Before and after the divorce: men of Svetlana Bondarchuk


Fyodor Bondarchuk is a Russian filmmaker, a popular video maker, actor, producer, representative of the directorial and acting dynasty, who managed to emerge from the shadow of his illustrious father in his youth. According to Fedor, his whole life is connected with the cinema. Today, he not only shoots, produces and plays himself, but also prepares a new generation of filmmakers.

Childhood and youth

Fedor was born in the family of the famous film director Sergei Bondarchuk and People’s Artist of Russia Irina Skobtseva, in whom her older sister Alena was already growing up.

Fedor Bondarchuk in childhood / Wikipedia

In school years, Bondarchuk was known as a bully, but this did not stop him from finishing an art studio. For higher education, Fedor planned to enter MGIMO, but did not enter the competition, so he chose the directing department of VGIK, where he was enrolled in the workshop of Igor Talankin.

The course at which Bondarchuk Jr. studied subsequently gave Russian cinema famous artists such as Ivan Okhlobystin, Renata Litvinova, Alexander Bashirov. Studying at the university had to be interrupted due to military service. The young director completed his training as a graduate of the course of Yuri Ozerov. Debts on the subject “history of the CPSU” prevented Fedor from receiving a diploma on time.

Until now, the former model is spoken of as the main woman in the life of Fedor Bondarchuk. Their love story began when Svetlana was very young. After 25 years of marriage, the couple divorced, but retained friendship. Both the director and the businesswoman found new favorites.

Looking at this successful and stylish woman, it is difficult to believe that she was once notorious and insecure. Thanks to the work of the model, she believed in her own talents and realized that she was able to subdue any man. But a career on the podium soon faded into the background: the main priority for Svetlana was the creation of a family.

Next to Fedor Bondarchuk, she felt protected and happy. The couple raised two children and overcame more than one crisis of relations. But in 2016, the couple, whom others considered an example to follow, announced a divorce.

December 17, the businesswoman turns 51. Over the past years, a lot has changed in her life, but even today Svetlana Bondarchuk is in demand in the profession, she is happy as a mother and grandmother, and loved. How did she manage to go through a divorce with dignity and regain the second half?


Svetlana Rudskaya was born in Moscow in an intelligent family. Parents divorced early, but soon my mother got married again, and since then Svetlana has become used to saying that she has two fathers. In school years, the girl suffered from complexes: in high school, with a height of 176 centimeters, she was taller than many peers. A large role in the fate of the girl was played by her grandmother, who sent her to a model casting.

“I thought I was like here now and I’ll tell my grandmother that it didn’t work out. But then the lady, who was selecting models, pulled me out of the crowd. I thought that maybe it’s not so bad. Then I worked as a photo model and a model, I won’t say for a long time, but I learned the origins of this business, ”said the celebrity in the program“ The Fate of Man ”.

The world of catwalks and show business often negatively affects people, but this did not threaten Svetlana: she did not focus on the career of a fashion model.

The model really had a lot of hobbies: she was professionally engaged in fencing, parachuting. At the same time, Svetlana studied well, and after school she graduated from the library department of the Institute of Culture.

Everyone who knew the girl called her a style icon. It is not surprising that Bondarchuk’s career as a host started with the Fashion Vaccination and Dress Her Friend shows. Svetlana also acted as chairman of the jury of the TV contest “You are a supermodel”.

With a wide range of interests, Bondarchuk became known as a journalist, editor-in-chief of a major publication, owner of a PR agency and organizer of social parties and events in the capital. “I am very glad that I am a sought-after person, but this is a lot of work,” said the celebrity.


Svetlana was 16 when she met Fedor Bondarchuk visiting a classmate. They did not immediately plunge into the relationship, but sympathy arose from the first second. “He was not bohemian. Cute, cheerful, with a good sense of humor. I saw and thought that he would be my husband, ”the businesswoman shared.

They were called Romeo and Juliet. And although there were no Shakespearean conflicts between the parents of the lovers, Svetlana was timid before meeting the Bondarchuk. She believed that they did not take her, tall blonde, seriously. But when Sergey Bondarchuk and Irina Skobtseva recognized the girl better, they gladly accepted her into the family.

Lovers met for a long time before they decided to come together. Everywhere appeared together, the director even removed the chosen one in his short film “A Midsummer Night's Dream”. The couple was in no hurry to marry: the marriage was registered after the birth of their son Sergei.

After six and a half years, the couple had a daughter, Varvara. The girl was born prematurely, because of which there were some difficulties in her development. “She is very cheerful, bright. There is no drama, she is a special child, but she is in absolute love, an amazing girl. You could start to suffer, there were certain problems, but this story rallied us. She showed that Fedor is a caring and amazing person, ”explained Bondarchuk.

Parents protected their daughter from excessive public attention. Now Barbara is 20, she lives abroad, where it is easier for her to take a rehabilitation course, visit specialists and study. Sister is often visited by Sergey Bondarchuk, who became the continuer of the acting and directing dynasty.

In 2012, Sergei married Tatiana, daughter of Olympic champion Mikhail Mamiashvili. The couple gave Svetlana Bondarchuk two granddaughters: Margarita and Vera. The star family was growing, but the marriage of Sveta and Fedor was destined to collapse.


The couple Bondarchuk survived a lot together. Over the 25 years of marriage, they have repeatedly managed to cope with crises. But in 2016, this love story came to an end. Fans suspected that everything happened due to the appearance in the life of Fedor Sergeyevich, the rising star Paulina Andreeva, but Svetlana Bondarchuk denied the rumors.

“Nobody left us for someone’s sake, just there was a crisis in relations, a peak, from which we could not get out. Each of us has new relationships only after a while. This is important to understand, because Fedor was condemned for this, his girlfriend, too, the businesswoman emphasized.

Svetlana managed to maintain friendship with her ex-husband, he remained a welcome guest in her house. But the chosen one of the director Paulina reacted to the situation differently.

As a media personality, the businesswoman understood that those around her would continue to exaggerate the topic of her break with her husband. The most difficult thing for Svetlana was to go out alone, but over time she realized that she had to open up to the world and honestly tell about what had happened.

“We will remain close friends forever, I really want this. Life after the divorce has become interesting. New experience, I do not like such grandiloquent words as "status". This is a different life, restructuring. I’m generally a very family man, but I got freedom because the children grew up, a lot of working interests arose, ”said Bondarchuk.

Friends and acquaintances helped Svetlana turn the page, captivating her with new creative projects. Mother and son supported, although at first it was difficult for him to come to terms with the news of the separation of parents. “There is an erroneous opinion: it seems that the children will grow up, and it will be easier for them to explain everything. But children always remain children, and Seryozha was difficult. Time decides everything, ”said the star.


Svetlana was absolutely right in declaring that life after a divorce does not end. As you know, Fedor Bondarchuk met Paulina Andreeva for three years, and in September married her. But the businesswoman was not left alone.

“If you have a relationship request, you will always find it. It’s difficult only if you don’t let go of the past. Around millions of people, everyone wants to be "paired." I always wanted to love and be loved, this is the destiny of a person, no work will block this, ”she explained.

But who became Svetlana's lover? At first, she was credited with novels with businessmen and actors. The celebrity joked that any friend who was seen with her at a party, acquired the status of a boyfriend in the media. And at the end of 2017, information appeared that Bondarchuk was meeting with photographer Sergey Tabunov.

The couple’s relationship ended a few months later, and last year, Bondarchuk began to notice with the company 44-year-old director of the design agency Sergey Kharchenko. They appeared together at exhibitions, performances, relaxed in Bali and in Turkey.

Fans were glad that the idol had found a new love, and talked about the imminent wedding of the couple. Last month, the chief editor of a glossy magazine published a photo on the microblog, in which subscribers saw a ring with a large stone on her finger. The provocative caption to the picture “To be or not to be” gave reason to think that Svetlana was pondering how to respond to her chosen one's marriage proposal.

“I feel that we are preparing dresses again,” commented the presenter, Yekaterina Mtsituridze.

Like many stars, Svetlana Bondarchuk adheres to the principle of “happiness loves silence”, so she does not comment on her romance and possible marriage. The main thing is that the businesswoman remains successful in the profession and in her personal life, and stamps in this case are not at all important.

Photo: Vadim Tarakanov / Legion-Media, shot from the program “The Fate of a Man” on the TV channel “Russia 1”, shot from the program “Fashionable Vaccination” on the TV channel “Domashny”, Instagram


As an actor, Bondarchuk Jr. made his debut in the drama of his father Boris Godunov, where the 15-year-old boy got the role of the namesake tsesarevich. In his youth, Bondarchuk often played in the films of friends and fellow students. Such paintings were “Sunny Beach” directed by Tigran Keosayan, “Demons” by Ivan Okhlobystin and his own tape “Arbiter”.

After a 5-year break in his acting biography, Fedor appears in the role of Vlad in “Midlife Crisis,” the debut film of Garik Sukachev, who became a cult. In 2001, he brilliantly played Prince Myshkin in the eccentric film adaptation of Dostoevsky's Idiot, directed by Roman Kachanov under the catchy title Down House.

Fedor Bondarchuk in his youth (shot from the film “Boris Godunov”)

The directorial debut of Fyodor Bondarchuk took place in 1993 with the film-performance “I Love” of the famous Soviet actress Lyudmila Gurchenko. After that, there was a 12-year break, during which the director focused on the short film, commercials and video maker, so that in 2005 he could “blow up” Russian cinema with a military blockbuster of an unprecedented scale.

The film "9 Company", based on the events of the war in Afghanistan, despite conflicting reviews by film critics, became the highest grossing box office in 2005. The subsequent works of the director - the fantastic drama "Inhabited Island" and the war film "Stalingrad" - were warmly received by the public.

In 2017, the premiere of Bondarchuk’s large-scale painting “Attraction” took place. It is curious that for the first time in the director’s practice, the first people to see the tape were the residents of the Chertanovo sleeping area, where the film took place.

Fedor Sergeyevich managed to realize himself as a successful producer. At one time, his projects “ZhARA” and “August. Eighth ”,“ Spiritless ”. Since 2013, Bondarchuk began to produce rating projects. Fedor also replenishes his acting filmography with works in the series “PiraMMMida”, “The Miracle Worker”, “Demon of the Revolution”, “Year of Culture”.


Immediately after graduation, Fedor Bondarchuk and his school friend Stepan Mikhalkov decided to master the poorly developed niche in the Russian video production of that time - clip-making. Friends founded a private company Art Pictures Group, which was engaged in the production of music videos, commercials.

In 2002, Art Pictures expanded its activities and began to produce films. After 4 years, the company again changed its line of business, taking up production. In parallel with his work at Art Pictures, Bondarchuk Jr. becomes a co-founder of Glavkino, the largest film and television concern.

Photo: Fedor Bondarchuk

Directing and movie roles

In 2012, the opening of the major film and television company Glavkino, the founders of which was Ilya Bachurin and Konstantin Ernst, and the release of its first project, the drama about the conflict in South Ossetia “August. Eighth. " In addition, the artist joined the Board of Directors of Channel One and the composition of the developers of the KinoCity project, designed to solve the problems of building and modernizing cinema halls in remote regions.

In the same period, he played one of the leading roles of the senior major of state security in the tape with Danila Kozlovsky “The Spy” (an adaptation of Akunin’s book “Spy Novel”), and also played the Bolshevik agent in the project “The White Guard” based on Bulgakov’s novel. In addition, the film drama “Nowhere to Hurry” and the psychological drama “Duhless”, shot based on the work of the same name by Sergey Minaev, where Bondarchuk acted as one of the producers, went on a wide release with his participation.

Fedor Bondarchuk now

As a director, he is working on the creation of the film “Lord of the Wind” about the famous traveler Fedor Konyukhov, who flew around the whole earth in a balloon in 2016. In addition, he is busy filming the fantastic film "Invasion", the continuation of the film "Attraction", the premiere of which is scheduled for January 2020.

In 2019, Bondarchuk also became one of the producers of the sports melodrama “Champions Moms”, the comedy series “The Baker and the Beauty,” the musical-romantic “90s. Fun and loud. " The plans for 2020 include “Invasion”, “Ice 2” and “Kitchen.” The war for the hotel ”, among the actors -“ Sputnik ”and“ Heart of Parma ”.

Fedor Bondarchuk told how Paulina Andreeva influenced his life

Fedor Bondarchuk and Paulina Andreeva often appear together at social events, but they are in no hurry to announce their wedding. In a recent interview, the director shared his opinion on the difference in age with his lover and admitted how her appearance changed his life.

Russian film actor, film director

Fedor Sergeevich Bondarchuk - Soviet and Russian film actor, film director, television presenter, film and television producer, clip maker and restaurateur. Fedor Bondarchuk - Chairman of the Board of Directors of Lenfilm OJSC.

The early years and childhood of Fedor Bondarchuk

Fedor Bondarchuk was born in Moscow on May 9, 1967 in the family of a famous filmmaker Sergey Bondarchuk and People's Artist of Russia Irina Skobtseva. Fedor studied at the 31st Moscow special school. The boy did not please his parents engaged in art with successful studies and good behavior. Teachers endlessly complained about Bondarchuk Jr. Fedor’s mother, Irina Skobtseva, went to school (dad - Sergei Bondarchuk because of strong employment, could not follow the behavior and hobbies of his son). And the mischievous Fedor learned to drink, smoke and disorderly at school. He became friends with the son of Nikita Mikhalkov Stepan (from his first marriage with Anastasia Vertinsky). He was also a hooligan guy. Only the grandmother of Fyodor, who actually raised the children of the star couple, was indulgent towards the pranks of her grandson and dreamed that he would become an architect or an opera singer.

Fedor successfully graduated from art school, where he studied in parallel with secondary. The boy early showed artistic abilities. And Irina Konstantinovna saw in Fedor the future diplomat.

After leaving school, Fedor Bondarchuk tried to enter MGIMO.But since the young man studied poorly at school, he managed to make 37 mistakes in the opening essay. Then Bondarchuk Sr. randomly took his son to VGIK. And Fedor himself decided to continue the cinematic dynasty founded by his father. He was able to pass entrance exams for the directing and production department of VGIK in the workshop of Igor Talankin.

The beginning of the career of Fedor Bondarchuk

While still at school, Fedor starred in the film of his father Boris Godunov in the role of Tsarevich Fedor Godunov. For Bondarchuk Jr., it was a difficult period. On the set, the father did not spare his son, squeezed all his strength out of him.

The cinematic biography of Fedor Bondarchuk was interrupted for two years, because the guy was drafted into the army. First, Bondarchuk Jr. served in the training in Krasnoyarsk, and after that he served in the Taman Division as an ordinary cavalry regiment. This regiment was created for the sake of battle shooting in the film "War and Peace" by Sergei Bondarchuk and he was located in the suburbs. After the shooting, the regiment was annexed to the Taman Division.

After the army, Fedor entered the directing and production department, but already in the studio of Yuri Ozerov. Of course, the name of the star father put pressure on his son. Fedor Bondarchuk respected his father very much and simply could not let him down. Young Bondarchuk tried his best to prove that he himself was something.

After graduating from the Institute of Cinematography, Fedor Bondarchuk, along with his friend Stepan Mikhalkov, decided to open the “video window to Europe”. Young people organized the country's first private video production company. Called "Art Pictures Group." All the money earned went to the development of the company. Stepan and Fedor not only shot video clips, but also organized art exhibitions and festivals. One of the first steps in the development of the company was the emergence of the Generation festival of commercials. It still exists. For ten years of work, Fedor has shot videos for almost all popular Russian bands and performers: Grebenshchikov, Pugacheva, Orbakaite, Presnyakov, Varum and others. In 1993, Fedor Bondarchuk was awarded the Ovation Prize for his work. Father handed him the award.

Fedor Bondarchuk and his work in the cinema

After Boris Godunov, Bondarchuk starred in the course work of a friend of Tigran Keosayan. The film was called "Sunny Beach." Fedor played a young soldier. This was followed by the painting “Demons” and “Arbiter”.

In 1993, Fedor Bondarchuk made his debut as a director. He shot the performance of Lyudmila Gurchenko and the film "I Love".

After the sensational film works there was a long lull. And only in 1998, Fedor Bondarchuk played in the film Garik Sukachev in the film "Midlife Crisis." Fedor played the role of a strange young man Vlad. The role was a success. Then Bondarchuk simultaneously played two roles in the film "Eight and a half dollars."

In 2001, Fedor surprised many by playing in a new interpretation of Dostoevsky’s novel “Idiot”. The news talked a lot about the peculiar “anti-screening” of “The Idiot” according to the script by Ivan Okhlobystin (director Roman Kachanov). Bondarchuk got the role of Prince Myshkin. The film was criticized and praised, it is still quoted.

Then Fedor Sergeyevich starred in the big series "Men's Work". In the picture, he played the role of Major Rebrov - the courageous "commando".

And here is a new round in the biography of Fedor Bondarchuk. In the same 2001, he appeared as a producer in the film by Valery Rubinchik "Cinema about Cinema." And then Bondarchuk played in the film and was the producer of this film about the bohemian life "In Motion" by Philip Jankowski.

One of the most striking recent works of Bondarchuk-actor was the main role in the family comedy "Ghost". The hero of Fedor Bondarchuk becomes a ghost, and only one person sees him - a schoolboy-loser Vanya Kuznetsov. In 2016, Bondarchuk played Santa Claus in the film "Santa Claus. Battle of the Mages. "

Fyodor Bondarchuk received the Golden Eagle Award twice as an actor, for the film Two Days in 2011 and for the Ghost in 2016. Bondarchuk also managed to receive the "Give Five!" Award in 2017 in the nomination "Favorite Actor".

The works of Fedor Bondarchuk as a director

As the main director Fedor Bondarchuk made his debut in 2005 with the film "9 companies". This picture was successful at the box office, the film became the first in fees in 2005. Bondarchuk’s “9th Company” also received the Golden Eagle, Nika, and MTV Russia Movie Awards prizes in a number of categories at once, including as “Best Feature Film”.

Then Fedor Sergeyevich Bondarchuk became the director of the television version of the film "Quiet Flows the Don", which was shot by his father, Sergei Bondarchuk.

Further in the biography of Fedor Bondarchuk there were high-profile premieres: “Inhabited Island” and “Inhabited Island: Struggle” based on the novels of the Strugatsky brothers, the film “Stalingrad”. Two parts of the film “Inhabited Island” were successful at the box office, but the picture could not pay off due to too large a budget. The film “Inhabited Island” received awards only for camera work, editing and music, many criticized Bondarchuk’s tape.

The film "Stalingrad" again brought commercial success. The military drama of Fyodor Bondarchuk became the highest grossing domestic film of 2013, earning 33.8 million dollars in just eleven days of rental. But critics smashed the script to smithereens. Producer Mark Rudinstein called the film “Bondarchuk’s directorial failure,” and Petro Morozov, a resident of Samara, sent a petition to the Ministry of Culture demanding that the film “Stalingrad” be banned due to “glorification of Nazism and distortion of historical facts.”

At the same time, Bondarchuk’s film was nominated by Russia for the Oscar. However, Stalingrad was not included in the number of nominees. The domestic tape was the first to manage to break into the Chinese film distribution. "Stalingrad" raised more than 68 million dollars.

A little better critics met Bondarchuk’s 2017 film, a fantastic painting “Attraction”. The film about the contact of earthlings with aliens in the Chertanovo region, was successful at the box office, having earned more than 1 billion rubles, he paid for his budget. About the film "Attraction" they talked a lot in the news on TV, wrote in the media, which contributed to its promotion. At the same time, it was again possible to find fault with the script for a long time, which film bloggers did not fail to do. The film "Attraction" was among the leaders in the rating of disappointing Russians paintings, according to the service "Cinema Mail.ru".

In March 2017, Bondarchuk officially confirmed that he would shoot a sequel and applied to the Cinema Fund with a request to allocate him 250 million rubles to shoot the continuation of his film “Attraction” about an alien attack on Moscow. A total of 645 million rubles can be spent on the second part of “Attraction”.

Fedor Bondarchuk on television

Biography of Fyodor Bondarchuk is closely related to television. In 2002-2004, he hosted the television show "Armchair" on the STS channel, for which he was awarded the TEFI Prize in the nomination "Leading an Entertainment Program". In 2004, Fedor Sergeyevich became the host of the first two seasons of the reality show “You Are a Supermodel”. Since 2005, Fedor Bondarchuk has been running the Cinema in Details program, where he was interviewed by such famous people from the world of cinema as Oliver Stone, Darren Aronofsky, Michael Bay, Daniel Craig and others.

In 2013, the TV series Youth and Survive After were released on the STS channel, the producer of which was Fedor Bondarchuk.

Social work

Fyodor Bondarchuk was elected honorary chairman of the organization "Ukrainian community of Russia." This happened at the second congress of the organization, which was held in Moscow. The son of Fyodor Bondarchuk, who is an activist of the movement of fellow countrymen, spoke at the congress.

Fedor Sergeyevich Bondarchuk - Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Kinotavr ORKF, Academician of the Nika National Cinema Prize, member of the Golden Eagle National Film Award. Founder of the Glavkino Group of Companies. One of the initiators of the Kinoshiti project. Founder of the film company Art Pictures Studio.

Political views of Bondarchuk on the side of the party "United Russia". He is a member of the High Council of this party. Fedor Bondarchuk was the confidant of Vladimir Putin in the 2012 presidential election.

The director became one of 103 figures of Russian culture who signed an open letter in support of Pussy Riot members arrested for "punk prayer", whose cause caused wide public resonance.

Business of Fedor Bondarchuk

Fedor Bondarchuk is a co-owner of the KinoCity company and the Glavkino complex and film studio (together with Konstantin Ernst and Ilya Bachurin).

Fedor Bondarchuk owns several restaurants in Moscow - Paparazzi and Paparazzi-express, Vanilla and Bistrot. He shares some with Arkady Novikov and Stepan Mikhalkov. In 2010, Fedor Bondarchuk opened the Bulka confectionery with other restaurateurs. And a year before, the actor’s restaurant business opened in Yekaterinburg. There are two restaurants and a pastry shop.

The initiative Fedor Bondarchuk has long had the idea of ​​creating a film studio in the Kuban. “Filming is often held here, there are all the relevant conditions, favorable weather, content, and those who want to shoot films here. Now it is necessary to formalize this so that the project is overgrown with logic and an economic model, ”Fyodor Bondarchuk quoted the news in 2016.

Recently, Forbes magazine ranked the most commercially successful Russian directors. Fedor Bondarchuk was in this list in third place with a financial result of 69 million dollars.

Fedor Bondarchuk was 39th in Forbes magazine’s Top Russian Celebrities 2016 ranking with revenues of $ 1.3 million. Bondarchuk achieved the highest result in this rating in 2014, when the director’s income ($ 1.6 million) allowed him to take 28th place.

Personal life of Fedor Bondarchuk

The personal life of Fyodor Bondarchuk in recent years has especially attracted the attention of the media, the news constantly raises the topic of divorce of a famous director.

Bondarchuk married in 1991 to Svetlana Rudskaya. In a marriage, the son Sergei was born, and exactly ten years later, in 2001, the daughter of Varvara. Today, Fedor Bondarchuk is twice a grandfather: in 2012 and 2014, two daughters, Margarita and Vera, were born to Sergey's son.

The first wife of Bondarchuk is a model, actress, TV presenter, editor-in-chief of the magazine “Hello!”, The owner of a PR agency. Fedor and Svetlana met in 1986, when Bondarchuk served in the army. The wife of Fyodor Bondarchuk worked as a TV presenter on the Domashny channel, and on the STS channel Svetlana Bondarchuk was the host and chairman of the jury of the You are a Supermodel TV contest, which was also hosted by Fedor Sergeyevich. Svetlana Bondarchuk is known as the organizer of social parties in Moscow.

After 25 years of marriage, the couple announced a divorce. Fedor and Svetlana decided to disperse, but remain friends.

The press reported that Fedor left his wife for an affair with the actress Paulina Andreeva. But Fedor strongly denies these rumors, saying that he began to meet Paulina only a couple of years after the divorce. “I cherish the fact that Svetlana and I experienced this difficult period of life with dignity, with respect for each other. This is valuable, ”admitted Bondarchuk. Meanwhile, the “Instagram” of the former wife of Bondarchuk is replete with frank photos: the ex-wife tries not to lose heart and build a new relationship.

In 2017, Paulina Andreeva and Fedor Bondarchuk decided to marry. But the wedding date is kept secret. The tabloid news that the wedding of Fyodor Bondarchuk is just around the corner has been reported since the spring of 2016.

Paulina Andreeva was born in 1988 in Leningrad. Known for the series Thaw (2013), Method (2015), the film and the series Locust (2015). Paulina Andreeva left the faculty of journalism at St. Petersburg State University for the sake of the Moscow Art Theater School (course of R. Kozak and D. Brusnikin). Already in the 3rd year, she played with the director Kirill Serebrennikov in the play “Okolonola”. In 2011 she was accepted into the troupe of the Moscow Art Theater named after A.P. Chekhov.

Bondarchuk offered his future wife a role in the thriller Sleeping, where the director himself acts as a producer. Fedor Bondarchuk and Paulina Andreeva are also involved in the filming of the film Myths about Moscow.

Recently, Paulina and Fedor are inseparable. The girl gets the main roles in almost all the projects of her lover, becoming for the director a real muse, according to the news of show business. Relations with one of the most famous figures in Russian cinema have attracted increased media attention to Pauline herself, her photo can be seen in magazines and news of online publications. Especially often Paulina Andreeva can be seen on the red carpet, along with Bondarchuk she was at the festival "Pacific Meridians" and "Kinotavre". But the most striking photos of Paulina Andreeva were made on the red carpet of the Moscow International Film Festival in the summer of 2016. Pictures of Andreeva in a jacket on a naked body in the news of socialite chronicles were discussed by fashion lovers and young actresses.

At the Kinotavr festival in 2017, Paulina Andreeva was awarded a special prize - a diamond brooch - for her role as twin sisters in the comedy Myths directed by Alexander Molochnikov. Paulina Andreeva played in a comedy about the life of Russian stars (Ivan Urgant, Sergey Bezrukov, Fedor Bondarchuk, Igor and Vadim Wernick), Urgant's wife and her twin sister - the wife of an influential millionaire.

Fedor Bondarchuk told who the boss is in his house

The protagonist of the animated film The Boss Milk Strider is an off-year business and serious baby who wants to save the world from universal evil with the help of his older brother. In America, this role was voiced by Alec Baldwin, and in Russia - Fedor Bondarchuk.

Fedor Bondarchuk often communicates with his son

After the divorce, Fedor Bondarchuk tries to devote more time to talking with his son. According to neighbors, Fedor often comes to a country house where his son lives with his family. Sergei Bondarchuk still can not survive the divorce of his parents.

Fedor Bondarchuk together with Paulina Andreeva visited a cocktail party at GQ magazine in Sochi

Yesterday, Fyodor Bondarchuk and actress Paulina Andreeva first appeared together, parading along the red carpet of the closing ceremony of the 27th Kinotavr festival in Sochi. At the end of the ceremony, the GQ magazine cocktail traditionally followed, for which festival guests changed tuxedos and elegant dresses to jeans and white T-shirts.

Fedor Bondarchuk broke up with Svetlana because of treason

The divorce of Fedor and Svetlana Bondarchuk for two months excites the minds of a secular party. A famous couple broke up after a twenty-five year marriage. First, rumors appeared in the press about the new romance of 49-year-old Fedor with the star of Method and Locust Paulina Andreeva. Now they are talking about the relationship of Svetlana Bondarchuk herself with the elite dentist Omar Gazaev.

Fedor Bondarchuk still intends to marry Paulina Andreeva, however, without any fuss

Fedor Bondarchuk and Paulina Andreeva no longer hide their relationship, the director recently publicly supported his lover at the premiere of the play “Dreamworks. A dream comes true ”at the Chekhov Moscow Art Theater. On stage, Paulina shone in a spectacular black latex suit that emphasized her perfect figure. Bondarchuk admiredly watched the game of his beloved and applauded loudly.

It turns out that married Fedor Bondarchuk had an affair with a 90s star Lika Star

In connection with the divorce of Fyodor Bondarchuk and his upcoming wedding with Paulina Andreeva, interest in the famous director is growing. So, 42-year-old Lika Star, a star of the 90s, suddenly remembered her romance with a famous director.

Fedor Bondarchuk officially divorced

Not one month there were rumors that Fedor Bondarchuk broke up with his wife Svetlana. However, the couple built a family idyll by publishing joint photos. But for a long time they did not succeed in portraying a happy married couple, and they admitted that they were getting divorced.

The son of Fyodor Bondarchuk could not share the girls and had a fight

In his youth, the son of the famous actor Fedor Bondarchuk Sergey was still that smoothie.The young man managed to meet several girls at once. True, all this lasted exactly until the young passion of Bondarchuk accidentally met and started a fight.

The wife of Fedor Bondarchuk after the divorce will not change his name

The wife of Fedor Bondarchuk Svetlana explained to everyone why she changed her last name and how she is doing in her personal life. According to the famous presenter, changing the name was a stupid mistake, and in the event of a divorce, she would take Bondarchuk's name with her.

The wife of Fyodor Bondarchuk changed his surname "is it really getting divorced?"

The wife of Fedor Bondarchuk Svetlana changed her husband's surname to a girl's. The wife of a famous actor and director asks her to be called Svetlana Rudskaya. What pushed her to such a step is unknown. However, secular gossip has long been rumored that the couple does not get along.

Personal life of Fedor Bondarchuk

In the personal life of the famous actor, everything is very confusing, because it has always been bright and rich. Impressive, attractive and charming, a man is constantly surrounded by different women. You can’t call him faithful, even he met his future wife, being in a relationship with another girl.

Ex-wife Svetlana Bondarchuk

The first wife, a well-known model, TV presenter, owner of a PR agency, the editor-in-chief of the magazine and just a beauty, Svetlana Bondarchuk. They met while he was still serving in the army. They were introduced by a friend, it happened during the dismissal of a soldier. But, they did not immediately become a couple. Only a year and a half later, shortly before the demobilization, he got to the hospital and asked his girlfriend to bring a beautiful girl again, then a schoolgirl. He did this because of sheer boredom. They started a stormy romance, for which Svetlana skipped classes. In 1991, they got married. Fedor graduated from the institute and continued his career in film and television. Children appeared in the family. Relations between the spouses were very strong, from the outside they gave the impression of happy and contented people. Their couple was considered very stable and loving. But, not so simple.

Actor's novels

Unfortunately, you cannot call him a faithful man: even when married, he was always surrounded by a large number of fans. One of the most scandalous cases in his life was a stormy romance with the singer Lika Star, in which he starred in the video. During the filming, the actor managed to fall in love with her. At first he promised the girl that he would divorce and would live with her, but he could not decide on this step. Then the singer, tired of chatter and promises, at a social event herself told the wife of her “boyfriend” the whole truth. He advised Svetlana to hide the suitcases in their house, until they disappeared with the owner.

Then there was an affair with a young student with whom they worked together on advertising. But the relationship did not last long. Next in line was Yanina Studilina, but the latter claims that it was purely platonic love and great friendship. Fedor himself called her his muse. Then there was a relationship with Oksana Fandera, who also deny both actors. They starred together several times already, often kissed in front of cameras. Their game was so convincing that the viewers believed, but they were never lovers. None of the fans believe this.

After filming the film "9 Companies", everyone said in unison that Bondarchuk had a new romance with Irina Rakhmanova. Eyewitnesses repeated that the girl’s eyes shone when meeting with the director and a film colleague who reciprocated. The heroes of this story did not admit to their relationship to each other.


These are only the most vivid novels, whether they were or not, but Fedor lost his family. In 2016, the starry and popular couple divorced. The couple decided to leave and each go their own way in order to preserve all the good that they experienced during 25 years of marriage. Despite the fact that their relationship from the side seemed very stable and lasted a long time, the Bondarchuk still severed them. Further life together was impossible, it was understood by Svetlana and Fedor. Today they are in excellent relations with each other. Fortunately for both, their personal lives have been adjusted, especially since two wonderful children have appeared in this union, for whom they should be an example for the rest of their lives.

Children of Fedor Bondarchuk

The actor has two children, a boy and a girl. The difference between the offspring is 10 years. The father loves his children very much and, despite being very busy, takes an active part in their lives.

The first son was born, he was named in honor of his grandfather - Sergei. By his character, he went to his father - he also hooliganized and did not study very well. The boy loved sports, was fond of boxing. The family profession "director", the son mastered in America. He also starred in various films, worked with his father in the movie "Stalingrad". Despite the fact that his father was strict with him, and sometimes even severe, the shooting made a tremendous impression on him. By the way, Sergey’s wife was always nearby and was also imbued with this magical voice-over atmosphere. It was after this collaboration that the relationship between father and son improved. He gave the ex-couple Bondarchuk two beautiful granddaughters, in whom the grandfather did not have a soul for himself.

Currently, there are rumors that young spouses are getting divorced, but they themselves have not confirmed this.

The daughter of Barbara was born a premature and very weak baby. At first, doctors actively fought for her life and won. But, the consequence was the diagnosis they made - autism. 13 years, Svetlana and Fedor managed to protect her daughter from public squabbles. It is not customary in the family to talk about the girl as a patient or to pronounce the conclusion made by doctors aloud. She is a cheerful and very affectionate child who captivates the people around her. Fortunately, Varvara was born in a family that is able to take care of her, give her love, give her the opportunity to receive treatment and education. At that time, the birth of a daughter strengthened the relationship of the spouses, who came together even more to protect such a special child.

After the divorce, the famous actor also actively continues to take part in her life. He himself says that he spoils the girl very much with gifts. The father believes that his daughter is an infinitely bright person. When everything does not work out in his life, as he would like, and the mood is worse than nowhere, he comes to the girl and she charges him with her positive energy. In the documentary about Fyodor Bondarchuk much was said about her, that she has a great memory, that she grasps new knowledge “on the fly”, and that Varya loves poetry and can endlessly tell them.

Relations with Paulina Andreeva

Today, Fedor Bondarchuk, finally, has established his personal life. He is happy living with his common-law spouse Paulina, whom he began dating even before her divorce from Svetlana. Few people know that the girl took on her stage name, according to her passport her name is Catherine. She works in the theater, actively acts in films, sings beautifully. Although, envious people say the opposite, it is her voice that fans hear in the film "The Thaw."

Having fallen in love with the girl, Fedor bought a luxurious apartment for them near Red Square, but he designed it for himself. Rumor has it that the actor and director claims that he had never been so happy in his life, did not even think that one could have such feelings for a woman. “I’m comfortable and easy with Paulina, we often laugh, joke and have fun,” says Fedor.

Vladimir Mashkov helped open the doors to the theater world, as well as to the world of cinema. It was there that Fedor saw the actress, and in negligee.

Many argue that it was she who caused the separation of one of the most stable couples. The difference between a man and a girl is exactly 20 years old, which does not prevent them from being happy. Although it is not known whether Andreeva will be in the position of legal wife in the near future or not.

Fedor Bondarchuk will play the dad of his son Sergei in the movie "Fighter"

October 13, 2014

Fedor Bondarchuk, together with his son Sergei, Svetlana Khodchenkova and Vladimir Yaglych, will play the main roles in the movie “Warrior”, which was recently launched.

Family of Fedor Bondarchuk today

His ex-wife is happy with her fiance, who is 13 years younger than her. With the first husband, they are in an excellent relationship, together helping their daughters, engaged in granddaughters. The relationship with the son of the famous father became much better than after the divorce.

Currently, the actor and director continues to enjoy happiness with Paulina. Evil tongues talk for a while. “Fedor simply loves to“ flood ”women. He is a walker, and many are sure that this is not the last novel. Soon he will meet a new star and follow her, ”his ex-girlfriends say about him. But, do not forget that Fedya has long been no longer a boy and not even an ardent young man, but to some extent a tired man who has come a long way. Should he again seek his happiness, if he already has it.

Fedor Bondarchuk still hopes to swear obscenities from the screen

October 13, 2014

The film by Fyodor Bondarchuk may not be seen by viewers because of the mat law. The director was the producer of the film "Yes and Yes" by Guy Germanicus, which contains profanity.

Fedor Bondarchuk decided to conquer Germany

September 14, 2014

Fedor Bondarchuk decided to seriously conquer foreign audiences, but not as a director, making another film, but playing in the German comedy film "Antalyagrad" together with the famous actor Thiel Schweiger.

Fedor Bondarchuk is already twice grandfather

May 12, 2014

Today in the family of Fyodor Bondarchuk there was a joyful event, he had a second granddaughter. The daughter-in-law of the famous actor Tata gave birth to another princess, about which she reported on her page on the social network.

Fedor Bondarchuk got rid of his mustache and grew his hair

March 19, 2014

Fedor Bondarchuk for the role in the serial film "The Miracle Worker" decided to shave off his famous mustache.

The eight serial tape, for which the famous actor decided on such a change, is shot in Moscow.

Fedor Bondarchuk is not waiting for the appearance of the second grandson

March 7, 2014

Fedor Bondarchuk has been honored with the title of grandfather for more than a year. In December 2012, the charming wife of the son of the famous actor Sergei Tatina Mamiashvili was born a lovely girl, who decided to call Margarita.

Fedor Bondarchuk tries to nominate his film at the Oscars

September 12, 2013

Favorite Stars - news. A film by Fyodor Bondarchuk "Stalingrad" with a high degree of probability can become one of the candidates for the Oscar from Russian cinema.

Fedor Bondarchuk swung at Pavel Durov and his Vkontakte network

August 16, 2013

Favorite Stars - news. Fedor Bondarchuk, inspired by the success of the films “Social Network” and “Jobs”, decided to shoot a picture about Pavel Durov, the founder of the social network “Vkontakte”.

Fedor Bondarchuk celebrated his 46th birthday

May 10, 2013

FaStars.ru - Star News. Fedor Bondarchuk decided to celebrate his birthday on the ninth of May - the day when the whole country celebrated Victory Day. And at this time, the famous actor turned 46 years old.

Fedor Bondarchuk and his painting "Stalingrad" found the first trailer

May 8, 2013

FaStars.ru - Star News. This fall, the dramatic military film "Stalingrad" by Fedor Bondarchuk will be released on the screens of cinemas in Europe and Russia. And now the audience decided to indulge the first trailer that appeared on the network. It was first shown in Las Vegas at the CinemaCom conference.

Fedor Bondarchuk conquers Hollywood with his film "Stalingrad"

April 18, 2013

FaStars.ru - Star News. Our cinema is actively conquering Hollywood, and as confirmation of this, there are reports that the international distribution of the Russian film Stalingrad, directed by Fyodor Bondarchuk, will be handled by one of the largest Western companies Sony Pictures.

Fedor Bondarchuk took up the shooting of a new series

January 4, 2013

FaStars.ru - Visiting news. The STS channel began to shoot a new serial film "Youth" - about the life of young hockey players of the Bears team. This series will be one of the main premieres on the channel in 2013.

Fedor Bondarchuk reincarnated as a living dead

November 12, 2012

FaStars.ru - Star News. A video clip appeared with the dancing Fedor Bondarchuk in the network, in which the famous director and actor starred in a very unusual image of a zombie.

Fedor Bondarchuk was appointed head of the Lenfilm

October 15, 2012

FaStars.ru - Star News. The well-known director and host Fedor Bondarchuk this afternoon was approved for the new position of chairman of the board of directors of the Lenfilm film studio. This was reported on the official website of the Federal Property Management Agency.

Fedor Bondarchuk will soon be a grandfather

September 19, 2012

FaStars.ru - Star News. Famous director and actor Fedor Bondarchuk will become a grandfather in the near future. His son Sergei and his wife Tatin are expecting their firstborn.

Fyodor Bondarchuk may lead Lenfilm

September 17, 2012

FaStars.ru - Star News. Today, the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation decided to comment on the new appointment of Fedor Bondarchuk to the post of chairman of the board of directors of the Lenfilm film studio.

Fedor Bondarchuk does not want to know his brother

March 29, 2012

Famous Russian actor and film director Fedor Bondarchuk Born and lived in the no less talented family of Sergei Fedorovich Bondarchuk. At many social events, Fedor appears with his wife Svetlana, but sometimes with the mother of the film actress Irina Skobtsova and nephew Konstantin Kryukov. It seems that the famous family has no secrets, but everyone has a skeleton closet.


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