Buinov, Alexander Nikolaevich


Name: Alexander Buinov (Aleksandr Buinov)

Middle name: Nikolaevich

Birthday: March 24 1950 (69 years old)

Place of Birth: Moscow city

Height: 180 cm

Weight: 80 kg

Eastern horoscope: Tiger

Career: Russian musicians 330 place

Photo: Alexander Buynov


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Buinov in childhood
Buinova father

Born March 24, 1950 in a military camp at the airport, now within the borders of Moscow.

Father - Buynov K 1 Nikolay Alexandrovich (1911), from the family of the “dispossessed” blacksmith Alexander Buinov, the owner of one of the two forges that existed in the city of Efremov in those years, was a pilot and master of sports in skiing and parachuting, shooting and football , in classical and free-style wrestling.

A military pilot, later a war hero, retired from the army with the rank of major. On the lapel of his jacket he always wore only one order - the Battle Red Banner. After the war he graduated from the Institute of Physical Culture and began to teach physical education and military science in schools and institutes. One year I had a chance to study under his supervision, and I saw that the guys literally idolized him. All the exercises - on the bars, on the rings, on the horizontal bar - my father showed personally, even when he was already well over 50. The crown number is a stand on one arm. And this despite the fact that he was seriously injured in the arm at the front (by the way, the fragments were not removed - the doctors said that they should not be touched).

Mother - Buinova Klavdia Mikhailovna (1912) (nee Kosovo), was a musician, studied at the conservatory in piano and graduated with honors. In addition to Alexander, the family had three more brothers - Vladimir, Arkady, Andrey. Everyone received an elementary music education.

In childhood, he lived with relatives for a long time in the city of Efremov, Tula region. In the 1950s, the family settled in a communal apartment in Moscow, in Bolshoi Tishinsky Lane, before Alexander was 8 years old, from 5 years old he went to music school.

An important meeting for Buinov was in his school years with Alexander Gradsky. He made his debut as a keyboard player in the group “Buffoons” created by the Gradsky city, where he declared himself as a composer. He left the group in connection with his departure to the army. He served in the missile forces in the city of Aleisk in the Altai Territory. After being transferred to the reserve, he played in the Araks group, in the ensemble Flowers.

From 1973 to May 1989, he was the keyboard player of the Cheerful Guys ensemble, in which he gained all-Union popularity over 16 years of work. As part of the ensemble, he recorded many popular songs, took part in the festival of pop music "Yerevan 1981", in the international competition "Bratislava Lira" (1985) (Grand Prix).

He participated in the recording of the ensembles “Happy Guys”: “Love is a huge country”, “We need to be friends”, “Musical globe”, “Discoclub-2”, “Wait a minute. ", Magnetic albums" Banana Islands "," Pink Roses ". As part of the ensemble he repeatedly traveled abroad: Germany, Czechoslovakia, Hungary, Finland, Cuba.

In May 1989, he began a solo career. Performs with his own group "Chao."

In 2012, he participated in the Battle of the Choirs project on the Russia-1 channel.

In 2011, Buinov successfully recovered from cancer, prostate cancer, without interrupting the concert activity.

Social work

On June 28, 2005, he signed the “Letter in support of the verdict to former Yukos executives.” In February 2011, he stated that he was ashamed of this act.

For me, Khodorkovsky was - like some unknown Ivanov-Petrov-Sidorov - a man from the outside. I was far from both the economic situation and the political. Consider that "fools live in the world." In this case, it was me.

Member of the United Russia political party, member of the political council of the Moscow organization of the United Russia party.

In 2018, he was the confidant of the candidate for mayor of Moscow, Sergei Sobyanin.

For several years he was a member of the Public Council of the Main Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia for the Moscow Region.

Professional music career

A new stage in the creative journey began in February 1993. Alexander led the ensemble "Chao", then becoming its artistic director. From that moment he acted as a singer, composer and director at the same time.

The peak of popularity of Alexander Buinov came in the 1990s and early 2000s. Then more than ten of his solo albums were released, which included the most famous hits - “Leaves Fall,” “I Knew Love,” “Empty Bamboo” and others.

Personal life of Alexander Buinov

In 1994, Alexander witnessed the theft of his car. He tried to prevent this, on the go caught up with the car, opened the door and tried to detain the hijacker, but he managed to get a gun. After that, the singer had to jump out of the car on the go, and he literally miraculously avoided injuries.

Alexander loves to drive a car, he is a big fan of dogs, and he prefers wine from alcoholic drinks.

A family

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older brother Arkady Buynov

  • Vladimir Nikolaevich Buynov, a jazz improvisational pianist, died in an accident in the 1980s, before he reached the age of 40.
  • Arkady Nikolayevich Buynov (born 1941) - worked in the conducting group of the Military Academy named after Frunze, a radio correspondent, then switched to television, collaborated with Svyatoslav Belza. Over 20 years of work, he became a producer of musical programs on the Kultura TV channel, now a pensioner, a singer in the choir of the Church of the Archangel Michael in the village of Zagornovo, Ramensky District, Moscow Region, suffered a heart attack in 2016.
  • Andrei Nikolaevich Buynov (19 ?? - 2017) - music teacher, founder of a jazz club in the Moscow district Tekstilshchiki, died in 2017.


Alexander Buynov was born in Moscow on March 24, 1960. His father Nikolai Aleksandrovich Buinov came from the family of the blacksmith Alexander Buinov, who was the owner of the blacksmith in the city of Efremov (at that time there were only two blacksmiths in this city). Nikolai Alexandrovich himself, who later named his son in honor of his father, was a pilot, as well as a master of sports in several of its varieties at once.

The mother of the future singer - Klavdia Mikhailovna Buinova, as a girl of Kosovo - was engaged in music. Before marriage and the birth of sons, she graduated with honors from the conservatory, choosing to play the piano as the main specialty. It was Klavdia Mikhailovna who instilled in her children a love of music, which after some time grew up with Alexander Buynov into a full-fledged creative career. Sasha was not the only child in the family: he also has brothers Arkady, Vladimir and Andrey.

Alexander Buynov in childhood

Parents not only gave their sons a musical education, but also insisted that their children look like little gentlemen. However, the family lived on Bolshaya Tishinsky Lane, and the attention of the growing up Alexander was soon drawn to the local "punks". A folder for notes, perfectly ironed trousers and an elegant beret - this is how the boy came out of the house. But after a few moments, the beret went to his pocket, the folder went to the armpit, and Sasha himself went to Merzlyakovsky, to the local hooligan.

Alexander Buynov in his youth

There the guys had fun, despite their young age or, on the contrary, it was thanks to him. Sometimes boys even indulged in making homemade bombs. Once the guys made carbide explosives, but for some reason there was no explosion. Sasha was sent to find out the reason for such a mistake. When the boy approached the bomb, it exploded, and its contents damaged the retina of the eyes of the unfortunate bully. Since then, Alexander almost always wears glasses.

Carier start

In the 60s of the twentieth century, Sasha graduated from music school, having studied there for seven years. Around the same time, Buinov, who sometimes had to be tied to the foot of the piano in his childhood so that he could make music, began his creative career. At first, he played in local rock groups, and while studying in the ninth grade, he even created his own group with his classmates called “Anti-anarchists”.

Alexander Buynov in his youth

Significant for Alexander Nikolaevich was 1966. Then he met the young composer Alexander Gradsky, who appreciated the musical potential of his new acquaintance and invited him to join the composer's group on tour. During the performances of the group, called "Buffoons", Buinov performed piano parts. Then the artist’s career was interrupted for a short time due to military service.

Alexander Buynov (left) while serving in the army

Returning to civilian life, Alexander decided to continue to make music and began performing with other groups: first it was the Araks collective, then the Flowers ensemble, and from 1973 to 1989, the Cheerful Guys group, which was extremely popular at that time. . In this ensemble, Buinov still played keyboards, recording more than one song with famous musicians. It was participation in the work of such a sought-after team that allowed Alexander Nikolaevich to become famous throughout the Union.


The peak period of the artist’s creative career, when all his tickets were sold out for every concert, when Alexander Buinov’s videos were broadcast on the most popular channels, and each of his performances met with a standing ovation, began in the 1990s. Having traveled not only the USSR, but Slovakia, Germany, Finland, Hungary, the Czech Republic and other countries, together with the "Cheerful guys", the artist gained experience both musically and in terms of the competent organization of concerts and performances.

Alexander Buynov (on the right) and the group “Cheerful guys”

Having performed as a soloist and vocalist for several years already, the performer founded his own group of musicians and the ballet “Rio” and became its artistic director. Artists from this group became his faithful companions during the tour, while Alexander Nikolayevich himself often acted as the author of his songs, and as their performer, and as the director of his performances.

To this day, in the post-Soviet space, Buinov’s songs are known and loved: “Dance like Petya”, “Leaves fall”, “Love for two”, “Do not interrupt”, “Bitter honey”, “My finances sing romances”, “Night in Paris "," Captain Katalkin "and many others.

It is noteworthy that already at the time when Alexander Buynov was very popular among Russian-speaking students, he decided to enter the GITIS directing department. In 1992, the singer successfully graduated from the university, and as his thesis, he staged his own recital under the program "Captain Katalkin", held in the Oktyabrsky Hall in St. Petersburg.

Alexander Buynov in his youth

Subsequently, he repeatedly organized tour tours, which he directed and set himself: “Wow, I brought my life!” In 1994, “I knew love!” In 1995, and so on. In 1996, the artist even took part in a concert tour conducted in support of Boris Yeltsin. Gradually, Alexander Buynov got a lot of acquaintances in the musical environment and in 1997 even prepared the program “Islands of Love” in collaboration with the famous domestic composer Igor Krutoy.

Alexander Buynov today

Now Alexander Buynov is no longer so popular, although he is still considered one of the "classics" of the Russian pop music and a welcome guest at any event. The singer continues to do his work, releases new albums and goes on successful tours. He writes many songs in the company of other famous artists. So, his "companions" on the stage at different times were Julia Savicheva, Alika Smekhova, Angelika Agurbash, Anita Tsoi, Tatyana Bogacheva.

Alexander Nikolaevich made a small contribution to the development of the film industry. So, he voiced Rasputin in the famous Hollywood animated film "Anastasia", played small roles in the films "Bad and Good", "Seaside Boulevard".

Alexander Buynov today

As of 2017, Alexander Buynov is the owner of eighteen prestigious awards and honorary titles. The most significant among them are the Honored Artist of Russia, People’s Artist of the Russian Federation, People’s Artist of North Ossetia, People’s Artist of Ingushetia, holder of the Order of Honor for his contribution to the development of domestic pop music.


In 2011, it became known that the contractor was diagnosed with cancer. As Buinov himself subsequently noted, the terrible diagnosis did not become an excuse for him to regret himself: he believes that if God punishes him physically for something, then he deserves it. The singer underwent surgery, and soon his state of health improved significantly.

Height, weight, age. How old is Alexander Buinov

So, what is the height, weight, age, how old is Alexander Buinov? This question is repeatedly asked by dozens, and maybe hundreds of fans of the singer. And indeed, at 68, the star looks very young and attractive. How does he succeed?

The fact is that Alexander, despite his age, is actively involved in sports, attends all kinds of wellness treatments and naturally eats properly. Today, its height is 180 centimeters, and its weight is only 80 kilograms.

Alexander Buynov photos in his youth and now, in practice, are not particularly different. He is still a stately, handsome man, the only thing that has changed is the lack of glasses that Buinov wore in his youth.

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Alexander Buynov. My hero

The Secret to a Million: Alexander Buynov

Interview with People's Artist of Russia Alexander Buinov

Childhood and youth

Alexander Buynov is a native Muscovite. He was born on March 24, 1950 in a large family, where in addition to him, three more boys grew up - Arkady, Vladimir, Andrey. The paternal grandfather of the future singer owned a forge in the city of Efremov, it was in his honor that the parents named little Alexander. The father of the future singer, Nikolai Alexandrovich, was a pilot. He was very interested in sports, tried to achieve high results, had the title of master of sports in several forms.

Alexander Buynov in childhood

Mom, Claudia Mikhailovna, was a pianist. Before her marriage, she managed to graduate from the conservatory. An intelligent and educated woman tried to instill in all her sons a love of music. Her perseverance was successful, Alexander became a professional musician. Parents paid much attention to the appearance of their sons, they tried to make them real gentlemen. It was not easy - the Buynovy’s apartment was located in Bolshoi Tishinsky Lane, where the local “punks” set the tone. But the cunning Sasha, who was very attracted to this company, soon found a way out. He was not going to quarrel with his parents, he left the house in perfectly ironed trousers, an elegant beret, and a folder for notes. After a few moments, the boy looked completely different - putting his beret in his pocket and sending the folder to his armpit, he hurried to Merzlyakovsky, where the local hooligan was gathering.

The boys not only had fun and carelessly, but also engaged in a very dangerous business - they tried to assemble a makeshift bomb. Such pranks rarely do without consequences. Once they made carbide explosives, but for some reason the bomb did not explode. A messenger was sent to the bomb, who was supposed to find out why it did not work. The messenger was Sasha Buynov, when he came close to a dangerous invention, an explosion thundered. The unlucky pyrotechnician was injured - his retina was injured. After this incident, he has to wear glasses all his life.


Buinov suspected cancer recurrence

Buinov fled from Moscow for 20 years

Alexander Buynov fell in love with an assistant

Alexander Buynov spoke about the disease

After the sensational news, Buinov remained silent for a long time, and his wife Alena gave denials in the media. "What nonsense they are again writing about us! Sasha is watching TV next to me. And she is laughing at these gossip," the star’s wife assured reporters. “He is waiting for the car to go to the shooting. He feels great. Not at the hospital. Just returned from a tour. What to tell ... Look at his Instagram. There you can track where Buynov is and how he looks. "

Alena very opportunely mentioned Alexander’s microblog, because it was there that he released the video. “Hello everyone!” The smiling and absolutely healthy-looking singer turned to concerned fans. “I am Alexander Buynov, if you did not recognize me. I want to make a statement. One news agency that I call GraveNews, that is, grave news, made a message,” what. In short, they said that I kind of died ?! So - the patient is more likely alive than dead!"

Video posted by Alexandr Buinov (@buinovofficial) on Sep 9, 2015 at 7:22 am PDT

Recall that the aforementioned publication, citing authoritative sources who wished to remain anonymous, reported that Buynov faced with symptoms of a dangerous illness four years after the joyful news that the ailment had receded. According to preliminary data, the tumor could give metastases to other tissues and organs.

Doctors can determine the stage of the disease and the method of treatment only after Alexander undergoes a comprehensive examination. Sources in medical circles do not exclude that the contractor will need surgery or a course of chemotherapy.

Alexander Buynov and music

In the early 60s of the last century, Alexander Buynov graduated from a music school. He studied there for seven years. At the same time, the Buinov family moved to Maria Ulyanova Street.

Bizarre and attractive

And just then, the future artist began his musical career - with participation in rock groups, at that time they were called vocal and instrumental ensembles. In the 9th grade, Buynov and two classmates organized the ensemble “Anti-anarchists”.

At the same time, Alexander became interested in hippings and began to go out with friends on Pushkin Square and in the Pit beer hall.

And in 1966, Buinov met with Alexander Gradsky, then a young composer. This meeting radically changed the fate of the singer. He left school and went on the first tour with Gradsky's group. Buinov played the piano. The group received the name "Buffoons."
On December 31, 1971, Buinova was arrested for AWOL.

After there was an army. Alexander Buynov was in the engineering troops in Altai. The part was located in the steppe, and it was eleven kilometers to the nearest settlement. However, for young soldiers this distance was not an obstacle and they constantly ran into the village to local girls.

As for the artist’s creativity, the Buknow group “Skomorokhi” left due to leaving the army. After demobilization, the singer continued to study music, but already in the Araks group. And then he moved to the team "Flowers". From 1973 to 1989, Alexander played keyboards at the "Jolly Fellows". It was she who brought the artist all-Union fame.

The ensemble, along with Alexander Buynov, recorded more than one hit song. In addition, the group took part in various festivals and competitions, for example, “Yerevan-81”, “Bratislava Lira”. As part of the Cheerful Guys, Buynov recorded several albums: Love is a Huge Country, Musical Globe, We Need to Be Friends, Discoclub-2, Magnetic Album Banana Islands, Wait a Minute. The group has been abroad several times. With tours in Germany, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Finland and Cuba. Alexander Buynov began his solo career in May 1989.

He became the lead vocalist of the Moscow concert association Era, and two years later continued her as an artist of ARS. A couple of years later, Buinov is already the artistic director of the group of musicians and ballet "Rio". At this time, Buinov’s talent was fully revealed. He performs both as a singer and as a songwriter and even as a krezhisser-director of his concerts.

During his solo career, the singer released 18 records, the last, by the way, entitled “PRO Love”, was released in 2011.
Alexander Buynov on video
Alexander Buynov tried himself in the cinema. True, he did not have many films on his account: in 1988, the artist made his debut in the film “Primorsky Boulevard”, ten years later he starred in “Old Songs about the Essentials”, he even played a police colonel in the film “Good and Bad” in 2000, a year later starred in the TV show “Old Songs about the Main. Postscript ”, and in 2007 the film“ And the Snow Falls ”was released with Alexander Buynov.

Buinov’s awards, prizes and titles cannot be counted. Alexander is a People’s Artist of the Russian Federation and Honored Artist of Russia.

Jaguar scandal

In the spring of 1994, Alexander Buynov suddenly fell into two unpleasant stories at once. One was criminal in nature. The artist saw how, near the house, they were trying to steal his Jaguar (they say that a fan gave him Buinov). The singer rushed after the hijackers, caught up and even jumped into the car. However, he saw the barrel of a gun and decided to leave for the next-best. Buinov Nakhodu jumped out of the car and miraculously avoided damage.

Political Views of Alexander Buinov

In 2005, Alexander Buynov openly expressed his position on the Khodorkovsky lawsuit and signed on to the letter “In support of the sentence by the former head of Yukos.” However, in early 2011, the artist announced that he was ashamed of his act now.

Alexander Buynov. Where love lives

“For me, Khodorkovsky was - like some unknown Ivanov-Petrov-Sidorov, a man from the outside. I was far from both the economic situation and the political. Consider that "fools live in the world." In this case, it was me, ”acknowledges Alexander Buynov.

Children of Alexander Buinov

Children of Alexander Buinov do not communicate with each other. The reason was, firstly, the age difference, as a result - the lack of common interests. But the most important thing is not even that. The fact is that the son Alexei is an illegitimate child and for a long time the father did not know at all about his existence.

Of course, the artist does not refuse help. So, when mother and Alexei lived at the same time in Moscow, Buynov even came to Lesha to attend school at his parents ’meeting.

We must pay tribute to his wife Elena, with whom Buinov had already been married for two years, at the time of the novel. She found the strength not only to forgive her husband for treason, but also to preserve the family hearth.

The son of Alexander Buinov - Alex

The son of Alexander Buinov - Alexey was born in 1987, he is an illegitimate child of a pop singer. The heir to the artist gave birth to a Hungarian, with whom he met on a tour in Sochi and they had a love story.

It is noteworthy that Buinov learned about the existence of his son after twelve years. After the concert, an ex-girlfriend with a child simply approached him and said that it was his son. Buynov immediately recognized “his passion” and prepared for trouble: clarifying relations, demanding alimony for all years. But he was surprised when Alexei’s mother stated that she simply wanted Alexander to know about his own son. It turns out that she almost immediately successfully married, the child called the dad the man who raised him.

Now Alexei practically does not communicate with his father, not because of a child’s resentment, but because he does not know him, considering his father a man who gave him his last name and patronymic.

Alexander Nikolayevich himself says that his son is similar in character to him: he is the same hooligan in childhood, and he loves music as much as Buinov.

Daughter of Alexander Buinov - Julia

The daughter of Alexander Buinov - Julia was born in the second marriage of the performer. When the girl was thirteen years old, her parents broke up. However, this did not affect the relationship of the father and daughter. Alexander helped the family, actively participated in the life of his daughter, they often saw each other.

Now Julia is married, but she decided to leave the name of the famous father so that the clan branch of the Buynovs continues. In 2005, a boy was born to a couple, who was named Alexander, in honor of his grandfather. And a year later, two twin sisters were born - Darina and Sofia.

The famous grandfather doesn’t have a soul in his grandchildren, he tries to spend as much time with them as possible, spoils them in every possible way.

The ex-wife of Alexander Buinov - Lyubov Vdovina

The ex-wife of Alexander Buinov is Lyubov Vdovina, a native of Altai Krai. Young people met when Alexander served in the ranks of the Soviet army. The seventeen-year-old girl was a beautiful brown-haired woman with green eyes. About ten kilometers had to be walked from the military unit to the village, but Buinova did not stop it. He constantly went AWOL, for which he systematically sat on his lip. The couple officially formalized their relationship with the local village council and, at the end of the service, Alexander returned home with Lyuba.

Their marriage lasted only two years. The reason for the divorce was pretty commonplace: they lived in a two-room apartment with Buinov's parents and his three brothers, sleeping in a cot. There was no financial opportunity to acquire a separate living space. Alexander invited his wife to return home to Altai for a while. Lyuba hoped that her husband would settle all the problems and return for her. However, it turned out completely differently. The singer was always addicted to nature and could not resist the temptation, falling in love with another girl. Buinov divorced with Widow in absentia.

It became known that the first wife of the singer at the age of forty-nine years died in a fire. Love went to friends' birthday and stayed there for the night. At night a fire broke out, everyone managed to jump out, except for the Widow.

The ex-wife of Alexander Buinov - Lyudmila

The ex-wife of Alexander Buinov - Lyudmila almost immediately became pregnant by the singer. The young man acted like a real man, considered it his duty to marry a girl. In 1973, a girl was born, who was named Julia.

Alexander and Lyudmila were married until 1985. The singer almost immediately regretted his noble deed. He realized that the child had never kept two people together if one of them fell out of love with his soul mate. The twenty-five-year-old guy had an affair with a woman who was much older than him. It was rumored that she was also from show business, and she also had a family at that time.

In the end, the second wife was tired of her husband's constant campaigns to the left, and they decided to divorce.

Wife of Alexander Buinov - Elena Gutman

The wife of Alexander Buinov, Elena Gutman, is a cosmetologist by profession. They met in the dressing room of the artist, where Lena was brought by her friend. Their happiness lasts for 25 years. Alexander considers the spouse to be his personal guardian angel, whom the Almighty gave him. Of course, like any other married couple, they have quarrels and disagreements. However, over the years of living together, they learned how to solve them, without bringing the situation to any extremes.

Buynov does not hesitate to admit to the camera that he always takes the first step, especially when he is not to blame. He writes letters to Alena, because at such moments she does not talk to him, she is on her knees, begging forgiveness.

Alexander and Elena do not have joint children, but they communicate with Yulia, the daughter of Buinov, and enjoy spending time together with the singer’s three grandchildren.

Instagram and Wikipedia of Alexander Buinov

Instagram and Wikipedia Alexander Buinov are not the only sources of information about the life and career of a pop singer. Also, his accounts are on Facebook and Twitter. On the official Alexander website, fans can watch and book tickets for the next concert with his participation.

The artist loves football, he is an ardent admirer of the Moscow Spartak team. Also do not mind driving in extreme car racing or ride a horse.

It remains only to wish Alexander Nikolaevich for many years to please his fans with new songs and projects.


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