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Katya Sambuka
Real nameEkaterina Dolgova (Mikhailova)
Date of BirthAugust 27, 1991 (1991-08-27) (28 years old)
Place of BirthLeningrad, RSFSR, USSR
Height171 cm
Weight55 kg
Chest100 cm
Waist62 cm
Hips96 cm
Hair colorblonde
Citizenship Russia
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Katya Sambuka (real name - Ekaterina Dolgova (Mikhailova) , genus. August 27, 1991, Leningrad) - Russian singer, actress, model and television presenter. The host of the Fashion Device program on the 2x2 TV channel.


Katya Sambuka was born on August 27, 1991 in St. Petersburg. She studied at school No. 216 with an in-depth study of the Polish language, and after - one course at the culinary lyceum. During practice at the Liverpool restaurant, she met with the lead singer of The Rolling Stones, Mick Jagger, who called her to America with him.

Katya got the nickname “Sambuca” from Bob Jack, the director of adult films, whom she married at 16.

In 2011, Katya and her husband went on a large-scale tour, during which she did an erotic show to her own house and trap songs in more than 70 cities of Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Estonia, Poland and Cyprus. At the end of the tour, Sambuca became one of the leaders among the representatives of show business in Yandex's top queries in Russia and Ukraine. She was on the cover of XXL magazines (Ukraine) and oqo (Estonia, successor to the Estonian Playboy editorial board).

In 2013, she became the TV presenter of the Fashion Device program on the 2x2 channel.

In August 2014, in the Estonian city of Haapsalu, Sambuca opened a center for the rehabilitation of women in crisis situations related to family problems, and offered help to Evelin Ilves, the wife of the Estonian president, who was convicted by a paparazzi of treason with a stranger in a cafe in Tallinn.

In 2015, she became the host of the Chicken Wealth program on the 2x2 television channel.

She has Swedish and Estonian roots from her grandmother.

Katya Sambuca became the prototype of a toy for children: in London, Katie was made on the model of a doll “Bobby”.

Personal life

Katya Sambuca was married to adult film director Bob Jack, and she is also one of the heroines of his novel “Por-no!”. The couple had a daughter, who received the name of Zvan in honor of the hotel located in the city of Volkhov, where the future husband of Sambuki, according to him, “became a man”.

It is reported that in 2015 the couple broke up with the scandal. At the moment, Katya is raising her daughter alone.

Monument to the Little Mermaid in Haapsalu

In December 2014, Moscow sculptor Alexander Vrublevsky set about creating a monument to the Little Mermaid with the face and forms of Katya Sambuki. A bronze statue of 125 cm tall and weighing 175 kg will be installed on the Haapsalu Chocolate Boardwalk next to the memorial bench of Pyotr Tchaikovsky.

Childhood and youth

Katya Sambuka (real name - Ekaterina Mikhailova) was born on August 27, 1991 in St. Petersburg. The girl has Swedish and Estonian roots from her grandmother. The mother of the singer was professionally engaged in gymnastics, and her father worked as a simple builder.Katya Sambuka in her youth - without make-up and plastics Katya received secondary education at school No. 216 with an in-depth study of the Polish language. After grade 9, the girl entered the culinary college, however, she studied there for only a year - Katya was expelled due to her participation in the scandalous program about children’s p **** graphics, which was aired on NTV channel.

Career and popularity

After expulsion from the college, the future artist got a job at the Liverpool Restaurant. Once the institution was visited by Mick Jagger, vocalist of the British rock band "The Rolling Stones", who arrived in the northern capital with a tour. The legendary musician immediately drew attention to the bright blonde and invited her to visit her homeland.

The fact that Katie met Jagger did not go unnoticed in the press - an attractive and slender girl began to be invited to participate in erotic photo shoots and videos. The popularity of the young model has grown to the point that, in her image and likeness, a line of Bobby dolls was even created in England.

The path to success for Katie was an acquaintance with Bob Jack, the Russian director of the films of the 18 plus category, for whom the blonde eventually married. Jack came up with his wife the stage name "Sambuca" and became its producer.

At the age of 18, Katya did her first breast augmentation surgery - a 3.5-size implant was inserted into the girl (later the girl did three more operations, reaching the 5th size). At the same time, Sambuca got into the Guinness Book of Records - she organized a sex marathon on a pleasure boat in Petrozavodsk with 84 cadets from the local naval school.

In 2011, Sambuca and her husband went on a tour of 70 cities of Russia and neighboring countries. As part of the tour, the girl performed in an erotic show under her own tracks in the electronic dance genre of house. At the end of the tour, which received great publicity, Sambuca became one of the leaders among the representatives of show business in the top Yandex queries in Russia and Ukraine.

In 2012, Sambuca became the girl of the year according to the Ukrainian magazine “XXL” and the Estonian edition “Qoqo” (successor to the Estonian edition of “Playboy”), the covers of which were decorated with a photo of Katya. Also, the blonde starred in the role of herself in the Russian-Ukrainian melodrama "Silicone", the shooting of which, however, was not completed.

2013 was a very fruitful year for Sambuki - the singer released several songs with ambiguous lyrics and the accompanying shocking clips. The most popular was the Skazka video, in which the showman Stas Baretsky appeared.

The following year, Sambuca became co-host of Alex Bentley and Victor Delux (Sergey Mezentsev) in the Fashion Device program on the 2 × 2 channel. As part of the show, the presenters talked about current electronic gadgets, devices and new technologies. In the same period, Sambuca took part in the 14th FICEB International Festival of Erotic Films, where she received a prize for "The Best European Erotic Club Show."Katya Sambuca in the Fashion Device program In 2014, the actress opened a crisis rehabilitation center for women in the Estonian city of Haapsalu, offering assistance to the wife of Estonian President Evelyn Ilves, whom the photographers caught during a kiss with an unknown person in Tallinn. Commenting on the scandal, Katya said that the existing problem "can be solved in three." In December of the same year, Russian sculptor Alexander Vrublevsky created a model of the Little Mermaid monument with the face and shapes of Sambuca. A bronze statue 125 cm high was to be installed in Haapsalu next to the memorial bench of Pyotr Tchaikovsky, however, apparently, the project was not approved.

In the fall of 2014, Sambuca was at the center of the scandal, the culprit of which was the German designer Philip Plain - he put on sale men's shirts for $ 450 with a picture of Katya naked without the permission of the singer. In response, the girl threatened the trendsetter with a lawsuit. The outcome of the story is still unclear.DJ Katya Sambuka In 2015, Katya released the next batch of shocking tracks and clips (One Hundred First, Send Me Lyam, Greenland, Amsterdam), and also became the host of the second season of the Chicken Wealth program at 2 × 2 ". The girl was entrusted with conducting the “Ask Sambuca” column, in which the singer acted as an expert on issues of sex and relations. Katya Sambuka in the film “Yegor Shilov” (trailer) The next year, Katya could be seen as the wife of authority in the crime action movie Evgeny Gerasimov "Egor Shilov", which also starred Egor Beroev, rapper Alexei Dolmatov (Guf), Alexander Pyatkov. The newspaper "Version" described the premiere of the film as a failure.


* Extremist and terrorist organizations banned in the Russian Federation: Right Sector, Ukrainian Insurgent Army (UPA), ISIS, Jabhat Fath al-Sham (formerly Jabhat al-Nusra, Jebhat al-Nusra "), National Bolshevik Party (NBP), Al Qaeda, UNA-UNSO, Taliban, Mejlis of the Crimean Tatar People, Jehovah's Witnesses, Misanthropic Division, The Brotherhood of Korchinsky, "Artpodgotovka", "Trident named after Stepan Bandera ”,“ NSO ”,“ Slavic Union ”,“ Format-18 ”,“ Hizb ut-Tahrir ”

Photo: Katya Sambuca

An adult film actress does not advertise her personal life. As it turned out, Katya again became a mother almost a year ago, her second daughter was born. After two pregnancies, one of the most important parts of the body - the artist’s chest was severely damaged, for this reason Sambuca will lie under the surgeon’s knife again.

Fans of adult films and fans of plastic surgery closely monitor the personal life of one of the most striking actresses in the erotic genre, Kati Sambuki. The celebrity recently married again, the artist hides the name of the chosen one, she also did not advertise the birth of her second daughter.

Recall that three years ago the whole country followed the breakup of Sambuca and her ex-wife, porn director Bob Jack. Katya admitted that her husband repeatedly beat her, despite the fact that the couple had a young daughter, Zvan. The actress, along with the girl, had to escape from the home tyrant.

Zvana was left to live with her mother, almost three years after the divorce from her tyrant husband about Sambuki's personal life. However, now Katya, according to her, has found female happiness and has become a mother again.

Katya noted, despite the busy schedule, in the first place for her children. The name of the chosen one, what he does, the pornstar carefully hides.

The second birth adversely affected the figure of the actress, the chest of the star was severely damaged, so Sambuca is preparing for the next plastic surgery. According to Sambuca, she needs breast correction, she has already finally decided on the size and shape of the implants.

The imperfections of the figure did not prevent Katya from starring in the video of the Dutch artist Alex Simons. On the eve of the network released a video called "Stupid." In the video, Simons is ironic over the general fashion among girls on voluminous lips, buttocks and breasts. Alex encourages you to love and accept yourself as natural and real. The main character of the video was Katya, according to the script, the singer personally takes out the implants from the chest of the actress.

Katya Sambuca is now

In February 2018, Katya Sambuka appeared on Amiran Sardarov’s YouTube video show “Diary of a Hatch”, in which she talked about her plastic surgeries, career, charity and her attitude to money. Katya Sambuka. Khachka Katya's diary continues to work as a model and perform erotic shows in cities of Russia and foreign countries. In the near future, Sambuca plans to perform another breast augmentation surgery and to release an autobiographical book, The Confession of the Whores.


Katya came up with the pseudonym Katya after meeting with St. Petersburg adult film director Sergei Mikhailov, known in show business under the pseudonym Bob Jack. Acquaintance with the director played an important role in the development of the biography of the girl. Collaborating with Mikhailov, Dolgova gained considerable popularity. Sambuca began to appear regularly at erotic festivals.

Candid photos of the girl were published in men's magazines, among the most famous - Ukrainian “XXL” and Estonian “Qoqo”. Unlike other porn stars, Katya did not star in adult films. Sambuca promoted the image of a sexy blonde with mouth-watering shapes.

In 2007, director and producer of pornographic films, Bob Jack, released POR-NO! With a print run of 5,000 copies, outlining his own attitude to sex, biography details, and interesting film career facts. One of the heroines of the novel, Bob made his wife Katya Sambuka. The popularity of the model was gaining momentum - in 2011 she was named the most attractive girl on the VKontakte social network.

Trailer of the film "Silicone"

In 2012, with the participation of the artist, 2 paintings of provocative content were released - the film "Silicone", in which the girl played herself, and a video called "Deep Hole", where Anatoly Shmel, actor of the comedy project of the 2 × 2 TV channel, acted as a partner of Sambuki Reutov TV ". The last picture was created in a humorous genre.

In 2013, Katya Sambuca made her debut as a TV presenter of the Fashion Device project on the 2x2 channel. The following year, the actress opened a female rehabilitation center in Estonia. In the same place, in the Estonian city of Haapsalu, in 2014 a bronze statue of the Little Mermaid of the Russian sculptor Alexander Vrublevsky appeared. The statue has the face and figure of Kati Sambuki.

In the same 2013, the artist visited Barcelona with an erotic show. The festival, held in Catalonia in the autumn days, gathered about 100 thousand spectators. As a result of the performance, the girl received the Grand Prix at the XIV international adult film festival FICEB "Klic-Klic". In addition to the main prize, the artist, who was present at the ceremony, being completely naked, was also awarded a prize in the nomination “Special guest of the festival” and a prize of audience sympathy.

In 2015, Katya Sambuca continues to build a television career and gets the place of the leading broadcast of the 2x2 television channel Wealth of the Chicken. The program was created in the format of a brutal video magazine for men, in which the sexual presenter talked about the latest in fishing, hunting, the car industry, and technology.

An actress from St. Petersburg became the only Russian porno celebrity in the Western world. In 2014, men's t-shirts by the German designer Philippe Plein went on sale, which showed Katya Sambuca in a nude. The artist did not consent to the use of the image, so she threatened Plain with a lawsuit. But it does not seem to have taken place.

Trailer of the film "Egor Shilov"

In 2015, the film "Yegor Shilov" was released, where Katya Sambuka played the role of the wife of authority. For the sake of some scenes, the girl was naked in front of the camera, but refused to kiss and hug with her partner in the frame. The director of the action was a film enthusiast from Chuvashia, Yuri Spiridonov.

For the main roles, the filmmaker invited actors unknown to the general public. After the failed premiere of the film, the creators of the picture decided to re-shoot and supplement the video material.

In 2016, at a concert in Kirov, a celebrity shocked the audience. Several thousand residents of the city came to see Sambuki at a local night club. On the stage, Katya showed frank numbers, including with the audience from the audience.

Instagram Kati Sambuki

Please note: Katya Sambuca on Instagram - @thekatyasambuca. In the photo, she purposefully demonstrates herself. It looks stunning. You can, of course, argue on this subject, but it’s better not to, because “they don’t argue about tastes”. The girl really looks like a doll, and this is her trick. In some pictures she is dressed in exclusive outfits, in others she is almost naked. If you want to know more, welcome to the official site of Instagram Kati Sambuki.


Since 2010, Katya launched her own music project. The artist, along with a team of female models, prepared a number of numbers for the show. With concerts, the Sambuki group began touring the country. The audience came to the singer’s performances, which are interested not so much in the vocal abilities of the stars of show business as in the seductive forms of the soloist. The musical collective visited 70 cities of Russia.

Katya Sambuca - “Homoboy”

The girl was interested in electronic music. Among the popular songs of Sambuki are the compositions “Send me lam”, “Homoboy”, “I like to dance”. For these hits, including the songs "Fairy Tale", "I am the Queen", Katya recorded videos.


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