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Top 10 cheapest cars in Russia for 2019


Budget car buyers often have to choose between a used and a new car. Yielding to equipment or even a class, the new car is under official warranty, does not require expensive repairs a month after purchase, and it is more pleasant to have a new thing than a used one.

In recent years, foreign car manufacturers have been moving the assembly to Russia, adapting models to our conditions, for example, increasing ground clearance, installing “winter packages” that facilitate operation in severe frosts and so on.

To summarize, a new foreign car should be chosen instead of a used one for the following reasons:

  • Zero mileage, perfect condition, no risk of buying a stolen, beaten and otherwise problematic car,
  • Warranty from an authorized dealer
  • frequent adaptation from the manufacturer to our road and weather conditions,
  • an opportunity to buy the necessary complete set and color, but not a choice between a pair of options.

5th place

In fifth place is a well-known foreign car from a company with French roots Renault Logan. Sedan whose reliability and adaptability to our roads is checked by taxi drivers, in Access configuration, costs only 499 000 rubles.

It is equipped with a 1.6-liter gasoline engine developing 82 horsepower. Consumption in the city does not exceed 10 liters.

The warranty is given for 3 years or 100,000 kilometers.

4th place

Here is a cheap relative of the previous car - Renault Sandero with a similar engine. For a price of 499,000 rubles, he offers a more recent design than Logan and smaller dimensions, which makes it easier to move around the city and easier to find a parking place.

The car is adapted to Russian roads and climate, so there will be no problems on broken asphalt or frost.

The warranty is given for 3 years or 100,000 kilometers.

3rd place

Sedan from the Uzbek company Ravon Nexia. This is a front-wheel drive car of the middle class, costing from 479,000 rubles and created on the basis of Chevrolet Aveo.

A 1.5-liter engine produces 105 horsepower, which allows you to feel confident in the city stream.

The warranty is given for 3 years or 100,000 kilometers.

2nd place

Another cheap Uzbek car Ravon R2 almost got to the top. This little machine is the heir to the popular Daewoo Matiz and, in combination, the cheapest new foreign car on the Russian market with an automatic transmission.

In the cheapest configuration for 439,000 rubles, the car is equipped with an automatic transmission, electric power steering, ABS, 2 airbags in front, ISOFIX mounts in the rear.

1st place

The cheapest new foreign car - Datsun on-DO. The car in the sedan and at the price of 436,000 rubles is based on the Lada Granta.

Datsun is a budget brand revived by the famous Japanese company Nissan. It produces cars with low cost. In 2017, assembly began in the Russian city of Tolyatti.

Roomy trunk, reinforced body, good ground clearance, economical engine, airbag for the driver, heated front seats, electric power steering in the cheapest configuration - this is what the cheapest new foreign car on the Russian market offers you.

The warranty is given for 3 years or 100,000 kilometers.

10. Daewoo Nexia (from 450 000 rubles)

A classic of an inexpensive family car, almost “Uzbek Lada” are a licensed copy of a South Korean car.

In fact, Daewoo nexia It has an even deeper pedigree - its prototype was the Opel Kadett, which received in 1985 the prize "the best car in Europe."

The design honed for 30 years, the neat assembly and the thoughtfulness of design decisions still attract customers.

Unfortunately, the car is not too adapted to Russian roads.Nevertheless, with careful use, the merits of a well-deserved car justify the retail price of 450 thousand rubles at a car dealership.


If you have a dilemma: to buy an inexpensive used car or choose a new budget one, the choice depends entirely on your preferences, as the market offers you many options.

Official dealers offer on sale cars adapted to our conditions, and our rating has selected the most budget offers.

If you definitely want a new car, but you can allocate even a smaller amount than the top of our list, then pay attention to the cheapest domestic cars.

The information on this site is not an offer as defined in Article 437 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation. The information on prices and complete sets of cars indicated on the website are for informational purposes only and are indicative. The indicated prices may differ from the actual prices of authorized official dealers and other car dealerships.

9. Lada Granta (from 383 000 rubles)

The working title of the AvtoVAZ project was simple and frank: “Low cost". Designers, engineers and marketers have made every effort to justify this motto.

Despite the quite modern level of comfort, the price Lada granta at the time of the start of sales, it was only slightly higher than the cost of the "classic", outdated by a quarter century.

The modern interior design, the obligatory equipping of cars even in the cheapest configuration with airbags, the originally provided mounts for child seats and the low toxicity of the exhaust are quite European standards for a “people's car”.

Designed to modern standards, the body provides good passive safety.

Unfortunately, the reasonableness of the design is leveled by not too high quality workmanship.

Owners of cars worth 383 thousand rubles often complain about a noisy interior, extraneous squeaks, vibrations and even falling off interior details.

8. Geely HQ SRV (from 380 000 rubles)

A small Chinese car is developed on the basis of a very successful compact car Daihatsu Charade.

The solutions worked out more than a quarter of a century ago found a new life when the car received a new interior, a modern appearance and a generally accepted set of devices and accessories.

Small car Geely HQ SRV produced since 2005. Despite the fact that it is not officially delivered to Russia, such a car can be found in car dealerships at a price of 380 thousand rubles.

A simple and unpretentious little car is characterized by decent reliability and sufficient comfort. If you look for flaws, you can only note the difficulties with the search for spare parts.

Is it possible to purchase a new car on the domestic market with a very limited amount? The answer is yes, and the choice of cheap cars is scarce. We present to your attention the rating of the most budget models and modifications.

The cheapest cars in Russia are the hope and joy of a huge number of owners who are ready to prefer an inexpensive, but new used car, even if the class is higher. No matter how attractive the prices for used vehicles with easy maintenance are, the choice is often made in favor of a fresh car.

The first line in the ranking of the cheapest is Datsun on-DO, whose exterior hardly hides its origin. In fact, the car, manufactured at AvtoVAZ under the banner of the revived Japanese brand, is a converted Lada Granta.

The engine in the base version is a 87-horsepower 1.6 liter with a five-speed manual gearbox. It is no exaggeration to say that in the initial Datsun there is practically nothing, except for such necessary equipment as ABS, a driver's airbag. But the price is corresponding - only 394 thousand rubles.

Prices for a related brainchild of the Togliatti brand, that is, Lada Granta, start at 414.9 thousand rubles. The basic configuration of the sedan still includes the same 1.6-liter eight-valve engine with 87 hp, aggregated with a five-speed manual gearbox.

The initial version, as expected, does not indulge in equipment and includes such equipment as a driver’s airbag, ISOFIX child seat mounts, childproof rear doors, immobilizer, daytime running lights and, of course, ABS with EBD and BAS.

Then follows the Lada Granta with a liftback body, the initial version of which will cost 431.9 thousand rubles.

Lada Granta liftback

The power unit is the same as the four-door version, but the boot volume is less, although you expect a different result from a practical liftback. In fact, 440-760 liters versus 520-815 liters.

Similarly, there is the Granta hatchback, which before the update, the audience knew under the name Kalina.

Lada Granta hatchback

Last year, the “berry” line was updated and renamed.

The most expensive in the Lada Granta palette is a station wagon, which was part of the Kalina family until last year's restyling - this modification is estimated at a minimum of 441.9 thousand rubles.

Lada Granta station wagon

The initial power unit is the same as that of other members of the family - a bunch of a 1.6-liter eight-valve and a five-speed manual gearbox.

The five-door Datsun mi-DO, created on the Lada Kalina platform, starts from 465 thousand rubles and is ready to argue a higher price tag than Granta's list of basic equipment.

The five-door flaunts with bumpers to match the body color, but it is much more important to have not only the driver’s airbag, but also the passenger airbag, on-board computer, electric adjustment and heating of the side mirrors, front electric windows, electric power steering, steering column adjustment in height, and heated front seats. The engine, of course, is repeatedly mentioned above 87-horsepower.

The need for cheap SUVs, which has long existed in Russia, AvtoVAZ has long and successfully satisfied the legendary Niva, now sold under the name Lada 4x4.

This is an excellent Spartan all-terrain vehicle, the initial cost of which is 488.9 thousand rubles. The asset is a 1.7-liter engine with 83 hp. a five-speed manual gearbox and permanent all-wheel drive with a reduction gear. The basic equipment, as they say, for the countryside - there is a power steering, power windows, ABS, light tinted windows. By the way, the base Lada 4x4 with a five-door body is noticeably more expensive - prices start at 557.9 thousand rubles.

A step from the half-millionth psychological mark for some buyers is the Lada XRAY, which hides the Renault B0 platform under the body in the AvtoVAZ signature style.

Expensive? But already in the basic version, the hatchback has a sixteen-valve 1.6-liter engine with a five-speed manual gearbox and a very good level of equipment. Here, frontal airbags, immobilizer, LED daytime running lights, directional stability system and traction control, as well as an assistant start uphill. There are also front power windows and an on-board computer.

The Russian range of Renault poses a dilemma for the audience - for the identical 554 thousand rubles, both the Logan base sedan and its five-door version Sandero with a 1.6-liter engine with 82 hp are offered. and a five-speed manual gearbox.

7. Renault Logan (from 349 000 rubles)

The car was originally designed as an inexpensive car for poor countries with poor roads.

Moreover, the savings began even at the development stage - due to the fact that instead of building prototypes, computer calculation and simulation methods were widely used. This alone saved almost 20 million euros.

Cheaper production was also facilitated by the widespread use of components and assemblies that were already well developed and used in other brands of Renault cars.

Engines, gearbox, steering, suspension - all these units have already been massively used on other mass-produced machines. All this allowed to omit the final cost. Renault Logan up to 349 thousand rubles (in Russia).

Significant clearance provides a good cross. Alas, the simplified body structure does not provide adequate passive safety.

Rating of the cheapest new cars in Russia

Choosing a new car with a limited budget is not so easy, you need to approach the choice with all responsibility, since it is most likely acquired for at least 3-5 years, and often on credit. Therefore, it should not be as beautiful and comfortable as reliable and inexpensive to maintain.

In our ranking, we will consider models from the following manufacturers:

6. Ravon R2 (from 335 000 rubles)

«Small, yes udalenky»Fully applies to baby hatchback Ravon r2. A car with a full curb weight of less than a ton is equipped with a 85 horsepower engine, which is quite powerful for a flea.

At the request of the consumer, the salon can be equipped with all accessories, familiar owners of significantly more expensive brands.

The low final cost of the car was initially laid when deciding on production. The fact is that the Ravon brand is produced in Uzbekistan.

Production was designed primarily for the domestic market, and export prospects were rather a pleasant addition for company managers.

In order to reduce the cost, the ready-made developments of the General Motors and Daewoo concern were used to the maximum extent possible, which made it possible to achieve a selling price of the car of 335 thousand rubles.

Perhaps the only drawback noted by the drivers is the rather low "landing" of the car - the clearance is only 140 mm.

Lada Granta - the cheapest model

The first in our rating of the most inexpensive cars is the domestic Lada Grant, it is the cheapest in Russia today. In 2019, Granta experienced the first serious restyling as a result of which the appearance, equipment, and new options were updated. The car began to look quite modern, although the interior remained extremely budget.

A serious advantage can be called a large selection of body types, namely:

Grant is equipped with two gasoline engine options: 87, 106 hp. The gearbox is available mechanical or robotic. With the reliability of the technical part of the problems, owners do not have up to two hundred thousand kilometers. What can not be said about the paintwork, chips appear quickly enough, if they are not processed on time, then after a while rust will appear in their place.

Price: from 405 000 rub.

  • High ground clearance
  • Reliability of the technical part,
  • Low cost
  • Low cost service
  • A wide selection of bodies and trim levels.
  • Weak LCP
  • Low comfort
  • Poor insulation.

5. Daewoo Matiz (from 314 000 rubles)

The appearance of this urban subcompact will leave few indifferent. And no wonder, because the charming face was painted by Italian designers.

A smart South Korean car is produced under licenses in almost a dozen countries.

Daewoo matiz is one of the prime examples of cars that “inside more than outside».

A simple but very neat interior provides ample comfort. The economical three-cylinder engine does not expose the owner’s wallet to excessive spending on fuel.

If anything can be reproached to the baby, it is only that a long trip in it can be tiring. But the "urban motor-carriage" at the price of only 314 thousand rubles was not created for tourism.

Criterias of choice

Choosing the cheapest new car for the price is not so difficult. You need to focus on certain parameters:

  1. type of car (subcompact, crossover, SUV),
  2. body type (sedan, hatchback, station wagon, liftback),
  3. security systems
  4. additional options.

The budget model can be found in any category, but first of all, you should focus on personal preferences.

Lada Granta (from 430 000 rub.)

The title of the cheapest Russian car rightfully belongs to Lada Granta. Models are equipped with two types of engines with a volume of 1.6 l with 8 or 16 valves. The gearbox is automatic or mechanical. Achieving speeds of 100 km / h in 12 seconds.

On the highway, the car consumes an average of up to 7 liters of gasoline, in the city the consumption increases to 9 liters.

High clearance (16 cm) provides improved cross-country ability. The soft suspension allows passengers to feel comfortable. The standard version provides one airbag. Users complain about the lack of convenience of a salon with a boring design.

Several versions of the model are available - sedan, hatchback, station wagon. But the Lada Granta liftback 1.6 is most in demand. 6 mt.

Datsun-on-Do (from 460 000 rub.)

The car is represented by Datsun and Nissan. Appearance reminds Lada Kalina. On the body are elongated headlights, a wide grille. The moldings are painted in body color.

A solid interior with expensive fabrics and plastic has nothing more. The panel is quite informative.

An economical 1.6 liter engine is capable of developing power up to 87 liters. from. The transmission box is offered in two versions: a four-speed automatic or five-speed mechanics. Acceleration to 100 km / h occurs within 13 seconds. Gasoline consumption averages about 7 liters. Suspension McPherson provides a fairly soft ride.

Renault Kwid (from 480 000 rub.)

Renault offers new budget cars with good equipment. Models are equipped with a 0.8 and 1 liter engine. One-liter is able to reach speeds of 100 km / h in 14 seconds. The machine is equipped with a manual gearbox in 5 gears.

Appearance resembles a full crossover. Massive plastic body kits protect the car from damage. Inside the cabin, the user receives high-quality upholstery in fabric seats, a convenient steering wheel shape. Lateral support for driver and passenger seats provides comfort. The central part of the rear seat is easily transformed into a wide armrest.

Ravon R 2 (from 490000 rub.)

The car is based on the famous Daewoo Matiz and is equally inexpensive. In the basic configuration, the model is equipped with a gun, ABS, electric power steering. A typical small car, which weighs only 950 kg, meets the requirements of Euro-5.

Engine capacity - 1.25 liters with a developed power of up to 85 liters. from. A four-speed automatic gearbox is installed, but there is a model (Ravon Matiz) on which the mechanics are installed. The biggest plus is fuel consumption - from 5 liters on the highway to 8 liters in the city. A speed of 100 km / h is achieved in 12 seconds. The suspension is soft, due to which the smooth movement of the car is achieved.

Among the minuses are not enough spacious interior. In addition, the car is considered expensive to maintain.

Kia Picanto (from 530000rub.)

The compact European-class hatchback, the Kia Picanto, is enduringly popular. A modern dynamic appearance with massive air intakes and large headlights gives the foreign car a slightly aggressive look.

The car is offered with two engine options: 1 or 1.2 liter turbocharged. Transmission - mechanics or four-speed automation. Acceleration to hundreds is carried out in 13 seconds. Fuel is consumed economically: up to 5 liters on the highway, up to 9 liters in the city.

Good handling and a slight roll in corners are a big plus of the car.

A positive point is the fairly spacious trunk (250), which is a lot for a compact car. The small size of the car does not interfere with the driver and passengers comfortably accommodate in the cabin.

Renault Logan (from 550 000 rub.)

The model is presented in two versions - sedan and station wagon. The body design looks presentable. The radiator grill has a rounded shape, the fog lights are edged with metal.

The interior used fabric and textured plastic, so the inside of the car looks decent. The seats are equipped with height adjustment mechanisms.

Inexpensive Logan is offered with two types of engine with a volume of 1.6 liters. Manual gearbox with five steps. Pretty fast acceleration - 11.4 seconds to 100 km / h. For 100 km, the car consumes from 5.5 to 8 liters of gasoline, depending on the conditions of movement.

Soft suspension combined with improved sound insulation provide a comfortable ride.

Skoda Rapid (from 604 000 rub.)

The classic Czech liftback with improved aerodynamic properties invariably falls into the rating of the cheapest, but high-quality cars. Strict body lines give the car a stylish look.

Savings are mainly due to the interior. A simple interior with hard plastic trim gives the impression of a budget car. But from the point of view of ergonomics, everything is organized quite conveniently: side support elements on the seats, the necessary buttons are always at hand, there is enough space in the rear seats.

Skoda is equipped with engines of 1.4 or 1.6 liters. The car accelerates to 100 km / h in 10-11 seconds. Economic consumption (from 4.5 to 6 liters) gives the model an advantage over other types of cheap cars.

Despite the harsh suspension, the car is pretty easy to drive.

3 Ravon R2

Not so long ago, the Ravon R2 appeared on the Russian market, but has already managed to gain fame as the most budget auto with automatic transmission. The Uzbek subcompact is a licensed copy of the Chevrolet Spark. Appearance of the car is made in a modern style. Perhaps most of the merit in this original version. At the same time, a budget car does not look cheap, it will quite confidently feel in a stormy street stream.

Specifications can surprise even experienced motorists. The manufacturer does not offer much choice. The complete set has one engine (1.2 l) with a capacity of 85 l. from. The combination with an automatic transmission allows you to accelerate the baby to 161 km / h. The future car owner will be pleased with the consumption of gasoline. Outside the city, the car consumes only 5.2 liters, and when driving around the city, the appetite of the motor rises to 8.2 liters. The interior of the car is spacious enough, most parts fit with the Chevrolet Spark.

Chevrolet Spark (from 650,000 rubles.)

The new Chevrolet Spark models have a fairly powerful 1.4 liter engine that delivers nearly 100 hp. At the choice of buyers are offered cars with mechanics or a CVT, both options are five-speed.

Spark advantage is low fuel consumption - 6 liters per 100 km. The refreshed car exterior has become more prominent.

The spacious interior, providing comfortable accommodation for the driver and passengers, is finished with fabric and high-quality plastic with metal inserts. The developers came up with an interesting solution for the central panel. On a sufficiently large console, the entire control arsenal is located. Convenience to heated seats is given by lateral support ledges.

2 Ravon Matiz

The Uzbek company UZ Daewoo has been manufacturing the cheapest Daewoo (Ravon) Matiz car for 14 years. The car is compact, while the buyer receives a five-door hatchback with good looks. The small car is on sale with two engines (0.8 and 1.0 liters) with a capacity of 51 and 64 liters. from. The mechanical transmission is simple and reliable. The small car consumes a little fuel, which is why the popularity of the model remains to this day. The basic configuration is quite modest, but this is the flip side of a coin of a budget car.

The cheapest car has both fans and opponents. The former highlight such advantages as profitability, predictable behavior on the road, and reliability. Skeptics note such disadvantages as poor noise insulation, fogging of windows in rainy weather, and interruptions in the operation of rear window heating.

1 KIA Picanto

Despite the small size, and, in general, a reasonable price, the South Korean small car has a whole range of advantages that distinguish it from its closest competitors. In terms of its safety parameters, she managed to leave behind even the more expensive FIAT 500 car model. In addition to traditional airbags (the base package also contains side AirBags), there is an AEB collision avoidance system and tire pressure monitoring.

In Russia, for such a price you can find not so many cars, especially among unpretentious small cars. In addition, in terms of comfort and safety, the KIA Picanto is highly regarded in the market, which undoubtedly affects its popularity.For the same reason, this model fully deserves the first place awarded to it in our rating in the subcompact category.

Chery Tiggo 2 (from 790 000 rub.)

Compact SUV attracts with its appearance, which is not inferior to full-size cars. Aggressive profile part with a reinforced bumper like young motorists.

High ground clearance (16-18 cm) allows you to confidently overcome bumps on the road. The contrasting interior design is minimalist.

The car is equipped with a 1.5 liter gasoline engine and is capable of developing a capacity of 106 liters. from. Of course, this is not much, but the car consumes little fuel: only about 6 liters per 100 km. Cherry is unpretentious and can consume 92nd gasoline.

Two versions are available - with a five-speed manual and a four-speed automatic.

UAZ Patriot (from 850,000 rubles.)

The price for the UAZ Patriot can only conditionally be called low. However, an all-wheel drive car, as adapted to our roads as possible, is worth it. Thanks to the high clearance (21 cm), he confidently overcomes a deep track and high rises. Comfortable superior interior is not inferior to foreign counterparts.

The engine with a volume of 2.7 liters is capable of developing a capacity of 150 liters. from. The car has 4 main drive options. Available with gasoline or diesel engine.

4 Renault Logan

For many years of operation on the roads of Russia, the Renault Logan car has proved to be an unpretentious and reliable transport unit, which has become a real helper and friend for many Russians. The components in the car are distinguished by their endurance, and if they are replaced, the owner is not at all afraid of the cost of spare parts. Despite the fact that their price does not belong to the cheap segment, due to the increased resource of components, the total operational cost is one of the most affordable.

Renault Logan is also appreciated for its unusually spacious interior - its use is not limited only to the transportation of passengers. It is enough to assemble the back seat to significantly increase the cargo compartment - there is no partition between the luggage compartment and the backs of the rear sofa. This allows you to place oversized items with a length of up to 168 cm. In this case, the luggage compartment lid is opened in such a way as to simplify the owner's access to the internal space as much as possible.


In conclusion, it can be noted that the market has a wide selection of inexpensive models, both domestic and foreign brands. New cars, unlike used ones, can be taken based on the following considerations:

  • Very good condition,
  • zero mileage
  • warranty service,
  • a wide selection of models, configuration, color schemes.

Official dealers, as a rule, sell new cars adapted to the conditions of our country. Therefore, you can safely take a foreign car without worrying about its behavior on our roads.

Ravon Nexia R3 - a budget foreign car

This is the first cheap foreign car in our rating. Despite the fact that Ravon P3 is being assembled in Uzbekistan, it is based on a Korean-designed car - the Chevrolet Aveo T250, which has been sold in Russia for many years and enjoyed great popularity due to its simplicity and reliability.

The main difference from its predecessor is the power unit, here it is represented by the only version of the 107 hp gasoline engine. Customers can choose from a 5-speed “mechanics” or a 6-speed “automatic”. It is the automatic gearbox that makes this car so attractive; it simply will not work to find another full-fledged sedan with such a transmission for this money.

According to the reviews of the owners, it is quite comfortable, reliable, has a low fuel consumption and most importantly it is at the level of domestic Lada models.

Price: from 480 000 rub.

  • Robust, time-tested design
  • Full-fledged "machine gun",
  • Comfortable lounge
  • Affordable cost.
  • There are assembly flaws,
  • Weak LCP
  • Illiquidity in the secondary market.

4. Renault Kwid (from 300 000 rubles)

Almost a real crossover for only 300 thousand rubles? Yes, it is quite possible. Renault Kwid on the highway it looks no worse than its “older brothers”, and on the lane it will not yield.

It is quite modern, and even the avant-garde appearance immediately attracts attention and causes respect.

The interior seems rustic, but it is assembled very high quality and does not cause any complaints, providing decent comfort.

Equipment with devices and accessories is minimal - but this only emphasizes the utility of the machine.

What is the trick? The fact is that the car was designed with an eye to sales in poor countries. The first samples were sold exclusively in India. Hence the simplicity of equipment, which even touched the engine (0.8 liter).

Now the car received a “left-handed” modification and entered the markets of China and Russia. "Can take! ”- say the first owners

Ravon R2 - cheap hatchback with a gun

Ravon P2 is a small hatchback, which is the cheapest car with a gun in Russia for 2019. It is a slightly turned Chevrolet Spark III generation, sold on our market a few years ago.

The structural part remained completely unchanged, a modest 1.2-liter engine with 85 hp. and a 4-speed automatic. Due to its compact size and light weight, the car is very economical, its fuel consumption in the city is about 7 liters, on the highway in the region of 5. At the same time, the acceleration dynamics in the city stream are quite enough.

P2 is presented as a 5-seater car, it even has 4 full-fledged doors, however only 4 people can comfortably fit in it, if they are not very large. The trunk is also nominal, only 170 liters. All this is compensated by the small size, which makes it one of the best inexpensive cars for a woman, especially living in a large metropolis.

Price: from 470 thousand rubles.

  • Compact size
  • Low cost
  • Low fuel consumption
  • Small trunk and fuel tank
  • Lack of power on the highway.

3. Lada Kalina (from 250 000 r)

The younger sister of "Grants", Lada kalina It was produced from 2004 to 2018 and is now discontinued. Nevertheless, in motor shows you can still find new cars at a price of 250 thousand rubles.

Such a low price is explained, first of all, by the fact that the interior of Kalina is noticeably closer than that of her "older sister" Grants.

Many complaints are caused by the low reliability of mechanical components and frequent failures of electrical equipment. However, the low price still attracts buyers.

Renault Logan - inexpensive but reliable

One of the most popular cars in Russia, famous for its reliability, is Renault Logan. This model is already 2 generations, which in 2018 experienced another restyling, as a result, the design of the front end has changed, the interior has improved and new options have been added.

It is equipped with three versions of gasoline engines with 82, 113 and 102 hp. The latter is available exclusively with a 4-speed automatic, the other two with mechanics. All units are quite simple to maintain and therefore reliable, the owners roll on them 250 - 400 thousand kilometers. It is impossible to note the "indestructible" suspension, which even on our roads can travel for a very long time.

A hatchback version is available, but under a different name - Renault Sandero, except for the size they are identical.

Price: from 545 thousand rubles.

  • Reliability,
  • Ease of maintenance
  • Liquidity,
  • Energy-intensive suspension.
  • Ergonomics
  • Poor sound insulation
  • It is expensive in a good configuration.

2. Datsun redi-Go (from 220 000 r)

A very compact little car was developed for sale in countries with low incomes and obviously bad roads.

Baby Datsun redi-go less than 4 meters long and only 1.5 meters wide has a clearance of as much as 185 mm. This provides the baby with a pretty decent cross.

The suspension has long strokes and reinforced shock absorbers. 54 hp engine provides an easy little car quite decent urban dynamics.

The ascetic simplicity of the interior for a car at a price of 220 thousand rubles. not even a flaw.

Lada Vesta - low-cost car maintenance

This is one of the most modern AvtoVAZ models, sales of the sedan began in 2015, a couple of years later the plant introduced a station wagon version and even an off-road Vesta SV Cross. The car not only looks modern at the level of other budget cars, but also boasts a large list of options and a good level of safety, which was obtained thanks to various systems and a strong body.

There are two engines, the first with 1.6 displacement, 106 hp, the second with 1.8, 122 hp They can work both with a mechanical gearbox and with an automatic one, which is represented here by a “robot”. All units are quite reliable, but, according to the owners, the capacity for such a large weight is not enough.

Sedan is the cheapest option, the station wagon is much more expensive, and the Cross version is available only in the luxury version, so its cost may surprise many. But the equipment list is really rich, a rare representative of our rating can offer such options as cruise control, directional stability system, climate control and even rear sofa heating.

Price: from 585,000 rubles.

  • Modern design and interior,
  • Rich equipment
  • Body type selection,
  • High ground clearance.
  • Low power motors
  • Noisy suspension
  • High cost in the suite.

1. Tata Nano (from 111 000 r)

This small car is officially considered "the cheapest in the world». Tata nano It was developed by Indians exclusively for Indians and is produced - of course, in India.

The tiny motor has less power than Zaporozhets, and there is no hood, and you can only repair the engine by removing the back seat. There is not even a gas tank hatch, and you have to open the hood to refuel.

Extreme relief and cheaper construction could not but affect safety. Simply put: passive safety is simply not there.

Nevertheless, the price of only 111 thousand rubles fully justifies all the shortcomings of the ultra-budgetary "death capsule" and the car enjoys constant success in China, Africa, India - and Russia.

Lada Largus - a car with a big trunk

This AvtoVAZ model is built on the basis of the first generation Renault Logan, therefore, it has all its advantages and disadvantages. The main advantage is undoubtedly the trunk, it is able to accommodate cargo up to 2500 liters (with the rear sofa folded). In addition, Largus can be bought in a 7-seater option, which makes it a great cheap car for the family.

The engines are the same as on the Grant: 87 and 106 hp, the gearbox is exclusively mechanical. The large size and weight do not allow him to quickly gain speed, so he is more suitable for a leisurely ride with his family. Thanks to the long wheelbase, he feels confident on the track, which makes Largus a good option for traveling.

Price: from 555 thousand rubles.

  • Huge trunk
  • Selection of 5 or 7 seats,
  • Design reliability
  • Inexpensive to maintain.
  • Outdated appearance and interior,
  • No automatic transmission
  • Few options.

Nissan Almera - a large comfortable sedan

Another model, this time under the Japanese brand, built on the B0 platform (Renault Logan). The body is completely different, but the interior and technical component is identical to other cars on this "cart". Therefore, everything is in order with reliability, but the interior is boring, has flaws in terms of ease of use of some elements.

The 1.6-liter engine has a capacity of 102 hp, can be paired with a 5-speed "mechanics" or a 4-speed "automatic". Due to the long wheelbase, there is more space in the cabin than in any other representative of our rating, this is the main advantage of this car.

Price: from 855 000 rubles.

  • Spacious lounge
  • Robust construction
  • Comfortable suspension.
  • Outdated interior
  • Lack of many options,

Geely Emgrand 7 - a good Chinese car

Owner reviews about Geely Emgrand prove that a cheap Chinese car can still be reliable, comfortable and practical. This is the second generation of this model, the first was called EC7.

Two engines are offered for it: 1.5 liters with a capacity of 106 horsepower and 1.8 (129).In addition to the usual mechanics, a CVT is available, which is famous for its smooth shifting, it is suitable only for those who love a leisurely ride. There is a lot of space in the cabin, because of the dimensions it is not rarely attributed even to the D class.

The equipment, as in any Chinese, even cheap, is rich in cars, in the luxury configuration there is a button engine start, side airbags, adaptive lighting, a rear view camera.

Price: from 650 000 rub.

  • Rich equipment
  • Beautiful interior and exterior,
  • Spacious, comfortable lounge,
  • Low cost of service.
  • Weak paintwork,
  • No seat heating
  • Illiquidity in the used market.

Volkswagen Polo Sedan - budget "German"

Once, one of the most popular cars in the segment of budget models lost its popularity due to great competition, but it did not get any worse. Despite the fact that he can be called a German with a stretch, since he is going to completely in Russia, everything has been done in German strictly and efficiently.

It offers a large selection of engines, among which two atmospheric - 1.6 (90 and 110 "horses") and one turbocharged - 1.4 (125 hp). There are also three gearboxes:

All motors are economical and reliable, but due to the design features they can consume a certain amount of oil, as evidenced by the numerous reviews of the owners, so you need to carefully monitor its level. Polo Sedan has been produced since 2009, in 2016 there was a restyling, but against the background of competitors it is already a little outdated, so a new generation is expected in 2019.

Price: from 600 thousand rubles.

  • Strict design,
  • Profitability
  • The presence of a turbo engine,
  • Low ground clearance
  • Possible oil consumption.

3 Ravon Nexia R3

This car deserves to be one of the top places in our ranking. In its price, it is not far from the domestic Lada Grants, and is a quite comfortable means of transportation, despite its cheap cost. This is not to say that the car was not built well, but sometimes you can sometimes find egregious flaws in the form of an incompletely snapped plastic interior trim. It is the fact that this is rare that allows build quality to completely not affect the choice of the buyer.

In terms of comfort, the Ravon Nexia R3 may well give a head start to its closest competitors - Grant and Logan. At the same time, the suspension is too tight and the noise insulation is insufficient, but for such a price segment it is not entirely correct to call such things a disadvantage. In addition, the presence in the basic configuration of the car's ESP and ABS systems, an AirBag driver, good ground clearance and reasonable fuel consumption make the cheap Ravon Nexia R3 a serious competitor to more expensive models.

2 Lada Granta

Domestic sedan Lada Granta is affordable, easy to maintain and reliable. The car boasts high ground clearance, a roomy luggage compartment. The car has no frills in picking, the design is simple and durable. Although the interior does not look very spacious, 5 adults can comfortably accommodate in Lada Granta. The domestic machine has good technical and dynamic parameters. In the basic version, the car is equipped with a gasoline engine (1.6 liters) with a capacity of 87 liters. from. and a mechanical 5-speed gearbox. The model is able to reach a maximum speed of 167 km / h. In mixed mode, the car consumes about 7 liters of gasoline.

Of the advantages, car owners note a roomy convertible trunk, ease of maintenance, affordable price. The disadvantages of the model are poor quality plastic, an outdated hand brake, and an unstable position on the road.

1 Datsun on-DO

Japanese quality is fully represented in the Datsun on-DO. After the revival of the brand in 2012, it was decided for each country to produce cars with a certain set of qualities. The Russian motorists were offered inexpensive cars adapted to our climate, roads and gasoline. It was possible to achieve a low price with high consumer characteristics thanks to the placement of production on AvtoVAZ's premises.Datsun on-DO is going on the same platform as the domestic Grant. But the Japanese model stands out from the exterior and interior design. The sedan is powered by an engine (1.6 liters) with a capacity of 87 liters. from. In combination with a mechanical 5-speed manual transmission, it is possible to accelerate the car to 165 km / h.

Car owners respond positively to the Datsun on-DO configuration, quality of parts and affordable price. Most of the shortcomings are due to the imperfection of the Russian assembly.

4 Renault Sandero Stepway

This crossover, despite its cheap price, is more likely to attract new owners than to frighten and repel their affordability. In addition, the basic version of the car has a rather interesting configuration. There are already provided frontal airbags for the driver and passenger, there are power windows and mirrors, as well as a very relevant element of comfort for Russia - seat heating.

Of course, this compact car is worth the money. Energy-intensive suspension, maneuverability (the turning radius is only 4, 85 meters) and excellent dynamics are found in more expensive cars, but for the budget category this offer cannot be called anything other than luxurious. In cars, even bumpers and wheel arch linings are made of scratch-resistant plastic. As for the cabin - he is quite capable of providing a decent level of comfort on long journeys. If this is not enough, then in the configuration Confort the owner will appreciate the climate and multimedia systems.

3 Lifan X60

The updated Lifan X60 crossover is today the best-selling model in its class. The car stands out for its cheap price, dynamic strict exterior, recognizable grille with the company logo. The inscription Lifan makes the car visually wider, a distinctive feature is the head optics, equipped with integrated direction indicators and daytime running lights. The crossover is powered by a gasoline engine (1.8 l) with a capacity of 128 l. from. Together with a mechanical transmission, the power plant accelerates the car to 170 km / h. When driving around the city, the engine consumes up to 8.5 liters of gasoline.

Domestic owners of the Lifan X60 respond positively to the spacious interior, engine operation, and appearance. Dissatisfaction is expressed with regard to the quality of the paintwork, the fragility of the air conditioner, and the consumption of a large amount of oil by the engine.

2 Chery Tiggo 2

The most economical and affordable crossover in Russia today is the Chinese model Chery Tiggo 2. The car is adapted to Russian operating conditions. In the basic configuration, the ground clearance is increased, the suspension is strengthened, the car can run on AI-92 gasoline. The economical engine (1.5 liters) consumes only 6.5 liters of fuel when driving outside the city. Track the work of different systems and nodes allows the on-board computer. When making the interior, the manufacturer used inexpensive, but practical and pleasant to the touch materials. For the safety of the driver and passengers responsible ABS, 2 pillows, locking rear doors.

Car owners agree that the car is worth the money. Light steering, pleasant suspension and roomy luggage compartment are especially noted. The disadvantages include poor insulation, poor interior heating.


Body Type - hatchback car class - supermini

Engine: 1396 cm 3, 107 hp at 6300 rpm

Temperament: 190 km / h, 11.5 s to 100 km / h, 7.6–5.9 liters per 100 km

Length x Width x Height x Base, mm: 4115 x 1700 x 1470 x 2570

Basic equipment. ABS, airbags for driver and passenger, steering wheel adjustment for height, driver's seat height adjustment.

Our tips: In the basic Active with a 1.4 liter engine and a 5-speed gearbox, three options are not available: air conditioning, heated front seats and electric power and heated mirrors. Therefore, pay attention to the machine with the "automatic". Will have to pay 70 thousand rubles. (up to 533.9 thousand rubles), but in the version with automatic transmission, these options already exist. Another option is to take a car with a more powerful 1.6-liter engine (123 hp) for 523.9 thousand rubles.with the new 6-speed "mechanics" or for 563.9 thousand rubles. with the "automatic". True, 60 and 100 thousand in excess of the declared base price is a lot.

1 Lada XRAY crossover

The cheapest crossover in our review was the domestic representative of Lada XRAY. Some similarities in the model can be traced with state employees of the Mitsubishi company. A distinctive feature in appearance was the "dents" on the doors. The designers of AvtoVAZ immediately responded to the identified shortcomings, most of the problems were eliminated. A 16-valve engine (1.6 liter) with a capacity of 106 liters is installed on a car with basic equipment. from. 2 airbags help to increase safety along the way, the doors are automatically locked after starting, and emergency braking triggers an alarm. The base has electric windows for the front doors, an audio system with 4 speakers is installed.

Motorists speak out positively regarding car maneuverability, road stability, rich equipment and low prices. The disadvantages include poor maneuverability and modest roominess.


Body type - sedan car class - supermini

Engine: 1396 cm 3, 107 hp at 6300 rpm

Temperament: 190 km / h, 11.5 s to 100 km / h, 7.6–5.9 liters per 100 km

Length x Width x Height x Base, mm: 4370 x 1700 x 1470 x 2570

Basic equipment. ABS, airbags for driver and passenger, steering wheel adjustment for height, driver's seat height adjustment.

Our tips: the difference in price between the hatchback and the sedan is 10 thousand in favor of the first. Tips for choosing the configuration are similar to the hatchback.

Rio hb

Body type - hatchback car class - supermini

Engine: 1396 cm 3, 107 hp at 6300 rpm

Temperament: 185 km / h, 11.5 s to 100 km / h, 7.6–5.9 liters per 100 km

Length x Width x Height x Base, mm: 4120 x 1700 x 1470 x 2570

Basic equipment. ABS, airbags for driver and passenger, steering wheel adjustment for height, driver's seat height adjustment, front power windows, air conditioning, power and heated mirrors.

Our tips: The initial equipment is rich, but it’s better to pay extra 18 thousand and take a car with a package of “warm options”: heated front seats and steering wheel, as well as a windshield in the rest area of ​​the wiper blades. With a limited budget of 550 thousand rubles. it is not possible to choose a car with an "automatic" or a more powerful engine. The price of a hatchback with a 1.6 engine and a mechanical transmission starts at 585.9 thousand rubles. (surcharge - 58 thousand). If you need a "machine", you will have to pay 62 thousand rubles. (1.4 liter engine, 107 hp).


If you need an SUV, the reliability of components and the build quality of which does not cause even the slightest complaints, and the budget is limited, you should pay attention to SUZUKI JIMNY. This is the most economical SUV - fuel consumption is just under 8 liters per hundred. An engine with a volume of only 1.3 liters seems weak for off-road driving, however, due to the light weight of the car, it copes with the tasks set (especially since there are two camshafts in the engine and its traction characteristics look pretty decent). The frame structure of the car body and the short wheelbase provide excellent cross-country ability on difficult rocky sections.

Wheel drive adjustment and high ground clearance are obvious advantages of this model. SUZUKI JIMNY has a fairly simple interior and is devoid of many options for more solid jeeps, but in its cross-country ability it is absolutely not inferior to them. Very soon (in the next 6 months) in Russia, sales of the 4th generation of this model will begin, in which, in addition to fresh design solutions, a more powerful engine will finally appear. However, the cost of such a car will cease to be one of the cheapest and most affordable.

Rio sedan

Body type - sedan car class - supermini

Engine: 1396 cm 3, 107 hp at 6300 rpm

Temperament: 190 km / h, 11.5 s to 100 km / h, 7.6–5.9 liters per 100 km

Length x Width x Height x Base, mm: 4370 x 1700 x 1470 x 2570

Basic equipment. ABS, airbags for driver and passenger, steering wheel adjustment for height, driver's seat height adjustment, front power windows, air conditioning, power and heated mirrors.

Our tips: similar to hatchback selection.

3 Chevrolet NIVA

A worthy follower of the once popular “Niva” was the cheap updated Chevrolet NIVA model. Cooperation with a famous American concern favorably affected the technical parameters of the car. In the car there was a spacious interior, 2 airbags, ABS. In combination with excellent cross-country ability and affordable price, the new Niva became the best-selling SUV in Russia. The model is equipped with the usual gasoline engine (1.7 l) with a capacity of 80 l. from. and mechanical 5KPP. The car has a permanent four-wheel drive, which is controlled by a 2-speed razdatka. On a suburban highway, the car can accelerate to 140 km / h, fuel consumption in the combined cycle reaches 10.2 liters.

Positive feedback about the Chevrolet NIVA comes mainly from unpretentious hunters and fishermen who appreciate the car's passable properties. A lot of complaints are still expressed about the build quality.

2 UAZ Patriot

The most difficult sections of the road do not become an obstacle for an inexpensive domestic SUV UAZ Patriot. Designers and designers of the plant did a good job on the machine, now it is not a shame to appear on it on city streets. The most affordable modification "Classic" provides a complete petrol engine (2.7 liters) with a capacity of 135 liters. from. and mechanical transmission. To control all-wheel drive, a 2-speed razdatka is used. Of the modern options there is one airbag, ABS, power windows and electrically adjustable mirrors. On a good track, the car can accelerate to 150 km / h. In suburban mode, the SUV consumes 11.5 liters of AI-92 gasoline per 100 kilometers.

Owners of the Patriots note the availability, high maneuverability of the car, modern design, soft suspension work. Domestic rogue is also not without flaws. The new machine must be immediately given for anti-corrosion treatment, there are complaints about the build quality.

Granta liftbek

Body type - liftback, car class - supermini

Engine: 1596 cm 3, 87 hp at 5100 rpm

Temperament: 166 km / h, 12.5 s to 100 km / h, 7 l per 100 km

Length x Width x Height x Base, mm: 4246 x 1700 x 1500 x 2476

Basic equipment. Driver airbag, steering wheel adjustment

Our tips: unlike a sedan, liftback allows you to transport more voluminous things, this is a definite plus for young families. As regards the choice of equipment, it’s worth starting with Lux for 419.5 thousand rubles. Of course, 105.5 thousand rubles. - a lot of money, but you get a 106 hp engine and a full range of equipment: ABS, two airbags, climate system, alarm, multimedia system and alloy wheels. "Automatic" can only be purchased in a complete set "Lux" for 477.5 thousand rubles.

1 Great Wall Hover H5

The combination of good off-road qualities, a high level of comfort and an affordable price has led to the popularity of the Great Wall Hover H5 in Russia. Now lovers of outdoor activities can travel long distances on the road, while maintaining vigor and optimism. From its predecessor, the car got a powerful gasoline unit (2.4 liters, 126 liters. From.) And a mechanical transmission. In more expensive versions, you can choose a diesel engine with mechanics or automatic. The Chinese manufacturer did a good job on the interior. The interior looks bourgeois, no cheap materials and the smell of plastic is gone.

It should be noted that the "rogue" from the Middle Kingdom feels great on Russian off-road. Thanks to the frame body, the car adequately withstands any troubles on the road. The spacious luggage compartment (810 l) can accommodate all fishing or hunting equipment. On the highway, an SUV is capable of speeds up to 175 km / h.

Kalina HB

Body type - hatchback car class - supermini

Engine: 1596 cm 3, 87 hp at 5100 rpm

Temperament: 165 km / h, 12.4 s to 100 km / h, 7 l per 100 km

Length x Width x Height x Base, mm: 3893 x 1700 x 1500 x 2476

Basic equipment. Driver airbag, steering wheel adjustment in height, front power windows.

Our tips: like all new AvtoVAZ models, the initial equipment is poor, more than 50 thousand must be paid for safety and comfort. The reference point is “Norma” with a package of additional options for 379.1 thousand rubles. (ABS, two airbags, climate system, heated front seats). Automatic transmission can be purchased in versions from 424.5 thousand rubles.

Lada priora sedan

Body type - sedan car class - supermini

Engine: 1596 cm 3, 98 h.p. at 5600 rpm

Temperament: 183 km / h, 11.5 s to 100 km / h, 6.9 liters per 100 km

Length x Width x Height x Base, mm: 4350 x 1680 x 1420 x 2492

Basic equipment. ABS, driver airbags, steering wheel adjustment, front power windows, anti-theft alarm system, electric power and heated mirrors

Our tips: a rare option is installed on the Priora - a pre-heater, it costs 17 thousand rubles. If you count, the winter lasts from 3 to 6 months, depending on the region, and this equipment will probably be more important than the air conditioner. It's nice to know that you are not afraid of any frosts, starting a car is not a problem, and you get into a warm car. Another important fact: in the “Norma” package, you cannot simultaneously choose ABS and air conditioning. Therefore, those who care about their safety, it is better to consider the “Lux” equipment with 1.6 engine with 106 hp. for 449.7 thousand rubles.

Prora HB

Body type - hatchback car class - supermini

Engine: 1596 cm 3, 87 hp at 5100 rpm

Temperament: 176 km / h, 12.5 s to 100 km / h, 7.3 liters per 100 km

Length x Width x Height x Base, mm: 4210 x 1680 x 1435 x 2492

Basic equipment. ABS, driver airbags, steering wheel adjustment, front power windows, anti-theft alarm system, electric power and heated mirrors

Our tips: similar to choosing a sedan.

Granta sport

Body type - sedan car class - supermini

Engine: 1596 cm 3, 118 h.p. at 6750 rpm

Temperament: 197 km / h, 9.5 s to 100 km / h, 7.8 liters per 100 km

Length x Width x Height x Base, mm: 4280 x 1700 x 1470 x 2490

Basic equipment. ABS, driver and passenger airbags, steering wheel adjustment, climate system, heated front seats, front and rear power windows, heated front seats, power and heated mirrors, fog lights, multimedia system

Our tips: there is no choice - only one grade. Relatively simple Granta in picking "Norma" overpayment is more than 100 thousand.

Kalina sport

Body type - hatchback car class - supermini

Engine: 1596 cm 3, 118 h.p. at 6750 rpm

Temperament: 197 km / h, 9.5 s to 100 km / h, 7.8 liters per 100 km

Length x Width x Height x Base, mm: 3943 x 1700 x 1450 x 2478

Basic equipment. ABS, driver and passenger airbags, steering wheel adjustment, climate system, front seats heating, front and rear power windows, power mirrors and heating, fog lights, multimedia system

Our tips: there is no choice - only one grade.


Body type - sedan car class - supermini

Engine: 1598 cm 3, 82 h.p. at 5000 rpm

Temperament: 172 km / h, 11.9 s to 100 km / h, 9.8–5.8 liters per 100 km

Length x Width x Height x Base, mm: 4336 x 1733 x 1517 x 2634

Basic equipment. Driver airbag

Our tips: the new Logan in the basic configuration has become more powerful and cheaper than its predecessor, but still the initial Access configuration is very poor, so you should start your choice with the next Comfort. It is 53 thousand more expensive, but you still have to pay about 48 thousand for air conditioning, a passenger airbag and heated front seats. Therefore, we recommend Privilege with a winter package for 467 thousand rubles. Everything you need for a safe and comfortable ride is already here.


Body type - sedan car class - supermini

Engine: 1390 cm 3, 75 hp at 5500 rpm

Temperament: 162 km / h, 13.0 s to 100 km / h, 9.4–5.5 liters per 100 km

Length x Width x Height x Base, mm: 4288 x 1740 x 1534 x 2630

Basic equipment. Driver airbag

Our tips: As you would expect, the Authentique initial equipment is only suitable for an ascetic driver who is ready to sacrifice everything for the sake of economy. We advise a potential buyer to pay attention to a car with a 1.6-liter 84-horsepower engine in the Prestige configuration for 456 thousand rubles. Overpayment will be about 100 thousand rubles, but it’s worth it: you will get everything you need for a safe and comfortable ride, the only negative is that you will have to pay another 20.8 thousand for ABS.


Body type - hatchback car class - supermini

Engine: 1149 cm 3, 75 hp at 5500 rpm

Temperament: 156 km / h, 14.5 s to 100 km / h, 7.7–5.1 liters per 100 km

Length x Width x Height x Base, mm: 4080 x 1757 x 1523 x 2589

Basic equipment. Driver airbag

Our tips: The new Sandero is a little longer, and with an engine of 1.2, it’s also more economical. The base price, as well as a set of options, remained the same, very ascetic. The selection algorithm has not changed: an acceptable car with a complete set and motor is more expensive than the “base” by 108 thousand rubles. Options Privilege for 488 000 rubles. with 1.6 engine with 82 hp offers the buyer ABS, two airbags, climate control, CD-MP3, heated front seats, cruise control and power windows - front and rear. For 10 thousand rubles. can get navigation.

Skoda Rap>

Body typea hatchback car class - supermini

Engine: 1198 cm 3, 75 hp at 5400 rpm

Temperament: 175 km / h, 13.9 s to 100 km / h, 8–4.5 liters per 100 km

Length x Width x Height x Base, mm: 4483 x 1706 x 1461 x 2602

Basic equipment. ABS, driver airbag, front power windows, steering wheel adjustment for height and reach.

Our tips: a spacious car with a huge trunk of 530 liters and convenient opening of the back door for only 479 thousand rubles. But the three-cylinder engine is rather weak for him. For a 105-horsepower engine you will have to pay 50 thousand rubles. And if you want to equip the car with air conditioning, a passenger airbag, heated front seats and CD-MP3, then you will leave the budget of 550 thousand rubles. Therefore, there are two options: either put up with a low-power engine and take the following Ambition equipment for 549 thousand rubles. - with air conditioning, a passenger airbag, CD-MP3 and heated front seats, or take an Active vehicle with a 1.6-liter engine (105 hp) and install either air conditioning or a passenger airbag and CD for the remaining money -MP3.


Body type - sedan car class - supermini

Engine: 1598 cm 3, 85 hp at 5200 rpm

Temperament: 179 km / h, 11.9 s to 100 km / h, 8.7–5.1 liters per 100 km

Length x Width x Height x Base, mm: 4384 x 1699 x 1465 x 2552

Basic equipment. ABS, airbags for driver and passenger, power windows front and rear, steering wheel adjustment for height and reach.

Our tips: initial configuration Conceptline for 469 thousand rubles. security fully meets our minimum requirements, but comfort, one might say, is absent. Retrofit this configuration does not work. You should refer to the following trim levels - Trendline and Comfortline. We advise you to take the latter: for 544.9 thousand rubles. You will get the best car for safety and comfort.

Skoda Rapid - practical liftback

This model is built on the same platform with VW Polo and has a lot in common with it in terms of technical characteristics, including engines, gearboxes, suspension, steering, braking system.

The main difference is in the design of the exterior and interior, as well as the type of body, Rapid is a liftback. What can be called its main advantage over the German counterpart, he also has richer options.

Price: from 636 000 rubles.

  • Large, comfortable trunk
  • Intelligence in the cabin,
  • Good equipment.
  • High cost in the luxury version,
  • There is no complete set with mechanics and a turbo engine (only with DSG).

Hyundai Solaris - Korean car

Closes our rating of the cheapest cars in 2019, two Korean cars built on the same platform and differing in essence only in appearance. The first of these is Solaris, or known in some countries as Accent, for example, in Belarus.

In 2017, the model changed generation, the new product was assembled on a completely new platform, almost nothing remained of the previous version. It benefited him, he became more comfortable and economical. There are still two engines: 1.4 (100 hp), 1.6 (123 hp), they work both with mechanics and with a gun, both transmissions are now 6-speed.

Many owners of the first generation Solaris complained about poor stability on the highway after 100 km / h, now this problem is no more.

Price: from 645,000 rubles.

  • Modern design and equipment,
  • Good security
  • Profitability and reliability
  • Liquidity.
  • Poor sound insulation
  • Low clearance.

Kia Rio - the new and most popular in Russia

Last in our ranking, but one of the very first in sales in Russia - Kia Rio. It was updated with Solaris and is an almost complete copy of it in terms of technical equipment. Other only the body, interior and equipment.

Price: from 710 000 rubles.

  • Youth design,
  • Rich facilities
  • It is popular with hijackers.

How can I save?

If you buy one of the cheapest cars, then you probably want to save money, so it’s worth everything to think carefully and not to make a hasty conclusion. Here are some tips to help you:

  • Buy only from authorized dealers. Find out the addresses of official car dealerships and buy a future car exclusively there. Believe me, you still will not find cheaper prices, but gray dealers can deceive you.
  • Carefully study the configuration. Before buying, go to the official website of the manufacturer, look at the prices of all the trim levels and examine what is included in them. Some unscrupulous dealers have ways to offer factory equipment for a fee, which would be a clear violation.
  • Select the version you need in advance. Sellers will most likely offer you those cars that are in stock or have long been in stock, and this may be the most complete configuration. And if you do not need some options, then it is better to place an order for the desired version so as not to overpay.
  • Do not buy additional equipment in the cabin. In any case, you will need equipment such as mats, alarm, mud flaps, a DVR, winter tires, but it’s better not to buy them at a car dealership, but in specialized stores and services, where they can be provided 2 times cheaper.

We reviewed the new cheapest cars in Russia for 2019, but the rating can be continued for more, but all other models will cost more than 1 million rubles, if they are of interest to you, go to another page of our site.

FAW Oley

The Chinese compact sedan is also sold in the Russian market, but in very limited quantities. The car is equipped with a 1.5-liter gasoline engine with 105 horsepower and a manual gearbox.

With minimal equipment, the cost of the car is even less than 400,000 rubles. But the sedan has a pretty attractive appearance and a smiling “face”.

However, the low cost is noticeable in the technical part. Many owners note the unreliability and susceptibility of metal elements to corrosion. A reasonable question arises, is there any point in taking a Chinese if Russian cars are simpler and not much more expensive?


Country of manufacture: Uzbekistan.

Average cost: 440,000 rubles.

The car RAVON R2 is externally an exact copy of the modern CHEVROLET SPARK, and therefore, despite the affordable price, it does not look cheap. There is nothing beyond the sapper in the characteristics of the car, but very low fuel consumption is very pleasing. RAVON R2 accelerates to 161 km / h.

Chery A1

The Chery A1 subcompact hatchback was supplied to the Russian market and had a low cost, but it did not find wide demand. The first generation of drivers was launched by a Chinese company in 2008.

Some units of the model were manufactured in conjunction with the Chrysler concern. Appearance for A1 Italian specialists, and the development of a 1.3-liter engine was entrusted by engineers from Austria.

In the basic configuration, the car was equipped with a manual gearbox, and the “automatic” was available as an option. A compact engine with 83 horsepower pulled the machine well even with automatic transmission.

Also offered for an additional fee:

  • Air conditioning,
  • Full power accessories
  • Power Steering
  • Alloy wheels, etc.

The cost of the hatchback started from 490,000 rubles, which is significantly more expensive than the more popular Matiz in Russia, with which A1 performed in the same class. That is why the model did not last long on the market.


Country: China, Production - Russia.

Average cost: 370,000 rubles.

The LIFAN SMILY hatchback is visually very similar to the English MINI COOPER. The affordable price of LIFAN SMILY made the car popular. Even for such a low price in LIFAN SMILY leather interior, a pair of airbags, ABS. The manufacturers did not forget about the air conditioner, alloy wheels, parking sensors and a 5-year warranty. The maximum speed of LIFAN SMILY is 160 km / h.

The cheapest models

Gaining great popularity China products - they masterfully combine tolerable quality and high comfort, and this is available at affordable price. Chinese cars 2019 and 2020 years are attractive externally and internally, unpretentious in leaving, are accessible to the majority.

Of course, they are far from expensive models, but the cost is low.

Depending on the purpose of the purchase, the choice should be stopped at:

  • small cars. They are characterized by compactness, maneuverability, a small amount of luggage space. A cheap solution for moving around the city without going beyond a modest budget,
  • crossover. The main advantage is not how much the car costs, but a high ground clearance with the ability to confidently overcome bumps, potholes, curbs. You won’t be able to cope with serious off-road, but the insignificant is confidently overcome,
  • sedan. Spacious lounge with significantly larger luggage space. It is suitable for long trips,
  • SUV. The most successful solution for lovers of hunting, fishing, movement outside the level of well-groomed roads. It is subject to swamps, fields and forests due to its robust construction. high ground clearance.

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Chery QQ

Another representative of the Chinese "cherry", but now let's talk about a subcompact hatchback. In fact, QQ is another analogy on Daewoo Matiz, but it was able to become quite successful in China and Russia.

Production of the car started back in 2003, after which representatives of Daewoo immediately declared plagiarism on the part of the company from the Middle Kingdom. The controversy did not have any consequences, so Ku Ku has spread to many world markets.

In Russia, the model was in high demand among female motorists due to its cute appearance. Under the hood of the hatchback is a 68-horsepower 1.1-liter engine.

It is worth noting that in recent years the model was equipped exclusively with an automatic transmission. For an additional fee it was possible to install an audio system and air conditioning.

Consumption from 6 liters per 100 kilometers and a cost of 320,000 rubles made Chery QQ a very economical option. By the way, the model was also assembled in Russia.

After the bankruptcy of the enterprise, some body parts from unprepared QQ became part of the TagAZ Aquilla - the cheapest domestic sports car.


Country: Japan, Production - Russia.

Average cost: 342,000 rubles.

The Japanese adapted the DATSUN ON-DO to the Russian climate, off-road and fuel. The cheap price for DATSUN ON-DO holds on to the set that it is produced on the basis of AvtoVAZ. The Japanese car is identical in characteristics to LADA GRANTA, however, it wins significantly in external and internal design. All the shortcomings of DATSUN ON-DO car owners reduce to the imperfection of the assembly in Russia.

What good are cheap foreign cars

Inexpensive foreign cars are ideal for novice drivers. This will not add much comfort, but there will be no unnecessary dispersion of attention to fashionable little things.Accordingly, the cost of maintenance is low. A spare part cannot cost more than a car.

Budget cars are suitable for women and working people. Often they are used for pendulum trips between large cities and satellites, as well as around the city. They make up a significant percentage of the fleet of car-sharing cars in megacities, as well as economy taxi.

But along with the advantages, they also have disadvantages. First of all, it is a short service life. It can be designated as before the first shot. Repair after an accident can fly into a serious penny, which may exceed the final cost of the car. Or, after several years, it depreciates to an indecent level, making the sale absolutely unprofitable. In this case, it is better to immediately cut into scrap metal. Although, perhaps, there will definitely not be any good from such recyclables.

Maruti alto

Another Indian model was created by a local enterprise in conjunction with the Suzuki Concern. They took the Fronte SB model as the basis, the Japanese used their specialists in the development of the machine, since it is precisely them who control the majority of shares in Maruti.

Under the hood is a 0.8-liter engine with 48 horsepower. At the same time, the mass of the car is only 725 kilograms, which allows you to compensate for the small power. Buyers are offered an exclusively five-speed manual transmission. For an additional fee, an airbag for the driver and air conditioning will be installed in the cabin.

Inside the hatchback, everything is made in the "Spartan" style. You can buy a model of Indian-Japanese development on the local market for 280,000 rubles, so it is in high demand among the poor, their population in the country is large.

Production of the eastern part of the world

So, the cheapest car in the world related to South Korean production is the Hyundai I10. The cost of this car is 380 000 rubles. Small, fairly budgetary - ideal for people who appreciate modest, slow cars. By the way, this car originally appeared in India, and then it began to be produced in Europe. Well, the I10 is a simple minicar equipped with a fairly modest set of tools for the so-called passive safety. A completely ordinary car for a simple, slow drive from home to work and back.


Country producer: Ukraine.

Average cost: 330 000 rubles.

The cheap Ukrainian ZAZ VIDA SEDAN sedan is externally an analogue of the CHEVROLET AVEO, but differs significantly in its internal design and equipment. Ukrainian manufacturers ZAZ VIDA SEDAN supplied the car with a capacity of 109 hp and a volume of 1.5 liters. The car accelerates to 16 km / h. The advantages of the ZAZ VIDA SEDAN include moderate fuel consumption, maneuverability, spacious trunk. However, owners repeatedly complain about loud sounds and poor build quality.

Bajaj RE60

If you have only $ 1,000 in your pocket, then the only car in the world that you can buy for the money is the Bajage PE60. The Indian mini-car was built on the basis of a motorcycle, but has four wheels and even four seats.

Under the hood is a miniature engine of 20 horsepower, so with a fully loaded interior, the RE60 speaker can completely come to naught.

It was this car that was able to compete normally with mopeds in the Indian market, which are popular among the poor. Fuel consumption per 100 kilometers is only 3 liters.

Fiat 500 pop

Another compact little car. Suitable for two pairs of legs. There is no need to wait for special comfort, but there is air conditioning in the cabin. But under the hood is a powerful 135-power engine. Alas, he could not compete with Hyundai Solaris in the car sharing market, although he has the potential for this.

Mobius one

Did you think all the people of Kenya run from village to village for their two? Beggars - yes, but whoever got the money buys the pride of the domestic automotive industry Mobius One. Yes, cars are made in Africa. Moreover, real SUVs.In it, in addition to the parts necessary for movement, there is generally nothing superfluous - for example, side windows. When you buy a jeep for $ 6,000, it’s somehow not a matter of luxury, and you need to be closer to the wild. In the end, if only it would go, and there the Kenyan tuners will come up with something.


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