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Tigran Keosayan and Alena Khmelnitskaya lived in a legal marriage for 21 years, in which two daughters were born. The couple officially divorced only in 2014, when the popular director was already in a relationship with journalist Margarita Simonyan. At first, the lovers hid their relationship, but when Margarita was pregnant with her firstborn (daughter Maryana), the fans found out the truth. Now in a large family of Tigran Keosayan, a real idyll reigns. Recently, a third child was born in the director’s family - the daughter of Maro. And in relations with the ex-wife everything is in order: Alena is friendly with the new family of her ex-husband. And to such an extent that many fans of the director are perplexed.

A new reason for such mixed feelings from the fans was the recent publication of Margarita Simonyan in social networks - a picture of a young Tigran on the lake. It turned out that this photo was sent to her by Khmelnitsky, and provided him with a very playful signature. "Alena sent with the signature" To you for the mood. Rusal, ”Margarita added the signature of the actress to the photo. Fans agreed that such comments only indicate that Alena did not forget her ex-husband (despite the fact that she has long been happy in new relationships), and that Simonyan should not be trusted Khmelnitsky. “I wouldn’t even think of sending a photo of my ex-husband to his new wife! What's this? Jealousy? "," She envies you, is jealous, does not love you, Margosha! Never believe ex-wives! No high relationship! This is all a fairy tale! If you admit to yourself, then you are very hurt that she happens to be with you, but you do not give a look! Well done! ”- some fans expressed very emotionally.

But, despite all the warnings and negative comments addressed to Khmelnytsky, Simonyan in numerous interviews speaks exclusively of love about her husband’s ex-wife. A large family together celebrates the birthdays of children, congratulates each other on significant events in life. “Yes, we are crazy and we don’t need to envy,” Alena herself described somehow in social networks.


Alyona (Elena) Khmelnitskaya was born on January 12, 1971 in Moscow, in an artistic family.

Parents are ballet dancers. Father Alexander Khmelnitsky (born March 1, 1938) and mother Valentina Konstantinovna Savina (born June 6, 1939) have been dancing at the Bolshoi Theater for twenty years. While still working in the theater, Alexander Khmelnitsky began teaching at the choreographic school. Valentina Savina graduated from GITIS and became a choreographer. She was an assistant to Vladimir Vasiliev when he staged at the Bolshoi Theater Macbeth and choreography at Juno and Avos at the Lenkom Theater.

Since 1983, she put on shows at the Vyacheslav Zaitsev Fashion House. Currently clarify parents live and teach in Germany.

In childhood, she was engaged in rhythmic gymnastics and table tennis (she won several city competitions). For some time she attended the preparatory department of the Moscow Art Institute named after V.I. Surikov.

She studied at Moscow secondary school No. 12 with a special French bias, located on the Arbat.

In 1988, after graduating from high school, she entered the acting department of the Moscow Art Theater School (the head of the course is Ivan Mikhailovich Tarkhanov), which she graduated in 1992. Graduates of the same course were Yuri (Gosha) Kutsenko, Vyacheslav Razbegaev, Ekaterina Semenova, Ksenia Entelis and others. Studying in the second year of the Institute, Alena passed a difficult casting and got into the troupe of the Moscow State Theater "Lenkom", where in 1990-1994 she played Conchita in the play "Juno and Avos." At the same time starred in the movie.

Alyona Khmelnitskaya brought fame to the main role (Leoncia Solano) in the Russian-Ukrainian adventure feature film directed by Vladimir Popkov “Hearts of Three” (1992), based on the novel of the same name by Jack London.

In 1993, she married director Tigran Keosayan. After the birth of her daughter Alexandra in 1994, she was forced to leave the theater. For two years she worked as an executive director in a clothing boutique, which her friends opened.

In 1994, she hosted several episodes of the music and entertainment program Morning Mail on Channel 1 of Ostankino.

From 2009 to 2010, along with Keosayan, she hosted the TV show “You and Me” about the family life of stars on the TV channel “Russia”.

Media reaction to the actress’s novel

For a long time, reporters did not know anything about the personal life of Alena Khmelnitskaya and her new husband. The actress is not one of those who like to bring to the public view experiences of a personal nature and other details of family relationships. Only after the decision to live with his young chosen one Khmelnitsky had to declassify his name and joint plans for the future.

Photo: Alena Khmelnitskaya and Alexander Sinyushin

Who is Alexander Sinyushin

Very little is known about the young man. Reporters managed to find out just a few facts about the new husband of Alena Khmelnitskaya (photo below). So, the information about the big age difference between the lovers turned out to be completely accurate. The actress herself has not considered a huge period of 12 years and calls him "uncritical."

According to the actress, she is glad that Alexander is not connected with the world of cinema and theater - he has his own company to provide the performances of show business stars with the necessary lighting and musical equipment. The company is rather small, however, the young man’s income allows him to travel with his lover and her youngest daughter around the world. In the actress’s personal page on social networks, you can see joint photos with her new husband from different parts of the world, and the beauty celebrated her birthday in Goa. The woman herself speaks of Alexander as a very caring and generous man.

Alena Khmelnitskaya and her new husband

In rare interviews, the actress claims that Alexander’s tastes are very impressive to her, so they decided to live together. According to Khmelnitskaya, she does not want to stamp the passport, as free relations will lose the imprint of lightness that she loves.

Facts from the biography of the actress

Alena Khmelnitskaya is a native Muscovite. Her parents were famous ballet dancers in the theater, who managed to achieve recognition not only in the Russian capital, but also abroad. The actress herself actually grew up in the backstage of Lenkom, therefore, after graduating from a theater university, she performed on the stage of the famous theater for a long time. True, at first her work was limited exclusively to episodic roles.

The play “Juno and Avos” brought popularity to Alena Khmelnitskaya, after which the young artist was invited to play a major role in the movie “Hearts of Three”. The film story about the adventures of young treasure seekers has become a favorite film in the adventure genre among all viewers in the Soviet Union and has given fame to leading actors.

The first civil husband of the actress was Alexander Dellos, a famous Moscow restaurateur and part-time best friend of Valery Zolotukhin. The novel ended as soon as the man was able to leave for the homeland of his ancestors - he was French by origin. To gain a foothold in the new territory, Delos had to marry a wealthy Frenchwoman, and very quickly a fictitious marriage became real.

Alena with Tigran Keosayan and daughter

We hope that Alena Khmelnitskaya and her new husband, Alexander Sinyushin, will be happy!

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Family and school years

The future actress was born in 1971 in Moscow, in a creative family. Her parents - Alexander Khmelnitsky and Valentina Savina - were part of the Bolshoi Theater troupe for twenty years.

After the end of her ballet career, her mother worked as a choreographer, took part in the creation of Macbeth and Juno and Avos, and staged fashion shows for Vyacheslav Zaitsev. My father taught at the choreographic school.

Alena studied at a school with a French bias, was seriously fond of gymnastics and table tennis, in which she became one of the best in Moscow. For some time I wanted to become a designer, for which I attended art school. Surikov.

But the rehearsal of the play "Juno and Avos" was a turning point, pushing her to a cardinal change of plans. At 10, Alena firmly decided to connect her life with cinema.

Decline and Triumphal Return

In the mid-90s, the actress practically did not act in films due to the general decline of the country and cinema. At the same time, Khmelnitskaya worked as a director in a fashion boutique - traveled abroad for branded goods, kept records.

The film "Silver Lily of the Valley" directed by Tigran Keosayan returned it to wide screens, giving a fresh start. He also helped expand her creative range, allowing her to go beyond the same type of romantic heroines and show herself in complex character roles.

Personal life

Since 1993, she was married to Tigran Keosayan, whom she met in the dining room of the Lenkom Theater. Over the years, together, the couple twice became parents and shot several joint paintings - “Hare over the abyss”, “Mirage” and many others. In 2010, they jointly hosted the talk show "You and Me."

For many years, the creative and family duet Khmelnitskaya-Keosayan was reputed to be the strongest in the domestic show business. But twenty-one years later, it became known about their divorce. The reason was that Tigran had another family.

The couple went peacefully, without unnecessary scandals and feuds. According to Khmelnitsky, she managed to maintain warm feelings towards her former spouse.

Two years after the divorce, Alena introduced her new chosen one - businessman Alexander Sinyushin. It is known that a man is twelve years younger than her and was previously married, from whom he left a son.

Alena Khmelnitskaya and Alexander Sinyushin.

Alena Khmelnitskaya and her new civil husband often rest abroad and look really happy. The couple admitted that they both managed to find a common language with children from past marriages.

The actress has two daughters from her first marriage.

The eldest - Alexandra, was born in 1994. Already at sixteen, the girl externally graduated from high school and went to study in London. Now she continues her studies in the USA, intending to become a director. Sings great.

The youngest is Ksenia, born in 2010. Last year, a brisk girl opened her filmography, starring in the mystical series "Call Center". Her partners on the set were Nikita Efremov and Julia Hlynina.

Alena Khmelnitskaya now

In recent years, the actress managed to play the main roles in the mini-series "Galina" and "Old Guard".

A creative duet with an ex-husband was also not forgotten.

In 2017, Keosayan directed the series “Actress” according to the script of his current wife Margarita Simonyan, Khmelnytsky performed one of the main roles in it. In 2018, they consolidated their success by jointly making the film Crimean Bridge. Made with love!".

Photo: Alena Khmelnitskaya

The early years, childhood and the family of Alena Khmelnitsky

Alena Khmelnitskaya was born on January 12, 1971 in Moscow. Her parents were representatives of the artistic environment, namely, artists of the Bolshoi ballet troupe. They often toured Europe, breaking the stormy applause of the audience everywhere.

The parents of the girl were real stars of ballet, however, despite this, their daughter was always quite cold to this type of art. The reason for this was very, very banal - because of her love for sweets, Alena was a pretty big girl in her childhood, and therefore, she could not speak seriously about a ballet career.

However, the genetic love of art still did not pass her by. Even at the age of ten, our today's heroine somehow got into the Lenkom Theater, for which the Bolshoi theater artists choreographed. That day, she met with the main theater stars - Alexander Abdulov, Oleg Yankovsky and some other famous actors.

This meeting literally turned the whole life of little Alena. She became an ardent fan of the theater and literally “got sick” with the stage. Some time later, our today's heroine firmly declared to her parents that she wants to become an actress. And they supported her choice.

Thus, already at the age of twelve, a young girl first appeared on the set. At that time, she played one of the roles in the production of Karambolina Karamboletta, with which her long journey to acting recognition began. After finishing the ten classes and receiving secondary education, Alena entered the Moscow Art Theater School and already in her second year returned to the Lenkom Theater as an actress.

Star Trek actress Alena Khmelnitskaya, filmography

The actress played her first major role in the movie in 1991 (in the last year of the university). After that, there were also roles in the projects "The Tale of the Merchant's Daughter and the Mysterious Flower", as well as the Ukrainian film "Murder in the Sunshine Menor." The actress performed roles in these films before the end of the Moscow Art Theater School. And therefore, after receiving a diploma, her film career began to rapidly gain momentum.

Alena Khmelnitskaya starred in several films a year, and therefore she was soon forced to leave her native "Lenkom" in order to continue her cinematic career. However, the bet on cinema very soon turned into a failure.

In the "depressive" nineties, cinema in Russia and Ukraine practically did not develop. And therefore, at some point, the proposals from the directors simply ceased to come to Alena.

Left without work, the actress, like many other Russians at that hour, decided to do business. She got a job in a fashion boutique, for which she acquired the latest collections, and also selected staff. However, in her own words, she did not understand the economic aspects at all, and therefore at some point the “fashion business” simply bored her.

The actress had a chance to return to the world of cinema in 1999, when there was a certain thaw in the cinema of the post-Soviet countries. In the same period, the career of Alena Khmelnitsky again began to gain height.

At the turn of the century, our today's heroine was noted in such films and TV shows as “Christmas Mystery”, “President and His Granddaughter”, “Death Directory”, “Turkish March”, “Silver Lily of the Valley” and some others.

However, the actress was waiting for real success after the release of the series “Ondine” and its continuation. This television project was very fond of the audience, and therefore subsequently brought our today's heroine great popularity.

From that moment, Alena Khmelnitskaya’s career no longer faded. Over the years, she has played in the films and television series Hare over the Abyss, Mirage, The Most Beautiful, Oasis of Love, Who, if Not Me, Men's Work, Peter the Magnificent, Three Half-Graces ", As well as some others.

Childhood and youth

Khmelnitskaya Alena Alexandrovna was born in the family of ballet dancers. Parents for many years performed on the stage of the Bolshoi Theater. By the end of his dance career, Alexander Khmelnitsky became a teacher at his former place of work, and Valentina Savina graduated from GITIS in the ballet master's direction. When Alena becomes an adult, her parents will leave Russia and move to London, where they will continue their career as choreographers.

At 10 years old, the girl knew firmly how the future biography would be.Valentina Savina then worked as an assistant director, and her daughter had the opportunity to watch rehearsals of the rock opera Juno and Avos. Since then, the obsession with becoming an actress has not left Khmelnitsky alone. After school, she entered the Moscow Art Theater on the course of Ivan Tarhanov.

Alena Khmelnitskaya in childhood with her father Alexander Khmelnitsky and now

Valentina Savina became a role model for her daughter: always a beautiful, well-groomed woman, laid hair and light makeup. Alena's mom managed to be attractive, and no one saw what was being done for this, it was so quick and quick.

Alena Khmelnitskaya’s love for hats comes from childhood. “My mother then had two pots: black and red. She looked very stylish, ”recalls the actress. Even then, as a little girl, Khmelnytsky tried on her mother’s hats. The hobby for hats so absorbed the future actress that she began to draw sketches. Parents had already thought about identifying Alena in the art school in the future, but no further progress was made in drawing.

Alena Khmelnitskaya in her youth

It seemed that Khmelnitskaya lived 2 lives at the institute. In one sat on a student bench, in the second - played in "Lenkom". In 1989, the actress was cast for the role of Conchita in the production of "Juno and Avos." Samples were held at Lenkom, where dozens of girls demonstrated their vocal and dance abilities. The commission, headed by Mark Zakharov, chose Khmelnitsky.

The issue of employment at the end of the theater did not arise. However, the actress soon realized that further - a dead end, Alena knew too well the backstage life in the theater. In addition, at this time, the girl learned what demand and popularity were, and it became impossible to combine the cinema and the scene.


The filmography of Alena Khmelnitskaya started with the picture "Carambola-caramboletta". After 3 years she performed a cameo role in the movie Courier.

They began to single out Alena from the mass of actresses in 1992, when she played Leonzia Solano in two parts of the adventure film Hearts of Three. Director Vladimir Popkov couldn’t decide on the leading woman; Khmelnitskaya went to Kiev 3 times to sample, until the directors doubted. Instead of Sergey Zhigunov and Vladimir Shevelkov, they planned to use Oleg Menshikov in the image of twin brothers, but he refused. The balloon in the 2nd part is a hint at the continuation of the film, which never happened.

Alena Khmelnitskaya in the film "Hearts of Three"

After Leoncia, the actress was confused with colleagues, equally vivid and memorable - with Larisa Guzeeva from the time of the drama “Cruel Romance”, with Tatyana Lyutaeva from “Gardemarins”. For Anna Samokhin Khmelnitsky had to give autographs.

In 1994, Alena Khmelnitskaya tried on the role of a TV presenter in the Morning Mail program, and in the mid-2000s, she and her husband hosted the talk show You and Me.

Alena Khmelnitskaya at the talk show "You and Me"

In the difficult 90s for the film industry, Alena almost ceased to receive invitations to shoot, and she got a job in a fashion boutique. Such a “career” burdened the artist, who had no inclination for business, and in 1999 Khmelnitskaya was lucky to return to the cinema. Her popularity began to gain momentum again, and after the Undine series, well received by the audience, Alena was overtaken by real fame.

Khmelnitsky herself believes that the rise began after the comedy “Silver Lily of the Valley”, in which the actress starred with Olesya Zheleznyak, Alexander Tsekalo and Yuri Stoyanov.

Alena Khmelnitskaya in the comedy "Silver Lily of the Valley"

In the series “The Most Beautiful”, the story that happened with Alena during the management of a clothing store was beaten. In the story, the heroine Nonna wears things in several layers, hiding them under a cloak, and so she leaves the boutique. A man did the same, distracting sellers with numerous requests. At some point, the buyer went out for a smoke and simply did not return, leaving a worn wardrobe instead.

The script for the film “Poor Sasha” was called “Girl and the Thief”. This is the only picture of Tigran Keosayan, according to Khmelnitsky, where her husband did not shoot her. However, the final name of the tape was in honor of the daughter of Alexandra.

Alena Khmelnitskaya in the movie "The Most Beautiful"

In 2012, Khmelnytsky played a major role in the series Fatal Inheritance, in the melodrama Oasis of Love, the heroine of Alena is a single mother, torn between her beloved man and daughter, who does not accept her future stepfather. In the film “Half an hour before the spring”, the character of the actress is like a happy woman. But suddenly it turns out that the husband is cheating, the eldest daughter has problems in the family, and the youngest is pregnant from an dishonorable guy.

Family members of the heroine of Khmelnitsky in "Second Youth" also live their own lives. To fill the void, a woman is interested in painting and falls in love with a teacher.

Alena Khmelnitskaya: biography, personal life, children

The popular actress was born in a star family of ballet dancers. Her parents performed on the stage of the Bolshoi Theater for 20 years.

Alena Khmelnitskaya is a native Muscovite, date of birth January 12, 1971. She graduated from school with in-depth study of the French language on the Arbat. The mother of the actress, Valentina Savina, as the choreographer assisted Mark Zakharov in Lenkom.

Since 10 years, Alena Khmelnitskaya attended rehearsals of the rock opera "Juno and Avos", which was the impetus for the profession. In 1988, the girl easily passes the selection for the course of Ivan Tarhanov of the Moscow Art Theater School.

Starting from the second year of training, Alena Khmelnitskaya falls into the troupe of Lenkom, after passing through a hard casting. At first she only gets episodes. Later, Mark Zakharov puts Alain on the role of Conchita of the acclaimed rock opera.

She has been in films since 12 years. She played her first role in the film Carambola Caramboletta. Real fame, popularity and recognition came to Alena Khmelnitskaya after the painting “Hearts of Three”.

The creation of a family and the birth of a daughter forces the artist to suspend her creative activities for a while. In 1999, she had the opportunity to return to filming. The track record of Alena Khmelnitsky includes more than 40 vivid roles.

Most of them she played in the films of her husband, director Tigran Keosayan.

With a successful career in the personal life of the actress, serious changes occur. Despite the discord with her husband, at almost 40 years old Alena decided to have a second child. However, this joyful event does not save the marriage of the actress.

After 20 years of marriage, the couple officially formalize the divorce. Thanks to her wisdom, Alena managed to maintain a good relationship with her husband.

Soon she has a new chosen one. In 2016, the actress brilliantly returns to the stage of the theater with the musical Cinderella.

The former husband of Alena Khmelnitsky - Tigran Keosayan

Significant acquaintance happened in the cafe Lenkoma. However, closer communication began on the set of advertising, directed by Tigran. The actress invited a student of the theater university Alena Khmelnitsky.

Three days later, both realized that they want to be together always and everywhere. Romantic relationships lasted only six months.

From the very beginning, their relationship was so strong and serious that the issue of the wedding was resolved. Everything turned out easy, fun, without global troubles or doubts about this.

On August 27, 1993, the couple registered a marriage. A year later, the couple had a daughter, Alexander.

Despite the difficult period that the country was going through, the newlyweds did not feel the hardships of life. They had an apartment, their parents helped, Tigran worked a lot. He turned out to be a responsible, reliable and loving husband.

The creative union of Alena and Tigran throughout all the years of their life together was considered an ideal example for colleagues and friends. The first signs of disagreement were outlined after the inadequate statement of Dzhigurda.

Comparing the facts, it is easy to guess that the connection between the actors arose on the eve of the wedding of Alena and Tigran. The temperamental oriental man took the information painfully.

According to him, such an act cannot be forgotten, regardless of the statute of limitations. Colleagues and friends recall that Keosayan went into himself, was gloomy and uncommunicative.

It was then that Alena decided on her second child, but the situation could not be smoothed out. The couple stopped appearing together, many attributed this fact to employment after the birth of a daughter.

At the same time, Keosayan is constantly seen with Margarita Simonyan, editor of the “Russia today” TV channel. They are working on a joint project. In 2012, the director takes Rita in his new film. The media creative tandem is not suspicious.

Suddenly, the publication of a journalist who claims to have seen Simonyan in an interesting position on vacation in Jurmala with Tigran comes out. She publicly convicted Keosayan of treason, suggesting that Margarita is pregnant from the director.

The couple did not comment on the situation, hiding that they had not been living together for two years. They wanted to avoid a scandal. On the eve of the birth of Rita, Tigran finally left the family.

Alena Khmelnitskaya and her new husband Alexander Sinyushin

After the divorce, the artist did not fall into depression, as many expected. She plunged headlong into the work and education of Ksenia.

Even Alena's friends did not feel her emotions, gloomy mood or any changes. On the contrary, many have noticed that Alena Khmelnitsky has blossomed.

It turns out that the artist appeared a man. They met at the premiere. Alexander was a longtime fan of Alena’s work, went to all performances, gave flowers. Later they began to maintain friendly relations.

It turned out that the couple had common interests, views, tastes, the same preferences. Such harmony occurs once in a million. However, Alena walked for a long time toward rapprochement.

At some point, both realized that they were much worse apart than together. The age difference does not bother Alena Khmelnitskaya at all. The only obstacle was the children, but the daughters took Sasha easily, he quickly found contact with the girls.

Now Khmelnitskaya lives with her civil husband and feels happy. The second marriage, the actress is in no hurry to register, believing that they are already well.

This is an international certificate certifying the level of knowledge of a foreign language. Alexandra has an analytical mindset, which determined the choice of a profession. The girl decided to follow in her father's footsteps.

Sasha entered film directing at the Tisha School of the Arts at New York University. While working with the Tigran team. It is in front of a choice of the country of residence, England, the USA or Russia.

The youngest daughter Ksenia was born on July 7, 2010. The girl grows very inquisitive and sociable. He has been involved in sports since childhood, loves to draw. Now Ksenia went to the 2nd grade.


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