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Viewers remember the famous Russian actress Emilia Spivak not only because of her beautiful red hair and noble porcelain skin, which was especially distinguished in some frames of the famous “State Counselor”, but also by her acting talent. A large army of fans appeared in Emilia after the release of the next season of “Secrets of the investigation” with her participation. The press wrote about the actress’s romance with Ivan Urgant and Daniil Spivakovsky. This truth or journalistic fiction you will learn from our further story.

Emilia was born on November 18, 1981 in Leningrad.

Her father, People's Artist of Russia Semyon Spivak, heads the St. Petersburg Youth Theater on the Fontanka. He often brought his daughter to his work, although his wife Natalya did a great job of raising her daughter, since after the birth of Emilia she decided to devote her life to the child. The baby loved to visit the theater with her dad. Her friends at that time were the children of actors and theater workers. Twelve-year-old Emilia first appeared on stage at the anniversary of the theater where her father worked.

As a child, Mila, as her parents called her, was engaged in drawing, studying foreign languages, playing the guitar. She also went to figure skating and ballroom dancing. But the girl quickly got tired of all this and she switched to something new.

Having received a certificate of secondary education, Emilia became a student of the theater academy in her native St. Petersburg.

Sophomore Spivak is incredibly lucky. The creators of the popular series “Secrets of the investigation”, due to the pregnancy of the leading actor Anna Kovalchuk, were forced to change the plot in which a new heroine appeared - a trainee, and a talented student played it.

After graduating from the Academy in 2003, Emilia began working with her father in the youth theater on the Fontanka.

Touring the theater in 2004

Two years later, she played a major role in the famous “State Counselor,” where Oleg Tabakov himself was her partner on the set, who later invited the young actress to the Chekhov Moscow Art Theater.

Friendship with Ivan Urgant

At one time, Emilia’s beloved was called the star of Russian television Ivan Urgant, whom the girl had known since childhood, since their families were friends. Spivak later starred with him in the movie Three and a Snowflake.

Emilia recalled that it was easy for her to play with Ivan. There was no tension between them on the set, but there was no romance either. Spivak and Urgant have developed warm friendly relations, nothing more.

An affair with Daniil Spivakovsky

Indeed, Emilia fell in love with the famous Russian actor Daniil Spivakovsky, who lived in Moscow, but often came to St. Petersburg to meet his lover.

Emilia only had the warmest memories from the affair with Daniel. She still calls him a real man, attentive and caring.

Spivakovsky offered the girl a hand and a heart during the celebration of the New Year. Emilia agreed to become his wife, but it never came to the wedding. Spivak later said that Daniel really wanted to have a full-fledged family, and she was not ready for this.

The marriage of Emilia Spivak

Classmate Ernest Timerkhanov and Emilia met while they were still at the academy. But at that time, young people often quarreled. Their student love has been further developed already in adulthood.

Spivak even married Timerkhanov, but two years passed and they divorced. Emilia says student love has not developed into a more serious family relationship. The divorce from Ernest was initiated by the actress.

In this video, Emilia Spivak talks about her personal life:

At the moment, Emilia has a new lover, but she carefully hides his last name and claims that in the near future there is no question of a wedding with this man.

Beauty secrets

The actress has a perfect figure.

Spivak says that he drinks green tea every morning and eats yogurt. Emilia completely refused to drink coffee and when she feels that she has extra pounds, she stops eating her favorite Italian dishes and prefers exclusively healthy products. The actress loves Italy and learns the language of this country.

Emilia knows the measure in the use of cosmetics and perfumes.

According to her, she maintains her beauty through healthy and deep sleep.

New projects

In 2017, during the Vivat Cinema of Russia festival, Spivak was awarded the prize for Best Actress in the television series Hotel of Last Hope.

Emilia continues to play in the theater.

Recently, the actress completed filming in the new action-packed mystical series "Chernov." Also on the screens was the melodrama "Ideal Wife", where Emilia plays a single mother, Vika, who lives with two children and learns about the "Club of Ideal Wives."

The heroine Spivak enters into it and gradually begins to change her life for the better.

With parents

With a godson

Spivak Emilia Solomonovna

Emilia Semenovna Spivak

Born on November 18, 1981 in Leningrad.
Father, Solomon (Semyon) Yakovlevich Spivak, is a theater director.

In 2003 she graduated from SPGATI (course of V.B. Pazi).

Since 2004 - actress of the St. Petersburg State Youth Theater "On the Fontanka".

He plays in the performances of the Moscow Art Theater. Chekhov.

Educational performances:
Makarskaya - A. Vampilov "The Eldest Son" (dir. Yu. Butusov),
"Cabaret" (dir. V. Pazi).

Youth Theater "On the Fontanka":
Desdemona - Othello (2003, production by S. Spivak, dir. A.Uteganov),
Laura Wingfield - T. Williams "Blue Roses" (2006, dir. Leo Shehman),
Lyudmila - A.N. Ostrovsky "Late Love" (2009, dir. Vladimir Tumanov).

Moscow Art Theater Chekhov:
Elizabeth Rousse, she’s Pyshka - “Pyshka”.

Shen De / Shoy Yes - The Last Chinese Warning, B. Brecht (2013, dir. S. Spivak),
Emily - "Our Town", T. Wilder (2014, dir. S. Spivak, S. Morozov).
Mouse - "Animal Stories", Don Nigro (2018, dir. S. Spivak),
Jeanette - “The tide will marry us.”, Jean Anouil (2019, dir. S. Spivak and M. Mirosh).



Emilia Spivak was born in a family that was closely associated with the theater. Father Solomon Yakovlevich Spivak was a famous Soviet director and directed the State Youth Theater on the Fontanka. Emilia was brought up mainly by her mother. The girl attended various children's clubs, studied dancing, sports and music, but remained modest and shy.

“I decided to continue the theatrical dynasty in order to solve my internal problems of modesty, indecision, fear of expressing something,” Emilia Spivak admitted to Boris Korchevnikov in the program “The Fate of a Man”. “My dad spent all my childhood in the theater. We didn’t have those moments that hold and unite the child and the parent,” Emilia said. But she added that when she decided to go to the theater, her dad “really saw” her. Together they selected material and rehearsed.

After graduating from school, Emilia entered the St. Petersburg State Academy of Theater Arts, receiving a diploma in 2003.


After graduation, Emilia was invited to the theater on the Fontanka. Work under the direction of his father was a test for both of them. “For dad, my coming to his theater was also a lot of stress. We tried to demonstrate that he was not my father, and I was not his daughter. We had such a game. It turned out even more stupid. He was excessively cruel. Me Of course, it hurt. Psychologically it was difficult, "recalls the actress.

She played in the performances "Hamlet", "Blue Roses", "Late Love", "The Last Chinese Warning." Solomon Yakovlevich was very proud of the success of his daughter and called her his best creation.

In 2005, the actress was invited to his theater by Oleg Tabakov at the Moscow Art Theater on Elizabeth Rousse in the production of Pyshka.

Emilia Spivak began acting in films, while still a student. In the second year of high school, she was offered a role in the detective series "Secrets of the Investigation", in which Emilia starred until 2008.

In 2004, Spivak was unexpectedly invited to the shooting of the film “State Counselor” based on the novel by Boris Akunin. She was offered to play Esfir Litvinova, the girlfriend of the protagonist.

This picture made an actress a star, she began to be invited to television series and big movies. She took part in the filming of almost forty projects and continues to act to this day.

Personal life

Emilia met her first love at school. Then, while studying at the theater, she fell in love with classmate Ernest Timerkhanova. “We had some kind of strange painful affair,” the actress admitted, adding that they converged, then diverged. He will eventually become her only husband when they meet years later. “We got married from an old memory. Apparently, because I was 30 years old, and I thought it was time for me to get married. And he probably also thought it was time to start a family,” Emilia said. But after a year and a half, their marriage broke up.

Even before marriage, in 2005 at the Cannes Film Festival Emilia Spivak met actor Daniil Spivakovsky. Their relationship lasted about a year, although the actors lived in different cities. It is the distance and unwillingness to move to one city that caused the gap. The end of the novel did not affect the warm relations of the artists, and they continued their communication, but as friends. “Dania is a real man. He is incredibly caring, attentive, tolerant of relatives, kind. He knows a lot, a cultured person. When a man surrounds you with such care and such attention, it’s hard not to fall in love,” the actress admitted.

Childhood and family

Emilia’s childhood passed behind the curtains, and at the age of 12 the girl first appeared on the stage. She was preparing “Tatyana's Letter” for the school competition, but on the anniversary of the theater, her father forced the girl to go out to the microphone and read the blanks in front of the crowded auditorium. The actress recalls this feeling of excitement to trembling knees and the subsequent trepidation even after so many years.

The responsible post of the father did not allow him to spend much time with his daughter. In addition, both of them are bright, emotional personalities. Therefore, in her youth, Emilia did not have a trusting relationship with Semyon Yakovlevich, but to her mother, a soft and wise woman, she could tell about all the problems. But when, after graduating from school, the girl decided to enter a theater university, her father was happy, but Natalya, who knew firsthand how hard the work in the theater was, was worried.


The debut of Emilia Spivak in the big movie came in 2005. She auditioned for the role of Esther in the film "State Counselor" by Boris Akunin, but she was refused in favor of Oksana Akinshina. The girl so dreamed about this vivid role - the temperamental daughter of a wealthy Jewish banker, bold, kind and educated, flaunting with a short haircut at the end of the 19th century - and was killed by refusal.

“Don’t worry, you will still play in this film,” her mother reassured. And so it happened: Oksana Akinshina simply did not appear on the first shooting day, and the creators of the picture quickly contacted Emilia. So the girl became part of a powerful acting ensemble: Oleg Tabakov, Vladimir Mashkov, Oleg Menshikov, Konstantin Khabensky.

In 2009, the actress left the "Secrets of the investigation." She left without scandals, just once realized that Zhenya's storyline has exhausted itself.

It is worth noting the work of Emilia in the detective series "Wonderful Thy Works, Lord!" (2015) and the film adaptation of the novel by Tatyana Ustinova, Hotel of Last Hope (2016).

Confused privacy

Like many famous personalities, Emilia does not like to talk about her personal life. She is quite saturated with the actress and at the same time confusing. The girl’s first love was a classmate at the academy. At that moment, Emilia preferred the hooligan guys. She and Ernest Timerkhanov fell in love. Their relationship developed rapidly. The couple did not advertise their relationship, although for some time they lived together.

After several months of cohabitation, Emilia and Ernest realized that they were not yet created for a serious relationship. They often quarreled and could not find mutual understanding on many issues. Then the couple broke up. But broke up to unite after some time.

A break in relations with Ernest Timerkhanov lasted several years. At this time, Emilia was in a relationship with the famous actor Daniil Spivakovsky. Young people met at the Cannes Film Festival in 2008. The initiator of the acquaintance was the girlfriend of the actress, who was secretly in love with Spivakovsky.

Relations at a distance

In the beginning, the relationship between Emilia and Daniel was almost perfect. Lovers have repeatedly said that they feel good together and in their relations mutual understanding reigns. The first break in relations was when Spivakovsky’s career began to develop. The actor was invited to work in Moscow.

Emilia stayed to live and work in St. Petersburg. Daniel for a long time invited her to move to him in Moscow. He said that her talent would not go unnoticed, and she would be a sought-after actress. However, Spivak did not succumb to persuasion.

The girl loved her city and the theater in which she worked. She refused to move to Moscow.

After the girl refused to move to Spivakovsky, their relationship at a distance lasted several more months. Very often, relationships at a distance are doomed to failure. This happened with Emilia and Daniel. After 4 years of civil marriage, their union broke up.

Lovers broke up without scandals and were able to maintain friendly relations.

New old favorite

Emilia’s break with Spivakovsky gave her a new meeting. At one of the events, she met her former lover Ernest Timerkhanov. This meeting revived their former feelings in them, and they decided to try to start all over again.

This time the relationship ended in marriage. Lovers did not want to advertise their wedding, so a very narrow circle of people knew about it. Only the closest friends and relatives were invited to the celebration. Even their painting took place on the outskirts of the city in the most ordinary registry office.

Fans of the actress were incredibly glad that at last their favorite found happiness. The next news they were waiting for the news of Emilia’s pregnancy. But a year later, the girl shocked the fans with the news of a divorce from her husband.

It turned out that even five years after the end of Emilia’s past relationship, their principles and aspirations did not change much. All the same disagreements and quarrels. The actress was not going to put up with this and filed for divorce. Their marriage lasted about a year.

Now Emilia Spivak is free from any relationship. Her heart is free, although she is regularly credited with novels and actors. For a very long time they discussed the possible romance of the actress with Ivan Urgant. They met on the set of the film. Very often, romantic photos of Emilia and Ivan got on the network. But they strongly denied their romance and told that they were only connected by friendship. Most likely it was just that.

Fans of the actress hope that soon she will meet her beloved man. But while all the time Emilia takes work, and she pleases the audience with new roles in the theater and cinema.

Childhood and youth

Emilia Spivak was born on November 18, 1981 in Leningrad. The artist’s family is closely connected with the theater world: father Solomon (Semyon) Yakovlevich Spivak - a famous Soviet director, head of the State Youth Theater on the Fontanka, mother Natalia led the household. Parents regularly spoiled their daughter (especially gifts from abroad, which were often brought by Solomon Yakovlevich), but they were strict in the necessary moments.

The upbringing of the girl lay mainly on the shoulders of her mother, who wanted Emilia to grow up as a comprehensively developed person. The girl attended various children's clubs, danced, went in for sports and music.

Director Semyon Spivak and his daughter Emilia

From childhood, Emilia watched the work of theater actors, where her father took her with him. Friends were the children of theater workers, and no one even had a question who Spivak would become in the future. The girl grew modest and shy, sometimes even afraid to speak with adults, but her father saw his beloved child exclusively in the role of a theater actress.

Solomon Yakovlevich studied with his daughter, teaching the secrets of acting and the correct pronunciation of dialogs on stage. After memorizing Tatyana’s letter to Onegin, the 12-year-old Emilia was persuaded to speak at the theater’s anniversary.

The girl was very worried and worried before the event, but was incredibly happy that she overcame the fear and spoke to a large audience.

Emilia Spivak in her youth

At school, Emilia studied not too hard, getting mostly triples and fours. Hard sciences were given, such as mathematics and physics. In the last classes, Spivak began to think about the profession of a lawyer, but she quickly realized that she did not have the character to devote her life to jurisprudence.

After graduating from school, Emilia entered the St. Petersburg State Academy of Theater Arts, received a diploma in 2003.


Emilia Spivak began acting in films, while still a student at the academy. In the 2nd year of high school, she was offered a role in the detective "Secrets of the Investigation", where the girl played trainee Evgenia Anatolyevna. At that time, the main actress of the project Anna Kovalchuk was temporarily absent in the series, and the novice performer was honored to replace the star.

Emilia Spivak in the series "Secrets of the investigation"

Subsequently, Emilia starred in the cult series until 2008. The course leader V. Pazi supported the girl during the filming and did not mind if the student had to skip classes from time to time.

The artist began to be invited to shoot Russian TV shows, she appeared in episodes of the films "Game on-line" and "Streets of Broken Lights 6".

In 2004, Spivak unexpectedly entrusted the first major role in the film "State Counselor" based on the novel by Boris Akunin. She was offered to play Esfir Litvinova, the girlfriend of the protagonist.

Emilia Spivak in the film “State Counselor”

Initially, Oksana Akinshina was taken on this role, but she simply did not appear on the set, and the director had to urgently seek a replacement. Spivak appeared in the frame with movie stars - Oleg Menshikov, Nikita Mikhalkov, Fedor Bondarchuk.

The biggest challenge when creating a picture for Spivak was shooting without clothes. Shy by nature, the actress found it difficult to overcome the inner clamp and appear naked. Mother helped to cope with fears by convincing the girl that the world would see the naked Esther Litvinova, and not Emilia Spivak.

Emilia Spivak in the series "The Hounds"

For 5 seasons, Emilia played as a member of the Hounds fugitive team. The project appealed to the Federal Penitentiary Service, which marked the actors with honorary medals.

In the melodrama Dawn on Santorini, the heroine Spivak has to choose between a rich young Greek and a simple sailor of a cruise ship. In the film "Millionaire", the actress appeared in the image of the girlfriend of the heroine Elena Polyanskaya. She gives a lottery ticket to other unlucky girls Svetlana, and yesterday’s loser becomes the owner of a big win.

Emilia Spivak in the film "Wings of the Empire"

The show of the 12-episode series “Wings of the Empire”, in which Emilia starred with Roman Polyansky, Ksenia Lukyanchikova, Boris Plotnikov, stopped on the 4th series.

The reason, according to director Igor Kopylov, was the low ratings, and only he was to blame.

The situation with the detective "Major" was the opposite - the story of the "golden boy" police officer was eagerly awaited.

Emilia Spivak in the TV series Major

In the 2nd season of the popular series, Spivak got a supporting role. With the leading role, Karina Razumovskaya, the artist played in the melodrama "The Perfect Wife."