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What is their secret? 9 inspiring celebrity pics to lose weight


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The problem of excess weight today is faced by almost everyone. And even Hollywood stars, she does not pass by. And despite the fact that whole teams of trainers and nutritionists work with celebrities, it is also not easy for them to cope with extra pounds. Let's see which of them still managed to pull themselves together and change beyond recognition.


Since 2008, singer Adele began to noticeably change. According to the star, she lost weight for herself and her personal happiness, and not in order to meet the "standards of beauty." Adele completely eliminated sugar from her diet, but the celebrity is silent about how many kilograms she dropped.

Jonah Hill: Oscar nominee

The prodigy merchant Donnie from Stratton Oakmont is John Hill, but now in a slender guy you don’t recognize the chubby companion, The Wolf of Wall Street. The actor seriously took up himself and sports equipment, completely reviewed the food and managed to lose more than 30 kilograms over the past year. It’s not the first time that John has been losing weight, he has been overweight for a long time, but Hill can boast of such significant results for the first time.

The secret to success: the actor refused sweets, soda and hamburgers, he does not drink alcohol and regularly visits the gym. The motivation for him was the warning of doctors: the weight reached a critical point.

Ekaterina Skulkina: a miracle with your own hands

Either liposuction or gastric bypass surgery - such a verdict was pronounced by gossips when Ekaterina Skulkina posted on Instagram a photo of her transformation. In the picture, the star looked so thin that it was difficult to believe in a swift transformation without tricks. Skulkina assures that the result in minus 20 kilos "achieved exclusively independent way." A celebrity healthy recipe: motivation, proper nutrition, “decent sport”, modeling massage and body wraps. These are the recommendations that give everyone to lose weight.

Catherine assured that there are no miracles in this area, and she is absolutely right: no magic additives can help to lose weight in an instant. Skulkina, known for her forms, was indignant that after losing weight she was accused of losing her charm. Catherine said that makeup and well-chosen clothes are important in any weight, and beauty depends only on self-confidence.

Seth Rogen: Hornets, Weddings, and Cinema

“If Matthew McConaughey began to look like me, he would have killed himself from grief,” Seth Rogen joked about his weight loss. In 2011, the actor and screenwriter lost almost 15 kilograms for the role of evil fighter Britt Reed in the film The Green Hornet. The transformation was not easy for him. Seth admitted that diets and exercise have become a difficult test, but the result is worth it. Rogen's bride Lauren Miller also appreciated the changes in the appearance of her beloved. The couple got married shortly before the premiere of "The Green Hornet", for which Seth himself wrote the script.

Losing weight showed that Seth is capable of more, and this could not but affect his career. In John Levine’s tragicomedy Life is Beautiful, the actor played a guy helping a friend cope with a fatal diagnosis, and in Danny Boyle’s biographical drama Steve Jobs, the programmer Steve Wozniak.

Janet Jackson: victory over oneself and circumstances

The younger the person, the easier it is for him to lose weight - for obvious reasons, the body is rebuilding faster and adapting to change. With this in mind, singer Janet Jackson deserves even more respect. At 47 years old, she lost 25 kilograms after another food breakdown and not only looked fresh and well-groomed, but she also successfully kept herself at the right level. In 2016, 50-year-old Janet first became a mother - and due to hormonal treatment during pregnancy, she gained almost 50 kilograms.

Jackson surprised us with both late motherhood and fortitude. She dealt with the problem of overweight, divorced her tyrant husband, billionaire Wissam al-Mana, and won the custody of her son.

John Goodman: More Than Lebowski

When the actor’s weight became his personal disaster, John Goodman turned to fitness star guru Maki Shilstone, who helped him lose 45 kilos in three years. The request for help was not the last - Goodman got better again by 2015, and so much so that the tabloids without hesitation called him ... "dangerously fat." Journalists were rude, but, alas, right. Weight 63-year-old Goodman reached 180 kilograms, which is fraught with serious health problems.

Maki, the bestselling author of the Olympic Excess Fat Burning Course, helped Goodman break his own record. The actor lost half a centner not in three, but in two years. He refused alcohol, walked at least 7 kilometers a day, was engaged in strength training 6 times a week, ate only fish, nuts, vegetables and fruits. The Mediterranean diet and sport helped: John Goodman lost weight, refreshed and continues to keep the brand - at least in the March photos from the opening ceremony of his star on the Walk of Fame, the actor looks great.

Julia Kuvarzina: donuts only in the portfolio

She is known for the roles of charming fatties: Nastya in the TV series "Voronin" and Tanya Poncheva in "Do not be born beautiful." But now this role of Julia Kuvarzina does not fit. Last year, Julia lost more than 20 kilograms, and helped her in this rejection of salty, sweet and fatty foods, fractional food, water, vegetables, lean meat and fish on the menu, sauna, massage and training.

With her small growth after giving birth, Kuvarzina weighed more than 90 kilograms and realized that this was no longer the image of a “charming donut”, but a health hazard. The actress took action and is not going to stop. She intends to lose weight further. Both daughter Liza and her husband, actor Aleksey Aptovtsev, who together with Julia work in the Taganka Theater, switched to fractional nutrition. Kuvarzina admits that she does not intend to get fat even for the sake of an excellent role.

Zach Halifianakis: becoming the husband of a ballerina

Alan Garner from The Hangover Party is a thing of the past. Zach Halifianakis is no longer a fat man with a ragged beard. A talented comedian proved that he could do both serious roles and serious actions: in 2013, Zak got involved in sports and switched to proper nutrition, having thrown off almost 30 kilograms in two years, which led to dramatic changes not only in appearance, but also in life. By the age of 48, Halifianakis is the husband of the ballerina Quinn Lundberg, the father of two sons and one of the most sought-after Hollywood actors.

Gerrit in Chadwick's Tulip Fever and Jake in Birdman Inyarrit are not at all like the images Zak embodied on the screen before. The reason for his success was a strong motivation, but pulling himself together is not as easy as it seems, but losing weight is a difficult job that millions of people around the world are trying to do. Among them are Andersons - six members of the same family, who together weigh more than a thousand kilograms. They have to change forever with the help of doctors, nutritionists and trainers, but only the time will tell whether the Andersons will manage to prevail overweight.

Kelly Osbourne

Kelly Osbourne has lost 31 kg since 2009. It all started with her participation in the program "Dancing with the Stars." Partner Kelly told her how to exercise and eat in order to change her appearance.

Whose transformation surprised you the most? Write your answer in the comments 🙂

Renee Zellweger (48)

When we talk about Renee Zellweger, we immediately introduce Bridget Jones. The premiere of the first part of the bestseller was a turning point in Renee's career. To participate in the film, Zellweger, not inclined to fullness, specially gained 9 kg, and for filming the sequel - already 15 kg. It is not surprising that we remembered her as a ridiculous fat Englishwoman Bridget Jones (by the way, Rene is not even an Englishwoman - she was born in Texas).

Polina Grents (23)

The actress became famous after filming in one of the main roles in the series "Fizruk". Her heroine, schoolgirl Sasha Mamaeva, is kind, fair and a little complete. For the sake of filming, Pauline "ate" a few extra pounds, and by the beginning of the series weighed 89 kg. True, now the actress has lost 20 kg and has already become slim, despite this, for us she still remained "chubby Sasha Mamaeva."

Pelagia (31)

Despite the fact that Pelageya has an ideal figure now, fans of the singer remember her “chubby” past. To get in shape, the actress regularly trained and adhered to proper nutrition. Pelagia set a goal and clearly followed her. Thanks to her willpower and endurance, the singer returned to her ideal weight of 55 kg.

Ksenia Borodina

The presenter of the popular TV show "Dom-2" woke up famous when her body still left much to be desired. But the audience fell in love with Ksenia, and therefore were pleasantly surprised when she began to slim. She managed to burn more than 20 kg. After all, initially its weight "floated" within 70 kg, and today it varies from 46 to 49.

Ani Lorak

Ani Lorak acquired extra centimeters during pregnancy. After giving birth, the performer was not immediately able to return to form. But thanks to the right combination of diet and physical activity, she managed to lose 16 kg. For several years, the singer has maintained the achieved result and looks gorgeous!

Anfisa Chekhova

The host of the piquant transfer has always been famous for its magnificent forms. Moreover, they liked the star itself. That is why her weight loss was so amazing. Anfisa Chekhova did yoga and set strict food prohibitions for herself. The result is minus 12 kg.

How Anfisa Chekhova was able to lose weight to size 46 can be found in our article!

Mariya Kozhevnikova

The actress, who became famous thanks to the role of the frivolous Allochka from Univer, could always boast a chiseled figure. But adjustments made childbirth. Maria Kozhevnikova greatly gained weight, but perseverance and self-discipline work wonders. Minus 30 kg - this is the result of work on herself, which the actress spent.

Svetlana Hodchenkova

At the dawn of his acting career, no one could call the current sex symbol thin. On the contrary, Svetlana Khodchenkova was distinguished by burly rich forms. The actress made every effort to get rid of the peasant appearance, and the result was gorgeous - minus more than 20 kg. Today, a celebrity amazes everyone with its chiseled figure and ideal proportions.

You can learn about the matchless diet of Svetlana Khodchenkova from our article!

Catherine Barnabas

Ekaterina Barnabas is another comedy woman prima who managed to radically change her appearance. The comedian did not initially suffer from a lot of extra kilos. Frankly complete was not for sure! But at the same time, she lost 20 kg, which prevented her. Now fans often accuse the comedian of anorexia, but she does not pay attention to the sharp remarks. An active lifestyle and vegetarianism help the star maintain a dream figure.

Alla Pugacheva

For many years, the prima donna struggled with being overweight, although it was some fatness that gave the singer charm and charm. Alla Pugacheva lost weight suddenly, hitting everyone around. She got rid of 51 kg, is it a joke? But it is still not completely clear what helped her in this: doctors, diet, cosmetologists. Only the result was stunning!

How actually the Primadonna of the Russian platform has lost weight, we tell in our article!

Natalya Bochkareva

Natalia Bochkareva owes her fame to the role of Dasha in the once-popular sitcom "Happy Together." Then the actress appeared before the audience in the image of a magnificent lady. But in record time, the artist lost 20 kg, and today in photos in gloss and her own Instagram, she looks very slim and fit.

Victoria Lopyreva

Model Victoria Lopyreva, by virtue of her profession, is simply obliged to monitor the body. But at some point everyone noticed: the celebrity was a little stout. With this circumstance, celebrity could not reconcile and again returned the original parameters. Since the body “remembers” the load and responds well to proper nutrition, Victoria quickly lost 11 kg.

Anna Mikhalkova

Anna Mikhalkova is the daughter of famous parents, but she failed to make a dizzying career as an actress. Perhaps the cause of this was just overweight. Only recently, the star decided on important changes. Today, Anna boasts a built body. After all, she managed to get rid of 10 extra kilos.

Keti Topuria

At the beginning of her musical career, Keti Topuria boasted delicious cheeks, and overall did not look very fragile. However, after giving birth (that's a paradox!), The singer lost a lot of weight. After parting with her beloved Guf, the fans of the performer are completely afraid for her health. Keti's appearance has acquired all the signs of anorexia. So in this list, Topuria is perhaps the only one who lost weight on a nervous basis!

Alexandra Bortich

Paradoxically, the young actress had to gain weight for the shootings in the film "I'm losing weight". According to the terms of the contract, Alexandra Bortich gained 85 kg. But during the filming of the script had to lose weight. For this, the celebrity has not only reduced her diet. She regularly practiced in the hall, did massage courses, swam. At the same time, she paid the most attention to training. In the hall, she worked 6 times a week. The result was not long in coming. In record time, she lost 29 kg.

Vera Brezhneva

The ex-soloist of the country's sexiest trio was not always so fragile and slim. At the very beginning of her musical career, Vera Brezhneva seemed more well-fed. But the ability to correctly compose a diet and willpower (after all, many gastronomic temptations had to be abandoned) allow the singer to keep her weight for 50 years at a height of 171 cm.

Olga Orlova

The ex-soloist of the Brilliant group has always tried to keep her weight normal. But for the period that Olga Orlova did not appear on the stage, she recovered greatly. With a growth of 155 cm, its weight reached 72 kg. It is not surprising that she had to work hard on the figure in order to return to show business fully armed. Now the singer and TV presenter weighs only 47 kg.

Yana Rudkovskaya

After giving birth, Yana Rudkovskaya, like many women, noticeably recovered. Kefir diet helped her to return to the ranks of slender ladies. With her help, the wife of Evgeni Plushenko managed to reduce her weight by 16 kg.

Many Russian celebrities can be an excellent incentive in the process of losing weight. But still, do not chase their parameters, because they often achieve fantastic results in order to remain fragile even at + 7-8 kg, which the screen adds!

14 secrets from star nutritionists to help get in shape and keep the result

Most celebrities have a slender, toned body. Someone is able to stably keep themselves in shape, some pull themselves together to get rid of extra pounds. All of them, as a rule, are helped by nutritionists and trainers who know a lot of professional tricks.

We are in Bright Side decided to find out the secrets of specialists with whom it is quite possible to achieve excellent results at home.

14. Discard eggs for breakfast

It’s very difficult for our body to digest egg white in the morning. He has to spend a lot of energy, so after a couple of hours you are already very hungry and your hands reach for sweets that can quickly replenish energy reserves.Omelet and scrambled eggs should be moved to the afternoon.

  • Channing Tatum spends his fullness by nature for 3 hours every day in the gym to maintain his body in perfect condition, and he adheres to proper nutrition, although he has a weakness for fast food.

13. Start the morning not with a cup of coffee, but with a glass of water with lemon

Lemons contribute to the health of the liver, they have many different enzymes and vitamin C. Hot water relaxes the intestines well and promotes complete cleansing.

Most often, the amount of lemon juice in the water depends on the weight of the person: it can be both a quarter and a whole fruit. Be careful, this method is suitable for people with no stomach problems.

  • To turn into a pumped-up superhero, actor Chris Pratt had to sit on a strict low-carb and non-alcoholic diet for six months and devote 4 hours to training every day.

12. Give preference to smoothies over juices

Smoothies fill the body with energy for a long time, while it contains few calories. It helps regulate blood sugar. When scrolling vegetables, fruits and berries in the blender, the walls of their cells open - a large amount of valuable substances that are perfectly absorbed by the body are released. It is better to drink smoothies in small sips, while chewing it, otherwise its use is fraught with bloating.

  • Fergie has always been distinguished by a chic figure, however, after giving birth, the singer had to make an effort to return to her previous form. The result was achieved using daily cardio, jogging and proper nutrition.

11. Do not consume large amounts of protein.

For many people who want to lose weight and maintain weight, protein becomes an essential part of the diet. Think about it, maybe you should reconsider your menu, because the use of large amounts of protein has a bad effect on the liver and can provoke its disease.

  • Drew Barrymore, to get the next desired role, had to say goodbye to extra centimeters at the waist. The actress gave preference to proper nutrition. And Drew was engaged in “hot yoga”, worked on simulators, took long walks and even attended hip-hop dance classes.

10. Every 10 days, change the type of exercise

Muscles get used to the same loads, and it is difficult for us to achieve the result we are striving for. To get the greatest effect from training, it is worth every 9-10 days to change the type of exercise in accordance with your program. The main emphasis should be given to auxiliary muscle groups: this allows the body not to grow in muscles, but to look sexy and feminine.

  • After a long break in her career, Britney Spears was able to successfully return to the scene. An important role in this belongs to how chic it looks today. Britney does 3-4 times a week, her workouts last 40 minutes. She pays a lot of attention to cardio loads, stretching, is engaged on a treadmill. The singer also changed her approach to nutrition: her diet became more diverse, selected taking into account her workloads.

9. Train in the morning

Most people prefer evening workouts, and in vain. "It is necessary to reduce the amount of load in the evening. Otherwise all will lead to the opposite result: muscle growth will slow due to lack of nutrients. Because you can eat after evening classes only once. ”

  • Christina Aguilera was once again able to defeat overweight. The singer completely abandoned the harmful products. Also, the girl begins her morning with jogging, 5 times a week for 90 minutes doing in the gym and does not forget about yoga.

8. Do not get involved in sports drinks and protein bars.

Do you still think your bar is made of protein? But its taste is more like chocolate or cookies. It definitely has sugar and, possibly, some low-quality refined protein. A bar cannot be compared to fish, poultry, steak, eggs or nuts.

Many sports drinks are high in sugar and sodium., and some also have caffeine, which can interfere with digestion. Of course, they can cause a sharp surge of strength, but it will also quickly go into decline.

  • John Hill managed to lose as much as 40 kg. The main motivation of the actor was the beloved girl, and success was achieved through the complete rejection of alcohol, fast food, carbonated drinks and sweets. Now John leads a healthy lifestyle and regularly devotes time to sports.

7. Plan your menu and workouts.

It is much better to adhere to a certain weekly nutrition plan than to torment yourself with diets. For example, if you have dinner in a restaurant, you should think in advance which products you choose: starchy or protein. For example, you want chicken. Choose chicken and broccoli, not chicken and potatoes.

  • Zach Halifianakis showed an excellent result in the fight against extra pounds. It cost a lot of effort to the artist, because for this he had to abandon his favorite fast food and alcoholic beverages. Zach walks a lot of time - down the street, up and down stairs.

6. Choose intense workouts

Exercising at high intensity increases metabolism. But for this you must visit a doctor and make sure that the pulse rate does not harm you. If everything is in order, determine your maximum heart rate. To do this, you need to take away your age from 220 and multiply the result by 0.7 for beginners and 0.75 for more experienced athletes.

The most suitable exercises for raising your heart rate are minute running at high speed on a treadmill, with a skipping rope or running in place, you can also add kickboxing. Cardio workouts can be done on an empty stomach in the morning, this is an ideal time for burning fat.

  • Chris Hemsworth began to prepare for the role of the Thor for the whole six months. To build muscle, the actor focused on strength training, and the basis of his diet was high-protein food (meat, chicken, eggs), protein shakes, unprocessed carbohydrates. Chris constantly counted calories and the amount of fat, protein and carbohydrates.

5. Better 15-minute workouts per day than nothing

Of course, full-fledged training brings the best result. But, if you do not have enough time, regular 15-minute workouts can bring noticeable results.

Drink 0.5 liters of water without gas before and after training. Do not skip breakfast, it should be the most high-calorie meal of the whole day.

  • Kelly Osbourne was never a slender woman, but it seems that the girl was tired of this, and she got down to business. The first point in her struggle was the rejection of fast food. Kelly also sharply reduced the consumption of pasta, white bread and sugar. She accustomed herself to the loads gradually. Regular exercises in a simulator with an instructor gave the girl a toned body.

4. Eat More Fiber

«Eat at least 5 g of fiber in each serving of food, it helps the body slow down the absorption of sugar. A woman under 50 should consume 25 g of fiber per day, a man under 50 should consume 38 g. ”

  • After pregnancy, Aishwarya Rai for a long time could not return a slim figure. But still, the actress managed to gather her will into a fist and achieve an amazing result. She calls the secret of harmony a diet, on the menu of which there is no meat, but there are sea fish, vegetables and fruits, rice and nuts. The actress actively used seasonings, which are famous for their fat-burning effect.

Jessica simpson

Singer Jessica Simpson has always had an ideal figure, but in connection with the birth of children she gained an extra 30 kg. But Simpson did not give up, pulled herself together and began to work hard on excess weight. Hard training and diet did their job, and after 6 months she again had a slender body.

Polina Gagarina

Another Russian celebrity who was able to lose a lot of weight is Polina Gagarina. Probably, everyone remembers a nice little cake with a strong voice at the Star Factory. Excess weight clearly prevented her. When Gagarina became pregnant, she recovered even more. The singer admits that she ate a lot and she even dreamed of cakes and pastries.

But after the birth of a child, Polina took up herself tightly. Firstly, I went on a diet. Secondly, in the Moscow Art Theater, where she studied, heavy loads began, and Gagarina was engaged in fencing, dancing, which also helped to get rid of extra pounds. The celebrity has lost 40 kg!

Chris Pratt

This actor is known not only for roles where he is a slender macho, but also where he is a clumsy fat man. Pratt had to lose more than once, and then gain weight again.

But his biggest "heroic deed" associated with weight loss, he made for the filming of the movie "Guardians of the Galaxy" in 2014. He lost 27 kg. He had to sacrifice cutlets and beer. Bodybuilding exercises helped in the fight against weight.

Nastya Kamensky

Favorite singer from the duet “Potap and Nastya” was always distinguished by rounded shapes, but when rumors about her pregnancy began to circulate, Nastya decided to pull herself together and lose weight. What diets she just tried, but the extra pounds returned, bringing with her a couple more “friends”.

But in the end, she normalized nutrition and went in for sports. This helped her lose weight as much as 3 sizes. Let us wish her success!

What is their secret? 9 inspiring celebrity pics to lose weight

Not all celebrities were born with a perfect body. Some had to go through a difficult path to transformation. Now they do not look the same as before. Who managed to get rid of a dozen kilograms and how did they do it? We are in More! We want to tell and show you how thin the stars are suffering from excess weight. Perhaps their stories and photos will inspire you.

Photo stars who managed to lose weight

You will see the most striking and impressive transformations of celebrity bodies. Keep reading to find out more about how many kilograms the stars lost and what helped them.

Since 2008, singer Adele began to noticeably change. According to the star, she lost weight for herself and her personal happiness, and not in order to meet the "standards of beauty." Adele completely eliminated sugar from her diet, but the celebrity is silent about how many kilograms she dropped.


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