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Name: Nodar Reviya

Middle name: Archilovich

Birthday: March 18 1992 (27 years old)

Place of Birth: Moscow city

Height: 178 cm

Weight: 72 kg

Eastern horoscope: A monkey

Career: Russian musicians 491 place

Photo: Nodar Revia

Children's years Nodar Reviya

The young singer Nodar Reviya was born on March 18, 1992 in Moscow, but soon moved with his mother to Georgia. Nodar now calls himself “Moscow Georgian”; in all his dossiers, “Moscow-Tbilisi” stands in the line of his native city. In addition to Nodar, there were no more children in the family. The boy spent his childhood years outside the city near Tbilisi, where his grandparents lived in a large house. Nodar’s mother worked a lot at that time, and he still recalls how he was always looking forward to her from work.

Nodar sings as much as he remembers - from the earliest years. The Revii family remembered the episode when a three-year-old kid, picking up a toy guitar, began to perform Gipsey Kings "Bomboleo" hit. It was then that it became clear to everyone in the family that the child had real talent and exceptional musical ear.

The first steps in the work of singer Nodar Revius

Almost soon, the young Revius had to go on stage: first, on the stage of the Palace of Pioneers, the first choral performances of the young nugget began, then the performance of songs as part of the quartet.

Very soon Nodar began to perform solo, performing Georgian arias. At the age of eight, Revia first performed at the Georgian Philharmonic in front of a full hall.

At the age of 10, Nodar Reviya moved to Moscow, where his father and his family lived. According to the singer, at that time he practically did not speak Russian, but his father’s family, communicating with his peers, studying at a Russian school and reading books in Russian helped him a lot.

According to Nodar, before studying at the university, he did not speak the language perfectly. After studying at school, Nodar became a student of the faculty of social and cultural activities of MGUKI, he is currently in his fifth year.

Nodar Reviya in “Show No. 1”, “Voice-2” and others

At the age of 18, Nodar returned to his favorite pastime and began to seriously engage in creativity. He began to actively perform at various venues: in clubs, restaurants, including in other cities. Until now, appearances at various events are his only way to earn money.

When Reviya learned that casting for the TV show "Show No. 1" was beginning in Kiev, under the production of the famous Philip Kirkorov, he went to the Ukrainian capital without hesitation and took part in the selection of a TV show for shooting.

In “Show No. 1” Nodar Reviya took the second place, becoming the leader of the group “Phantoms of the Opera”. Also, Nodar Reviya was casting for the most popular vocal show in Ukraine "X-factor", and entered the top 50 participants.

But real fame fell on Nodar Revia after participating in the project of the First channel "Voice-2". Reviya could not get into the first season: due to the circumstances, the set ended right before his performance. Exactly one year later, he again went to the casting, and luck smiled at him: as part of the vocal team of the singer Pelageya, Revia successfully reached the quarter-finals of the television project and literally captivated the Russian audience with his talent.

Personal life of Nodar Revius

In the ambitious plans, the young singer is now in the first place active work, recording new songs. In the near future - concerts in Russian cities with participants in the Voice project. When asked about his continued participation in various television shows, Nodar answers that he is a singer, not a showman, so he will remain faithful to Voice.

Little is known about the personal life of Nodar Revius, the singer prefers not to talk about this side of his life, he translates all questions into a creative channel. However, it is known that his heart is currently free.

The young man likes to spend free time, which the popular singer is increasingly in short supply of, in the company of friends. Also, reading is one of Nodar’s favorite pastimes. His favorite book he calls "Shantaram" by Gregory David Roberts.

Creative path, biography and family.

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Name and surname:Nodar Revia
Middle name:Archilovich
Name in English:Nodar reviya
Year of birth:1992
Birthday:18th of March
Place of Birth:Moscow city
Height:178 cm.
Weight:72 kg
Eastern horoscope:A monkey
Social network:Vkontakte


Already in childhood, Nodar Revius showed an exceptional musical ear. About such features of the boy and his musical talent was actively discussed in the family. The teenager loved to sing everywhere, but in transport most of all. He searched the audience for recognition even on trains and buses.

But extraordinary talent requires development, so the family decided that the young man should study vocals professionally. So the young man began to attend singing classes in the "Palace of Pioneers of Georgia". People’s artist Tsitsino Tsitskishvili became its leader and vocal teacher.


Soon after the start of training, Nodar Revia went on stage. First, he appeared at choral performances that took place at the Palace of Pioneers. Later he began to sing songs as part of a quartet. Very little time passed and the young man took up the solo performance of Georgian arias. At the age of 8, the boy first appeared in front of a full audience on the stage of the Georgian Philharmonic.

At 10, he moved to Moscow, where his father lived with his family. The singer recalls that at that time he practically did not speak Russian, but his father helped him learn. He also helped communicate with peers. In addition, the future performer studied at a Russian school and read Russian-language literature.

The singer admits that his level of knowledge of the Russian language before entering the university could not be called perfect. He became a student at MGUKI and entered the faculty of socio-cultural activities.

After moving to the Russian capital and until the age of 18, a talented young man almost did not devote time to the professional study of vocals. At the same time, he was a member of the choir of Stanislavsky and Nemirovich-Danchenko.

Large-scale projects

At the age of eighteen, Nodar again took up his favorite business - creativity - in earnest. He began performing at various venues: in restaurants and clubs in several cities. Presentations at events are the main, and possibly the only way to make this artist.

When the young man found out that a casting had begun in the Ukrainian capital to participate in the “Show No. 1” project, which was produced by Philip Kirkorov, he immediately went to Kiev and began the selection. Nodar took second place and became the leader of a group called The Phantoms of the Opera. The artist also participated in the casting of the vocal show "X-factor".

He was included in the list of fifty best participants. After appearing on the Voice Channel One show, Nodar Reviya gained real fame. He performed in the second season of the project. Reviya did not get into the first season due to a combination of circumstances, then the set was completed immediately before the performance of the young artist. However, a year later he went to the casting again, and luck smiled at him.

The young man joined the vocal team of the singer Pelageya, he reached the quarter finals and showed the audience his skills. Nodar fans call a charismatic performer with outstanding vocal abilities. The combination of these qualities helped the singer become a favorite of many viewers.

One of the most popular songs performed by a young talent on the Voice project was the song Kiss, the original of which is familiar to fans of Tom Jones. Nodar Reviya and Georgy Melikishvili presented to the public the composition “There”. She is included in the repertoire of singer Micah.

The artist also performed the work “Give me back the music” and a song by Maroon 5 called This love. At the same time, if you select one work, the duet Nodar Reviya and Melikishvili received the greatest response from the audience.

Interesting Facts

Nodar admits that in his youth he actually lived simultaneously in two cities, but his mentality was formed in Georgia. Moscow has become a second home. Among Georgians, he emphasized their best qualities: hospitality, dignity and wisdom. In Moscow, he learned the love of work, the desire to continuously develop and think.

The contractor admits that he does not consider himself an enviable bridegroom, someone may consider him such, and others will consider him “the last number”. In school, he was very fond of natural science, literature and history. Exact sciences were given to the boy with difficulty, in particular, geometry, algebra, chemistry and physics. The musician calls funk rock his favorite genre.

Nodar admits that he wants, first of all, to gain fame in his native Georgia. The young man admits that he does not live in accordance with the planned schedule and every day he goes differently.

Biography of Nodar Revii

A young, full of ambition performer prefers to jokingly call himself "Moscow Georgian". Reviya was born in the Russian capital in 1992 on March 18. Soon, mom and little Nodar moved to Georgia, not far from Tbilisi. His childhood years passed with his mother, grandfather and grandmother. They lived in a difficult time for Georgia. The singer recalls how long in the evenings he was expecting his mother, who was working until late at that time.

Talent and ear for music began to manifest in Nodar from early childhood. Wherever he appeared, he sang. Even in transport, the boy found his audience and satisfied listeners. Nodar took a toy guitar and performed hits of foreign performers, being still three years old. It became clear that an artist is growing whose talent needs to be developed. The future singer began vocational training at the Tbilisi Palace of Pioneers. People's Artist of Russia Tsitsino Tsitskishvili became his vocal teacher.

The young talent first performed in a choir group, and then as part of a quartet. Reviya brilliantly began his solo performances with arias in Georgian. At eight, he sang at the Philharmonic of the Georgian capital.

At the age of ten, Nodar moved to Moscow, where he had to learn Russian almost from scratch. Communication with the father's family and at school helped. In addition, the young man read many books in Russian.

After school, the young man entered the Moscow State University of Cinematography at the Faculty of Social and Cultural Activities, where he is currently studying. Periodically, he took part in concerts of the Stanislavsky and Nemirovich-Danchenko choir collective.

Revia returned to creativity and began to speak at events in various cities. In 2011, he took part in the TV show "Show No. 1", where he took second place. After that, he performed in the popular TV show "X-Factor", where he became one of the fifty brightest participants.

The fame came to the performer after the contest of the First Channel "Voice-2", where he reached the quarter-finals under the leadership of Pelageya. Songs of Nodar Revius, his temperament, outstanding vocal data conquered not only the judiciary, but also brought numerous audience sympathy.

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Now you are playing with the Evolution Band. What is this group and what is your role in it?
The musicians of the Evolution Band are primarily my like-minded people, these are the people with whom we feel the music the same way. We are working to ensure that the songs we play are of high quality and accessible to the average listener. With my friend Arman Pakhlevanyan, we decided to join forces and create the tandem of “Nodar Reviya & Evolution Band”, and here I play the role of frontman. This happened after Arman himself proposed to remix my debut song “Frau”. I was impressed.

Where do you live and miss your native Tbilisi?
I live now in Moscow, for quite some time. I miss Tbilisi, of course, my childhood passed there.

Has your favorite place in Moscow already appeared?
Favorite place is the house. And I also like to go to one anti-cafe, where I can disconnect from the world, play on the Playstation and smoke a hookah. I also love parks: when I go to VDNH warmly, I take a bike and ride.

You already have many performances, contests and television shows. Are there still moments when you worry before going on stage? And if so, what are these moments?
Participation in projects gives tremendous experience. Excitement is almost always present, just now I have learned to cope with it and play on a wave, thereby raising the tone of the body. The artist who goes on stage must be excited. He needs to be “warmer” than the audience who is listening to him.

Do you remember the best advice that the Pelagey mentor gave you?
At the "Voice" we were helped not only by Pelageya, but also by her bright mother Svetlana. They found an approach to each and gave valuable advice; the best of them cannot be singled out.

Do you eat in different languages, but have a favorite?
I love to sing in Russian, but when I sing in Georgian, additional receptors wake up in me, which help me to feel the music more sharply. These are my roots.

Was it difficult to shoot the video “Frau”? Passers-by did not interfere?
The first clip was difficult to shoot only because of severe frost. In general, I enjoyed it a lot. There were not many passers-by on frosty days; my devoted listeners helped me.

Cocoa Skin Frau is an interesting metaphor. Do you like cocoa?
The phrase was invented by the author of the song, Yura Trenkin, and he is indifferent to cocoa, but to girls with cocoa skin color - no, we are alike in that! I liked the drink after the song.

By the way, about the girls. Have a favorite type?
Not really. I may like a girl who does not meet the generally recognized standards of beauty. Frankly, I’m not delighted with secular lionesses with full lips. I do not like the standard beauty, these ideals, which almost all girls strive for. All this is frivolous, from a magazine - I do not like it, it passes by and does not catch at all.

So you are for naturalness?
I do not like this expression. Rather, I am for natural beauty. A girl can pump up and look natural, harmonious. But natural beauty will not be here. Beauty made is not that. I am for the one that is laid down by genes, parents, by itself.

Your clothes are tasteful. Who helps - stylists or is it inborn?
Thanks. I choose everything myself, often buy a lot of things, which then do not fit in size and just lie. I love shopping and I think that a person should always look good.

When to wait for new songs, clips and maybe an entire album?
It's too early to talk about the album, I give myself another 2-3 years. I want to make a very high-quality album that will become popular. But a new song will be released this summer.

Already decided on plans for the summer?
Work, work and work again! To be honest, I really want to go to Georgia this summer. I miss my relatives and the nature of my homeland.

And what is your ideal vacation?
An ideal vacation is without the Internet.

Official site of agent Nodar Reviya

Nodar was born on March 18, 1992 - that's for sure. And here is where: in Moscow or Tbilisi - this is even for the official website of Agent Nodar Reviya, while it is a mystery, or there is no reason for reflection. However, for a boy who began to sing early, the place of birth has absolutely no meaning.

An interesting case for Nodar Revii’s biography happened to him at the age of three. He picked up a toy guitar and started singing Bomboleio. Looking at each other, parents realized that their child is not just the owner of a subtle hearing, but also a talented child. Since then, he sang everywhere - in transport, on the street.

Philharmonic is not the limit

It's time to learn vocals. He received his first lessons at the Palace of Pioneers, where he then began performing. First in a quartet, then solo.Imagine, the boy is only 8 years old, and Nodar Revia is invited to an event, a holiday at the Philharmonic, where he had to speak to a huge audience.

Second place, but next to Kirkorov

At the age of 10, the parents brought the boy to Moscow. For almost 8 years, he forgot about his vocal hobbies. At the age of 18, he leaves for Tyumen, where numerous organized events are held with Nodar Revia. And then he became aware of the casting, which took place in Kiev. A TV show was being prepared there, the leader and producer of which was Philip Kirkorov. Nodar flew to Kiev, passed the casting and took second place in the TV show.

The real delight of the fans was caused by the appearance of Nodar on the show "Voice-2", broadcast on Channel One. But, we must admit, at first he was not lucky: in the Voice show, it was just before him that the recruitment of performers into professional teams ended. But on “Voice-2” this “Moscow Georgian” had the song “Kiss” in store, so that none of the jury could resist. He was chosen by all four, and he chose Pelageya as mentor. And his famous "Kiss" he performs on all orders of Nodar Revia for corporate parties, for weddings.

Forward and only forward!

Currently, Nodar is one of the participants in the touring group of the participants of the “Voice” show, who continue to conquer small and large cities of Russia. Just like in the TV show, on the road, Nodar sets a very high standard of his performances, so that the rest of the participants willy-nilly have to be at the level. It’s not possible to relax. On the contrary, you need to order the performances of Nodar Reviya, so that the singer always feels in demand, tries to develop and give fans new songs.


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