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Max Irons
Max irons
Birth nameMaximilian Paul Diarmid Irons
Date of BirthOctober 17, 1985 (1985-10-17) (34 years old)
Place of BirthLondon, Great Britain
  • Great Britain
Career2004 - present time
IMDbID 1796057
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Maximilian Paul Diarmid “Max” Irons (English Maximilian Paul "Max" Diarmuid, born October 17, 1985, London) is an English actor best known for his roles Henry in the thriller Little Red Riding Hood, Jared howe in the film “The Guest”, as well as the role of Edward IV in the television series “The White Queen”, based on the book of The Philippine Gregory “The White Queen”.


Max Irons was born in London, Camden. The son of Irish actress Sinead Cusack and actor Jeremy Irons, the grandson of actor Cyril Cusack.

He studied at Dragon School in Oxford. Holidays spent in the Irish county of Cork, where the Irons family castle is still located. Subsequently, he was transferred to a school in the county of Dorsetshire, where he was actively involved in sports, played rugby, and spent two and a half years rowing. He graduated from the Guildhall School of Music and Theater in 2008.

In parallel with teaching theatrical art, Max Irons was engaged in the modeling business and filming in the cinema. In 2006, Max was accidentally spotted by photographer Mario Testino, thanks to whom he appeared in a photo shoot Burberry and other advertising campaigns.

In 2011, he played in the film directed by Katherine Hardwick "Little Red Riding Hood."

March 22, 2013 hosted the world premiere of the film "Guest" in which Max Irons played the role Jared howe.

In 2013, she starred in the television series "The White Queen", which was shot based on the eponymous historical novel by British writer Philippe Gregory. The book is the first part of the Cousins ​​War series (The cousins' war) The plot of the series is based on the plot of several books, is an adaptation of the three novels of Philippa Gregory: “The White Queen”, “The Red Queen” and “Daughter of the Creator of Kings”. In 2014, two films were released with the participation of the actor: “Woman in Gold” (Woman in Gold) and “The Riot Club”.

Since childhood, suffers from dyslexia.

Max Irons career in cinema, filmography

Max Irons happened to appear on the set for the first time already in 2004, but the episodic role of the boy at the curtain, even with all the desire, cannot be called serious acting work. Another thing is the later pictures of the actor. The first real roles came to the actor in 2009. During this period, our today's hero was noted in one of the episodes of the English series “Runaway”, and subsequently received the main role in the short film “Unpaid Love”.

Interview with Max Irons and Jake Abel.

However, the real success came to the actor a little later - after participating in the famous Hollywood film "Dorian Gray". The picture became popular immediately after the release, and therefore very soon the name of Max Irons became known to many.

At first, the excitement around his personality was mainly associated with the name of his father, but later they started talking about the young guy as an established actor who might be interesting on his own.
The reason for this was the famous American blockbuster - "Little Red Riding Hood", in which Max Irons played one of the main roles.

Childhood and youth

Max was born in London in an acting family. Mom Sinead Cusack won fame as a talented Irish actress, and her father is an Oscar winner, Englishman Jeremy Irons. Behind Max is Oxford School. From early childhood, he grew up a man keen on, in a circle of interests, sports - swimming, rowing, rugby took a strong place. Teachers, seeing the ward's abilities, were advised not to neglect the career of a professional athlete.

However, Irons, who grew up in an acting environment, also dreamed of spotlights and Kinoslav. Therefore, after school, he joined the students of the Guildhall School of Music and Drama. Bright acting talent manifested itself from the very first months of training, but one moment interfered with it - Max suffered from dyslexia, people with this congenital illness hardly perceive the written text.

In addition, the father was against the chosen field: Jeremy Irons did not want his son a heavy acting share, so he tried to prevent the heir on the way to the dream. Max showed resistance, as a result, the parent had to come to terms with the choice of his son. In the future, the famous actor even began to help master the craft.

Max Irons with parents

Before getting into the big cinema, a student at a theater school advertised famous brands by participating in promotions and PR campaigns. For example, Irons appeared in commercials for Burberry and Mango. The young man did not abandon model business even after graduation. A young man with a colorful appearance was popular with famous photographers, the English lens master Mario Testino liked to work with him.


Acting dawned on Max's biography rather late - the young man first appeared on the screens only in 2004, and then in an episodic role in the film "Theater". Here Irons played the boy at the curtain. Only five years later, the actor began to receive really serious offers. In 2009, he was invited to an episode of the TV series "Runaway", shown on British television. And then they gave the main role in the short film “Unpaid Love”.

Ben Barnes and Max Irons in the movie Dorian Gray

At the same time, Irons joined the cast of Oliver Parker "Dorian Gray", which involved Ben Barnes, Rebecca Hall, Fiona Show. In the film, based on the novel by Oscar Wilde, “Portrait of Dorian Gray,” Max reincarnated as Lucius. The Hollywood tape brought the beginning actor the first popularity, he finally managed to appear from the shadow of his star parents.

The blockbuster “Little Red Riding Hood” (2011) directed by Katherine Hardwick helped to loudly declare itself as an independent talented actor. The woman called Max for the role of one of the main characters, who looked great in tandem with the characters of the actors Amanda Seyfried, Shilo Fernandez and Alexandria Maylot.

Max Irons in the movie "Guest"

The thriller was replaced by a fantastic film “Guest”, in which Irons also got the main role. Together with other heroes, the young man is trying to save the Earth from an alien occupation. After this work, Max was overgrown with fans of Hollywood cinema, firmly established in the cinema and proving that he could handle any genre.

Max Irons in the movie The White Queen

In 2013, Max Irons was torn between two projects, including Antonio Vivaldi, where he tried on the image of a genius musician. Also released was the 10-episode film "The White Queen", in which the man was transformed into King Edward IV.

The historical film tells the story of the Scarlet and White Rose war and is a film adaptation of the three-volume British writer Philippe Gregory. The shooting gave Max the opportunity to work with Rebecca Ferguson, Juliet Aubrey, Verle Batens and other famous personalities.

The following year, the audience warmly received the picture “The Rebel Club”, and after another 12 months, “The Devil's Harvest” (also called “The Bitter Harvest”), where Irons shone again in all its glory. In the love drama about the events of the so-called Ukrainian Holodomor, the man got the role of Yuri, a talented artist from a peasant family. Ukrainian actors Ostap Stupka and Alexander Pecheritsa also starred in the film.

Max Irons in the movie Harvest the Devil

The filmography of the actor found the directorial work of Simon Curtis on the theme of World War II - “Woman in Gold” (2015). Katie Holmes, Helen Mirren, Daniel Bruhl starred in it along with Irons. The authors of the project spoke about a Jewish family repressed and robbed by the Germans, whose descendants are trying to return the stolen relics.

In 2016, Max appeared before the audience in the image of the archaeologist Howard Carter, who found the tomb of the pharaoh of Ancient Egypt. This director Peter Webber directed the mini-series Tutankhamun.

Max Irons childhood and family

Max Irons was born on October 17, 1985 in one of the most prestigious areas of London. His mother, Sined Cusack, was a rather famous Irish actress. No less remarkable and popular personality was also the father of our today's hero - Jeremy Irons. The name of this great British actor, for sure, is known to everyone, and therefore it will be unnecessary to talk about him today.There are rumors that Max Irons and Saoirse Ronan are dating. Returning to the identity of his son, we note that Max was educated at the famous and respectable Oxford school. During his studies, he was fond of swimming, rugby, as well as rowing. In these disciplines, he achieved good success, but because some coaches seriously advised him to think about a professional sports career. However, the future actor, nevertheless, chose for himself a fundamentally different path - the path to the world of art. After graduating from high school, he entered the Guildhall School of Music and Drama, where he subsequently began to hone his acting skills. He was talented, but study was difficult for him because of congenital dyslexia - a special disease that consists in difficulties with the perception of the written text.

Another circumstance that stood in the way of the career of our hero today was Max's father, Jeremy Irons. Knowing firsthand what the world of cinema is like, the great actor did his best to dissuade his son from such a choice. However, he did not want to listen to anything. Realizing that his son would not change his mind, Jeremy Irons subsequently always helped Max with advice. Perhaps that is why his career in cinema remains so vibrant and impetuous. Red Riding Hood is a trailer for the movie with Max Irons. However, our today's hero made the first steps in the cinema world a little later. During his studies at the theater school, Max often took part in various advertising campaigns and promotions to promote certain brands. He continued to work as a model after receiving a diploma of higher education.

Over the years, he took part in advertising campaigns of such famous brands as “Mango”, “Burberry” and many others. It is noteworthy that for a long time as a model, our today's hero collaborated with the famous photographer Mario Testino, who is known for his work with many stars of the haute couture world.

Max Irons now

Having made a beautiful screen tandem with Amanda Seyfred, our today's hero instantly attracted the attention of all Hollywood fans, having established himself in the rank of a full-fledged star.

In this capacity, he appeared before the audience as part of a new project - a fantastic film “Guest”. Having played in the film adaptation of the book by Stephanie Meyer, the young actor showed that he could be interesting to the audience in the framework of a variety of cinematic genres.Max Irons and Emily Browning Currently, Max Irons is working on two new projects at once, each of which is at a different stage of implementation. In the framework of the new series “The White Queen”, our today's hero should play the role of King Edward IV. The project is based on the novel of the same name by Philippa Gregory.

The second, from the upcoming paintings, is the full-length film "Antonio Vivaldi." Within the framework of the named tape, the young actor will play the role of a great violinist. We will find out how successful this project will be - already in 2014, when the historical film will be released on wide screens.

The personal life of Max Irons

After the official release of the Little Red Riding Hood movie, rumors began to appear in the press about the alleged romance between Max Irons and his on-screen girlfriend Amanda Sayfried. For a long time, representatives of the media bothered the actors with monotonous questions. However, in the end, it turned out that reports of a Hollywood star romance were just fiction by the paparazzi.

Another thing is the news of Max's romance with Australian actress Emily Browning. These relationships turned out to be the most real. Young people met for about a year, but in the middle of 2012 announced their separation. The reason for this was the difficult work schedule of two celebrities.

Photo: Max Irons

Max Irons now

At sunset in 2017, Max once again pleased the audience with an acting game, starring in the dramatic detective "The Crooked House". The creators of the painting based on the novel by Agatha Christie. Irons reincarnated as a private detective who is investigating the death of a relative of his girlfriend.

Max Irons in the movie Twisted House

Immediately after this work, the artist joined the ranks of the crew of the political thriller "Condor", which was released in 2018. The film is based on the spy thriller “Three Days of Condor” (1975) directed by Sidney Pollack and tells the story of a CIA secret agent who proved that the true nature of a person manifests itself only in extreme situations.

Max Irons in 2018

Periodically, videos from the filming of a series consisting of 10 episodes appeared on the Web. On the fan pages on Instagram, fans note that Max, involved in the main role, has matured and is only getting better over the years.


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