Grymov, Yuri Vyacheslavovich


Yuri Grymov - Russian director, screenwriter, producer, and also:

  • • head of the Studio "South",

  • • artistic director of the Moscow Drama Theater "Modern",

  • • Member of the Council on State Cultural Policy under the Council of the Federation of the Russian Federation until 2014,

  • • Academician of Motion Picture Arts (NIKA),

  • • academician of advertising RARA (AKAR),

  • • winner of more than 70 Russian and international awards, including a special prize from the jury of the Cannes Film Festival,

  • • Laureate of the prize of the President of the Russian Federation V.V. Putin in the field of education,

  • • author of seven full-length films,

  • • director of theatrical performances,

  • • author of the project “Slow Television” (Noise, Slow, Relax TV channels),

  • • author of the Orthodox information retrieval database "Rublev",

  • • Member of the Public Chamber of the Moscow Region.

Along with activities in the field of cinema, television and theater, Yuri Grymov is professionally engaged in photography, design and corporate identity development.

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Childhood and family of Yuri Grymov

The famous producer, video maker and photographer Yuri Grymov was born in Moscow.

From childhood, Yuri loved to amuse and entertain his friends, and after classmates. Nevertheless, according to the producer, his classmates never invited him to their birthdays, and they were not invited to play D’Artagnan either. But later, thanks to his growth, the young Grymov began to play basketball perfectly. Even then, Yuri began to get involved in drawing, and it was painting that became his favorite lesson. For some time, the future producer even danced in the Georgian ensemble Colchis.

After school, Yuri Grymov joined the army. He hit the artillery, namely the repair company. True, according to Yuri himself, he was more like an artist than a repairman, and his position sounded appropriately - "Master in repair and storage of diesel engines."

The beginning and heyday of the career of Yuri Grymov

At the same time working at the factory, Yuri Grymov began to participate in fashion shows from the luxury fashion center. In the same period, his first shootings took place, after which he also starred in the video of Margarita by Valery Leontyev.

Since that time, Yuri Grymov began to actively climb the ladder of show business. His first step was work at the Premier SV advertising agency. Working at the agency, Grymov became the author of more than three hundred different advertising and music videos. His clients were such stars as Alsu, Alla Pugacheva, Katya Lel, Alexander Rosenbaum, Vitas, Valery Leontyev, Oleg Gazmanov and many others. As a scriptwriter and director, Yuri Grymov took part in the election campaign of Boris Yeltsin, for which he was even awarded the presidential award.

In 1996, the video maker made his first film, albeit a short film, “Male Revelations.” In the same year, Yuri Grymov opened the first film, television and advertising workshop in the Russian Federation. Here, young people are given the opportunity to learn from the distinguished meters of theater and cinema.

Two years later, the premiere of the already full-length feature film "MU-MU" took place. This picture brought him awards from the jury of the Kinotavr film festival, a prize from the French Ministry of Culture and some other equally significant awards. In 1999, Grymov staged the play “Dali”. His subsequent theatrical works were performances: "Nirvana", "Flowers for Algernon" and the opera "Tsar's Bride".

In addition to working in show business, Yuri Grymov is known for his work in the field of photography. His personal exhibitions more than once became events not only in the CIS, but also in European countries. In 2001, he released the album of photographs "Better Than Just".

In the same year, he presented his second film, The Collector. His next films were: “The Case of Kukotsky” based on the novel of the same name by Lyudmila Ulitskaya, “Aliens”, “To the Touch” and “Year of the White Elephant”. At the moment, the director is making a film for children "Pollyanna", the premiere of which is scheduled for 2015.

Achievements of Yuri Grymov: clips and television work

Yuri Grymov won such prestigious awards as the Golden Medal of the Golden Awardsof Montreux Festival, the Diploma of the Epica Festival, the prize from the Cannes Film Festival for the best commercial, and the prize of the Portoroz-94 festival.

It is noteworthy that all the prizes and awards were given to this talented person not only for his achievements in advertising, but also in some other areas of film and television. So, for example, the movie “Anti-AIDS. Spacesuit ”was awarded by the United Nations.


For any work, it is extremely important why the author creates it. The creators of the French had a good, worthy motivation: they wanted to tell a story that could make us, the audience, better. They did it. Show full ...

The movie tells how during the period of the "thaw" a Frenchman with Russian roots comes to Moscow for an internship at Moscow State University. I won’t tell you any more details. The only thing: I recommend this film for viewing, especially to those who recently began to often mention the name of Stalin - with nostalgia or even just sympathetic, setting as an example his "managerial" talents.

Dear me, Andrei Smirnov combines a striking character and great talent, he has his own opinion. To someone it seems prickly - to me it is very interesting. With the “non-keyed", it’s just the opposite: everything that they say and do is pleasant and correct, but does not touch.

This movie does not crouch in front of the audience. It does not try to scare us with that terrible time. It does not romanticize him. This is just a very calm story about how people lived at that time and in those conditions. Based, incidentally, on living testimonies and memories of older people.

This is a black and white picture, and probably it’s good. She has very interesting acting. This is a real, good, strong movie. Not invented - when the main headache for producers becomes the choice of the next special effect for the next scene. Of course, this is not an entertaining movie. If you want to watch it, be prepared for the fact that you will be forced to empathize with the heroes.

That is why the film was almost unnoticed at the box office. Such paintings today in Russia can not be a lot of rental, this is clear. I watched a movie online. And I thought about something else: “The Frenchman” was created by a small film company. He had a very limited rental. In principle, this could be called normal, with one condition: if the country did not release one such film every year, but at least several dozen. And there were independent film companies capable of realizing chamber copyright projects. It is clear that large companies copying the Hollywood business model will not even turn their heads in the direction of scenarios like the Frenchman.

Many today say that the future lies with streaming services and cites Scorsese as an example with his Irishman, made with Netflix money. Not sure. Technologically - yes, of course, online today is able to compete with classic film distribution, and in the future, perhaps, it will crush this format. But as for the content part - here I have big doubts. And if we take into account the “peculiarities of national cinema” in Russia, this is even more so. It is in the West that outstanding directors find and still find their place in the streaming venues, it is embodied there by some author's projects, not designed for the mass audience, of a wide range. We will not have all of this. Only a very naive person can count on the fact that similar Russian sites will please us with good, high-quality author's cinema.

I recently had a meeting with one actor who already today became involved in the production process - we are going to launch a new big

streaming movie service, and the company is in the process of searching for ideas. Do you know what is the priority? Blood, violence, mate, sex. Literally. This is what awaits the domestic cinema viewer. Online provides much more opportunities for broadcasting "hardcore" than regular movie distribution. Do you think this will not be used?

Will anything change for the better, and when? I do not know. Maybe we, having swallowed an antiemetic and lying down with a wet towel on our heads, will digest new “content”, or maybe we will get used to it.

The same “Frenchman” could be created immediately for streaming services, for new sites. Why do you think this did not happen? Yes, because the “habitat” of good cinema today is literally shrinking right before our eyes: at the box office they are not particularly welcome, and online is not eager to offer the audience something serious.

... The film has a scene that today looks like a joke - unless you think about the meaning of the sounding words. One of the heroes is asked: for what he "unwound" in the camps two terms of eight years. "For what? - the one answers. “It would be for that — they would have shot me.” Today there are more and more people who simply do not believe in such stories. I will say this: friends, you, unfortunately, were not lucky to meet on your life path those who survived that time and those terrible trials from their own experience. The fact that you have not met such people does not mean at all that there was nothing of what they talked about when you returned from Kolyma or Solovki. It was. How were they themselves - these people, big and small personalities, bosses and simple workers, artists and scientists, bookkeepers and hydraulic engineers, poets and military men whom the will of the “leader” sent to the depths of hell. Which, as we now know, is very possible on earth. This paradise has to wait and seek only THERE, in another life. But, in the end, our life is designed in such a way that all the good must be long and patiently sought.

So - we will look for a good movie, it's worth it!

Childhood and youth

Yuri Grymov was born in Moscow on July 6, 1966. Peers teased the boy for an awkward figure and high growth, which came in handy in a basketball game. Yura did not really like to study at school. His favorite subject was drawing. Grymov showed a creative nature in his youth. He did not consider himself talented, but he believed that he had abilities that must be correctly used. So, for example, classes in the Georgian ensemble “Colchis” became a confirmation that the young man did not set limits and limits.

Director Yuri Grymov

The boy's vision was unconventional. He was attracted by the action, the image, the visual component. After school, Grymov went to serve in the army. He was a soldier of an artillery repair company. Returning to the "citizen", Yuri entered the technical school, but was soon expelled and became a fashion designer. The young man worked at the AZLK plant.

The specifics of the activity consisted in working with wood and observing the highest concentration and accuracy of actions. He made master-models of machines, but felt that his mission was more. Therefore, he tried himself in any creative activity.

The first additional income in parallel with work was participation in fashion shows of the fashion center “Lux” as a fashion model. This was the starting point on the road to success, as Yuri was noticed in show business. This period includes shooting in the video clip “Margarita” for the song by Valery Leontyev.

Yuri Grymov

In 1988, Grymov decided to try himself in a new direction, in advertising. A friend Vladimir Zhechkov offered Grymov cooperation in the development of commercials for the advertising company Premier SV. Yuri’s plans at that time included moving to Moscow, but an attractive offer made him change his mind.

Since then, Yuri has been engaged in advertising campaigns, shooting video clips and custom-made videos, and the author's works have won 50 prizes at festivals in Russia and Europe. Grymov implemented the campaign of Boris Yeltsin in 1996, shot videos for artists, including Alla Pugacheva, Alsu, Oleg Gazmanov and other pop music.

Theater and films

Grymov demonstrated the organizational potential and creative outlook on things, having taken up film production. The author’s debut work was the film “Male Revelations”, which was inspired by the director’s novel “The Third Way” by Renata Litvinova.

Director Yuri Grymov

The debut full-length film director turned out to be a tape called "Mu-mu." The project involved Irina Apeksimova, Alexander Baluev, Ekaterina Strizhenova and other artists. The work was highly appreciated in France, where the Ministry of Culture awarded the director the prize "For the best debut of the year" in the framework of the Kinotavr festival. The film was also awarded in the nomination "The best embodiment of the classic plot." The project has 10 awards received at film festivals.

The creative biography of the director is full of curious and non-trivial projects. In 1996, he created the School of Cinema and Television on the basis of the RSUH, which graduated 500 students. The workshop brought together under its roof people who managed to pass the most severe selection. The lucky ones borrowed knowledge from the masters of Russian production.

Yuri Grymov

Creating videos was the main focus for Grymova. He became a laureate of the Epica festivals, Golden Awards of Montreux, the winner of a special prize from the Cannes Film Festival jury. The work presented at the Moscow event "Lions-94", received a prize of audience sympathy. The UN separately noted Grymov’s video “Anti-AIDS. Diving suits ”, presenting the director with a prize for covering the ideals and goals of the organization in social advertising.

In 2001, Grymov released the movie "Collector". This was followed by the series “The Case of Kukotsky”, shot on the basis of the work of Lyudmila Ulitskaya, “Aliens”, “Three Sisters”, and in 2010 the film “To the Touch” was released. The director’s popularity grew rapidly. The director was in demand in the field of television. He designed the inter-program space of the RTR channel, released several TV projects and documentaries, including “My Pushkin”.

Yuri Grymov on the set

Grymov timely assessed the prospects in the field of television and in 2000 was already the host of the show “Watch”, aired on the ORT channel. In the program, Yuri talked about little-known people with unusual and curious fates. In parallel, the director organized promotional activities for the Sonnet company.

The director began work on the stage, presenting the audience the play "Dali", which premiered on the stage of the theater. E. B. Vakhtangova. The first experience was successful, and in 2003 the director released the play "Nirvana", which was on the stage of the theater. V. Mayakovsky, and in 2005 presented the production of The Tsar’s Bride, created for the New Opera Theater. Since 2006, he has combined production activities with the position of creative producer of MTS, and a year later he was the general producer of the Rambler channel.

Yuri Grymov at the theater

Passion for the photo proved that Yuri Grymov, as he had expected in his youth, is capable of a lot, and any of his projects can be a complete and independent product. The author often submits photographs to the public, organizing exhibitions. His projects became artistic events in Russia and abroad.

The 2010s turned out to be productive for Grymov. He became the host of the program "Big Fish" on the channel A-One, began to shoot a children's film "Year of the White Elephant." From 2013 to 2014, he was the general producer of the Dozhd channel and, at the same time, was a member of the State Culture Committee under the Federation Council.

Yuri Grymov

Since 2015, Grymov is a member of the Public Chamber. A year later, he was invited as a managing partner to the Slow TV Media group of television channels. In the same period, the director assumed the post of artistic director of the Modern Theater. Among the theatrical productions of Grymov are the performances “The Lost World”, released on the RAMT stage, and “Flowers for Algernon,” which premiered at the Moskvich cultural center.

Personal life

Yuri Grymov does not like to discuss his family.Parents, spouse and daughter are the main things for him in life, so the director protects the details of his personal life from the cameras of the paparazzi. Yuri’s wife is Olga. The couple met by chance, the director brought the girl in a car, and after 3 days he led to the registry office. It is curious that Olga at that time was going to marry another man.

Yuri Grymov, his wife Olga and daughter Antonina

In the union of the Grymovs, the daughter of Antonin was born. She received a good education. Parents were guided by the principles of democracy regarding parenting, and this left an imprint on the worldview of the girl. Now she lives in France and periodically starred in her father's projects.

Yuri Grymov now

Director, screenwriter, producer and photographer, Yuri Grymov continues to implement in a wide variety of areas. He promotes Internet education in Russia from the position of the head of the youth programs of the Federation, develops image campaigns and design for commercial and state organizations. Among his clients are Davidoff store, Noginsk meat processing plant and RAO UES of Russia.

Yuri Grymov in 2019

Now the director continues to work in the theater field. In 2019, he plans to stage the performances of War and Peace and That Is It All, as well as the release of the films Tengiz, The Last Temptation of Adam, and Flowers from Mayakovsky. At the development stage, the series "The Great Fake of October." In addition, the man started producing his own brand of wine “MIDSUMMER”.

Yuri Grymov has a personal official website where filmography, information on awards and current projects are published. On the director’s page on Instagram, photos and posts related to hobbies, work and important events from professional and personal life are posted.

Director filmography

  1. 1996 - “Male Revelations” (based on the novel by Renata Litvinova “The Third Way”)
  2. 1998 - “The Lessons of Anita Tsoi” (documentary)
  3. 1998 - “Mu-mu” (based on the novel “Mumu” ​​by Ivan Turgenev
  4. 2001 - “The Collector” (based on the novel by Levan Varazi “The Collector and His Relatives”)
  5. 2005 - “The Case of Kukotsky” (based on the novel of the same name by Lyudmila Ulitskaya)
  6. 2008 - “Aliens”
  7. 2010 - “To the Touch”
  8. 2017 - “Three Sisters” (based on the play by Anton Chekhov “Three Sisters”)
  9. 2019 - “Anna Karenina. Intimate diary "(based on the novel by Leo Tolstoy" Anna Karenina ")

Video clips

  1. 1994 - Cabaret duet "Academy" - "Baden-Baden"
  2. 1996 - Alla Pugacheva - “Strong Woman”
  3. 1997 - White Eagle - “Because You Can’t Be Beautiful Such”
  4. 1997 - Anita Tsoi - “Mom”
  5. 1998 - White Eagle - “I Will Buy You a New Life”
  6. 1998 - Alsou - “Winter Dream”
  7. 1998 - Cabaret duet "Academy" - "Goldfish"
  8. 1999 - Alsou - "Spring"
  9. 1999 - Dmitry Malikov - “Happy Birthday, Mom”
  10. 1999 - Alsou - "Sometimes"
  11. 2000 - Oleg Gazmanov - "Springs"
  12. 2000 - Valery Leontiev - “Augustine”
  13. 2000 - Boris Moiseev - The Black Swan
  14. 2000 - Katya Lel - “The Heart Beats”
  15. 2000 - Vitas - “Opera No. 2”
  16. 2001 - Alexander Rosenbaum - "Lullaby"
  17. 2001 - Tatyana Likhacheva - “Everything is Now Wrong”
  18. 2001 - Arrows - Forgive and Goodbye
  19. 2001 - Tatyana Likhacheva - “Love is the Cold War”
  20. 2001 - Soundtrack for the movie "Collector"
  21. 2001 - Alsou - "Autumn"
  22. 2001 - Valery Leontiev - “Michelle”
  23. 2001 - Tatyana Ovsienko - “I will cry and leave”
  24. 2006 - Uma2rmaH - Cinema
  25. 2006 - Irson and Dolph Lundgren - Cosmos
  26. 2012 - Nina Shatskaya to the verses of Marina Tsvetaeva - “The leaves fell off ...”
  27. 2017 - Diana Arbenina and Night Snipers - “Very Wanted”


  1. 1993 - Inkombank
  2. 1994 - Ashtray (Silver Prize at the IFF The M> Television Screensavers
  1. 1994-1995 - REN TV
  2. 1992–1993, 1996–1997 - the beginning, end of the air, and the RTR inter-program “Revived Pictures”, voiced the announcements of this channel
  3. 1995 - ORT TV channel design
  4. 2008 - Rambler TV channel design
  5. 2013 - design of the Dozhd TV channel


He is a co-author of the monument "To the victims of love and loneliness." The latter is installed in France, in the city of Honfleur. Since 1998, together with the publishing house "Peasant" creates a magazine "Look." He is also the chief editor of this project. In 1999, he staged the performance “Dali” at the Vakhtangov Theater. In the period 2001-2004, he published the Fakel magazine.

In 2003, he staged a play entitled "Nirvana" on the stage of the Mayakovsky Theater. The main role in it was played by Nike Borzov. In the period 2004 - 2007 he proved himself as the director of youth programs in the Federation of Internet Education. In 2005, he made a feature film called “The Case of Kukotsky,” consisting of 12 episodes. The plot of the picture is based on the novel of the same name by Lyudmila Ulitskaya.

This book was awarded the Booker Prize in 2001. Since 2006, he worked as a creative producer of MTS for more than three years. In 2007, he became the general producer of Rambler. Speaker of the photo album “Better Than Just”. This project has combined the best works of Yuri Grymov for fifteen years.

In 2009, he took the chair of the leading television program "Big Fish", which was broadcast live on the Russian channel A-One. In the period 2010 - 2014 he was a member of the Council on State Cultural Policy. In 2010, May 25, he began filming a children's film entitled "The Year of the White Elephant." The plot was based on an unpublished play by Lyudmila Ulitskaya.

In the period from 2015 to 2016, he was the main director of the Tsargrad TV channel. In 2015, he proposed to give the name of Alexander Solzhenitsyn to the Voykovskaya metro station. Since 2016, he has been the managing partner of the Slow TV Media channel group. He became the artistic director of the Modern Theater. The director’s wife is Olga. He has a daughter, Antonina.

Performances and operas

  • 1999 - the play “Dali” (philosophical understanding of the personal tragedy of the great surrealist. Starring - Irina Kupchenko, Natalia Vdovina, Natalya Kolyakanova, Daria Belousova) - Theater named after Ye. B. Vakhtangov
  • 2003 - the play "Nirvana" (about the life and tragic death of Kurt Cobain, the leader of the Nirvana group. The main role is Nike Borzov) - Theater named after Vl. Mayakovsky
  • 2005 - opera The Tsar’s Bride by N. A. Rimsky-Korsakov - Moscow Theater New Opera
  • 2013 - the play "Flowers for Algernon" (the first theatrical embodiment of the science fiction bestseller of the American writer Daniel Keyes in Russia. Starring Maxim Kerin) - Russian Academic Youth Theater (RAMT)
  • 2014 - the play "The Lost World" (a children's play based on the novel of the same name by Arthur Conan Doyle. First put on the stage) - Cultural Center "Moskvich"
  • 2017 - the play “Brave New World” (the first theatrical embodiment of the anti-utopian novel by the English writer Aldous Huxley in Russia. Cast - Igor Yatsko and Anna Kamenkova) - Moscow Drama Theater “Modern”
  • 2017 - the play “Matryoshka on the Earth’s Roundness” (an antique drama with Russian revolt based on the play by Ekaterina Narshi) - Moscow Drama Theater “Modern”
  • 2017 - the play “Julius Caesar” (based on the tragedy of William Shakespeare) - Moscow Drama Theater “Modern”
  • 2018 - the play "The Lost World" (a new stage version of the children's play based on the novel of the same name by Arthur Conan Doyle) - Moscow Drama Theater "Modern"
  • 2018 - performance “At the bottom” (staging of a popular play in honor of the 150th anniversary of the birth of Maxim Gorky) - Moscow Drama Theater “Modern”
  • 2019 - the play "Nothing, What am I Chekhov?" (The play is dedicated to the Year of the Theater in Russia) - Moscow Drama Theater "Modern"
  • 2019 - NIRVANA performance (special project entitled “Social Theater” on the prevention of suicides and drug addiction) - Moscow Drama Theater “Modern”


Yuri Grymov, the films are few in number, I remember and fell in love with the audience for the following works. In 1996, he participated in the creation of the painting “Male Revelations”. Yuri also worked on the following paintings: “The Lessons of Anita Tsoi”, “Collector”, “Aliens”, “To the Touch”, “Anna Karenina. Intimate Diary, Three Sisters.

Corporate identity, design.

Developed corporate identity for more than 50 companies, among them:

  • The Bolshoi Theatre
  • Rambler
  • Noginsk meat factory
  • Davidoff Store (Best Showcase of the Year, 2006)
  • TV channel "Rain"
  • TV channel Tsargrad TV
  • theater "Modern"

Personal photo exhibitions: “My Klava” (1995, Photocenter), “My shop” (1996, CHA), “Unisex - the beginning of the end” (1997, CHA and Art museum, Hamburg).


Over 70 awards, among them:

  • winner of the festival "Epica", France (1993, 1994)
  • prize at the Kinotavr festival "For the best embodiment of the classic plot" (the film "Mu-Mu")
  • Grand Prix of the festival of Slavic peoples “Golden Knight” (film “Mu-Mu”)
  • Grand Prix of the Festival "Literature and Cinema" (Gatchina) (film "Mu-Mu")
  • Arsenal International Film Festival Award (Riga)
  • Prize of the President of the Russian Federation in the field of education (2003)
  • “Nika” award - For creative achievements in the art of television cinema (2007, the serial film “The Case of Kukotsky”).
  • Grand Prix of the Trans-Baikal International Film Festival (2011, the film "Aliens")
  • “Crystal Owl” (personally awarded by Vladimir Voroshilov on December 23, 2000 for creating a video dedicated to the anniversary games “What? Where? When?” Of 1995 and 2000)
  • Prize of the Union of Theater Workers “Nail of the Season” in the nomination Best Performance of 2013-2014 (“Flowers for Algernon”)
  • Anniversary medal of the Russian Orthodox Church "In memory of the 100th anniversary of the restoration of the Patriarchate in the Russian Orthodox Church" (2018)
  • The title "Honorary Art Worker of the City of Moscow" for his great contribution to the development of culture and many years of creative activity. (Decree of the Mayor of Moscow of May 22, 2019)


Watch the video: Yuri Grymov, DMOPC15, SESSION A-2, ENG (April 2020).