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Sergey Shakurov
Birth nameSergey Kayumovich Shakurov
Date of BirthJanuary 1, 1942 (1942-01-01) (78 years old)
Place of Birth
  • Moscow, USSR
  • USSR
  • Russia
Years of activity1964 - present time
  • TsTSA,
  • MDT named after Stanislavsky,

Sergey Kayumovich Shakurov (born January 1, 1942, Moscow) - Soviet and Russian film and theater actor, TV presenter. People's Artist of the RSFSR (1991), laureate of the USSR State Prize (1980).


Born on January 1, 1942 in Moscow in a Russian-Tatar family. Father - Shakurov Kayum Tuffitovich, a professional hunter. Mother - Olga Sergeyevna Scheglova, aunt of the Soviet cartoonist Yevgeny Scheglova.

At the age of ten, Sergey took up acrobatics, later becoming a master of sports. In the seventh grade I entered the drama circle. After leaving school, in 1961, on the recommendation of the famous playwright Victor Rozov, Sergei Shakurov entered the studio school at the Central Children's Theater.

In 1964, after graduating from a studio school, the young actor began working at the Malaya Bronnaya Theater, and a year later he was accepted into the troupe of the Central Theater of the Soviet Army. He left the theater with Leonid Kheifets in the Maly Theater after the closing of the play "Two Comrades" by Vladimir Voinovich, but was not accepted.

Since 1971, Sergei Shakurov served in the Drama Theater. K. S. Stanislavsky. He was a member of the MTYUZ troupe.

Sergei Shakurov made his film debut in 1966, starring immediately in the title role in the film Manos Zakharias "I am a soldier, mother." He played Pegakov, the stubborn and uncontrollable rookie faced by an experienced foreman (Valentin Zubkov).

Among the latest works of the actor: the film "Savage", based on the classical material of Ostrovsky, the film of Dmitry Meskhiev "The Diary of Kamikaze" and the biographical series of Sergei Snezhkin "Brezhnev". The role of Leonid Ilyich Brezhnev is worth noting especially. Twenty artists tried on it, among them - Vyacheslav Shalevich, Bogdan Stupka, Rodion Nakhapetov, Yuri Stoyanov. Since the picture was a project of Channel One, Konstantin Ernst was personally involved in the approval. As a result, Arthur Vakha and Sergey Shakurov, who played Brezhnev at different periods of his life, were approved. Serious portrait makeup was not needed. Sergey Shakurov says:

Only eyebrows - after all, they are the main feature of Leonid Ilyich - and put gray hair. They did nothing more with the face. I "built up" my cheeks and the second chin myself. Then he studied his slow look - in order to enter the role very organically and accurately.

Since Leonid Ilyich was taller than Shakurov and denser in physique, the actor had to use special shoes with a heel of five centimeters and wear a special cotton frame that imitated the chest and abdomen. The main thing was not make-up and other devices, but the actor’s art. Possessing an amazing ability to transform, Sergey Shakurov created the image of an old man, exhausted by illness and intrigue.

Become a member of the jury of the Major League of KVN. May 9, 2005 he performed at a concert on Red Square with the song "From the heroes of the past." On June 12, 2015, he performed at the festive concert "From Russia to Russia" in Moscow on Red Square. From September 3 to December 18, 2016 he was the voiceover of the documentary project “Heroes of Our Time” on NTV channel. From October 27, 2017 to August 11, 2018 he hosted the TV show "Wait for me" on the same channel.

Photo: Sergey Shakurov

Childhood and youth

A busy woman was my mother Olga Shcheglova - head of the Brain Institute, the aunt of the famous Soviet cartoonist Yevgeny Shcheglova.

At the junior school, Shakurov, whose good athletic data was noticed in a pioneer camp, went in for acrobatics in the "Labor Reserves" section, and later became a master of sports and a champion in Moscow. The teenager was repeatedly invited to the Moscow circus desperately in need of acrobats on Tsvetnoy Boulevard, but this idea did not attract Sergei.

In grade 7, the boy became interested in theater and began to attend the drama club. Sports and theater greatly distracted the boy from school - he remained in his second year, often changing schools. As a result, Shakurov did not finish his mother’s frustration, he was accepted into the studio at the Central Children's Theater (RAMT) without a certificate.


After graduating from the studio, Sergey served in the troupe of the theater on Malaya Bronnaya for a year. Then the director Leonid Kheifets invited the young actor to the Central Academic Theater of the Soviet Army. After the play “Two Comrades” was closed and Heifets was forced to leave, Shakurov followed him, hoping that the Maly Theater would recruit their creative tandem. But the actor’s calculations did not materialize, and he was left without work.

Sergey Shakurov and Lyudmila Gurchenko on stage

Only in 1971, after a 3-year break, were Shakurov accepted into the troupe of the Konstantin Stanislavsky Drama Theater. Here, the actor served for 16 years. His most notable works during this period were roles in the performances of Masquerade based on the work of the same name by Mikhail Lermontov and Cyrano de Bergerac, which became a legend in the theater world.

Today Sergey Shakurov serves in the Moscow Youth Theater. Over the years, he participated in productions of the Moscow Art Theater, Sovremennik and the Contemporary Theater of Entreprise.

Sergei Shakurov in the play "Little Comedies"

Often, Sergei Kayumovich can be seen in enthreprise productions. So, in 2013, the play “Bad Habits” was staged, in which Igor Ugolnikov and Daniil Spivakovsky became Shakurov’s stage partners.


The actor’s first work in cinema was the role of the stubborn recruit Peganov, the main character in the film “I am a Soldier, Mom” by the Greek-Soviet director Manos Zakharias. It was released in 1966. This picture begins the creative biography of Sergei Shakurov.

The fame of a nationwide idol came to the artist after 8 years and 10 films, along with the role of squadron commander Andrei Zabelin in the masterpiece of the national cinema "Familiar among strangers, stranger among his own," directed by Nikita Mikhalkov.

Sergei Shakurov in the film "Amongst strangers, a stranger among his own"

After 5 years, Sergei Shakurov was awarded the State Prize of the RSFSR for the main role in the film novel by Alexei Sakharov “Taste of Bread”. The film was released simultaneously with the publication of Leonid Brezhnev’s book “Tselina” and, due to its “virgin” orientation, was considered by many as a kind of illustration to the work of the Secretary General of the CPSU Central Committee.

Sergey Shakurov as Leonid Brezhnev

Sergei Shakurov himself, among numerous cinematographic works, singles out the famous comedy melodrama of Pyotr Todorovsky, “Beloved Woman of the Mechanic Gavrilov,” in which he played the beloved heroine Lyudmila Gurchenko. It is noteworthy that Vladimir Vysotsky also tried for this role. By the way, in 1971, the actors were supposed to star in the film “Sannikov Land,” but Vysotsky was removed from the role at the last moment.

In the 80s, the actor created an extensive collection of film images, among which the main roles in the films “Portrait of the Artist’s Wife”, “Who Knocks on the Door to Me. "," Statute of limitations "," Parade of the planets. " The heroes of Sergei Shakurov were artists, scientists, artists, workers. In the middle of the decade, Sergey Kayumovich starred in the political thriller Traces of the Werewolf, as well as in the popular detective “Visit to the Minotaur”, where he appeared as an investigator and master Antonio Stradivari.

Sergei Shakurov in the detective "Visit to the Minotaur"

According to the actor, he was always interested in conflicting, dramatic, broad images. Shakurov introduced a series of such characters to the audience in the 90s. His filmography was supplemented by work in the drama "Decay", the tragicomedy "Suicide," the eccentric melodrama "God's Creature." In the film "Dog Feast" Sergey Kayumovich appeared in the ensemble with Natalya Gundareva and Larisa Udovichenko.

The historical milestone in the biography of Sergei Shakurov was the role of Prince Menshikov in the series “Secrets of Palace Revolutions” by Svetlana Druzhinina. Filming continued for 5 years in interiors that fully corresponded to historical reality: the halls of the palaces in Kuskovo, Pushkino and Oranienbaum. During the work on the project, Shakurov's partners on the stage were movie stars Nikolai Karachentsov, Inna Churikova, Vladimir Ilyin, Alexei Zharkov and Natalya Egorova.

Sergei Shakurov and Natalia Egorova in the series “Secrets of Palace Revolutions”

In 2005, viewers saw their favorite artist in the historical biography film "Brezhnev" by Sergei Snezhkin, in which Sergei Shakurov turned into the Secretary General himself.

This series was a project of Channel One, so casting for the role of Secretary General was tough. 2 dozen artists tried it, including Bogdan Stupka, Yuri Stoyanov and Rodion Nakhapetov. But even the lack of the necessary growth (special 5-centimeter katurns were created for the actor's work) did not prevent Sergei Kayumovich from creating a powerful image in terms of strength and charisma.

Sergei Shakurov in the film-biography "Brezhnev"

Konstantin Ernst personally approved Shakurov for the role. The actor justified the confidence and in the role of Brezhnev was very convincing. The artist managed not only to accurately recreate the external image of the hero, but also to convey the character’s inner drama, without slipping into a parody.

Until now, the audience is surprised by the similarity of Shakurov in makeup with a photo of an elderly general secretary. Moreover, according to the actor, only "branded" Brezhnev eyebrows were needed. For this role, Sergei Shakurov received the TEFI Prize in 2005. In the film, Sergei Kayumovich played Leonid Ilyich in his mature age, and the role of the young Brezhnev went to Sergei Dolinsky.

Sergey Shakurov

Soon there were several notable projects with his participation. In 2007, the historical drama Paragraph 78 was released, in which the artist played a member of the Military Tribunal. In the “fresh” film adaptation of Mikhail Bulgakov’s novel “The White Guard”, directed by Sergei Snezhkin, Sergei Shakurov reincarnated as Hetman Skoropadsky.

The historical drama was released in 2011 and was warmly received by the audience and film critics. In the same year, the actor starred in the project “Vysotsky. Thank you for being alive ”, playing the role of the father of the great bard. Soon, Shakurov’s repertoire was replenished with works in the series “After School”, “Love for Love”, and “Grandfather 005”.

Larisa Udovichenko, Sergey Shakurov and Valentina Talyzina

In 2015 - again a historical project, this time about Catherine II. The series "Great" scored high ratings. Sergey Shakurov here reincarnated as Alexei Petrovich Bestuzhev-Ryumin.

And in 2016, fans of the artist's talent welcomed new films with his participation. This is the detective series "Investigator Tikhonov", the historical drama "Rebellion" and the disaster film "Crew" by Nikolai Lebedev.

Sergey Shakurov in the historical series "The Great"

In 2017, Sergei Shakurov turned 75 years old. But the artist is still active and in demand both in the theater and in cinema.

In addition to acting talent, Sergei Kayumovich has one more - musical. Songs performed by the actor could be heard on Victory Day 2005, at a concert that took place on Red Square. Sergey Shakurov soulfully sang the famous song "From the heroes of the past." In 2012, a touching composition “Enchanting” by Igor Nikolaev appeared by Sergey Shakurov, to which a video was shot.

Sergey Shakurov - “Fascinating”

The artist is known for his sharp statements and is not always restrained when he, as they say, is “boiling”. So, in 2012, he spoke rather sharply about the Russian national football team, criticizing the athletes for a sluggish and mediocre game.

Personal life

The personal life of Sergei Shakurov has been actively discussed in the press more than once. Sergey Kayumovich was married three times. Rumor has it that he had an affair with Larisa Guzeeva. He recommended the young beauty Eldar Ryazanov for her starring role in Cruel Romance. But the girl allegedly preferred him to Nikita Mikhalkov. However, there is no confirmation of these rumors.

Sergey Shakurov and Larisa Guzeeva

Shakurov's first wife, Natalya Oleneva, studied with him at the studio school at the Central Children's Theater. Son Ivan, born in this marriage, made a career as a photographer and gave his father three grandchildren: Elena, Maria and Ivan.

For the second time, the actor married a young colleague Tatyana Kochemasova, whom he met in 1984 during the filming of the film “Parade of the Planets”. After 2 years, the couple had a daughter, Olga, in whose family two children are already growing up - Mikhail and Anastasia. But this marriage fell apart. Divorce Sergey Shakurov survived hard. He even went to the hospital.

Sergey Shakurov and Tatyana Kochemasova

Today, the beloved actor of millions is happy again. He married theater producer Yekaterina Babalova. The third wife is Armenian, 30 years younger than the actor. In 2004, she gave her husband a son, who was named Marat.

Sergey Kayumovich is trying to instill a craving for a healthy lifestyle and a love of creativity for his youngest son. Together with Marat, the actor every morning sings the familiar song repertoire, visits the pool in his spare time.

Sergey Shakurov with his wife Ekaterina Babalova and son

Sergei Shakurov does not like communicating with the press, and considers media to be the enemy of the creative process, so the actor does not have a personal profile on Instagram or other social networks.

Sergey Shakurov now

The artist himself calls the main stage his theatrical stage. According to Sergey Kayumovich, he spends less time on cinema and energy, perceiving shooting in film projects as his hobby. Nevertheless, the characters of Shakurov turn into vivid and distinctive images that excite the imagination of the audience. The actor is used to doing his work efficiently, so he often abandons projects that he considers second-rate.

Sergey Shakurov in the series "Torgsin"

In 2017, Sergey Kayumovich played a minor character in the crime series “Torgsin”, which also starred Alexandra Bortich, Grigory Antipenko, Alexander Nosik, Sergey Gorobchenko, Ekaterina Klimova.

In 2018, Shakurov appeared in the main cast of the melodramatic series "Birch" about the everyday life of the popular Soviet dance ensemble. Now in the work of the actor is the role of Krushevsky Sr. in the drama "Rebellion". The duration of the painting is the 20s of the XX century. Against the background of the Civil War, a story of love and hatred, loyalty and betrayal unfolds. The main characters on the screen will be presented by Lyubov Aksyonova, Yuri Chursin, Alexey Bardukov.

Sergey Shakurov in 2018

In the fall of 2018, the actor appeared in the project of the STS channel Molodezhka. In the 6th season, Shakurov played the role of the main candidate for the coaches of the Metallist VHL hockey club.

Creative way of Shakurov

Sergey Kayumovich Shakurov - actor, master of sports in acrobatics. He starred in exactly 100 films, in three television shows, and voiced roles in more than 20 films. Also played in theaters.

The actor’s first role in Soviet cinema was in the film “I am a Soldier, Mom” (1966). The last known role - in the television series "Rebellion" (2018).

Among the famous roles of the Soviet and Russian actor - participation in the films “In August of the 44th” (1975!), “Sibiriada” (1978), “Beloved Woman of the Mechanic Gavrilov” (1981), “One among strangers, a stranger among her own”, “Visit to the Minotaur” (1987), “Antikiller” (2002), “Paragraph 78” (2007), Crew ”(2016), etc.

Nationality of Sergei Shakurov

Actor's father - Kayum Taffitovich Shakurov. Professional hunter in Tatarstan. Moved to the capital. In Moscow, he had a kennel of hunting dogs, which then all hunters knew. But he himself was born in the Tatar village of Bakrchi.

Less than a thousand people live in the Bakrchinsky rural settlement of the Tetyush district of Tatarstan. Mostly Tatars.

The surname Shakurov is the Russified nickname "Shakur". The nickname comes from the Arabic male name Shakur. Translated into Russian - "He who performs glory, praise" or "Grateful to God."

Actor's mom - Olga Sergeevna (maiden name Shcheglova). By nationality Russian.

Putting it all together . By nationality, the famous actor from “Visit to the Minotaur” is half Tatar, half Russian.

Leafing through biography pages

Sergei Shakurov was born on January 1, 1942 in Moscow in a large family. He was the youngest of four children of Kayum Tuffitovich Shakurov and Olga Sergeyevna Shcheglova. Father, a Tatar by nationality, was a noble hunter in Moscow, he kept a kennel for 16 dogs. He was engaged in hunting professionally, so at home the father of the family appeared extremely rarely. The upbringing of the offspring was carried out by the mother. But by and large, the smaller one was left to its own devices. Mom never read him notations, did not teach, did not scold for deuces, absenteeism and hooliganism. It is difficult now to judge how such freedom and communication with the inhabitants of the street would end for Seryozha if at the age of 10 he would not seriously get involved in sports by enrolling in the acrobatics section. This moment was a turning point in his life.

The hobby absorbed Shakurov Jr. so much that he abandoned literally everything: his yard friends, and school, and four years later, another hobby was added to his hobby for acrobatics - the theater. Sergey entered the drama club, where he began to comprehend the basics of acting.

By the age of 18, becoming a master of sports in acrobatics and a talented amateur actor, Shakurov faced a choice: to continue his career as an athlete or actor. Choosing a theater, in 1961, Shakurov entered the school-studio at the Central Children's Theater. Moreover, he was recommended there by a famous playwright, who once got to the performance of their amateur drama club, was intrigued by Shakurov’s play and suggested that he take up the theater seriously.

Natalya Oleneva - first love

By the way, the girls according to Sergei went crazy when he was still a kid. And when he began to play in the children's theater, he generally felt like "the first guy in the village." At this school, our hero fell in love for the first time in his life and immediately got married. His chosen one was the beginning actress Natalya Oleneva. They hastily played a wedding, and in 1969 the newlyweds got a child. The son was named Ivan.

However, Sergey and Natalya did not succeed in a strong family. The temptations of the acting profession reflected on their relationship ... Whom only rumor did not attribute to Shakurov as a lover: Galya Belyaev, and Natalya Gundarev, and Lena Koreneva, and Natalya Andreichenko, and even more than a dozen well-known names. Of course, the actor had real novels either on the set of films or in the theater. What wife could endure such a long time ?! After 15 years of family life, Shakurov and Oleneva divorced.

An affair with Guzeeva

What attracted women to the actor, not even handsome, why did they fall in love with him so passionately? Probably his charming smile, a clever piercing look, full of magnetism and, of course, an athletic figure - were his skate in approaching women's hearts ... And, surprisingly, with all his temperament, Shakurov was modest. This bribed many women. Many melted before him.

Larisa Guzeeva also melted. Still would! Being very young and unknown, she completely lost her head. Sergey Kayumovich at that time had already starred in a dozen films and was in good standing with venerable directors. When Eldar Ryazanov invited Shakurov for the role of Sergey Sergeyevich Paratov in "Cruel Romance", the actor immediately announced that he would only play with Guzeeva. Ryazanov had no choice but to affirm Larisa Guzeyeva as a partner to Shakurov. However, this duet was not destined to take place. The actor unexpectedly received the long-awaited role of Cyrano de Bergerac in the Stanislavsky Theater. And left the picture.

And now he was kissing the hands of Guzeeva both in the frame and behind the scenes Nikita Mikhalkov, which hurt Shakurov’s male pride. But he did not begin to grieve over the windy Larochka for a long time, and started a romance with another beauty - Tanya Kochemasova.

Tatyana Kochemasova - Shakurov's second wife

Shakurov did not pull for a long time, and actress Tatyana Kochemasova, a student at the theater school, who was 19 years younger than him, became his second wife. Moreover, this happened, as the first time - hastily. The "young" did not have a wedding - they quickly signed up for the registry office and immediately went to the theater for a rehearsal. And only after the premiere of the performance, the couple decided to hold a small celebration by inviting colleagues to the restaurant of the National Hotel.

Years later, giving an interview, Tatyana admitted: “I won’t say that I liked Shakurov right away. Still, the age difference is decent - almost twenty years. But I constantly caught his eyes. He literally kept his eyes on me ... About his family never told me. They reported that everything with him and his wife was problematic. I was not going to withdraw him from the family. But, you see, if the man has already decided for himself - who or what can keep him? "

It is noteworthy that Shakurov was wildly jealous of Tanya, although he himself still looked at other young ladies. So, in a fit of jealousy, our hero threatened the famous singer Mikhail Muromov, who decided to strike for Kochemasova: “Once again I will see you next to her, shave naked!” And he, of course, did not bring the matter to a clash.

In 1986, Tatyana gave birth to an actor, daughter Olenka, in which the actor did not cherish a soul. However, this marriage of Shakurov was wrecked. After 10 years of marriage, mutual betrayal led the couple to divorce. For most who knew this couple, this news was like a bolt from the blue. As T. Kochemasova herself later claimed: “We had a joyful life. Knowing many acting couples, I can compare - we lived better than anyone. He could come, I was going to, and we went to visit a restaurant. He always tried to take me with him on evenings, on holidays. I don’t remember that he came home in a bad mood - even if something went wrong, he always smiled. And I smiled. "

During the divorce proceedings, the media and the press trumpeted the whole country that Sergei Shakurov, adored by millions of women, was free. And is it necessary to say that the candidates for the actor’s hand and heart flocked like flies to honey.

Third wife - Ekaterina Babalova

Of all the applicants, he chose the brown-eyed Armenian Katya Babalova, a theater producer, who later became the actor’s personal administrator. The girl was not embarrassed that the actor was almost 30 years older. Although for a long time she could not turn to Shakurov for “you,” and then got used to it, in public she called him “Kayumovich.”

“It was a pure office romance. - Shakurov admits. - And, by the way, our relations have developed for a long time. Few weeks. Let's just say: this lighthouse fascinated me with its light, and I decided to get to it at all costs ... A few years later, when she had nine abortions, I realized that it was time to tie up. I feel young girl, I’ll ruin her. And he said: “Come on!” Alas, it dawned on me too late that I was a complete idiot and I had to do a kid before. ”

In 2004, Sergei and Catherine had a son, Marat. And now Sergey Shakurov is most worried that his son does not follow in his footsteps. "A man should do something more useful than acting."

And finally, I would like to note the musical talent of Sergei Shakurov. In 2012, the captivating song “Enchanting” by Igor Nikolaev performed by Sergei Shakurov appeared. This composition formed the basis of a touching clip with the participation of the wife and son of the actor.

However, some actors of domestic cinema were lucky to meet their love once and for all their lives. Read about it: 52 years of quiet happiness of actor Peter Glebov, whom the whole Soviet Union adored in the role of Grishka Melekhov.

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Sergey received his debut role in the film "I am a Soldier, Mom." He perfectly transformed into the image of a stubborn recruit. The premiere took place in 1966. Almost immediately, several more films with the actor came out, among them:

The iconic tape in the artist’s creative biography was the feature film, “One among strangers, a stranger among his own.” He played the squadron commander Zabelin. During this period, the actor was able to assemble a large collection of film images, he was the director of the plant, an employee of the laboratory, a man from the future.

The creative peak of his career occurred in the 80s, about two dozen films were released, in the main role of which Sergey Kayurovich starred. Among them, the following tapes can be distinguished:

  • “Portrait of the artist’s wife”,
  • "Parade of planets",
  • "Statute of limitations"
  • “The file of Judge Ivanova.”

Shakurov felt great both in a dramatic and comedic role. Any images are subject to him; he easily transforms into them, becoming one with his characters.

In 1987, the premiere of the film “Friend” took place. Sergei Kayurovich played “Kolyun”, a former artist of the Moskontsert. After the release of the tape, the people's artist was involved in the filming of several artistic paintings at once, these were:

  • “First meeting, last meeting”,
  • "Visit to the Minotaur",
  • "Frenchman".

Great success brought Shaturov role in the movie "Dog Feast." The crew included no less famous stars - these are Natalya Gundareva and Larisa Udovichenko.

It is worth noting the talented play of the actor in the multi-part film "The Great", in which he appeared in the image of Alexei Bestuzhev. Of the recent projects, such tapes as:

The actor is still full of strength, he continues to act actively. Sergei Kayurovich believes that in his life there will still be a happy event that will give him the main role in his life. But which one, Shakurov has not yet said.

Top movies

Sergey Shakurov got real fame and popular recognition after the premiere of the movie entitled “Taste of Bread”. The art tape by Alexei Sakhnov was released in 1979. The plot tells of three comrades - virgin lands. For an excellent game, the actor was awarded the State Prize of the RSFSR.

The actor himself singles out from his filmography a comedy film “Beloved Woman of the Mechanic Gavrilov”. In the comedy, he appeared in the role of the main character's lover, played by Lyudmila Gurchenko herself. Few people know that for this role he fought with Vladimir Vysotsky himself.

Another landmark project in the creative biography of the national artist was the multi-part film "Secrets of Palace Revolutions." In a costume film, he appeared in the role of Menshikov. The director of the film Svetlana Druzhinina gathered on the set a galaxy of stars, the number of colleagues Sergei Kayurovich included:

  • Nikolai Karachentsev,
  • Natalya Fateeva,
  • Inna Churikova,
  • Alexey Zharkov.

Another iconic film was Brezhnev. Director Sergei Snezhkin for a very long time choosing an actor for the role of general secretary, but still stopped at Shakurov, and did not lose. Although many eminent artists tried on the role of leader, namely:

  • Bogdan Mortar,
  • Radion Nakhapetov,
  • Yuri Stoyanov.

During the filming, the national artist had to wear special shoes due to insufficient growth. But even these inconveniences did not prevent him from creating a powerful image and conveying all the strength of the character of his hero. For this role, Shakurov was awarded the TEFI Prize figurine.

Theater work

Having graduated from the school-studio, Shakurov got a job in the theater on Malaya Bronnaya. But a year later, his game was appreciated by Leonid Kheifets, the director quickly lured a talented young man to himself.

In the Central Academic Theater of the Soviet Army, Sergey Kayurovich’s career rapidly went up. The play "Two Comrades" was very successful. But here the young man did not stay long, he left the stage with his mentor Leonid Heifts, both decided to try their hand at the Maly Theater, they accepted the director, but the novice artist was left out of work.

Shakurov managed to get on the stage only three years later. He was taken to the drama theater named after Konstantin Stanislavsky, it was to this scene that the national artist gave 16 years of his life. During this time he participated in many productions, but the most successful were:

He was also repeatedly invited to collaborate with other eminent theaters. He played on the stage of Sovremennik, worked with artists of the Contemporary Theater of Enterprise and the Moscow Art Theater. Often you can see the national artist in entreprise productions.

Theater critics praised the actor’s play in a play called Bad Habits. His colleagues included no less eminent artists:

  • Igor Ugolnikov,
  • Daniil Spivakovsky.

The premiere of the production took place in 2014 on the stage of the Private Theater. According to the latest news for 2019, Shakurov still devotes a lot of time to theater activities.


Sergey Shakurov's piggy bank has a huge amount of dubbing. He voiced the heroes not only in Russian cinema projects, but also in foreign ones. His voice is spoken by Paul Newmon in a feature film called The Verdict.

There are other tapes where he participated in dubbing, this list includes:

  • "Terminator",
  • "Jolly Sunday"
  • The Life and Death of Ferdinand Luce,
  • "Powder",
  • Rasputin.

And of course, it is worth noting how skillfully the artist voiced the Georgian Kwahi Kavsadze in the film Russian-American production "Simple-minded". The musical premiered in 1994.

Clips and TV shows

Fans of the artist know that Sergey Kayurovich sings beautifully. He recorded several compositions of military subjects. He performs these songs at concerts dedicated to the celebration of the Great Victory. In 2012, a video was released for the song "Fascinating Life" performed by a famous actor.

Words and music were written by singer Igor Nikolaev. The composition is very touching, it immediately fell in love with Russian listeners. Fans expect that Sergey Kayurovich’s clipography will be replenished as successfully as the filmography.

Shakurov tried his hand at television shows. In 1973, the production of Mark Volokhov's “Cliff” was released. After 15 years, he took part in the play "Poltava", and already in 2008 appeared in the image of Mark Anthony in "Anthony & Cleopatra."

Awards and ranks of the actor

In the piggy bank of a famous actor, many different achievements. He received his first award back in 1980 - it was the USSR State Prize. In the same year, Sergei Shakurov was recognized as an Honored Artist. And after 11 years, he became popular.

In addition, he is the owner of other prestigious awards, among them of particular importance are:

  • Order of Honor
  • Order of Merit to the Fatherland.

Shakurov has repeatedly been nominated for prestigious awards, including TEFI and Golden Eagle. The last statuette he received in the nomination “Best Actor in a Supporting Role. The victory went to him for a great game in the movie "Crew".


Watch the video: ШЕРЛОК ХОЛМС И ДОКТОР ВАТСОН советский фильм детектив все серии (March 2020).