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Tom Jones (real name Thomas Jones Woodward) is a British performer who amazes with the stability of his stage image. Without changing the appearance, Jones has gained popularity in a variety of genres and styles of music. His repertoire includes music in seemingly incompatible genres in one artist: rhythm and blues, soul, pop rock, country, techno dance. Each of them turned on stage into a full-fledged show. Tom Jones is the holder of the Order of the British Empire for services to the state, the title "Best Singer-1999". Despite his venerable age, public interest in this charismatic man does not fall today. In 2012, Jones sat in the chair of the mentor of the British version of the show “The Voice” and did it for good reason, beginning artists really have something to learn from the legend of British music.

Tom Jones biography and personal life

Tom Jones biography and personal life is the story of a person in music and music in a person. Tom Jones was born on June 7, 1940 in the city of Pontiprit (Wales). The career of the singer began in the church choir. While studying at school, he became the soloist of the school choir. And in his teens, he became a drummer and backing vocalist of a local little-known rock band.

Tom Jones in his youth

In 1956, Jones graduated from high school and plunged headlong into the pool of love. His chosen one was Melinda Trenchard, who studied with him at the same school. A year later, she became Jones's official wife and gave birth to his son Mark. After the birth of a son, Jones has to forget about music for some time and agree to any work to feed his family.

During this difficult time for him, he worked as a builder, sewed gloves and sold household appliances. At the same time, he could not completely abandon the music. Tired, exhausted after a hard day's work, he went onstage to local clubs and, as if nothing had happened, performed incendiary hits for the public. During one of these performances, he was noticed by producer Gordon Mills, who saw in Jones that highlight that his colleagues and record organizations did not want to notice for a long time. With great difficulty, the producer managed to make a deal with Decca Records to record Jones' debut song. However, the first pancake came out lumpy and the composition remained almost unnoticed by the public. But Mills did not give up and on the second attempt he managed to glorify the name of Tom Jones.

The second single of artist It’s Not Unusual ”became a hit in the shortest possible time. The next step that Mills took can truly be called a genius; Jones' song becomes the soundtrack for the film from the Bond movie, which was terribly popular at that time. It's about the movie "Ball Lightning." Another James Bond story was a tremendous success, and along with this, the name of Tom Jones sounded throughout the country.

1986 was a turning point in the fate of Jones. His permanent producer, friend Gordon Mills, died of cancer. Jones himself was a brilliant artist. But he never delved into the organization of concerts, recordings of records, etc. Therefore, after the death of a man who did everything so that Jones simply felt comfortable on stage and did what he loved, he was lost, among other stars of that time. But to save the situation took the son of Jones - Mark. It is with his name that the second wave of popularity of Tom Jones in the 90s and 2000s is associated. The song "Sex Bomb" is recognized by experts as one of the most popular and famous in the history of the music industry. In addition, Jones is filming a movie at this time (“Mars Attacks,” directed by Tim Burton).

Today, Tom Jones is not so actively touring the world, he spends most of his time in the USA, however, he is periodically selected for world tours, and in 2012 he became a mentor of the British version of the Voice show.

Family and children of Tom Jones

The family and children of Tom Jones is a fortress that the artist diligently built his whole life. Despite the sudden fame that fell on him, Jones managed to remain faithful to the woman. Which gave his heart back in 1956. Melinda Trenchard became the only woman in Jones's life. Bore him a son, Mark, who played a significant role in his father's musical career. Unfortunately, in 2016, Melinda died. Jones madly worried about this loss and immersed himself in creativity. Going on stage, he forgot about all the problems, gave himself to the listener 100% every time. The energy emanating from the artist continues to amaze today. In many ways, the grandchildren, Alexander and Emma, ​​give the artist optimism.

Returning to the origins, it is worth saying that Thomas Jones was born in an ordinary family, his father was a miner, and his mother a housewife.

Son of Tom Jones - Mark

The son of Tom Jones - Mark - the producer of his own father since 1986, has tremendous organizational skills. After he started producing his father, his songs again began to occupy the leading lines of the charts, and Tom Jones again forgot about the burden of organizing his work and immersed himself in music.

Pictured: Tom Jones with his son

Unfortunately about the son of Jones, Mark does not know much. In addition to his father, he has several more commercial projects in music, he is married and has two children. Mark became a real support for the aged Tom Jones. Thanks to his son, today Tom Jones looks much younger than his real years.

Wife of Tom Jones Melind

The wife of Tom Jones Melinda Rose Woodward became the only close woman in the life of the artist. In a happy marriage with her, Jones spent 59 years. Their acquaintance took place at school at the age of 12 years. A few years later, Tom realized that he had fallen in love and at the end of the school he made a proposal to the girl, which she gladly accepted.

Young Tom Jos with his wife

For all the time of married life, the couple was not caught in any scandal. Despite the fact that the media actively circulated rumors about Jones’s passion for young beautiful girls. Melinda Rose Woodward is a truly wise woman. She managed to become a support for the artist in difficult times preceding his popularity. Jones thanked her with his loyalty. In 2016, Melinda Rose Woodward died after a long struggle with oncology.

Tom Jones and wife Melinda

Instagram and Wikipedia Tom Jones

On the Internet there is an Instagram and Wikipedia Tom Jones. On the official pages of the singer there is information about his life and career, his discography and filmography, interesting facts from life.

Tom Jones now

The artist’s instagram is dominated mainly by historical photographs. However, sometimes photos from new concerts appear there. About 120 thousand people signed up for Jones Instagram. In addition, John is a fairly active user of social networks facebook and twitter. This certainly deserves respect, because not every media person aged 78 is ready to learn new technologies and communicate with fans via the Internet.

Interview with Tom Jones

In 2011, Tom Jones gave a concert in St. Petersburg as part of the Praise & Blame tour. At that time, the singer gave an interview to OpenSpace.ru.

“I heard that you wanted to continue the line started at Praise & Blame.”

- Yes. We already signed up again with producer Ethan Jones. Now we need to mix everything, compose, we will publish albums next year.

- And what kind of things are you singing?

- Songs of famous authors - Paul Simon, Mickey Newbury, Bob Dylan. But not obvious songs, not the most popular. The ones we like.

- Recorded the same way - on tape, with a sound engineer in the same room?

- Yes, absolutely. In the same studio by Peter Gabriel, Real World, in the same room as two years ago. Only the rhythm section has changed. Well, it took some singing and stuff, but I recorded live, Ethan played the guitar.

- They say that your album of root music was a surprise for many, but it seems that you have already prepared the audience for this, having recorded an album with the pianist Jules Holland before.

- Well, no, with Jules we worked on most of the tracks with his band Rhythm and Blues Orchestra. We did things that we have known for a long time, the ones that I sang on his television show Later. with Jools Holland. It was easy to write them down. And in Praise & Blame I never even sang many songs. The same goes for an unreleased album.

- They say that in 1995 you had an attempt to make a rhythm and blues disc in New York, which never came out. Probably they’ll publish it now?

- Yes, it's r'n'b and soul: Joe Tex, Otis Redding are such authors. I did it for Interscope Records. They then said that it sounds too authentic, too natural, too modern, beyond this time. So I don’t know if he will ever come out.

- What do you think about Praise & Blame a year and a half after the concerts? Did new songs fit in?

- Yes, we constantly play them. I think we will do something in St. Petersburg. The concert consists of tracks from the previous album “24 Hours”, “Praise & Blame” and, of course, hits from the past: “Delilah”, “She's a lady” and so on. It turns out a very good mix of material recorded over many years. Yes, and the song that Holland did, “St. James Infirmary Blues ", we sing too. And they all go well together.

Creative biography

Woodward took a pseudonym after the famous character of the novel by Henry Fielding, since the film adaptation of the novel with Albert Finney in the lead role was booming around the world. The young performer attracted the attention of the audience with his loud voice, excellent physical form (which was emphasized by tight-fitting trousers and t-shirts) and unusually uninhibited behavior on the stage (sometimes he literally put out somersaults).

Jones first topped the British charts in 1965 with the energetic song It’s Not Unusual, the next year he performed Thunderball for the next James Bond film and won the Grammy Award as the most promising debutant. At the end of the final vocal passage in Thunderball, the singer lost consciousness from tension.

As soon as his popularity began to decline, Jones changed his T-shirt to a tailcoat and began to act on stage as an old-school pop singer. This move brought him success among the audience of an older age, and in 1966 his classic single "Green Green Grass of Home" became the UK's best-selling single. Delilah, released in 1968, enjoyed particular success in the Soviet Union, and She’s a Lady (1971) dance in the United States.

In the 1970s and 1980s, Tom Jones performed mainly for the age audience. Since 1988, in an attempt to expand his repertoire, he begins to perform contemporary hits such as Prince Kiss. In the late 1990s, on the model of Shirley Bassey began recording with young performers - The Cardigans (Burning Down The House, 1999), The Pretenders (Lust for Life, 1999), Stereophonics (Mama Told Me Not to Come, 2000).

In 1999, Tom Jones released an album of cover versions Reload, which in 2000 became the highest grossing of his career, and the single Sex Bomb taken from him turned out to be one of the biggest dance hits of the year and took third place in the UK sales charts.

In 2006, Jones, together with British DJ Chicane, released the single Stoned In Love (in the style of the Balearic House), which was included in the Top 10 UK Singles Chart and received critical acclaim.

October 21, 2008 in the United States (November 17 in Europe) went on sale a new disc 24 hours. The record included two covers - on the song of Bruce Springsteen "The Hitter" and on the hit Tommy James and The Shondells I’m Alive, Bono and Edge from U2 took part in the recording of the track Sugar Daddy.

In 2010, the collection Greatest hits rediscovered .

Since March 2012, she has been a mentor in the British version of the Voice show, along with Jessie J, Will.i.am and Danny O'Donoghue.

Voiced himself in the animated series The Simpsons (season 4, episode 7: Marge Gets a Job) (1992). He played himself in Tim Burton's film “Mars Attacks!” (1996) and in the US-Irish film “Agnes Brown” (1999). He performed songs in the film “Miss Congeniality” (2000), the animated films “The Emperor’s Adventures” (2000) and “Rinse Off” (2006).

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Tom Jones - biography

Tom Jones is considered a living legend of pop music. His music continues to sound until now, it has not lost its beauty and relevance, everyone is listening to it - both the older generation, which has found its prime, and the young people who see him as a true professional. His hits are immortal, and his name is familiar to the inhabitants of the entire planet.

Childhood and youth

Thomas Jones Woodward (real name of the singer) was born on June 7, 1940 in the British Pontiprit. The boy's family did not stand out among other residents of the town. My father worked in the mine, my mother was engaged in housekeeping. Parents were quite devout people, often went to church, and took a little son with them. We can say that the creative biography of the future pop star began precisely in the church, where he was soon invited to sing in the choir. In school years, not a single concert could do without him, he became an active participant in a classy vocal ensemble. A few years later, he received an invitation from a local rock band, where he was taken as a drummer.

Tom Jones as a child

His studies ended at age 16, when he married his classmate. Tom needed to earn money to support his family, so he sings in the bar in the evenings, and in the afternoon he works at a construction site or runs to a factory where rubber gloves are produced. Then in his work biography was the work of a salesman in a store selling household appliances. In 1963, Jones already had his own group, whose performance interested London producer Gordon Mills. He proposed to Tom a joint collaboration, and he agreed. A year later, the singer recorded his compositions at Decca Records.


True fame came to Tom Jones in 1965 when his song “It Not s Not Unusual” sounded. And the hit “Thunderball”, created specifically for the film “Agent 007. Ball Lightning”, brought the young performer the prestigious Grammy Award as the best debutant.

In 1968, the singer announced his new disc called "Delilah", which included the hit of the same name. The album occupied the top step of the world charts for several weeks. Many European singers have created cover versions of the song "Delilah." In the Union, this song was included in the repertoire of Muslim Magomayev, then it was performed by duets Jones - Luciano Pavarotti and Jones - Adriano Celentano.

Inspired by success, Jones continues to work with renewed vigor. By the end of the 60s, he released three more records. In early 1969, five of the artist's discs were called gold. The greatest success among the listeners was the compositions “Proud Mary”, “Green Grass by the House”, “Sitting on the Bay Pier”.

In 1971, the singer presented his new disc, called "She’’s Lady", which included a song with the same name. This composition also received rave reviews from fans and managed to stay on the top steps of the charts for almost a month. After the release of this album, the name of the British Tom Jones became very popular in the USA, many Americans liked his compositions.

In the 70s, the singer decided to work a little on the image, and now instead of the usual rock'n'roll, he switched to a different manner of performance. The result was not long in coming; his work interested the older generation of listeners. In the 70s, the singer’s career is still on top, the records come out almost one after another. Jones regularly tours abroad, especially warmly received in the States and Canada. Inspired by success, the singer tries his hand on TV, where he goes on the air with his own project. It is attended by world-famous singers - Stevie Wonder, Ray Charles, Elvis Presley.

In the 80s, Tom recorded one album, entitled "Darlin," which is exclusively for sale in the United States. By the end of the 80s, he released two more discs that became famous only in the singer’s homeland. In 1986, Gordon Mills, the permanent producer of Jones, died, and after that a concrete recession was outlined in his career.After some time, the producer of Tom was his own son Mark, through whose efforts the public again enjoyed the talented singing of a half-forgotten artist.

To expand his repertoire, Jones began performing cover versions of compositions that were included in the repertoire of the most famous pop singers of that time. In 1988, he shot a clip for the song “Kiss” by Prince. In 1991, the first joint work of the Jones came out - a disc called "Carring Torch", which appeared in the first hundred of the British hit parade. The second album, created with the support of Mark's son, was sold in large circulation in Europe.

A new peak in popularity and an increase in Jones' disc sales occurred in 1999, after he released "Reload". She managed to stay on top of the British rating for almost a month, and the song “Sex Bomb” has since been included in the lists of the best ones created in the history of world music. The creative biography of the singer outlined positive trends. In the late 90s he gave several concerts in Russia.

Then, in the 90s, began a cinematic biography of Tom Jones. His debut as an artist was a documentary project called "Tom Jones: The Right Times". Then he was invited to the set of the blockbuster “Mars Attacks,” directed by Tim Burton. The main roles in this tape went to Glenn Close, Jack Nicholson, Natalie Portman. Tom played a cameo.

In 1997, the singer received an Oscar for performing a song that sounded in the film Male Striptease. Two years later, he again appears on the set, this time the film "Agnes Brown." Jones also participated in the scoring of animated films for children. His voice sounds in the “Adventures of the Emperor” and in “The Simpsons”. In 2006, the cartoon “Flush” was released, the soundtrack to which is played by Tom Jones.

Queen Elizabeth II Knights Tom Jones

In the new century, the singer continues to record albums. In the 2000s, three more of his records were released. In 2006, Queen Elizabeth II awarded Jones the title of knight, thus marking his merits in the development of musical creativity. Relatives of the musician were invited to the ceremony at Buckingham Palace.

In 2012, the tireless singer released another disc, which he called "Spirit in the Room". In parallel, Jones was invited to participate in the new musical project “Voice”, and he became one of the jury members. One of his wards - Lian Mitchell, became the winner that season.

Tom Jones in the Voice project

The artist released his last album “Long Lost Suitcase” in 2015, and timed it to its anniversary date - the 75th anniversary. Then he realized his long-standing idea and made an examination of DNA, with the help of which he wanted to find out if he had any relation to the Africans. Many fans often asked him a question about his stiff curly hair, inherent in representatives of this race. And the singer’s voice could also pass to him from his ancestors, who have African roots.

Personal life

In the personal life of the artist there was only one marriage, despite the huge army of fans around the world. Melinda Trenchard, his classmate, became his wife in 1956. In 1957, they became the parents of Mark's son. A few years later, the girl Donna appeared in the house, which they adopted. In the 80s, Tom Jones became a grandfather - Mark had two children, son Alexander and daughter Emma.

Tom Jones and Melinda Trenchard

The singer and his family permanently resided in Los Angeles. He lived with his wife for six decades, until her death in the spring of 2016. Melinda died of oncology.

Tom Jones today

The singer continues to participate in the show "Voice" as a judge and mentor. After the death of his beloved wife, Tom was not long alone. Rumors circulated in the press about his romantic relationship with Priscilla Presley, the ex-wife of the famous Elvis. The lovers themselves do not comment on their relationship in any way, but they are not particularly hidden from prying eyes. They are together at public events, and judging by the smile on Jones's face, he is happy again.

Tom Jones Biography

Tom Jones is a British singer who, over the years, has become a true legend in his genre of music. His compositions "She’s a Lady" and "Sex Bomb" became immortal hits and brought the musician international success. No less popular were also many of his other songs. That is why his work causes constant admiration.

But what do we know about Tom Jones himself? We will try to collect together the scattered pieces of the puzzle and bring to your attention a holistic story about his life and fate.

Tom Jones childhood and family, first songs

A little later, Tom Jones began performing in the music choir of his school, and after that he joined the local rock band, where he began playing drums and performing backing vocals. It was during this period that the future hero of the British scene began to get involved in rock and roll, rhythm and blues, as well as American blues. Subsequently, all this left its mark on his professional work.

At sixteen, our today's hero somehow graduated from high school. At this moment, he began an affair with a girl named Melinda, who a year later became his wife. A few months later, the couple had a son, Mark. And from that moment on, Tom Jones’s life changed dramatically. Trying to provide his family with everything necessary, the young guy left the music and went to work as a laborer. After that, he also worked for a short time at the factory for the manufacture of gloves, and then in a store selling household appliances.

Only in the evenings did Tom Jones get the opportunity to do his favorite thing again. He sang in bars and clubs. Here one day he was noticed by the famous London producer Gordon Mills. It was he who first considered the guy a huge talent and decided to do his "promotion".

How did singer Tom Jones become popular?

From this moment, the popularity of Tom Jones began to grow rapidly. He recorded several successful albums, and also traveled half the world with concert performances. Some time later, in the wake of success, our today's hero even got his own television show. At different times, guests on his program were stars such as Ray Charles, Stevie Wonder, Elvis Presley and many other celebrities of those years.

As a result, the seventies became a truly stellar time in the career of a young guy. However, with the death of his permanent producer and friend Gordon Mills, which happened in 1986, everything suddenly began to decline. The musician's albums lay on the shelves, and he himself performed at small concert venues in small provincial cities.

Perhaps in the near future the name of Tom Jones would have completely faded from the memory of the audience, but at some point his son Mark took up the promotion of the aged musician. Surprisingly, however, it was he who was able to once again return the idol of the seventies to its former popularity. As a result, in the nineties, our today's hero literally survived a rebirth. His compositions began to fall back on the top lines of international charts, and the album “A Boy From Nowhere” became one of the most successful in his career.

Tom Jones is currently

In the wake of new success in 1999, Tom Jones recorded a disc with the symbolic name “Reload”, which very soon became a real hit in the UK, USA and some other countries of the planet. Moreover, the composition “Sex Bomb” presented at it was subsequently recognized as one of the most popular and famous songs in the history of the music industry.

Currently, Tom Jones continues to perform and record new albums. In 2012, the legendary singer presented his new album “Spirit in the Room” to the audience, and a little later also went on another international tour. At the moment, the British singer permanently resides in the United States, but often happens at home. In particular, since the spring of 2012, Thomas has been one of the permanent mentors of the British version of the Voice project.

Tom Jones: biography

Tom Jones is a popular singer of Welsh descent, a rock and roll star, a Grammy winner (1966), an Oscar (1997), a holder of a knighthood. Tom was born on June 7, 1940 in the Welsh city of Pontiprit, into a family of a miner and a housewife. At birth, the boy received the name Thomas Jones Woodward. Parents regularly attended church, and Tom soon began to sing there in the choir. While studying at school, Jones took part in student concerts, performed in a vocal class ensemble. Later, the young man was invited to a local rock band as a drummer.

Tom Jones in his youth

At the age of 16 after marriage he was forced to drop out of school. In the late 50s, Tom Jones began performing in bars, and in the afternoon earn money at a construction site or at a factory for the production of rubber gloves. Then the young man got a job as a seller in a household appliance store. In 1963, Tom's band Tommy Scott and the Senators was heard by London producer Gordon Mills and invited the soloist to work together. A year later, Tom Jones signed a contract with the recording studio Decca Records.

Tom Jones now

After a year-long break, the 76-year-old singer again took up the mentor’s chair in the Voice project, the sixth season of which was broadcast on ITV from January 7 to April 2, 2017.

Tom Jones and Priscilla Presley

Having lost his wife, Tom Jones could not be alone for a long time. Now in the media there are rumors about a 60s star romance with the ex-wife of Elvis Presley Priscilla. The stars do not give any explanation to the press about the relationship, but also do not hide from the journalists the joint publication. Judging by the latest photos of Tom and Priscilla, a smile reappeared on the singer's face.

Height, weight, age. How old is Tom Jones

Tom Jones is a true legend not only of British, but also of world music. His song at least once, but heard almost every inhabitant of the globe. She’s a Lady, Sex Bomb - hits that have been tearing up dance floors for a long time remain relevant today. Jones is in great shape and easily coping with songs recorded decades ago, despite his age.

In appearance it is even difficult to determine how old this man is. That is why fans and journalists are interested in questions: Height, weight, age. How old is Tom Jones? The growth of this artist is 175 cm, weight 80 kg, age - 78 years, which definitely can not be said when viewing the performances of this peppy and full of energy artist.


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