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Sometimes the stars of “YouTube” become due to just one successful video. Alexander Smol after the broadcast of the morning program on local Khabarovsk television and the publication of recordings on video hosting woke up famous. Millions of user views confirmed that the presenter’s words about local officials were topical, although the young man himself does not consider the statements to be anything special.

Childhood and youth

The presenter was born on the holiday of spring - International Women's Day on March 8. Almost nothing is known about the childhood and family of the Internet star. However, many details of the young man’s life remain behind the scenes of the television camera.

Alexander Smol in his youth

Alexander’s name thundered on the Web not so long ago, reporters of federal channels became interested in a man in 2017, so Smol had not yet had time to tell the world how his biography and career began.

It is known that Alexander came from Krasnoyarsk. In his hometown, he lived and worked until he appeared on the YouTube hosting. Perhaps this information is exhausted. It remains unknown even whether the name Smol, original and unusual for the Russian rumor, is a pseudonym.


Alexander is a talented journalist and TV presenter. For five years, the young man worked on the local TVK channel in his native Krasnoyarsk. Small led the morning news in the New Morning program. Thanks to one of the ethers, the name of Alexander Smol became known far beyond the borders of his native city.

Alexander Smol on Krasnoyarsk television

In the summer of 2017, Alexander began the Friday issue of the news block by ironically telling viewers that the local deputies of the Krasnoyarsk Legislative Assembly had increased their salaries. The meeting initially discussed the issue of increasing cash payments for state employees and government employees, for example, doctors, library workers, teachers and educators.

The case ended with a unanimous decision to increase the salaries of deputies, and instead of 100 thousand rubles. per month determined to receive almost 200 thousand rubles. The young man expressed indignation at the officials' actions witty and with irony.

The famous video of Alexander Smol about the salaries of deputies

After publishing the video on the web, the presenter’s words provoked an instant response. The video received over a million views and thousands of comments with words of support. Users immediately supported Alexander and enthusiastically accepted the bold position of the journalist. Many worried about the fate of the resin.

The incident received publicity on federal channels. The editors and journalists of the opposition Rain channel became interested in the state of affairs. Alexander himself published a short video on his Instagram page a little later, in which he reassured those who were worried about their fate and career. The young man assured that no negative actions had been committed against him, the authorities did not speak out about the program.

Alexander Smol in a television studio

Smol believes that he has not done anything outstanding, and asks not to be ranked among the heroes of modernity. According to the young man, he expressed the position of a citizen, which every journalist would have done in his place. By the way, after the hype, officials canceled the rash decision to raise their own salaries.

But for Alexander, a new take-off of his career began thanks to the “hype of the year” that happened. In the summer of 2017, a scandal broke out on the main button of Russian television related to the departure of the famous showman Andrei Malakhov. The program "Let them talk", which since 2005 was aired on the First Channel led by a journalist, was left without a presenter.

Alexander Smol and Andrey Malakhov

The ratings of talk shows were among the highest on Russian television, and the channel’s leadership did not want to lose the project with the departure of permanent Malakhov. In urgent mode, the search for a new media face for filming began. Alexander was lucky to participate in the casting and even star in a couple of pilot releases.

Ultimately, Dmitry Borisov, who was more experienced in working on federal channels, was adopted as the presenter, but the Krasnoyarsk remained in the capital. The young man was invited to shoot a project on corruption and exposing dishonest officials on the Moscow 24 channel.

Golden mountains

And it all started happily. In 2004, the purchase of Nikolai Smolensky for 15 million pounds. ($ 27 million) of TVR made a lot of noise. The new owner was met at the Blackpool factory as a savior. Even in spite of his dubious appearance: the blackpools dubbed Smolensky a “baby oligarch,” as he looked like a “15-year-old schoolboy in a luxurious suit and shiny shoes.”

BEAUTY FROM & # 034TVR & # 034: now Italians will be proud of them

And there was something to save: the company was a cluster of old sheds and hangars in which there were no computers.

At the first meeting with the workers, Nikolai Smolensky said that the purchase of TVR was hardly “a matter of his life” for him and that he intended to make the company a competitor to Lamborghini and Ferrari.

The first steps of the new owner were encouraging. He flew every week on his plane from London to the glider. A big fan of a healthy lifestyle, Nikolai fed workers free fruits and vegetables. And he even promised to introduce a new pension insurance system. In general, he seemed like a "father", tirelessly bothering about the well-being of his subordinates.

Antediluvian trolleys

Six months later, Smolensky Jr.’s attitude towards TVR began to change: car sales fell, production declined.

& # 034SAGARIS & # 034: it is called & # 034 wild horse & # 034

Smolensky was less and less at the factory. Weekly planning meetings have sunk into oblivion. Promises to modernize have been forgotten. Just as half a century ago, parts and assemblies were transported to shops on carts, and computers could be counted on the fingers.

In April, after the first major downsizing, Smolensky announced plans to begin construction of modern workshops in the airport area. However, in the fall, he said that negotiations with the city authorities had reached an impasse and that production would have to be transferred to another city. In October, he announced that the assembly of cars will take place on the continent.

Everything went to the liquidation of the enterprise. It became obvious to everyone that Smolensky was preparing for it in advance. In the summer, he sold for 7.7 million pounds. London house and left with his family in Vienna. At the same time, he divided the company into several small companies. The assembly was carried out at Blackpool Automotive. Trademark rights were transferred to TVR Motors, and components were made by TVR Power.

Russian business

In November, Smolensky announced the sale of Blackpool Automotive and TVR Power. On December 13, he resigned as director of these companies, and 10 days later external management was introduced at the plant.

WORKSHOP: that's how cars of a famous brand are going

After the New Year holidays, workers received notice of dismissal. The last doubts that they were “thrown” disappeared even among the most gullible. True, there was still hope for a new owner of the plant. Nobody knew who he was, but everyone believed that there could be no worse “Varangian” of Smolensky. In late February, it became known that the highest price for the enterprise, about 2 million pounds. Art., offered the company from Liechtenstein. There was no limit to the indignation when the inhabitants of the town, fed by the port and the factory, found out that the buyer was ... Nikolay Smolensky, who successfully destroyed the enterprise and sold it two months ago.

Historic House

Business Center "Alexander House" on the street Big Yakimanka was built in 1998 and named after Alexander Smolensky. The construction company Snegiri Development Alexander Chigirinsky took part in the construction of the facility. For a long time, one of the object's tenants was the German Gref Center for Strategic Research, who wrote an economic program for Vladimir Putin. Now, according to the consultants, the leaseholders of the property are Kamchatka Gold, Kaltchuga Capital Management and other companies.

All of Smolensky’s property was registered with the company Svetly Put LLC, as Vedomosti interlocutors know. According to SPARK, until August 2016, this company was owned by Lyudmila Smolenskaya. This is the sister of Alexander Smolensky, one of his friends knows. In April 2019, the new owner of the Bright Way was LLC Real Estate and Housing Agency LLC, whose ultimate beneficiary is the Remaset Services company from Belize. The Real Estate and Housing Agency was previously a shareholder of Alcor Holding Group (now owned by the shareholder of Avangard Bank Kirill Minovalov) and the Ostrogozhsky Malt Plant (part of Avangard-agro Minovalov).

Representatives of Avangard Bank, as well as Colliers International, which, according to two Vedomosti interlocutors, close to different sides of the transaction, represented the interests of the seller, declined to comment. So far, it has not been possible to contact Smolensky or his representative.

Alexander Smolensky is a legendary person in Russian business. He is a former member of the “seven bankers” - an informal group of oligarchs that helped Boris Yeltsin re-elect for a second term in 1996. In fact, there were not seven, but nine oligarchs (besides Smolensky, these are Mikhail Khodorkovsky, Mikhail Fridman, Petr Aven, Vladimir Gusinsky, Vladimir Potanin and Vitaly Malkin (co-owner of Russian Credit Bank), as well as the late Boris Berezovsky and Vladimir Vinogradov (owner of the once large Inkombank).


Sometimes the stars of “YouTube” become due to just one successful video. Alexander Smol after the broadcast of the morning program on local Khabarovsk television and the publication of recordings on video hosting woke up famous. Millions of user views confirmed that the presenter’s words about local officials were topical, although the young man himself does not consider the statements to be anything special.

Personal life

Details of life outside the television studio by Alexander are not advertised. It is known that the man’s heart is occupied. The showman is married to a girl named Eugene. The couple has no children yet. Smol does not upload photos of his wife on social networks and does not comment on who he is and where his wife works.

Alexander Smol in 2018

In the capital, Smole rented an apartment. Alexander admitted that although Moscow life is interesting and eventful, he misses his native Krasnoyarsk and hopes once again to wish his fellow countrymen good morning on the local television channel. True, the journalist prefers to do this as an invited guest.

Alexander Smol now

Having become a Runet star, Alexander received a favorable offer from the editors of Channel One. In July 2018, a new entertainment show, “Have you seen the video?”, Started on the air. Alexander Smol’s colleague on the set was Dmitry Shepelev.

Alexander Smole in the show "Have you seen the video?"

The program demonstrates popular web clips. In addition, stars of show business, sports and other media people come to visit the showmen. As it became known, Evgeni Plushenko, Vika Tsyganova, Pavel Bure and others participated in the program.

The plans of the young and ambitious Alexander are working on new projects, invitations to which the man is happy and willing to consider. In his opinion, all journalists dream of working on Channel One. Alexander Smol managed to get on the main channel of the country and gain experience in cooperation with television professionals.

Globalization, damn it!

The new-old owner promised to open the plant no later than six months later, most likely in Milan. In a year, TVR intends to collect a record five thousand cars - two thousand for the United States, for which there are allegedly orders, and another three thousand for the rest of the countries.

WRITER: tries to appear in the eyes of people as a hostage of the fortified area & # 034Rulevka & # 034

The combination conducted by Smolensky is impressive. He managed to keep a well-known brand with minimal expenses and transfer production from the "expensive" Great Britain to the "cheap" Italy.

Smolensky Jr. Russians are easy to recognize by their “handwriting”. In 2003, his father handed over to him the management of a large bank, First OVK. Nikolai promised employees to triple the number of branches, but a few months later he unexpectedly sold the bank. But for the British what happened was a surprise. The angry blackpools rallied, demanding that the government declare the suspicious transaction invalid. Blackpool's transport and unskilled labor union and MP are demanding that Smolensky or the government pay all laid-off workers dismissal benefits and vacation pay.

Smolensky is confident that he did not violate laws, and blames the government for everything, which, they say, does not support the automotive industry. He claims to have invested $ 40 million in TVR. and ready to make a small concession: to leave the production of engines in the UK, but not in Blackpool.


* SMOLENSKIY Nikolay Alexandrovich. Born June 11, 1980, president of the international bank Investbank AD, located in Skopje, Macedonia. He has Greek and British citizenship. Nikolai studied in Austria and the UK. Married, has a child.

EX-OLIGARCH ALEXANDER SMOLENSKY: section of Russian pensioners

* SMOLENSKY Alexander Pavlovich. Born on July 6, 1956. His grandfather was Secretary General of the Communist Party of Austria, for which his father was sent to Central Asian exile, where Alexander was born. According to the competent authorities, the future oligarch graduated from two courses of a technical university, and bought diplomas that allow him to be called a builder and a printing specialist by education. In reality, other “universities” passed: three “walks” into the zone under articles related to fraud. Having funded the initial stage of Boris Yeltsin’s activities, and then his re-election in 1996, the hero of perestroika and the head of the Stolichny Bank entered the top five richest people in the post-Soviet space. All the criminal cases brought against him at that time mysteriously crumbled. Thanks to strong ties, Stolichny became an authorized bank for agricultural projects under the Russian government and was renamed SBS-Agro. In August 1998, millions of depositors were ruined, since Smolensky was one of the most active participants in the creation of the state financial "pyramid" of T-bills. Now he has no business in Russia. His family: wife Galina Nikolaevna and son Nikolai permanently live in Vienna. The main part of the property is framed by his wife.


The company "TVR" was founded in 1947. On the eve of its purchase by Nikolai Smolensky, the company launched the release of a new sagaris model. The car accelerates to 100 km per hour in 3.7 s, top speed - 320 km per hour.


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