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Full name: Julia Viktorovna Nachalova

Date of Birth: 31.01.1981

Date of death: 03/16/2019 (38 years old)

Place of Birth: Voronezh

Zodiac sign: Aquarius

News with a star: 228

Biography of Julia Nachalova

Julia Nachalova was born on January 31, 1981 in Voronezh in the family of professional musicians Viktor Vasilyevich and Taisiya Nikolaevna Nachalovs. Parents worked at the Philharmonic. Father led the ensemble, and mother was a soloist in it.

From the age of two, the future singer was engaged in music with her father. From the age of five, she began to sing on the professional stage and go on tour with her parents. In their concert program there was a special number for the daughter - the performance of a children's song. Father wrote music for these numbers.

In 1991-1992, Julia won a brilliant victory in the television contest "Morning Star". The most prestigious music and public programs on the central channels of TV and radio drew attention to the work of the aspiring singer.

After that, the Nachalov family moved to Moscow. They started recording new songs, shooting videos and touring the country. In 1992, the future star was invited to host the children's music program "Tam-tam news".

Julia Nachalova: “I hit the stage at the age of five. My parents at that time were artists of the Voronezh State Philharmonic Society, the group was called "Carousel", there were about 16 people in it. Mom sang, and dad led the creative process. I think that once with my talent, dedication and devotion to music, my father conquered my mother. ”
The quote is taken from the site "7Dney.ru"

Childhood and youth

Julia Viktorovna Nachalova was born in 1981 in Voronezh in a family of professional musicians. The girl’s father was a talented composer, and her mother performed on stage. Julia began to study music from the age of 2.

The main teacher and mentor of the girl was father Victor Nachalov, who studied with his daughter on the basis of his own unique methodology. Therefore, already at the age of 5, the girl coped perfectly with any musical tasks. The young singer had excellent vocal technique and flexibility, she was able to improvise no worse than professional singers.

Julia's musical career began in early childhood. The girl entered the scene at the age of 5. And by the age of 9, she performed in many music competitions and television programs. But a significant event in the career of the young performer was the participation in the popular show “Morning Star”.

After winning the contest, the girl’s life changed. The future star is invited to the role of the leading music program "There's news there."


The creative life of the young TV presenter and singer proceeded richly: shooting, working on music videos, recording songs, touring the country and much more. At the same time, Julia managed to study at school and get good grades.

Julia Nachalova - “Teacher”

In 1992, the first video for the Nachalova’s song “Teacher” appeared, and in 1995 the debut album of the young singer “Ah, school, school” was released, which was highly appreciated not only by listeners, but also by music critics. In the same period, the artist participated in the prestigious musical contest "Big Apple-95", where she won the Grand Prix.

After a brilliant performance, Nachalova continues to work on herself. The singer goes through a 2-year school program for the year and after the 9th grade enters the Gnesinsky College of Music. In parallel, the young star is recording new songs and participating in television programs.

Together with Irina Ponarovskaya, Nachalova goes on a joint tour. The famous singer took custody of a novice performer. Until the last days, Julia gratefully recalled that period of her creative biography.

Julia Nachalova - “The hero is not my novel”

In 1997, the singer recorded the single "Hero is not my novel." After graduating from music school, Julia submits documents to GITIS and successfully passes entrance exams. As the singer admitted in an interview, she dreamed about this university.

Having successfully graduated from GITIS, the girl continued to develop as a TV presenter of entertainment programs. Nachalova worked for a long time with Nikolai Baskov in the popular show Saturday Night, and also hosted television programs on the Zvezda channel.

Julia Nachalova is a talented person, so it is not surprising that she did not stop there and began acting in films. For the first role, the artist was invited by Nelly Galchuk, who at that time was working on the musical Formula of Joy. Julia managed to create a sophisticated, sincere image and meet the expectations of the director. The first work in the cinema brought the singer a rewarding experience.

Julia Nachalova - “I'm Not Yours”

The second film work was the lyrical comedy "Hero of her novel." This time, Julia worked with Alexei Buldakov, who played one of the main roles. The next work with Nachalova’s participation was the series “Bomb for the Bride,” followed by the musical comedy “D’Artagnan and the Three Musketeers”. As the singer and TV presenter admits, cinema won her heart.

In 2010, Julia began working on the English album “Wild Butterfly”. The album contains 11 tracks. Nachalova wrote songs together with producer and composer Walter Afanasyev.

Julia Nachalova - Wild Butterfly

In the fall of 2012, the artist gave a concert in Moscow at the State Central Concert Hall "Russia", presenting her solo program "Invented Stories. Benefit". A touching song “Mom” was added to the singer’s repertoire, which was appreciated by the fans for their sincerity and warmth.

In February 2014, Julia participated in the music show "One to One" on the channel "Russia 1". Immediately after the end of the season, Nachalova acted as a mentor in the television show Our Way Out.

The show "One to One" - Yulia Nachalova in the image of Yuri Shatunov

In 2015, the artist returned to her career as a TV presenter and began filming the show “Two Voices” on STS. In the same year, Julia replenished the piggy bank of music videos with new video work for the song “Wait for me”.

Nachalova continued to develop a musical career and worked on new songs. In total, during her career, the artist recorded such albums as “Music of Love”, “Let's Talk About Love”, “Various Songs about the Essentials” and others. Some of the songs from Julia’s discography were written by the singer’s father, Victor Nachalov. The albums included the fan’s favorite songs of the singer "Dream", "White Lilac", "Indian Summer" and others.

Revealed silenced cause of death Nachalova

More than 40 days have passed since the death of the famous Russian singer Yulia Nachalova. Until now, her parents are in prostration, because they can not realize the severity of the loss. Loyal fans experience about the same feelings.

For many years, Julia Nachalova suffered from gout. The artist experienced unbearable pain in the joints, and gradually her condition only worsened, giving side effects to other systems. After hospitalization, it was reported that she had a sharp increase in blood sugar, and there was also a suspicion of lupus erythematosus. Also, a friend of the singer said that not so long ago she rubbed her leg, but the wound did not heal and she hurt more and more. The hospital hoped to eliminate the cause of leg inflammation by surgery, however, after the operation, Julia Nachalova died of cardiac arrest, as her father Viktor Nachalov told the media.

However, the completely unexpected cause of the death of the performer was revealed by the artist Nikas Safronov. The close associates of the Nachalova family claim that last summer she turned to the services of a fortuneteller, who prophesied her a quick death due to spoilage. It is this version that Safronov adheres to, but at the same time he believes that it was not the corruption itself that killed the singer, but thoughts on this subject.

“It may well be that her early departure provoked the same visit to the fortuneteller. Julia heard a terrible prophecy, began to think about him, believed in him. This is the worst thing when a person begins to believe in the bad. Then he attracts all diseases, misfortunes, ”the artist said.

Recall that Julia Nachalova died on March 16 at the age of 38 years. The singer erased her leg and did not seek medical help for a long time. On the day of Nachalova’s death, they performed an operation to amputate the infected part of the leg, but the singer’s body could not stand it. The actress was buried on March 21 at the Troekurovsky cemetery in Moscow.

Pugacheva after the death of Nachalova turned to the authorities with a request for help in the burial of the singer

The prima donna took to heart the tragedy with the performer.

The PR director of Julia Nachalova Anna Isaeva on Instagram expressed her appreciation to the prima donna of the domestic scene Alla Pugacheva. It turns out that the star the very next day after the death of the performer wrote in writing to the competent authorities with a request for help in the burial of the singer. For this, all the relatives and friends of the deceased star are grateful to Pugacheva.

Anna Isaeva does not understand why there are people who speak negatively about Pugacheva and that she decided to arrange an anniversary concert shortly after the death of Julia Nachalova. “My opinion on this subject is the following - it is outrageous and disgusting to offend my beloved, talented, unique singer Alla Borisovna. From me personally with the upcoming, Diva! Always with admiration, your fan, Anna Isaeva, ”said the PR director. A source

“I didn’t talk about health”: what Nachalova thought about before death

Eugene Aldonin, the former husband of the late singer Yulia Nachalova, spoke about what he talked with the artist before her getting to the hospital. The ex-footballer of the Russian national team admitted that the death overtook the actress very quickly and tragically.

The flared up interest in the life of the Russian singer Yulia Nachalova after her death continues to gain momentum, often turning into multiple gossip, and that is why the former husband of the artist Yevgeny Aldonin decided to participate in the talk show of Andrei Malakhov. In the program “Hello, Andrey”, an ex-footballer of the Moscow CSKA and the Russian national team responded to speculations about the lawsuit of the singer, which, as many had expected, would go to her underage daughter. Among other things, Aldonin also spoke about his personal relationship with Nachalova after the divorce.

As it turned out, it was the footballer who remained one of the singer’s closest people until her death.

According to Aldonin, shortly before the death of Nachalova, he talked with her. It is no secret that after the divorce, the former lovers maintained a warm and friendly relationship for the sake of their common daughter. As a football player admitted, some time before Nachalova’s admission to the hospital, they discussed the upcoming vacation of the child.

“I talked to her before the hospital. Mostly, they tried to plan Vera's summer vacation. She did not say anything about her state of health, ”Aldonin said.

Everything went as usual, but Aldonin went on a business trip and only then found out that the artist was in the hospital. He immediately contacted her parents, but they assured him that the situation was under the control of doctors.

“Everything happened very quickly and tragically. No one could have imagined that this could lead to such a tragedy, "

The 12-year-old daughter of Aldonin and Nachalova was not aware of her mother's health problems. While the singer was in critical condition at the hospital, her daughter, in complete ignorance of the situation, was resting on vacation in London. Aldonin went to meet the child at the airport, where he informed her of the death of Julia.

After the death of Nachalova, her minor daughter decided to live with her maternal grandparents. Rolan Gusev, the girl’s godfather and Aldonin’s companion for CSKA, believes that the child’s mood can change periodically, and notes that she can always live with Eugene.

“She is very difficult, and only she understands and feels the pain that she is experiencing. Now everyone is asking Zhenya the question of who Vera will live with. You see, she is now 12 years old, her mood will constantly change. She can live with her grandmother for 2-3 days, then she may want to come to dad, then again to her grandparents.

In general, they are one big friendly family.

We all want to protect Vera from unnecessary questions, ”Gusev said.

In addition, the guests of Malakhov also touched on the situation around the judicial troubles of Nachalova and her former lover Alexander Frolov. Being in a romantic relationship with a hockey player, the vocalist sold him part of an apartment in an elite residential complex in Moscow for 20 million rubles. Last year, the singer accused the athlete of not having received money from him. Nachalova sold the debt for 15 million to one of the companies in Nizhny Novgorod, which subsequently filed a lawsuit against Frolov.

The hockey player in response filed a lawsuit in order to recognize the claims as unlawful, since he allegedly has a receipt from Nachalova regarding the lack of claims.

Litigation is now trying to settle Aldonin.

He counts on the decency of the hockey player, because all this is done so that the daughter Nachalova does not remain without a roof over her head.

Speaking about the nature of Nachalova, her family and friends note cheerfulness and kindness. This is also evidenced by her relationship with Aldonin, with whom she was close even after the divorce. The football player himself hopes to preserve the memory of his former lover.

“Julia has always strived for more.

She is an open, bright person, she wanted to please everyone. Joy is her defensive reaction.

Even when it was hard for her, she rejoiced even more. We all understand that this joy hid both illness and difficult relationships on the personal front. She could have done much more than she did, ”Aldonin concluded.

Julia Nachalova died on March 16 in a Moscow clinic due to acute heart failure caused by blood poisoning.

Other news and materials can be viewed on the chronicle page, as well as in the groups of the sports department in the social networks Facebook and Vkontakte.

Nachalova's ex-husband was horrified at the persecution of the singer’s death: they threaten death

On the air of the channel, the first husband of Yulia Nachalova, Dmitry Lanskoy, complained about the persecution that unfolded in the media and the Internet about himself. He is accused of pushing Nachalov to lose weight, which led to anorexia and led to serious illnesses. The man himself considers himself innocent.

Dmitry Lanskoy intends to appeal to court

In the Exclusive program with Dmitry Borisov, Lanskoy described how he is under pressure in connection with the death of his ex-wife Julia Nachalova. He came to the studio to protect himself and his family from “bullying”. His relatives wish death, he said.

Harassment data will be collected; Lanskoy is already collaborating with lawyer Catherine Gordon. The exception will concern father Nachalova. Lanskoy will not sue him. He considered his statements a mounting thread. “I condemn the media and journalists who distort the facts,” Lanskoy said.

Lanskoy also explained why he had not come to Nachalova’s funeral. “It’s hard to endure the funeral, as my mother buried not so long ago,” he said.

Nachalova herself brought herself to anorexia, assures everyone of Lanskoy. Confirmation of this is the very recognition of Nachalova, which she made several years ago. The guests in the hall took different positions in relation to Lansky - someone is convinced that he is responsible for the future fate of Nachalova, someone noted that the singer then had two more husbands, who are also worth asking. A source

Curse of the "Last Hero": Drozdov about the secret of Nachalova and Decl

TV presenter Nikolai Drozdov spoke about the participation of the now deceased performers Yulia Nachalova and Decl in the fourth season of the show “The Last Hero”. According to him, in the framework of the project, the singer hardly endured the competition. Drozdov noted that he never had a chance to get to know the artist better, unlike the rapper, with whom he had a warm relationship.

Drozdov revealed the truth about the participation of Nachalova and Decl in the "Last Hero"

TV presenter Nikolai Drozdov shared his memories of participating in the fourth season of the reality show “The Last Hero” with the deceased - singer Julia Nachalova and rapper Kirill Tolmatsky (Decl).

According to the traveler, shooting the program was difficult for the artist. According to Teleprogramma.pro, Drozdov noted that he did not manage to get to know Nachalova personally - they participated in different teams within the framework of the project, but after that he continued to watch the 38-year-old star from the television screen.

It is noteworthy that the difficulties that Nachalova encountered on the island were reported by singer Lika Star, who also took part in the show with the singer. In the studio "Let them talk," she said that the artist wanted to return home.

“I am grateful to fate that I was lucky enough to be on the island with Julia and Zhanna Friske. In the last days of the “Hero”, Julia was so shocked that she could not cope with the situation, but she understood that she was obliged to be there, as she was simply asked to fly there. She could not refuse, she was very polite. She asked, prayed that she would be returned home. But for some reason, the audience was presented with the idea that she was moody, ”Star admitted.

Recalling his relationship with Decl, with whom Nikolai Nikolayevich was on the same team, the TV presenter emphasized that they worked well. Drozdov recalled that the rapper cooked well, for which he called him a "chef". The zoologist added that together with Tolmatsky they made sure that other participants did not eat their meals ahead of time.

Despite the fact that Drozdov was not a fan of the works of Nachalova and Decl, he noted that they were wonderful people. According to the presenter, the fact that celebrities passed away so early was a sad event for everyone. He compared them to Alexander Pushkin, who also died young. In conclusion, Nikolai Nikolayevich urged to pray for the "bright soul" of the dead.

After Nachalova’s passing away, Internet users discovered the “mystical chain” of deaths of the “Last Hero”. The vocalist became the third in the list of dead participants of the fourth season after Decl, who passed away in February this year, and the death of singer Zhanna Friske in 2015. In addition, the death of Julia became the ninth among representatives of all seasons.

Commenting on rumors about the curse of the project, Drozdov emphasized that otherworldly forces were not seen on the island.

The first to draw attention to the sad series of deaths was Nachalova's girlfriend, figure skater Maria Butyrskaya. The world champion in women's single figure skating said that she was shocked by the death of the artist, similar to Friske's premature death.

“Mom called me and said everything. She was not so long ago on my birthday. Sang, danced. What I want to say. Friske. Nachalova. "The last hero", where we met. A nightmare of some kind. She would live, love, raise children, ”her publication quoted.

Butyrskaya also admitted that while on the project, Nachalova dreamed of leaving the “Last Hero”.

“She was so young, sincere. Then she had another husband. However, she wanted to leave the "Last Hero". Missed, eager for relatives. Julia was a very frank person, ”she added.

Singer Zhanna Friske, who participated with Nachalova in the filming of the fourth season of the project, died on June 5, 2015 in Balashikha, Moscow Region. The performer found out about an inoperable brain tumor during pregnancy, underwent treatment abroad, but could not defeat the disease.

In the same season of the show, rapper Kirill Tolmatsky also took part. Decl's death in early 2019 was reported by his father. After speaking at a private club, Tolmatsky Jr. went into the dressing room, where he suddenly turned pale, sat down in an armchair and stopped breathing. The artist’s father said that the cause of death was hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, which doctors often find only at autopsy.

Participants of the third season, actress Vera Glagoleva and musician Chris Kelmi, did not pass by the sad fate. The artist died in August 2017 at a clinic in the suburbs of Baden-Baden from stomach cancer. The body of Chris Kelmi, along with another participant in the project, Dana Borisova, was rehabilitated from alcohol dependence, was found in his own house in the Moscow region on January 1, 2019.

Julia Nachalova died on March 16 at the age of 38 due to acute heart failure caused by complications after a leg wound. A source

PR on death? Husband Nachalova called a liar

"Bringing Julia": the ex-wife of Nachalova was accused of provocation

Director of the singer Julia Nachalova Anna Isaeva sharply reacted to the words of the ex-husband of the artist Dmitry Lansky. The musician accused representatives of the ex-wife of football player Yevgeny Aldonin of PR on her death. Isaeva in response to this statement accused Lansky of provocation.

The PR manager of the Russian singer Yulia Nachalova, who died on March 16, Anna Isaeva sharply expressed herself in relation to the ex-husband of the artist Dmitry Lansky. The representative of the deceased expressed indignation in connection with the words of the musician and producer, who accused her and the media representatives of trying to create a name for themselves against the background of the death of a 38-year-old singer.

In particular, Lanskoy made a video message after Victor Nachalova’s father accused him of all the troubles that had happened in the artist’s life. So, Victor Nachalov expressed the opinion that the anorexia, which the artist suffered from while living with her musician, significantly worsened Julia’s health. According to him, Lanskoy was directly related to this.

The musician, who was the first spouse of Nachalova, called such accusations inadmissible, and also called information about the anorexia of his ex-wife “a legend invented by her unfortunate PR managers”, which has no documentary evidence.

“We had an emotionally difficult divorce. Divorces are never easy. I never talked about this anywhere and did not give an interview, since this is a personal matter. This is fiction and fabricated information one hundred percent. I never fed her any pills or forced her to lose weight. This is a lie, ”Lanskoy said.

Cinema and television

In 2000, Julia took part in the filming of the musical “Formula of Joy,” in which she was invited by director Nelly Gulchuk. Partners Nachalova in the picture were Mikhail Boyarsky and Fyodor Bondarchuk. The following year, Julia Nachalova played in the movie "Hero of her novel."

2003 was remembered by Julia for participation in the reality show "The Last Hero". True, she became the first girl to leave an uninhabited island, but not through her fault. One of the "non-star" participants in the show, Svetlana Yastrebova, invited the participants to alternately expel all the famous girls from the show - Julia, actress Ekaterina Semenova, Zhanna Friske, Lika Star and figure skater Maria Butyrskaya. The rest did not want to participate in the conspiracy and told the failed victims the whole truth. But Julia took the idea of ​​Yastrebova too close to her heart and requested home. The audience remembered her constantly crying pampered girl.

Second wave of fame

At the end of October 2012, she began touring with a new solo program “Invented Stories. Benefit". And a year later, she released a new video for the song “I Will Be Near”, which Julia Nachalova wrote together with Viktor Nachalov.

In February 2014, Julia Nachalova took part in the one-on-one music-parody show on the Russia 1 television channel. During this show, she “tried on” more than 15 images.


According to doctors, gout could develop in Julia after an unsuccessful breast augmentation surgery. In 2007, the singer decided to give herself luxurious forms of 4 sizes, but made a mistake with the choice of a surgeon. Soon they had to say goodbye to implants - an infection got into the sutures, sepsis began. After that, she began to have health problems. At first, Julia ignored them, referring to the great physical exertion at the performances, but then on her arms and legs bumps characteristic of gout began to appear. That's why at many events Nachalova appeared in gloves.

The authors of the Baza telegram channel have a different opinion: according to their sources, several years ago, lupus was added to Yulia's other health problems. The singer underwent hormone therapy - this is the only way to treat lupus. But a side effect of the course of treatment is the almost complete "shutdown" of immunity. Because of this, now Nachalova’s body did not respond to acute inflammation of the leg, and when she went to the doctors, it was already too late. Amputation of the leg was required, but the serious condition of the woman did not allow the operation.

March 16, at 18:20, Julia Nachalova died without leaving an artificial coma. This was announced an hour later by her PR manager Anna Isaeva. Later, Victor Nachalov reported the cause of death: an abscess, purulent inflammation of the tissues. The date of the funeral of the artist was scheduled for March 21. Julia Nachalova will be buried at the Troekurovsky cemetery in Moscow.

Her daughter Vera will live with her father, Eugene Aldonin. Since before the hospitalization of Julia, the girl left for the competition, the news about her mother’s health problems was hidden from her.

On the day of Julia's death, her ward on the show "One to One" became the winner of the project. This broadcast season was Julia’s last work on television.

Creative manner

Sergei Lazarev considered the peculiarity of Nachalova’s vocal performance “incredibly free, unintended melisma, a moving voice, an amazing subton”, a peculiar sand timbre and vibrato, noted her ability to take extremely high notes. The critic Leopold Pokrovsky noted that her vocal abilities allowed the singer to sing good jazz, but her work only hinted at it, without revealing her full talent.

Personal life

The first marriage with singer and musician Dmitry Lansky (born 1978) (from January 20, 2001 - divorced in 2004).

On June 1, 2006, she married soccer player Yevgeny Aldonin (born 1980) (met in 2005). In December 2011, the couple announced an official divorce. There is a daughter - Vera Evgenievna Aldonina (born December 1, 2006), her godmother - singer Larisa Dolina, and godfather - football player Rolan Gusev. After entering into this marriage, Julia bore the double surname Nachalova-Aldonina in the documents.

From 2011 to 2016 she was in a relationship with hockey player Alexander Frolov (born 1982).

In September 2018, Nachalova introduced a new elect - judge of the Nizhny Novgorod Regional Court Vyacheslav Sergeyevich Kudryu. A few years earlier, Frolov bought part of the 167-meter apartment in the elite residential complex Kutuzovskaya Riviera from Nachalova for 20 million rubles, but then she tried to invalidate the purchase and sale transaction, and transferred the case from the capital's court to the court of Nizhny Novgorod. In response, Frolov filed a lawsuit against Julia.

Illness and death

In the early 2000s, Nachalova suffered from anorexia nervosa. She abruptly, in just a month and a half, dropped 25 kg and began to weigh 42 kg with an increase of 165 cm.

In 2007, she underwent an unsuccessful breast enlargement plastic surgery in Los Angeles (USA) with a famous doctor. According to her, the implants did not take root and caused blood poisoning and kidney failure.

For 8 years, she struggled with gout and systemic lupus erythematosus, and during the last year (before hospitalization in 2019) - also with type 2 diabetes. Nachalova underwent treatment courses in different countries, but experts came to the conclusion that she would no longer be able to defeat gout due to an untimely visit to doctors. In 2018, Nachalova treated gout at the Mozhaika 10 addiction medical center.

On March 8, 2019, Nachalova was hospitalized in a hospital in the west of Moscow right from rehearsal. On March 11, 2019, she was admitted to the Botkin Hospital in serious condition with complications from gout and lupus erythematosus, with high blood sugar and beginning gangrene of the leg, which she developed after a minor injury and self-administration of lidocaine.

On March 13, 2019, the media reported that Nachalova was transferred to artificial lung ventilation and entered into medical sleep. On the morning of March 16, 2019, it became known that she had surgery on her leg.

On the evening of the same day, at 18:20 Moscow time, Julia Nachalova died at the 39th year of her life from blood poisoning and heart failure.

She was buried on March 21 at the Troekurovsky cemetery in Moscow (plot No. 17). The grave of Nachalova became an object of worship.

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Julia Nachalova. The fate of man with Boris Korchevnikov


  • “There is news there” (RTR, 1992) - leading
  • “The Last Hero” (Season 4) (Channel One, 2003) - participant
  • “Pan or gone” (Channel One, 2005) - participant
  • Saturday Night (Russia, from April 2005 to December 2007) - the host
  • "Festival of Patriotic Songs" - host
  • “50 Blondes” (Russia, 2008) - participant
  • Children's New Wave (jury 2009)
  • “Alone with everyone” with Julia Menshova (Channel One, November 18, 2013) - guest
  • “One to one!” (Russia-1, season 2 (2014) - participant, season 5 (2019) - mentor)
  • “Our Way Out!” (Russia-1, Season 2, 2014) - Mentor
  • Two Voices (STS, 2015) - presenter
  • The Secret for a Million (NTV, October 2, 2016) - participant
  • “The Invisible Man” (TV-3, April 7, 2017) - participant
  • “The Fate of Man” with Boris Korchevnikov (Russia-1, August 24, 2018) - guest
  • “Playing a movie” (World, December 28, 2018) - participant
  • “You're Super!” (NTV, March 17, 2019) - Guest
  • “The Battle of Talents” (STS Love, 2019) - member of the jury (the program aired after death)


  • 2000 - Formula of Happiness - Soundtracks
  • 2001 - Bremen Town Musicians & Co - Princess Party
  • 2001 - Hero of her novel - Olga Kachalova
  • 2004 - A bomb for the bride - Svetlana
  • 2005 - Three Musketeers - Constance
  • 2007 - Love - not show business - cameo


  • 1995 - "Ah, school, school"
  • 2005 - "Children's Album" (reissue of the album "Ah, School, School")
  • 2005 - “Music of Love”
  • 2006 - “Let's Talk About Love”
  • 2006 - “Various songs about the main thing”
  • 2008 - "The Best Songs". Songs of Julia and Victor Nachalovs
  • 2012 - The Invented Stories of Deluxe
  • 2013 - Wild Butterfly


  • 1992 - The Teacher
  • 1992 - "Girl and Boy"
  • 1996 - Thumbelina
  • 1998 - “The hero of not my novel”
  • 2004 - White Lilac (duet with Natasha Koroleva)
  • 2005 - “To Love You”
  • 2008 - Raise the Anchors
  • 2008 - “I am not yours” (music by Victor Nachalov, verses by Sergey Sokolkin)
  • 2008 - For You
  • 2013 - I Will Be Near
  • 2015 - Wait for Me
  • 2016 - “Away Over the Horizon”
  • 2018 - “I Choose”

Health problems

The first bell, which informed about serious health problems of the singer, rang in 2012, when she fell unconscious in an airplane on the way from Mexico to America. Then she did not give any comments.

Journalists managed to find out that Nachalova underwent breast augmentation surgery, but could not get used to the implant. It was too large, and this caused discomfort. Julia decided on a second operation to remove the silicone, but complications arose during the operation. After drug treatment, it became clear that the kidneys were badly damaged, and that fainting in the cabin was caused by kidney failure.

Julia Nachalova before and after plastic surgery

Disease of the kidneys led to the fact that she showed migratory gout, and in a neglected form. A bump could pop out anywhere and anytime, and cause the singer such pain that can not even be compared with a toothache. For several years, doctors selected the Nachalova complex of treatment, which helped relieve acute attacks of the disease.


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