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The highest pyramids on the planet


What scientists just do not go to become the discoverers of the pyramid itself! In the case of the Bosnian pyramids (application for 220 meters) - forgery and manipulation of facts. The pyramids of the Bermuda Triangle (150 meters) are a bottom scan error inflated by researchers to the level of sensation. Reality is much more prosaic. The highest pyramid in the world barely reaches 144 meters. But still, for millennia, it remained the tallest building in the world! Let's take a look at this past greatness.
1 Chefren Pyramid - 143.9 m

So, the leader of our rating is the pyramid of Chefren or Khafra, as you wish. In addition to its height, it is also one of the oldest structures of its kind in the world, because its construction took place in the 25th-26th centuries BC. More than two hundred statues adorned her in the past.

2 Cheops Pyramid - 139 m

In the past, the Cheops pyramid rightfully bore the title of "Great", since its height was much higher and it was the largest of the Egyptian pyramids. But ... the years took their toll, and then scientists removed part of the skin, which also reduced the height of the structure. But the title of one of the 7 wonders of the world cannot be taken away from the Cheops pyramid!

3 Broken pyramid - 104.7 m

Broken, cut, wrong ... if the builders erected a pyramid in Dakhshur the way they originally intended, it could squeeze the neighbors on a pedestal. But something went wrong (either a mistake in construction, or the pharaoh died before the appointed one and the pyramid was finished in a hurry). In any case, it is unique not only in its height, but also in shape. Double punch!

4 Pink Pyramid - 104 m

The highlight of this building was its exact geometry. For the first time in history, the base of the pyramid was so correct - 220 by 220 meters, and the height did not disappoint - 104 meters! For a long time, this pink beauty was the highest in Egypt and generally everywhere.

Tlachiualtepetl would be the first on our list, if it was a question of volume. The pitch of the base - 440 meters, makes it the largest in terms of size, and not just height. It is believed that it was Cholula that was the mythical capital of the feathered serpent Quetzalcoatl, and the pyramid was his temple.

6 Pyramid of Mikerin (Menkaura) - 65 m

The third among the great pyramids of Giza, the pyramid of Mikerin - the son of Cheops, is certainly lower than his father. By the time of its construction, the country fell into decay and the greatness of the ancestors became impossible to repeat.

7 Pyramid of the Sun - 64 m

The Pyramid of the Sun is part of one of the largest temple complexes in Mexico, located near modern Mexico City. It is located on the so-called "Path of the Dead" and is surrounded by the graves of those who were sacrificed here.

8 Djoser Pyramid - 62 m

The very first pyramid, the oldest, which became the prototype for all followers, was built by Joser. However, it differs in some ways: rising to the top of its slopes form steps, only six. So it seems: “Maybe enough, Joser, eh?” - “I am a king, or not a king! Build up! ”

9 Usercaf Pyramid - 44.5 m

The pyramid of Userkaf witnessed the decline of the kingdom of Egypt. Subsequent buildings almost completely have not survived to our time, because either they were abandoned or very carelessly built. The latter is valid for many pyramids. Now this is a miserable sight - most of all, the once majestic structure resembles a pile of stones.

10 Pyramid of the Moon - 43 m

Pyramid of the Moon - the second largest building after the pyramid of the Sun in the city of Teotihuacan. One of the largest buildings in Mexico. Located in the northern part of the city of Teotihuacan, Cerro Gordo repeats with its contours.

There are also natural formations, the shape of which repeats the pyramids, such sensations are constantly emerging in the press, however, in fact, there are no traces of human activity related to their construction.
Such pyramids can be mentioned at the beginning of the "Pyramid of the Sun" located near the Bosnian city of Visoko to the north-west of Sarajevo. Kola pyramids in the Russian Federation, they were found recently - in the last century. Previously, they simply did not pay attention to the overgrown hills until they listened to local legends that indicated the moves inside. According to statements from the press, the artificial origin was confirmed, as well as the fact that the pyramids were built three times.

Temple Borobudur. Indonesia

We begin the review with a monument of the Buddhist religion on the island of Java. The temple in the form of a step pyramid was erected in the late VII - early VIII centuries, and its height in antiquity was over 40 meters.

For reasons unknown so far in the XI century, the temple was abandoned, and the first Europeans got acquainted with this architectural masterpiece in 1814. It turned out that he is a Buddhist model of the universe.

Today, thousands of pilgrims come to the island to make a difficult ascent to the top of the mythical Mount Meru.

The Pyramid of the Wizard. Mexico

There is still a debate in science about who left this architectural monument. The ancient capital of Uxmal was repeatedly captured by various tribes, and around the middle of the 15th century, life here ceased.

As for the pyramid, its height is 38 meters, and in an oval shape at the base resembles a traditional Mayan dwelling.

At the top of the building is a temple where ritual rites and sacrifices were performed, as evidenced by multiple artifacts and the remains of sacrificial food.

Tigre Pyramid. Guatemala

Excavations in the Maya cultural center began in the 60s of the 20th century. One of the main buildings of the ancient city of the Indians was a temple of stepped blocks, 55 meters high.

The ceramics found during the study made it possible to determine the age of the structure. Ancient builders erected it between about 600 and 300 BC.

On the walls of the structure, as well as throughout the complex, multiple images of the divine bird Vukub-Kakish and other images of mythical creatures were found.

Pyramid of the Sun. Mexico

The name of the pyramid, whose height is 68 meters, was invented by the Aztecs. In the XIII century, they came to the abandoned Teotihuacan and saw this magnificent building.

To date, scientists have established that the pyramid in the "place where the gods gather" (as the name of the city is translated) was built by the ancient inhabitants of Mexico in about 100 BC.

The orientation of the sides of the pyramid is probably related to the Mayan calendar. Not without sacrifices during the construction. In the corners at the base were found the burial of children.

Pyramid of La Dante. Guatemala

In terms of the volume of internal space, it is the largest pyramid in the world, but its height is 72 meters, higher than the Tigre neighbor, and is slightly inferior to similar structures.

This masterpiece was built around the 3rd century BC, in the heyday of the Mayan culture. As for architectural features, it consists of several platforms of different widths and volumes.

La Danta, like the Tigre, is part of the large historical and archaeological complex of El Mirador.

Great Pyramid of Cholula

This magnificent pyramid was erected during the time of the Toltecs - the Native American people of the Uto-Aztec language family. They called the Tlachiualtepetl pyramid, and the height of this "man-made mountain" is 77 meters.

Studying the features of architecture, the adjacent territory and artifacts found at its base, historians have suggested that this is one of the ancient Toltec capitals.

On the peak in the Middle Ages, the Church of the Blessed Virgin Comforter was erected, and the structure itself harmoniously blended with the landscape of the Mexican plateau.

Luxor Pyramid Hotel. USA

The traditions of ancient Egypt were also addressed by modern architects who designed the Luxor hotel in Las Vegas.

The structure, with a height of 106.7 meters, almost completely copies the Broken and Pink pyramids of Egypt.

Of interesting facts, we note that because of the shape, not a single room in an unusual hotel has bathtubs, only showers, and a ray hits the sky hinting at the alien origin of this form of the building.

In addition to hotel rooms, the building has a casino, which is visited daily by thousands of lovers of excitement and risk.

Palace of Peace and Accord. Kazakhstan

We will not pass by another modern pyramid, opened on September 1, 2006 in the capital of Kazakhstan.

The cultural and religious center, designed by ambitious, young architects, has a height of 62 meters. This building was conceived as a symbol of peace, friendship and harmony, therefore such an unusual form was chosen.

The glass dome crowns the unique structure, and the hall under it is called the “Cradle”. Under the dome, 130 pigeons are depicted, each of which symbolizes the people living in the republic.

Great pyramids of the world

One of the most mysterious buildings on our planet is the pyramids. The most famous of them are the sacred Pyramids of Egypt. But over the past century, pyramids have been discovered by scientists in many places on earth and beyond. Many scholars believe that the meaning of these places of worship extends far beyond the concepts of the tomb, "barns for grain storage" or even religious churches. The work of the American hydrogeologist I. Sanderson and the parallel discoveries of Soviet scientists N. Goncharov, V. Makarov and V. Morozov created the energy skeleton of the planet, which helped to trace abnormal and power sections of the earth. It turned out that the great pyramids and other and megalithic structures of our planet are located at the tops and midpoints of the edges of this geocrystal.

Giza Pyramid Complex

Great pyramids of the world. Giza Pyramid Complex

One of the most ambitious in the world is a complex of ancient structures on the Giza plateau in Egypt. It consists of the Khufu Pyramid (known as the Great Pyramid and the Cheops Pyramid), the somewhat smaller Hafra pyramid and the relatively modest size of the Menkaur Pyramid. Also here are the remains of eight more small pyramids-companions. On the edge of the plateau, closer to the Nile, you can see a unique sculpture of the Sphinx with the body of a lion and a human head.

The height of the Great Pyramid reaches 146.5 meters with the base side a little more than 230 meters, and the weight is estimated at 6-7 million tons. The slightly more modest dimensions of the 2nd pyramid (Hafra pyramid) are 143.5 meters high with a length of the side of the base slightly more than 215 meters. The 3rd pyramid (Menkaur's pyramid) looks simply “small” against their background. Its height reaches 66.5 meters with a length of the side of the base of 104.5 meters, and the weight is estimated to be “only” a quarter of a million tons.

It is generally believed that the buildings were created in the Ancient Kingdom of Ancient Egypt during the reign of the IV — VI dynasties (XXVI — XXIII centuries BC). However, the ability of the ancient Egyptians, who owned only the simplest tools and technologies, to create such huge structures is rightly called into question. In 1992, geologist John Anthony West and professor of geology at Boston University and rock erosion specialist Robert Schoch, speaking at the annual congress of the American Geological Society, stated that meteorological studies of the Sphinx postpone the time of its appearance in the era much more ancient than dynastic times . According to their conclusion, the erosion of the Sphinx and its surrounding trench carved into the rock is not the result of wind at all, but of heavy rains that have been watering them for thousands of years long before the Ancient Kingdom came into being.

Chefren's Pyramid. Egypt

Of the pyramids of Ancient Egypt, the tomb of Chefren was distinguished by a magnificent finish of pink granite, which, unfortunately, was preserved only at the top.

The height of the tomb, in which two spacious burial chambers were examined, is 144 meters, and at the entrance there are giant stone blocks 5.5 meters high.

The poor preservation of the monument does not allow further research. For example, permission to raise scientists to the top in the past half century has never been issued.

The pink pyramid. Egypt

In the rays of the setting sun, the stone blocks that make up the tomb of Pharaoh Snofru are acquiring a pinkish tint, which is why it got such a romantic name.

But in ancient times, the architectural monument in Dashkhur had a completely different look. Its walls were covered with white limestone, which crumbled over time, revealing stone blocks.

Archaeologists found out who is buried here by the inscriptions in red paint on several blocks inside the structure. Note that the height of the structure is 105 meters.

The largest pyramids of the world

The pyramids that arose thousands of years ago on Earth were always surrounded by a halo of mystery, they were worshiped, sacred rituals were performed by people who appeared later than their erection and created entire civilizations around them.

Pyramids have long been considered places of power, their incredible energy can not be explained and each new discovery gives rise to many new unsolvable puzzles.

Pyramids are scattered throughout the globe. In the Eastern Hemisphere, most of them are in Egypt, China, Tibet and Australia. In the Western Hemisphere, the largest clusters of pyramids are in Mexico, the Bermuda region, Peru, and Brazil.

The Pyramid of Cheops.

In the process of building the largest Egyptian pyramid, neither more nor less were involved - about 100 thousand people who over the course of 20 years were able to do the almost impossible and build this example of ancient architecture of colossal proportions.

For the construction of the pyramid it was required to erect one on another 2 million 300 thousand stone blocks, each of which weighs an average of 2 tons. To put in place one such unit, it was necessary to involve 40 people. But in those days, there was no shortage of labor, because the labor of slaves was widely used, dying from thousands of difficult conditions.

Scientists around the world are still arguing about how the ancient Egyptians were able to build such a magnificent building using the most primitive technique. And many are inclined to the idea that in this case it was not without the intervention of the inhabitants of other planets. In addition, in the facial features of the Egyptian sphinx, some see the divine features of representatives of other civilizations.

Egyptian Sphinx

It is noteworthy that the ancient Egyptians made measurements using a rope with knots tied on it. Moreover, their measurements were surprisingly accurate, and the error was only 127 cm. This fact is very impressive, if we take into account the height of the pyramid - 146 meters.

Cheops Pyramid in Egypt

Broken pyramid. Egypt

This tomb, which is connected in the same way as the Pink one, with the IV dynasty of the Egyptian pharaohs, has irregular, broken shapes, which attracts the attention of researchers and tourists.

The height of the monument of ancient Egyptian culture is almost 105 meters, and a tomb was built in three stages. It was at the third stage that the tomb received such a truncated shape to reduce pressure on the inner burial chamber with the sarcophagus of the pharaoh.

Pyramids in Mexico.

Usually, in the representations of people, the pyramids are associated with Ancient Egypt. Surprisingly, the largest pyramid in the world is located in Mexico. It was dedicated to the god Quetzalcoatl and was built in the 1st century AD.

The Mexican pyramid is built of sun-dried bricks and earth. Its height is relatively small, and is only 53.9 meters, but the huge building occupies a total area of ​​18.2 hectares.

In the city of Teotihuacan in Mexico there is a pyramid of the Sun, which is characterized by enormous size. So, the total area of ​​construction significantly exceeds the Colosseum in Rome.It is difficult to imagine what efforts people had to make in order to erect grandiose structures in ancient times, the greatness of which even today is surprising and admiring.

Pyramid of the Sun in Mexico

The oldest giant building is part of a grand temple complex. The unique pyramid is located at a distance of 40 km from the city of Mexico City - the capital of modern Mexico. The Pyramid of the Sun is on the Path of the Dead, just between the Citadel and the Pyramid of the Moon.

Pyramid of the Sun in Teotihuacan

White pyramid. China

The Chinese riddle has been known to the world since 1945, when an American pilot photographed a 300-meter-high pyramid.

The scientific world already knew that in the Shang Si area there are about 400 pyramids of various sizes. Most likely, these are large burial mounds.

The white pyramid is located north of the others, and differs from them in its gigantic size. Legends narrate that this place was visited by aliens, but what ethnic group left these magnificent monuments is still unknown.

Riddle at Yonaguni Island

We conclude the review, albeit not the highest, only 27 meters, but, without a doubt, the most mysterious object of a pyramidal shape.

On the Japanese island of Yonaguni in the 80s of the last century, underwater structures were discovered. Scientists have not yet agreed on the origin of stepped terraces on the seabed.

Whether nature could have done this or traces of an unknown ancient civilization is still unknown, but more and more arguments appear in favor of the fact that this is an ancient sanctuary that appeared about 10 thousand years ago.

Boston Pyramid

The Italian Charles Ponzi created the first financial pyramid in the early twentieth century. The idea of ​​a simple business scheme of rapid enrichment came to him thanks to one case. Once Ponzi received an envelope in which, in addition to the letter, there was an exchange coupon. Changing it to stamps, the coupon was sent back. Its value in Europe was one brand, and in America six times more expensive.

Charles Ponzi created his own company and attracted investors. The businessman suggested that the residents of Boston make money on the difference between buying and selling goods from other countries. According to his scheme, each investor received 150% of the invested amount in a month and a half. People hastened to buy paper. Ponzi fueled interest in his business with customized articles in the press.

In fact, Charles Ponzi arranged the payment of old depositors to old participants. By the middle of summer 1920, Ponzi received up to a quarter of a million dollars a day thanks to bills. Soon the Italian scam was uncovered. The company was liquidated, the money was partially returned to the depositors, and Charles Ponzi was imprisoned for 5 years.

Portuguese pyramid of Dona Branca

In 1970, Maria Branca dos Santos opened a bank in Portugal. An enterprising woman promised each depositor a deposit income of 10% per month. The possibility of such a large financial gain provided the Bank of Don Branca with a large number of customers. For 14 years, the bank regularly made payments to depositors, for which they began to call Maria Branca a “people's banker”. The pyramid of the Portuguese banker collapsed in 1984, Branco was sentenced to 10 years.

Double check

In 2005, an ordinary teacher from Pakistan, Saed Shah, after returning from Dubai home to the city of Wazirabad, quickly turned into a real millionaire. He convinced his circle that during a business trip he had studied a new exchange program, according to which you could increase your savings by 2 times in 2 weeks.

So the name of the business scheme appeared - “Double Shah”. After 1.5 years, the pyramid totaled about 3 thousand investors. At the 2005 rate, it totaled about $ 900 million. The law enforcement agencies exposed the pyramid, and Said Shah was arrested.

Fake shares of Lou Perlman

Many people know Lou Perlman as the producer of two popular bands from America, The Backstreet Boys and ‘NSync. But he gained the greatest fame thanks to the pyramid he created. Perlman's scam is recognized as the largest in the XX century.

In 1981, the man organized several fictitious companies that existed only on paper. Perlman managed to sell shares in his firms for 20 years. The producer earned $ 300 million.

Lu tried to escape from the country when the pyramid was uncovered. But the attempt was unsuccessful and he was sentenced to 25 years in prison and a fine of $ 1 million.

Royal European Club

Damara Bertges and Hans Gunther Schpachtholz in 1992 created a non-profit association. It was called the European Royal Club. The organization acted as an alternative to large banks in Europe, and also as an aid to small businesses.

New members of the European Kings Club acquired a share worth 1.4 thousand Swiss francs. This paper provided the owner with the right to receive 200 francs every month, which corresponded to a 2-fold increase in deposit after a year.

The scheme was opened after 2 years. About a hundred investors from Germany and Sweden lost $ 1 billion. Damara Bertges received a sentence of 7 years, and her partner - 5 years.

The greatest pyramid of all time by Bernard Medoff

Bernard Medoff is the author of the largest scam in history. He created an investment fund, which was considered among the Americans as one of the most reliable and highly profitable. Medoff promised its investors 12-13% per annum. The clients of the fund were famous people, banks and hundreds of law firms.

In 2008, several large investors turned to Medoff with a demand to return $ 7 billion, but the fund did not have this money. It turned out that the company had not been involved in any investments for 13 years. Her debt amounted to 50 billion dollars. The FBI’s fraud was reported by his sons. Bernard was sentenced to 150 years in prison.

Wang Feng Ant Farm

The idea of ​​the most unusual pyramid belongs to the businessman from China, Wang Feng. Absolutely anyone could become an investor in his company for only $ 1,500. Each depositor was given a box with special ants. Insects required special conditions of detention. After 3 months, company representatives came to take the insects back. Then the ants were processed to create aphrodisiacs and drugs for arthritis. This was the official version for investors.

After 1 year and 2 months, investors received 32% per annum, namely about $ 450. The pyramid was very popular, they talked about it in the media.

Before Feng's ant farms crashed, his firm had a turnover of almost $ 2 billion. The businessman was arrested and sentenced to death.

The largest financial pyramid was created by Sergei Mavrodi and his relatives - brother and wife. In the early 90s, the private company MMM promised its depositors a dividend of 1,000%. Several million citizens have invested in MMM. Stars took part in advertising campaigns. One new MMM office opened weekly.

The pyramid was successful for 5 years - during this time Mavrodi attracted about $ 2 billion. Among the investors there are lucky ones who were able to earn. They placed their savings for a short time and withdrew them with interest.

In 2003, MMM broke up, and Mavrodi spent 4.5 years in prison.

American insurance system

This is the first financial pyramid officially introduced by the Roosevelt government. According to this insurance scheme, the pension was paid from employee contributions.

Initially, it was assumed that the number of able-bodied citizens would always exceed the number of pensioners. Under this scheme, US retirees receive money from workers' taxes.

However, analysts predict the collapse of this pyramid, since the number of pensioners will exceed the number of working people. And then there will be nothing to pay pensions.

Features of the Egyptian pyramids

In total, on the territory of Egypt, archaeologists counted 118 pyramids, which managed to fully or partially survive to this day. Their approximate age is 4-10 thousand years. The only miracle of the world that managed to survive almost in its original form was the Cheops pyramid, which is part of the Great Pyramids of Giza complex. All of them, as well as the highest pyramid in Egypt, are recognized as the country's most popular tourist sites.

The pyramids were relatively well preserved, unlike many other historical and architectural attractions of Egypt. Moreover, their destruction was influenced not only by nature and time. Some of them suffered at the hands of man, as local residents knocked stones out of them and removed the cladding in order to use them as building material for their own homes.

The beginning of the construction of the Egyptian pyramids was begun around the 27th century BC. The main purpose of these buildings was the repose of their rulers. To show their greatness, the pharaohs built simply large-scale tombs. The height of some of them reaches 150 meters. Here were placed a variety of things that the ruler loved and appreciated during his lifetime. It was believed that they should be useful to him during their afterlife.

Building pyramids

The tallest pyramid in the world, like all other Egyptian structures, were built of stone blocks that differed in size. These blocks were specially knocked out of the rock, after which they were turned and adjusted so that even the thinnest blade could not be inserted between them. Later, the walls of the pyramids began to be made of bricks.

During the laying of these blocks, they were shifted by several centimeters relative to each other so that the surface had a stepped structure. Almost all the pyramids that can be found in Egypt are square in shape. Moreover, its sides are strictly directed to 4 cardinal points.

The interior of the structure is similar to that which had the very first pyramid in Egypt. And all because they all had one purpose and served as a funeral chamber in which the sarcophagus with the body of the ruler was placed. The entrance to the pyramid was always a few meters higher than the ground level. Outside it was hidden by special facing slabs. Movements and stairs led to the central hall. In some places, such corridors were so narrow that it was possible to go there only on all fours or sideways for one person.

Very often, the halls in which the burial was carried out are located underground. In order for air to enter the room, mines were created that penetrated through the stone walls. Inside the structure, the walls were often covered with cave paintings, which later helped scientists obtain information on how the pyramids were built and those who were buried here.

Mysteries of the Pyramids

The main puzzle for scientists was the form of structures. It still remains unclear why the pyramid was chosen. Why are the faces of the necropolises clearly directed to 4 cardinal points. How, in those days, how could people transport the huge blocks of stone from which they were built? And also, how without special equipment did they rise to great heights? Therefore, even hypotheses were put forward that when they were built, people used a magic crystal or that they were erected by aliens from other planets.

There is also no consensus among scientists about how these huge structures were able to stand for more than one thousand years. Some archaeologists have concluded that millions of slaves drove here to build, many of them were dying right here.

However, some recent studies indicate that free people were involved in the construction, and they were paid well for the job. In addition, they were provided with good food and quality medical care. The human bones found here prompted such conclusions of scientists, some of them managed to note cured injuries.

Many people who studied the Egyptian pyramids soon died or died a strange death. Therefore, such coincidences were called mystical and even rumors began to appear about a certain curse of the pharaohs. Naturally, this could not be scientifically confirmed. Therefore, it may well turn out that such rumors were deliberately spread in order to scare away from these places possible looters and robbers, who often encroached on jewelry and other valuable things that might be in tombs.

Among other mysteries - too short time spent on construction. According to scientists, with the level of technology that existed in those days, to build one large pyramid, should have spent at least 100 years. At the same time, the Cheops pyramid was built in less than 20 years.

The largest pyramids

In Egypt, there are a huge number of pyramids. Some of them are famous tourist sites, while others are accessible only to researchers. The most famous pyramids in Egypt are as follows:

  • The Pyramid of Cheops not only the most famous, but also the most huge. Its construction dates back to about XXVI BC. Experts believe that it was built in just 20 years. The construction took about 2.3 million blocks. In this case, the structure is a monolithic structure. Exceptions are corridors and cameras inside. There are no inscriptions or drawings on the walls of this pyramid. Granite slabs were used to separate the chamber of the pharaoh. Researchers found nothing inside and near the sarcophagus.

  • Chefren's Pyramid . It was built by the heirs of Cheops. It is located directly near the Sphinx and the pyramids of Cheops and Mycerin. The pyramid has a complex of structures (pyramids and temples).

  • Djoser Pyramid - It is considered as the oldest pyramid in Egypt. Its location was the city of Saqqara. The pyramid is distinguished by a stepped structure.

  • Broken pyramid . It was intended for Pharaoh Snofru. She got her name due to her appearance.

  • Pink pyramid . It got its name due to the fact that during sunset its blocks acquire a pink hue.

Tourist info

Visit the complex located in Giza, tourists have the opportunity daily from 8 to 17 hours. In winter, they are open to visitors until 16.30, and during Ramadan only until 15 hours.

Some tourists think that if this place is not considered a museum and is located in an open area, then here you can behave as you like, for example, climb the pyramids. However, this cannot be done, first of all, for your own safety.

Those who want to go inside are recommended at first to adequately assess their well-being, both physical and psychological. Those with claustrophobia are better off staying outside. Also, people with heart diseases, hypertension, those who suffer from asthma or pathologies of the nervous system should not go here, because the inside is quite hot, dusty and very dry air.

In most cases, the entrance to the pyramids costs 8 euros. A visit to the Pyramid of Cheops will cost tourists 13 euros. A visit to the interior of the Chefren pyramid costs only 2.6 euros.

An excursion to the Museum of the Sun Rook, located near the Cheops pyramid costs 5 euros. Those who want to take a photo near the pyramid will have to pay 1 euro. Entrance to some pyramids of Giza (the wife of Chefren or his mother) is free.

Near the pyramids there are always camels on which tourists are offered to ride. It is worth remembering that at the beginning their owners call a rather high price, but if you bargain, you can get a solid discount.

Other pyramids on the planet

Everyone has heard of the Egyptian pyramids. While not many people know about such traces of the oldest civilizations in Mexico.In this country, you can find buildings that date back to the Mayan and Aztecs. Most of them today are flooded, covered with earth, or they are in an impenetrable jungle.

The highest of the Mexican monumental structures is the pyramid of the Sun. It is located in the ancient city of Teotihuacan. Another major pyramid is Cholula.

Unlike the Egyptian ones, the Mexican pyramids have a terrace at the top. According to scientists, the Mayans built temples here. However, scientists can not understand how they could be built, given the level of technology development of those times.

Chefren's Pyramid in Egypt

Chefren’s pyramid, the second of 3 famous pyramids erected on the Giza plateau, seems to be higher than the Cheops pyramid, although its height is 136 m. This optical illusion arises because it stands on a rocky “sole” 10 meters high. Unlike the Cheops pyramid, Chefren's pyramid is well preserved to this day. Inside it is only a couple of corridors and 2 cameras.

The tomb of the pharaoh is empty, however, a magnificent sarcophagus of the pharaoh was discovered here. Next to the pyramid of Chephren is a statue of the Great Sphinx. This gigantic stone lion with a human face attracts more tourist attention than the pyramid itself.

Pink pyramid

The largest pyramid in the world is not the Pink Pyramid, but it is the largest of the 10 largest tombs of the pharaohs in the necropolis of Dakhshur, which is located south of the city of Giza, 26 km from it. In size, it is second only to the pyramid of Cheops and the pyramid of Chefren.

Its height today is 104.4 m, at first it was equal to 109.5 m. It is older than the Cheops pyramid, was built several tens of years earlier. The pink pyramid is named because in the rays of the setting sun it is painted in a reddish color.

Pyramid Options:

Height (m)Volume, m3)Base Side Length (m)Width of base side (m)
104,41 694 000221,5218,5

The pyramid has an almost perfect shape of a regular isosceles pyramid, and it has an amazing ratio of height and foundation, its walls have a very low slope. Inside the pyramid there are 3 adjacent chambers, each 17 m high, accessible by tourists.

Broken Pyramid in Egypt

The broken pyramid is located in the vicinity of Memphis, in the Dakhshur necropolis. It was built in the XXVI century. in the form of a classical pyramid, in contrast to its predecessors, erected in steps. This is its unique feature. At first, the broken pyramid was 104.5 m high, but over many centuries, erosion caused by the sun, rain and wind destroyed its top.

Today, the height of the pyramid is 101 m. The length of the side of the square base is 198.4 m. The pyramid got its name “Broken” due to the fact that the angle of inclination of the walls changed three times during its construction. At first it was equal to 58 degrees, then decreased to 54 degrees, and became equal to 43 degrees, starting from a height of 49 m.

It is these successive changes in the angle of inclination that give the pyramid such a strange, “broken” look.

The Broken Pyramid has 2 entrances: from the north at an altitude of 11 m and from the west at an altitude of 33 m. This also distinguishes it from other pyramids, which usually have 1 entrance. Inside the pyramid there are 2 groups of adjacent rooms that are not interconnected. All are below ground level.

In the largest chamber, which is considered the Tsar’s burial, the supporting beams are made of the most valuable Lebanese cedar. In some places large red spots appear on the walls and floor of the pyramid, over the nature of which Egyptologists have been thinking for many years.

Hotel Luxor

The ideal pyramid-shaped black sparkling community "Luxor" with a height of 106.7 m, where the hotel, casino and a huge entertainment complex are located, is located in the US state of Nevada, in Las Vegas. The hotel complex of 4,407 rooms is considered the 3rd largest among US hotels.

Characteristic of the Luxor hotel is the lack of a bathtub in the rooms, even in the suites (there are 442 in all) there are shower cabins. This is due to the unusual architecture of the building.

Parameters of the Pyramid "Luxor":

Number of floorsPyramid Height (m)Volume, m3)Base side (m)

44.5 thousand m 2 of glass was required for the external cladding of the building. In the huge halls of the Luxor casino there are about 1,500 slot machines, the latest gaming machines, 87 gaming tables, the total area of ​​the entire gaming zone is 11,148 m 2. The owner of the luxury complex, which looks like a sparkling black diamond of the correct pyramidal shape, is the global company MGM Resorts International.

The complex has 4 whirlpools and 4 swimming pools, 6 restaurants, several bars, 29 boutiques, a theater with 850 seats, a pharaoh’s museum, and even a small chapel that holds wedding ceremonies.

With its linear parameters, Luxor resembles the Pink and the Broken Pyramids. And the pyramid owes its name to the ancient Egyptian city of Luxor. The Luxor was built in record time - from 1991 to 1993. The estimated construction cost was $ 375 million. A 40 billion candela light source is located at the very top of the pyramid.

Of great brightness, a narrow beam of light striking to incredible heights, penetrating through clouds, visible from the satellite, is focused by a system of concave-curved mirrors from 39 xenon lamps and is considered the most powerful on Earth. The ray attracts insects, large flocks of bats, and bat hunters - night owls.

8. La Danta in El Mirador

(0.9 million cubic meters)

El Mirador was one of the most important Mayan cities from the 6th century BC to the 1st century AD. The peak population here exceeded 8,000. For unknown reasons, the city was abandoned at the end of the 9th century AD. Its ruins were discovered in 1926, but they did not become too popular due to its location deep in the jungle in northern Guatemala. Today, everything is overgrown with jungle, and the largest building here - the La Dante complex, is more like a big green hill

The La Dante complex consists of several platforms, on the highest of which are three pyramids, one of which reaches 21 meters in height

Great Pyramid of Cholula

The largest pyramid in the world today is the Chochul Pyramid. The greatest pyramid in Mexico is also called Tlachioaltepetl, which in translation from the Aztec language, Nahuatl means "man-made mountain." This giant multi-stage pyramidal structure, mostly covered with soil, is the largest in terms of volume of all known pyramids.

With its incredible size, she deserves an entry in the Guinness Book of Records. Its height from the base is 66 m, above the surface of the earth it rises by 55 m. At a relatively low height, it has a gigantic square base, with a side of 450 m.

The largest pyramid in the world was built from adobe blocks and is a kind of matryoshka. One on top of the other 6 pyramids. Each new was built on the previous, unfinished. The adobe blocks were made of clay mixed with sand and straw, and dried under the scorching Mexican sun.

In dry sultry climates, adobe bricks can last thousands of years, but Mexico's humid, hot climate made tropical vegetation run wild from bricks.

At the top of the pyramid, the Spaniards, having conquered Chochula and settled in it, erected a church in honor of the Holy Virgin Mary the Comforter (Iglesia de Nuestra Senora de lo Remedios church). When erecting a temple on a large hill, they did not suspect that a giant 66-meter pyramid was located under a layer of soil.

7. The Pyramid of the Sun Teotihuacan

(1.2 million cubic meters)

The Pyramid of the Sun is the largest building in the ancient city of Teotihuacan and one of the largest pyramids in South America. The name comes from the Aztecs who settled here several centuries after the city was abandoned

1. The Pyramid of Cheops

(2.58 million cubic meters)

The Great Pyramid of Cheops is the largest pyramid in the world, as well as the only remaining miracle in the list of 7 ancient wonders of the world. Its construction was completed in 2560 BC, over 20 million 2 million huge stone blocks were used. The height of the pyramid is 139 meters, and the length at the base is 230 meters.

Other highest pyramids on the planet

There are many more pyramids on the planet with a unique structure and amazing history. The incredible pyramidal-mirror complex “Kailasa”, discovered by the Russian archaeological expedition led by Ernst Muldashev, is called the “Matrices of Life on Earth”.

The Matrix is ​​a complex of 100 pyramids located around the sacred mountain Kailash with a height of 6700 m and having a strict pyramidal peak. All the pyramids of the complex are built in steps.

The highest pyramids known today are, in addition to the ones listed above:

  • Kukulkan Pyramid (feathered serpent) on the Yucatan Peninsula, 25 m high, built on 9 levels.
  • Pyramids in Sudan built in the VIII century. BC, built of sandstone blocks, half destroyed, one of the oldest.
  • Step man-made pyramid in Bosnia, whose blocks were discovered by archaeologists under a huge hill 646 m high. Under the pyramid, a network of branched tunnels and large chambers was discovered.
  • 40 meter Silbury Hill Pyramid near Avebury, in England. This huge chalk mound is the largest in Europe.
  • Pyramids with a height of 45-52 m in the Crimea, on a site from Foros to Sevastopol, have an age equal to the pyramids of Tibet.
  • 2 giantmade of a material similar to glass or ceramic tiles, pyramids are located at the bottom of the Bermuda Triangle, at a depth of more than 600m.
  • Mausoleum of Tangun near Pyongyang, 22 m high, built more than 4 thousand years ago.
  • 5 step pyramid 30 m high and 180 m base, found at the bottom of the Sea of ​​Japan, near Yonaguni Island.

Perhaps the largest pyramid has not yet been discovered, since there is still so much unknown in the world. Incomprehensible finds open in the most unexpected places. Perhaps the largest pyramid is hidden somewhere under the great mountain ranges, or under the thick ocean.

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