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Paris Hilton
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Paris Hilton in 2009
Birth nameParis Whitney Hilton
Date of BirthFebruary 17, 1981 (1981-02-17) (38 years old)
Place of BirthNew York, New York USA
Citizenship USA
FatherRick Hilton
MotherKatie Hilton
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Paris Hilton is a former potential heiress to the family business, the world's largest hotel chain Hilton Hotels. The fame brought her reality show "Simple Life" (English) Russian. (2003-2007) (in which she played with her friend Nicole Richie) and the scandalous social life, because of which she is portrayed in the media primarily as a "socialite" (Eng. Socialite, It-girl) and even as the main "Socialite of the planet" (in 2008).


Paris Hilton was born February 17, 1981 in the family of Rick and Katie Hilton. Paris Hilton is the great-granddaughter of Conrad Hilton, founder of the Hilton hotel chain. Paris is the eldest child in the family, she has a younger sister - Nicky Hilton, and two brothers - Barron and Conrad Hilton.

Hilton spent his childhood in different places - at the Waldorf-Astoria hotel in Manhattan, in the New York family house, in Beverly Hills, in Hampton. Hilton entered the Dwight School in New York, where she was expelled, but later Hilton still received a high school diploma.

Career model

In 2000, Paris Hilton signed a contract with modeling agency Donald Trump T Management and became a professional model. She later worked for other modeling agencies: Ford Models Management in New York, Models 1 Agency in London, Nous Model Management in Los Angeles and Premier Model Management in London. Hilton began to appear in advertisements of famous brands, including Iceberg, GUESS, Tommy Hilfiger, Christian Dior and Marciano, and to appear for glossy magazines.

Careers in film and television

The first Hilton television project that brought her popularity was the simple life reality show, which also starred her friend Nicole Richie, the daughter of singer Lionel Richie. The show was released on Fox on December 2, 2003 and was a great success. The quarrel between Hilton and Richie caused the show to close after three seasons on Fox. The next fourth and fifth seasons were aired on E !.

Hilton has played several supporting roles in films such as Nine Lives (2002), Fashion Mommy (2004) and House of Wax (2005). For the role of Page Edwards in Wax House, Hilton received the Teen Choice Awards for Best Scream and was nominated for Breakthrough of the Year. In 2006, Hilton starred in the films Stylish Things and Blonde in Chocolate. In 2008, the films Beauty and the Ugly were released, for which Paris received 3 Golden Raspberry awards, and the film Ripo! The genetic opera. ”

Music career

In 2004, Hilton began work on her solo album. Pariswhich was released on August 22, 2006 and debuted at 6th place of the chart Billboard 200. The producers of the album were Greg Wells, Cara Dioguardi, Jane Weedlin and Scott Storch. In 2004, Hilton also founded her own music label Heiress Records.

On July 16, 2007, Hilton confirmed that she was working on her second solo album, produced by Scott Storch. She said that it would be a purely dance album inspired by Bob Sinclair. To record this album, Hilton set up a professional recording studio right at home. The album name and label have not yet been selected, but the names of six songs from the album have already become known: “Jailhouse Baby”, “Platinum Blonde”, “Crave”, “My BFF”, “Paris for President” and “Girl Tax”, two of which, “My BFF” and “Paris for President”, were released as singles in the fall of 2008.

In October 2013, Hilton released the single, "Good Time," recorded with rapper Lil Wayne. The clip for the first single from the future second studio album was released on October 7, 2013.


Paris Hilton is an American film actress, model, designer, as well as a singer and songwriter.

Paris Hilton

She could become the heiress of the Hilton empire, which includes a chain of luxury hotels, but remained herself and lost her inheritance. However, Paris did not disappear - she herself learned how to make good money.

Childhood and youth

The girl's full name is Paris Whitney Hilton. The future celebrity was born in New York under the sign of the zodiac Aquarius in February 1981. Great-grandfather of Paris - Conrad Hilton - is the founder of the Hilton hotel empire. The girl’s dad was doing business, and her mother was an actress. Paris has a younger sister, Nicky, who became a famous model and designer, as well as brothers - Barron and Conrad.

Paris Hilton in childhood

Childhood Paris passed on the road. She managed to live in New York in Manhattan, in Hampton and Beverly Hills. The girl from an early age was moody. Such children are called "golden youth."

Paris Hilton has replaced a number of schools, one of which is the prestigious New York Dwight School. But from everywhere she was expelled for constant absenteeism.

Paris Hilton with parents and brother

She still received a certificate of maturity, although much later than she planned. In school, Paris Hilton met her current best friends - Nicole Richie and Kim Kardashian, who also became actresses.

Creativity and business

In 2000, the attractive Paris Hilton began working as a fashion model at Donald Trump's T Management Agency and managed to achieve career success.

Later, she replaced several modeling agencies, including the prestigious New York Ford Models Management, London Models 1 Agenc and Premier Model Management, as well as the Nous Model Management agency in Los Angeles.

Paris Hilton in his youth and now

The image of a charming blonde often appears on the covers of glossy publications. The girl leads a stellar lifestyle and sometimes shock the audience with her antics. But she has her own path to fame, and she achieved her goal: they talk more and more about her and make attractive offers.

Paris Hilton regularly appears on the screen in rating programs and television shows. In December 2003, viewers saw her in the project “Simple Life” on the Fox channel. In this reality show, the famous blonde participated along with her friend Nicole Richie, the daughter of the popular artist Lionel Richie.

Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie

The show was a huge success, but ended earlier than planned: the girls quarreled. The producers had to close the project after the 3rd season.

At one point, the model decided to try her hand at the cinema. A cinematic biography of Paris Hilton was not successful and did not bring much fame as an actress. However, in her filmography there are several projects in which she played supporting roles. These are the films "Nine Lives", "Fashionable Mommy" and "House of Wax". For work in the last picture, Paris was awarded the Teen Choice Awards for the best cry. Moreover, she even got into the Breakthrough of the Year nomination.

Paris Hilton in the movie "House of Wax"

Among the projects in which the secular lioness has appeared, the rating series Lonely Hearts, Veronica Mars, and American Dreams are listed. The roles of Paris got insignificant, but the audience met with interest the new actress on the screen.

Hilton again appeared on the screens in 2006. She got the main role in the movie "Blonde in Chocolate." Then followed the work in the film "Drink to the Bottom", where she was entrusted with a key image. But both projects did not have much success and were criticized by viewers and film critics.

Paris Hilton in the movie "Blonde in Chocolate"

True, the girl herself did not consider her film career a failure. Therefore, two years later, she again appeared on the big screen in the project "Beauty and the Ugly." It seems that this work somewhat cooled the ardor of the actress, because for her she immediately received 3 Golden Raspberry awards. Cool, but not forced to forget about cinema forever. A year later, the actress starred in the project "Genetic Opera."

Paris was not going to disappear from the TV screens, and since 2008 a large-scale project “My new best friend” was launched. The meaning of the reality show was that 18 people fought for the title of friend of a socialite. They settled in her house, where they had to fulfill all the wishes of the girl, change their image, communicate with her parents, guests and even her favorite Paris dogs. Two seasons were filmed in America, later adaptations appeared for Great Britain and the UAE.

Paris Hilton without makeup

From the bored movie business and modeling career, Paris Hilton moved on to another occupation, new and unknown: she decided to become a singer. In 2004, she began work on her debut solo album. He received the name "Paris" ("Paris"). The disc was recorded over 2 years and was released in 2006. As it turned out, it was here that Paris expected a certain success. Immediately after the release, the album took the 6th step of the Billboard 200 chart. The producers of the disc are Kara Dio Guardi, Greg Wells, Scott Stroch and Jane Weedlin. But the album sold poorly.

Paris Hilton - My BFF

Needless to say, such a petty nuisance did not stop the girl who decided that she was a good singer. After a year, the beauty announced that she was starting work on her second solo album with dance music. Paris Hilton decided to record it at home. To do this, equipped a professional studio. Her work was inspired by the songs of the famous Bob Sinclair. Scott Stroch undertook to produce the album.

The songs of Paris Hilton, included in the album, she wrote herself. The disc received the working name "TBA". Two compositions “Paris For President” and “My BFF”, included in the collection, the singer presented in 2008. But the full-scale release of the record did not take place. Over a short musical career, Hilton has created 21 music videos for her songs. Among them are videos on the tracks “High Off My Love”, “Nothing In This World”, “Stars Are Blind” and others.

Paris Hilton - Paris For President

In the early 2000s, the blonde found another sphere in which she had not previously been noted. This is writing. Together with Merle Ginsberg, she released the book Revelations of the Heiress. The most stylish and witty little things ”, for which she received $ 100 thousand. True, critics smashed the work of Paris Hilton to smithereens, but readers liked the book.

Books of Paris Hilton

In the middle of the first decade of the 2000s, the star showed design talents. She participated in the creation of a new collection of bags by the popular Japanese company Samantha Thavasa. At that time, jewelry appeared for the online store "Amazon.com", to which Hilton also applied her imagination. The celebrity was not limited to bags and jewelry and released her own line of perfumes.

At the same time, the creative blonde entered into an agreement with a network of nightclubs, Club Paris, which received the right to use her name. The first entertainment facility appeared in the state of Florida, in Orlando. A second club also opened in Florida, in Jacksonville, in 2006. But a year later, network owner Fred Kalilian terminated the contract with Paris Hilton because of a violation of several points. The girl often ignored the meetings planned in the clubs.

The ubiquitous and energetic Paris Hilton tried her hand at advertising on fast food chain Carl’s Jr. and as a DJ. In 2003-2004, the name Paris Hilton was included in the Forbes magazine. She managed to earn $ 2 million. And in 2006-2007, a secular lioness brought her fortune to $ 8.3 million, proving to everyone, including her grandfather, who had deprived her of her inheritance, that she was quite capable of providing herself.

Paris Hilton and Club Paris

Paris Hilton gained popularity not only in films, songs and design collections. She often gets into scandals, which they then write about and talk about in the media.

Problems with law

The girl first met the police in September 2006. Paris Hilton was arrested for drunk driving. She pleaded guilty and paid a fine of $ 1.5 thousand. And she was assigned 36 months of probation.

But behaving as befitting Lady Paris was difficult. In early 2007, the celebrity was again detained by traffic police. And a month later, the beauty "pleased" the yellow press with a fresh scandal. She was detained for speeding. In the spring of the same year, Hilton was sentenced to 45 days in prison.

Relatives brought the restless Paris to prison immediately after she was presented with the MTV movie award. But after 4 days, the good sheriff released the blonde under house arrest due to poor health. The court brought the girl back. She was released after 23 days, without having served a full term.

Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan

It was rumored that drug addiction in Paris and developing alcoholism led to frequent arrests. A socialite was often compared to actress Lindsay Lohan, who had problems with the law due to similar violations.

In the fall of 2016, Paris Hilton visited Odessa. The socialite arrived at the opening of a new night club, where she played her DJ set. To take a table at the club, those who wish paid 20 thousand hryvnias. As a gift, the institution gave the visitor a bottle of Cristal elite champagne, the price of which is above 7,000 hryvnia.

Paris Hilton in Odessa

The celebrity settled in the best room of the expensive Bristol hotel, rode around the city on a white Lamborghini and was 4 hours late for the club.

Personal life

Personal life Paris Hilton has always been in full swing. Since 2000, the guy Paris Hilton has been Pamela Anderson's ex-husband, Rick Salomon. In 2003, shortly before the start of the show “Simple Life”, a frank sex video “One Night in Paris” in the style of home porn suddenly appeared on the Internet. The trial between Paris and Rick was delayed, but later the issue was settled in pre-trial order.

Paris Hilton and Rick Salomon

From 2002 to 2003, Paris Hilton was engaged to a guy named Jason Shaw. Later, she also met with singer Nick Carter, shipowner Pais Latsis, Stavras Niarhos, guitarist Benji Madden, as well as basketball player Doug Reinhard.

Paris Hilton also claims to have met actor Leonardo di Caprio.

Then the boyfriend of Paris was River Wiiperi, in May 2013, the star publicly announced that she was going to marry him. But in the summer of 2015, information appeared in the media that the actress was dating millionaire Thomas Gross.

Paris Hilton and River Wiperi

Paparazzi photographed a couple on the shores of Spain in June. Hilton soon introduced her new boyfriend to her parents. It was rumored that Paris was thinking about becoming a Swiss citizen and living there with Gross.

The star has a huge army of fans. Millions of girls imitate her and carefully follow the new photos and messages of Paris Hilton on Instagram. It is noteworthy that with a fragile physique, the girl weighs 52 kg, she has a model height of 173 cm, and her leg size is 43rd.

Paris Hilton and Thomas Gross

Hilton never concealed that her ideal was a slim figure with an almost invisible chest. At one time, the leggy blonde was so desperately losing weight that she brought herself to exhaustion, which threatened with anorexia. The girl weighed 45 kg. But celebrities managed to change their attitude to food, after which the lost pounds returned.

Paris Hilton in a swimsuit

And later, fans began to notice changes in the figure of Paris, clearly indicating the plastic bust. And although the secular lioness herself rejects the assumption that she ever went under the knife of a plastic surgeon, her parameters indicated otherwise. Also, over time, the nose of the beauty was transformed, which became even more refined.

Other projects

In the fall of 2004, Hilton, co-authored with Merle Ginsberg, released an autobiography Confessions of an Heiress: A Tongue-in-Chic Peek Behind the Pose, which received 100,000 US dollars. The book was crushed by critics, but, despite this, became a bestseller. Hilton took part in the creation of a collection of bags by the Japanese company Samantha Thavasa, as well as a jewelry line for the Amazon.com online store.

In 2004, the perfume line created by Hilton together with Parlux Fragrances was launched.

In 2005, Hilton signed an agreement with a network of nightclubs Club Paris, which were able to use her name. The first club in Orlando, Florida was a great success; the second club was opened in Jacksonville, Florida in July 2006.In January 2007, Club Paris Club owner Fred Calilian terminated the contract with Hilton due to her breach of several clauses of the contract (Hilton did not appear for several planned promotional events).

According to the log data ForbesThe income of Paris Hilton in 2003-2004 amounted to $ 2 million, in 2004-2005 - $ 6.5 million, in 2005-2006 - $ 7 million, in 2006-2007 - $ 8.3 million.

In 2007, Paris announced that it wants to be frozen after its death. She transferred a large sum of money to the Cryonics Institute so that future scientists could resurrect it. “Thanks to this, my life can be extended for hundreds and thousands of years,” she said.

Photo: Paris Hilton

Cinema and television career Paris Hilton

The first television project that brought Paris Hilton popularity was a reality show called "Simple Life." The girl participated with her friend Nicole Richie, daughter of the famous singer Lionel Richie. The show aired on December 2, 2003 and became quite successful. After three seasons, Fox closed the television project due to a quarrel between two celebrities. However, the fourth and fifth seasons still showed, only on another channel.

I tried myself Paris Hilton and in the cinema. True, she got mainly supporting roles. So, on the girl’s account, the films “Nine Lives”, “Fashionable Mommy”, “House of Waxworks”. By the way, for her role in the last picture, Paris even received the Teen Choice Awards for best cry and was even nominated as “Breakthrough of the Year”. The first major role went to Paris in 2006. The actress became the main on the set of the films "Blonde in Chocolate" and "Drink to the Bottom." Two years later, Hilton became the heroine of the film "Beauty and the Ugly", for which she received three Golden Raspberries at once. A little later, work was followed at the Genetic Opera.

However, the model and film business of Paris Hilton was not enough. The girl also tried herself as a singer. In 2004, work began on a solo album called Paris. The recording went on for two years, and the disc saw the light only at the end of summer 2006. Success was not long in coming. Immediately after the release, the disc reached the 6th place on the Billboard 200 chart. Paris Hilton Cara DioGuardi, Greg Wells, Scott Stroch and Jane Widlin produced their debut album.
However, the disc was not successful and sold very poorly. In 2004, by the way, Hilton became the owner of his own music label Heiress Records. In the summer of 2007, Paris Hilton announced that she had begun work on her second solo album. This time the producer is only Scott Stroch. According to the singer, the new disc will be purely dance, to which she was inspired by the work of Bob Sinclair.

Recorded future hits of Paris right at home. To do this, she established a professional studio. By the way, Hilton wrote all the songs herself. Work on the album ended in 2008, but the disc itself was released only in 2014. However, in 2008, two singles were presented - Paris For Pres>

In the same year, Paris Hilton participated in the creation of a collection of bags for the Japanese company Samantha Thavasa and jewelry for the online store Amazon.com. In 2004, Paris Hilton, along with Parlux Fragrances, launched a perfume line.

In 2005, a socialite entered into an agreement according to which the Club Paris nightclub network could use her name. The first entertainment facility was opened in Orlando, Florida, and was quite successful. The second club was opened in the same state, but already in the city of Jacksonville, in 2006. A year later, the owner of the Club Paris club network, Fred Calilian, terminated the contractual relationship with Paris due to the fact that she violated several points of the agreement, in particular, did not attend several planned advertising evenings.

It is worth noting that the works of Paris Hilton were reflected in the Forbes magazine. In 2003-2004, the girl’s income amounted to $ 2 million, the next is already 6.5 million, and in 2005-2006 half a million more. In 2006-2007, Paris earned 8.3 million dollars.

Paris Hilton tried herself in DJing, but even here her works did not attract the attention of the public.

Paris Hilton appeared several times in an ad for fast food chain Carl’s Jr.

Actress Star Trek

For the first time, Paris appeared on the screens at the age of ten. She played the role of a girl on the beach in a low-budget film - “A Djinn Without a Bottle”

At 19, she signs a contract with modeling agency Donald Trump T Management and becomes a professional model. She works in New York, Los Angeles, London. In addition, she takes part in the movie Sweetie Pie. Well, 2003 can be considered the starting point in the career of Paris. Fox TV selects both Hilton sisters for the reality show - Simple Life.

Soon, Nicky is replaced by a bosom friend of Paris - Nicole Richie. In the story, two secular ladies part with their gold credit cards and go to a provincial town. They live under the same roof with a family of farmers and try to master agricultural labor.

At the same time, Paris begins to regularly play a movie. These are mainly supporting roles. The first rewards appear. For the role of Page Edwards in Wax House, Hilton received the Teen Choice Awards for Best Scream. In 2009, three awards were received - Golden Raspberry - for dubious achievements in the field of cinema.

In 2004, Paris is fond of musical creativity, and two years later her debut album is released. His sales were low, but the composition of Stars Are Blind was in the top ten hits in 17 countries. Currently, work on the second album is completed.

Despite the lack of great talent, Paris quickly gained worldwide fame. This is facilitated by her many millions of legacies, and many scandalous stories that do not leave the pages of the tabloids. Stormy social life, sex, drugs, drunk driving, first places in the charts of poorly dressed celebrities - everything is under the gun of the media, and everything becomes self-promotion.

Paris Hilton now

Since 2017, Paris Hilton began dating American actor and model Chris Zilka, who at the end of the year made a sweetheart proposal. Young just at that time had a rest in Aspen. Secular lioness agreed. Preparations began for the wedding, which was scheduled for November 11, 2018.

Pregnancy Paris Hilton was not confirmed

In January, fans in the photo of a pet noticed a change in her figure. The girl wore black elegant high-waisted trousers that visually rounded her stomach.

There were suggestions that Paris was pregnant. But in the summer the fan’s speculations were not confirmed. At the presentation of her cosmetic line in Las Vegas, “Paris Hilton Skincare”, the girl appeared in a revealing red jumpsuit, showing perfect proportions.

Paris Hilton and Chris Zilka in 2018

Preparations for the wedding ceremony are in full swing, but the date had to be postponed to May 2019. Paris remains true to his habit of being late everywhere. And now she also does not have time to prepare everything properly, because she will have a grand celebration with a wedding in the Church of the Good Shepherd in Beverly Hills.


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