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Name: Rapper Endshpiel

Real name: Exiled Burnatsev

Birthday: October 2 1995 (24 years old)

Place of Birth: Vladikavkaz

Height: 180 cm

Weight: 70 kg

Eastern horoscope: Boar

Career: Russian musicians 22 place

Photo: Rapper Endgame


The endgame is a popular Russian rapper, about whose musical biography we can safely say: the musician achieved everything with his own talent and work.

Rapper Endgame

The young man became a real discovery for Ossetia, and then for the whole country. And in 2016 he was called the most promising young performer.

Childhood and youth

Soslan Burnatsev - such is the name of the endgame - was born in Vladikavkaz on October 2, 1995. By nationality, the young man is Ossetian. After graduating from school, Soslan went to study as a technologist. However, fortunately for the fans, he did not work in this specialty, choosing a radically different path in life - the path to the stage.

Endgame in childhood and now

In an interview, he thanked his parents that they understood and accepted his hobby.

In addition to music, in the life of Soslan there was a place for sports interests. As a child, the rapper did not miss the opportunity to watch one or another match, held at the stadium called Spartak, which was located near his home.

Exiled Burnatsev
Hajime records

Album Andy Panda - King Kong is available!

Exiled Burnatsev
Stonehenge (Ston Heng)
Exiled Burnatsev
Exiled Burnatsev
Hajime records

Miyagi - Trenchtown
In Memory of Great Bob Marley

Directed by Shakhnazar Borboev.

Shakhnazar borboev
Asekov Tilek.

Color correction
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Exiled Burnatsev
Hajime records

Moeazy - Gaining Control (feat. HLOY)

Exiled Burnatsev
Hajime records

Premiere of the clip!
Andy Panda - Rude Mantras / Rough Mantras

directed by Medet

Exiled Burnatsev
Hajime records
Exiled Burnatsev

New Release: Andy Panda - "King Kong" (2019)

The Vladikavkaz artist presents one of his strongest works in discography - the release of "King Kong", which is based on a wide variety of styles and sounds: from melodic reggae motifs to furious recitative. The guests of the project were Pastor Napas, a member of the Ural team "ОУ74", Hajime Records MiyaGi and TumaniYO, as well as Snakes from "Caste".

Early years. First creativity

In addition to music, he was fond of football. All the childhood of the future rapper was spent at the Spartak stadium, which was next to his house.

The novice musician chose the creative pseudonym Endgame. In an interview, Burnatsev said that he decided to be named after watching the movie “Hellish Endgame”, which made a lasting impression on the young man.


In one of his songs, Soslan admitted that he first heard rap at the age of 16, and since then the young man has been captured by the world of recitative, beats and rhythm. If you believe the words of the same composition, Soslan was introduced to similar music by his uncle.

The Endgame also emphasizes that his reggae style was influenced by reggae style, especially singer Shaggy. In Soslan’s head, these directions were interwoven - reggae and rap - and as a result, it turned out to be pleasant melodic music, supplemented by a classical rhythmic recitative with topical texts.

Endgame (Exiled Burnatsev)

The name Endgame appeared after Soslan looked at the painting “Hellish Endgame”. This film by Foad Mikati made a serious impression on the young man. The rapper's first record appeared in 2014. The album is called "Scum." Songs from this disc attracted the attention of music lovers and rap fans, and Endspiel got the first listeners.

A year later, the rapper released his second album - "Tutelka in the Tutelka". The disc also did not go unnoticed, but it was still far from real glory. The situation changed two years later, when Soslan met another rapper from Vladikavkaz - Azamat Kudzaev, better known as Miya Gi. Young people found a common language and decided to work together. The joint project of the musicians was called MiyaGi & Endgame.

Endgame and MiyaGi

The very first album "Hajime", recorded by rappers in 2016, instantly became popular. In the first few days, this disc, posted on one of the social networks, collected a record number of likes, and Endgame and MiyaGi finally found out what real popularity and love of fans is.

Beginning stars decided to "take the bull by the horns" and not stop there. So, in the same year a second record appeared - “Hajime, Pt. 3 ”, which turned out to be no less popular than the first. The compositions “Half Mine”, “Sanavabich”, “I Got Love” (performed together with rapper Rem Digga) are still loved by fans and do not disappear from the playlists of rap fans.

Endgame and MiyaGi - "Bad Bum"

In an interview, Endspiel admitted to reporters that he considers the life theme of the texts to be the reason for this popularity. The duet’s songs tell about what happens in the life of every person: about love, friendship, choosing their own path.

The next year 2017 was no less productive for musicians. The endgame and Miyagi recorded joint tracks with rap stars Mantana, Amigo, 9 Gram and others. The result of such multilateral work was the next album, called “Umshakalaka”. The compositions "Riseup", "Cried", "Be My Sky" blew up the charts of rap music, and literally no tickets were available for concerts.

Endgame EA7 - "Come on, dance, let's make paradise with you"

The endgame and MiyaGi made several videos, young people were invited to perform, photos of rappers appeared on the pages of, perhaps, all music publications. In addition, the popular rapper Timati, having become acquainted with the work of Ossetian artists, suggested the duo join the Black Star label. However, the Endgame and MiyaGi rejected such a seemingly advantageous offer. Friends rightly believe that the main thing in creativity is the talent and love of the audience, and no loud labels are needed for this.

Miyagi, Endgame Ft. Rem Digg - I Got Love

Rappers admit that they are happy that they were lucky to find a truly favorite thing. And if you do it with pleasure, the endgame emphasizes, then the result will not be long in coming.

In 2017, the guys created their own label “Hajime Records”. In addition to Miyagi and Endgame, it includes Tumani YO and KADI.

Personal life

Despite the publicity and constant interest of journalists and fans, the endgame prefers not to talk about his personal life. It is only known that the rapper has a wife, however, it is still unknown who became the happy chosen one. It is noteworthy that there are no photos on the web with the former girls of the musician.

Enspiel's personal life is a secret

The endgame admits that it does not favor constant club parties and likes to devote free time to family, not to parties. Now in the biography of the rapper there is not a single “scandalous” situation, so to speak, warming interest in him.

He does not participate in the now popular rap battles, although he does not hide that he is watching them. But the Caucasian mentality does not allow him to accept insults "on the mother", which are so often heard in battles.

Soslan opposes those who divide people according to the principle of nationality. The young man believes that racism is the scourge of the modern generation.

Endgame now

In September 2017, the endgame duo and MiyaGi stopped performing. This happened due to the terrible tragedy that happened in the life of Azamat Kudzaev - the musician’s son died. One and a half year old boy fell out of the window of the ninth floor. This misfortune shocked the fans of the rapper, and Instagram and other social networks exploded with sympathetic comments and condolences from the fans.

Azamat Kudzaev (MiyaGi) with his son

For a while, the group suspended concert activity, as well as recording songs and shooting videos.

In March 2018, the Endgame released a solo song, “It’s my life." The song was enjoyed by fans, especially after a long break. Then Soslan introduced himself as the new pseudonym Andy Panda, releasing the track “Intro” under that name, and a little later the composition “Kokon”. By creating an alter ego, Burnatsev decided to expand his musical activity.

Endgame - "Cocoon" (premiere of the video in 2018)

And in May 2018, Miyagi broke the silence. On the social network, he posted a new track called "Sleepy Hollow." This event did not go unnoticed in the world of rap. Fans "return" the guys were pleased. And in early July, the Endgame and MiyaGi announced the release of a new album in their accounts. Earlier in an interview with the Flow portal, the duo promised that their return would be “very loud.”

Miyagi & Endgame - "Hajime, Pt. 3"

And already on July 20, the long-awaited album called “Hajime, Pt. 3 ". There are 9 tracks on the disc, two of which the rappers recorded with Rem Digga and TumaniYO. Miyagi and the Endgame said that this time the disc contains songs of different genres. According to them, in the traditional rap-style, only a couple of songs were created, and all the rest is a pure experiment.

Then MiyaGi reported that the first two parts of Hajime received multi-platinum status.

In August 2018, the group performed in Gukovo and at the Wag Wan festival in Tallinn.

Charisma Documentary

In the same year, MiyaGi & Endgame became leaders in the ranking of the most popular performers of North Ossetia. But outside the republic, guys are no less popular. Therefore, it is not surprising that the documentary about rappers “Charisma” gained over 1.3 million views in the first 2 days of release. The film was shot by a young director Aisultan Seitov - the tape tells about the success of young musicians and the development of their work.


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