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Separators: the stars who took away men from the family


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Some Hollywood actors are able to win female hearts with just one look, and a couple of new films or serial episodes completely deprive sleep. Millions of girls around the world would dream to have an affair with them, but, unfortunately or fortunately, many handsome men have already found the “same one” and started a family with her.

Bright Side I became curious and found out what women look like who were able to get the hearts of the most popular and world famous actors.


I want to start with Alla Borisovna. Pugacheva had many novels over her life. She stole her two men from legal wives. For example, Vladimir Kuzmin. Yes, yes, for a while these artists were together.

When the marriage with the third spouse at the Diva had already crumbled before her eyes, she unexpectedly fell in love with her curly colleague. At first, the woman simply worked together with Kuzmin, but soon their relationship became closer. Vladimir for the sake of a new lover left his wife Tatyana and three children.

True, happiness did not last long. A few months later, Alla Borisovna violently threw the things of a woman lover out of the window of her apartment. Kuzmin, whose popularity was growing at a comic rate at that time, began to betray the jealous Primadonna and was quickly rejected by her.

A similar story happened to her colleague Sergey Chelobanov. First, the Primadonna fell in love with the singer's voice, and then was impressed with his sense of humor and unusual appearance. Sergey left his wife and moved to a new lover. The handsome man with a sonorous voice ended up being an addict and an alcoholic. Soon he was also sent to Pugacheva back home. Since then, a woman has always chosen exclusively free men.

Paulina Andreeva

The young beautiful actress did the impossible at first glance - she stole the faithful Fyodor Bondarchuk from the family. The director lived for many years with his wife Svetlana, talked about his ideal marriage. The Bondarchuk family was considered one of the strongest in show business.

At first the couple met secretly for a long time. Svetlana did not know anything about her husband’s affair. In 2016, Fedor began to openly appear in public with a new darling. Bondarchuk explained that he did not quarrel with his ex-wife, but parted peacefully. Now they are friends and communicate well. Fedor and Paulina are getting ready for the wedding.

Natasha Koroleva

Recently, the singer visited a popular TV show and admitted that she considers her marriage with Igor Nikolaev a mistake. The queen is sure that fate has repeatedly avenged her for stealing the star performer from Elena’s wife at a young age.

When Natasha met married Igor, their romance began to develop rapidly. Soon, lovers ceased to hide their feelings from others. The first wife of Nikolaev was going through a difficult divorce. Today, the Queen is sure that she paid in full for the tears of an abandoned woman.

Kristina Asmus

For several years, the comedian Garik Kharlamov was married to the blonde beauty Julia. Friends admired his wife and even envied Bulldog.

From the side it seemed that the spouses were doing fine. In fact, a couple of years after the wedding, Kharlamov had an affair with Kristina Asmus. The relationship of the star couple developed secretly. Garik continued to live with his wife and run on dates to the actress. As a result, Asmus forced the comedian to confess to Yulia.

Today, Kharlamov and Asmus are officially married. They live together and raise a common daughter.

Anastasia Volochkova

For the sake of the popular ballerina, Igor Vdovin at the time left both his wife and three children. The businessman was subdued by Volochkova and literally bombarded her with gifts.

A few years after the wedding, the couple enjoyed their happiness. This continued until Igor fell in love again. Another of his chosen ones was a coach from a sports club. At first, the businessman hid his romance, but when rumors about him began to leak in the media, he confessed to his wife in everything.

Elizaveta Boyarskaya

The actress herself prefers to hide the fact that she, too, turned out to be a lover. In fact, at the time of the beginning of Elizabeth’s romance with Maxim Matveev, the young man was legally married. His first wife is also an actress.

Relations between the lovers began on the set. Soon after the beginning of the novel, Matveev filed for divorce.

Today Maxim and Elizabeth are married and have two sons.

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Nicolas Cage

The other day, the whole world circled around the drunken Nicolas Cage, who was detained by the police. The taxi driver noticed Cage and his wife Alice standing on the sidewalk - a couple too loudly sorted out the relationship. The actor was very drunk, he shouted at his wife, and then grabbed her hand. An alert taxi driver immediately called the police.

Rumor has it that Nicholas is not the first time breaks down on his wife: according to the testimony of his former wives, in everyday life the actor is absolutely unbearable. Alice Kim is the third life partner of Nicolas Cage. His first wife was actress Patricia Arquette. They were the strangest couple in Hollywood: they lived in different houses, quarreled right on the set, rolled up tantrums to each other. They managed to hold out together for six years, but then their marriage broke up. The second wife of Nicolas Cage was Lisa Maria Presley, the daughter of the famous singer Elvis Presley and the ex-wife of Michael Jackson. However, this marriage was not destined to become long - the couple broke up 109 days after the wedding. For the third time, Nicholas chose Alice, a simple waitress, to star brides. In 2005, she bore him a son. They say that relations in their family continue to be built on the principle of "give-bring": Cage is constantly fooling around, and Kim patiently blows everything.


Singer Sogdiana (Oksana Nechitailo) does not advertise her personal life and for a long time passed silently questions about her lover. The 35-year-old actress ignored rumors of a third pregnancy even when a rounded belly became visible to fans. Only recently, Sogdiana admitted that she secretly got married.

At the same time, the singer called only the name of the chosen one - Maxim, without voicing his occupation and surname. The artist does not publish photos of her husband and children. Sogdiana admitted that she chose to keep her happiness in silence: “There are so many platforms for discussion and condemnation, and few will be happy for you,” the singer is sure.

Hot mom Anna Sedokova

Recently it became known that the new lover of Anna Sedokova was the well-known Latvian basketball player Janis Timma. For the first time, a couple of "spotlighted" by local photographers on deck chairs in Turkey. There has been a wave of discussions on the web.

Could not comment on such successful shots and ex-wife of basketball player Sanaa. The girl wrote a devastating post in which she publicly accused Sedokova of having an affair with a married man. Later, Janis confirmed his wife’s words about the romance on the side, after which he demanded a divorce and division of property. And the other day, Anna herself posted a post on social networks in which she officially announced her relationship with Janis. So successful three-pointer!

Pregnant Anastasia Kostenko boasted her new phrase: funny video

The perfect adultery from Christina Asmus

Either Kharlamov and Asmus had a successful match on the open spaces of Tinder, or the strategy with likes on Instagram really leads to marriage, but the couple claims that their communication first took place on social networks.

Correspondence continued for several months, and after that there was a first meeting with his inherent thrill and excitement. Garik was still married to Yulia Leshchenko, with whom he lived for about seven years, two of whom are officially married. For Julia, the news of the divorce was a big blow, so she was not shy about publicly accusing Christina of breaking up.

However, Kharlamov completely denied all the information until in 2013 he played a wedding with Asmus. The very next year after the marriage, the newly-made wife gave birth to him a beautiful daughter. Recently, rumors about the breakup of the couple have appeared on the Web more and more often, but rest assured, these two are happy together.

Lyubov Tolkalina

Lyubov Tolkalina lived more than 15 years in a civil union with Yegor Konchalovsky. In 2001, the couple had a daughter, Maria. A few years ago, Tolkalina and Konchalovsky broke up, but reported the breakup only in the spring of 2017. The actress has maintained friendly relations with the ex-lover.

Last year, Lyubov Tolkalina said that she does not suffer from loneliness - her heart is not free again.

At the same time, Tolkalina refused to discuss the details of her personal life: “Now I know for sure: if there is something truly valuable in your life, it should be in your heart pocket. Happiness loves silence. ” Love has denied rumors of his romance with Boris Grebenshchikov and television presenter John Warren.

Albina Dzhanabaeva and passion for Meladze

Followers to this day accuse the ex-soloist of the VIA Gra group of having broken up the ideal Meladze family, but Valery, in a rather harsh form, makes it clear to the haters that it is time to leave Albina alone. Meanwhile, the history of relations between Dzhanabaeva and Meladze is really confusing: at the beginning of the 2000s, the girl unexpectedly appears as backing vocalist Valery. Then whether a spark ran between them, we do not know, but later Meladze gives an open interview about difficulties in family life.

Then Dzhanabaeva gives birth to a boy, but from whom the son remains a secret for everyone. Nevertheless, Valery is in no hurry to divorce his wife, and hides relations with Albina to the last. This game could not continue for long: in the end, Meladze took a serious step and broke off relations with his wife Irina, which she was not surprised, since she had long suspected her husband of treason.

In 2014, Valery and Albina got married. Now they are one of the most spectacular pairs of Russian show business.

Caution Sobchak!

Please remove your husbands from the screens! Ksenia Anatolyevna with her track record is capable of shaking self-confidence even among the most notorious womanizer. On the account of the "blood lady" the most influential and charismatic men of our vast country, among whom at one time was the State Duma deputy Sergei Kapkov.

Then he was married to TV presenter and close friend of Ksenia Ekaterina Grinchevskaya. At one of the social events, Sobchak and Kapkov realized that they were more than just friends, and since then, journalists have increasingly begun to notice them together at various parties.

However, Sobchak's pride was hurt: she was still one of, and not the only, so the couple soon broke up. A little later, Kapkov still left his wife for Xenia, but she no longer needed it. Nevertheless, after a couple of months, Sergei still managed to return his beloved. He threw a grand party in honor of her 30th birthday, on which the whole elite was walking. It seemed that the couple’s relationship improved, but after a couple of weeks in Russia a street protest movement began. Ksenia had a choice: live with a member of the United Russia party or go into the opposition. Sobchak chose the second. Such is the "Santa Barbara", the light version.

Walking the scandals of Julia Snigir

Most likely, the star of the movie "Die Hard" Julia Snigir caught courage on the set and accidentally brought it to life. Beauty rarely appears in the center of scandals, but there was still one bright episode in her biography.

They started talking about the actress after it turned out that she was dating married Eugene Tsyganov. The stars began a romance on the set of a joint picture. Then Eugene was still married to Irina Leonova, who bore him seven children.

Many friends of the couple knew about the split in the large family of the actor, but every time he left his legal wife, he returned. Nevertheless, once after another scandal, the star of the series "Thaw" finally parted with his wife and moved out of their shared apartment to Julia Snigir.

Artists carefully concealed their personal lives from prying eyes, protecting themselves from a wave of various rumors and conjectures. Familiar families note that in the new relationship, Gypsies began to look happier.

Kostenko on someone else's misfortune

At the end of 2016, Olga Buzova announced a divorce from her husband, and a few months after the divorce, Dmitry Tarasov officially formalized his relationship with the model Anastasia Kostenko.

Buzova reacted very sharply to the news about the marriage of the “ex” and shared the details of the betrayal of her husband, who, in her opinion, pecked at the trap of the woman’s home. The singer recalled how she once saw photos of Kostenko made on the background of posters with the image of Dmitry Tarasov. The audience briskly rushed to discuss Olga's revelation. Many felt that she has every right to recall the former. After all, the artist was honest with her husband and sincerely loved him, and he betrayed her.

Today, "tarakostiki" are expecting a second child. They are happy and do not notice the comments of the haters. But the popularity of Dmitry himself after the break with Buzova went into decline.

Love Chronicles by Paulina Andreeva

Cosmo recently wrote about the wedding of Fedor Bondarchuk and Paulina Andreeva. We don’t even know who was luckier in this union: the actress or the director. We admit that we have not seen such a touching, beautiful marriage for a long time.

For the first time, Paulina Andreeva and Fyodor Bondarchuk spoke about the novel in January 2016, when the director was still married. Later, in an interview, he admitted that in recent years their marriage with their ex-wife Svetlana Bondarchuk existed only formally, and a meeting with a young talented actress changed his life for the better.

By the way, ex-spouses managed to maintain good relations after the break. Shortly after the announcement of the divorce, the directors Andreev and Bondarchuk began to appear on the red carpet together. Paulina did not immediately win the trust of Fyodor fans. However, in conversations with reporters, Bondarchuk repeatedly noted that he was not worried about the opinions of others: he and his newly-made wife simply love each other.

Text: Valeria Turchak

Photo: Starface, Legion Media, Instagram

Julia Baranovskaya

Yulia Baranovskaya after breaking up with Andrei Arshavin stopped discussing personal life with journalists. Last summer, the TV presenter intrigued fans with an appeal to an unknown lover. During a vacation in Italy, Julia published a video from the trip and signed the video: “I would like you to be here,” adding three heart stickers to the text.

Baranovskaya refuted the version of fans that addressed the appeal to Arshavin: “I really miss you very much, I love and wait, it's just not about the one you wrote about.” According to unverified information, Julia's new relationship has been going on for three years. The TV presenter herself recently denied rumors about a wedding with Alexander Telesov, calling him "friend and colleague."

Svetlana Loboda

Svetlana Loboda in May last year gave birth to a second daughter in Los Angeles. The singer strongly hinted that the girl’s father was the leader of the Rammstein group, Till Lindemann, and even called the girl Tilda. Nevertheless, Svetlana never answered in the affirmative the question of whether the German musician is really the father of her second daughter and the hero of her novel. Loboda evasively tells reporters that he cannot talk about Tilda’s father, since she has a “contract”. Nevertheless, to the wishes of happiness in her personal life, Svetlana replies that she has everything “elegantly”.

Irina Dubtsova

Irina Dubtsova, after breaking up with Plazma group leader Roman Chernitsyn, prefers to hide her hobbies from journalists. At the beginning of last year, the singer, while relaxing in Turkey, posted joint photos with an unknown person. Only part of the face of a man whose eyes were hidden by sunglasses fell into the frame.

A networked “investigation” led fans to speculate that Irina was on vacation with Ukrainian footballer Aderinsola Habib Eseola, who is 10 years younger than the artist. Dubtsova herself refused to comment on the identity of the new chosen one, and a little later refuted both the romance with Alexei Vorobyov and the resumption of relations with the ex-spouse.

Anastasia Tregubova

Anastasia Tregubova, host of the Good Morning program, does not advertise family life. In April, the TV star for the fourth time became a mother. Anastasia not only hides the name of her son, but also prefers not to discuss her husband. Journalists managed to find out only his name - Alexander. Tregubova explains that her husband is not related to show business, but they met at a ski resort in Sochi. Spouses bring up 12-year-old Elizabeth, 8-year-old Michael and one-year-old Nick.

Olga Ushakova

Olga Ushakova lived for several years in a civil union with a man much older than herself, whom she hid and hides from journalists and fans. The couple met in Ukraine. After the lover moved to Moscow, the TV presenter followed him. Olga gave birth to a man two daughters, but never became his wife.

According to the presenter, the father regularly communicates with 13-year-old Daria and 12-year-old Ksenia and helps to educate them. The older girl was diagnosed with neurological disorders resembling highly functional autism. In 2013, Olga began dating restaurateur Adam, whom she married in the summer of 2017. Last spring, the couple had a daughter.

Olga Buzova

Olga Buzova, after a divorce from soccer player Dmitry Tarasov, was alone for a long time. The TV star frankly said that for almost two years she had been without sex. At the beginning of summer, at the presentation of the new video, Olga admitted that she had recently started a new romance.

Buzova refused to give the name of the chosen one: “You all know him well, but I do not want to go into details. After such a long state of loneliness, of course I eventually had a relationship. ” Fans suggested that Olga’s next novel was short-lived, but the TV star herself refused to explain the details.

Dmitry Nagiev

Dmitry Nagiyev refuses to comment on rumors circulating for several years that he lives in a cottage near Moscow with a young lover who gave birth to a child. Nevertheless, in the fall of 2018, in an interview with Yuri Dudu, the artist called Kirill Nagiyev “the eldest son”, and then said that he would give his life “For the children and for the beloved”.

Dmitry refused to answer how many children he still had, explaining that he was not ready to discuss privacy. Earlier in an interview, Nagiyev said: “Often, it’s a little bit funny and sorry for the people who post photos on Instagram with their soul mates, children. I would like to ask: is it really that bad, guys? Which one am I really? No, I’m not inclined to open the door of my house. ”


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