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Famous henpecked: their spouses can only envy


The ancient Greek philosopher Socrates, US President Abraham Lincoln, artist Salvador Dali, Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev, writers Ivan Turgenev and Mark Twain - history claims that all these famous men were henpecked. Are there any obedient husbands among modern stars? It turns out there is, and a lot!

Sergei Shnurov

With all his love of rebellion, the leader of the Leningrad group and the scandalous favorite of the public, Sergei Shnurov, largely depends on Matilda’s wife. It was she who made the “bully” Shnurov change sailors and shapeless “trainings” to jackets and fashionable shirts and made him a “style icon”.

Under her influence, even the themes of his songs, and they became "more cultured", and the beginnings of lyrics appeared in them. “I am henpecked. My wife indulges all the time, I obey her, ”says Sergey. - Matilda is my muse. From a freak she blinded a man. "

Johnny Depp

During the marriage with the French actress and singer Vanessa Paradis, the cult American actor Johnny Depp without her approval did not make any important decisions. Evil tongues claimed that it was because of his wife that for some time he almost completely moved to Europe.

And the famous artist about family relations said this: “Any smart man should be henpecked. And whoever doesn’t yet understand this, I’ll tell you a secret: it’s just easier to live! ”Everything ended rather sadly: Depp left the family for the actress Amber Heard, and later began to drink and beat his new wife.

Vladimir Presnyakov

The famous singer Vladimir Presnyakov, the husband of the singer Natalia Podolskaya, is not at all embarrassed by her rank as henpecked, but on the contrary, she is proud of him. And even when the young wife forbids him anything, it simply delights him. “I like it when a woman steers. Yes, I am henpecked, and I like it wildly! ”He says with a smile.

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Alexander Nevzorov

One of the most ardent representatives of the pen, the caustic, bold and absolutely fearless Russian publicist-truth-seeker Alexander Nevzorov himself admitted henpecked and said that he was not ashamed of this fact. Alexander personally spoke in an interview with the famous blogger Yuri Dudu about his choice and what pushed him to this path. “You just need to choose a worthy woman so that she makes all decisions,” the publicist shared with the blogger, and then added that his beloved and beloved wife Lidia Nevzorova fully manages the promotion of his Nevzorov brand on social networks, as well as selects a wardrobe for him . Alexander speaks of his wife with sincere love and great respect, because she is "the woman of his life."

1. Leonid Agutin

The star couple - Leonid Agutin + Angelica Varum - is considered one of the strongest. Leonid is looking at his wife with the same adoration as 21 years ago, when they had just started dating. According to Agutin, there is nothing wrong with the fact that all the main decisions in their house are made by Angelica.

“She and the head and neck, and it suits me,” the singer admits.

David Beckham

When world football superhero David Beckham married former Spice Girls lead singer Victoria Adams, he completely transferred control of his own destiny, career and many children into her hands. Friends are sure that it was under the influence of his wife that David moved to the United States, stopped developing as an athlete and focused on self-promotion.

Victoria Beckham told her husband to shave his beard

In 2015, he grew a stylish beard, but soon at the insistence of his wife he was forced to shave it. “I liked that beard so much. Harper, my daughter, loved to play with her, but my wife refused to kiss me, and I had to shave, ”the football player complained.

Sylvester Stallone

71-year-old cult American actor Sylvester Stallone, in spite of all efforts, did not manage to give birth to a son, but he grew up with three dazzling beautiful daughters: Sofia, Sistin and Scarlett.

Sylvester Stallone's wife, it seems, was only engaged in the birth of daughters

As a result, four women completely subjugated his life, including the wife of actor Jennifer: “If they feel good - and I feel in seventh heaven with happiness. Probably, I would have been ashamed to admit it before, but now I’m ready to tell everyone I meet: I am a real henpecked man and I’m ready to do for my girls everything that they don’t want! ”

Maxim Vitorgan

Many did not believe that the family life of actor Maxim Vitorgan and Ksenia Sobchak could turn out well, but nevertheless, this couple looks extremely happy. Under the influence of his wife, Maxim acquired a secular gloss, lost weight and began to dress stylishly.

Maxim Vitorgan is pleased to say that he is henpecked

“I had an outstanding mother and have an outstanding wife,” says the actor. “I’m sissy and henpecked, and thank you for that, my beautiful ladies!”

Mikhail Shats

The famous couple of TV presenters Mikhail Shatz and Tatyana Lazareva have a strong family and three children, as well as still romantic relationships and an unusually strong creative union. But all these achievements would hardly have been possible if the couple had not been united by a brilliant sense of humor, general outlook on life and ... the complete absence of disagreement on who is in charge in the family. Michael admits: “I am a typical example of henpecked. In general, the majority of decisions we make are made by Tatyana with the words: Misha, let's consult! ”

Mikhail Shats and Tatyana Lazareva - perhaps the most prosperous couple on TV

Hugh Jackman

The permanent performer of the role of Wolverine, the famous actor Hugh Jackman has been married for more than 20 years and is quite happy in marriage, despite the fact that the actress Deborah Lee is 13 years older than him. Apparently, she holds Jackman tightly in gauntlets, in particular, forbids him to participate in the filming with the beautiful Angelina Jolie.

Hugh Jackman has said more than once that he married for great love

Although it is known that Monogamous Hugh does not attract outside connections. In addition, according to the actor, the spouse hates when he looks good. And yet he does not feel the pressure and proudly says: “I am married to the best woman in the world and would never have been able to change her.”

Brad Pitt

After the divorce of the most beautiful Hollywood couple, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, a lot of time has passed, but fans are still discussing the details of this marriage. It turns out that Pitt was a real henpecked all this time and obeyed his wife in everything. One of the "fad" of Angelina was that she did not allow her husband to meet friends.

The imperious character of Jolie played a cruel joke with Brad Pitt

Jolie constantly dumped more and more new duties and responsibilities on him, and after their completion he no longer had time and energy. According to one version, precisely because of this, family life for Pitt gradually turned into hard labor. Although at first the actor was even satisfied: “I was surprised how much I liked to obey my wife ... And why not? I appreciate her instincts, intuition, determination. ”

Maksim Galkin

Maxim Galkin is an unusually decisive person (or, as he himself says, impudent), because he became the husband of the legendary singer Alla Pugacheva, who is also 27 years older than him. It was not easy for Maxim to overcome the press-imposed role of a page-boy in the retinue of the great Primadonna.

Maxim Galkin and Alla Pugacheva look like a strange, but happy couple

However, in everyday and creative life, he still submits to her leadership: “With us, the ability to make concessions is always considered a sign of weakness. For me, this, on the contrary, is a sign of strength and maturity ... I don’t have any complexes about where I am anywhere. ”

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David beckham

When world sports star and tinned sex symbol of England David Beckham offered his hand and heart to the pretty ex-Spice Girls lead singer Victoria Adams, no one seriously considered their marriage. But the burning brunette immediately took the initiative into her own hands and began very carefully to control the fate of her family, her husband's career and a whole horde of children. Close couples are sure that under the strict guidance of their wife Beckham, the elder moved to America, finished developing as an athlete and completely immersed in self-PR. Victoria also persuaded her husband to shave off his beard, which extremely upset the famous football player. “I liked that beard so much. Harper, my daughter, loved to play with her, but my wife refused to kiss me, and I had to shave, ”says David in an interview with gritted teeth.

Brad Pitt

Despite the fact that the union of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie broke up a long time ago, fans continue to intensively discuss the most famous Hollywood couple. According to reliable sources, Brad always and everywhere listened to his beautiful wife. The biggest difficulty in the couple’s family life was that Jolie categorically forbade her husband to communicate with friends. Angelina's inexorable character played a trick on their marriage. In an interview after the divorce, Brad admits that Jolie very often entrusted him with new things and after household chores, Pitt did not have time and energy for something more interesting. But it’s worth recalling that before breaking up with the most beautiful woman in the world, Brad was very pleased with this union and the character of Jolie: “I was surprised how much I liked to obey my wife ... And why not? I appreciate her instincts, intuition, determination. ”


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