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The rapid rise of Ravshana Kurkova’s career is highlighted by her defeats on the personal front. Only in the fourth attempt did the actress manage to find her happiness.

Ravshana Kurkova was born in a family of actors. Parents did not want their daughter to follow in their footsteps, as they thought it was difficult for actors to earn money.

The name of Ravshana stands for "clear moon", and the original name of the girl was Matchanova.

Ravshan was raised for a long time by her grandmother, who was a doctor. She set a tight framework for her granddaughter, for example, Ravshane allocated a limited time for games and even less for phone calls.

The school years of the future actress were also very limited, the girl was under constant supervision, she was forbidden to walk a lot, she had to be at home until ten in the evening, Ravshana had to refuse about personal interests and especially about talking with boys.

Only grandfather Kurkova understood Ravshana and tried in every possible way to put the granddaughter in the correct perception of the image of a man, he became for her the standard with which she compared all her future husbands.

After school, Ravshan studied at the faculty of philology, and then still decided to do acting, like her parents and went to the theater. Kurkova played her first role at the age of twelve, then there was a long period of training in acting.

After the theatrical Ravshan, she worked with actors, was engaged in castings, but then the desire to act became irresistible. After filming in Three Girls, Kurkova received a professional award and was noticed by the directors.

The real fame came to the actress after filming in the popular TV series Barvikha. Ravshana literally woke up famous. After this role, diverse interesting offers rained down on Kurkova, in which she was able to reveal her talent from different angles.

If the career of the actress was constantly evolving, then in her personal life she had a long stagnation, upbringing affected.

The first husband of the actress was Semyon Kurkov.

Semyon worked as a photographer, they met at one of the parties. After the wedding, Ravshana became pregnant, but five months later she lost her baby. The husband could not survive this grief and decided to divorce. Of those relations, Ravshane only had a last name.

The second husband of Kurkova was Artem Tkachenko.

Having married, they lived together for four years, followed by a divorce. Ravshana could not reconcile with her husband's constant trips to clubs and unwillingness to have children. After the divorce, the actors had to play husband and wife in a joint project. Nevertheless, they remained friends.

The third husband of the actress was Ilya Bachurin.

They met at the Kinotavr and then began to meet. This union was considered one of the most beautiful in the world of Russian show business, but unfortunately it broke up. Bachurin did not meet the standard laid down by Ravshan by his grandfather.

For the fourth time, Kurkova also married an actor - Stanislav Rumyantsev.

Relations with Stanislav Ravshan are in no hurry to advertise. The ring on the finger, according to the actress, speaks for itself, and their personal life belongs only to them. Perhaps the actress finally found the one in which there is everything that she needs in a man. SUBSCRIBE to the channel, PUT LIKES, we will be grateful to you!

Photo: Ravshana Kurkova

Childhood and family

After the birth of her daughter, 18-year-old Rano Jalilovna left for Moscow to complete her studies at VGIK. Ravshana’s upbringing was dealt with by a grandmother, a well-known obstetrician-gynecologist in Tashkent, who actually received birth from her mother Ravshana. She was a man of the old school and held her granddaughter in black gloves: she could not walk until late, and even communication by phone was limited.

She grew up a very reserved girl: she was complex about her appearance, instead of school friends she had books, instead of yard friends - a piano and music lessons in the most prestigious school of the capital. Until the fifth grade, her grandfather drove her to school.

After high school, Ravshan transferred to an elite lyceum, where schoolchildren were prepared for admission to Westminster University, so the training took place exclusively in English.

When it was time to choose a future profession, Ravshana chose the Moscow Pedagogical Institute. At school, teachers always praised her compositions, and she decided to enter the Faculty of Philology. Having moved alone to Moscow, the girl was bewildered, so much the frantic pace of this city contrasted with the measured Tashkent. It took the Ravshan about three years to get used to and to feel his own. In addition, in those years, the national question became more acute, and skinheads flooded the streets. But everything worked out - Ravshana made a close circle of friends, favorite places and hobbies.

By the standards of Tashkent, her family was wealthy, but her parents could not afford to provide Ravshan with her usual life in expensive Moscow. But the girl did not give up and in her free time she worked part time as a model, then she got to shoot commercials, and soon starred in the extras of the series, gradually falling in love with the filming process.

In his student years, Ravshana met at a party with photographer Semyon Kurkov. Young people began an affair and after some time they got married. In the fifth month of pregnancy, Ravshana lost her baby, after which the relationship with her husband went wrong, and they decided to break up. After the divorce, Ravshan decided to leave the name of her husband - Kurkov. Read more about all the husbands of Ravshana Kurkova below, in the section "Personal life".


Born in an Uzbek acting family.

Father - Bahram Erkinovich Matchanov - theater actor.

Mother - Rano Kubaeva - actress and film director.

Uncle - Rauf Dzhalilovich Kubaev (born July 11, 1956) - film director and screenwriter.

She studied at one of the most prestigious music schools in Central Asia - the Uspensky Music School in Tashkent.

At the age of 12, she starred in the mystery of ferns (Uzbek. Qirq Quloq Siri), filmed at the Uzbekfilm film studio in 1992, in the art house philosophical drama by Rashid Malikov.

In the eighth grade, her parents transferred her to the Tashkent Lyceum - a branch of the University of London, where all subjects were taught in English.

In the late 1990s, Ravshana moved to Moscow, where she entered the philological faculty of Moscow State Pedagogical University.

TV and movie career

After receiving a diploma of higher education, she worked on television as a talk show editor, assistant director. She listened to a course of lectures in the framework of the Higher Director's Courses and studied acting under the direction of Tatyana Pyshnova, the teacher of the Shchepkinsky Theater School.

In the series of 12 episodes “And In Our Yard ...”, directed by Olga Muzaleva (Channel One), Ravshana played the role of Mavluda, a resident of Samarkand, who has a doctor’s diploma, but is forced to get a job as a janitor in Moscow, where she came to look for her missing lead a husband. According to the journalist Andrei Arkhangelsky, in the Russian series "for the first time ... the image of a migrant was created - not a sketch hero, not a comic ornament, but a full-fledged hero."

Theatrical career

Ravshana Kurkova is also known as a theater actress. She was busy in the play - plastic drama-entreprise "Rooms" by Oleg Glushkov, which premiered in 2010. She played the main roles in theatrical productions of Ivan Vyrypaev "Unbearably long hugs" and "Illusions" in the Moscow theater "Practice".

In 2016, the premiere of the immersive play-thriller Maxim Didenko "Black Russian" based on the novel "Dubrovsky" by A. Pushkin, where Ravshana played the main female role - Masha Troekurova. The role of Dubrovsky was played by the former husband of the actress Artyom Tkachenko.

As a model

Actress Ravshana Kurkova from 2014 to 2016 collaborated with well-known brands Intimissimi and Calzedonia. As the official envoy of Calzedonia, she annually represented Russia at the Calzedonia Summer Show in Verona. As a photo model, she can be seen on the pages of many Russian fashion magazines, in 2016 she first appeared to the readers completely naked, deciding on a candid photo shoot for the April issue of GQ magazine.

Childhood and youth

Ravshana Bahramovna Kurkova was born in a family where different nationalities intertwined: Arab, Tatar and Uzbek. Parents of the future celebrity met at the university. At the end of VGIK, Bahram Matchanov went to the theater, and his mother Rano Kubaeva became an actress and film director.

Actress Ravshana Kurkova

The name of the girl was given in honor of her uncle, who worked as a physician. Initially, it sounded like Ravshan, which means “clear moon”. The life of the actors involved Ravshana in the backstage life and the filming pavilions from childhood. Bahran and Rano did not want such a fate for their daughter, setting her up for a more serious profession.

The girl felt the severity and regime of the old school in her grandmother's upbringing, when the young mother went to Moscow to finish her studies. Ravshany Kurkova's grandmother worked as an obstetrician-gynecologist. In worries about the granddaughter, a schedule of walks was set and a limit on telephone calls was set - 15 minutes a day.

Ravshana Kurkova in childhood

In high school, the girl invariably lived “in custody”: she had to come home early, go to bed no later than 10 pm. With this daily routine, there was no time for walking with friends and romantic relationships. I had to put my personal life in a distant box and think only about study.

Ravshany became pleased with her grandfather, who, until the 5th grade, took her hand to school, played chess, read interesting books to her, and told fascinating stories. On warm evenings, they looked at the starry sky and shared their dreams. Grandfather's courageous and gentle attitude formed the ideal image of a man. Now, when choosing a life partner, the girl is looking for the same image from childhood.

Ravshana Kurkova in his youth

In addition to the strict regime, the girl appeared complexes. She did not put up with her short hair and thinness. This went on throughout childhood, but the girl did not yet know that she would grow up in an elegant, slender brunette (weight not exceeding 50-52 kg) with long hair and a height of 180 cm.

After moving to Moscow, Ravshana Kurkova went to a music school, where the last classes were taught in English. The preparation was on the occasion of further admission to the University of London. The girl chose to stay in Russia. Received higher education at the Faculty of Philology of the Pedagogical University. In addition to the main profession, Kurkova attended a course of directorial lectures and was engaged in acting with Tatyana Pyshnova.


For the first time, the actress starred in the movie "The Secret of Ferns" by Rashid Malikov at age 12. After graduating from university, she worked as a make-up assistant, assistant director, where she often prepared tea and coffee for actors. As a casting director, she organized a viewing of actresses. Despite participating in the lives of artists, Ravshan was attracted to the stage. After the editor of the talk show, the desire to return to the natural element overpowered the girl.

Ravshana Kurkova in the movie “The Secret of Ferns”

The skills acquired in acting classes, experience in stage productions, and oriental appearance did not leave young talent unnoticed. Kurkova was noted in several television projects. This was followed by a series of episodic roles. In 1998, Ravshana starred in the film "Happy Birthday!", Where her mother, Rano Kubaeva, also played. She got the main role in 2004 in the short film Medusa.

A new stage in the creative biography of the actress began after the fulfilled role of Maya in the film "Three Girls". For this work, Ravshan Kurkova received an award for best female performance at the International Festival “New Cinema of the 21st Century”.

Ravshana Kurkova in the movie "Three Girls"

A captive of cinema was noted in several films. Thundered with success in the mystical thriller Dead Daughters. The recognition of colleagues and fans foreshadowed new interesting offers. In 2008, two films were released: “On the Edge I Stand” and “One Night of Love”.

Enormous popularity came after the role of Angela in the series "Barvikha". In 2011, the actress continued her career in the second part of the cult story - "Golden". Another work of the year is the role of the mistress of the main character Kamorin (Dmitry Ulyanov) in the drama "Island of Unnecessary People".

Ravshan Kurkova in the series “And In Our Yard”

Soon, the refined oriental beauty was not afraid to reincarnate as a janitor, the main character of the detective series “And In Our Yard”. According to the plot of the film, the visiting girl unites with the former investigator Kaleny (Sergey Puskepalis) in search of the missing husband.

The diverse filmography of Kurkova, as the actress herself says, is due to different types of roles. Kurkova does not always like the roles that she plays. Talent and unusual appearance allowed to act in comedies and dramas, melodramas and horrors.

Ravshana Kurkova in the movie “What Men Do!”

The last outstanding work of the actress is the film "What Men Do." The comedy picture is based on a sexual quest. Four friends became participants in the contest “Sex is a sport” and passed the qualifying round. The essence of the game is to seduce as many impregnable girls as possible in 5 days. The winner will receive a prize of $ 500 thousand. But love intervenes in Sex Lotto.

No less vivid was the melodrama "Women in Love". Four friends, performed by Ekaterina Volkova, Ekaterina Klimova, Daria Ekamasova and Ravshana Kurkova, live difficult moments in relations with men, but remain confident that love is the main thing.

Ravshan Kurkov in the clip "Machete" "Tenderness"

Ravshana sings and starred in music videos. She collaborated on songs with Casta and Black Russian. In the video, Machete "Tenderness" played a girl with a gentle character. The heroine loves to relax, sit back and behave like a child. Kurkova got used to the role of a weak girl who wholeheartedly loves her man.

The actress also contributed to the poetic project “City of Poems”. With the participation of Ravshana, a video was released where the artist reads verses by Ok Melnikova “All important phrases should be quiet.”

Ravshana Kurkova in a swimsuit

The external data of the actress was appreciated by fashion designers and fashion designers. As a model, she appeared in promotions and fashion shows of Intimissimi and Calzedonia brands.

Her photos are posted in many glossy magazines, and in 2016 GQ even published an explicit photo shoot with Kurkova. The actress herself from the Instagram page, where before this project her pictures appeared in a swimsuit, explained the bold act with the desire to "play a trick". The girl posted two photos in her microblog.

Star Trek and actress films

Already at the age of 12, Ravshan Kurkova starred in Rashid Malikov's film “The Secret of the Fern”. After graduating from university, she managed to work as a make-up assistant, and an assistant director, and a talk show editor.

Thanks to this experience, Ravshana again had a desire to return to acting. To do this, she began to attend acting classes of teachers of the Shchepkinsky school, gradually began to receive episodic roles - in this she was helped not only by talent, but also by an unusual oriental appearance.

Her appearance in the movie was not left without attention. For example, for her work in the movie Three Girls, she received an award for Best Actress in the New Film. XXI Century". Fame came to her after participating in the TV series "Barvikha" on the TNT channel, which talks about the life of the Moscow elite.

In 2009, she starred in the movie “Love in the City 2”, and in 2011 she returned to television screens in the continuation of the series “Golden. Barvikha 2 ". Another expected film with the participation of Ravshana, which premiered in 2011, was the movie "Shatter".

In addition to the movie, Ravshan Kurkova starred in the Machete video "Tenderness", and also often became the heroine of filming for fashion magazines.

Ravshana Kurkova is 178 cm tall and weighs 50 kg.

Personal life Ravshana Kurkova

In 2008, Ravshan Kurkova married actor Artyom Tkachenko, who starred in such films as Indigo and Waiting for a Miracle.

However, in 2008, the spouses were destined to disperse, but there were no scandals - Artem and Ravshan remained close friends.

Photo by Ravshana Kurkova: from the personal archive of Ravshana

Table of contents

Ravshana Kurkova is a young, stylish Russian woman. At her 36-year-old age, the actress looks very young and perfect. She cannot be given more than 25 years. It is extremely in demand and loaded with work. Every day, the actress is painted literally in minutes. But still, she finds time to chat with friends and relatives, to visit sick children in the hospital.

The actress began to act recently, but has a large number of roles. She is now a real star, respected by her peers and older people. Ravshana is persistent, stubborn, efficient.

Height, weight, age. How old is Ravshana Kurkova

Many residents of modern Russia are interested in everything related to the life and creative activity of film actress Ravshana Kurkova. They are looking for information, wondering: Height, weight, age. How old is Ravshana Kurkova.

The actress has a model appearance, so she often comes out in revealing outfits that emphasize all the bends of her body. The figure is outwardly turned. Its parameters are close to ideal. The chest volume is 86 cm, the waist is 60 cm, the hips are 92 cm. It is tall and slim. With a growth of 180 cm, its weight is 50 kg. Ravshana Kurkova has repeatedly said in an interview that this is due not only to good heredity. She goes in for sports and adheres to a healthy diet, which help her maintain a good figure.

The actress does not hide her age. She recently turned 36 years old. On the contrary, she is proud of this, saying that it doesn’t matter how old you are, but it is important how much you look. The actress looks younger than her years, which is what fans of her talent tell her about.

Career, family, life.

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Ravshana Kurkova (maiden name Matchanova) is a popular Russian film actress of Uzbek origin. Place of birth - Uzbekistan, Tashkent. In addition to Uzbek blood, Arab and Tatar blood also flows through the veins of the actress.

The beautiful, elegant, smart and talented Ravshana is the idol of many admirers of her work. Despite the fact that the girl grew up in a creative family, parents did not want their daughter to take such a profession, constantly incentivizing them to choose a more serious one. But, the fact that Ravshana will work in the world of cinema, she knew from childhood.

Filmography: films starring Ravshana Kurkova

After graduating, she worked on television as a make-up assistant, assistant director, talk show editor. And suddenly, unexpectedly even for her, the biography of Ravshana Kurkova becomes close to the cinema. Initially, she was offered to act in episodic roles. But after the release of the series “Barvikha”, she became famous.

Now her filmography is updated annually. Particularly loved by movie fans are the roles in the films “Officers-2”, “Island of Unnecessary People”, “Dead Daughters” and others.

Numerous performances in which the actress participates. The last theatrical productions with her participation were: “Unbearably long hugs”, “Illusions” and “Black Russian”. Now the actress is participating in several more projects that will soon show Ravshan from an unexpected side for the audience.

In 2017, the series was released: "And in our yard ...". You can watch a movie online (for free) on Channel One. The main roles were played by Sergey Puskepalis and Ravshan Kurkov.

Personal life of Ravshana Kurkova

The actress at the moment was twice married and twice went through a divorce procedure. The first time she married her peer. Young people were happy. Shortly after the wedding, Ravshana was expecting a baby. But suddenly, at a period of five months, a spontaneous miscarriage occurred, which became the reason for their divorce.

The second time, Ravshana decided to marry after 3 years for her colleague - Artyom Tkachenko. For some time they were happy, but soon the actor became addicted to nightly trips to bars. Ravshana wanted to spend evenings in a quiet family atmosphere, on this basis they began to arise scandals, which soon led to a divorce.

Family of Ravshana Kurkova

The family of Ravshana Kurkova is numerous. Rashana's father is a famous Uzbek actor who was known throughout Uzbekistan. He worked in the theater of Tashkent, which is called Ilkhom. He directed the theater at that time Mark Weil.

Mom was a famous actress and film director - Rano Dzhalilovna Kubaeva. Her uncle was also involved in the movie. He worked as a director and screenwriter in the film industry of Uzbekistan since 1992.

The girl grew up in the theater where her dad rehearsed, as well as on the set where her mother worked. Parents divorced, but Ravshana now communicates with her mother who lives in the capital of the Russian Federation, and with her father who lives in Tashkent.

Ravshan is deeply grieved over the death of his beloved grandmother, who has rested in the Uzbek land. The actress has many relatives in Uzbekistan, with whom she often communicates.

Children of Ravshana Kurkova. The actress's pregnancy tragically ended

Children of Ravshana Kurkova have not yet been born. She was pregnant, but due to a tragic accident, she lost her baby at a gestational age of five weeks. She could be a great mother, but not in a hurry. The actress believes that it is never too late to become a mother. Ravshana is involved in various projects aimed at raising funds to help sick children. The actress often comes to hospices, helping children forget their pain. Ravshana believes that if all adults try, they can make the lives of all children fun and carefree.

The actress says she is not yet ready to become a mother. She needs time to become the best mother for a beautiful baby. For some reason, she is sure that a girl will be born to her. Ravshana is now engaged in cinema, and for the child it is necessary to give up everything. The actress is going to free her time so that the child does not feel deprived.

The ex-husband of Ravshana Kurkova - Semyon Kurkov

Acquaintance of young people took place at a student party. Semyon became interested in Ravshana and invited her to a dance. They danced until the morning, and then roamed the street, not wanting to part. The next day, Simon went on a date, brought a large bouquet of flowers. The student did not have money, so the young man peeled one of the flower beds. Soon Ravshane made an offer. The girl enthusiastically agreed. It was a difficult 90s, so the wedding was not very magnificent. But the newlyweds did not pay attention to this, enjoying communication with each other.

Soon, Ravshana became pregnant. Young future parents rejoiced at this. But suddenly, at a period of 5 weeks, a miscarriage occurred. After this misfortune, Ravshan and Semyon began to quarrel, and then decided to divorce.

The ex-husband of Ravshana Kurkova - Semyon Kurkov now works as a photographer. Ravshan and he often communicate. They call back, congratulating on the holidays, and also advise about the problems encountered. In addition, Ravshana decided to leave the name of her ex-husband, under which she became famous.

The ex-husband of Ravshana Kurkova - Artyom Tkachenko

Ravshana met Artyom on the set of the movie. They lived for a while just like that, but then decided to register their relationship. The wedding was celebrated in Moscow and Tashkent. Ravshana thought that there could be no better wedding. They were considered the best pair of Russian cinema.

They starred together, walked at parties together. One clouded their happiness - this is the lack of children. But it turned out that only Ravshan wanted the child, and Artyom did not want the children, believing that they would interfere with the usual way of life.

Artyom loved going to nightclubs, spending his free time there. Ravshana wanted a quiet life. Having suffered so for 4 years, Ravshan divorced Artyom.

The former husband of Ravshana Kurkova, Artyom Tkachenko, soon married again, and after a while a child appeared in his family, whom the young dad was very happy about. Ravshana remained on friendly terms with her ex-husband. They are filming together now in one of the films.

Wedding of Ravshana Kurkova and Ilya Bachurin. Why did you break up?

The personal life of Ravshana Kurkova with Ilya Bachurin, whose wedding will take place soon, became happy again in 2013 after she met Ilya Bachurin, who is the General Director of Glavkino.

They decided not to force things and live for themselves. Now they often meet, about to soon legalize their relationship.

Ravshana Kurkova nude. Photo and video

Fans of the movie star Ravshana regret that she doesn’t very often pose naked. But sometimes you can see pictures in which Ravshana Kurkova is naked. Piquant nude-style photographs were recently featured on pages in Maxim Magazine. The movie actress can be seen almost naked. She is wearing short shorts. But eastern shyness influences her image.

The girl covers the beauty of her bare chest with her own hands. But, although the actress is modest, her figure is worthy of the highest praise. Fans of the film actress are sure that the star leads a healthy lifestyle and adheres to healthy eating standards.

In some media you can see a girl wearing a beautiful swimsuit. He barely hides piquant details in the guise of Ravshana. But in her filmography you can find films where she starred naked, without any embarrassment, presented to the movie camera. Also, the actress can be seen in beautiful underwear, barely covering her roundness.

The star of the movie "What Men Say!" By Ravshan Kurkov has been the subject of close attention of fans for quite some time. The fair sex is openly envious of the girl, and men dream of seeing what a naked Ravshan is.

The girl agrees to such an outcrop even in front of cameras and a production group. Kurkova claims that she should not have any difficulty in undressing in front of her favorite viewers, however, she does not like to look at herself.

Ravshana Kurkova nude flickers on the screens in the films “The Temptation of St. Anthony” and “What Men Say!”, by the way, she easily makes jokes about sex life.

Choosing censored words, the famous actress in numerous interviews claims that she is not ready to demonstrate "boobs for the sake of boobs." She should have a certain motivation and, probably, even be a little in love with her partner on the set.

One way or another, but Ravshana Kurkova is quite rarely ready to pamper her male fans with candid photos and spicy photo shoots. Earlier on the Internet it was possible to find only rare photographs of the actress in a swimsuit.

The rising star of the series often uploads her photographs in a swimsuit, taken while relaxing in hot countries, including Thailand. Fans did not get tired of admiring her sexy and graceful forms, as well as beautiful swimsuits of famous brands. The photos in the swimsuit impressed women with how beautiful Ravshan looks without any makeup.

Nude Ravshana Kurkova smiles from spicy Instagram photos. They are equipped with tempting hashtags: “She is in shock” and “Ilya allowed”. In these photographs worthy of the magazine “Playboy", Nude and incredibly sexy Ravshana in the home interior. The girl drinks tea in this form and just languidly smiles at the audience, sitting on the table.

This hot photo shoot was made, as it turned out later, for the glossy edition of “GQ. FROM". Photos of naked Ravshana Kurkova were posted in the April issue of this popular magazine. A few more were added to the above pictures, which were clearly designed to tickle the nerves of strawberry lovers.

The beauty Ravshana Kurkova recently pleased her domestic and foreign fans with the fact that she appeared in a very candid photo shoot organized by a popular male Maxim magazine. By the way, photographs of naked Ravshana Kurkova evoke a feeling of lightness, because they were made very beautifully and not at all depraved. On them, the actress appears before us in the image of an innocent and pure creature, who is not at all afraid of her nakedness.

By the way, according to a survey conducted among the readers of this publication, it was Ravshana who was a regular participant in the ranking of the hundred sexiest women in the Russian Federation.

Not only very happy is the downward trend in the rating of naked Kurkova in this top. So in 2012, her photographs occupied an honorable fifth place, and already in 2016 the girl quickly slipped to the seventy-fifth line.

Photo of Ravshany Kurkova before and after plastic surgery

Ravshana Kurkova recently decided on plastic, such information appeared in one of the newspapers. She decided to adjust her breasts. When, when fans saw the Photo of Ravshana Kurkova before and after the plastic, they were convinced of her fake. The actress never did plastic.

The girl’s chest is already perfect. Ravshana says her breasts are perfect. If she turns to the services of a plastic surgeon, then he simply will not find what to correct.

The close environment of the actress also assures that Ravshana never did plastic. She achieved perfect forms, playing sports and eating right. The girl runs about 3-4 km every day.

Instagram and Wikipedia Ravshana Kurkova

There is, of course, a page on Ravshana Kurkova's Instagram and Wikipedia. On the page on Instagram, more than 10 thousand people are signed, mostly they are at a young age (25 years and younger).

Here you can find reliable information about Ravshana's classes on and off the set. Kurkova is constantly updating the collection of pictures on her page. Here you can see pictures and videos relating to the actress herself, her family and creativity.

In the photographs, Ravshan can be seen in a natural way, without makeup. She is often presented in pictures in a funny and funny way. On her page, the actress also posts photos of her large family. Here you can see pictures of mom, father, relatives.

Ravshana Kurkova now

In 2017, Ravshana Kurkova appeared in the guise of a policeman in one of the short stories of the film almanac “About Love. Only for adults ”, where Fyodor Bondarchuk, Victoria Isakova, Maxim Matveev and other masters of Russian cinema also played. Also, the artist appeared in the project "Crimea", in which it was a question of the reunion of two families - Russian and Tatar.

Ravshan Kurkov in 2018

The next premiere with the participation of the actress took place in August 2018 at the “Window to Europe” film festival. Together with Konstantin Kryukov and Eugene Tkachuk, Ravshana presented the comedy The Fugitives. In the story, the heroine of Kurkova, the nympho Nastya, made up the company of the popular singer Alex and killer Stepa, who was fleeing the criminals, who failed to complete the task of eliminating the artist.

Now Kurkova is busy in the project “The Cruel World of Men”, where she plays a major role, as well as in the films “For the First Counter” and “Abigail”.

The ex-husband of Ravshana Kurkova - Semyon Kurkov

The first and already ex-husband of Ravshana Kurkova is Semyon Kurkov. Young people met at the institute. The novel broke out very quickly. Soon, the lovers got married. The news of the pregnancy of Ravshana became joyful. But, the child was not destined to be born. After a miscarriage, the couple divorced, having failed to cope with grief. Photos of the first husband of Ravshana on the network are almost impossible to find. After the divorce, the actress decided to keep her husband's surname. There is no more news about Semyon Kurkovoy. And Ravshana herself is reluctant to share her memories of her first marriage.

The ex-husband of Ravshana Kurkova - Artyom Tkachenko

The second and now ex-husband of Ravshana Kurkova is Artyom Tkachenko. He is a native of Kaliningrad, younger than Ravshana for 2 years. The couple registered a relationship in 2004. The marriage broke up four years later. Someone says that Artyom became the culprit because of a wild life, and someone blames Ravshan for this, attributing to her an affair with another man.

After a divorce from the actress, Artem married for the second time. Today he has a son from his second marriage and a son from marriage with his current wife Ekaterina Steblina. Judging by family photos on social networks, Ravshana's ex-husband is happy.

Photo by Ravshana Kurkova in Maxim magazine

The photo of Ravshana Kurkova in the Maxim magazine aroused great attention and delight. A gorgeous photo shoot of the famous magazine, where the actress is naked, in a swimsuit simply drives the fans of the male Ravshana crazy.

Candid photos of Ravshany Kurkova are the most popular. Of course, a beautiful young woman cannot but attract attention. Kurkova herself was never ashamed to show her body, she would, because it is perfect. Now, fans of the actress are looking forward to new photos of Ravshana, in which she is dressed to a minimum.