Sania Babiy - biography, personal life (Wife of Alexei Glyzin)


Name: Alexey Glyzin (Alexey Glyzin)

Middle name: Sergeevich

Birthday: January 13 1954 (66 years old)

Place of Birth: Mytishchi, Moscow region

Height: 170 cm

Weight: 75 kg

Eastern horoscope: Horse

Career: Russian musicians 212 place

Photo: Alexey Glyzin

Biography of Alexey Glyzin

Aleksey Glyzin is a singer who, during his career, managed to present his listeners with a huge number of wonderful songs. His music has become a real symbol of his generation, and therefore many of the compositions of this remarkable artist have long acquired cult status.

Currently, Alexey Glyzin is not performing as often as once before. His time is running out, but our today's story seems even more interesting from this. After all, talking about Alexei Glyzin, we are talking about a whole era in the music industry of Russia and the USSR. And stories from the past of an entire country are always curious.

The first songs of Alexey Glyzin

But, despite this, our today's hero did not immediately choose professional creativity. After graduating from eight classes and having perfectly mastered the piano and guitar, Glyzin, however, did not dare to further develop his talent and chose for himself a more trivial path in life. He entered the radio engineering college, where he subsequently studied for three years. But still did not begin to finish this educational institution.

Not wanting to go to work on distribution, Alexey Glyzin left the technical school and, finally, decided to study music. At first, he acted as an instrumentalist in one of the Mytishchi musical ensembles. And then he decided to continue his musical education and enter the Tambov School of Music. Our today's hero graduated from the named school in absentia, but he already studied in the full-time department at the pop-wind department of the Moscow Institute of Culture. However, Glyzin still failed to get the coveted diploma - the summons to the army prevented him from coming unexpectedly. During this period, Alex went to the Far East, where he served as a junior aviation specialist. But some time later, the guy still moved to a musical platoon.

Singer Alexey Glyzin on stage

Together with the new group “Good fellows” Alexey Glyzin became the laureate of the Sochi contest “Red Carnation”. It was after this that the first success came to our today's hero. He sang and performed as part of the mega-pop group "Gems", and also soloed in the ensemble from "Heart to Heart". In addition, for some time Alexey also performed with the musical collective of Alla Pugacheva.

The eighties in the career of a talented artist were marked by cooperation with the team "Jolly Fellows". During this period, the name Glyzin was recognized in all the republics of the USSR. He, like other members of the legendary collective, became a real pop star. At that moment, from all the receivers throughout the Union, the main hits of “Happy Fellows” were heard - “Cars”, “Rositta”, “Don't worry, aunt.”

Personal life

The husband of Sania Babiy is Alexei Sergeyevich Glyzin (1954) - a fairly well-known personality (pop pop singer, actor, musician). She is the second wife of Alexei. They have a common son, Igor, born in 1992. This is the second child of the musician. Igor is named after the dead singer Talkov, but several acquaintances of Alexei with the same name believe that they are the reason.

It is diversified, has several hobbies (swimming, dancing, music, playing the guitar, chess), studied at a school with a Chinese bias, then at the Institute of Contemporary Art as a sound engineer. The couple registered the marriage in June, and in December a son was born. Sania believes that the boy needs male society, sawing does not lead to good, and you need to “close your eyes” to “bad” and petty pranks. She is unhappy with the methods of her husband’s upbringing, since he “either spoils him too much or punishes him too much”.

She was sixteen when she, hungry, frozen, and awaiting departure with the team to the training camp, saw ... no, not HIS, but a big yellow melon. And only then did she recognize in her happy owner, who had flown from an Asian tour, a famous singer. This was her “first impression” associated with Alexei. He was courting the womanizer with the experience carefully so as not to frighten away the young darling. “Everything was very delicate,” their relationship developed for a long time, only six months after meeting, he confessed his love, which Sania, she said, was surprised.

Alex calls her Sonya. For many years, her personal life has been her husband. Recently, his singing career is not as turbulent and eventful as in the nineties, but it cannot be said that he was forgotten. He is invited to private parties, corporate parties, he goes on tour, sometimes appears on television. Many perceive him as a pop star of another time, the bright radiance of which noticeably faded. However, on the personal front, the singer, despite his age and decline in popularity, has no calm, which cannot but upset his wife.

Because of this, his first marriage broke up. He left the family because of a hobby for a 17-year-old student, but the romance was short-lived, as his mistress abandoned him, leaving for another. Moreover, according to him, the family is of great importance to him. Regardless of the success of a career, it is important for him that there be someone nearby who will support with words and deeds. “We rarely quarrel,” Sania admits, adding that he is sometimes angry with her husband.

In this family, both spouses are “Merited”. The husband is an Honored Artist of the Russian Federation, and his wife is an Honored Master of Sports. Sania from the very beginning tried to be independent, and Alexei all the time wanted her to deal only with the house and her son, and in this they did not come to a consensus.

He is pleased to hear that his wife is talented, and her teams take first places, but he also says that she should not care about anything except the family hearth.

For many years, she has led the Relev team, which sometimes performs at her husband’s concerts. She is not only a choreographer in women's gymnastics, but also “keeps herself in shape,” which cannot be said of some former athletes who have switched to coaching. He is flattered by the husband (and he does not hide it) that his wife has a different, moreover, well-groomed figure. In one of the joint photos, Sania showed an amazing stretch, which rarely anyone is capable of at her age.

At the end of 2010, the marriage of a singer who was the dream of millions of admiring fans and the world champion in rhythmic gymnastics gave a final crack. In 2011, Alexei, not even having time to divorce, appeared in public with another passion, much younger than him. They were noticed on Red Square, where the concert “A Thousand Days Before the 2014 Olympics in Sochi” was held.

The 57-year-old singer looked in love, however, it seems that this is his usual state, since he has a bad reputation as a lover of women, and those, it must be said, often do not mind having an affair with him. How many years exactly the red-haired companion of the eternal smoothie is unknown, but obviously no more than twenty. During this period, his wife, who is also much younger than the singer (almost twenty years old), filed for divorce, demanding more than thirty million rubles from the available joint hundred and twenty.

At this point, the couple lived together for eighteen years. According to the documents, the reason for the divorce is the loss of mutual understanding, but in fact it is a constant betrayal, as she said in an interview at that time. The age of their common child was then coming of age. Familiar families expressed the hope that the experience of family life of this couple will help to overcome the crisis and save the marriage.

Later it turned out that the couple lived together again, thanks to the considerable efforts of the singer. As a result, an almost ex-wife, tired of cheating and whining the stellar spouse, nevertheless forgave him. There were as many as three court hearings, where Aleksey proved to the court and his wife that he was good and would become even better. As Sania recalls, they lived separately at that time, she was in a metropolitan apartment, and he was in a house near Moscow.

Every day he gave bouquets and shouted under the windows that he wanted to save his family. And in the morning, on the first day of 2012, in an ultimatum form, he announced that he would stand near her door until he freezes. Her heart finally thawed, and she let in a repentant, almost ex-spouse. The latest news is that the couple’s love story continues, they together celebrated Alexei’s anniversary (sixtieth birthday), which was celebrated not only among friends, but also in Mexico.

Last news

At the end of 2018, in one of the interviews, her husband said that he was “a quiet alcoholic”. The singer joked, or whether this is actually so, is unknown. However, it is known that the singer does not advocate healthy lifestyle and has been seen many times during performances and in various other places when drunk or with alcohol. So it can not be called a teetotaler either.

In an interview to one of the questions about life together, Alexey answered that “a woman must be constantly surprised”, however, he did not specify how.

He also believes that the husband should give his wife gifts, to patronize. For many years on his birthday, Sanya receives flowers early in the morning. Her husband literally overwhelmed her with huge roses, which were later replaced by red tulips, because once, during one of her walks, she said that in spring tulips are better than roses, and he took note of this.

Sania perceives what is happening in marriage is not so simple as her husband, and therefore she came to the decision to leave. Everything was bright and serene for her only for a while. Gradually, she "saw the light", but hoped that something would change. Without waiting for this, she filed for divorce. And it was he who gave both the understanding that they needed each other, and also changed the behavior of the spouse for the better. Today, Alexei appreciates every moment spent with family members. In his years, he still actively works, and with the advent of his grandson (2005), he willingly participates in the education of Denis. This is the news of the female happiness of Sania.

According to the recognition of this fragile woman, who was more similar in her years to a freshman student, she is afraid of feelings of happiness and family idyll. Because after this there is an inevitable sharp decline, similar to a sinusoid. In her opinion, marriage of convenience is more even in this sense. Sania jokes that the calculation was on the part of Alexei, after he saw her in an expensive fur coat bought with the money earned, he realized that she was independent. What is going on in this family today, in 2018? They are still together, and, according to the environment, they look happy.

Height, weight, age. How old is Alexei Glyzin

The famous member of the group "Funny Guys" was part of the first team. In those years, he recorded many compositions that are still loved throughout the post-Soviet space. Fans can definitely say what our hero is in height, weight, age. How many years Alexey Glyzin has never been a secret. Next year, the artist will celebrate his 55th anniversary, in honor of which he is already actively touring many cities in Russia and the near abroad.

Alexey Glyzin, a photo in his youth and now who is not much different, is actively involved in sports. He plays tennis, skiing and ice skating.

Numerous fans noticed that the famous performer of “Winter Evening in Sorrento” and “Winter Garden” lost weight. Alex in one of his interviews said that with age he began to recover. He revised his diet by contacting a nutritionist. After the designated menu, the weight slowly returned to normal. Now the singer weighs 70 kg, which with his height of 170 cm is ideal.

Biography and personal life of Alexey Glyzin

Alexey Glyzin's biography and personal life have always been associated with music. The boy at the age of 3 began to study music.

The birth of Lesha took place in the mid-50s of the last century in Mytishchi near Moscow. Father - Glyzin Sergey Vasilievich left the family when the boy was 4 years old. The upbringing of the son was dealt with by his mother - Glyzina Serafima Alekseevna and granny.

From an early age, Lesha learned to play the piano. He loved it much more than other sciences. He was engaged in sports. He pulled himself up, did push-ups, and ran. From adolescence to the present day, hand-to-hand combat has become a hobby of the star.

Having received a certificate for a school course, he enters one of the Mytishchi technical educational institutions, where he studied to assemble radio-technical products. Alexei did not receive a diploma, because he decided that it was not his. He leaves the technical school and begins performing with one of the musical groups in his native Mytishchi.

He studied for a year in Tambov, comprehending the basics of art, then continued his studies at one of the Moscow state universities. He served in one of the Far Eastern units.

After demobilization for several years he worked in popular vocal and instrumental ensembles of the Soviet Union. At the end of the 70s, she began performing in the pop group “Jolly Fellows”. It is from this time that the frenzied popularity of our hero begins. He plays in a collective on a guitar and sings. Listeners applaud the artists of the ensemble not only in their native country, but also around the world.

Over the years, Alexey sang along with other participants a large number of songs that are still loved by listeners. A man performs some of them at his concerts. These are songs such as "Wandering Artists", "Do not worry, Aunt" and others.

In 1988, Glyzin leaves the "Jolly Fellows". From this time begins the solo career of the artist. He recorded many songs. Who does not know “Winter Evening in Sorrento”, “Winter Garden” and others. Many of them have been filmed.

A man worked on radio and television. But this did not, in his recognition, bring much satisfaction. In the early 2000s, our hero becomes a well-deserved performer of Russia.

Alexey Glyzin took part in several entertaining programs. He became one of the winners of the show programs “You are Superstar”, “First Squadron”, “Cruel Intentions” and others.

In 2015, the performer participated in Toch-to-Exactly, during which he reincarnated as the most famous pop artist not only in Russia, but also in other countries. The images of Alexander Serov, Al Bano, Garik Sukachev, Sergei Shnurov and many others turned out to be reliable.

Alexey is speaking now. His schedule is scheduled for several months in advance.

The actor starred in several films. He played in "She is with a broom, he is in a black hat", "Seaside Boulevard" and others.

Glyzin is friendly with many pop singers. He is connected by friendship with Alexander Buinov, Valery Meladze and others. Our hero still considers Igor Talkov, who died tragically in the early 90s, as his best friend.

Glyzin was married twice. With his second wife, he raised two sons.

Family and children of Alexey Glyzin

The family and children of Alexei Glyzin are closely related to creativity. The man says that there has always been music in his life. Mom and grandmother sang folk songs in the evenings. The artist regrets that in those years songs were not recorded in their performance.

Father fought from the first day. He took part in all the general battles, was awarded a large number of awards. The wounds and shell shock received during the war significantly reduced the days of his life. After the divorce of his parents, Lyosha often talked with his father. A man died in the late 70s, when his son was just starting his creative career.

Mom served in one of the state organizations. It was she who contributed to the development of the creativity of her only son. After a divorce from her husband, the woman no longer married. She was proud of her son and knew all his songs.

The artist met his love in the early 90s.She gave him two sons, the youngest of whom plays in the father's collective. Recently, a celebrity became a grandfather. The grandson appeared in the family of his eldest son.

Sons of Alexey Glyzin - Alexey, Igor

The sons of Alexei Glyzin - Alexei, Igor always occupied a significant place in life. He, despite the frequent absence from the tour, tried to deal with them.

For the first time, our hero became dad in the mid-70s. He called his first child Alyosha at the insistence of his wife. The boy studied well at school, went in for sports. The eldest son of a man devoted much time to music. He graduated from a music school in guitar, but did not begin to connect his future life with creativity. Alexey after graduating from school he became a student of one of the capital's universities, having received the profession of director. Immediately after receiving the diploma, the young man shot the series "Territory of Ghosts", which was appreciated by many viewers. Filmed various television programs. Currently, he is working on the “Country Answer” program, which is being broadcast on NTV. In the early 2000s, Alexey got married. In 2005, he became the father of a son, whom he named Denis.

In the second, the star of the “Jolly Fellows” became dad in the early 1990s. He named the boy in honor of his friend Igor Talkov. From a young age, Igor was swimming, dancing, singing. He mastered playing the guitar, enjoys chess. Knows how to speak several foreign languages. The guy speaks English, Chinese, French. Often Igor performs with his father in his team. Recently I began to be friends with the girl whom I intend to marry.

Wives of Alexey Glyzin - Lyudmila, Sania Babiy

Alexey has always been the focus of attention of women. He periodically used this. If for the first time he lost his head from love in his youth, then the second time he chose his beloved already consciously. The wives of Alexei Glyzin - Lyudmila, Sania Babiy tried to ignore the numerous fans who upholstered the thresholds of their house. Alexei says that he is constantly amused by the attitude of his beloved women towards his fans. Sania taught him to protect the peace of the family.

Glyzin married for the first time in the 70s. The wife immediately gave him a son. But due to the frequent absence of men in the family, scandals arose. In the end, they decided to break up. Lyudmila maintained normal relations with Alexei; she did not interfere with communication with her son.

Some time after the divorce, the star lived alone, sometimes meeting with various women. But when he met Sania, he immediately confessed his love to her. The girl thought a little and agreed. She took care of the house and raised her young son. In addition, she became the winner of one of the championships among gymnasts. Currently, Sania leads the ballet troupe Relev, whose performance can be seen at the concerts of the woman’s husband.

Wikipedia Alexey Glyzin

The most reliable source telling about our hero is Wikipedia by Alexei Glyzin. Here you can find out where the artist was born and lived, how his creative activity developed. The page lists many famous compositions that the artist sang in different years of his life. Here you can also read information about the father, mother, wives and sons. Talks about the interests of the star.

Glyzin in his interviews has repeatedly stated that he himself does not maintain a page on social networks. The man believes that each person has his own personal space, which he carefully protects.

Instagram has a page with the name of the artist. She is led by one of the fans of the star. Here you can read various facts about our hero, view photos of different years and listen to songs.

Alexey Glyzin is currently

As a result, from 1994 to 2012, the artist released seven albums, but each of them was just a kind of musical nostalgia for the past. The star of Alexei Glyzin did not go out at all, but now he seemed to be the whole artist from another time.

Currently, a talented Soviet musician continues to appear and appear on television. In 2007, he took part in the NTV project “You Are Superstar”, and two years later also appeared in the “Cruel Intentions” project (Kristina Asmus, Dmitry Kozhoma, Alexey Goman and others also participated in this project). However, all this did not help much to revive the public's interest in the artist.

Music career

After the army, the artist performed at VIA Kind Guys, and in 1977 participated in the VIA Gems. Throughout 1978, he worked with VIA Rhythm.
During 1979 - 1988 he performed in conjunction with the ensemble "Funny Guys". As part of this ensemble, Alexey Glyzin took part in the international competition "Bratislava Lira". He took an active part in the creation of the famous magnetic album LP "Just a Minute" and "Banana Country". Together with the soloists of this ensemble he recorded such hits as: “Ships”, “Rosita”, “Bologoe” and others. The ensemble went on tour abroad to Finland and Bulgaria.

In 1988, Glyzin assembled his own group, “Hurray,” and from that time on, his solo career began. Records seven albums, of which three are collections of his personal songs.

Since 1993, the singer has been trying himself as a co-host of the radio program "Inexplicable Facts". But the program was not popular and after a few months was closed.
In early 2006, Alexei became an Honored Artist of Russia.
In 2007, he took part in a television show entitled “You Are A Superstar,” where he took second place. In 2008, Glyzin took part in the show "First Squadron" taking second place there.
It was unsuccessful for Alexei in 2008, when he took part in the reality show "Cruel Intentions" where he was injured and was even hospitalized.
In 2012, Glyzin released an album with a number of hits.

The year 2015 was marked for the singer by participating in the 3rd season of the transformation show “Just Like It”, where he was reincarnated as such celebrities as Willie Tokarev, Alexander Barykin and John Bon Jovi.
In early April 2017, Alexey Glyzin was awarded the Chanson of the Year 2017 award for performing the song “He and She” with Valeria.

Childhood and youth

Alexey Glyzin was born in Mytishchi near Moscow on January 13, 1954. Parents had nothing to do with music, but on weekends they made friends in the house and made improvised chamber “concerts”.

The father left the family when his son was 4 years old. The child stayed with mom. Serafima Alekseevna took Alyosha to a music school, where he learned to play the piano and guitar. In dreams, Glyzin saw himself as a famous performer, whose crowds of fans dream of getting to performances.

For days on end, the guy played in the ensemble of the Mytishchi Palace of Culture, and in his spare time he studied at the correspondence department of the Tambov cultural enlightenment. Then Alex entered the full-time department of the capital’s Institute of Culture, the Variety and Brass Department, but the army service interrupted his studies.

Having learned about the talents of the recruit, the command of the aviation unit transferred Glyzin to a musical platoon. Fans of the artist are sure that then began a successful creative biography of Alexei. The future youth idol founded the “Flight” collective, which performed at military holidays. He himself mastered saxophone alt in 3 months. Returning from the army, Glyzin began to build a career.

Wife and children of Alexey Glyzin

With his second wife, Sania Babiy, Alexey Glyzin met in 1989. In her youth, she already showed great promise in rhythmic gymnastics. Their first meeting took place in Leningrad at a national concert. After that, courtship lasted for 3 years, before Sania agreed to marry the singer. After the wedding, Sania completely went into family life, leaving a big sport. In 1992, a son Igor was born in the Glyzin family. For many fans, their couple was an example in everything.

The son of Alexei Glyzin graduated from a school of foreign languages ​​and enjoys choreography and swimming. Subsequently, he became a successor of his father's business and successfully performs in concerts at various levels.

Over time, persistent rumors began to circulate among the artistic elite that Alexei Glyzin over the past 18 years of a family marriage with Sania had many stormy novels. As secret mistresses, singer Irina Saltykova and Elena Lenskaya, the wife of Vladimir Presnyakov, are mentioned. The singer’s wife began to complain to her friends that her husband can sometimes disappear from home for several days. In the family increasingly began to arise various kinds of scandals. Gossip goes that the singer still has an illegitimate daughter, but they are not confirmed by anything.

Alexey Glyzin - news today

News about the life of Alexei Glyzin often appears in the press. Since the beginning of 2018, despite his mature age, Alexey regularly participates in concerts. His hits “Winter Garden” and “You Are Not an Angel” are still quite popular. As a sought-after artist, Glyzin makes good enough money. He likes to give interviews and always answers most of the questions with humor. In one of these interviews, he said that women still love him, and he always does not mind talking to them. Glyzin Alexey maintains a relationship with his two sons and grandson. In a word, the artist does not think how old he is, but lives a beautiful and fulfilling life.

Childhood and family

Lesha was born in an ordinary family. His parents worked on the railway, there were no artists among relatives. Sergey Vasilievich, the father of the boy, was a war veteran. In his youth, he was wounded twice, shell-shocked reached the Polish border.

Serafima Alekseevna, the mother of the future singer, instilled in him a love of music. Lesha gave improvised concerts for relatives and friends of the family, and then his delicate hearing was revealed. Parents sent a talented son to a music school, where he studied piano and guitar. Even then, the boy began to dream of an artist's career.

Glyzin was barely four years old when his parents divorced. The boy stayed with his mother and grandmother. They lived in a two-room apartment in the building of the Ministry of Railways. Later, the family moved to the grandmother's house at the first metro station outside the Moscow Ring Road. As a teenager, Lesha was a bully. But all his tricks were associated with a heightened sense of justice. In the fifth grade, the boy was expelled from the pioneers for a fight in which he defended the honor of his girlfriend. Until the eighth grade, he studied satisfactorily, sometimes he even got fives, but then he got sick with music.

Singer education

Even while studying at the music school, Glyzin dreamed of an electric guitar. Mother could not afford such a purchase, so the young man decided to construct the tool on his own. His knowledge of radio electronics was not enough, therefore, after the eighth grade of the school, Lyosha entered the corresponding technical school.

After three years of training, the musician was able to make his own electric guitar, after which he joyfully left the school. He did not want to work on distribution, so the young man decided to look for a university that was more suitable for his hobbies. In his free time, he began playing in the musical collective of the city center of Mytishchi.

Alexei became a student of the Tambov Cultural Enlightenment School. There he studied in absentia, continuing to play in the ensemble. Three years later, Glyzin decided to conquer Moscow. He entered the University of Culture at the pop-brass department. But the agenda prevented graduation. The student was taken into the army, he went to serve as an aviation specialist in the Far East.

Performances with groups

Paradoxically, it was the army that helped Lesha begin to build a career. There, in just three months, he was able to master the alto saxophone. Initially, the young man played in the military ensemble "Flight", where he found like-minded people who love music. After the end of the service, they gathered the Fidelity group together. Together with musicians, Glyzin traveled to many cities of the USSR, performing at dance floors and festivals.

After the successful debut, Alexei began to be invited to other groups. Together with VIA "Good fellows", he shared the championship in the competition "Red Carnation" in Sochi. In 1977, the musician worked for several months in the notorious ensemble "Gems", after which he moved to VIA "Rhythm". The last group performed on stage with the Primadon Russian stage - Alla Pugacheva.

Together with Alla Borisovna, the musician traveled to all major cities of the USSR. At one of the speeches, Alexander Buynov noticed him, at that time he was a soloist of VIA "Funny Guys". The singer quickly agreed with Pugacheva, and the star released one of the best accompanists.

Since 1979, Glyzin began to play in the "Jolly Fellows". The group was incredibly popular both in the Union and beyond. It was then that the musician first visited abroad. With the team, he went on tour to Finland, Germany, Bulgaria, Czechoslovakia and Hungary. The songs “Do not worry, Aunt”, “Evening by Candlelight” and “Easy to Say” have become undoubted hits. The artists were constantly shown on TV, their compositions were played on the radio and at all discos. The team had a huge number of fans of different ages.

“Happy Guys” became winners of numerous competitions. Among them are “Yerevan-81”, “Bratislava Lira-85” and others. Glyzin was part of the group when they worked on the albums Banana Islands and Wait a Minute. The last songs recorded with his participation were “Episode” and “Forest Tale”. With these songs, the band performed in the Morning Mail.

Solo career

In 1988, the singer decided to leave the group. He gathered a new team, which was called "Hurray." In it, Glyzin was a soloist. For two years, musicians regularly performed at gala concerts, received several prizes in the competition "Song of the Year".

In 1990, Alexei’s first solo album, The Winter Garden, was released. He became incredibly successful, especially for the listeners of the songs “You are not an angel” and “Ashes of love”. In 1991, Alexei first performed solo in Moscow. After 10 years, he again managed to assemble full halls in the capital and St. Petersburg.

Unfortunately, the singer failed to repeat the grand success of the first album. But he continued to release records, delighting his loyal fans. In 1995, the disc “This is not true” was released, the title track of which was “My Love”, written in the words of Talkov.

Success in other areas

Back in the eighties, Alexei demonstrated his acting skills. He played in the films “She is with a broom, he is in a black hat” and “Seaside Boulevard”. The musician not only appeared on the screen as an actor, but also recorded several soundtracks for these films. In 1999, he participated in the project “Musical ring”, Sergey Rogozhin became the opponent of the singer.

In recent years, the stars of the 90s have become popular again. In order to keep up with the team, Glyzin agreed to participate in various shows. Since 2007, he "shone" on the screen in the projects "First Squadron", "You are a superstar!" And "Cruel games." Filming the last program ended sadly for the artist: he ended up in the hospital.

In 2015, Aleksey again reminded his fans of his existence by taking part in the show “Just Like It”. There he brilliantly embodied the images of Barykin, Bon Jovi, Serov, Antonov and Al Bano. On all projects in which the musician participated, he won prizes. In 2017, he appeared on the show "Three Chords."

In September 2016, Glyzin became the confidant of the United Russia party. Together with his brother, he participated in the elections to the State Duma.

Student years

The next stage in the biography of Aleksey Glyzin is, oddly enough, entering the radio-technical school. Yes, the artist did not immediately choose a professional pop direction.

After graduating from a musical school in the class of guitar and piano, Alexey designated for himself a more trivial rut. The reason for this was the close friends of the future artist, who decided what was called to enroll in a technical school all together, taking with them Glyzin.Though tormented by doubts, he nevertheless succumbed to persuasion.

But after three years of training, a turning point in the biography of Alexei Glyzin came. Nevertheless, he did not want to get up in the usual working line and ignored the distribution after technical school, deciding to study music. And at the same time and earn some money.

Aleksey was in a small team in his Mytishchi and acted as a keyboard player and guitarist. After working for some time with the group, he decided to consolidate and continue his musical education by entering the Tambov Music College. The artist graduated in absentia and began to look narrowly at the capital's educational institutions.

Three years after graduating from the Tambov Music College, Alexey entered the Moscow Institute of Culture at the pop and wind department. After three courses, Glyzin was drafted into the army. The singer was in the aviation unit, which was located in the Far East.


At first, the artist was very discouraged, because he was torn from his chosen vocation - music. But after a year of service, the command accidentally found out about his talents and approved the decision to transfer him to a musical platoon.

Fans of the singer are sure that it was at this moment in the biography of Alexey Glyzin that his real creative career began. The musician has already founded his own collective "Flight" and performed with him at almost all military holidays and concerts. The group liked the creativity of the audience, and the singer’s career slowly began to gain momentum.

"Funny boys"

Since 1979, the singer has become full-fledged members of the popular group "Funny Guys". And by the beginning of the 80s, the glory of the group reached sky-high heights. Participants first traveled abroad, visiting Germany, Finland, Bulgaria and even Cuba.

“Cheerful guys” enjoyed wildly popularity, and not only among the domestic audience, but also among Russian-speaking fans from neighboring countries. The team participated in almost every festive concert and did not leave the blue screens.

Fans and journalists followed the band’s musicians everywhere, including Alexey Glyzin. The best songs of “Happy Guys” still excite the audience at retro concerts: “Do not worry, Aunt”, “Cars”, “The Redhead is always lucky”, “Rosita”, etc. They were always present at all discos of that time track list.

The team, and with it Glyzin, visited the popular festival "Yerevan 81", and also received many awards at the international competition, which was dedicated to pop music - "Bratislava Lira 85". In addition, "Funny Guys" participated in the creation of the famous album "Banana Islands".

For a long time, Glyzin gained experience in musical groups. At one time he was a member of the VIA "Good fellows" and "Gems". Having gained experience, he founded his own team, “Fidelity,” with which he toured the Soviet Union.

Alexey Glyzin and Alla Pugacheva

In 1978, the young singer moved to the promising and highly paid collective "Rhythm", accompanying the diva of the Russian stage Alla Pugacheva. During the year, together with Pugacheva, Alexey Glyzin traveled to all major cities of the USSR. At one of the concerts, the stars of a brilliant musician were noticed by the soloist of the Cheerful Guys collective Alexander Buynov.

Since 1979, Alexey Glyzin became a full member of the "Cheerful Guys", whose fame in the 80s reached sky-high heights. As a member of the group, the musician first visited abroad. The guys toured the cities of Finland, Hungary, Czechoslovakia, visited Cuba, Germany and Bulgaria.

The ensemble was incredibly popular, and all its members became stars. "Funny Guys" did not leave the TV screens and was present at every gala concert. The hits “Do not worry, Aunt”, “Bologoe”, “Cars”, “Wandering artists”, “Rosita”, “Evening by candlelight”, “Red always lucky” sounded on the radio and “spun” at city discos. Fans and journalists chased the stellar team everywhere.

The team "Funny guys"

Not without scandals, which were written in the newspapers. During the band's tour in Leningrad, the musicians lived next door to a band from the United States. Once an American drummer threw a television out of a hotel window. The event made a lot of noise, but journalists blamed Glyzin for everything, who after the incident was not allowed to enter the city for a while, considering it a vandal.

As part of the Cheerful Guys, Alexey Glyzin visited the Yerevan 81 festival and the international pop song contest Bratislava Lyra-85. The group participated in the recording of the cult album Banana Islands.

In 1988, Alexey Glyzin matured for a solo career and left the group "Jolly Fellows", having founded the team "Hurray." For two years, the singer toured and participated in all Russian gala concerts.


One of the most high-profile scandals, which was abundantly covered by the press, was the group’s performance in Leningrad in the early 80s. During the tour, the band was marked out in a hotel where he lived next door to a group from the United States.

Late in the evening, when the artists celebrated their next performance, the American drummer threw the TV out of the window in a fit of surging emotions. The height was decent, and also the hotel is quite noble. Fortunately, no one was hurt, but the incident made a lot of noise. Moreover, journalists blamed Glyzin for everything.

After such a scandal, the singer was banned from entering the city for a long time. But these events, oddly enough, benefited Alexei. The artist was immediately invited to star in the films “She with a Broom ...” and “Seaside Boulevard”. For them, he composed several songs.

In 1988, the musician finally matured for a solo career and resigned from the group "Funny Guys". For about two years, the singer gave concerts and participated in almost all the slightest significant pop events in Russia.

Glyzin now

In total, Alexey Glyzin released seven albums, of which the fans especially liked “Soul Flies” (2004) and the last, “Wings of Love” (2012). Of course, these collections cannot be compared with their former glory, but the singer still has numerous fans who are happy to listen to his songs and go to his concerts. In 2006, his work (and it’s really hard work to please the audience with good songs!) Was appreciated: President Putin personally awarded the musician the title “Honored Artist of Russia”.

Glyzin receives invitations to broadcasts and television shows all the time - he is still in demand and popular. 2007 - Superstar on NTV and second place, 2008 - First squadron and second place again, 2009 - Cruel games. Due to pressure problems, Glyzin was suddenly hospitalized during the filming of the last show.

At the show "Just Like" in 2015, they waited for Alexey with joy, and not in vain: he skillfully transformed into such stars as Al Bano, Bon Jovi, Billy Joel, "portrayed" Barykin, Shnutov, Sukachev.

In 2016, in collaboration with singer Valeria Glyzin, he offered fans the song “He and She.” A year later, a video was shot for the song (which was a huge success with fans), for which Valeria and Glyzin won the Chanson of the Year award.

Now Alexey Sergeyevich is touring, and successfully. In February 2018, for Valentine's Day, he gave a concert in Minsk in the Big Concert Hall. On the concert posters it was indicated - “live sound 6”, that is, the musical accompaniment and performance were not recorded, but natural. Latest News: In March, Glyzin visited Yelets with a concert, in April he began touring the Kaluga Region.

The 62-year-old star at the end of 2016 made fans pretty worried: Alexey Glyzin was hospitalized with low pressure and underwent a course of inpatient treatment.

The attending physician called Glyzin’s diagnosis “emotional excitement” and reassured star fans that nothing threatens the life of the idol.

Soon, the musician started recovering, and the concerts scheduled for December 2016 took place. At the end of 2016, Alexey Glyzin, together with Valeria, recorded a clip for the song “He and She”. The video was shot in Tallinn and its picturesque suburbs. Actors Alexei Chadov and Maria Kozakova appeared in the video: they played a couple in love. Fans of Glyzin liked the clip and song, but they regret that the beloved singer is almost not visible in the video.

The star of the 90s does not shy away from politics: in September 2016, Alexey Glyzin became the confidant of the United Russia party in the elections to the State Duma of the 7th convocation.

In April 2017, Alexey Glyzin and Valeria received the Chanson of the Year award for the hit “He and She”.

Decline in popularity

Years passed, and by the beginning of the 21st century, the artist’s popularity began to decline. New stars and new hits appeared on the stage. Nevertheless, Glyzin still has a loyal army of fans, whose youth was remembered for his work, closely intertwined with romantic memories. He still works for them, albeit rarely, but still releases new songs.

In 2006, Alexei was awarded the title of Honored Artist of the Russian Federation. In addition to the stage, Glyzin visited various shows: “You are a superstar!”, “Hard games”, “Just the same” and others.


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