Jack Nicholson - biography and personal life


Name: Jack Nicholson

Birthday: April 22, 1937 (82 years old)

Place of Birth: Neptune, USA

Height: 165 cm

Weight: 85 kg

Eastern horoscope: Bull

Career: Foreign actors 125 place

Photo: Jack Nicholson


Jack Nicholson is an American actor, film director, producer and screenwriter. Nominated for an Oscar for a record 12 times.

Jack Nicholson was born in New York. Dancer and singer June Francis Nicholson is the mother of the future movie star. Jack's father was probably the musician Don Rose Fourcillo, although this is not documented.

Jack Nicholson in his youth

The boy was brought up by his grandparents - Ethel May Nicholson and John Joseph Nicholson. In honor of his grandfather, Jack got a real name. For a long time, the Hollywood actor was convinced that Ethel and John were his parents. Only when he was 37 years old did the man learn that the real mother was a woman whom he used to consider his older sister.

His childhood passed in the town of Neptune, New Jersey. Jack attended Theodore Roosevelt Elementary School, where he first appeared on the stage in an amateur production of a musical. Jack performed a jazz song called Managua, Nicaragua. In adolescence, the celebrity had a problem of excess weight, because of which the insulting nickname "Fat Man" hung on him. Then the boy begins to play sports, is fond of basketball, baseball and American football. In addition, Jack was a reporter for the school newspaper, participated in theatrical productions. One of them, “Strange Mrs. Savage,” brought the student the title of “Best Actor in High School.”

Actor Jack Nicholson

At age 18, Nicholson finally decided to connect fate with acting. To get as close as possible to the world of the film industry, Jack moves to a big city and gets a job as a handyman in the animation department of MGM. In 1956, Jack participated in the first casting. Those present at the viewing liked the smile of the young man, as well as the manner of holding on, but the pronunciation was shocked. Then Nicholson began attending acting classes. The result was an episodic role in the TV series Matini Theater and participation in the play Tea and Sympathy.


The first role in the movie Nicholson was the character Jimmy Wallace in the thriller "Crybaby Killer." Both the film and the actor were in for a terrible failure. Similar failed work also became: "Wild Riding", "Too Late for Love" and "Shop of Horrors." The last film was shot in 2 days. The budget of the film was $ 27 thousand. However, playing the careless Wilbur Force role in this horror comedy drew attention to a novice actor. Soon Nicholson was invited to participate in the film "Raven" based on the poem by Edgar Allan Poe and the horror film "Fear." It's funny that in these paintings the actor has the same costumes and identical scenery.

Jack Nicholson in the movie "Easy Rider"

The next time, Jack Nicholson drew the attention of the public to his person after the release of the movie “Easy Rider”, and already the tape “Five Easy Pieces” brought the first Oscar nomination as the best male actor. Other interesting works of that period for the film actor were roles in the films “The Last Outfit” and “Chinatown”, which again brought Nicholson the next nominations for the Academy Award.

Most of all, viewers noted the film "Chinatown", presented in cinemas in 1974. The action of the film by Roman Polanski takes place in Los Angeles in the 30s of the twentieth century. Private detective Jake Gittes, whose role was played by Nicholson, was involved in the investigation of the secret fraud of a major criminal syndicate. In this film, Jack Nicholson's partner was Faye Dunaway, who had managed to get an Oscar nomination for Bonnie and Clyde by this time. Also at this time, Nicholson was noticeable in the musical Tommy and the philosophical drama Profession: Reporter, which was also released under the title Passenger.

In 1975, the film adaptation of the cult American novel of the new generation “Flying Over the Cuckoo's Nest” was released, in which Jack Nicholson plays the main role, playing Randle Patrick McMurphy. This film was called a real breakthrough in the creative biography of the actor. The role in the film brought Nicholson the first Oscar as the best actor of the year. After this success, the actor is overwhelmed with attractive scripts, but Jack refuses offers, including the role of Michael Corleone in the blockbuster The Godfather. Nicholson says that at that time he was not too interested in taking on pre-successful roles. On the contrary, the actor chose the least commercially attractive images to make a new challenge to himself. So, Nicholson plays a member of the Communist Party in The Last Tycoon, a horse thief in a western of Missouri Bends, a loser criminal in the comedy Heading South.

The next notable work of Nicholson was the film adaptation of Stephen King’s novel “Radiance”. The creator of the film was the famous director Stanley Kubrick. The actor did not receive any awards for playing the role of Jack Torrens, but this image is considered one of the best in the career of a movie star. The second "Oscar" the film actor received for a supporting role in the melodrama "Words of Tenderness", also published under the title "Language of Tenderness."

Then followed a series of successful paintings: “The Postman Always Calls Twice”, “Eastwick Witches”, “The Honor of the Przzi Family”, “Reds” and “Thistle”. For the last three films, the actor was nominated for an Oscar.

Jack Nicholson as a Joker

In 1989, Jack Nicholson again made the whole world talk about himself, starring in the movie adaptation of the Batman comics. His version of the anti-hero Joker has become cult and classic. And in 1992, the detective drama "Some Good Guys" was the most cited film of the year because of Nicholson's phrase: “You cannot stand the truth!”. In 1997, the actor received the third Oscar statuette for the main role in the film “It Can't Be Better”, where Helen Hunt became a partner of the actor, who also received the Oscar for this film as the best actress.

Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman

In the new millennium, there were successful shootings in the detective movie "Promise", the psychological drama "About Schmidt", the comedy "Anger Management", the romantic melodrama "Love by the rules and without," the thriller "The Departed" and the philosophical film "Until I Played in a Box" . The famous actor Morgan Freeman also participated in the filming of the last film.

The last film work of Jack Nicholson was the role of Charles in the comedy "Who knows ...". The tape came out in 2010, at the box office the picture was expected to fail.

Not all of Nicholson's roles were accepted by critics and the public. The American was twice nominated for the Golden Raspberry anti-award as the worst actor due to his participation in the films “Human Troubles” and “Hoffa” in 1992. But rave reviews of the actor’s work are incomparably greater.

Jack Nicholson in the movie The Wolf

The film "Wolf", released in 1994, corrected the situation. In this film, Nicholson’s partner on the set was the famous actress Michelle Pfeiffer.

Nicholson is the record holder in the number of nominations for the Oscar - 12 times, of which he won three times. Also, 3 times the actor received an award from the British Academy of Cinema and Television Arts, 7 times became a winner of the Golden Globe Award, 6 times received an award from the National Council of Film Critics of the USA, and also 6 times won an award from the United States Film Actors Guild. And in 1994, Nicholson was awarded the American Film Institute Prize for his achievements in life.

In 2013, actor Tom Cruise and director Doug Lyman personally turned to Jack Nicholson, offering to play a role in the comedy “President.” Cruise and Lyman visited the actor’s house in Los Angeles. Cruz noted that he has no desire to participate in the project if Nicholson refuses to shoot. An agreement between the creators of the film and the famous artist was never reached.

Jack Nicholson in the movie A Few Good Guys

Experts immediately suggested that Tom Cruise decided to repeat the success of 1992, when he starred with Nicholson in the film “A few good guys”, because this film was nominated for 4 Oscars. Still, critics call this success a merit of the brilliant tandem of actors.

The images that Jack Nicholson embodied on the screen have become popular on the network, because users are willing to create memes with the image of the actor. Each new meme with Nicholson gains thousands of views.

Idol of America

He received a nomination for an Oscar for his role as a quick-tempered colonel in the film “Some Good Guys” (1992). It is from here that his catchphrase “You can’t stand the truth!”

The 20th century ended for Nicholson with another Oscar. The third figurine was brought to him by the main role in the film “It Can't Be Better” - a sentimental comedy about an eccentric unsociable man who again found his way to the hearts of those around him thanks to the dog.

New Age

In 2002, the actor played in the film "About Schmidt." This time, his hero was a retired employee of an insurance company who is tormented by questions about his life. The image strongly contrasted with the "explosive" heroes of his past paintings.

And in the comedy “Anger Management”, the actor got an aggressive psychiatrist, who was assigned to the character of Adam Sandler to teach him how to manage his own emotions. In 2003, Nicholson played an elderly playboy in the film Love Without Rules. The character was seriously carried away by his girlfriend's mom.

Personal life

Jack Nicholson was married only once - on actress Sandra Knight. In this marriage, they had a daughter, Jennifer Nicholson. Jack and Sandra got married in 1962, but after 6 years, the couple officially divorced.

Jack Nicholson

Nicholson is one of the most loving stars of show business, he had a romantic relationship with many women. In 1969, there was a fleeting affair with actress Susan Anspach, from whom he has a son, Caleb Goddard, although Jack himself did not recognize paternity. From the model Vinnie Hallman, the actor has a daughter, Hani Hallman.

Jack spent 17 years in a common-law marriage with an American actress and director Angelica Houston. The couple broke up after the news of the pregnancy of Nicholson’s new passion - actress Rebecca Broussard, who gave birth to two children Jack - daughter Lorraine and son Raymond. The children received the surname Nicholson.

Jack Nicholson and Angelica Houston

Actor since childhood is a passionate fan of sports. Nicholson is a fan of the New York Yankees baseball club and the Los Angeles Lakers basketball team. Moreover, over the past 25 years I have not missed a single game of the basketball team. The directors and producers had to take into account the schedule of matches of Nicholson's favorites so that the holding of sports meetings did not coincide in time with the shootings in which the American actor takes part.

Jack Nicholson is also a true collector. The actor collects paintings by artists of the twentieth century, mainly the work of the Scotsman Jack Vettriano.

In one of his later interviews, Nicholson said that he was lonely, at the risk of dying alone, while romance and dating in Hollywood were a thing of the past. According to relatives of Hollywood celebrity entourage, for the past few years, the actor spent whole days in a mansion on Mulholland Drive, playing golf and watching movies.

Nicholson himself commented on his loneliness: “For a long time I was afraid to be alone. I had to get used to being alone. I used to think that I needed to talk with someone, otherwise I would go crazy. But now I like to be alone. Fair. Loneliness is a great luxury. ”


Jack Nicholson was born April 22, 1937 in the American town of Netun. Among the ancestors of Jack were the Dutch, Irish and Italians.

The childhood in the future of one of the most popular actors of our time cannot be called ordinary. The boy was raised by grandmother Ethel May Roads and grandfather John Nicholson, who took responsibility for Jack so that their daughter June Francis could continue her career as a dancer.

Only in 1974, Nicholson found out who he belonged to those whom he considered parents, Jack considered his mother all his childhood as a sister, and the actor is still unknown about his father.

Jack Nicholson now

Back in 2013, information appeared in the American media that Nicholson announced the end of his acting career. The reason for this decision was called memory loss, because the movie actor is supposedly not able to learn even the replicas of the characters. Such press reports were soon called untrue. Nicholson continued to work in cinematography, actively looking for good scripts and projects.

Actor Jack Nicholson

As a result, the film actor got bored with such activities. Already in January 2017, it became known that Jack Nicholson was leaving the cinema industry. This was reported to British journalists by a colleague of the star Peter Fonda.

Fonda noted that he does not know the reasons why the actor made such a decision. According to Peter, Nicholson "has actually retired." There was no other information about the actor’s possible farewell to cinema until February 2017, when it became known that Jack Nicholson would take part in the filming of the film, an English-language remake of Tony Erdmann.

Nicholson is a big fan of this film by German director Maren Adé. The American press reported that the actor allegedly visited Paramount Studios himself to propose a remake of the tape in Hollywood. It is assumed that the celebrity company will be the American film actress Kristen Wiig, and Maren Ade, the director of the original film, will act as a co-producer of the Hollywood adaptation. The film will also be produced by Will Ferrell and Adam Mackay.

Critics argue that Jack Nicholson’s decision to leave the world of cinema will not affect the image, name or filmography of an actor who has already become a Hollywood legend.

Jack Nicholson: Best Movies

The career of actor Jack Nicholson began immediately after graduation, when he got a job at the MGM film studio and got into acting classes there. After his film debut in 1963 in the thriller “Terror,” Jack, having not received any popularity, began to show himself more as a director and screenwriter, only occasionally appearing in low-budget films. However, neither the acting work of this period in the films “Crybaby Killer”, “Horror Shop”, “Raven”, “Fear”, nor his scripts for the films “Island of Thunder”, “Flight of Fury”, “Riding on a Tornado” did not succeed.

The real breakthrough of the actor in the world of big cinema took place only in 1969, when Nicholson starred in the movie "Easy Rider". This role not only brought Jack the long-awaited fame, but also nominations for the most prestigious film awards - Golden Globes and Oscars. The actor repeated the same successes a year later. For his play in the movie Five Easy Pieces, Nicholson was again nominated for these awards as Best Actor.

Jack managed to get his first cherished statuette thanks to the film “Flying Over the Cuckoo's Nest”, which was released in 1975. Three years later, he again becomes the owner of an Oscar for Best Supporting Actor in the film Words of Tenderness. But this restless Nicholson did not stop. In 1997, Jack again became the winner for his talented work in the film "It Can't Be Better."

In addition to these films, which have been awarded such high prizes and rights that have rightfully received the status of film masterpieces, Nicholson played many equally interesting and fascinating roles during his creative career: the role in one of the most terrible films, The Shining, the role of the Joker in the movie Batman, and , of course, the role of the werewolf in the film "Wolf". Jack replenished his creative piggy bank with a wide variety of paintings: from complex psychological pictures to light comedies and terrifying thrillers.

Currently, actor Jack Nicholson continues his acting career. Of his last works, the paintings “About Schmidt”, “Anger Management”, “Love by the Rules and Without”, “The Departed” became successful.

Jack Nicholson and now continues to be considered one of the greatest actors in the history of cinema, and his prizes and awards only serve as indisputable proof of this.In the arsenal of the actor are 12 nominations for the Oscar, three of which ended in victory, seven Golden Globe awards and prizes from the Kennedy Center and the American Institute of Cinema.

Jack Nicholson: personal life

Jack Nicholson has always been popular with women, the most beautiful actresses and models of our time have been in the rank of his lovers. Despite this, during his life Jack was married only once. Lucky was the actress Sandra Knight, who gave Nicholson five years of marriage, daughter Jennifer. However, on August 8, 1968, the couple divorced.

After the divorce, the actor never entered into an official marriage, while constantly starting long, short-term novels. He is credited with a romantic relationship with such Hollywood stars as Michelle Pfeiffer, Meryl Streep. Nicholson's longest relationship was a seventeen-year civil marriage with actress Angelica Houston.

In addition to his daughter Jennifer, Nicholson has four more children from three different women: Caleb Goddard, Hanni Holman, Lorraine and Raymond Nicholson.

Mother or sister?

And intrigues in the biography of Jack Nicholson began right from the moment he was born. The single dancer June Francis became pregnant, and then the grandmother of the future actor Ethel decided to take the “fire” on herself. He recorded the boy born on April 22, 1937 in his own name and named him John Joseph (in honor of his husband).

So Nicholson had been misled for half his life that his grandmother and grandfather were his mother and father, and his mother was his own older sister. Deception surfaced quite unexpectedly, when the actor was well over 30: an meticulous journalist tried, who unearthed a sensational fact. Only by then had Jack's mother and grandmother died long ago.

Clown class

The artist’s childhood was spent in New Jersey. He already loved to make his peers laugh at school, so when he gave out titles (like the king and queen) at the graduation party, he turned out to be a “court jester”: he was elected a class clown. Therefore, immediately after receiving the certificate, he went to California in the hope of captivating everyone with his sparkling talent. But this did not work out right away. Then, in the late 1950s and early 1960s, recognized masters of Golden Hollywood still shone, and the competition was very high.

Jack paved his way to fame by tapping into Los Angeles film studios, taking drama courses, writing scripts (including scripts for the Western Escape to Nowhere and the drama Trip) and appearing on TV episodes (for example, in "Andy Griffith Show"). The 1960 Horror Little Shop of Horror episode was one of Nicholson’s first screen appearances.

In pursuit of the Oscars: marginals and alcoholics

But the success and the first nomination for an Oscar came to him after he starred in the drama Careless Rider. His role was second-rate (compared to the images created by Dennis Hopper and Peter Fonda). But Hopper managed to remove this tape about marginalized motorcyclists for sheer trifles - 346 thousand dollars, while she earned 176 times more. George Hanson is the first alcoholic character in Nicholson’s filmography who brought the artist “Laurels”.

A year later, in 1971, the following nomination appeared in Jack Nicholson’s biography - already for the main role (the drama “Five Easy Pieces”), then he starred in the acclaimed “Chinatown” by Roman Polanski and became the owner of the Golden Globe ( it was another attempt to get an Oscar).

Not on the right: a charming simulator

The first Academy Award won the actor in 1975 - it was the year of the triumph of Milos Forman’s tragic tape “Flying Over the Cuckoo’s Nest”, which won five statuettes and was recognized as the best film. The confrontation between the nurse-sadist Ratched and the one who decided to slip out of the nets of law, pretending to be nuts, McMurphy's joker is always watched with tension - even if you watch the film for the tenth time. It seems that McMurphy will win, and the naive kid Billy will survive. But no wonder the heroine of Louise Fletcher ranks fifth in the list of the most famous movie villains of all time ...

Jack Nicholson

Jack Nicholson, real name is John Joseph Nicholson. Born April 22, 1937 in New York. American actor, director, screenwriter and producer. It is considered one of the greatest actors in the history of cinema. Nominated for an Oscar for a record 12 times.

He is one of two actors nominated for an Oscar for best actor (main or supporting role) every decade since the 1960s (the second is Sir Michael Kane).

In 1994, he became one of the youngest actors to be awarded the American Film Institute's Award for Lifetime Achievement.

Jack Nicholson has won many awards, including three Academy Award and BAFTA awards, seven Golden Globes, a six-time winner of the National Film Critics Council Award and a winner of the United States Film Actors Guild Award.

The actor’s asset also includes a nomination for the main anti-award in the field of cinema - “Golden Raspberry”.

The most noteworthy films featuring Jack Nicholson are Chinatown by Roman Polanski, One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest by Milos Forman, Profession: Reporter by Michelangelo Antonioni, The Shining by Stanley Kubrick, Batman by Tim Burton, James Doesn’t Better Brooks and The Departed Martin Scorsese.

Jack Nicholson (documentary)

Jack Nicholson was born April 22, 1937 in New York, at the Catholic Medical Center of St. Vincent.

Various sources contain conflicting information about the actor’s place of birth: for example, in his official biography, the place of birth indicates the house on Sixth Street in Neptune, New Jersey, but it is more likely that Nicholson was born in New York. There is also no exact data on Jack's date of birth: when in 1943 the boy was baptized in the Ascension Church near Bradley Beach, the family informed the priest that he was born in 1938.

Mother - June Francis Nicholson (1918-1963), dancer and singer, stage name - June Nilson.

Having dropped out of school in 1934 to begin her professional career, June began to work closely at the local radio station, where she was the host of the Saturday morning show "Eddie King and his radio children." She was assisted by Eddie King, a Latvian by birth (name at birth - Edgar A. Kirshfield), who illegally immigrated to the United States in 1925. He became her lover. During the time spent in a foreign country, King rose high on the career ladder and changed several professions: from the leader of an underground musical group to a dance instructor. In the early 1930s, King opened his own dance studio on Cookman Avenue 702, where he met June Nicholson, who was one of his first students.

After two years, June met the musician Don Rose (nee Furchillo), the son of a hairdresser, who sang in a large group. On October 16, 1936, they married in Elkton, Maryland.

In early 1937, Nicholson disappeared from Neptune without telling anyone where she went.

Rumor had it that she had gone to her cousin in New York, and they confirmed when one of June's friends received a letter sent from a New York address. In April, June Nicholson gave birth to a boy, John, but there were no children with the names Nicholson, King, Rose, Kirshfield or Fourchillo in the city's birth, death and marriage register. This was due to the fact that at the mention in the magazine the name “Nilson” (stage name June) was mixed up, which was recorded as “Wilson”.

After the boy was born, his grandfather and grandmother took care of him: John Joseph Nicholson - a red-haired Irishman who worked as a window dresser in a department store in Borough Manaskan - and Ethel May Nicholson. Jack later described his grandfather like this: "Quiet, melancholy, sad, and very gentle person." Jack grew up confident that his grandfather and grandmother were his father and mother.

Jack, like his peers, was a representative of the last generation, which grew without the influence of a TV. Ethel's grandmother bought a TV one of the first among the residents of the district, but at that time Jack was already a teenager and he was more interested in jazz fusion and jukeboxes.

Only in 1974, a Time magazine reporter, who found out information hidden by everyone, revealed the truth to the actor: his older sister June is actually his mother. Then it was already too late: June died of cancer in 1963, and Ethel died seven years later - in 1970. Information from the journalist was confirmed by Nicholson's other sister - Lorraine - who, like the others, did not even know who the father was an actor.

June Francis Nicholson - Jack Nicholson's Mother

In 1945, Ethel's business prospered, and the whole family moved from a one-story bungalow on Sixth Street of Neptune to a two-story house in the working part of the city. Every morning, eight-year-old Jack had to walk seven blocks from his new residence on Steiner Avenue 2 to the Theodore Roosevelt School, where he studied. It was there that Nicholson was first involved in a theatrical production, performing the jazz song Managua, Nicaragua.

When Jack was ready for high school, the family moved again: this time to Spring Lake Borough, where Ethel opened her own beauty parlor on 505 Mercer Ave. Jack later admitted that his grandmother’s profit reached $ 5,000 in year. Ethel was looking for a school for her grandson for a long time and found it in the nearest area: Manascuan High School seemed quite suitable for her. In 1950, Nicholson was successfully admitted to this institution, where the teenager soon appeared nickname "Fat Man" (Chubs) due to the excess weight that he suffered from four years.

Over the next ten years, Jack replied with fists, he simply stopped sarcasm fights. Only after reaching five feet and nine inches of growth classmates changed their insulting nickname, replacing it with an abbreviation of Jack's surname - "Nick". In his school years, Nicholson was actively involved in baseball, but when he was offered to become responsible for the equipment of the school football team, he gladly agreed. A few months later, Jack replaced football with basketball, which became his favorite sport.

In addition to personal sports, Nicholson became a reporter for the school newspaper The Blue and Gray, where he wrote about the achievements of school sports teams. The Treasure Chest, published by the school’s management, wrote of Nicholson as “a fun and good-natured person” and “an enthusiastic writer.”

Nicholson’s teachers disagreed when it came to him: Latin teacher Ruth Walsh seated Jack right in front of him only because he looked like a troublemaker, and English teacher Miss Belting never found a common language with him to the end life told the new generation of Manasquan students that "Nicholson had a big mouth and he remains." Three times Nicholson was "caught on the hot": during the battle, smoking and vandalism signs of a competing school.

Jack was also loved by peers: for introducing fantasy into the life of the school, they called Nicholson "the best actor, senior pupil." Jack took part in the theatrical productions of the school: his role in the play "From the Frying Pan" was almost episodic, but it provoked applause. Hannibal's role in the play based on John Patrick’s play “Strange Mrs. Savage”, which brought him the title “Best Actor, High School Student,” was even more successful.

Jack Nicholson in his youth

In 1955, Nicholson firmly decided to become an actor after watching the films “East of Paradise”, “In the Port” and “The Man with the Golden Hand”, starring James Dean, Marlon Brando and Frank Sinatra respectively. It was these actors who influenced the young Jack most of all, but Brando was most impressed: “I watched The Port twice a night and could not take my eyes off this guy. He was bewitching, ”said Nicholson. The same situation was with Sinatra, who hypnotized Nicholson in The Man with the Golden Hand and instilled in him a lifelong craving for hats - an invariable attribute of his wardrobe.

Realizing that he would not immediately become an actor, Jack got a job in the animation department of MGM. The management paid him $ 30 a week, which was not enough for him: “I did everything. He carried the milk, created, punctured and stacked the paper, made sure that the animators were happy with its whole reserves, ”said Nicholson.

In the same year, Nicholson moved from his grandmother's apartment to his own rented apartment near the post office, which, in addition to the small size, was above the garage and was located a few blocks from MGM. Every day, Jack began with the requisition of obsolete pencils, after which he rode around the entire studio on a bicycle and delivered letters to the staff. Then the young man collected bets from the employees of the company and informed the local bookmaker about them, and already in the evening he answered letters from fans of Tom and Jerry. Nicholson had such a daily routine for two years. In the pavilions, he saw many movie stars, and also learned the names of almost all employees of the company: from executive producers to the lowest level.

In addition to a small salary, Jack did not own a car. When the animator Oliver Callahan offered him his old and used $ 400 Chevrolet for 1949, Nicholson telegraphed to his grandmother in New Jersey to send him the right amount of money. Despite the almost complete lack of money, Jack "kept pace" with fashion: in his wardrobe you could always find shirts with buttons down, fitted, white and khaki pants.

About that period of his life, Nicholson recalled one memorable incident: his former classmate John Epominondas invited Jack and his neighbor Roger to the Hollywood Palladium Theater, where the disco was taking place. After half an hour, Jack signaled to friends that something had happened. They came together and Jack said: “We must get out of here!” I need to get into the men's room. ” “What happened?” Epominondas asked, to which Jack replied: “I was dancing with that girl. She was so close to me, and I was so excited that my pants just exploded! ”

A day after the death of James Dean, still shocked, Nicholson arrived at MGM, where he met the venerable producer Joe Pasternak in the elevator. Pasternak saw Jack's sad face, after which a dialogue took place between the men, during which the producer asked Nicholson if he had ever thought about becoming an actor, to which Nicholson refused. An hour later, the director of the animation department of the company, William Hannah, called Nicholson to his office, after which Nicholson left the company fully convinced that he would be an actor.

Already in May 1956, a casting was organized, in which Jack took part. Pasternak attended it and praised him, saying that "he had a great smile, a sinewy physique and a sly greasy look, but no acting training except for a school theater group." In addition, Nicholson had an unbearable nasal reprimand inherent in the state of New Jersey.

To eliminate it, Pasternak offered Jack a stage speech teacher. On the recommendation of William Hannah, Nicholson began attending acting classes, which the then-aspiring actor Joe Flynn attended with. It was he who told Jack that Pasternak was abnormal: “I want to tell you one thing, Jack, this is very important. Everyone you meet on your way will try to change your voice with the help of professionals. Do not agree, ”Flynn said. Then Nicholson got a job at the West Hollywood’s Players Ring Theater, where from July to September 1956 he was an extras in the play “Tea and Sympathy” (based on the play of the same name by Robert Anderson. His salary was $ 14 per week.

On September 2, 1956, the media first mentioned Nicholson: the Asbury Park Press made a short note stating that “nineteen-year-old Jack Nicholson from Spring Lake will appear tomorrow in the television series Matini Theater, which will be broadcast from 15:00 to 15 : 30 on WNBC. ” In the last days of 1956, MGM animated producer Fred Quimby gathered all the staff for a meeting to refute the rumors that their department was shutting down. “Don't worry,” Quimby reassured his colleagues. “This place is like the Rock of Gibraltar.”Two weeks later, MGM management cut costs and dismissed all animation staff, including Jack.

Over the next few years, Jack did everything to be noticed in Hollywood: he paid $ 25 and $ 15 for joining the Guild of Film Actors of the USA and the American Federation of Television and Radio Artists, respectively, and also fell into the category of “best young actors of our time” according to the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and sciences, which, in addition to Nicholson himself, included Warren Beatty, Dennis Hopper, Dean Stockwell and Robert Blake. He read the scripts and clutched at any suggestions he received.

In 1958, Nicholson was fired from Warner Bros., where he was involved in the filming of several television series. The same fate befell his colleague, actor Walter Mattau. Jack later admitted that they were fired because of "bad behavior" - a term that no one could explain.

Nicholson's first teacher was Jeff Corey, who taught him the basics of acting: “My first teacher, Jeff Corey, loved to say that all art can only be a stimulating starting point. You cannot change the world, but you can make it think, ”Jack said.

Luana Anders, whom Nicholson had known since working at MGM, and Jude Taylor introduced Nicholson Corey, after which Jack began to attend his acting classes. Cory enjoyed authority in the acting community of the United States, among his students were Richard Chamberlain, Pat Boone, Jane Fonda, Anthony Perkins, Sally Kellerman and Irwin Kershner. According to Corey, "Nicholson was a very pleasant young man."

Jack admitted that his teacher was not enthusiastic about this course, arguing that Nicholson’s acting was lacking in “poetry,” and calling him “physically inert.” In addition, it was on the course that Corey Nicholson met his first girlfriend: “He saw me on the course and decided that we should go out,” said Georgiana Carter, a short blonde from Southern California. - “He was a year younger than me and seriously sought me. “I liked Jack very much, and soon I realized that I couldn't live without him.”

Jack continued to learn from Corey, and the day came when Jeff told Nicholson that he was ready for the first screen test. So, in the spring of 1958, the Asbury Park Press reported that “Jack Nicholson, who starred in the Manasquan High School, today will play in the youth thriller“ Crybaby Killer. ”Nicholson later said that“ Only two months in this in fact, and I already got the main role. I am a star! "The film was based on real events - the robbery of a roadside cafe in Inglewood, California. The screenwriters were workers of category B (low-budget films) - Leo Gordon (the actor who became the screenwriter) and a former doctor Melvin Levy In The Screenplay Of Gordon "Levy's Nicholson character Jimmy Wallace is forced to resort to violence when two criminals try to rape his girlfriend and beat him half to death. Wallace literally goes crazy after this incident and captures all visitors to a nearby roadside cafe. The end of the film is tragic - Wallace police officers who have arrived on call are killed.

The film failed both commercially and critically; Nicholson’s acting was also criticized.

Most reviewers noted that young Nicholson was simply not allowed to reveal himself in this picture. Actress Mitzi McCall, Jack's co-star in the film, said: "He was very serious when he was working on the role, and devoted to even such a ridiculous category B movie." Nicholson himself called the six days of filming in the film “blinding fog”: “I was completely involved in it and used all those religious things that I learned on the course. I was constantly preparing and rewriting all my lines in the script, there was a complete mess with notes and all that. Then I watched the film and realized that it was terrible. " The same opinion about the tape was made by viewers who, according to Nicholson, during the showing of movie clips in Hollywood became mad and started to whistle. Jack quit the theater and, according to Mitzi McCall, every Wednesday went to the Hollywood employment agency.

Only one name (other than Nicholson himself), mentioned in the credits of the film, is still heard. The executive producer of the film, Roger Corman, paid $ 7,000 to the American International Pictures film company just to start filming in its pavilions. Corman and Nicholson met on the acting courses of Jeff Corey, where Corman was looking for new talents. Jack was an ideal candidate for the filming of the new film. “Nicholson was assertive. He was not afraid of Roger. He wanted to be an actor, screenwriter, to do all the work, and for this he used his inherent arrogance, ”said Corman's biographer Beverly Gray.

Acting as the rebel rider Johnny Varron in Harvey Berman's drama Wild Riding, Nicholson set to work on Richard Rush's low-budget independent film, Too Late for Love, where he was cast as the villain of Buddy.

“It was an operational film with a budget of around 50 thousand dollars. We sold it Universal for 250 thousand, and it became a hit just at that magical time when critics invented the “new wave”, ”said Rush. According to the director, the film was the first invention of the “new wave”, and in Europe the picture was called “Honeymoon in high school” and “Teenage lovers” because it then showed forbidden things, like a teenage pregnancy. It is noteworthy that in writing the script, Rush was then assisted by the still unknown Francis Ford Coppola, who, as Rush said, had more youthful spirit than discipline.

Being popular in drive-ins and foreign countries, "Too Late for Love" took another place in Nicholson's filmography, but his first real success was waiting for him in a shop around the corner.

“Shop of horrors” - this is the name Roger Corman gave his new film, an adaptation of Arthur Clark's sci-fi story “The Obstinate Orchid”, which tells about the botanist who reveals a new kind of carnivorous orchid and feeds her his arrogant aunt. According to other sources, the basis of the script for the film was the story of John Collier "Green Thoughts."

The picture was shot in a record two days with a budget of 27 thousand dollars, and Nicholson himself said: “I went on set, knowing that I had to be extremely bizarre, since Roger at first did not want to take me on this role. In other words, I couldn't play it the way it was in the script, so I did a lot of weird shit that I thought was supposed to be funny. ”

Upon arrival at the set, Jack was informed that he would play along with an old friend, John Schener. When both appeared on the set, Corman gave the last six pages of the script to Nicholson and the first to Shaner. The director torn the remaining pages into two halves, one of which he gave to Jack, and the second - to Shener. "That's all. That's all we knew about the film. I did not even know what it was called. I had to persuade Scanner to read half his pages, ”admitted Nicholson.

Thus, the frivolous masochist Wilbur Force, played by Jack, who came to the dentist's appointment, became the first in the chain of memorable characters of the actor. “No novocaine, it dulls all sensations,” Force said in the film.

In the period from 1961 to 1963, Nicholson starred mainly in television series and television films, which include "Sea Hunt", "Bronco" and "Hawaiian Eye." In 1963, director Roger Corman, who had previously worked with Jack in the films “Crybaby Killer” and “Shop of Horrors”, invited him to a secondary role in the comedy horror movie “Raven”. Jack's character is Rexford Bedlow, the son of Peter Lorre, a member of the Brotherhood of Mages Adolfus Bedlow.

The script of the film was well thought out and based on a free interpretation of the poem "Raven" by Edgar Allan Poe. Created by his master of horror films, writer Richard Matheson. Permanent screenwriters Corman Leo Gordon and Jack Hill refused to participate in the film, complaining that their work will sink in poor acting and directing. Corman said: "I explained to Jack that Boris Karloff would work with him for two days, after which I would write the rest of the picture, and he would be her star." In addition, Corman admitted that on the last day of filming the film as a director he was replaced by Nicholson, who shot several scenes.

Nicholson played a role, as he later admitted, without fear of the presence of first-magnitude stars on the set. “There were too many fun people in the film. Roger told me: "You can't be as funny as they are." This is the whole interpretation of the role from Roger, ”he said. Jack paid a lot of attention to the intonations of Karloff and the diction of Vincent Price. On the set, he became friends with Peter Lorre, who, already seriously ill, gave Nicholson advice that he remembered for a lifetime: "If you want to survive in this business, you better be more frugal."

Filming "Crow" was completed in October 1962.

A few days after the shooting of Raven, Corman began work on another horror film, Fear. The director decided not to bother with casting and creating scenery for a long time, so he invited the same Nicholson and Karloff to the main roles, and the scenery remained the same as on the set of Raven. As in Corman’s previous film, Nicholson took the director’s chair and shot several scenes.

Nicholson's early work was criticized by critics, which confirms this film. Director Peter Bogdanovich stated that he “remembered Nicholson as a bad actor only because of this film,” and critic Phil Hall of the FilmThreat website observes that Jack’s hero is dressed in the costume of Marlon Brando from the movie “Love of the Emperor of France”. In addition, Hall called the Nicholson game "empty and monotonous." Jack himself spoke of the film as follows: “I think that the funniest time I ever spent in the movie room was watching Fear. The film was incredibly bad. ”

Since the actor’s job was difficult to find in the 1960s, Nicholson increasingly began to work on scripts. The result was Thunder Island (1963), Flight of Fury (1964), Escape to Nowhere (1965) and the feature film The Leader (1968) about The Monkees . These films did not win much popularity, but at least gave Nicholson a stable job. In the world of sitcoms, he also appeared in two episodes of the Andy Griffith Show as Marvin Jenkins (1966-1967).

Since no prospects were outlined in the acting career, Nicholson seemed to have completely gone to work “behind the camera” - a screenwriter and director.

The first success came with the script for the 1967 film Trip, which was built entirely on the hallucinations of the protagonist under the influence of LSD. Peter Fonda and Dennis Hopper starred in the film. But along with the opportunity to play in the Foundations and Hopper's film “Careless Rider”, Nicholson also came up with his first major success in the acting field. He played George Hanson, a drunkard, and received his first Oscar nomination for this role. This was a lucky chance for Nicholson, as the role was originally intended for Rip Thorne, a close friend of screenwriter Terry Southern, but Thorne left the project after a serious quarrel with director Dennis Hopper, during which they almost got into a fight.

The nomination for Best Actor came next year, for his role in the film Five Easy Pieces (1970), in which the famous dialogue on chicken salad (on how to get what you want) took place. In the same year, he played in the film version of the musical performance “On a Clear Day You Will See Eternity”.

Jack Nicholson in the movie Five Easy Pieces

Other of his notable early roles: The Last Outfit by Hal Ashby (1973) and Roman Polanski's classic noir thriller Chinatown (1974). For both of these films, Nicholson was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Actor. He also starred in the films of Ken Russell's Tommy (1975) and Profession: Reporter by Michelangelo Antonioni (1975).

Nicholson won his first Oscar for Best Actor by playing Randle Patrick McMurphy in the film version of Ken Kesey's Flying Over the Cuckoo's Nest, staged by Milos Forman in 1975. Along with him, the Oscar (for best actress) received Louise Fletcher, who played the role of sister Ratched. Nicholson was also offered the role of Michael Corleone in The Godfather, which he refused.

Jack Nicholson in "Flying Over the Cuckoo's Nest"

Later, Nicholson began to take on more unusual roles for himself. In particular, he played a small role as a member of the Communist Party in The Last Tycoon, where he had a fight with the character of Robert De Niro. He took on an even less attractive role in Arthur Penn’s Western Missouri Bends, specifically to play with Marlon Brando. This was followed by the directorial debut of Nicholson - the western comedy “Heading South”.

Although he was not even nominated for an Oscar for his role in the movie version of Stephen King's novel Radiance, directed by Stanley Kubrick in 1980, she remains one of the most significant roles in his career. Nicholson won his next Oscar, an award for Best Supporting Actor, for the role of retired astronaut Garrett Breedlove in the movie Words of Tenderness by James Brooks (1983).

In the 1980s, Nicholson continued to work fruitfully, starring in the films The Postman Always Calls Twice (1981), The Reds (1981), The Pritzi Family Honor (1985), The Eastwick Witches (1987), and Thistle 1987). For his roles in the films Red, Honor of the Przzi Family and Thistle, he was nominated for an Oscar.

In 1985, Nicholson abandoned the role of John Beech in the film "Witness." The 1989 Batman film in which he played the Joker became a deafening international hit and a profitable interest contract brought Nicholson about $ 60 million. It was planned that the actor would again play the role of the Joker in the fifth part of the franchise called Batman Triumph in 1999, but the project was canceled by Warner Brothers.

For the role of the quick-tempered Colonel Nathan Jessep in the film "A few good guys" (1992), which tells about the murder in the US Marine Corps division, Nicholson received another Oscar nomination. In this film, a scene takes place with the participation of Nicholson, in which he pronounces the phrase: “You can’t stand the truth!”, Which has since become widely known and often quoted.

Not all of Nicholson's works were well received. He was nominated for the Golden Raspberry Award as the worst actor for the films Human Troubles (1992) and Hoffa (1992). However, he was nominated for the Golden Globe Award for his role in Hoff.

Nicholson continued to act and won his next Oscar for the role of Melvin Yudall, a neurotic writer with obsessive-compulsive disorder, in the 1997 film “It Can't Be Better”. The director, as in The Words of Tenderness, was again James Brooks. Helen Hunt, who played a waitress in Manhattan, has mixed feelings - from hatred to love - to Nicholson’s character (a frequent visitor to the restaurant she worked for), also won an Oscar for best actress.

Jack Nicholson in the movie "The Wolf"

Nicholson's hallmark is absolute organicity in any role. The actor shows great skill in many roles, but the most successful are the characteristic roles, with elements of the grotesque.

In the film “About Schmidt” (2002), Nicholson played the retired actuary of an insurance company from Omaha, Nebraska, who wondered about life after his wife’s death. Nicholson’s calm, restrained game, contrasting with many of his previous roles, earned him another Oscar nomination for Best Actor.

In the comedy Management of Anger, he plays an aggressive psychiatrist, assigned to the relatively calm character of Adam Sandler to teach him how to manage his emotions.

In 2003, along with several other roles, Nicholson played an age-old playboy in the film Love by the Rules and Without, which falls for the mother of his young girlfriend, performed by Diana Keaton.

At the end of 2006, Nicholson marks his return to the “dark side” with the role of Frank Costello, the sadistic Irish mafiosi from Boston, the boss of the characters Matt Damon and Leonardo DiCaprio in Martin Scorsese's Oscar-winning film “The Departed”. The fact that a little earlier Nicholson’s voice was used in advertising the Nokia N95 phone “there is something in my pocket” is not well known.

In November 2006, Nicholson began work on Rob Reiner's new project, “Until He Played in the Box,” for the role in which he cut his hair. Together with Morgan Freeman, they played two men dying of cancer in a film who want to complete a series of tasks before they die. The film was released at the end of 2007. In preparation for filming, Nicholson visited a Los Angeles hospital to find out how cancer patients cope with their illness.

In 2012, two years after the release of the failed comedy “Who knows. "With the participation of Nicholson, the actor was offered the first serious role in five years - the drama" Judge ", where he would play the role of the father of the hero Robert Downey Jr., a city judge suspected of murder. Talking about filming Nicholson in the film was ongoing, but in the end the actor refused to participate in the project.

In September 2013, information was circulated in the American media that Nicholson announced the end of his acting career due to memory loss - the actor allegedly simply could not learn replicas of his characters. Soon, the data was immediately refuted and called "100% Fake." According to a source, Nicholson is now actively reading scripts and is looking for a new project.

"The film business is the largest business, but I want to make only films that touch, films about emotions and people"- said the actor.

In mid-January 2017, Jack Nicholson announced that he was retiring. And in February 2017, it was announced that Jack Nicholson, after a 7-year break, would star in the movie "Tony Erdmann" - an American remake of German comedy.

Jack Nicholson and his women

The personal life of Jack Nicholson:

Although Nicholson claims to have slept with more than two thousand women in his lifetime, he is known for never having been on the list of 10 living sex legends compiled by Maxim magazine. The actor has five children from four different women, although he was married only once.

He was married to Sandra Knight. They were in a boak from June 17, 1962 to August 8, 1968. The couple in 1963 had a daughter, Jennifer Nicholson.

Sandra Knight - Jack Nicholson's ex-wife

In 1970, Susan Anspach, his partner in the movie Five Easy Pieces, gave birth to a son, Caleb Goddard (Nicholson’s paternity was not confirmed). Actress Susan Anspach claims that the father of her son Caleb Goddard is Jack Nicholson. The actor himself never made public statements about this.

Susan Anspach

The Danish model Winnie Hollman in 1981 gave birth to his daughter, Honey Hallman.

From relations with Rebecca Broussard, Lorraine Nicholson (born 1990) and Raymond Nicholson (born 1992) were born.

Nicholson had a romantic relationship with many actresses and models, some of which lasted for many years. The longest relationship, lasting 17 years, was associated with Angelica Houston, daughter of film director John Houston. They broke up after the news of the news of the pregnancy of Rebecca Broussard from Nicholson.

Jack Nicholson and Rebecca Broussard

In the next biography of Nicholson, published in October 2013 by the writer Mark Eliot, data is provided that during the filming of "Thistle" (1987), Jack and his married partner Meryl Streep formed a stormy romance that grew into a more serious sexual relationship. Both artists have repeatedly denied it. In the same book, Eliot claims that at an early stage in his acting career, in the early 1960s, Nicholson abused drugs, in particular LSD, cocaine, and marijuana. The script for the film Trip (1967) was allegedly also written by him under the influence of narcotic drugs.

Jack Nicholson and Meryl Streep

He is a close friend of Roman Polanski, whom he supported during many personal misfortunes, including the death of his wife, Sharon Tate, who died at the hands of Charles Manson's family. After the death of Tate, Nicholson began to sleep with a hammer under his pillow. He also supported Polanski when he was accused of raping a child under the age of consent that occurred at Nicholson’s estate on Mulholland Drive.

Next to Nicholson’s house, on Mullholland Drive in Beverly Hills, Marlon Brando lived for several years. Also nearby was Warren Beatty, and thanks to this trinity, the street eventually got the name "Streets of Bad Guys." After Brando's death in 2004, Nicholson bought his bungalow for $ 6.1 million, intending to tear it down. At the same time, he stated that this decision was dictated only by the fact that the house was abandoned and had nothing to do with Brando’s personality and his legacy.

Although the actor was raised as a Western Catholic, in an interview with Vanity Fair magazine in 1992, he stated that he did not currently believe in God. Although Nicholson himself is against abortion, he advocates for their resolution. He supports the US Democratic Party and has donated to many of its election campaigns.

Nicholson is a fan of promoted teams such as the New York Yankees and the Los Angeles Lakers. His visit to the Lakers Games became legendary, since over the past 25 years he had not missed almost any of the games held at The Forum and Staples Center stadiums. In some cases, Nicholson even got into a skirmish between players and referees and ran out to the basketball court itself. During the 2001 playoffs of the Lakers, he was even awarded a technical foul for arguing too hot with the referees. His unwillingness to skip the Lakers home games leads to the fact that the studios are forced to coordinate the shooting schedule with the team’s game schedule. In 2004, Nicholson attended a meeting of school graduates (50 years after graduation) to the considerable surprise and delight of his classmates and classmates.

Nicholson is known for, in contrast to actors who refuse roles in films that they think will be unsuccessful, on the contrary, rejects roles in those films that, in his opinion, may be too successful.

One of Nicholson's hobbies is collecting modern paintings and paintings of the 20th century. The actor’s favorite artist is Jack Vettriano.

On September 11, 2011, the Jack Nicholson home in Hollywood, which he had been renting since 1975, was burned to the ground. 85 firefighters extinguished the fire, two of them were hospitalized.

Filmography of Jack Nicholson:

1958 - The Cry Baby Killer - Jimmy Wallace
1960 - Too late for love (Too Soon to Love) - Buddy
1960 - Mr. Lucky (Martin Lucky) - Martin
1960 - The Wild Ride - Johnny Varron
1960 - The Little Shop of Horrors - Wilbur Force
1960 - Studs Lonigan - Weiri Reilly
1961 - Tales of Wells Fargo - Tom Washburn
1961 - Sea Hunt - John Stark
1961 - Bronco (Bronco) - Bob Doolin
1962 - Little Amy (Trainer)
1962 - Hawaiian Eye - Tony Morgan
1962 - The Broken Land - Will Broches
1963 - The Raven - The Rexford Bedlow
1963 - The Terror - Lieutenant Andre Duvalier
1964 - Lieutenant Pulver (Ensign Pulver) - Dolan
1964 - Flight to Fury - Jay Wickham
1964 - Back Door to Hell - Burnett
1965 - Ride in the Whirlwind - Wes
1966 - Dr. Kildare (Dr. Kildare) - Jamie Angel
1966 - The Shooting (The Shooting) - Billy Spear
1966 - Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea - a member of the team (uncredited)
1966-1967 - The Andy Griffith Show - Marvin Jenkins / Mr. Garland
1967 - The St. Valentine's Day Massacre Massacre - Gino (uncredited)
1967 - Hells Angels On Wheels - Poet
1967 - The Guns of Will Sonnett - Tom Murdoch
1968 - Psych-Out - Stony
1968 - Head (Head) - filmmaker in a restaurant (uncredited)
1969 - Easy Rider - George Hanson
1970 - The Rebel Rousers - Bunny
1970 - On a Clear Day You Can See Forever - Ted Pringle
1970 - Five Easy Pieces - Robert Eroika Dupi
1971 - Carnal Knowledge - Jonathan Furst
1971 - A Safe Place - Mitch
1972 - The King of Marvin Gardens - David Stabler
1973 - The Last Outfit (The Last Detail) - Billy Baddaski
1974 - Chinatown - JJ "Jake" Gitts
1975 - Profession: Reporter (Professione: Reporter) - David Locke
1975 - Tommy (Tommy) - Doctor
1975 - The Fortune (The Fortune) - Oscar Sullivan / Oscar Dicks
1975 - One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest - Randle Patrick McMurphy
1976 - The Missouri Breaks - Tom Logan
1976 - The Last Tycoon - The Brimmer
1978 - Heading South (Goin 'South) - Henry Lloyd Moon (also director)
1980 - The Shining - Jack Torrens
1981 - The Postman Always Rings Twice - Frank Chambers
1981 - Ragtime - a pirate on the beach (uncredited)
1981 - Reds - Eugene O'Neill
1982 - The Border - Charlie Smith
1983 - Language of Tenderness (Terms of Endearment) - Garrett Breedlove
1985 - The Prizzi's Honor Family Honor - Charlie Partanna
1986 - Jealousy (Heartburn) - Mark Foreman
1987 - The Witches of Eastwick - Daryl van Horn
1987 - Broadcast News - Bill Roarich
1987 - Thistle (Ironweed) - Francis Phelan
1989 - Batman (Batman) - Joker / Jack Napier
1990 - The Two Jakes (The Two Jakes) - JJ "Jake" Gitts (also director)
1992 - Man Trouble - Eugene Earl Exline / Harry Bliss
1992 - A Few Good Men - Colonel Nathan R. Jessep
1992 - Hoffa - James R. "Jimmy" Hoffa
1994 - Wolf (Will) - Will Randall
1995 - Guard at the Crossroads (The Crossing Guard) - Freddy Gale
1996 - Blood and Wine - Alex Gates
1996 - The Evening Star - Garrett Breedlove
1996 - Mars attacks! (Mars Attacks!) - President James Dale / Art Land
1997 - It Can't Be Better (As Good as It Gets) - Melvin Udall
2001 - The Pledge - Jerry Black
2002 - About Schmidt (About Schmidt) - Warren Schmidt
2003 - Anger Management - Dr. Buddy Rydell
2003 - Love by the rules and without (Something's Gotta Give) - Harry Sanborn
2006 - The Departed (The Departed) - Francis "Frank" Costello
2007 - Has not yet played in the box (The Bucket List) - Edward Cole
2010 - Who knows. (How Do You Know?) - Charles

Dark Thoughts: The Crazy Writer and the Seducing Tramp

The 1980s stood out among the stars as very fruitful, each image of Nicholson struck a memory. Whether it was a hotel watchman who had gone mad in the wilderness and decided to write a novel, but instead nearly killed his wife and young son (Kubrick's Shining), or a tramp who seduced the wife of a middle-aged owner of a roadside tavern (Postman always rings twice by Reifelson).

But the comedy “Language of Tenderness” brought the actor the next Oscars and Golden Globes: he portrayed a drunken astronaut who falls in love with a neighbor (Shirley MacLaine). This unpretentious, but sincere tape received five Oscars.

The real devil!

Someone remembered the mafiosi Charlie from the black comedy “The Prizzi Family Honor”, ​​in which Nicholson’s partner was Kathleen Turner (the plot of the movie resembles the action movie “Mr. and Mrs. Smith,” here lovers also compete with each other). But still, in the 1980s, Jack did not have a brighter role than Daryl Van Horne from The Eastwick Witches. The scriptwriters went very far from the original (the novel by Updike), but the film only benefited from this and acquired very beautiful (and sometimes funny) scenes. “Devil in the Flesh” seduced three bored provincial beauties (they were played by Michelle Pfeiffer, Susan Sarandon and Cher), and they, in turn, tried to tame the demon.

The first and only wife - Sandra Knight

From 1962 to 1968 he was married to Sandra Knight, who entered the personal life of Jack Nicholson during the filming of the movie "Terror". Although this marriage was short-lived, it still remains the only one for the actor. In addition, a daughter named Jennifer appeared from him.

Frame from the movie "Terror"

“I am very young and I can’t promise that I will not touch another woman,” Nicholson said mentally, turning to God during the wedding ceremony.

And he did not lie. Subsequently, the actor received the glory of a womanizer who will not miss a single skirt.

Angelica Houston

The famous daughter of the famous director met Jack at his birthday, where she went with the wife of her father. They danced all evening, and then Angelica stayed for the night. As the actress recalls, Nicholson constantly played with her, either begging for a meeting, then indifferently canceling dates. And so it went on for 17 years. The couple either broke up or reunited, there were loud scandals and joint weekends resembling quiet family ones. All of Hollywood followed their romance. In the photo below, lovers rest together:

Jack and Angelica

Jack Nicholson's personal life was in full swing, despite a long relationship, he remained true to himself (but not Angelica). But the woman was not embarrassed. Finding in the bathroom parts of the women's toilet that did not belong to her, she never arranged a debriefing. Perhaps that is why their union lasted so long.

“Nothing could follow the script with him,” Houston notes.

Such a long relationship was quite logical should have ended with a wedding ceremony, but the views on the marriage of Angelica and Jack did not coincide. The actress saw him as a symbol of female slavery, and Jack was ready to go to the registry office solely in order to reduce taxes. Therefore, Houston was never destined to become the wife of Jack Nicholson.

Jack and Angelica appear together in public

The acting couple broke up when it became known that Rebecca Broussard was pregnant from Nicholson. Houston was very upset by the breakup, while Jack had fun: for example, it became known that during a meeting he spanked a girl with a ping-pong racket. Then Angelica, not remembering herself from resentment, came to his office and started a fight. To the honor of the actor, he did not resist, allowing her to vent anger. And on New Year's Day, a bracelet made of pearls with diamonds came to her, to which was attached a note: "Pearls from your wretch."

Rebecca Broussard

Like many other novels, this one did not last long, but he brought two children to Jack Nicholson: the daughter of Lorraine and the son of Raymond. Rebecca is a quarter of a century younger than Jack, perhaps the age difference played a decisive role: spending time with such a young girl to the actor was simply boring. They stayed together for five years, from 1989 to 1994. The photo captures one of the few joint appearances in the world:

However, since 2001, Broussard has been married to actor Alex Kelly, so that her life is developing in a better way than could be expected, she will remain with the scandalous Nicholson known for his betrayals.

The oldest daughter, Lorraine, has been acting in films since the age of 13, and even received the title of Miss Golden Globe. True, it is not awarded for outstanding roles, but simply for the sons and daughters of famous people.

Jack, Lorraine and Raymond

Susan Anspach

During the filming of the movie “Five Easy Pieces” (1970), his partner in the filming of Susan Anspach entered the personal life of Jack Nicholson. It was difficult to resist the charisma of the actor. In the year the movie was released, Susan had a son, Caleb. The actress herself claims that his father is Nicholson, but he does not confirm this information, which gives rise to doubt, because in all other cases, Jack Nicholson did not disown. Needless to say, Jack Nicholson's wife was not destined to become this girl.

Five Easy Pieces

Winnie hallman

The successful model of Danish origin could not fail to attract the attention of the famous Hollywood womanizer. However, one cannot fail to mention that they looked great together.

In 1981, the couple had a daughter named Hani, who apparently went to her mother. She, too, is predicting a modeling career.

Jack and his daughter Hani

Nicholson admits that the appearance of children has changed a lot for him. He turned out to be an extremely attentive father and found time for children, even during filming.

Jack and his daughter

"They give such a stunning love that all the thick-skinned, grown over the years, subsides, and you can shed a tear from a children's poem," says the actor.

Now his daughter Jennifer has her own boutique in which she designs clothes, he is called the Pearl, and Lauren is interested in football. The pride of his father is that he won a sports tournament.

Sociopaths, Lovelace and ... President

The artist did not give up his positions in the 1990s, starring in several interesting films and appearing in very different images. This is a drama about two descending people “Thistle” (Nicholson worked in it together with Meryl Streep) and Burton's comic strip “Batman” (the actor turned out to be a chic Joker), his satire “Mars attacks!” (Tim let Jack play two roles at once : businessman and president) and the film "Wolf", the military thriller "Some Good Guys", and, finally, the comedy "It Can't Be Better." The role of the sociopath-misophobic Melvin Adal allowed the star to experience the Oscar triumph for the third time.

In the 2000s, we saw a whole generation of new actors, but the veterans of the movie screen, repeatedly titled and loved by the public (Meryl Streep, Morgan Freeman, Judy Dench, Jack Nicholson) were not going to give up. Nicholson's hero Harry Sandon amused the audience a lot in the comedy melodrama Love by the Rules and Without. A happy boyfriend of young Marin (Amanda Peet), he fell in love with the girl’s mother (Diane Keaton) and met a worthy opponent in the person of a caring young doctor (Keanu Reeves).

Until he played: livelier than all the living!

Nicholson received his last Oscar nomination for the measured minor drama “About Schmidt”, although if we were in the place of film academics, we would have noted his Frank Costello from the Scorsese ев Departed ’. This leader of the Irish mafia lurks such an internal strength - he can throw “small fry” into a shiver with one glance. The film received four Academy Awards, but this time Nicholson was left overboard.

In 2007, the tragicomedy “Until I Played in the Box” was released, in which two Oscar-bearers - Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson - did not want to lie on their bunks and slowly wait for their death (both terminally ill), but decided to experience the whole extreme that is possible at their age. Such is the “retirement paraphrase” of the cult tape “Knocking on Heaven”.

Really two thousand?

When it comes to personal life, Jack Nicholson does not think to be modest - they say he has a don Juan list that he needs (according to the actor, more than two thousand ladies). Of course, this information is not confirmed by anything. Although, given Jack's diabolical charm, anything is possible!

Married Nicholson was once - on the little-known actress Sandra Knight. In this rather short marriage (six years), the only legitimate child of the star was born - the daughter of Jennifer, who is now over fifty. She has two sons.

Angelica did not forgive

Jack had a much longer relationship with his Oscar-winning colleague, Angelica Houston (she received an award for her role in the film “The Pritzi Family Honor”, ​​which was shot by her father, with Nicholson).

However, as soon as the actress found out about the affair of the common-law spouse with Rebecca Broussard (she told the media the good news - she was pregnant from a movie star), Angelica immediately left the traitor, despite 17 years of marriage.

How many children does he have?

Rebecca (who is 25 years younger than Jack) gave birth to two children from him - in 1990, daughter Lorraine and son Raymond in 1992. The actors were not married.

Nicholson has another daughter, Hani, from the model Vinnie Hallman - the star womanizer had a short affair with her in the early 1980s. But Susan Enspack, who starred in a cameo in the film “Five Easy Pieces,” claimed that Nicholson seduced her. The film was released in September 1970, the same year she gave birth to a son, Caleb. Although Susan was then married to Mark Goddard, she stated that the father of the child is Jack. The actor did not deny, but did not confirm his paternity (although, according to his calculations, he has more than five children).

They say that now the star of the "Eastwick Witches", like his character Daryl, would not mind spending time with a pretty young lady, despite her nearly eighty.


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