Vladimir Yaglych


Vladimir Vladimir Yaglych (born January 14, 1983 (1983-01-14), Moscow, USSR) - Russian film and theater actor.


Vladimir Yaglych was born on January 14, 1983 in Moscow.

In 2000 he graduated from Moscow school No. 1411.

He graduated in 2004 from VTU. Schukin (TI named after Shchukin), course of E.V. Knyazev.

In 2003 he made his film debut at once with several notable roles - Lieutenant Malyutin in the military film “At an Unnamed Height”. In the same year, Vladimir Yaglych starred in the film "My Prechistenka", where he played Sergei - the son of the prince and the maid.

From September 8 to December 29, 2013 he took part in the project “Ice Age-4” on Channel One.

December 29, 2013 Vladimir Yaglych and Oksana Domnina were declared winners of the show "Ice Age 4".

Since September 5, 2014 - the host of the musical show "Artist" on the channel "Russia-1".

Personal life

In 2005-2010, he was married to actress Svetlana Khodchenkova.

In December 2013, Yaglych announced a romance with Oksana Domnina, a former world champion in ice dancing, on the show Ice Age. In early 2014, they broke up.

In 2015, he began dating Antonina Paperny (born 1990), the daughter of Ukrainian actors Olga Sumy and Yevgeny Paperny. July 28, 2017 in the media there were reports of the birth of a couple of a daughter. The girl was named Eve.


Vladimir Yaglych

Vladimir Yaglych at the premiere of the film "We Are From the Future 2" at the "October" Cinema
Birth nameVladimir Vladimirovich Yaglych
Date of BirthJanuary 14, 1983 (1983-01-14) (aged 37)
Place of Birth
  • Moscow, USSR
  • Russia
2005 from Carousel Tolik
2004 from At an unnamed height Lieutenant Alexei Malyutin, intelligence officer
2005 from Two Fates 2 Kazakov, Peter's classmate
2005 from Two Fates 3 Cossacks, Peter's classmate
2005 from Asphalt hunting Valentin Reshetnikov, police lieutenant
2005 from Diva starred
2005 from Do not be born beautiful Leonid, Masha’s boyfriend
2006 from Soldiers 9 Private Grachev
2006 from Soldiers 10 Private Grachev
2006 from My Prechistenka Sergey Dyomin, half-brother of Alexander
2007 from Right to happiness Misha
2009 from Smersh Mikhas, a member of the gang
2008 from Cossack robbers Lyokha
2008 f we are from the future Oleg Vasiliev (“Skull”)
2009 from Two sides of one Anna Sergey Shelyagin
2009 from Love is not what it seems Pavel Karavaev
2009 from Theft Rules Ambal
2009 from Princess and beggar Dmitry Krymov
2009 f I will show you Moscow Tolya Rybakov (Sibiryak)
2010 f Corner beam Daniil Arbuzov (“Melon”)
2010 f We are from the future 2 Oleg Vasiliev (“Skull”)
2010 f To the touch boomer master
2010 from The sky is on fire Vasily Astakhov
2010 f Life long night Stepan Lobov
2010 from Fate mysterious tomorrow Konstantin Ilyich Gaev
2011 from Open it's me Garik
2011 from The sorrows of joy of Hope Valera Korobov
2011 from Kiss of Socrates (film number 2 "Necklace of Nefertiti")Igor Poluyanov
2011 f Five brides Second Lieutenant Mikhail Lomakin
2011 f Seven May Days Maksim
2011 from Only you Andrey Zakharov
2012 f Vegas Ticket Dima, friend of Max
2012 from My big family Egor Samokrutov
2012 from Under cover Oleg Rezvov (Frisky)
2013 f Cocaine affair Egorov
2013 from Operation Puppeteer Ivan Korolev
2013 from Twists of fate Nikita Anisimov
2014 from Family business Ilya Ponomarev
2014 from Bandit Nikolay
2014 f Easy on sight Gleb, a fellow student of Paul
2014 from Non-random meeting Sergey Mikhailovich Lezhnev (Serge Lejeune), ambulance nurse, former fighter of the French foreign legion
2015 from Perfect sacrifice Igor
2015 f Warrior Glory Rodin, Roma's older brother
2016 f Crew Sinitsyn, pilot
2016 from Dolzhok Igor Dugin, collector
2016 from Particle of the universe Timur Kutovyh
2016 from Sasha is good, Sasha is angry Alexander Dyomin
2017 f Conductor Anton Morozov
2017 f About love. Adults only starred
2017 from Youth Ruslan Mikhailovich Zhdanov (Russ) (season 5), center forward (player number 50), captain of Electron, then captain of the Brown Bears (from 173rd to 174th and from 185th to 192- series), from the 181st to the 192nd series - playing the second coach of the Brown Bears, from the 217th series - the player of the KHL hockey club Brown Bears. The ex-husband of Natalie Zhdanova, was in love with Nastya Gordeeva, the boyfriend of Ulyana Metlitskaya
2017 f Night shift Max
2017 from Team B Mikhail Volkov, pilot, in love with Light
2018 f Without me Anton
2018 f One breath Ignat, lifeguard
2019 f Wild league Burlak Varlam

Childhood and youth

Yaglych Vladimir Vladimirovich was born in Moscow in the winter of 1983 under the sign of the zodiac Capricorn. The artist says little about childhood, it is only known that Vladimir did not even think about the role of the actor, but dreamed about the profession of a pilot. Now in aviation the young man is only busy as an artist: directors often offer him similar roles.

Vladimir Yaglych in childhood and now

Once the actor said that at a young age he was a sickly child. But then the guy got stronger, he got sports hobbies: basketball, fencing, combat sambo.

In 2004, Vladimir Yaglych graduated from VTU. Schukin (course of V. Knyazev). According to the young man, Yaglych began his acting biography by accident, the young man got into school because of a girl who was pretty to him and wanted to enter the theater department. She never graduated from college, but Yaglych really got carried away with this business. The guy entered the top ten promising graduates of theatrical universities in Moscow, received a guild diploma from teachers and directors. The Matrix number was a triumph for him, in which the actor impressed the jury with artistry and plastic expressiveness.

Vladimir Yaglych in the play "Salem Witches"

Vladimir Yaglych performed at the Moscow Academic Theater. He participated in the performances “The Adventures of Little Red Riding Hood”, “Horses are finicky”, and the production of “The Plague on Both Your Houses”. These works have become an important creative and career milestone in the life of the actor.

Subsequently, having made a choice in favor of the cinema, he left the theater. In a short time in cinema, Vladimir Yaglych earned a name for himself in the world of cinema, played many memorable roles.


Vladimir Yaglych made his film debut in 2003, shortly before completing his studies. At this time, two films were released with the participation of the artist - "At an unnamed height", where the lieutenant became his hero, and "My Prechistenka", where he played the prince's son.

The talented Muscovite starred in the series “Two Fates”, “Do Not Be Born Beautiful,” “Soldiers”, the military project “Carousel”, the films “We are from the Future” and “We are from the Future-2”. The fantastic action movie “We Are From the Future” was warmly received by critics and viewers, this project became a separate milestone in Russian entertainment cinema, demonstrating the ability to combine a deep military drama with youth fiction. The film was enjoyed by different generations of viewers and began to appear steadily on television during major military holidays.

Vladimir Yaglych in the film “We are from the Future”

They began to recognize Yaglich, he gained popularity. The actors were bombarded with proposals for filming, but the main roles in the filmography rarely appeared. One of the major works of Vladimir Yaglych was the role of a soldier Stepan Lobov in the film "A Night of a Lifetime". This role once again affirmed Vladimir in the military image that brought him fame.

The actor began to act in many films, action films and action dramas, increasingly trying on the epaulettes of various departments and services. Vladimir played roles in the drama “The Beam on the Turn”, the action movie “Puppeteer”, the comedies “Ticket to Vegas” and “Five Brides”.

Vladimir Yaglych often plays the military

Then he began to appear more in television films: “My Big Family”, “Discover - It's Me”, “Only You”. In the first, Vladimir played the main role for the first time in a long time. After this work, a reboot was outlined in the actor’s career. He began to play less often military personnel and more often appear in films that are not related to military operations.

The actor prefers to agree to good scenarios, he does not chase earnings. In the track record of the star - the most interesting roles in the films recognized by the masters of the genre.

In 2012, the popular “Kitchen” sitcom appeared on television, where, contrary to rumors, Yaglych did not act at all. The role of the bartender remembered by the audience was played by Viktor Khorinyak. The actors are constantly confused, so Yaglych and Khorinyak try to work in different roles and create a different image for themselves.

In addition to filming in films and TV shows, Vladimir Yaglych participates in television shows. In 2013, he, along with his partner Oksana Domnina, became the winner in the sports television program "Ice Age 4". In 2014, Yaglych began work as the host of the music show "Artist".

In 2014, a new film was released with the participation of Vladimir Yaglych - "It is easy to mention."

In the same year, Yaglych played a major role in the comedy series Family Business. Vladimir played a businessman who created a foster family to get away from loans and taxes. The story of a man who found an approach to five completely different children and eventually became attached to each of them was loved by viewers. In 2015, the series was extended for the second season, where a businessman with children tried to revive pioneering in Russia.

Vladimir Yaglych in the series “Family Business”

2015 brought the actor three more main roles. Yaglych embodied on the screen the images of a boxer in the sports drama “Warrior”, a surgeon and a home tyrant in the melodramatic series “The Perfect Victim” and a young investigator in the crime film “Good Sasha, Sasha Evil”.

Vladimir Yaglych is removed not only in large projects. In the same year, the actor played in the music videos of Polina Gagarina “I Will Not Be” and Lesia Yaroslavskaya “Be My Husband”.

In 2016, the actor participated in the filming of the sensational disaster film "Crew", where he played one of the pilots.

Vladimir Yaglych in the series “Catherine. Takeoff"

In 2017, Yaglych played the role of Grigory Potemkin, the favorite of Catherine II performed by Marina Alexandrova, in the historical drama Catherine. Takeoff". This February premiere is one of the most anticipated.

Vladimir Yaglych and Svetlana Khodchenkova

In the same school, Vladimir met a student from a junior year - Svetlana Khodchenkova.

He was immediately partial to her, but the beauty remained cold and impregnable. Over time, they began to meet and already in 2005 got married.

Together, the actors participated in the filming of the series "Carousel" and "My Prechistenka." According to their colleagues from the theater institute, they were ideally suited to each other:

“Sveta caught every word of her man, and Vova rode before her like a young goat.”

The couple did not have time to have children, because of the busy work schedule and frequent quarrels, they decided to divorce in 2010. Some argue that Vladimir began to cheat on his wife with actress Anna Starshenbaum, and Svetlana also found a more profitable party for herself. Others said that Yaglych was simply jealous of her husband for her success. Nevertheless, the marriage broke up.

By the way, Vladimir and Svetlana starred together in the movie "Warrior", and they played lovers. The picture itself failed at the box office.

Yaglych and Oksana Domnina

In 2013, on the set of the show “Ice Age” between Vladimir and Oksana Domnina, something more than a project partnership arose.

Oksana herself decided to leave the family and left Roman Kostomarov, because she was tired of waiting for a marriage proposal. Together with Roman, at that time, their common daughter Nastya was growing up. Oksana and Vladimir lived together, appeared at social events and gave interviews. But six months later, Oksana returned to Roman and they played a wedding.

Vladimir Yaglych now

One of the leading roles was played by Vladimir Yaglych in the comedy About Love. Adults Only ”, released in September 2017.

Then the artist starred in the new season of the series "Youth. Adulthood". The hero of Vladimir is the striker of the “Brown Bears” Ruslan Zhdanov, whose main character traits are excessive self-confidence and narcissism. In the story, the young man has everything that he wants, thanks to family ties. And although Ruslan is married to a beautiful model performed by Natalia Rudova, he still spends time in the company of other girls.

Vladimir Yaglych in the series "Youth 5: Adult Life"

In February 2018, the series “Team B” was released on the STS channel. Vladimir reincarnated as a pilot Mikhail Volkov. In the story, the young man is trying to avoid imprisonment. To do this, General Brusnitsyn, Uncle Misha, instructs the guy to lead the team “B”. This group consists of people who have been selected for a flight to the moon. Young specialists are ready for anything to circumvent team “A” and conquer space.

Yaglych’s colleagues on the set were Karina Andolenko, Mikhail Efremov, Nastasya Samburskaya and others.

Vladimir Yaglych in the movie "Team B"

In the summer, the comedy Night Shift started, where Vladimir was cast in the title role. The second central actor was Pavel Derevyanko.

Yaglich got the character of a young man named Max, who is fired from work from the factory. The guy must provide for his family, so he agrees to work as a stripper. However, Maxim hides the new profession from his wife Ani. The wife suspects the beloved, and the relationship deteriorates. To save the situation, a man seeks help from colleagues.

Another of the central roles was played by Vladimir in the film “Like Children”. The artist worked with Paulina Andreeva, Rinal Mukhametov, Konstantin Khabensky and others.

Vladimir Yaglych starred in the thriller Without Me

In October 2018, the release of the thriller “Without Me” is planned, directed by Kirill Pletnev. According to some information, the picture tells about two girls who loved one young man. After the guy’s death, they receive messages that only this man could write. The main female roles were played by Lyubov Aksenova and Polina Maksimova. Vladimir Yaglych is also involved as one of the leading characters.

Then the audience will see their favorite artist in the mystical thriller "Explorer", where Yaglych appears in the role of Anton.

Vladimir Yaglych starred in the thriller "Explorer"

In November 2019, the sports drama "One Inhale" will be released. According to the plot, Marina Gordeeva (Victoria Isakova), after breaking up with her husband, goes on vacation to the sea, where she meets Ignat (Vladimir Yaglych), the lifeguard. A young man opens up the underwater world to a woman. After that, Marina can no longer think of anything else and rushes to her new dream, despite the ridicule of others and her own fear.

Vladimir Yaglych and Antonina Papernaya

In 2015, Vladimir was noticed in the company of Antonina Papernaya.

First joint appearance

Representatives of the actor soon confirmed their serious relationship.

At first, the couple laid out the photo instead, but then stopped, so the fans concluded that they broke up. However, in July 2017, it became known that Antonina gave birth to a daughter, Eve.

Now Vladimir and Antonina do not advertise their relationship. It is known that they have not legalized them yet: Antonina is a native of Ukraine and expects to receive Russian citizenship.

In his spare time, the actor is fond of sports: various martial arts, yoga and training in the gym.

See a fragment of the program "Evening Urgant" with the participation of Vladimir Yaglych:

On the Instagram page you can see that he is fond of motor sports and loves cars.

Thanks to participation in the show “Ice Age”, the actor did not have to re-learn ice skating to participate in the series “Youth. Adulthood". Here he played the role of striker.

At the beginning of 2018, the series “Team B” was released, where Vladimir played a pilot who heads the crew of a flight to the moon. His colleagues here were Mikhail Efremov, Nastasya Samburskaya, Karina Andolenko and others.

Vladimir also returned to the theater and participates in the play "Salem Witches."

Now the actor is busy on the set of the film “One Inhale”, where the lifeguard plays. The release of the picture is scheduled for 2019.

On the set of the film "One Inhale"

Table of contents

Vladimir Vladimirovich Yaglych is not only a popular young actor in the theater and cinema, but also the winner of many entertaining and musical projects. That speaks of him not only as a versatile, but also a very talented person.

Despite the fact that he began to act relatively recently, in his creative arsenal there are already about fifty film roles, the vast majority of which are the main ones. Barely appearing on the screen, he is able to completely capture the audience’s attention.

Height, weight, age. How old is Vladimir Yaglych

Vladimir can be called very beautiful and even athletic. Men of this type are almost always not deprived of the attention of women. And one cannot fail to admit that a huge number of fans Vladimir Yaglych acquired not only due to his acting talent.

Height, weight, age. How old is Vladimir Yaglych - these questions concern many of his fans. Especially those who recently learned about this actor. We will reveal this secret. The growth of the actor is 185 centimeters, it weighs 83 kilograms. Vladimir was born in 1983, which means that he is already 34 years old.

Height, weight, age. How old is Vladimir Yaglych photo

Filmography: films with the participation of Vladimir Yaglych in the title role

In 2004, the Russian television began to show the short series "At an unnamed height" in which Yaglych played the character of intelligence agent Malyutin. Subsequently, in the role of a military man, he became the most popular and after "height" he reincarnated more than once in the military. For example, two years later, he got the role of Private Grachev in the series “Soldiers”.

However, the real popularity and loud fame for Vladimir brought the film in the genre of science fiction "We are from the Future" and the role of a black digger nicknamed Skull. Together with other characters, he falls during the Patriotic War and his character radically changes his ideological views. If earlier the Skull adhered to Nazi principles, now it has a different opinion and renders all possible assistance to the domestic army.

Both the film and the character were well received by both fans and film critics. But it is worth noting that the continuation of the film, which was released in 2010, was waiting for failure. It is possible that part of the reason is the replacement of one of the actors.

Filmography: films with the participation of Vladimir Yaglych in the title role photo

Since that time, Yaglych has preferred militants and military dramas. The most successful work of this actor, according to many, is “Sky on Fire” and “Undercover”.

In the painting “Five Brides” he tries on himself the image of a military mechanic Mikhail Lomakin, even if the genre is a comedy. The bottom line is that after the victory over the German troops, five friends decided to get wives. Thus, one of them leaves for dismissal, where he embarks on a search for brides for his friends.

A couple of years later, Vladimir appears in the series "My Big Family", where his character is again central. His character named Yegor Samokrutov lives with his wife and relatives, and not a single day in the family goes without quarrels and disputes. But unexpectedly, his first love returns to Yegor's life.

But not by acting alone ... A year later, Vladimir fans were able to see that he was talented not only in acting, but also in figure skating. In a duet with skater Oksana Domnina, he took part in the program “Ice Age - 4 ″, where he managed to win.

Family of Vladimir Yaglych

In fact, very little is known about such a side of the life of a famous actor as the family of Vladimir Yaglych. The father of the future star was a military officer. In this regard, he was often away from home and therefore Vladimir was brought up by his mother. In the actor’s own words, he is from that generation of men who were raised by women. The military position of head of the family means his frequent and prolonged absence from home. And to this day, the mother remains for Vladimir a wise woman and real authority.

Family of Vladimir Yaglych photo

When it came time to choose a profession, parents did not interfere with the desire of his son to become an actor. Father gave Vladimir complete freedom of choice, without forcing him to also build a military career.

Children of Vladimir Yaglych

Although the actor was married for several years, and he also had many hobbies, and besides his wife, the children of Vladimir Yaglych are something that not one of his women was able to make happy. In marriage with Svetlana Khodchenkova children were also not born.

Children of Vladimir Yaglych photo

Nevertheless, the popular actor claims that he would very much like to experience the joy of fatherhood. He is not yet forty, almost his whole life is ahead. And Vladimir is sure that sooner or later he will find the very one with whom he can create a happy family.

The ex-wife of Vladimir Yaglych - Svetlana Khodchenkova

Today, she is one of the most sought-after actresses in Russian cinema. And this is not surprising. Beautiful, bright, popular, hardworking, talented - the former wife of Vladimir Yaglych - Svetlana Khodchenkova occupies a special place among female colleagues.

It was in the Shchukin school that Khodchenkova met her future husband, Vladimir Yaglych, who was a senior student.

The ex-wife of Vladimir Yaglych - Svetlana Khodchenkova photo

Their wedding took place at the end of 2005. A brilliant couple for a long time did not leave the covers of popular magazines. However, it was all over in five years. Rumors about the reasons for the gap are still different. Some say that they broke up because of Vladimir’s frequent hobbies with other women, others that Vladimir’s creative jealousy was to blame, because Svetlana was already a demanded actress at the time she received the Pike diploma. In 2010, the couple broke up.

Photo by Vladimir Yaglych before and after plastics

It's no secret to anyone that in cinema everything is not always the way it seems in reality. And fans of many famous stars are aware that their idols turned to the services of plastic surgeons in order to correct the shortcomings of their appearance, and look stunning in front of the cameras.

Photo by Vladimir Yaglych before and after plastics

But there are many among the stars and beautiful by nature people. Such, for example, as Vladimir Yaglych. Good looks without any significant flaws that could interfere with his career, he completely inherited from his parents. And he made his own beautifully sculpted body that drives many fans crazy, thanks to his love of sports. Therefore, you are unlikely to find a photo of Vladimir Yaglych before and after plastic surgery. Do not look for a catch where it is not.

Instagram and Wikipedia Vladimir Yaglych

Instagram and Wikipedia Vladimir Yaglych are perhaps the most important sources of reliable information for his fans. Especially Instagram, which allows you to track all aspects of the life of an idol and get the latest news in the literal sense of the first hand. Photos with captions, video broadcasts in which you can even chat with the star through comments. All this allows fans to feel closer to their favorite star.

Instagram and Wikipedia Vladimir Yaglych photo

And Wikipedia helps not only to single out the most basic information about it, but also to keep track of rapidly updated filmography.

Photo: Vladimir Yaglych

Actor career

Vladimir Yaglych began acting in films in his last year at the school. In 2003, he made his debut in cinema with a cameo in the second Antikiller by Yegor Konchalovsky (a policeman with a camera).

After the end of "Pike", the actor entered the service at the Moscow Academic Theater. Mayakovsky, where he was engaged in the performances of “Finicky Horses,” “The Plague on Both Your Houses,” and “The Adventures of Little Red Riding Hood,” however, he only worked there for a year. Now he is an actor in the Independent Theater Project.

Many aspiring actors have been waiting for years to speak out loudly. Vladimir didn’t have to wait long - already in 2004 the military mini-series “At anonymous height” was released, where he played the role of scout Malyutin, who courageously opposed German saboteurs. Together with the actor, Alexei Chadov, Anna Kazyuchits and Victoria Tolstoganova worked on the picture. Subsequently, the Moscow actor often reincarnated as a military man - in this role he is widely known at the moment.

The picture was warmly received by both viewers and critics, but the sequel that followed in 2010 failed. Perhaps the change was due to Kozlovsky Igor Petrenko.

Since then, Vladimir Yaglych has starred a lot in action films and military dramas. The most successful films with his participation include the film “Sky on Fire” and the action movie “Undercover”.


Yaglych and Khodchenkova were husband and wife for several years. Both very successfully began an acting career, bought a joint living space. But precisely because both were talented, impulsive, ambitious, Svetlana and Vladimir could not get along together. In addition, Khodchenkova in an interview admitted that it’s normal for actors to fall in love often. After all, they spend their time surrounded by bright, successful people. Unfortunately, the family was a “weak point” for young people. They were unable to save her.

Vladimir Yaglych and Svetlana Khodchenkova broke up in 2010

Having lived together for six years, Yaglych and Khodchenkova broke up. The press could not ignore the gap of this bright couple. Journalists wrote about the most different reasons for the separation: both that Khodchenkova overshadowed the success of her husband in her career, and that Yaglych was jealous of her wife, while at the same time cheating on her.

Despite his jealous nature, Vladimir Vladimirovich Yaglych himself, with pleasure, agreed to play in frank episodes. Especially, as Vladimir recalls, he remembered the role in the American film, where his partner was Misha Barton. Yaglych really enjoyed working with the foreign team.

Vladimir Yaglych met with actress Anna Starshenbaum

After the divorce, Vladimir was credited with an affair with Anna Starshenbaum. Together they worked on the multi-part romantic comedy “Love is not what it seems” and often appeared in public, in the company of each other. Starshenbaum confirmed the fact of the novel, in an interview she said that Yaglych had left her wife precisely for her. And the girl replied to the accusations that she had destroyed the marriage. There was nothing left to ruin. She didn’t feel it. That her lover is busy with someone. But later this relationship broke up.

Actor Vladimir Yaglych

In 2015, Vladimir and Anna met again on the set. This time, they played together in the series Family Business. Then they were also credited with a novel, but these rumors were not confirmed.

Novel with a skater

In 2013, Vladimir became a member of the show “Ice Age”, on television. So he began his relationship with the skater and his project partner, Oksana Domnina. Five years before this moment, the girl lived in a civil marriage with Roman Kostomarov. Skaters have a common daughter.

But without waiting for the beloved man to offer her hand and heart, Domnina left him to show partner. Vladimir and Oksana brought together joint training. Often they could be seen at public events, as a couple.

Vladimir Yaglych and Oksana Domnina

Vladimir called his relationship with the skater serious. The girl was also ready for a lot - for the sake of her beloved, she often threw all her business in the capital to fly to Yaglych to shoot in St. Petersburg. Domnina justified herself - for successful participation in the project, they often have to rehearse. But the main reason, of course, was a stormy romance between partners in the ice show. In an interview, Oksana admitted - at first she tried to kill her feelings for Yaglych, but she did not succeed. The man quickly became indifferent to her.

Lovers tried to spend together every free minute. They dreamed of getting married and having common children.
In December 2013, Oksana Domnina and Vladimir Yaglych became the winners of the Ice Age, but after this project was completed, their relationship began to cool.

Vladimir Yaglych in the program "Ice Age"

The skater on tour reunited with her child’s father, Roman Kostomarov. And Vladimir Yaglych, abandoned by her, had a hard time surviving the breakup. A tattoo even appeared on his arm, telling about the feelings of the actor: “Love is a crucifix”.

"Family business"

One of the most striking projects of our hero on television is participation in a multi-part comedy - Family Business. The character of Yaglych is Ilya, a man who suffered a financial collapse. In order to earn money, he decides to take five orphans under his care. Gradually, the hero finds out his charges, literally “falls in love” with them. Together they experience many adventures. In this story, in fact, the main character is raised by children.

Vladimir Yaglych on the set of the film "Family Business"

In an interview, Vladimir said that at first he was confused, being in the frame with the children. He had no idea how to demand anything from them. About it turned out that his small partners on the set are talented and responsible people. It was a pleasure for him to work in such a team.

New love

In 2015, the personal life of Yaglych Vladimir Vladimirovich began to play with new colors. The press spoke about the novel of Vladimir Yaglych with a new girl, actress Antonina Papernaya. In March 2015, this couple first appeared together in public at the premiere of the comedy Ghost. The chosen one is seven years younger than the actor.

Soon, information began to appear on the Web that Yaglych and Papernaya were going to get married. But the official representative of the artist denied this information.

Vladimir Yaglych with his new lover Antonina Papernaya

Now the personal life of Vladimir Vladimirovich Yaglych is still associated with Antonina. The couple looks inseparable. Often they attend social events together. Yaglych's chosen one was born in a family of famous actors, and she herself graduated from a theater school. The girl played the role of Tatyana Samoilova in the sensational series "Thaw."

In 2015, the actor played a major role in the film "Warrior". The main characters of the film are brothers athletes, MMA fighters. For many years they do not communicate because of mutual insults. Vladimir in this picture played one of the brothers. And his ex-wife, Svetlana Khodchenkova, became his partner on the site. In this film, she managed to embody the image of the wife of the hero Yaglych.

Vladimir Yaglych on the set of the movie "Warrior"

Photos and notes periodically appear on the Web that Khodchenkova still plays an important role in the personal life of Vladimir Vladimirovich Yaglych. But this is not so. Past feelings have long cooled.

In an interview, Vladimir admitted that it was easy for him to work with Khodchenkova. After all, she is a real professional. And at the premiere of the film, he introduced her to his new girlfriend, Antonina Papernaya.


In addition to work, Vladimir Vladimirovich Yaglych, whose biography and personal life interests fans, is fond of motorcycles. The actor himself admits that his day is real life. Motorcycles, in fact, sunk into the young man. A fast ride became for him a real philosophy of life. On the road, the actor can completely relax. This is a real meditation for him - order comes to his thoughts, the growl of the engine is like Buddhist mantras, you can look at the beauties along the way.

And the actor is fond of off-road driving - enduro. For him, this is a real endurance test. He also practices ski jumping on a motorcycle. According to the actor, this is a great way to cheer up.

Vladimir Yaglych is fond of riding motorcycles

Vladimir Yaglych already has a whole motorbike at his personal disposal. He collects legendary motorcycle brands. It was his childhood dream. The first actor bought back in 2005. One of the most famous models in his collection is the Samurai chopper motorcycle. Brad Pitt also has the same motorcycle in the Iron Man motorcycle fleet itself, in the famous film.

New projects by Vladimir Yaglych - what Wikipedia says

In 2016, several films were released at once, with the participation of the actor. Firstly, he got the main role in the film “Debt”. In this film, Vladimir created the image of an unprincipled collector who is trying to knock money out of a hopeless client - artist Lopatkin.

Vladimir Yaglych on the set of the movie “Dolzhok”

Another bright role in the career of Yaglych is Grigory Potemkin in the series Catherine. Takeoff". This project also came out in 2016. Here his hero enters the fray for the heart of the empress, whose role was brilliantly played by Marina Alexandrova.

Vladimir Yaglych now

In 2017, several paintings with the participation of Yaglych are expected at once. This is the comedy "About Love - 2", the thriller "Explorer". And in 2018, the release of the movie "Oleg Oleg" is expected, where the actor played a major role. Vladimir Yaglych, as before, is popular in the world of cinema and series.


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