For the sake of love for my wife, I abandoned blood children


Alexey Serebryakov

At the Kinotavr Film Festival, Sochi, 2014
Birth nameAlexey Valerevich Serebryakov
Date of BirthJuly 3, 1964 (1964-07-03) (55 years old)
Place of BirthMoscow, RSFSR, USSR
Citizenship USSR →
Nika Award for Best Actor - (2019)

Alexey Valerievich Serebryakov (born July 3, 1964, Moscow) - Soviet, Russian and Canadian film and theater actor, People's Artist of the Russian Federation (2010).

"When I lied to my mother, I felt ashamed"

- My dad is a design engineer, worked at the factory, was engaged in testing aircraft engines. Unfortunately, he has not been in this world for quite some time. Mom is a doctor, she worked as a doctor at the Gorky film studio. I think I had a normal Soviet childhood, even, probably, a happy one. He studied normally, was moderately hooligan, like all the boys. The main thing that I understood back then was not to hurt my own selfishness. When I lied to my mother, I felt ashamed. Since then, I try not to lie at all.

Parents gave, it seems to me, a good value system. Life has repeatedly proved that these values, the commandments are correct. So I live in peace. I want to think that I am a good son, and I try to be a good father myself, and I will be a normal grandfather too.

The first role - in the film "Eternal Call"

- In addition to the regular school, I went to music - to the button accordion class. This button accordion brought me to the cinema for the first time. My music teacher Vasily Dmitrievich Moskvichev had an anniversary. And since he was famous and well-deserved, a journalist came to our school to write a report. And Vasily Dmitrievich was just engaged with me. So in the photograph, which was then published in the newspaper, there was me too. Then the assistants from the studio saw this photo, and I got my first role - Dimka Saveliev in the film “Eternal Call”.

- Masha and I met in the 80s, as a student, at home with our mutual friends. I saw her - and that’s it. She then already danced in the Igor Moiseyev Ensemble, was a “major”, went on a tour to Paris and spoke French. And I. What am I? I didn’t go anywhere further than Mytishchi. It seemed to me that I would not be interested in her. So I did not dare to admit that I fell in love.

Then Masha left for Canada and married another there. We met again only ten years later. I came to a friend’s birthday, a big company gathered there, but the first person I saw in the apartment was a little girl - it turned out that this was Masha’s daughter.

When I met Masha this time, I didn’t let her go. I grabbed it - do not tear it! We then ran away from everyone to the country, and there I told her that I love. Masha left her husband. It was a pretty difficult test for everyone. The fact is that I knew the husband of my Masha and the father of her daughter Dasha. In absentia, but still I felt guilty before him. I had to take away the man’s one-year-old daughter only because I fell in love with his woman. But all this is passed and experienced. Since then we are together.

In my youth, of course, I fell in love. But I know for sure that Masha is my first true love. Big and for life. Masha is my only one. I love my wife, as in the most wonderful sentimental novels, and I will always love, pamper, help and protect. I always tried to do everything so that my loved ones were happy, that they did not need anything. Because I don’t really believe in "a paradise in a hut." I grabbed at any offers to act in films, worked non-stop, and even worked as a taxi driver at first to rent an apartment for us. Only later, later, the fees for shooting began to be enough, so as not to be afraid that "the family boat will break into everyday life." Before our departure to Canada, Masha worked for a long time as a choreographer at the Vakhtangov Theater. Masha is my mascot and teacher. She still educates me: manners, competent pronunciation, how to properly hold a porcelain cup of tea. And even if there will be complete chaos, I know that I have my family, my world, where I am always completely happy.

photo: Gennady Usoev / Global Look Press

- I dreamed of a big friendly family from the age of twenty and understood that family and children are the most important thing in life. Masha and I have three beautiful children. The eldest Dasha - the daughter of Masha from her first marriage - is already quite grown up. For the sake of love for Masha, I refused to have blood children - I could not give birth, although we tried for a long time. But our boys Danila and Stepan are in any case the most dear to us in the world. We adopted Danya when he was two years old. He was a very small and unsociable savage-orphanage. And there were health problems too. When he saw me, he immediately hung on me, and for a long time we stood embracing.

At that time, Masha and I went to various orphanages - just to help, chat with children. And then they adopted Stepa. He was already three and a half, but he did not talk, could not eat from a plate, he dragged everything in his mouth from the ground - ants, worms. But everything soon straightened out. Masha needs to erect a monument for this. Now he is absolutely wonderful talented handsome guy. I am ready to give my life for my children and tear my throat to anyone.

- I am very sorry that from the moment we moved to Canada, because of the law of the bastards adopted by the State Duma, we can not adopt anyone else. I took my family to Canada because I want my children to grow up in the understanding that knowledge, hard work are valued in the world, that it’s not necessary to be rude, to be aggressive and afraid of people. The idea to leave back in 2010, when we were burning forests and peat bogs. The authorities did not give a damn about people. But children must be protected. They should have a normal life. Masha and I, we both want our children - Dasha, Stepan and Dania - to be in a safe society with normal human values. We have a house in Canada - a small one, but we have enough. My family is, in general, all my happiness. The only thing that completely and completely occupies me is the family. My three children are more important to me than friends. I would very much like life to not offer to choose between friends and family.

I have people who are close to me in spirit. And there are many such people, thank God. I have no lack of communication with people who are much more interesting to me than myself. Without a doubt, this is Valera Todorovsky, and Andrei Sergeyevich Smirnov, and Andrei Sergeevich Konchalovsky, and Andrei Zvyagintsev, and Yura Bykov. Those people who are serious about life and everything that happens in it are close to me.

- In Moscow, we had three dogs - they lived with us, and we all somehow were housed in the same apartment in Starokonyushenny. All three dogs were foundlings. Now, in Canada, we have five of them. Last, fifth, it seems, a dachshund. At least very similar, well, maybe her grandfather or grandmother was a dachshund. She's street too. They all nailed in different ways to us, but all were somehow picked up from the street. Thanks to my Masha, she cares for them, feeds, treats, walks.

Photo: Alexey Serebryakov



Alexey Serebryakov was born in an intelligent family. His father was a design engineer for aircraft engines, and his mother was a doctor. For the first time he acted in films at the age of thirteen in the television series "Eternal Call", popular in Soviet times. It turned out quite by accident. The correspondent of the newspaper "Evening Moscow" came to the music school in which Alexei studied playing the button accordion to interview one of the teachers. A picture was taken for the newspaper, in which Alexey was also. Later, this photo was seen by the assistant directors Vladimir Krasnopolsky and Valery Uskov, who were looking for a boy for the role of the son of the hero Vadim Spiridonov. After such a successful start, the young actor began to be invited to other paintings. By the time he finished school, he had several main roles. He starred in the films Late Berry (1978), Father and Son (1979), Scarlet Epaulets (1980), The Last Escape (1980).

After school, Alexei Serebryakov entered the radio-television faculty of the Moscow Energy Institute, but did not start training - at the invitation of the main director he became an actor in the Syzran Drama Theater. After working for eight months, he returned to Moscow.

Personal life

In the mid-80s, Alexey met his wife, Maria, visiting mutual acquaintances. However, then the relationship did not work out. Masha got married and left with her husband in Canada, where she had a daughter, Dasha. They met again a few years later, when Mary came to visit her parents. Soon she divorced her husband and returned to Moscow. In addition to Dasha, Serebryakova has two adopted sons - Stepan and Danila. First, the family lived in Moscow and the Moscow region, and in 2012 moved to Canada. Serebryakov himself continues to act in Russia, and in between work he leaves for his family in Toronto.

"Our family is in a state of absolute peace. And even if there is complete shit around, I know that I have this small world where I can close and feel completely happy," says Alexey.

Childhood and youth

The future actor was born in the summer of 1964 in the capital of the USSR. Alexei’s father was an engineer, and his mother served as a staff doctor in Gorky’s studio. Alex was an excellent student and, in addition to general education, attended a music school, which played a huge role in the fate of Serebryakov.

Actor Alexei Serebryakov

The future actor first got into the world of cinema thanks to the directors of Mosfilm, being a 13-year-old boy. A photo of Serebryakov, in which he played the button accordion, fell into the hands of assistants. This case predetermined the biography of Alexei. During the filming of the film "Father and Son" they were just looking for an actor for the role of the son of the main character.

Also, the young artist received a similar role in the serial film "Eternal Call." His cinema father was Vadim Spiridonov, which Alexey turned out to be like. The telefilm received all-Union fame, and many members of the film crew became laureates of the USSR State Prize.

Alexei Serebryakov in the film "Eternal Call"

By the end of the school, Alexei Serebryakov had six main roles behind him. The desire to enter a theater university was unsuccessful: entrance exams were failed. The persistent guy tried to continue his studies at the Moscow Power Engineering Institute, but the business did not move beyond receipt.

The talented Serebryakov did not dare to spend years on the radio and television faculty when he received an offer to work in the Syzran theater. As a result, Alex began to collaborate with the Drama Theater, although at that time the young man was only 17 years old.

Alexey Serebryakov in childhood

The actor later recalled this act as an adventure. He was not even attracted by the salary of a professional actor or the recognition of the public, he went to the provinces in order to “sow the rational, the good, the eternal” with youthful ardor. But at the theater Alexey worked only one season and returned to Moscow, where he decided to continue his education.

In 1982, an already established artist decided to try his luck and pass the entrance exams at the Metropolitan College. M.S. Shchepkina. After 2 years, Alexei Serebryakov moved to GITIS. After another 2 years, he graduated and replenished the corpses of the studio under the supervision of Oleg Tabakov. In 1991, Serebryakov left the studio and began a new stage in his life. Subsequent performances with his participation took place on the Taganka stage.


Alexey’s film career was also replenished with new roles. In 1989, he played a karateka in the film “Fan”, which brought him success and popularity. In 1991, Serebryakov played another combat role, almost the Russian analogue of Rambo, in the film "Afghan Break." The success of this picture was deafening. The main guarantee of her popularity was the leading actor - Italian Michele Placido, who was loved and known in Russia. Alexey picture brought its share of popularity and love of fans.

Alexei Serebryakov in the movie "Afghan Break"

The fame of a talented young person grew rapidly. Numerous invitations to shoot films brought the artist another success and new experience. Films with Alexei Serebryakov were of a military criminal nature, and also replenished the genre of action movies. The painting "Highest Measure" received a response from a wide audience. In 1998, there was another leap in his career - Serebryakov received the title of Honored Artist. But by the end of the millennium, the actor began to appear less and less and not in such box office and rating projects. In the zero years, the actor began to appear in the series.

In 2000, starred in the crime serial film "Gangster Petersburg". His character became a member of the main love triangle of the series season. Alex wanted to abandon the role, but the director called the actor personally. The decisive factor for Serebryakova was that his long-time friends: Olga Drozdova and Dmitry Pevtsov were to become partners in the shooting. Alex agreed to play the role of a lawyer and made the right decision - the series became a cult.

Alexei Serebryakov in the series Gangster Petersburg

In 2003, Serebryakov played a selflessly devoted patriot in the adaptation of Bayazet Valentin Pikul. The series narrated about an episode of the distant Russian-Turkish war, about the painful defense of the Bayazet fortress, but touched on themes of heroism and love for the motherland. Later, the actor participated in the filming of other famous paintings, including the films "Shtrafbat", "Children of Vanyukhin", "Once upon a time there was a woman" and others. Later, the artist’s repertoire was replenished with works in Alexei Balabanov’s drama “Cargo 200”, Andrei Konchalovsky’s comedy “Gloss”, and Valery Todorovsky’s drama “Vise”.

In 2009, the actor was invited to play a role in a film of a genre rare at that time for Russia - in the fantastic action movie “Inhabited Island”. The film, although it did not pay off, was a box office film and had many positive reviews. The actor admitted that working in complex action scenes has become an interesting experience. The film crew put into practice techniques that were already used in the West, but were not yet present in Russian cinema.

Alexey Serebryakov in the movie "Inhabited Island"

At the same time, Alex was not satisfied with the semantic component of the film. Despite the stated anti-utopian motives, the picture did not reveal its idea and vision of society, from the point of view of Serebryakov. Before filming, the actor himself wrote 40 pages of edits and questions to the script that could close logical inconsistencies and create a more believable world in terms of the desires and motivations of the characters. Only a small part of the changes was accepted, many illogicalities were left to please beautiful moments.

Serebryakova is upset by this approach. He believes that science fiction can expose acute problems without risking a negative reaction and accusations of insult, but modern film distributors do not like such films, they need entertainment and technological innovations.

Alexey Serebryakov

After a series of successful projects (“Apocalypse Code”, “9th Company”, “Deadly Force”), another increase occurred. Alexei Serebryakov was awarded the title of People's Artist of Russia, which contributed to further growth in his career.

In 2012, Alexey and his family left for Canada. This was not a temporary solution, and the actor still lives in this country. The act was not shocking or a sign of immature maximalism, the actor made a decision consciously and at a serious age. Neither legal delays, nor the need to answer not only for himself, but also for his family, nor surprise and even condemnation from the audience and the press stopped him. At the same time, some fans reacted positively to the choice of an idol.

Alexei Serebryakov in the film "Tale. There is"

Over time, the actor’s fan page appeared on Instagram, where photos of Serebryakov are posted along with quotes from his interview.At the same time, the actor continues to appear in Russian cinema. The fact that the actor lives in Canada does not prevent him from participating in various filming.

In 2012, Alexei Serebryakov starred in the fantasy family film “Tale. There is". The films “Agent” and “Ladoga”, which were widely recognized by the male audience, followed the masculine theme. Serebryakov starred in the criminal film "PiraMMMida", the melodrama "The Terrorist Ivanova", the film adaptation of "The White Guard", the popular series "Fartsa".

Alexei Serebryakov and Elena Lyadova in the movie "Leviathan"

In 2014, Serebryakov played a major role in the social drama Leviathan, which hit both the western and Russian viewers. The actor became the representative of Russia in Cannes, of which he is undoubtedly proud. The film Leviathan by Zvyagintsev was nominated at the Cannes Film Festival and received an award. Alexei Serebryakov for the main role in this film was nominated for the European Academy Award. He considers Leviathan as his main painting.

The plot of the tape is based on the spirituality of the biblical character, but is interpreted as modern. The material is presented in an accessible popular format. The controversy surrounding the plot of the picture and its disapproval did not prevent the film from being awarded with worthy awards at foreign film festivals; Leviathan was nominated for an Oscar.

Alexei Serebryakov in the movie "Cain's Code"

In 2014, Alexei Serebryakov decided to take Canadian citizenship, but at the same time he did not refuse his Russian passport. He comes to Russia for filming at the invitation of the directors, so the problem with the visa regime is not difficult for him.

The actor continues to act, as before his departure, mainly in gloomy social and dramatic projects. 2015 brought him roles in the Belarusian-American project “The Cain Code”, which reinterprets biblical history in a modern way, in the surreal drama “Clinch” and in the rating detective series “Method”.

Alexei Serebryakov in the series "Doctor Richter"

The latter critics consider a breakthrough for Russian cinema. "Method" was the first Russian series to break into first places in world rankings. Serebryakov played a maniac in one of the series.

In 2016, Alexei Serebryakov was offered work in the series “Doctor Richter,” in which he played the role of Russian doctor House. Anna Mikhalkova, Polina Chernysheva, Dmitry Endaltsev also starred in the film. The series was released in 2017.

Alexey Serebryakov now

Now the actor has mastered the profession of editor, practicing in the analysis of film scripts and is seriously preparing for the directorial debut. But while this is only a dream, Serebryakov is critical of himself and his own work, he wants to do something worthwhile and significant with the first directorial work.

Alexei Serebryakov on the set

The actor continues to act, although he is choosy about the role, but does not chase box office films and agrees to act even in interested student projects. Serebryakov admits that he is also doing this in order to attract a youth audience.

Together with the young actor Yevgeny Tkachuk Alexey tried himself in the genre of road movie, starring in the debut project of VGIK graduate Alexander Hunt “How Vitka Garlic brought Lech Shtyr to the house of disabled people”. Having grown up in an orphanage, Vitka once meets his own father, whose past is burdened with a prison term, and the present with a serious illness. The young man decides to obtain the rights to the parent's apartment by giving the old man to a wheelchair.

Alexey Serebryakov in 2018 in the movie "McMafia"

In 2018, the premiere of the drama "Van Gogh", also dedicated to the problem of fathers and children, took place. Only this time, Alexei Serebryakov himself appeared in the role of son. He played the role of an artist who returned to his father - the famous conductor Viktor Samuilovich (Daniel Olbrykhsky).

Among the works of Alexei Serebryakov in 2018, the main role in the British-American project - the thriller McMafia, in which he played together with Maria Shukshina, is listed. The protagonist of the story is a wealthy native of Russia who immigrated to the UK. The circumstances are such that he is forced to return to the criminal life, which he tried to forget in the realities of Western society.

Actor career

A notable work of Alexei Serebryakov of the second half of the 90s was the role in the film "Tests for Real Men" in 1998, where he played a member of the special services Alexey. For this work at the festival “Vivat, Russian Cinema!” He received a prize for Best Actor. In the same year, Serebryakov received the title of Honored Artist of Russia.

The horror film “Ghoul” is also used by connoisseurs of the genre, in which the actor plays a brutal fighter against evil spirits.

Moving to Canada. Further career

Serebryakova’s wife (read more about the actor’s personal life below) is a Canadian citizen from Toronto. They met in Russia, and the eldest daughter of the actor was born in her mother’s hometown. So the choice of the new place of residence of Serebryakov is understandable.

However, attacks from overly patriotic citizens could not be avoided. Oil was added to the fire by Andrei Zvyagintsev's Leviathan painting, after which Alexei Serebryakov was branded a “traitor”.

By the way, Serebryakov himself does not consider moving to be immigration - he just wanted to find out what it feels like to live in another, peaceful and calm territory. He continues to work in Russia and is not going to give up Russian citizenship.

So, in 2015, he joined the cast of the detective series “Method” with Konstantin Khabensky and Paulina Andreeva, trying on the role of a maniac named Strelok. In the same year, in Toronto, the premiere of the film "Clinch" by Sergei Puskepalis with Serebryakov in the title role.


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