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Aleksandr Pavlovich Gorchilin (born March 3, 1992, Moscow) - Russian actor and director. Gained fame after playing roles in the TV series "Daddy's Daughters" and "Atlantis." Actor of the Gogol Center Theater. In 2018, he debuted as a film director, presenting the full-length picture “Acid”.

Childhood and youth

Alexander Gorchilin was born on August 3, 1992 in Moscow. None of the family of Alexander - and he was raised by his mother, grandmother, grandfather and stepfather, has nothing to do with the theater or cinema. Nevertheless, the boy from an early age aspired to the stage - in his own words, because of the internal complexes. In an interview, the artist admitted that he could not communicate with people the way he would like, and on the stage of the theater “some magic things happen to him” - everything is possible here and there are no barriers.

Alexander began to comprehend the basics of acting at the Children's Musical Theater of a young actor. In the early 2000s, Gorchilin appeared in an advertisement for Skittles, and also received the role of the silent boy Sasha Grigoryev (as well as his friend Romashov) in the famous musical Nord-Ost (directed by Alexey Ivaschenko and George Vasiliev). Also in 2006-2007, the teenager starred in several episodes of "Jumble".


In the last decade, in the sky of Russian cinema, stars are shining more and more often, shining with acting and directorial talent. One of these discoveries was actor Alexander Gorchilin. In 2014, he appeared on the television screen in the scandalous film Valeria Gai Germanicus called “Yes and Yes,” and since then the popularity of the young actor has been growing with each new role.


Among the roles of Gorchilin in the Gogol Center are Grave digger in the production of Hamlet based on Shakespeare’s tragedy (director David Bobe from France), Pixel in Serebrennikov’s play “Idiots” based on the controversial film of the same name by Lars von Trier (play by Valery Pecheykin), artist Tutin in the play based on the works of the legendary absurd master Daniil Harms “Harms. Myr "(dir. Maxim Didenko).

Participation in Serebrennikov’s play “Who lives in Russia” based on the poem by Nikolai Nekrasov allowed Gorchilin to prove himself as a film director for the first time. In 2014, the actors of the Gogol Center, led by a mentor, visited an expedition to the Yaroslavl Region, where they studied the poem together with the villagers and recorded unique monologues during communication. Alexander Gorchilin, along with cameraman Ksenia Sereda, recorded every second of this trip, and later released the documentary “# COMUNARIZE GOOD”.

In the experimental (as one can basically call any production on the stage of the Gogol Center) play “The Muller Machine”, based on the works and letters of the great German playwright Heiner Muller, Gorchilin plays one of two main roles - the Actor. His stage colleague Sati Spivakova plays the role of Actress.

And the musical performance “Iolanta / opus” became the directorial debut of Gorchilin and his fellow actors, Philip Avdeev and Igor Bychkov. In their production, young directors used not only Tchaikovsky's music, which follows from the name, but also the works of Schnittke, Pulenok and Puccini.

For the first time on the set Gorchilin turned out to be 14 years old, starring in the comedy series "Three on Top". On the set of the series, the guy met such experienced actors as Ilya Oleinikov and Tatyana Vasilyeva, as well as a young and still little-known actress Anastasia Zadorozhnaya.

The very next year, Alexander appeared in one of the main roles in the drama series Atlantis (STS), telling about two families whose lives are changing dramatically. But the real fame fell on Gorchilin after he was approved for the role of Zhenya Zakharov, the young man of the athlete Zhenya Vasnetsova in the super-popular comedy series "Daddy's Daughters" on STS. The hero of Alexander appeared from 4 to 7 (in 2008), and then in the 11th season of the series (in 2009). Gorchilin later admitted that he regrets this "mistake of youth" and that he participated in the "degradation of Russian television."

In parallel with filming in the series, Gorchilin managed to play small roles in the melodrama "Twice in the Same River" (directed by Alexei Muradov) and in the second season of the adventure series "Sea Patrol" on Channel 1.

Immediately after the end of the Moscow Art Theater, Alexander starred in the lead role in the melodrama of Valeria Gai Germanicus "Yes and Yes." In the film, the actor appeared in the image of underground artist Antonin (Kolya), who is connected with a difficult relationship with primary school teacher Sasha (Agniya Kuznetsova). The film was presented on large screens in the summer of 2014 in limited release and went on for only three days, receiving the most controversial reviews from critics.

2015 and 2016 were entitled Sasha's roles in the multi-part tragicomedy “City Birds”, the art-house film “Zoology” by Ivan Tverdovsky and the film “The Apprentice” by Kirill Serebrennikov. In addition, Gorchilin released the short film Russian Tales, in which he played the main role and acted as an editor.

In 2017, the actor could be seen in a cameo role in Roman Volobuev’s tragicomedy “The Blockbuster” with Svetlana Ustinova and Anna Chipovskaya, and in early 2018 Margarita Mikhailova’s drama “Hit” was released on the big screens, in which Alexander also got a small role.

In June 2018, the film “Summer” by Kirill Serebrennikov was presented in Russian cinemas, telling about the beginning of the career of Viktor Tsoi (Theo Yu), his relationship with Mike Naumenko (Roma Zver), the musician’s wife Natalia (Irina Starshenbaum) and other rock people Leningrad movement of the 1980s. Gorchilin played in the film good-natured and loose punk - the prototype of his hero was Andrei Panov (known as Pig), the vocalist of the punk band Automatic Satisfactors.

Alexander Gorchilin now

In June, Gorchilin already presented the picture at Kinotavr, where critics warmly received his work, marking it with the Best Debut Award. According to Alexander himself, the name of the film does not primarily symbolize drugs, but acid as a chemical reaction in relations between people, as well as loneliness corroding the soul.

In 2019, the fantastic drama of Yavor Gyrdev “Ikaria” will be released on large screens, the shooting of which was completed back in 2016. In addition to Gorchilin, Ivan Yankovsky, Maria Fomina, Peter Skvortsov, Irina Gorbacheva, Igor Mirkurbanov and other famous actors will appear in the film.

Personal life, show business, family.

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Alexander Pavlovich Gorchilin
Date of BirthMarch 3, 1992 (1992-03-03) (aged 27)
Place of BirthMoscow, Russia
  • Russia
Name and surname:Alexander Gorchilin
Middle name:Pavlovich
Name in English:Alexander Gorchilin
Year of birth:1992
Birthday:March, 3rd
Place of Birth:Moscow
Occupation:actor, russian actor
Height:182 cm.
Weight:78 kg
Eastern horoscope:A monkey
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For the first time on the television screen, Sasha appeared in the Skills chewing candy commercial. In the same period, the young man played on the stage of the Dubrovka Theater, in the musicals Nord-Ost and Two Captains. Then Gorchilin moved to the former Moscow Drama Theater (since 2012 - “Gogol Center”) under the direction of director Kirill Serebrenikov, from whom Sasha studied at the Moscow Art Theater. Alexander entered the stage of the theater as part of the acting troupe "Hamlet", "Fairies" and other performances.

Actor Alexander Gorchilin

Since 2006, Gorchilin began his career as a movie actor with the role of Albert Anatolyevich, in the comedy television series "Three on Top". And in 2007, Sasha got the role of Zhenya Zakharov in the popular family television series “Daddy's Daughters”, where he starred with aspiring actress Daria Melnikova. Along with filming in serial films, Gorchilin voiced foreign (mainly American) musicals and series.

Alexander Gorchilin in the series "Daddy's Daughters"

From 2009 to 2014, Alexander appeared on television in the role of Konstantin from “Sea Patrol 2”, the son in the drama of Sergei Mokritsky's “Teacher's Day,” but only in 2014 did the actor receive the first main role in the drama of Valeria Gai Germanika “Yes and Yes.” The film was released June 26, 2014 and was received by critics very ambiguously. In addition, the picture contains obscene language and explicit scenes, and on July 1, 2014, a ban on the use of profanity in cinema, literature and music came into force in Russia.

Alexander Gorchilin in the film “Yes and Yes”

And already in 2016 Gorchilin received another significant role - Grigory Zaitsev in the drama of his mentor, director Kirill Serebrenikov, “The Apprentice”. The film is dedicated to the problem of religion and the blind following of dogma in modern society. The film became the record holder for the number of nominations at the Cannes Film Festival. Sasha played the role of a disabled teenager in the film, who has a hard time in society - his classmates scoff at him, and only the main character, the religious fanatic Veniamin, talks with Grigory (Gorchilin's hero). In an interview, the actor admitted that in childhood he also mocked a classmate and was even forced to move to another school, as he prevented classmates from studying.

Alexander Gorchilin in the movie "Apprentice"

In parallel with the career of an actor, since 2015, Alexander took up directing. At the Omsk film festival "Movement", the audience was presented with a short film "Russian Tales", directed and edited by Gorchilin. In the same 2015, Alexander directed the documentary film “Who Should Live Well in Russia”, dedicated to the preparation of the Gogol Center theater troupe for staging a play based on the play of the same name by Nikolai Alekseevich Nekrasov.

Alexander Gorchilin about filming in the movie "Summer"

In general, any shooting with Kirill Semenovich is a wonderful pioneer camp. Not like working on a play where Moscow still sets the rhythm. And here we all leave, we are together all the time - and Kirill Semenovich blossoms like a flower. Everyone was great at the Pupil, too, the point is not in the material. But yes, in “Summer” there are also musical numbers, and this time ... we did it all with great pleasure.

Alexander Gorchilin about his generation

The actor is 26 years old, here is what he says about his generation:

We are burdened with knowledge, we have much more opportunities, and therefore the demand is greater. We are constantly saved by irony. And we were not able to say something new. For some time I thought that Purulent would be the person who could, watched him - but no. I have a suspicion that the next generation will be able to. Those who are 15 or less now. We are very reflective, some injured, but they do not like to reflect. They are tough. Authorities are they e ** li.


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