the time.

Some speculate about the existence of a certain religious sect on the island. Scientist Mershan Marine believes that there is some unknown, hostile creature on the atoll. Many support this idea and try to prove that the island itself is alive. Having lured his beauty into a trap, he kills his careless guests. And there are exotic versions, for example, that the gates to another dimension are located on the atoll.

Be that as it may, there are few people who would like to visit Palmyra, especially after 1986, when the American radioactive waste burial site appeared on the island.

9. Overton Bridge, Scotland

In 1951, a dog jumped from this 15-meter bridge for no apparent reason. It would seem just an accident. But already by 1955 there were already more than 50 such suicide dogs. Moreover, it is noteworthy that all dogs for jumping always chose the same place - between the last two spans on the right side of the bridge.

Until now, an average of 1 dog per month jumps from this bridge. Surprisingly, some animals that managed to survive after this suicide attempt recovered and again went to the bridge to jump.

Animal behavior expert David Sexton found that the ground just beneath the site of the dogs' fall is simply filled with traces of mice and minks. The urine of the males of these animals acts very strongly on dogs and cats. A further experiment only confirmed the ethologist’s theory. He spread the smell of animals living under the bridge and observed the behavior of ordinary dogs. As a result, only 2 out of 30 dogs - with short muzzles and small noses - remained calm. The rest ran thoughtlessly to the source of the smell, almost without looking around as if enchanted.

10. Aokigahara Forest, Japan

Translated from Japanese, the name of this place sounds like "the plain of blue trees." But most often it is called the "forest of suicides." They say that in the Middle Ages the local poor, driven to despair by the lack of food, brought their elderly relatives here and left them to die in this forest.Since then, restless souls have wandered through the forest, waiting for lonely travelers, wanting to avenge them for all their suffering.

Until now, from 70 to 100 bodies of people who decide to commit suicide are found in the forest every year. Many specially come to this forest to take their own lives, but rumor has it that some of the forest itself "persuades" it. As if the one who turned off the paved hiking trails to the side, immediately grips with severe anguish and depression. So strong that the poor fellow immediately puts his hands on himself.

So far, only the fact that at the foot of Mount Fuji in the "forest of suicides" the compass does not work is reliably known. A strong magnetic anomaly is observed there, which, most likely, has a tremendous effect on humans.

Right at the entrance to Aokigahar’s territory there is a sign about the following content: “Your life is the most invaluable gift you received from your parents. Think about your family. Do not suffer alone, call us on the phone

7. Marilyn Monroe

The death of Marilyn Monroe on August 5, 1962 is one of the most talked about, if not the most talked about, star deaths. Monroe died of an overdose of barbiturates, she was only 36 years old.

Although the Hollywood icon has suffered from substance abuse in recent years, along with mental health problems, many still believe that there is something strange about her death.

Monroe was found dead in the bedroom of her house at 3 a.m., she was discovered by a housekeeper and psychiatrist, death was recognized as suicide, because she took a huge amount of barbiturates.

Nevertheless, in the following years, numerous theories appeared - that it was not suicide, but an accidental overdose, that the Kennedy brothers were to blame, and that this was due to the mafia boss Sam Jayankana .

6. John Lennon

John Lennon was killed on December 8, 1980 by a “reborn Christian” Mark David Chapman at the entrance to the Dakota apartment building in New York where Lennon lived. Lennon’s murder is still a mystery to many, as people can’t understand what exactly made Chapman point his gun at the legendary musician and shoot five times.

Many believe that the facts do not explain everything and that Lennon’s death must be part of something more, there is even a theory about the CIA conspiracy to “remove” Lennon, according to this theory, Chapman was recruited by the secret service.

A strange circumstance is the fact that when Chapman was arrested, he had with him the book "The Catcher in the Rye", and he said that he acted in the image and likeness of the protagonist of this novel.

5. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Martin Luther King, Jr. was killed on April 4, 1964 by James Earl Ray at the Lorraine Motel in Memphis. An activist for civil rights throughout his career received many threats, but he took this risk and did not believe that because of this he had to stop the struggle for equal rights.

King was shot by a sniper as he stood on the balcony of his room.

Over the past 50 years, King’s death has been the subject of numerous conspiracy theories: was Ray just a racist or was someone behind him? There are theories that the government is involved in this story, as well as a theory that revolves around scraps of paper with the words "Raul" found in Ray's car.

4. Elvis Presley

Elvis Presley died in the bathroom of his Graceland mansion on August 16, 1977 at the age of 42.

It was stated that the king of rock and roll died of a heart attack, but later it turned out that a number of drugs were found in Presley’s blood at the time of death, among them codeine, the level of which was 10 times the recommended level. This information shocked the world media, and they vied to announce that Presley had been killed.

At the time of Elvis's death, his health was in terrible condition: he weighed almost 160 kg and was almost bedridden. And still there are still people wondering what it was: suicide, murder or a tragic accident.

3. Kurt Cobain

The body of Kurt Cobain was discovered by electrician Gary Smith on April 8, 1994, Smith arrived to install a security system, climbed the stairs to the greenhouse above the garage and saw a mannequin lying on the floor through the glass door (as he first thought).

It is believed that Cobain barricaded himself in the greenhouse on April 5, wrote a suicide note addressed to an imaginary friend named Boddakh, introduced himself a mixture of valium and heroin, then lay down on the floor, put his gun in his mouth, resting his legs on the other end of the gun, and pressed trigger.

The main reason for the existence of many conspiracy theories about this death is the mass of inconsistency and contradictions identified during the trial: for example, the Seattle police examined the gun only a month later, and the prints on the weapons were smeared, which allowed experts to claim that they were someone wiped it off.

Many also claim that the note written by Cobain is actually not a farewell letter from the suicide, but rather a statement that he is stopping the music business.

Private detective Tom Grant, whom Courtney Love hired in an attempt to track down her husband a few days before his death, is the main proponent of the theory that Cobain’s death was not a result of suicide, but murder. Grant has several strong arguments in favor of his theory and he continues to persistently uphold it.

2. Black Dahlia

The brutal death of aspiring actress Elizabeth Short is one of the most famous and odious murders in history. Although Short was not as famous as other people on this list, her death is perhaps the most mysterious of all.

On January 15, 1947, the disfigured body of Elizabeth Short was found on an orphaned plot of land on South Norton Avenue in Leimert Park, near the border of the city of Los Angeles. The body was cut into two parts at the waist and dismembered. The killer was never found.

There is a theory that this murder is associated with the Cleveland Butcher - an unidentified serial killer, but does not go further than theory.

1. Princess Diana

There are an infinite number of conspiracy theories regarding the death of Princess Diana in a car accident on August 31, 1997.

Mohammed Al-Fayed, father of a friend of Diana Dodi, who also died in that accident, believes that his son and Diana were killed, Fayed conducted a police investigation in 2004, which resulted in no less than 175 different versions.

One of them is based, of course, on the fact that Diana was pregnant with Dodi and, according to rumors, they were engaged to each other, so their death could not be an accident: the future king of England hardly needs a half-brother with such an unsuitable pedigree.

Another version claims that the death of Diana should be blamed on the paparazzi chasing the car. There is also information that two unidentified black cars drove behind Diana’s car, which then fell through the ground.

The 15 most mysterious events in history that have remained a mystery

Each of these mysterious stories could be called a detective story. But in detectives, as you know, all secrets are revealed to the last page. And in these stories the answer is still far away, although over some of them humanity has been puzzling for decades. Perhaps we are not destined to find clues for them? Or will the veil of secrecy ever open slightly? And what do you think?

43 missing Mexican students

In 2014, 43 students from a pedagogical college from Ayotzinapa went to a demonstration in Iguala, where the mayor's wife was to speak to the residents.The corrupt mayor instructed the police to rid him of this problem.

On his orders, police detained students, and two students and three random witnesses died as a result of a hard detention. The remaining students, as it turned out, were handed over to the local criminal syndicate Guerreros Unidos. The next day, the body of one of the students was found on the street with skin stripped from his face.

Later found the remains of two more students. Relatives and friends of students organized mass demonstrations, provoking a full-blown political crisis in the country. The corrupt mayor, his friends and the police chief tried to escape, but were detained a few weeks later.

The provincial governor resigned, several dozen police officers and officials were arrested. And only one thing remained a mystery - the fate of almost four dozen students is still unknown.

Oak Island Money Pit

Off the coast of Nova Scotia, in Canadian territory, there is a small island - Oak Island, or Oak Island. There is the famous "money pit". According to legend, the locals found it back in 1795.

This is a very deep and complex mine, in which, according to legend, innumerable treasures lurk. Many tried to get into it - but the design is insidious, and after the treasure hunter has dug to a certain depth, the mine begins to flood intensively with water.

They say that daredevils found at a depth of 40 meters a stone tablet with a scratched inscription: "Two million pounds buried 15 meters deeper." Not one generation tried to get the promised treasure out of the pit.

Even the future president, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, when he was a student at Harvard, came to Oak Island with his friends to try his luck. But the treasure is not given to anyone. Yes and whether he is there.

Who was Benjamin Kyle?

In 2004, an unknown man woke up outside a Burger King diner in Georgia. He was not wearing clothes, there were no documents with him, but the worst thing was that he did not remember anything about himself. That is, absolutely nothing! The police conducted a thorough investigation, but could not find the traces: neither missing people with such signs, nor relatives who would have identified him from the photo.

Soon he was given the name Benjamin Kyle, under whom he continues to live until now. Without documents and evidence of some kind of education, he could not find a job, but one local businessman, learning about him from a television program, out of pity gave him the place of a dishwasher. He works there now.

The doctors ’efforts to awaken his memory, and the police’ efforts to find his previous traces, did not yield results.

Severed legs

“Severed Legs Shore” is the name given to the shore on the northwest Pacific coast of British Columbia. He got this terrible name because the locals several times found here severed human legs shod in sneakers or sneakers.

From 2007 to the present, 17 have been found, most of them right-wing. There are several theories that explain why feet are thrown to this shore - natural disasters, the work of a serial killer ... some even claim that the mafia destroys the bodies of its victims on this remote beach.

But none of these theories looks convincing, but where the truth is, no one knows.

The Dancing Death of 1518

One day in the summer of 1518 in Strasbourg, a woman suddenly began to dance in the middle of the street. She danced wildly until she fell from fatigue. The strangest thing is that others gradually joined her. A week later, 34 people danced in the city, and a month later - 400. Many dancers died from overwork and heart attacks.

Doctors did not know what to think, and the clergy also could not in any way drive the demons that dwell in dancers. In the end, it was decided to leave the dancers alone. The fever gradually came to naught, but no one recognized what caused it.They talked about some special kind of epilepsy, about poisoning, and even about a secret, pre-coordinated religious ceremony.

But the scientists of that time did not find the exact answer.

Alien Signal

On August 15, 1977, Jerry Eman, who monitored signals from space at the Volunteer Center for the Study of Extraterrestrial Civilizations, caught a signal at a random radio frequency, apparently coming from deep space, from the constellation Sagittarius.

This signal was much stronger than the cosmic noise that Eman used to hear on the air. It lasted only 72 seconds and consisted of a completely specific, in the observer's opinion, completely random list of letters and numbers, which, however, was accurately reproduced several times in a row.

Eman disciplinedly recorded the sequence reported about it to colleagues in the search for aliens. However, further listening to this frequency yielded nothing, as well as any attempts to catch at least some signal from the constellation Sagittarius.

What it was - a joke of completely earthly jokers or an attempt by an extraterrestrial civilization to get in touch with us - no one still knows.

Unknown from Somerton Beach

And here is another perfect kill, the secret of which has not yet been revealed. On December 1, 1948, in Australia, on the Somerton Beach in southern Adelaide, the body of an unknown man was discovered.

There were no documents with him, only in one of his pockets was found a note with two words: "Taman Shud." It was a string from the ruby ​​of Omar Khayyam, meaning "end". The causes of the death of the unknown could not be determined.

The forensic investigator considered the issue to be poisoning, but could not prove it. Others believed that it was a suicide, but this statement was also unproven. The mysterious affair excited not only Australia, but the whole world.

They tried to establish the identity of the unknown in almost all countries of Europe and America, but the efforts of the police proved futile, and the history of Taman Shud remained covered in a veil of secrecy.

Confederate Treasures

This legend still haunts American treasure seekers - and not just them. According to legend, when the northerners were already close to victory in the Civil War, the treasurer of the Confederate government, George Trenholm, in desperation decided to deprive the winners of their legitimate booty - the treasury of the southerners. The Confederate President Jefferson Davis personally took on this mission.

He left Richmond with his guard with a huge load of gold, silver and jewelry. Nobody knows where they went, but when the northerners captured Davis, there were no jewelry with him, and 4 tons of Mexican gold dollars also disappeared without a trace. Davis never revealed the secret of gold.

Some believe that he gave it to South planters to bury it until better times, others that it was buried somewhere in the vicinity of Danville, Virginia. Some believe that the secret society of the “Knights of the Golden Circle”, secretly preparing revenge in the Civil War, laid its paw on him. Some even say that the treasure is hidden at the bottom of the lake.

Dozens of treasure hunters are still looking for him, but none of them can get to the bottom of the truth or money.

Voynich manuscript

The mysterious book, known as the “Voynich manuscript”, is named after the American second-hand book dealer of Polish origin Wilfred Voynich, who bought it from an unknown person in 1912. In 1915, taking a closer look at the find, he told the whole world about it - and since then many have not known peace.

According to scientists, the manuscript was written in the XV-XVI centuries in central Europe. The book has a lot of text written in a fine handwriting, hundreds of drawings depicting plants, most of which are unknown to modern science.

Here are signs of the zodiac, medicinal herbs, accompanied by text, apparently, recipes for their use. However, the content of the text is only the speculation of scientists who have not been able to understand it.

The reason is simple: the book is written in a language still unknown on Earth, which is also practically undecipherable. Who wrote the Voynich manuscript and why, we may not know even through the centuries.

Karst wells in Yamal

In July 2014, an inexplicable explosion was heard on Yamal, as a result of which a huge well appeared in the ground, the width and height of which reached 40 meters! Yamal is not the most populated place on the planet, so no one was hurt from the explosion and the appearance of failure.

However, such a strange and potentially dangerous phenomenon required explanation, and a scientific expedition set off for Yamal. It included everyone who could be useful for studying a strange phenomenon, from geographers to experienced mountain climbers.

Nevertheless, having arrived, they still failed to figure out the reasons and the nature of the incident.

Not only that - while the expedition was working, two more similar failures appeared on the Yamal Peninsula in exactly the same way! Until now, scientists have managed to express only one version - about periodic explosions of natural gas coming to the surface from under the ground. However, experts consider it unconvincing. Yamal failures remain a mystery.

Antikythera mechanism

Discovered by treasure seekers on a sunken ancient Greek ship at the beginning of the 20th century, this device, which at first seemed like another artifact, turned out to be, no less, the first analog computer in history! A complex system of bronze discs, made with precision and accuracy, unthinkable in those days, made it possible to calculate the position of stars and stars in the sky, the time in accordance with different calendars and the dates of the Olympic Games. According to the analysis, the device was manufactured at the turn of the millennium - about a century before the birth of Christ, 1600 years before the discoveries of Galileo and 1700 before the birth of Isaac Newton. This device has overtaken its time by more than a thousand years and still amazes scientists.

Sea people

The Bronze Age, which lasted from approximately XXXV to the X century BC, was the heyday of several European and Middle Eastern civilizations at once - Greek, Cretan, and Hanan. People developed metallurgy, created impressive architectural monuments, and tools were complicated.

It seemed that mankind was making great strides towards prosperity. But everything collapsed in a few years. The civilized peoples of Europe and Asia were attacked by a horde of "people of the sea" - barbarians on countless ships. They burned and smashed cities and villages, burned food, killed and took people into slavery. After their invasion, ruins remained everywhere.

Civilization was thrown back at least a thousand years ago. In the once powerful and educated countries, writing disappeared, many secrets of building and working with metals were lost. The most mysterious is that after the invasion the “sea people” disappeared as mysteriously as they appeared.

Scientists are still wondering who and where this people were from and what their future fate was. But there is no intelligible answer to this question yet.

The Murder of the Black Dahlia

Books and films were made about this legendary murder, but it was not possible to solve it. On January 15, 1947, 22-year-old aspiring actress Elizabeth Short was found brutally murdered in Los Angeles. Her naked body was brutally mocked: it was almost cut in half and bore traces of many injuries.

In this case, the body was completely washed and completely devoid of blood. This story of one of the oldest unsolved murders was widely circulated by journalists, giving Short the nickname "Black Dahlia." Despite an active search, the police could not find the killer.

The case of the “black dahlia” is considered one of the oldest unsolved murders in Los Angeles.

Motor ship Ourang Medan

At the beginning of 1948, the Dutch vessel Ourang Medan sent an SOS signal while in the Strait of Mallaki, off the coast of Sumatra and Malaysia.According to eyewitnesses, the radio message said that the captain and the whole team were dead, and it ended with chilling words: "And I am dying."

The captain of the vessel "Silver Star", having heard a distress signal, went to search for "Ourang Medan". Having discovered a ship in the Strait of Malacca, sailors from Silver Star boarded the ship and saw that it was indeed full of corpses, and the cause of death was not visible on the bodies.

Soon, the rescuers noticed suspicious smoke coming from the hold and, just in case, preferred to return to their ship. And they did it right, because soon Ourang Medan exploded spontaneously and sank. Of course, because of this, the possibility of an investigation has become zero.

Why the team died and the ship exploded is still a mystery.

Baghdad Battery

Until recently, it was believed that humanity mastered the receipt and use of electric current only at the end of the XVIII century. However, an artifact found by archaeologists in the region of ancient Mesopotamia in 1936 casts doubt on this conclusion.

The device consists of a clay pot, in which the battery itself is hidden: an iron core wrapped in copper, which is believed to be filled with any acid, and then began to generate electricity.

For many years, archaeologists have debated whether the instruments really related to the generation of electricity.

In the end, they collected the same primitive products - and managed to get an electric current with their help! So, were they really able to arrange electric lighting in ancient Mesopotamia? Since there are no written sources of that era, this riddle will now probably forever haunt scientists.


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