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Name: Rem Digga

Real name: Roman Voronin

Birthday: February 1 1987 (32 years old)

Place of Birth: Gukovo city, Rostov region

Eastern horoscope: Rabbit

Career: Russian musicians 419 place

Photo: Roman Varnin


Roman Varnin, or, as he calls himself, Roma Malbek is a Russian musician, leader and founder of the group of the same name. Roman’s path to the stage began in a non-standard way: the artist and his comrade initially shot and edited clips for other performers and only after some time decided to try their own strengths in songwriting. The experiment turned out to be successful, and now the Malbek team is one of the most popular in the Russian-language show business.

Childhood and youth

The future artist was born in Moscow on August 5, 1993. He met like-minded people and current stage colleagues back in school: Alexander Pyanykh (co-founder and member of the Malback team), Alexander Zhvakin, known as the rapper Loc Dog, and Petar Matrich, founder of the Pasosh group, studied with Varnin. Roman and Alexander were listed in different classes, but this did not interfere with their friendship.

Malback (Roman Varnin)

Young people were united by common interests - including in music. Both young men preferred rap and electronic rhythms. At some point, Roman and Alexander began to experiment and compose their own tunes, and then became interested in clip-making and began to shoot and edit videos.

After school, the friends' roads parted for a short while: Warnin went to the United States, where he graduated from the New York Film Academy. The profession was not chosen by chance by Roman - at that moment the young man planned to connect his life with the shooting of music videos.


In 2016, the biographies of Roman Varnin and Alexander Pyanykh again intersected: young people came together to work together. They managed to make videos for many domestic and foreign groups. At first, friends had priority in working with video, but gradually they realized that creating their own music was much more interesting. So there was a Malback group.

The first composition of the Malbek group

Such an unusual name for the team came up with Roman. This name is borrowed from one of the grape varieties, in addition, the word "malback" is also used in the meaning of a variety of red wine, tart and rich. The stress in it falls on the second syllable.

The music genre of the Malbek group turned out to match the name - original and even exotic. Roman Varvin and Alexander Pyanykh experimented with sound for a long time until they received an unusual mixture of pop, rap, soul and electronic rhythms. The first compositions of the team were to the liking of the audience, and the group had its first fans. True, the real fame for the "Malbek" came after joining the team of Susanna Abdullah.

Roman Varwin, Suzanne Abdullah and Alexander Pyanykh

A new acquaintance of Roman Varvin, who later became his wife, helped “Malbek” to open differently and ideally complemented his collective voice with his unusual voice. True, the first performance of the three members of the group disappointed both the artists and the audience: the fact is that the Sol festival, on which the musicians played, turned out to be poorly prepared in technical terms, and numerous overlays prevented Suzanne, Roman and Alexander from performing perfectly.

In the same year, the group released the tracks "Indifference" and "Hypnosis", which instantly became hits. The videos were shot on these compositions, which also scored a record number of views on YouTube and other social networks. Later, both songs entered the team's debut mini-album, released in 2017.

Malback's song "Indifference"

The disc, called "New Art", bypassed the popularity of the work of famous masters of pop and made "Malbek" one of the most popular groups, and the songs "Hair" and "Just Believe" were sorted out into quotes and kept for several months on the tops of the charts. sheets and charts. They started talking seriously about the children: it became clear that the group was waiting for real popularity.

Another recognition of the success of the Malbek group was the invitation to the studio of Ivan Urgant’s popular program “Evening Urgant”. Thanks to this broadcast, even those who did not have time to get acquainted with their compositions learned about the work of Susanna Abdullah, Roman Varnin and Alexander Pyany.

Malback's song “Hair”

At the end of 2017, the musicians presented another disc. The new album - “Crybaby” - turned out to be no less bright and original than “New Art”. And again, the artists delighted with a mixture of rap, electronica and pop music styles. In an interview, Roman Varnin emphasized that it was normal for a young group to change genres, experiment and constantly search for something new, surprising the audience.

In parallel with work on the Malbec repertoire, Roman Varnin continued editing videos and, together with Alexander Pyanykh, released a series of videos for popular artists.

Personal life

The personal life of Roman Varnin has long been hidden for the prying eyes of journalists and fans. It is only known that before leaving for the United States, the musician met with a girl in Moscow, however, this relationship was interrupted. The artist also hinted that in America he did not remain alone. However, true love came from where they did not wait: at the festival in Kiev, Roman met Suzanne Abdullah.

The girl, like Roman, could not imagine life without music. At that time, Suzanne already managed to "light up" in the projects "X-Factor", "Artist" and "Minute of Glory", but so far she has not found her own style.

Malback and Suzanne

Common interests brought the young people together, but this first meeting never ended - Roman returned to Moscow and seemed to forget about his new acquaintance. What was the surprise of Varnin when, after some time, he accidentally met Suzanne on the street. It turned out that the girl also moved to the capital in order to closely engage in a musical career.

Since then, the musicians have not parted, and a few days after the second meeting, Roman made an offer to Susanne, and the lovers got married. In an interview with Tatyana Mingalimova, host of the Gentle Editor program, Suzanne Varnina admitted that she sometimes quarrels with Roman, however, both spouses have enough tact and understanding that any quarrels can be resolved by an ordinary heart-to-heart conversation.

Roman Varnin is now

Apparently, the statement was said either in the hearts, or for fun. The Malbek group continued to exist in the same form, and the relationship of the soloists continued. In October 2019, the daughter of Evangeline-Sofia was born to Suzanne and Roman.

All the latest news from the life of Roman Varnin, the Malbek band can be found on the profiles of the vocalist and the band on Instagram and VKontakte - he is an active user of social networks.


Rem Digga - A Few Minutes
music: Rem Digg
mixing: Rem Digg, NyBracho
mastering, design: NyBracho

Show full ...
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charmed young fool
and in my eyes was longing for my beloved birthmarks
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slipway belts, astronaut almost,
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2005–2009: Suiside, injury, Perimeter

In 2005, the group recorded the album “Brutal Theme” at the Sobino studio with Hamil, one of the members of the Casta group, while RoEmDi met the whole group. The album was released in November 2006, just at that time, Roman was called up for military service in the Armed Forces of Russia, where he served in the reconnaissance of the 108th regiment of the 7th airborne division. Even while in the army, Digga continued to write music.

Upon his return, Roman got a job, but as a result of an accident (falling from the balcony of the fourth floor) he damaged his spine and became disabled. As he himself claims, this happened by accident:

And I didn’t throw myself out of the window because of love, as some people write ... I just fell unsuccessfully onto the asphalt. I myself did not understand how it happened - I guess it's my fault. He always climbed home, loved five-story buildings, balconies without insurance, fooled around.

The recording of the debut solo album “Perimeter” took place when the performer could not get out of bed. With his release in 2009, the young rap artist first gained fame, his debut was compared with Kara-Te, Smokey Mo's first album. source not specified 276 days

2011–2012: albums “Depth” and “Blueberry”, online battles

Two years later, the second solo album was released - “Depth”, which was included by the Rap.ru and Prorap.ru portals in the top ten best domestic albums of 2011. Among the invited artists were Vladi (Casta group), Nigativ (Triad group) and others, and the track “Angels” was recorded with the participation of American rapper Hell Razah from the Sunz of Man group.

In 2011, Digga took part in two hip-hop battles - Indabattle 3 and the Ninth Official Battle Hip-hop.ru. In the first, Rem lost in the fifth round (out of nine) to Bes’ (Da Tempo), and in the second he took second place with a win of 50,000 rubles, losing to RE-pac’. In the same year, Rem Digga, together with the Sakhalin band Black Market, released the album “Killed Paragraphs”.

After improving his health, Roman began to tour the country. In January 2012, the Russian artist and the American hip-hop band Onyx gave a joint concert in Rostov, which was held at the Tesla club. The first big performance of Roman took place on April 6 in St. Petersburg at the GlavClub club, about 2 thousand people came to the concert. In March, Rem Digga hit the top five Stadium RUMA 2012 nominees in the Breakthrough of the Year category. In June, he took part in the Hip-Hop All Stars festival, held in St. Petersburg, for which a special promotional video with Roman was prepared.

In July 2012, the release of the compilation album "Crocodile Says", which included battle and completely new tracks, took place. Rem Digga announced the preparation of a new experimental album, which was recorded in parallel with Depth, before the release of the latter. He announced in advance his name (“Blueberry”) and planned to release it in the spring of 2012, but due to the transfer, the album was not released until October 15th. The performer himself warned fans in advance that this album would be “lyrical and snotty, where there will be a lot of vocals, romance and a minimum of feats, and it will also be a demonstration that Russian rap does not have to remain malicious and encrypted.”

2013 - present: Root and Eater albums

On June 4, 2013, a mini-album entitled “Root” was released, in which there are both new songs and very early works by Rem Diggy, recorded as a teenager. On January 8, 2014, the release of the One Loop album, jointly with the Chemodan, took place.

On August 31, 2014, Rem Diggy’s fourth studio album, The Eater, was released.

December 29, 2015 the release of the joint album “Grenade” with FD Vadim’s took place.

On February 10, 2016, Rem Digga released the lyric album Blueberries and Cyclops.

November 30, 2016 Rem Digga released a solo album "42/37".

At the beginning of 2017, a song and clip with Rem Digg and Onyx “Give It Up” is released.

On December 14, 2018, the seventh album titled "Tulip" is released.


Russian rapper Guf in one of his interviews commented on Rem Diggie’s work as follows:

... I listened and I like a lot of Rem Diggy. I don’t like something at all ...

Another Russian performer, Smokey Mo, expressed respect for him:

... I really respect this man. He is worthy to go to the very top of our game.

Photo: Rem Digg

Career Development Rem Diggie

Injury did not break the young man; he did not leave creativity, showing remarkable strength of will. In 2009, he released his debut solo disc, Perimeter, a powerful, holistic and gloomy one that fans of the genre called the true benchmark.

The disc brought him fame outside the narrow circle, and two years later he presented the next disc - “Depth”. Nigativ, Smokey Mo, Eisika, Dirty Louis, Shama, Panda, Spark, Vlad and Hell razah took part in its creation.

In 2011, he became a participant in the Indabattle online competition, losing in the fifth of nine rounds to rapper from Pyatigorsk Bes (Da Tempo). In the battle of the Hip-hop.ru project, he took 2nd place, losing only to the Muscovite RE-pac. At the same time, in collaboration with the Black Market collective, he released a mini-album, “Killed Paragraphs,” where again, according to fans, he demonstrated “interesting flow” and “read the truth.”

In 2012, a rapper chained to a wheelchair began performing on stage. In January, a concert of the legendary rap group ONYX took place in Rostov-on-Don. Rem Digga acted as the opening act for his long-standing idols. In April, a popular rap artist was already met at one of the main concert venues in the Northern capital (GlavClub), where about 2,000 spectators came to his concert. The following month, he became a nominee for the prestigious Stadium RUMA award in the Breakthrough of the Year category, in June he participated in the annual rap music festival Hip-Hop All Stars, held in the city on the Neva.

In July, the “Crocodile Says” disc was presented (Crocodile is one of the rapper's pseudonyms), in October - the third album, “Blueberry”, which presented more sensual lyrics compared to previous works. It included the artist’s joint tracks with other musicians, including Robert Galstyan, Vladi, PTF, Elena Kretova. In support of the album, clips were released for the song "Shmarina" and the song "Secret" jointly with Guf.

Rem Digg now

At the beginning of 2016, the presentation of Rem Diggy’s next album “Blueberries and Cyclops”, which included the tracks “Anaconda”, “Savage”, “Don Stap”, was held. In addition to the author, the rap artists Mania (Release), Kazhe Oboyma (“Former”), Vladi and Iskra (“I'll be back”) and the group “Triad” (“Lipstick”) participated in the creation of the disc.

Rapper Rem Digg

In the autumn of the same year, the solo album “42/37” was released, the hit of which was the song “Mine”. The rapper periodically creates tracks on topical topics. He is concerned about the theme of war (South), the theme of devastation. The track "Mine" appeared after the last coal mine was closed in Gukovo, people were left without work and salaries for the year. Rem Digg used the shots of workers' strikes in the creation of the clip.

In the same year, the singer took part in the creation of the song “I got love” together with rap artists from Ossetia Endshpil and Miyagi. The musicians appeared in Russian rap as a duet only in 2015, and before that, they had worked alone for a long time in clubs in Vladikavkaz.

In 2017, a number of high-profile premieres were held with the participation of Rem Diggy. This is primarily solo work - the songs "Ultimatum", "Sweetie" and "On Fire". The clip for the last song was created after a trip to the Donbass. The rapper supports the rebels of the rebellious republic and often travels to hot spots with concerts. The premiere of the clip, which was shot in the ruined Donetsk, took place on May 7, 2017. Over a month, 1 million 100 thousand users watched the video on YouTube - another record for Rem Diggie.

This year, the collection of joint work of the rapper with colleagues in the workshop has expanded. In March, the video “Road to Home” was created on the Internet, created in collaboration with the performer Chris Yank. In May, the legendary group of Rostov rappers “Casta” presented the album “Four-headed yelling”, in which one of the musical compositions - the song “Hello” - was written together with Rem Digga.

Rem Digg in 2017

Now the premiere of the song "Hug" rap singer Mania and Rem Diggie. The girl is from Orenburg and is just starting her career in big rap. This is not the first time that the singer has collaborated with Rem Digga; her voice can be heard in the rapper’s songs “City of Coal”, “Let Go”. Mania also works with Casta and Caspian Cargo.


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