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I was born on April 3, 1988 in the small Belarusian city of Bykhov, Mogilev region. Talented people surrounded me in the family. These are my grandparents, without whom not a single holiday in their village could do. Grandmother sang, and grandfather was a skilled harmonist. This is the dad who wrote wonderful poems. My childhood passed in the same way as millions of children from small provincial towns. We rushed through the streets, played football, drove bicycles. During the holidays, I helped my grandmother and grandfather with the housework, listened to music a lot and sang.
Parents noticed the beginnings of talent (sorry for immodesty) in my vocal passages and sent me to a music school. During my studies, I realized that I want to connect my life with music!

Another important fact was that the city of Bykhov is located in the Chernobyl zone and every year I was sent for rehabilitation in Italy. There I was captivated by opera music ...

After graduation, I entered the Mogilev State College of Music named after Rimsky-Korsakov. Thanks to competent teachers, I received a good professional education, during my studies I participated in various competitions of vocal mastery. The decision to continue my studies was not spontaneous, I set a goal and worked hard. In 2009, I graduated from MGMK and entered the RATI Musical Theater Faculty (GITIS).

There I was noticed by Tamara Ilyinichna Sinyavskaya (opera diva, the widow of Muslim Magomayev) and Rosetta Yakovlevna Nemchinskaya and took on their course, for which I am infinitely grateful! The next significant teacher in my life was Peter Sergeyevich Gluboky. This talented teacher with excellent vocal technique helped me hone my knowledge. Well, I am especially grateful to the beautiful woman, teacher Olga Fedorovna Mironova!

Parents of Sergey Volchkov

Life in Moscow was not easy, study took a lot of time, and still had to earn extra money. He was the leader at weddings and corporate parties, the animator, Santa Claus. This, in addition to the scholarship, helped to stay on stage more confidently, to improvise. I managed to participate in competitions and master classes.

In 2010, I became a scholarship holder of the Fund for Cultural Programs. I. Dunaevsky.
In December 2011, I became the winner of the first prize in the international competition "Romansiada". After that, they began to invite me to participate in concerts in the Kremlin and in the Hall of Columns on the same stage with such masters as Leonid Serebrennikov, Renat Ibragimov.

In 2013, I tried my hand at the television project "Voice" on channel 1. During blind auditions, Alexander Borisovich Gradsky was the first to turn, a Man whose singing culture and talent I admired from childhood! It was a generous gift of Fate! The professionalism of Alexander Borisovich, the correct selection of the repertoire, his wise advice helped me to reach the finals and become a winner among the most worthy and talented rivals!

Participation in the “Voice” project gave me a new breath, it inspired me and I'm sure that I am on the right track! Since the fall of 2014, I have been touring our vast country with a solo program, performing with the best musicians, conductors, my concerts are held at the best venues in cities. In February 2016, my first big solo concert took place on the main stage of the Country-in the State Kremlin Palace! And in April 2018, my Big Anniversary concert was also held there!

And that's all thanks to you! After all, you are with me, my listeners and friends! Friends exactly! I feel so at concerts, I see your eyes, hear and read wishes on the Internet. I know who I am and for whom I sing! Thank you for being with me and God bless you!

Biography of Sergey Volchkov

Nature gave a simple Belarusian guy Sergey Volchkov a unique baritone. And the TV show "Voice" made him famous. Sergey made a bold decision - to perform an emotional and melodic aria. Nowadays, very few people like to listen to opera music.

But Volchkov’s amazing timbre attracted spectators and judges and opened the way for the young singer to the big stage. Benevolence in character, the absence of errors in performance, attracted viewers, mentors, and rivals in the competition.

Before participating in the Voice show, the young man studied hard for many years. His success was not an accident.

The childhood and youth of Sergey Volchkov

Sergei’s childhood passed, like thousands of children from small provincial towns. He ran along the street, played football with friends, helped his grandmother and grandfather on household chores during the holidays, listened to music and sang.

Parents noticed the talent of the child and sent it to a music school. During his studies, Seryozha realized that he wanted to connect his future life with music.

Bykhov was in the Chernobyl zone. Therefore, every year the boy went to Italy for rehabilitation. Perhaps there he fell in love with opera music.

The young years of Sergei fell on a difficult post-perestroika time. In Italy, he saw a different life. And I realized what to strive for. After receiving his education, he did not want to live and work in the village, like his older brother.

After graduation, he entered the Mogilev State College of Music named after N. A. Rimsky-Korsakov. Thanks to the competent specialists of this educational institution, Volchkov received a good professional education, participated in various performing arts contests. Therefore, the decision to continue further studies was not accidental. Sergey had a goal, and he worked diligently and hard.

Studying Sergei Volchkov in Moscow

The guy with a good voice was noticed by Tamara Ilyinichna Sinyavskaya and Rosetta Yakovlevna Nemchinskaya and took on their course. The opera singer Tamara Sinyavskaya, Sergey’s voice resembled the voice of her late husband Muslim Magomayev. And the openness and breadth of the soul disposed to itself. The next teacher Volchkova became Peter Sergeyevich Gluboky. This talented person with excellent vocal technique helped Seryozha hone his skills.

Life in Moscow was difficult. Studying took a lot of time. The young man understood that it was hard for his parents to provide for him, so he tried to earn extra money. The leader at weddings and corporate parties, the animator, Santa Claus - such skills have helped to more confidently stay on the big stage.

But he managed to study and take part in competitions and master classes.

In 2010, he became a scholarship holder of the Fund for Cultural Programs. I. Dunaevsky.

After winning the international competition "Romansiada," Sergei began to be invited to concerts in the Kremlin and the Hall of Columns. He performed on stage with Honored Artist of Russia Leonid Serebryannikov and Renat Ibragimov, who is called Russian Pavarotti. The artistic and gifted guy with a delightful baritone liked the audience.

Sergey Volchkov

Date of BirthApril 3, 1988/31 years old
Zodiac signAries
Place of BirthBykhov, Belarus

Russian-Belarusian musician, singer, winner of the second season of the television project "Voice".

Born in the Belarusian city of Bykhov. He was fond of music since childhood, graduated from music school in piano. In 2009 he graduated from the Mogilev State Music College. Rimsky-Korsakov. Later he moved to Moscow, where he entered the faculty of musical theater RATI (GITIS).

Laureate of several music competitions and awards. In particular, in 2011 he became a laureate of the international competition of young performers of the Russian romance “Romansiada”.

In 2013, he became the winner in the television show "Voice", speaking on the team of Alexander Gradsky.


Very talented singer. Similar voice data to Muslim Magomaev. The problem with advertising, he needs support, not voiceless, but to such gifted voices. In fact, we have already lost one vote - this is the golden tenor - Oleg Pogudin. We need a strong and strong-willed rotation of the voiceless to talented youth.

People are just tired of empty voiceless concerts. After all, the 60s, 70s, we had wonderful teams where everything disappeared. Today there are serious problems in cultural centers - theaters, no voices, and without a voice any work looks very weak.

Was at a concert of the Concert Hall “Oktyabrsky” on January 14, 2017 in St. Petersburg. That was great! Thanks to everyone who found and promotes it. Sergey’s voice is a continuation on the stage of such great singers as Muslim Magamayev, Lev Leshchenko and Joseph Kabzon - they cannot be compared, but they have the gift of God's voice. May there be more such voices in our country! Specifically, I wish Sergey Volchkov to remain as open, a little shy and at the same time kind and sympathetic.

Thanks for the photo! It was noticeable that we were very tired, but this is probably the cost of the profession, I really wanted to get an autograph and take a picture. And I also liked the way you dance, I probably didn’t do it professionally, but moving in my voice and on the stage is just great - it turns on, I like to dance myself! I wish all of us more of these artists!

Sergey is an amazing singer with an amazing voice, who heard his singing, will forever remain his fan! He successfully tours throughout the country, at all concerts there are full houses, people come out with joyful faces and good mood! It was not for nothing that people voted for him in The Voice, everyone missed real singing not only in voice but also in their souls.

I really liked Sergey Volchkov both as a singer and as a person. I wish him to add 99% of hellish work to his wonderful talent. Then, perhaps, a brilliant future awaits him. The main thing at the same time is not to change internally, not to skid and not immediately to chase a long ruble. Let there be only worthy people around him.

Sergey, I was rooting for you the whole project. You performed Mr. X's aria, before you no one could compare with George Ots, and you could. Very happy about you! And yet - now we have someone in Russia to perform works no worse than our dear Muslim Magomayev. You do not have a voice-TREASURE! I wish you and your whole family HAPPINESS, HEALTH and you- SUCCESS.

Sergey Volchkov - an amazing voice, a sea of ​​charm! This is truly the best VOICE! Listen-watch it is a pleasure. He will be actively in demand! There will be a line of people who want to cooperate with him. Sergey, be long! Health, happiness, prosperity! Please us with your creativity, rich voice, charm!

Participation of Sergey Volchkov in the musical project "Voice"

Excellent vocal skills helped Volchkov get into the group with Alexander Gradsky. In his youth, he listened to the songs of a rock singer and admired the culture of his singing.

Gradsky's professionalism, talent and charm, modesty and inner dignity, sober self-esteem of Sergei contributed to his access to the finals of the competition.

The singer did not flirt with the audience, he sang for her and put all his soul and skill into the composition “Blue Eternity”. Grateful viewers cast their votes to Volchkov. Sergey is not tired of working. He is demanding of himself, carefully preparing for each performance, but takes the time to answer each of his fans.

Now he is in his fifth year, gives concerts, dreams of working at the Alexander Gradsky Theater and an internship in Italy. Going to try to sing in various genres.

And also, before each appearance on the stage, the singer turns to God. He wants to win the competition, but if he does not take the first place, does not put an end to his work, and continues to study vocals in order to delight fans with a wonderful performance of songs.


Singer Sergei Volchkov was born on April 3, 1988 in the Belarusian city of Bykhov, Mogilev region. From childhood, he was surrounded by talented people who had a great influence on little Sergey. It was the beautifully-singing grandmother and the grandfather, who skillfully played the harmonica, introduced the grandson to music. With his grandparents Sergey began to sing, already then the boy’s singing talent showed up. Noticing that his son was making progress, his parents decided to send him to a music school. Serious music lessons and numerous victories in various competitions as early as childhood served as a kind of springboard to achieve musical goals. Frequent trips to Italy formed the child’s view of opera. The biography of singer Sergei Volchkov can be a great example for many.

Professional development

After leaving school, Sergei decided to continue his studies and entered the Rimsky-Korsakov Music College, where, under the guidance of excellent teachers, he began to hone his vocal technique and skill. In 2009, a competition was held at RATI GITIS. There he was noticed by the famous opera singer Tamara Sinyavskaya. However, not everything turned out at the beginning of the journey as smoothly as it could be. The harsh reality of a student at a creative university, unfortunately, is not as fun and carefree as it may seem to us. Volchkov had to earn extra money by Santa Claus and a clown at children's matinees. Nevertheless, dizzying success and popular love awaited him.

Participation in the television project "Voice"

Already from blind auditions it became clear that Sergey Volchkov was a contender for victory. He literally amazed the jury and the audience with the skill of performance and the strikingly beautiful timbre of the voice. The first to turn to him was Alexander Gradsky, an outstanding singer, composer and poet, whose work Volchkov was impressed in his childhood. It was to Gradsky that he went to the team. It is worth saying that Alexander Borisovich has an excellent musical education, because he graduated from the Gnesins Academy with a degree in academic vocals, and later on from the P.I. Tchaikovsky, composer department (class T. Khrennikov). Moreover, Gradsky worked in many musical styles and genres: rock, folk and classical music.

He has not only rich experience in various fields, but also directly teaching experience, because for several years he taught young performers vocals in the same Gnessin Academy, which he had once completed. The maestro handed over all this huge musical baggage of professional knowledge and skills to Volchkov. Competently and sensitively selecting a repertoire, Alexander Borisovich led him to victory in the project. The duet of Gradsky and Volchkov “A Month in the Sky (Ukrainian Folk Song)” showed how richly the voices of true professionals, real “big” singers are revealed! Then in the final, Sergey performed the Neapolitan song Tu ca nun chiagne and Mr. X's aria, which finally convinced the multimillion-dollar audience that he was worthy of victory.


On stage, singer Sergei Volchkov chose a strict academic in everything: in the manner of singing, in the style of clothing. His repertoire is composed of Neapolitan songs, folk and compositions of Soviet performers. The voice of Sergei Volchkov is a velvet, well-placed baritone, soft, lyrical hue, richly overtone colored. The manner of performance is distinguished by sincerity and intonational attention to every line. I would also like to note that Sergei has a magnificent diction, and most importantly, a unique artistic charm.

Singer Sergei Volchkov not in vain won the love of a wide audience, because his voice really touches his heart, there is something so kind and dear in him, something from childhood. Perhaps he is close to Muslim Magomayev in timbre.

It is worth saying that, by the will of fate, Volchkov had to work with the same composer as Magomaev once, namely, the inimitable Alexandra Pakhmutova! For many decades, Alexandra Nikolaevna has been writing melodies that the whole country sings later. Pakhmutova has already become a symbol of high musical art! In her work, as in a mirror, the milestones of Russian history are reflected.For example, when the whole country we welcomed the freedom-loving people of Cuba, she wrote the famous song "Cuba is my love." But nevertheless, the leitmotif in her works are eternal themes, with which our life is inextricably linked. Alexandra Nikolaevna “presented” several “fresh” songs to Sergey.

Personal life

The creative biography of Sergei Volchkov has developed successfully. And what about personal life? He has two children and a wife whom he loves forever. Despite the fact that with the arrival of popularity, the singer has less and less time for his family, he tries to spend any free day with his family and friends. The singer’s wife Sergey Volchkov’s name is Natalya Yakushkina, and she always supports him at any events.

There are different artists, and over the past decades a huge number of them flashed on TV, and, unfortunately, among them were not too original and outstanding, but, frankly, mediocre. The selection, for example, in Soviet times was much stricter. Therefore, these days it is a great pleasure and great luxury to see, among all the fuss, a standing artist, sincere in front of himself and the public. We can say with confidence that the singer Sergei Volchkov is a great artist who is always nice to see, and most importantly to hear. I would like to wish him to reach new creative heights! Let the audience continue to be happy!


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