Singer Aziza turned to - the son of Igor Talkov


Aziza Mukhamedova is a popularly recognized artist in Russia and Uzbekistan. The fate of the singer is filled with a lot of tragic pages that did not break her. After a phenomenal success in the late 80s, Aziza had to endure years of persecution, but she did not give up and returned to the stage with new hits. Now the artist’s popularity is not very rapid, but she continues to delight fans with new songs.

Childhood and youth

Aziza's life began in a family of musicians. She was the third of the children of the Mukhamedov family. Father Abdurakhim is a representative of the reunion of Uyghur and Uzbek blood, a descendant of the baker's dynasty, but broke the chain of the tribal profession and completely immersed in music. As a result, the accomplished composer grew up to the honored artist. When Aziza was 15 years old, his father passed away.

Mom Rafik Khaidarova is a representative of Tatar nationality, a native of the village of Staraya Kulatka. Mother's work was closely intertwined with art: she worked as a conductor and taught music, was a soloist of the chapel. Despite this, a girl who grew up in a musical environment, dreamed of becoming not a singer at all, but a doctor.

By the age of 16, Aziza became a soloist in the musical and instrumental ensemble "Sado". However, after the death of his father, the burden of material support rests on the fragile shoulders of the young singer. Even before graduation, the girl gets a job to help provide for her family. Rafika Khaidarova tells her daughter to go to the conservatory. Aziza succeeds in further combining work with study.

The end of the conservatory is marked by a competition of singing talents in Jurmala, where the girl was sent by mentors. The experience of playing in “Sado” was reflected in a favorable forecast, because over a long period of performances, Aziza learned to stay on stage and control the rolling excitement. As a result, she took 3rd place and received an audience award.

The dream of becoming a doctor, cherished from childhood, had to be hidden in a lock chest. Her fate is destined to be an artist. After Jurmala, a new bright star was born, completely unlike the others. The rapid rise came from eastern melismatics, a flowing voice and artistic data of the singer.

Aziza. What is the star of the 90s doing now

All the work of the once popular pop singer can be divided into 2 parts. Until October 6, 1991, when she performed in full halls, and after this date, the singer, after several years of oblivion, tried to return to the stage.

Aziza Mukhamedova was born in 1964 in Tashkent. Her father is a semi-Uzbek-semi-Uigur by nationality, her mother is a Tatar. My father was a well-known composer in the republic, his mother a musician, and taught at a music school. It is only natural that Aziza became interested in music. In 1988, she graduated from the conservatory. In the same year she went to Jurmala to competition of young performers . He won the competition Alexander Malinin , but Aziza was able to prove herself by receiving a prize of audience sympathy.

On the stage

From this moment, her ascent to the heights of the Soviet stage begins. The singer is moving to Moscow. Singing abilities and exotic oriental appearance help to gain popularity among the people. Aziza performs a song "Your smile" that became a hit. In 1989, the first album of the singer was released.

Tragedy in the "Jubilee"

October 6, 1991 will forever be a black day in the Russian stage. On this day in St. Petersburg, in the sports palace "Anniversary" a prefab concert of pop stars was organized. Aziz was supposed to perform there. Aziza's bodyguard was Igor Malakhov , kickboxer, previously convicted. In addition, he was in close relations with the singer. Aziza wished to enter the stage later than planned later, for this she needed to change places of performances with Igor Talkov . To this end, Malakhov went to deal with Talkov, rudely demanding what he wanted.

Igor refused. Malakhov took out a military gun. Togolkov’s bodyguards were able to knock him down. In the resulting brawl 2 shots were fired. One of the bullets hit Talkova in the heart. The famous artist died a few minutes later. Who fired the fatal shot is not known for certain. The official investigation ended in vain. However, it is obvious that Aziza, who became the initiator of the conflict, became the indirect culprit of the tragedy.

Boycott of the singer and return to the stage

After the incident, Aziza was boycotted. Show business turned away from her. Supported the singer at that time only Alla Pugacheva , Joseph Kobzon and Ilya Reznik .

The singer entered the stage again only a few years later. However, she was no longer destined to achieve her former popularity.

Personal life

In 2005, the singer decided to change her religion by adopting Orthodoxy. Aziza lived for several years, lived in a civil marriage with a businessman Alexander Brodolin whom I met in 2010 while relaxing in Cyprus.

A few years later, the couple broke up. According to rumors, in 2016, Aziza nevertheless married a man named Rustam. She has no children.

The singer continues her creative activity. Of course, she is now far from the former popularity, but she tours the country, writes new songs, performs at private parties.

For the first time in 30 years, singer Aziza decided to have a frank conversation in front of the camera. The performer came to NTV studio, revealed the secret of a quarrel with Igor Talkov and explained why the son of the murdered musician sues her.

The mental pain from the death of Talkov in Aziza is still present. On October 6, 1991, the singer’s life changed forever when the concert at the Yubileiny Sports Palace in St. Petersburg was interrupted by an urgent appeal by the entertainer. That evening, Igor Talkov was shot backstage. Aziza's civil husband Igor Malakhov and director Talkova quarreled over the sequence of artists' performances. Malakhov believed that the concert should be completed by Aziz, Talkov’s entourage was against it.

They understood not only fists, there were also pistols, gas - from Talkov, combat - from Malakhov. Director Talkova admitted that it was in his hands that Malakhov’s pistol was at the time of the shot, he pulled out a weapon from Aziza’s lover. The killer was never found, but Aziza was accused of a quarrel, which turned into a tragedy. She was then supported by only three people - Alla Pugacheva, Irina Ponarovskaya and Joseph Kobzon. Despite the efforts of the masters of variety, Aziza disappeared from the scene for a long time and was interrupted by casual earnings.

Fans of Talkov staged a real baiting and made the life of Aziza unbearable, and most recently, the son of the murdered singer cursed her.

Aziza, singer: “The son of Talkov probably will not talk to me, will not be friends with me.”

Aziza and the son of Talkov intermarried. She became the godmother of his child, but admitted that she rarely saw her godson. For the singer’s story about how Igor Talkov tried to reduce her to criminal authority, the artist’s son was offended. He also did not like the fact that she performed poorly the duties of a godmother. The singer then tried to write to him, but he did not even read her messages. In the studio of the Secret to a Million program, Aziza turned to Talkov’s son and admitted that she didn’t want to insult either his father or his family.

The singer considers the absence of heirs to be the main pain of her life. 51-year-old Aziza does not exclude the possibility of adopting a child.

Popular in the 90s, singer Aziza, who turned 51 in April of this year, frankly started talking about such a delicate topic as her lack of children. The performer became one of the participants in the NTV television program “50 Shades. Belova ”, in the next issue of which the topic of deliberate refusal of procreation was discussed. The heroes of the talk show were people who absolutely do not want to have children. The host invited them to listen to the confession of the famous singer Aziza, who in her youth did not seek to start a family and have children, and over the years she regretted her choice.

“In the family where I grew up, there was a taboo: you didn’t get married, you can’t give birth, my mother raised her like that,” the singer said. - I did not aspire to marry, I was passionate about my career. Well, when in my life a man appeared who I wanted to have a baby, nothing happened. There were several attempts, but the pregnancy did not last for more than one and a half to two months, this is called by doctors, "frozen pregnancy." According to Aziza, she has not yet closed the topic of the appearance of her heir. The singer claims that she will do everything so that she and her chosen one Alexander Brodolin have a child.

“When I came to the doctor five years ago and said that I wanted to give birth, they took tests from me. They showed that I can’t get pregnant because of my age, ”Aziza continued. - You need either a surrogate mother or an egg donor. I even told my beloved that he can have a child on the side, and I will raise him. True, I don’t know which mother will be able to give her baby away ... ”

In the final of the program, the singer admitted that she does not exclude the possibility of taking a child from an orphanage. According to the singer, this should happen quietly. Apparently, Aziza does not intend to draw public attention to this event in her life. “The main thing is that this baby looks like me, and my beloved Alexander,” the performer concluded.

Recall, the singer and her chosen one, businessman Alexander Brodolin, have long-standing relationships, however, she is in no hurry to go down the aisle. “I believe that we are already married, civil, jokingly call him a guest. Sasha lives in St. Petersburg, and I in Moscow, and we constantly go to each other, ”the star admitted once. By the way, Alexander has been seeking the hands and hearts of a wayward sweetheart for a long time. Aziz liked the man at first sight when he met her while relaxing in Cyprus. Yes, and the singer herself, seeing a tanned, blue-eyed blonde in front of her, could not resist the flood feeling for a long time.

Photo: Aziza


Aziza was born on April 10, 1964 in Tashkent. Her family included professional musicians. Father, Abdurahim Mukhamedov, worked as a composer and was an honored art worker of the Uzbek SSR. Mother, Rafika Khaidarova, was a soloist of the academic choir chapel and teacher of the music school.

Aziza has an Uzbek nationality, although her mother is Tatar and her father is half Uyghur. Abdurahim was from the family of bakers, but in the end he interrupted the dynasty and took up music. Since childhood, the girl dreamed of becoming a doctor, but her parents sent her to a music school.

When a girl turns 15, her father dies. This grief shocked her greatly, but Aziza managed. She became a member of the musical and instrumental ensemble "Sado". She had to work hard, since Rafik was hard to financially provide for her daughter. Therefore, the future singer had to get acquainted with hard work early.

After leaving school, Aziza wanted to go to the conservatory. Her mother insisted on this. But due to frequent performances and rehearsals, she had no time to learn.

Together with the ensemble, she was not only in the territory of the USSR, but also in other countries:

Later, Aziza nevertheless entered the Tashkent Conservatory and graduated in 1988. She was sent to a singing contest in Jurmala. The girl got a good experience of performing while working in "Sado".

She confidently kept on stage and controlled the excitement. Therefore, she managed to take third place and receive a prize of audience sympathy.

Carier start

In 1989, Aziza moved to Moscow. The song "My Dear, Your Smile" makes it very popular. She was talented, loved bright clothes and emphasized oriental appearance with bright makeup. The singer sewed all the outfits herself. In the same year, their debut album, called Aziza, was released.

She was not afraid to turn to military topics. The song “Marshal's uniform” was written for her, later a video was shot for her. The performer knew perfectly what the topic was and sang very emotionally. This made her popular among the military.

In 1991, a woman had to survive a major shock. At a national concert, musician Igor Talkov was killed. A few minutes before entering the scene, a brawl occurred between the singer’s guard and Aziza’s friend Igor Malakhov.

The conflict was unleashed by the companion of the artist. He demanded that the director change the performances of Aziza and Igor Talkov. The woman experienced severe toxicosis, and she needed time to recover. The director lost and the order was changed. Talkov did not like this, and he called Malakhov to talk.

A fight broke out between the men. They took out weapons and began to threaten each other. Malakhov succeeded in knocking out a gun, but a shot rang out unexpectedly. Talcow died, but the killer could not be found.

Aziza knew nothing about the conflict. But the public accused her of the death of a musician. It took her four years to recover. Fans did not support the singer, journalists made accusations. It was hard for the woman to endure this period, since various gossip appeared around her.

Gradually, the singer coped with grief and was able to return to work. She still felt guilty that Malakhov had an argument with Talkov. Creativity helped her cope with heavy thoughts.

In 1997, the second album, All or Nothing, was released. A few years later, the singer begins to work with Stas Namin. This union allowed the woman to replenish the repertoire with new songs with pop rock motives. In 2006, Aziza sang a duet with Talkov Jr. This performance made it possible to confirm that the musician’s family does not blame her for anything.

In 2007, the singer became a member of the show "You are Superstar", where she wins in all categories.

She publishes several more albums. In 2015, she gets on the project “Just Like It”, where she participates in several seasons. The singer has not yet reported to reporters about the activities for 2019.

Miscellaneous data

Singer Aziza in her youth in the photo looks very attractive. But because of the busy schedule of performances, she did not have time for personal life. Her external data:

  • height: 172 cm
  • weight: 70 kg
  • eye color: brown.

The artist seriously monitors the appearance. Some fans reproached her for using plastic surgery, but Aziza does not confirm this information. According to her, in the family all women looked young even in old age. The singer loves to brightly make up, do stylish haircuts.

Before the performance on the “New Wave”, Aziza had to lose weight. Her diet was very simple. - Only one meal was allowed per day. Improvements in appearance were noticed not only by other participants, but also by journalists. The singer sang one of her songs and proclaimed herself the daughter of the Sun.

The biography of Aziza Mukhamedova is filled with various events. Severe trials taught a woman to take everything in life steadily. When she was young, she had no idea what could happen to her.

Despite the tragic events at concerts, the smile does not leave the singer's face. She likes to be creative and does not want to lose her fans.

Her latest album was released in 2014. The release date of the new is still unknown. In 2015, a rumor about the singer’s death appeared in the news. Aziza hastened to refute this information and confirm that she was alive. Fans felt that the woman was seriously ill, as she lost a lot of weight. Due to the death of her mother, the artist was seriously worried and lost her appetite.

The murder of Igor Talkov

As the most common version says, the singer died from a bullet fired at him by his concert director Valery Shlyafman on October 6, 1991.However, according to the initial version of the investigators, Igor Malakhov, the director and security guard of Aziza, who was her lover at that time, as well as a former kickboxer, was fled from the scene of the crime.

It was Malakhov who started the fight with the guards and the concert director of Talkov because of which of the artists - Talkov or Aziz - would close the concert. The fact is that in the show business of those years it was more honorable to speak closer to the final than to the middle. The final number on that fateful evening was to come out Oleg Gazmanov, in front of him Aziza, and in front of her Talkov. But Igor and Aziza were swapped. The singer was afraid that she could not prepare for the performance. Through long disputes and threats, Malakhov agreed to replace, which provoked a brawl with the guards of Talkov. In the rising turmoil, the artist was shot, but no one could tell exactly whose pistol fired the same shot.

Ten days later, the suspect Malakhov voluntarily appeared to the investigators, and as a result of the investigation Shlyafman was found guilty, who, however, managed to escape punishment. After many years, there are those who do not believe that the fatal shot was fired as a result of a brawl, question the guilt of Valery Shlyafman and call the murder custom-made.

For almost thirty years, relatives and fans of the artist repeatedly tried to initiate a resumption of the investigation, but law enforcement officials failed to resume the case due to newly discovered circumstances.


In 1989, Aziza moved to Moscow and built a solo career. The song "My darling, your smile" gives the performer loud fame and popularity. In addition to musical talent, she showed a bright style in clothes. She went on stage in original outfits that she sewed herself. The artist emphasized the eastern features of the face with spectacular make-up: without makeup, she did not appear on stage.

Aziza - “My dear, your smile”

In the same year, Aziza’s biography is replenished with discography, the debut album is titled “Aziza”. "Your smile" becomes the song of the year in 1990. Later, the artist sang her many times, alone and with many popular performers. One of the successful performances of the Uzbek singer is her duet with the star of the Italian pop music Al Bano. Their joint performance of the song “Your Smile” was performed in the Italian program “Felicita”.

In her youth, the singer also turns to military topics. Especially for Aziza, the song “Marshal's uniform” was written, and subsequently a clip was shot with it. For the artist, the song was not just flirting with a loud and sharp topic, the girl personally saw what war could do, and especially war, unnecessary and alien.

The whole country, employees and not, was penetrated by these words of sincerity, which were sung by an oriental girl, and not by a charismatic man familiar to such subjects in the form of a soldier or a veteran. Aziza instantly became the darling of the military. Almost everything, from a rookie to a general, was ready to throw at the feet of the singer everything she asked.

Aziza - “My angel (For my love)”

In 1993, the performer again hit the television. This time on “Song of the Year” she performed the musical composition “My Angel” (“For my love”). The hit was warmly received by the audience.

In 1997, the public was presented with a second album entitled "All or Nothing." A bright video was released for the song, in which the artist sings against the backdrop of the desert. A few years later, Aziza began to conduct joint activities with Stas Namin. As a result of fruitful cooperation, the singer’s discography is replenished with pop-rock motifs with an oriental bias. The fame of the artist, somewhat fading after the scandal and absence on the stage, began to gradually return.

Aziza - “Dedication to My Father”

Then came the album “After So Many Years,” which the singer dedicated to her father. The album is riddled with Aziza’s childhood memories, and the song “Dedication to My Father” is written on the lullaby motif that the parent sang to his daughter many years ago.

In 2006, an event occurred that many seemed incredible. Aziza performed the song “This World” together with Igor Talkov, Jr. This clearly showed that the family of the deceased Talkov does not blame the singer and does not seek revenge or conflict.

Aziza and Igor Talkov Jr. - “Memory”

In the same year, the singer recorded a new album in a few months. “I am leaving this city” contained songs in the style of Russian folk chanson, but for some reason the French listeners suddenly especially liked it.

In 2007, an already successful star became a member of the TV show “You Are Superstar!”, Which broadcasts NTV channel. At the artist’s performances, the hits “If you leave”, “Winter Garden”, “It’s easier not to understand” were heard. As a result - a victory in all categories.

The year 2008 is marked by the release of the new album “Thinking”, where in most of the compositions Aziza is the author of the texts. The following year, he records another album, “On the Shore of a Chanson”.

Aziza - “Rain will break in the glass”

After 3 years, Aziza released her solo album “The Milky Way”, a year later the studio work of the singer “Paradise of unearthly” appeared, which included the songs “Rain will break in the glass”, “Do not forget”, “We wander around the world”.

In 2015, the artist appeared in the TV show "Just Like It." The bottom line is that the participants with the help of makeup and acting talent transform into a celebrity accidentally inherited by them. Aziza won the 2nd season of the TV show. In the fall of 2016, she returned to the project, becoming a member of the super season. Then the singer performed at a concert in the Moscow region along with other pop stars.


In 2005, Aziza changed her religion (Islam), adopting Orthodoxy. The name in baptism is Anfisa. To the question of whether she is a believer, the singer replied:

"Yes. Five years ago I converted to Orthodoxy. Although born in a Muslim family, in seven generations my ancestors were ministers in mosques, imams, muftis. The reasons that prompted me to accept Orthodoxy are very personal, and I will not talk about them ... "


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