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Name: Dani Alves (Daniel Alves da Silva)

Birthday: May 6 1983 (36 years old)

Place of Birth: city ​​of Juazeiro, Brazil

Height: 173 cm

Weight: 64 kg

Eastern horoscope: Boar

Career: Athletes 94th place

Beginning of the sports career of football player Dani Alves

Alves began to study football at the academy of the local club “Juazeiro”. Daniel showed success and began to take part in the matches of the youth team.

The talented athlete was noticed by scouts from the Bahia football club and invited to his place. After the first demonstration match, Alves proved his professionalism and in 2001 he was offered to conclude the first contract. In his first season of 2001-2002, the defender actively participated in the club's matches, he played 25 games and scored 2 goals.

Further career of Dani Alves

Daniel became one of the top three players in this tournament. Next, the club “Seville” bought his transfer for 1 million euros. They signed a professional contract with him until 2008, the conditions of which at that time were among the best. Thanks to constant participation in the games, Dani Alves became a key player in the club “Seville”. The best years of his career have passed here. In the 2005-2006 season, Dani won his first trophy - the UEFA Cup. In 2006 - UEFA Super Cup. In 2006-2007 and 2008-2009 he won the Spanish Cup, as well as the champion of Spain and the best defender of the Spanish football championship. Dani won a title every year. In 2006, Daniel extended the contract with Seville until 2012. Alves regularly plays in the Brazilian national team, in which he won the America's Cup 2007 and the Confederations Cup 2009.

In June 2008, the football club Barcelona bought Alves to replace Gianluca Zambrotta, who went to Milan. The transfer amount ranged from 29 to 32 million euros. A five-year contract was signed with the player. At a press conference on the occasion of leaving Sevilla, Dani Alves did not hold back his tears and announced that he had come to Sevilla as a boy and was leaving the man.

On August 13, 2008, Daniel Alves played the first match in Europe for Barcelona, ​​in the Champions League against the Polish club Wisla Krakow. And on August 31, 2008 he made his debut in the Spanish league against the club “Numancia”.

In the 2009-2010 season, Avles got the number 2 in the team, which he got from Martin Cáceres, who transferred to Juventus.

In November 2009, Dani, despite a leg injury, decided to fly to Kazan and took part in the Champions League match with the Kazan team Rubin.

Due to the exhaustive search, Dani could not take part in the Champions League final, but without him, Barcelona won 2-0 against Manchester United.

In the semifinals of the Champions League 2011, Dani became the reason for the removal from the field of Pepe - the player of Real Madrid. Some experts stated that there was no contact between the players, and Alves pretended. To which he replied: I was called an artist, but Pepe could well break my leg. He himself knows how hard he hit me. The thing is that I do not have a scar to prove the justice of its removal. Probably people would stop discussing this if he broke my leg. ”

In August 2011, the Russian football club Anji from Makhachkala expressed its interest in acquiring a Brazilian, to which Dani replied that at the moment he did not think of the monetary component of his career and was not going to conclude a contract with the Russian club. If Alves agreed to become an Anji player, he could receive a salary no less than Samuel Eto’o. Dani Alves is a fan of his business, when he does not play, he watches football matches on TV. All his attention is devoted to football. English football is very popular with Dani, although he considers him rather aggressive and contact. He dreams of playing for England.

Interesting facts about Dani Alves

Strengths: Dani Alves has an impressive speed, which is his main weapon and makes this an extra forward defender.

Weaknesses: Sometimes Dani tries too hard to help attack his team, forgetting about his basic defensive duties

Greatest achievement: In the America's Cup final on July 15, 2007, Dani scored a decisive goal against the Argentine national team, who brought the Brazilian team a gold medal.

Most disappointing: I could not take part in the 2009 Champions League final due to disqualification.

Fact: Once Daniel threatened the leadership of the Sevilla club that he would not participate in the Champions League against the AEK club if the leadership did not begin negotiations on his transfer to Chelsea.

Personal life of Dani Alves

As for the personal life of a football player, then with her everything is not as good as with a career. For three years, Daniel was married to Dinora Santana. They have two children: son Daniel and daughter Victoria. But in 2011, the couple broke up. The ex-wife became his agent and official representative.

Alves is currently dating Brazilian actress Taisa Carvalho.

Life, family and career.

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Name and surname:Dani Alves
Name in English:Daniel Alves da Silva
Year of birth:1983
Birthday:the 6th of May
Place of Birth:Brazil, Juazeiro
Height:173 cm.
Weight:64 kg.
Eastern horoscope:Boar
Social network:FacebookTwitterWikipedia

Dani Alves now

In 2013, Alves announced his possible departure from Barcelona. “I love Barcelona, ​​ready to defend its colors throughout his career. But life is such that there is nothing eternal, and in the future I can very well leave the club. My choice is quite extensive. Most of all I like the French teams “Paris Saint-Germain” and “Monaco”.

Daniel Alves. Biography

Daniel Alves is the right back of FC Barcelona. He was born on May 6, 1983 in the Brazilian city of Juazeiro.

Daniel's career began at the academy of the local club Juazeiro, where Alves began to study football. In parallel, the young defender took part in the matches of the youth team, delighting the coach with his performances.

In 2001, the player was spotted by the scouts from Bahia. Alves held a demonstration match and convinced the club that he was the one they needed when the scouts arrived at the academy. Daniel signed his first professional contract. In the first season, the defender began to be actively involved in club matches. In 2001-02, he spent 25 games and scored 2 goals.

In 2002, scouts from the Spanish club Sevilla drew attention to the young football player. The player was very active and technically advanced. He possessed the qualities of a winger, which he used well in flank attacks. The terms of Dani's contract were the best at that time, so he did not even think about moving to another continent. In 2002, Alves signed a professional contract with Sevilla, under which he played for the club until 2008. Constant participation in the games made Dani a key player in Seville. Here he spent several of the best years of his career, having managed to attract the attention of the leading clubs in Europe.

In 2008, the leadership of Barcelona decided to acquire one of the strongest players in Seville. Daniel Alves was bought for 23 million euros. The footballer began to take an active part in club matches on a periodic basis. And closer to 2009, his appearance in the starting lineup of Barcelona switched to a permanent basis.

Since 2006, Dani has regularly played for the Brazilian national team. In its composition, he won the Cup of America 2007 and the Confederations Cup 2009.

Biography and career of a football player

Dani Alves was born in the municipality of Juazeiro of the state of Bahia in a farmer's family, and since childhood he helped parents on plantations. In his spare time, Dani, like all Brazilian boys, played football, and at 13 he ended up in the Juazeiro football school.


At one of the youth tournaments, Alves was noticed by the Bahia scouts, and he joined the club’s youth team, and in 2001 signed his first professional contract.

In his first season in adult football, Dani spent only six matches for the club, but the following year he became the main player, played 19 matches in the championship and attracted attention from the Spanish “Seville”.



Initially, Sevilla signed a six-month agreement with Bahia to rent a footballer, but after Alves’s brilliant performance as part of the Brazilian youth team at the 2003 World Cup, he hastened to buy out a defender.

There was something to rush about: many then laid eyes on Alves. High speed, a truly Brazilian technique, vision of the field, the ability to pass and strike - all this was present in the arsenal of the Brazilian. He was called a defender purely nominally - Alves was the master of the entire right flank of his team, he could play in the midfield.

Starting from the 2003-2004 season, Alves became the player of the main squad of Seville, in five years he won the Spanish Cup and Super Cup, two UEFA Cups, the European Super Cup with her.



In the summer of 2008, Dani Alves moved to Barcelona - Josep Guardiola, who headed the club, significantly updated the squad, choosing players for his style. By the way, Barca paid 35 and a half million euros for its transition. Even now, this is a very decent amount for the defender, then it was just a bomb.

However, Pep knew what he was doing - for his “tics,” he did not need extreme defenders in the traditional sense of the word, he needed players who were able to play ball control and, unexpectedly, face his goal.

Alves possessed these qualities to the fullest. Of course, he cannot be called a system-forming player simply because of his position on the field, but Dani Alves was, without a doubt, an important cog in the all-destructive mechanism of that Guardiola's Barcelona.

In the first season, Alves together with the club made a “treble” (he won the championship, the Spanish Cup and the Champions League), and in all, he won 23 trophies as part of Barça. After 388 official matches, in which he scored 21 goals.

The reason for Alves leaving Barcelona was for a long time obscured, because the Brazilian, in spite of his 33 years, was in excellent shape, and by and large there was no replacement for him. It was rumored that Alves had problems with the tax authorities of Spain.

Much later, Dani Alves shed light on this story, saying that the club management did not offer him to extend the contract for a long time, which he regarded as a sign of disrespect.



Dani Alves spent just a year at Juventus, but what a year! 33 matches, 6 goals scored, victory in the championship and the Cup of Italy, reaching the Champions League final.

Alas, that match was lost to Real Madrid, and Alves missed a chance to become the first player in the world to make a treble in two different clubs.

And Alves explained his departure from the club by the fact that he was not understood in Juventus, in particular, not allowing him to listen to music in the locker room (!?). Such a delicate and vulnerable nature.

Paris Saint-Germain

2017 - present

In PSG, as well as in Juventus, Dani Alves transferred as a free agent and in the first season, we can say, according to tradition, he won with the team in the national championship and cup, simultaneously becoming the owner of the League Cup and French Super Cup .

Currently, the Brazilian continues to play for Parisians, which, given his age, cannot but cause respect. It is clear that PSG are two heads taller than their rivals in the championship, but at 36 years old to play for one of the best European clubs is no joke.

Brazil national team


In October 2006, Dani Alves made his debut for the Brazilian national team, and a year later he won the American Cup with the team, scoring one of the goals in the final against the Argentine national team.

At the 2010 World Cup, Carlos Dunga used Alves in midfield, preferring to see Maicon on the right flank. And Alves started the championship as a substitute, replacing Elano in group stage matches. For the playoffs, he won a place at the base, but could not help the team go through the Dutch national team in the quarterfinals.

At the home world championships, Dani Alves spent the first four matches at the heart of the Brazilian national team, but, starting from the quarterfinals, Luis Felipe Scolari put him on the bench, preferring Micon. How it all ended, we perfectly remember. No, I’m not saying that if Dani Alves had played in that unfortunate match with Germany, the famous 1: 7 wouldn’t have happened, but still, nevertheless ...

Alves took an active part in the qualifying matches of the 2018 World Cup, but, alas, did not come to Russia. In the French Cup victory for his club, he was injured and was forced to miss the tournament.

In total for the national team, Dani Alves spent 99 matches (according to this indicator he shares 5th place with Robinho), in which he scored 7 goals. I think he should be given the opportunity to bring the number of matches to the cherished hundreds.


  1. Bahia State Champion.
  2. Six-time champion of Spain.
  3. Five-time winner of the Spanish Cup.
  4. Five-time winner of the Super Bowl of Spain.
  5. Champion of Italy.
  6. Cup Winner Italy.
  7. Two-time champion of France.
  8. French Cup Winner.
  9. Winner of the French League Cup.
  10. French Cup Winner.
  11. Three-time Champions League winner.
  12. Two-time UEFA Cup winner.
  13. The four-time winner of the UEFA Super Cup.
  14. Three-time winner of the club world championship.
  15. America Cup Winner.
  16. Two-time Confederations Cup winner.

Family and personal life of Dani Alves

In his personal life, Alves is unstable. In 2008, he married Dinor Santana, they had two children - son Daniel (named after his father) and daughter Victoria.

But in 2011, their marriage broke up, after which Alves met with the Brazilian actress Taisha Carvalho, and then with the model from Spain, Joana Sans.

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