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Russian stars who became mothers after 40 years


The famous gymnast gave birth to her second child on October 21 this year at the age of forty. True, the celebrity was not in a hurry to share the details, but judging by the sky-blue stroller she posted on her Instagram, a boy was born. The happy father is the 63-year-old retired general of the customs service Oleg Kochnov.

At the same time, Svetlana Khorkina is already raising her son Svyatoslav, whom she gave birth fourteen years ago. The father of the eldest son of the gymnast is her former husband, businessman Kirill Shubsky.

Irina Slutskaya

The famous Russian figure skater Irina Slutskaya also gave birth at forty. And also not for the first time. Moreover, having recently given birth to a daughter, Slutskaya became a mother of many children. From the first marriage with Sergei Mikheev and Irina, their son Artyom, who is already twelve years old, and the daughter of Barbara, who are nine, grow up.

But although the marriage with Mikheev broke up, the Olympic champion very quickly found happiness with businessman Alexei Govyrin. And she gave birth to her third child, having written on her page in social networks that she is now a mother of many children and enjoys this indescribable miracle of motherhood.

Ekaterina Arkharova

But for the Russian and at the same time Italian actress Ekaterina Arkharova, the baby born in mid-August was the firstborn. Despite the fact that the former wife of actor Marat Basharov is already forty-four!

True, the actress does not really like to remember her marriage to Marat. They got married in 2014 and were considered almost the brightest pair of domestic cinema. But a few months after marriage, Catherine was in the hospital with a broken nose and concussion. And soon she decided to break up with her tyrant husband.

For marrying businessman Artem Ilyasov, Catherine again felt like a woman - loving and loved. And in this great love the couple had a son on August 15, who was given the name Daniel.

Maria Mironova

The heiress of the great Soviet actor Andrei Mironov first became pregnant when she was only eighteen. And the second time in the age, which for some reason is called "forty-five - a woman’s berry again." And now it’s clear why.

Maria Mironova was already forty-six when the second child of the actress, the son of Fedor, appeared in one of the Athenian private clinics. The father of the baby is called the media businessman named Andrei, who runs a large ophthalmological company.

Maria admits that she loves both her children equally. But it’s clear that at this stage of life, all the actress’s attention is focused on baby Fedor, whom her mother calls the “Greek miracle”.

Maria Poroshina

Actress Maria Poroshina is not in vain called "the mother-heroine of Russian cinema." In early 2019, the artist gave birth to her fifth child. Maria does not really like to let strangers into her personal world, so fans are still wondering who the happy dad of her fifth baby is.

The first child, the daughter of Polina, who is already twenty-two today, the actress gave birth to Gosha Kutsenko. Then Maria was married to actor Ilya Drevnov, and bore him three more daughters. Now Seraphim is thirteen, Agrafene is nine, and Glafira is four years old.

Then the seemingly strong marriage broke up, and after that the society learned about the "interesting situation" of the actress. So, the ex-spouse became only one of the contenders for paternity in the eyes of fans. Although he himself denied this.

But who is involved in the birth of the baby in fact, Maria is in no hurry to disclose. It is recognized so far only in one. The fact that the birth of a child after forty is a real gift of fate. And, by the way, this gift is “original”. After four daughters, fate finally presented Maria Poroshina with her first son.


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Monica Bellucci

She gave birth to her first daughter at 39, the second at 45

Important events in the personal life of Monica Bellucci took place in September, shortly before her birthday. In 1999, on the eve of her 35th birthday, the actress married actor Vincent Cassel. Five years later, a couple of weeks before the fortieth anniversary, Bellucci gave birth to a daughter, Virgo, and at 45 - the daughter of Leoni.

Monica has an ambiguous attitude towards late birth: “Women who give birth late, like me, like to say how brave they are. It’s true, because the older you get, the greater the risk for you and the child. But personally, I do not consider myself courageous, I believe that I was lucky. When I gave birth to my first child at 39, I said that I wanted a second child as soon as possible, but I was not ready for this in reality. Children are not films, they do not suffer fuss and haste in preparation for their appearance. ”

Olga Drozdova

Olga and her husband Dmitry Pevtsov for 15 years could not become parents. The health status of the spouses was normal, but the children did not succeed.

And only when Olga was 41 years old, she became pregnant. By this time, she had already stopped hoping and did not expect that she would nevertheless become a mother. The birth of a son for the spouses was a real miracle.

Halle Berry

First became a mother at 41, gave birth to a second child at 46

Halle Berry gave birth to a daughter, Nalu, from her boyfriend, fashion model Gabliel Aubrey, at 41. Then they broke up and fought for a long time in court for custody. For the birth of a second child, the actress decided in a marriage with the French actor Olivier Martinez. Baby Maseo-Robert was born when Berry was 46.

“I feel great. Although, to be honest, fate gave me an incredible surprise. I thought that all these experiences were already in the past ... I was already on the verge of menopause, and here is the news, ”Berry shared after she learned that she was pregnant for the second time.

Salma Hayek

Gave a daughter at 41

Young Salma Hayek conquered Hollywood, struggled with a Mexican accent, met with Edward Norton and Josh Lucas, but she became a mother only after forty. Daughter Valentina Salma gave birth at the age of 41 from billionaire Francois Henri Pinault. After the birth of their daughter, they broke up, and after a few months they reconciled and played a wedding.

“At the age of 40, I am a more confident and balanced person compared to me, a 30-year-old. Ten years ago, I could not give my child as much as I am ready to give now. My daughter was lucky that she was born right now, when I am over 40, ”said Hayek.

Kim Basinger

Gave a daughter at 41

With her first husband, make-up artist Ron Britton, Kim met at 28 years old. With the second, actor Alex Baldwin, when she was 40. A year after the wedding, Baldwin and Basinger had a daughter, Island.

After the birth of her daughter, the actress decided to take a break in her career and plunged into child care. “My wife and I are breaking up, she fell in love with another woman - a year and a half bald girl,” Baldwin joked on a talk show.

Inga Oboldina

Inga became the first time mother at 44, she gave birth to a daughter Barbara. I must say that Inga did not interrupt work during pregnancy, she starred in the series called "Mom Detective", the shooting ended three weeks before the birth.

Inga admits that she was very worried about her late motherhood. The relatives scared the actress with stories that a child could be born sick. However, everything was resolved safely, the actress gave birth to a healthy girl, and according to her admission, the appearance of her daughter completely turned her life upside down.

Anastasia Zavorotnyuk

Anastasia decided to become a mother for the third time at the age of 47 years. By this moment, she had already practically grown son and daughter. But there were no children in the marriage with Peter Chernyshev.

The couple had been together for 10 years, but they did not have children because of total employment. But still Anastasia decided, and managed to give birth to a daughter herself, without resorting to the services of a surrogate mother.

Monica Bellucci

Monica gave birth to the first daughter at 39, and the second at 45. However, the actress does not advise the girls to take an example from her. According to Monica, she became pregnant quite easily and gave birth to herself. But many forty-year-old women who decided to become mothers for the first time are not so lucky, they have to resort to IVF, and even to the services of surrogate mothers.

Eva Mendes

For a long time, Eve was considered a fan of the childfree movement, and the girl simply preferred not to spread from her personal life. Eve did not want her pregnancy to be discussed in the press so much that she hid her position in every way.

When it was no longer possible to hide her stomach, Eve simply stopped leaving the house. Therefore, the birth of a daughter named Esmeralda was a complete surprise to fans.

Marina Mogilevskaya

Gave a daughter at 41

The star of the series "Kitchen" Marina Mogilevskaya admitted that since thirty years she was obsessed with the idea of ​​giving birth to a daughter. The birth of a child was constantly delayed: there was no time, then a suitable man was nearby. The actress said that as soon as she decided to stop worrying and let go of the situation, she found out about the pregnancy. Mogilevskaya gave birth to a daughter, Masha, from a man whose name she prefers not to name.

“Do I regret giving birth at forty-one, and not at twenty?” No, not a second. Everything has its time. Only by the age of forty it became more or less clear to me that I was representing what I can and want to give my child, unnecessary ambitions disappeared somewhere, I stopped proving something to someone. ”

Naomi Watts

She gave birth to her first son at 39 years old, the second - at 40 years old

Naomi is glad that her children were born when she was already far from 20 years old: “I am always with children. Or they are with me. We are bound by strong bonds. Maybe the whole thing is that the first, Sasha, was born when I was already 39, and I managed to understand something about life. "

Nicole Kidman

The first biological child, daughter of Sunday Rose, gave birth at the age of 40

“I raised children when I was a little over twenty. Then I was not ready for a serious step - I myself was still a child. Not prepared emotionally and psychologically. Still, late motherhood has its advantages, ”Kidman admitted.

Svetlana Permyakova

Gave a daughter at 40

The former kvnschitsa Svetlana Permyakova, who became popular after the role of the senior nurse in the TV series "Interns", was very worried that she had not met a suitable man and had not given birth to a child. At 39, the actress decided not to wait any longer and take everything into her own hands. Svetlana invited her 19-year-old director Maxim Scriabin to become the father of her child. Without official registration in a registry office and a magnificent wedding. Just in a friendly way. So in July 2012, the daughter of Barbara was born, in the upbringing of which Maxim takes an active part.

“In my story, the main thing is the child! Varya is the meaning and center of our union with Max. I am sure that even if he does not live with us, he will still remain the best father and friend for his daughter. As for me. Now I know that you can give birth not only for love, but also for friendship, ”Svetlana said in an interview with 7Days magazine.

Susan Sarandon

She gave birth to a daughter at 39 years old and two sons - at 42 years old and at 45 years old

Susan Sarandon first married (actor Chris Sarandon) at age 23. They lived in a childless marriage for twelve years - doctors diagnosed the actress with infertility. Susan made up for the lost, exchanging the fifth ten. From the director Franco Amurri, she gave birth to a daughter, Eve, and three years later, son Jack was born, whose father was Sarandon’s colleague in the movie “Darham Bull” Tim Robbins. Three years later, their son Miles was born.

“When I became pregnant, no one could understand how this happened. For many years I did not use contraceptives, as the doctors said that I was infertile. It was definitely a moment of happiness and feeling stronger than any diagnoses, ”Sarandon shared.

Courtney Cox

Gave a daughter at 40

“I am ready for the birth of a second child because the clock is ticking. If I were 34, I would wait another year. I want Coco to have a brother or sister. It is difficult to raise one child. The two are probably even harder, ”said Cox, 45, in an interview six years ago. Unfortunately, Courtney never gave birth to a second child.

Mariah Carey

Gave twins at 41

In April 2011, 41-year-old Mariah Carey, who became pregnant with IVF, gave birth to twins Moroccan and Monroe from her now ex-husband, showman Nick Cannon. The pregnancy was difficult, so after the birth of the babies, the singer said that she no longer plans to have children.

“The pregnancy itself was very difficult. I had gestational diabetes, preeclampsia (high blood pressure that threatens the life of the mother and the fetus) and all these things that you do not even want to know about. Hello everyone who has ever had twins, I greet you because it is not easy! But for five years with my kids I got so many new emotions, before they were born everything in my life revolved around a career, ”shared Keri.

Jennifer Lopez

She gave birth to twins at 39

Jennifer Lopez admitted many times that she dreams of children. At first, personal life did not work out (a scandalous divorce from the dancer Chris Judd, the wedding with actor Ben Affleck canceled a few hours before the ceremony), later, in a marriage with singer Mark Anthony, Lopez could not get pregnant. Jennifer decided on IVF and in February 2008 gave birth to twins Max and Emma.

Unlike Mariah Carey, Lopez is not afraid to bear twins again. “I want a lot of children. Maybe four or five. I would like to give birth to twins, ”admitted Jennifer.


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