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New Year is a very insidious holiday. On the one hand, you have free time that you want to use to the maximum, having been where you had planned for a long time. On the other hand, warm meetings and plentiful treats evoke such laziness that it doesn’t pull you out. But let's imagine that you still decided to spend time with benefit and go at least somewhere.

It’s easier to go and see something beautiful, you can’t imagine. True, there are a lot of such things in St. Petersburg for every taste, but the New Year is, first of all, snow, frosty weather and ... ice. It will be possible to combine the beautiful with the ice during these holidays in the Peter and Paul Fortress. A whole ice museum was erected there. In just a few weeks, masters turn the most ordinary water into works of art. There are minions, here are dragons, and ships, and, of course, Santa Claus and Snow Maiden.

If you want to take a walk, then in St. Petersburg there will always be an unknown route for this. Even if you are a third-generation Petersburger, repeating instead of the evening prayer “Moscow for money, and Peter for the soul,” your city will surely surprise you. Do not believe? Go to the portal "All About Peter" and get ready to be surprised. Unusual thematic routes, the list of which is constantly being updated, will lead you to such “paths” that you have not heard of. And if you are from another city - even more so.

Now suppose that for some strange reason you left the New Year's table a little hungry and want to eat. In this case, you have a direct road to one of the New Year's fairs in St. Petersburg, which will be a great many on holidays in the city. For example, a fair at Malaya Konyushennaya, where for guests (who, incidentally, are allowed here for free), they have prepared not only tasty and varied treats and light shows, but also gifts. The fair will be open until January 10, so there’s time.

For those who do not want to do absolutely nothing, but just enjoy the New Year's holiday, they will also find their occupation. These are spa treatments! They will add a touch of lazy servility to your holidays and, perhaps, after them you will fully settle at home. But it's still worth the risk. The Sokos Hotel, for example, has a whole wellness center. Let's keep silent about the fitness room, during the holidays it may be needed only by the most desperate athletes, but the spa area, a huge pool and a whole line of saunas deserve a visit. Of course, as for the fair, they will not be allowed here for nothing, but you will get a lot of benefits from the spa, as they say.

Well, in conclusion, we recall that you can not only look at the ice: it is still very convenient to ride ice skates imposingly on it. Since November, an excellent skating rink has opened on the island of New Holland, the area of ​​which is more than 2000 square meters. There is a stage right in front of the rink where concerts and shows will take place during the holidays. There are also stalls with food and coffee, so even with the slowest riding you will not be able to freeze.

So you looked at Peter, relaxed in the spa, ate at the fair and skated on sparkling ice. It remains only to wish you a New Year and a good holiday!
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In the Northern capital this year they prepared a large-scale holiday program. The Christmas market, which changed residence this winter and moved to Manezhnaya Square, gathered more than two million residents and visitors to the city.

The site will work until January 13. But the organizers are already summing up the first results. According to the press service of the Quality Control Center, during the fair, ten tons of sausages, hot dogs and burgers, about 85 tons of potatoes were eaten, and about a hundred thousand liters of tea, coffee and non-alcoholic mulled wine were drunk.

Where else did the townspeople and tourists relax on the New Year holidays? About the brightest venues - Alexander Burenin.

- Well, stop walking, it's time to go to work.

It’s time, so much time, but how walked! After such a vacation, it’s not a shame to look people in the eye. As soon as volleys of night salute died out, early in the morning, at dawn, having glanced behind a planetarium, it was possible to go on skates.

To control the gravity of the first of January is a bit more complicated than on other days, so it was possible to glide on ice only with that mood.

-Excellent! The mood is fire, the rink is super! Hot drinks, I am satisfied! I am satisfiedaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

After enjoying the ride, you can think about high. Near the planetarium prepared a light exhibition - a garden of dreams. Illumination plays with flowers there, and even dried rye spikes. Here you can also see the dreams of robots. Dream about the same vacation.

And in the park of Babushkina all the colors of the rainbow and the colors that usually remain outside it were mixed. It turned out that this is not just a festive miracle haze, but a very certified beauty.

Artyom Sergeyev, color smoke festival organizer:

Music spread over Annenkirche and the Nutcracker scattered. Sand through the fingers peculiarly reproduced the famous Christmas story. Art has a price, but weight is also known in this case. On stage, a standing ovation - 2 kilograms of sand

ILYA TAKUNTSEV, Artistic Director of the Youth Opera House:

Already on January 2, all vacationers were offered to think not only about their figure, but also about the figures of aerobatics. Only Tetris cubes can be more popular than Rubik's Cube.

The nostalgic game attracted more adults who came with children, but who grew up embracing with the Internet and a tablet, did not see reasons for joy in the pixelated pictures. As a result, the youth sighed, as they say, they barely drove their parents home.

- This is our game, kid. Constantly played. But I don’t remember my record, of course.

And only one did not happen. Snow did not powder. Even the leader of the holiday could only make excuses, by nature witchcraft is such that no witchcraft helps

And the saddest picture is in the abandoned Christmas markets. The natural Christmas tree on the market loses value as soon as the chimes beat. Woeful businessmen just throw trees at ruins. Trade is often illegal - it is impossible to find and punish violators.

Abandoned conifers were neatly collected and taken to the zoo; animals will come in handy without reference to the calendar. By the way, waiting for snow until April is the destiny of Santa Claus, but it is not necessary to store Christmas trees in apartments until spring.

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Rest but plan

Do not leave for the final moment planning the necessary cases that you will inevitably have to face after the holidays. For example, prepare things, clothes in advance for a new working day, take the time to repair the machine, or fill the tank with gasoline. According to the stories of my clients, some begin to prepare for the work schedule on the last day, and even worse - two hours before bedtime, horrified to understand that the refrigerator and gas tank are empty, and the necessary things are washed.

Naturally, this behavior creates fuss and tension. Haste, small things kill the pleasant aftertaste of the holidays, and a good mood disappears without a trace. It is better to choose the time during the holidays and solve some minor household issues in advance. Caring for your own mood will allow you to keep pleasant memories and high productivity for a long time.

Perhaps timely planning is the best protection against everyday overvoltage.

International race of Santa Clauses

When: December 22, 3 p.m. - 8 p.m.

Price: children from 4 to 13 years old - 400 rubles, from 14 years old - from 1000 rubles.

This year, the Santa Claus run will be held for the third time. Both adults and children can participate in it, so start agitating the family. The children's start is small - only 300 meters, starts at 17:00 and runs along Palace Square. The 2 km adult race starts at 18:10. Participants will run across the square, Admiralteysky Prospekt, around St. Isaac's Cathedral and return to Palace Square.

Organizers give out costumes for adults and Christmas caps for babies for free. As a result, children will receive gifts, medals and diplomas, adults will receive a positive charge. To participate, you must pre-register on the event website.

Lapland Park

Price: adults - 400 rubles, children - 300 rubles.

Opening hours Mon - Thu., Sun. - 11: 00-22: 00, Fri - Sat - 11: 00-23: 00.

Skate rental: adults - from 300 rubles, children - from 200 rubles.

There are a lot of skating rinks in St. Petersburg, but in Lapland Park it is special: there is a deer farm nearby (visit - 200 rubles), which means that you can take a bunch of cutest photos with deer and feed them a reindeer moss. At the weekend for children, animated entertainment shows are held in the park.

Ice rink on the island of "New Holland"

When: November 17 - March 17.

Working hours Mon - th. - 11: 00-21: 00, Fri - sun. and holidays - 11: 00-22: 30.

Price: from 150 rubles, children up to 7 years old - free of charge, skate rental - from 250 rubles.

"New Holland" is a fashionable St. Petersburg place, which shone all summer on Instagram with pink flamingos. A few years ago, the island was updated, there were recreation areas, cafes, modern playgrounds. It’s also cool in winter: a large ice rink with an area of ​​2000 m² works with music and beautiful lighting. Tickets can be bought in advance on the website or at the box office of the rink itself (but with the queue!).

Skating rink on Elagin island

When: December - March.

Working hours: 10:00—22:00.

Price: the skating rink works for free, skate rental - from 250 rubles.

Elagin Island is a picturesque place for walking, which since the Soviet era was officially called the Kirov Central Park of Culture and Arts. Here is the summer palace of Empress Maria Feodorovna, now working as a museum. In winter, an ice rink is poured on the street - with music, illumination and a large Christmas tree. A huge plus is that you can ride for free.

Meeting with Santa Claus from Veliky Ustyug

When: December 22, 15:00.

Price: Free admission.

Every year, Santa Claus from Veliky Ustyug makes a holiday raid around the cities and lights the main Christmas trees. This year, December 22, he will arrive at the Palace Square. The program of events includes New Year's competitions for young spectators, they will be held by the Snow Maiden. Long live Santa Claus, vacation and in general!

New Year's market in the port "Sevcable"

When: December 15-16, 12: 00-22: 00.

Price: Free admission.

Another creative space - the port of Sevcable - will hold a Christmas gift fair. Art master classes are waiting for children, and for adults - a music program with the participation of the St. Petersburg "Neskuchny Choir", a disco and DJ mixes. The most important thing is a huge selection of handmade New Year's gifts (cosmetics, dishes, jewelry, Christmas decorations).

New Year on Palace Square

When: December 31, 23:00 - January 1, 04:00.

Price: Free admission.

The main night of the year can be spent in a noisy crowd of like-minded people - of course, on Palace Square. Traditionally there are night walks with music, karaoke, dancing and, of course, fireworks. If you suddenly feel cramped at the Palace, you can move towards Nevsky: two more scenes will be installed at the Gostiny Dvor and on Malaya Konyushennaya Street.

Excursion "Crawling through clubs and bars on New Year's Eve"

When: December 31, 21:00 - January 1, 6:00.

Price: from 3500 rubles (start after 00:00) to 7000 rubles (start at 21:00).

Entertainment for the strong in body and spirit. The tour involves a night walk in St. Petersburg drinking establishments - at once in several, from underground clubs to cocktail bars, so as not to be boring. You can start in the evening and celebrate the New Year on excursions, you can join the group after midnight. The cost of the full route includes 12 shots, the abbreviated - 8 shots. You can sign up for a tour on the site (21+).

New Year's Eve Bus Tour

When: December 31, 22:00 - January 1, 4:00.

Price: children - 1000 rubles, adults - 1500 rubles.

Participants of the bus excursion celebrate New Year on Palace Square (champagne from the organizers is included in the price), as well as ride around the decorated city and admire its main attractions - Nevsky Prospect, Kazan and St. Isaac's Cathedral, panoramas of the Neva, Peter and Paul Fortress, etc.

Forest rink in Okhta Park

When: end of November - March.

Working hours : 11:00—22:00

Price: adults - from 550 rubles, children - from 250 rubles, skate rental - from 300 rubles.

Okhta-Park is one of the most popular places for outdoor activities among residents of St. Petersburg. There are sports fields, ski slopes, snow slides. You can come for a day or spend a weekend in the cottage village of Okhta Park.

But the main feature is a forest skating rink. You ride in a real pine forest, along winding paths with magical illumination. In the center of the rink you can have a great time with a cup of tea at Ice Bar Café with panoramic windows.

Kurgala Tourist Village

When: January 1-8.

Price: children's Christmas trees - 300 rubles per person, children under 7 years old - free of charge.

A great place for winter outdoor recreation in the Leningrad region is the tourist village of Kurgala. On the territory of the complex you can rent a cottage or just come one day, take a walk, have dinner at the Kurgala restaurant with Georgian cuisine or the Shashlyk-Mashlyk tavern (we recommend trying lagman and lamb on the bones!). For the New Year holidays, children's trees, holiday parties and excursions are planned. The schedule of events is available on the village website.

Ice show "Alice in Wonderland"

When: December 28 - January 7.

Price: 600-5000 rubles, tickets can be bought on the site.

New Year's ice shows are a classic of the genre. One of the brightest St. Petersburg programs this year is “Alice in Wonderland” by Ilya Averbukh. Wait for large-scale scenery, powerful acrobatic stunts and video effects. The action will unfold not only on ice, but also in the air. The show will be attended by two-time Olympic champion Tatyana Volosozhar, she will play the role of the White Queen.

New Year's ball in the Neidgart mansion

When: December 30 - January 7.

Price: adult + child - 2200 rubles, including a gift.

The Christmas tree in the luxurious interiors of the Neidgart mansion with antique furniture and a fireplace is designed for children 3-7 years old. It will be an interactive performance in which young guests will become full participants. At the end of the performance, Santa Claus will present gifts by the fireplace, there will also be a photo shoot with fairy-tale characters.

WOW! How? Scientific Christmas tree at the LDM Theater “New Stage”

When: December 14-16.

Price: 650-3990 rubles, you can buy tickets on the site.

Scientific Christmas trees are becoming more and more popular every year. Such shows are designed for children from 6 years. The organizers prepare a lot of interactive entertainment and experiences.

For example, Santa Claus’s cryolaboratory with experiments with liquid nitrogen, the New Year’s high-voltage laboratory for experiments with electricity, an ice age zone where you can walk with mammoths along the snowy tundra will work on the Christmas tree. And of course, the New Year’s performance itself with special effects and scientific wonders that unfold right on the stage.

Sand animation show

When : December 31, 12:00.

Price: 410-460 rubles.

For the right festive mood for New Year's Eve, we offer right on December 31 to go to the sand animation show. Children of 6-12 years old will be especially interesting here. A beautiful festive story unfolds before the guests - “The Tale of the Enchanted Princess” - in the sand, accompanied by beautiful music from the ballet suite of Leonid Levashkevich.On the big screen, sand paintings from a fairy tale about how an evil sorcerer turns a princess into a Christmas tree, but love defeats his spell, will be broadcast.

In the frosty winter St. Petersburg on New Year's Eve it will be festive hot. Most importantly, choose a good company and an interesting program. And let it be CPH (purely in St. Petersburg's good)!

Do not follow the cultural program for six months in advance

Many parents plan New Year holidays in advance, trying to enrich every day with intellectual education - these are museums, exhibitions, and going to the theater and cinema. But for each child, a holiday is primarily associated with fun. Ask the kid what is preferable for him - to play on the street with friends or go to the museum? Strive to combine business with pleasure and remember that a good mood of the child is the key to a stable psyche. Sometimes you can sacrifice some knowledge for the sake of his pleasure.

During the New Year holidays, spend more time outdoors and give preference to walks and games with children. Active and active exercises energize and give an excellent mood to all family members.

Choose us an individual tour!

The excursion "Christmas Petersburg" includes a tour of the New Year's decoration of St. Petersburg and a story about the New Year holidays. Schoolchildren will admire the light decoration of the city: they will visit Nevsky Prospect, the spit of Vasilyevsky Island, pl. Ostrovsky, pl. Decembrists, St. Isaac's Square, pl. Arts. And on Palace Square they will receive New Year's greetings from Santa Claus, games and souvenirs.

Our guide will tell the children how they celebrated New Year and Christmas in St. Petersburg in different eras, what gifts they gave, where folk trees and public festivities took place, there will be many fantastic holiday stories and mysteries!

Also during the tour we will visit one of the cathedrals of the city and see its magical Christmas decoration from the inside!

Rehearsal for an early climb at the end of the holidays

In many families during the holidays, it is common to break the circadian rhythm, adapted to the working mode. And every year they have to face the fact that for the next month they come to their senses and restore sleep. The most difficult thing for children is that they are capricious in the morning and do not want to get up.

To avoid this, try this time to leave yourself two days at the end of the holidays to prepare for the laboring rhythm of life.

Go to bed as if you need to go to work tomorrow.

And for younger schoolchildren and preschool children, a break in school should not differ much in routine from weekdays, with the exception of the New Year itself. Teenagers can be offered a conversation on the topic of self-care and preparation for school, but without notations and repression.

Operating procedure:

IMPORTANT! the tour is fun and carefree if you plan it in ADVANCE (at least 2 weeks in advance!)

1) WE select excursions according to the school curriculum or the necessary subjects, we coordinate the day and time of the holding with the schedule of lessons.

2) WE are preparing a contract for this. You send the passport details of the parent responsible for the tour.

3) WE will send you the contract by e-mail, or you come to our office for the original.

4) YOU pay the tour (30% deposit at the time of conclusion of the contract and full payment for THREE days before the date of the tour) in cash at the office or by transfer to a bank card / bank account of a legal entity

5) WE send by e-mail / give personally in hand ALL confirmations of payment

6) WE provide a full package of documents for the bus for RONO

7) SCHOOL agrees trip with RONO

8) WE ourselves coordinate the trip with the traffic police (for this we need to get from you a LIST of children with a full name and dates of birth + a list of accompanying people with a full name and contact numbers!

Return to winter

After resting in a climate change, it is also recommended that you leave several days for readaptation before going to work or school. If you plan to spend the whole family on holidays in warm latitudes, it is very undesirable to go to work immediately after arrival.

Give your body some time! Just a couple of days - and you will perfectly adapt to the working mood.

About the most important thing

And the most important recommendation for all family members. During the holidays, refrain from clarifying relationships, mutual criticism and reproaches, look with loving eyes at your loved ones, try to see in them what you love them for, respect and why you want to be with them.

Remember that a good mood, calm and joyful relationships will help you cope with all the hardships next year!

5 ways to lazily, but usefully spend the New Year holidays in St. Petersburg

1. Let us assume that for some unknown reason you left the New Year's table a little hungry and want to eat. In this case, you have a direct road to one of the New Year's fairs in St. Petersburg, which will be a great many on holidays in the city. For example, a fair at Malaya Konyushennaya, where for guests (who, incidentally, are allowed here for free), they have prepared not only tasty and varied treats and light shows, but also gifts. The fair will be open until January 10, so there’s time.

2. If there is frost and a blizzard on the street, and possibly rain, and there is no desire to go out, there is still a chance to spend your free time.

3. Work takes up most of your time, the weekend is somehow connected with unresolved affairs, so time is left not only for family friends, but even for yourself. New Year holidays are the right time to pay attention to family, friends, old friends. And New Year is a holiday, which is an excellent occasion for this. There is always work, but you can’t buy a strong human relationship for any money, spend your free time with family and family, take a walk, have fun with friends. Spend time on yourself!

4. We recall that you can not only look at the ice: it is still very convenient to ride ice skates imposingly on it. Since November, an excellent skating rink has opened on the island of New Holland, the area of ​​which is more than 2000 square meters. There is a stage right in front of the rink where concerts and shows will take place during the holidays. There are also stalls with food and coffee, so even with the slowest riding you will not be able to freeze.

5. Conducting New Year holidays with benefits - this does not necessarily mean active recreation in the fresh air, because you can combine business with pleasure, even without leaving home. Most importantly, try to spend less time on Internet entertainment, which will only accelerate the approach of working days and leave a feeling of dissatisfaction from wasted time. Make yourself a preliminary vacation plan that would be ideal, and try to fulfill it - you will only win from this diligence!


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