Polina Syrkina


Polina Syrkina
Birth namePolina Vadimovna Syrkina
Date of BirthJune 20, 1986 (1986-06-20) (33 years old)
Place of BirthMinsk, Belorussian SSR, USSR
Citizenship Belarus
Career2007 - present time

Polina Vadimovna Syrkina (born June 20, 1986, Minsk) is a Belarusian theater and film actress.


Polina Syrkina was born on June 20, 1986 in Moscow in a family of engineers, her older brother is engaged in cargo transportation. Children and teenagers passed in Minsk. She studied at the physical and mathematical school, from the age of 13 she studied at the city theater school No. 136 under the guidance of mentor Valentina Norisovna Moroz. She chose the acting path, "to make the world a kinder and better place."

In 2008 she graduated from the Belarusian State Academy of Arts (course of Vladimir Andreevich Mishchanchuk). She made her film debut while studying at the institute, starring in the melodrama "Daughter of the General", a modern story about Romeo and Juliet. She worked in the Theater Studio of the film actor, the Theater of the Belarusian Army, the Modern Art Theater.

A vegetarian, from the age of 14 she has been engaged in fitness and adheres to an optimal diet.

Personal life

  • In the fall of 2011, she married legally with the actor Konstantin Viktorovich Strelnikov, whom she met in 2010 on the set of “At Noon on the Wharf”, moved to Moscow, became “Polina Strelnikova.” In the summer of 2015, the couple broke up, remaining on friendly terms, the actress returned maiden name.
  • In 2016, studying as a hospital clown at the Doctor Clown charity foundation, met on the exam with Ivan Tutunov, the fund’s financial director and hospital clown, after a month of correspondence, the romance began. In February 2018, they got married in Minsk, on August 5 they got married in an Orthodox church in Biarritz, the elder brother, archimandrite Savva Tutunov, who specially flew from Moscow, was crowned.
    • daughter Nelly (born March 8, 2018).
    • son Peter (born July 18, 2019).

Theater roles

  • “A very simple story” (M. Lado) - Dasha
  • “.. Forget Herostratus!” (G.I. Gorin) - Clementine
Drama Theater of the Belarusian Army
  • "Do not leave me. "(A.A. Dudarev) - Zina Batyan
  • “Ordinary” (A.A. Dudarev) -
Modern art theater
  • "Relatives" (A.V. Vampilov) - Nina
  • “Minsk, I love you” (D.V. Balyko) - Julia, the bride, Nadia, Lena


The debut of Polina Syrkina in the movie took place in her student years. The actress starred in the melodrama "Daughter of the General" - a modern story about Romeo and Juliet. Director Dmitry Orlov entrusted the student with the main role that she coped with. This film opened the door to the cinema for the young actress. In 2008, immediately after graduating from the theater university, Polina appeared in two rating projects - the popular TV series Challenge and the cult film Styles.

Polina Syrkina

And although Valery Todorovsky entrusted the Belarusian artist only an episode, the experience of working with such a venerable director in the company of actors whose names are known to everyone did his job: Polina Syrkina began to receive regular offers from directors. The young actress proved her mastery on the set and enjoyed playing on the stage of the Drama Theater of the Belarusian Army, having managed to play a number of roles as a student.

Then the actress delighted the audience at the Studio Theater of the film actor, where she appeared in the productions of “A Very Simple Story” and “Forget Herostratus!”, And in the Minsk Modern Art Theater. In the latter, the directors entrusted Syrkina with the main roles in the performances of Rodney and Minsk, I Love You.

Polina Syrkina in the series "Monogamous"

The cinematic biography of Polina Strelnikova also developed successfully. Fame came to the Minsker after the release of Vitaly Dudin's "Cadet" picture. The actress got the main role here. This work brought the first prestigious awards - diplomas of two international festivals “Constellation” and “Golden Knight”. In 2012, viewers saw Pauline in the image of the main character of the series "Monogamous", loved by millions of fans of Russian melodramas.

And the artist was able to surprise the audience with work in the film by Mikhail Weinberg "Payback for Love." The heroine Syrkina is not similar to the previous ones played earlier. Critics noted Syrkina’s increased mastery, which has deep psychological images.

Polina Syrkina in the series Zemsky Doctor. Return"

In 2013, new projects appeared in the actress's filmography - the melodrama Love for a Million and the comedy series Mom Detective. Following these series in a row, the main roles in the melodramas “What Men Want”, “Alien Face”, “Chance”, “A Look from Eternity”, “The Doctor” followed. Each time, the actress was able to convincingly convey the character traits of the heroines, whether it was a simple villager or a determined girl, ready to take revenge on the offenders.

For several years, a number of projects have been released in which the Belarusian artist played the central characters - these are the series “Dad for Rent,” “Zemsky Doctor. The Return ”and“ Beloved Women of Casanova ”.

Polina Syrkina in the series "Chronicle of Heinous Times"

In 2014, the actress starred in the film adaptation of Tatyana Ustinova’s novel “The Chronicle of Heinous Times”, where she played Nastya Sotnikova, who took up an independent investigation into the death of her own grandmother. Later, the artist also appeared in the detective "Barista". Pauline played the girl Leroux, the master of the preparation of coffee drinks.

Polina Syrkina now

Polina Syrkina is considered a highly paid actress, although, according to her, for some directors the girl is ready to act even for free. In a year with the participation of the artist, 4-5 projects appear on the screens, in most of which Polina gets into the main cast.

So it was with the criminal melodrama "Double Life", the shooting of which ended in 2016. Polina played the principal investigator Natalya, who, for the sake of her son's life, was forced to commit an official crime. After the death of the heir to the mafia, the girl has to hide in the witness protection system. Natalya undergoes plastic surgery and is transformed into a lawyer Nadezhda (Tatyana Arntgolts). The film was released in early 2018.

In 2016, the work of the actress also took place in the melodrama "Pearls", where Polina Syrkina was transformed into the main character Zhenya, whose parents are killed for business partners. Having become an adult, the girl gets a job as an assistant in the house to the artist Roman Knyazev (Alexander Domogarov).

Gradually, the series “Decembrist,” “Proof,” and “Love by Order,” in which Polina played the roles of the foreground, are being shown.


Polina's debut on the stage was the role of Zina Batyan in the play "Do not leave me." As a student, she continued to collaborate with the young drama theater of the Belarusian Army, and after graduation she was offered a job at the movie theater Studio. Syrkin was also remembered by the audience of the Moscow Modern Art Theater, where she played in two performances. In parallel, she performed a number of secondary roles in films and series, and Polina brought fame to the role of Anna in the film "Cadet", which was shot at the Belarusfilm studio and was released in 2009.

Frame from the series "Cadet"

Now Polina has several theater roles and almost fifty images created in the cinema, of which the actress played the main roles in 20 films and series. She also participated in the dubbing of two animated films. The role of Dasha in the film “At Noon on the Pier” is not the brightest in Polina’s creative biography, but for the actress’s personal life, she turned out to be a turning point.

Actress in the movie Dad Rentals, 2013

Interesting Facts

Sometimes Polina Syrkina (Strelnikova) openly talks with reporters, telling them about her childhood, work, beliefs:

  • Polina grew up in a close-knit family, her parents, a brother with his wife and children, still gather on holidays with her grandmother,
  • Since childhood, Syrkin considers the acting profession not just a job, but a mission. According to her, actors are wizards who can and should make the world a better place.
  • work for Polina is akin to an energy drug, she can’t do without participating in interesting projects for a long time,
  • although Syrkina-Strelnikova became famous as a film actress, she feels more organically in the theater and dreams of returning to the stage, at least in the entreprise,
  • Pauline’s friends are few, but she cherishes everyone,
  • the actress dreams of a dog, but because of the specifics of the work, she cannot take on such responsibility.
Shot from the film "Pearls"

After the divorce, the actress admitted that there are several things that she will never do:

  • making new relationships simply out of fear of loneliness,
  • to flirt with a man to whom he does not even feel sympathy,
  • to marry for the sake of having children or to give birth without a husband, "for yourself."
Polina on vacation

Polina Strelnikova now

Recently, Polina, who left her husband’s surname immediately after the divorce, again became Syrkina, this surname appears in the credits of her latest works. Now in production is immediately 3 mini-series with her participation: “Love by Order”, “Decembrist”, “Proof”, and in the first she played the main role, and in the last - a small one.

Polina and Anton Khabarov. Tape "Chronicle of heinous times"

Films will be released soon, but for now, Polina gets used to her new and most important role - the role of mom. The latest news from the life of the four Tutunov-Syrkina: in early May 2018, the couple had a daughter, who was named Nelly in honor of her grandmother.

The replenishment in the family of actress Polina Syrkina and her husband Ivan Tutunov occurred on July 18. The couple named their son Peter. The couple also brings up their daughter Nelly, who was born last May.

33-year-old Polina Syrkina became famous thanks to her roles in the series “Double Life” and “Monogamous”. In the filmography of the artist, about 40 roles appear. But against the backdrop of great demand, she does not forget about her personal life.

July 18, the star gave birth to a second child. The boy was born in the capital's maternity hospital No. 29. “This little man's name is Peter Tutunov. Thank you very much for each congratulation! You gave us an ocean of love. We live and rejoice, ”Polina then shared her emotions.

By the way, in the same walls in May last year, the daughter of Polina and Ivan was born. Now, when her attention is already required by two kids, the actress is removed less often. She recently admitted that caring for two children is a real test for any woman.

Recall that Pauline met her future husband two years ago. Both took part in the campaigns of the Doctor Clown children's assistance service. Relations developed rapidly, and in February 2018, Syrkina married Ivan. The choice of the artist is not related to the world of art, but this does not interfere with their harmonious relationship.

Recall that earlier the star of the series was already married to Konstantin Strelnikov. The couple met on the set of the melodrama "At Noon on the Pier." The novel was passionate, but the actors did not live long in the marriage, filed for divorce in 2016. Then Syrkina said that they turned out to be too different people, but managed to maintain friendly relations.

After meeting with Tutunov, Polina said that she was able to find peace of mind. The chosen one helps the star in raising children and enjoys her new creative achievements.

Photo: frame from the series "Monogamous", Instagram

Polina Strelnikova: personal life, husband, children, photo

For talented women with a bright appearance, such as Polina Strelnikova, personal life does not always succeed “from the first take”. The actress lived with her first husband for 4 years, there were no children in this marriage. Recently, Pauline got married a second time and became a mother, but continues to devote a lot of time and effort to work.

June 20, 2018 Polina Vadimovna Syrkina (according to Strelnikova's first husband) turned 32. The childhood of the future theater and film actress passed in Minsk, she received her education in her native city and began her career. From the parents of engineers, the girl inherited the ability to exact sciences and had to follow in their footsteps. But at 13, Polina first came to the theater. It was love at first sight.

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Even while studying at the course of Vladimir Mishanchuk, Polina played in the theater and tried her hand as a film actress. In several castings, she was not even approved for the episodes, but in the picture of Dmitry Orlov's “Daughter of the General”, the girl got the main role. With the role of Tatyana Lebedeva, Polina began her career in cinema, which she combined for some time with the theater.

50 best photos of Polina Syrkina (Strelnikova) and her ex-husband

Polina Syrkina born in Minsk in 1986 year (my countrywoman, by the way, will always prefer pancakes over any sushi).

She grew up in a family of engineers, studied in the physics and mathematics class, but after graduation she decided to become an actress, entered Belarusian State Academy of Arts.

With roles at home in Belarus Pauline Syrkina immediately lucky, starred in a military drama "Cadet", played the main characters in three theaters! Then begins the fruitful work in Russian directors.

IN 2011 year Polina Syrkina meets on the set of the series "At noon on the pier" of her future husband Konstantin Strelnikov, he was her plot partner, together they decide that it would be better Pauline move to Moscow.

Konstantin Strelnikov begins to pursue her career, in fact, promoting his wife as an agent, it’s understandable, because he is an experienced artist, besides older than his chosen one 10 years.

FROM 2011 years at Polina Syrkina a real career take-off begins, project after project and the main roles almost everywhere, she gets married and changes her last name with Syrkina on the Strelnikov.

IN 2015 year Polina Syrkina and Konstantin Strelnikov decide to get a divorce, according to our heroine, they turned out to be too different people.

But nonetheless Polina Strelnikova claims to be with Bones broke up as friends, monitoring each other’s successes and in case of any disaster they will support one alone, just love is gone, they became like brother and sister. Pauline returns his maiden name.

Polina Syrkina the owner of a Slavic, pretty appearance: chubby, eye color is simply amazing - blue-green-blue, blond wavy hair, puffy cheeks. Although recently Polina Syrkina nevertheless, she decided to lose weight, because of which she changed very much in appearance, now she does not have such a round face as before, which, by the way, is also very beautiful.

I have collected for you about fifty of the best photos Polina Syrkina, this girl is very photogenic, looking at her is a pleasure!

In this photo you see a small Pauline.

In this photo, Pauline with the actor Pavel Harlanchuk.

In the photo with her ex-husband.

In the photo is small Polina Syrkina along with her mom.

Small Pauline at the New Year's party in the image of a red fox.

And in this photo you see the parents Polina Syrkina.

In this photo, grandmother Polinaas you see, the actress is very similar to her!

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Polina Strelnikova (Syrkina)

The film career of Polina Strelnikova (Syrkina) is developing quite successfully, but the actress herself does not feel complete satisfaction from this process. She dreams of returning to the theatrical stage, where she feels herself in her place.

Strelnikova’s personal life is not an easy period: in the summer of 2015, she survived a divorce from her husband. Despite this, the loneliness of the actress does not bother, because she has someone to love and care about. Polina Syrkina was born in 1986 in Minsk.

The profession of her parents is engineers, so they did not even think that her daughter would not only choose creative activity, but would also become a famous actress.

After leaving school, the girl entered the Academy of Arts in her city. While still a student, she began acting in films and playing in theatrical productions.

In 2009, the movie "Cadet" was released, where Polina was able to create an amazingly vivid image of her heroine. Now the 30-year-old actress has become a real star of love dramas, in which the audience excitedly watches the fate of her feminine and kind heroines.

She starred in such films and TV shows as "Monogamous", "Payback for Love", "Doctor" and others.

In her personal life, Strelnikova had everything that every girl in her age dreams of: meeting a loved one, meeting him, wedding, family and husband. But, unfortunately, she also survived a divorce.

With her future chosen one, actor Konstantin Strelnikov, she met on the set of the film "At Noon on the Pier." Young people began to meet, and soon the whole crew knew about their romance.

After finishing work, lovers secretly got married from everyone, and the actress changed her name to Strelnikova. The wedding took place in Minsk in a country house, where only the closest people of the newlyweds arrived.

Despite the difference in age of ten years, the couple got along well and understood each other. Soon, Pauline moved to her husband in Moscow, where she had to re-build her creative career. The couple really wanted children, but with this they did not succeed.

In the photo Polina Syrkina with her ex-husband Konstantin Strelnikov

They seemed to everyone a harmonious and loving couple, but when difficult times came in the family, the couple experienced them not together, but alone. At the end of 2015, they decided to leave. Even now, not all friends and colleagues Strelnikova know that she divorced her husband.

Former spouses did not stop communicating, they worry about each other and help in everything. In one interview, Polina admitted that she dreams about children, but now the situation with motherhood is more complicated. She is not going to get married due to just having a baby.

Also does not accept the eyes of many women who give birth "for themselves."

Polina Syrkina (Strelnikova)

Despite the fact that Polina Syrkina receives great joy from her beloved work, she would like to go to a different level, replenishing her creative biography with full-length films. In addition, the actress wants to return to the stage, where there is an exchange of energy with the audience, which is not in the cinema.

Syrkina herself is a severe critic for her work, but when close friends discuss it, she is upset.

Choosing an acting profession

Polina was born in 1986 in the capital of Belarus, Minsk. Parents chose a beautiful name for the baby, which means “sunny, bright”. Her brother also grew up in the family. Father and mother worked as ordinary engineers. They tried to educate their daughter comprehensively: the future actress studied in the physical and mathematical class, and was also recorded in various circles.

The love for the theater arose unexpectedly: the 13-year-old girl, having got to the play for the first time, was fascinated by the theatrical atmosphere and the actors who appeared before her as wizards and celestials.

It is not surprising that after graduation, she decided to connect her life with acting.

Syrkina was educated at the Belarusian State Academy of Arts, after which she immediately began acting in films and working in the theater.

Rapid career development

At the beginning of her career, the actress collaborated with several theaters at once, playing in performances such as “A Very Simple Story”, “Ordinary”, “Elder Son” and others. Her first film project was the melodrama "Daughter of the General", in which she was immediately entrusted with the main role.

The girl did an excellent job, although she herself expected from the process of creating more. Immediately followed by new proposals, so she starred in such films as “Hipsters”, “Detective Agency“ Ivan da Marya ”,“ Invaders ”.

After the release of the Belarusian film “Cadet”, Polina earned not only various film awards, but also the love of the audience, many of whom had already looked after this talented actress. In 2012, work was completed on the melodrama "Monogamous", where the girl played the daughter of the main characters.

The audience very warmly accepted this worldly story, worrying throughout the series about the fates of the characters they loved.

With the development of her career, Syrkina's professional skills also increased, thanks to which they began to offer deep psychological images. Among her successful works can be noted such projects as “The Doctor”, “Love for a Million”, “Payback for Love”, “Chronicle of Bad Times” and others.

Polina played a bright and exciting role in the melodramatic series "Pearls", where her heroine Zhenya Ladonezhskaya goes a difficult path to happiness. Her partner in the shooting was Alexander Domogarov, who showed an attentive and sensitive attitude to the actress.

In 2017, Syrkina will present several new projects with her participation to the audience, which will soon be released.

Personal life: creating a family and divorce

In the personal life of Pauline already had a serious relationship, however, this marriage quickly broke up. With her future husband, actor Konstantin Strelnikov, she met on the set of the picture “At Noon on the Pier,” where they played a couple in love.

The romance of the actors developed rapidly, because of which they absolutely did not have time to sort out each other. After finishing work on the project, the lovers played a wedding, after which the girl took her husband's name. Having moved to Moscow, Strelnikova had to develop her career on a new level.

It was at this time that her husband did a lot for her, working for some time as her director. Polina relied entirely on her husband, who is ten years older than her. However, this marriage cracked, and in the summer of 2015, the couple broke up.

They seemed to everyone a harmonious and loving couple, so for many friends their divorce was a complete surprise.

Now the actress continues to communicate with her ex-husband, maintaining an excellent relationship with him. Syrkin is not afraid of loneliness, so she will not marry without love in order to give birth to children "for herself."

She is open to new relationships and will be glad if she happens to love again. The brother of the actress has already started a family in which four children grow up.

Polina often communicates with her nephews, without difficulty finding a common language with them.

On days of rest, she allows herself to relax, sleep and lie down with a book on the couch. The actress finds time for a meeting with friends, as well as for sports. Fans always admire her femininity and charm, and also note the beautiful appearance and slim figure (with a height of 167 cm, her weight is 54 kg).

Konstantin Strelnikov and Polina Syrkina

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Few people today know the name Konstantin Strelnikov - an actor whose face we often see, but in the roles of secondary, episodic, and nevertheless, we see him regularly.

A modest guy who constantly plays only second roles deserves much more attention, because the sparkle of the main stars of today's Russian cinema, precisely against the background of his granite role as an almost silent extras, destinies are born and die, which millions of viewers watch with bated breath . In the modern sense, the star is only the hero whose bullet pierces through the bullet of the insidious villain, whose fate is inextricably linked by the plot thread to the line of the general narration, but all this would have been impossible if it weren’t for people like Strelnikov - meek but professionally creating the foundation on which the shaky walls of future vicissitudes are built.

The history of dating Konstantin Strelnikov and Polina Syrkina

Many years earlier, a girl lived in Belarus. She studied well, was a favorite of all teachers and gravitated to exact sciences. But fate happened so that by the end of her studies, girlish thoughts and aspirations captured the art of cinema and acting.

Having a practical mindset, however, a girl - and her name was Polina, - decided to take a chance, and contrary to the expectations of her parents, get an education at the Academy of Arts.

Not looking at quarrels and misunderstanding from relatives, Polina achieved her goal, and although training was not cheap, she found the strength to combine work and study for the sake of fulfilling a dream. After graduating, the girl was accepted by the Belarusfilm film studio, and soon she made her debut in her first film Cadet.

The talent of the young actress did not go unnoticed for a long time, and soon Pauline, then still Syrkin's mother, was invited to castings, shootings, and performances. She owes many of them to Dmitry Orlov, and the role in his film “The Daughter of the General”, it was this work that brought the first, truly prestigious award to the young actress.

Polina Syrkina: “It is impossible to go against the heart”

This year was truly happy for the young actress: she got married, gave birth to a daughter, and recently married her husband in an Orthodox church. Antenna met with Polina during her walk with her family in a park in the Shabolovka area, where the couple live.

“Ivan and I met about three years ago at the Dr. Clown charity foundation,” says Polina. - I studied hospital clowning, and Vanya was on the board of the fund, he is financial director.

He attended the exam and drew attention to me ... We talked, then met at the rally. I admit, it’s impossible not to fall in love with Vanya, he is an incredibly charming person.

Attracted a sense of humor, bottomless kindness, mind - these are three completely disarming qualities from him from God.

- At first, our relations developed at a distance: I left for St. Petersburg, and began acting in the series “Love by Order” for Channel One. We just corresponded in social networks, sent videos to each other ... This went on for about a month.

The shooting was difficult, but the endless dialogue with Ivan brightened them up - it was a joy for me. She felt the support of Vanya, even at a distance - his warmth, care.

I worked in St. Petersburg, Vanya was in Moscow, however, he could order me food in a hotel or taxi, because he knew that I was tired and it was cold outside. Such discreet applied courtship, of course, bribed ...

If you ask Ivan, he will probably tell a terrible story, how I sewed him at first. But it seems to me that this did not happen very long.

I had a difficult period in my life: a lot of work, studying at the school of hospital clowning.

And I told Van that now is not the time for a serious relationship, but in the end we were together - it is impossible to go against your heart and crush real feelings.

- Last summer, we went to France for a long time (Ivan has his parents there, and he was born in this country), traveled a lot. It’s terribly exciting to drive with Vanya, you never know what kind of adventure awaits you tomorrow.

One day they got into a car, and Vanya said: "I will not tell you where we will go today." As a result, we found ourselves in Barcelona, ​​walked along the promenade at night, sat down to rest on the pier, Ivan took out a ring and presented it to me.

This was unexpected, I did not expect such a turn of events at all, because I was already the happiest woman in the world, along with Vanya.

Apparently, the degree of emotion (although we didn’t seem to make noise) was so strong that the Spanish fishermen sitting next to us began to congratulate us and to sing some songs. It was sincerely, honestly, on the one hand - chamber, and on the other - to the whole world.

Olga Buzova: I let go of the past, I want love

- When Ivan just made me an offer to become his wife, first of all, it was meant that we would get married. My family is a believer, with Vanya it is even more so, it was implied that the official marriage is by itself, but for us a real marriage is the wedding.

At the beginning of the winter of this year, we signed in the Minsk registry office, my parents live in this city, my whole big family is there. They wanted to do everything quietly, but in the end it turned out to be a holiday - it doesn’t happen with Ivan otherwise. All the French relatives arrived, had a great time.

And although I was in my ninth month of pregnancy, it didn’t stop me from dancing and rejoicing. And on August 5 in France we got married in an Orthodox church in Biarritz. It was a long-awaited event. And our real wedding was here. We deliberately did not arrange a wedding in Paris.

All his many relatives, of course, would be present, but the next day they would go about their business. And then everyone had to take a vacation, come to the ocean, so our wedding lasted for several days.

We were crowned by Vanin's elder brother, Archimandrite Savva Tutunov, who specially flew from Moscow. In April, he baptized our girl in the capital’s church of Elijah the Prophet.

- Daughter Nelly was born on March 8 - it was a real gift. With her appearance, our life was filled with some kind of ocean of happiness. But, frankly, motherhood was much easier than I was described. By the way, Vanya was present at the birth and stayed well done.

With the birth of Nelly, I am afraid of high-flown words, we really live with Vanya in boundless love. She brought us even closer. Wonderful, smart, not capricious, calm, understanding, you can always agree with her.

Sometimes he looks at us with great kindness and wisdom. Sometimes they ask me: “Well, how are you? Hold on? ”And I don’t even know what to answer, because it seems that living with Nelly has become easier.

In her incomplete half a year, my daughter and I flew to Minsk, and then traveled around France.

Daughter Nelly was born on March 8 - it was a real gift. With her appearance, our life was filled with some kind of ocean of happiness

- I miss, I really miss my work with children at the Dr. Clown Foundation. When I was preparing myself for my first visit to the hospital, I was horrified to think that I would come and see the triumph of death.

And I saw the triumph of life, because children fill any space with life, they spit on illness, play, rejoice, make friends ... When you find yourself there, the child runs towards: “Look what I painted!” He just lives and he has no time to think about your illness. I think that our status of parents with Ivan will greatly help in working with children. My colleague also recently became a father, and I asked him: “Has it become harder or harder for you in the hospital?” He answered: “Everything just changed, now I’m a little dad for every child, and I used to be a friend, partner ...” I’m sure that motherhood will bring some new colors in communication with children.

- The main support of our family is faith, the presence of God in relationships, in life. It helps a lot. Of course, Vanya and I love and respect each other. But we both know that some circumstances may come that are stronger than us, it will be difficult for us, and then faith will certainly help.

It’s comfortable with Ivan. At our place there is no protocol in the distribution of responsibilities - whoever is currently free is doing what we need. I am surprised when the spouses begin to measure their household chores - who has done more. Everything is different with us, we fight for cleaning or cooking food. We try to make life easier for each other. There is no dispute here.

I'm on maternity leave so far. I want to work, but with the advent of my daughter, the criteria for selecting projects have changed a lot. Not any role and not any scenario will force me to leave Nelly and go on set.

So for now I refuse.It happens like this: I read the script, then I look at my child and I understand that this script does not withstand any competition with her daughter.

I admit, I dream of working in a theater.

Vanya has a big family, I have one too, so we plan to have many children. I want to have love, harmony, faith and beauty in our house with Ivan, so that our dear people always come without an invitation ...

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Polina Strelnikova: Because of my husband, I started from scratch!

With the future husband, the actress became close on the set.

With the future husband, the actress became close on the set

On the channel "Russia" during the holidays showed the soulful story of the "Doctor". The main role was played by the Belarusian actress Polina STRELNIKOVA. Playing love dramas is her thing.

Poli’s track record includes “Without the right to make a mistake”, “At noon on the wharf”, “Payback for love”, “Blind happiness”, “Monogamous”. And everywhere she has the main roles. In the life of the actress, different stories happened.

But now she is happy with her colleague Konstantin STRELNIKOV, who is 10 years older than her.

- “The Doctor” is a dramatic, complicated film. What atmosphere reigned on the site?

- It was very lucky that the shooting took place in Minsk - my hometown. There are parents, friends. The emotional group gathered, we, as a large pioneer camp, buzzed and did not want to leave after the final episode.

Gorgeous Katya Dvigubskaya, director of the picture, her mother is wonderful - actress Natalya Arinbasarova. Yes and all-all-all! Katya is a true leader, a director from God, and she is one hundred percent woman: they take care of her, love her, it is impossible not to admire her.

Most of all I remember how we celebrated Dvigubskaya’s birthday. From morning to late evening! And each actor, going into the frame, began with an unexpected congratulation to Katya.

27-year-old artist dreams of children

- You come from Belarus. Wasn’t it scary to move to Moscow?- I got over because of my husband. I love Minsk, and at home everything suited me, my career was developing successfully. But circumstances turned out this way and not otherwise.

- Has Moscow already become a native?

- This is my house, we have our own apartment. Kostya bought it before he met me.

- In fact, here you all started anew. Even the name was changed.

- I liked dad's last name - Syrkina. And I wore it with honor for 25 years. But I always knew that when I get married I will take the name of my husband, whatever it is.

- Is it true that your affair with Konstantin spun on the set of the picture “At Noon on the Pier”?

- Yes. I can’t say that I have a good attitude to novels on the set, but it’s impossible to shove life into some kind of framework. Our meeting is fate. Kostya is my soul mate, the first serious love. And the last one, probably. Before him, I did not think about marriage.

- But what about the first youthful feeling: at graduation, in a pioneer camp?

- I had a romantic relationship in kindergarten with one boy. His name was Vitaliy. We had a mutual love. It did not last long, because we later moved. I went to another kindergarten, then to school.

And in the 11th grade (I was already 17 years old) Vitalik from kindergarten found me. He came to our school, at a break I caught in the corridor. I recognized him right away. Although after 12 years of separation, we were already on different planets.

Strelnikova knows an approach even to a wild beast

“My husband is ten years older than you.” Feel the age difference?

- We are comfortable with each other. And we really needed a wedding. This is not just a stamp in your passport. We truly became a family. The celebration took place in Minsk. For the holiday rented a country house. The wedding turned out to be sincere, only the closest came. Autumn, the lake, slightly yellowed leaves - beauty!

“You have been together for three years.” Do you plan any children yet?

- We want very much! Motherhood is the main thing for a woman. I am convinced that children cannot be sacrificed for the sake of a career. I will enjoy all the joys of motherhood with joy as soon as God sends us a child.

Fields with husband Bones

Magical coincidence

- How do you feel about scenes where you need to be naked?

- Poorly. It seems to me that few of the actors are pleased to star in such episodes. You understand how the filming process works: you are lying in bed, and dozens of people are looking at you, and you need to portray emotions.

- They say the acting profession is to overcome. Did you have to step over something for the role?

- Through wild fear. In one film there was a scene where my heroine should cross the river. I was terribly afraid not to convey in words what was happening to me. But she did not find the courage to tell the director that I am not swimming well. I must be able to do everything! Yes, and the water was chilling. I took off my dress and swam.

She stopped when she heard the command “stop!”. This is the property of many artists: until it sounds “removed!”, We manage not to get sick, not to be afraid, not to worry, not to cry. Since childhood, I was afraid of water, swam badly. And my husband taught me how to enjoy it. Once I made a gift: we went to St. Petersburg and swam with dolphins.

Such a harmony of life!

- Do you like to travel?

- Highly! Recently, with friends and husband went to Vietnam. For 18 days they explored the whole country, saw many cities, wonderful people. Got to celebrate the New Year. Incredible event! After all, it coincided with the birthday of Bones. The fireworks were rumbling on the street, everything was glowing, and it seemed that this was congratulated to my beloved. A magical coincidence.

- What is happiness for you?

- Family, favorite job and travel opportunity. Money, too, has not disturbed anyone yet - they give freedom. I am a well-paid actress, I have my own bar. But I understand that there are projects in which I would agree to act in film for free.


* Polina STRELNIKOVA (maiden name - Syrkina) was born in 1986 in Minsk.

* In 2008, she graduated from the Belarusian State Academy of Arts.

* She starred in the films and TV shows “The General’s Daughter”, “Hipsters”, “Navigator”, “One and Only Forever”, “Monogamous People”, “What Men Want”.

* Married to actor Konstantin Strelnikov. No children.

Photo: Polina Syrkina

Acting career of Polina Syrkina

Studying at the Academy was not easy for Polina, because she had to combine her studies and work, but the girl coped and, right after receiving her diploma, in 2008 she joined the troupe of the Minsk Theater Studio of the film actor, where she embodied the images of Dasha in the play “A Very Simple Story” and Clementina in "Forget Herostratus!". After that there were works in the capital's Modern Art Theater in the lyrical comedy “Relatives”, the play “Minsk, I Love You”.

The following year, several films with the participation of Polina were released. Moreover, the girl managed to work with Belarusian directors and with Russian. At home, Polina starred in the films “Court”, “Dastish Fantasy” and in the film “Cadet”, where she first got the main female role. Her heroine, Anna, was a lover of a man who, in the postwar period, kept in fear a small Belarusian village. She captivated the heart of the cadet of the Suvorov School, who arrived in the village to help catch the criminal.

Syrkina’s work in this tape was so vivid that the director even thought about changing the name of the film to “Anna”. The name was not changed, but still the acting work of Polina, and the film itself was repeatedly awarded with diplomas and prizes of federal significance. Polina received a diploma as the best debutant at the international film festival of actors "Constellation", after - a diploma "For a bright debut in the cinema" of the Golden Knight film festival. At the Kiev festival, the acting team received the prize "For the Best Acting Ensemble", and the actress herself received the "Bronze Knight" figurine.

During this period, they began to actively invite her to Russian sites. So, in Russia with her participation the films “Invaders”, “Business trip” and the detective series “Ivan da Marya” were shot.

In 2010, the work schedule of the actress became even more busy. Polina was invited to the military series about the scouts "Without the right to make a mistake" for the main female role - the scouts Zhenya, nicknamed Stef. After there were roles in the films “Marriage of a Millionaire!”, The detective series “Zhurov-2”, the melodramas “Looking for You”, “Tram to Paris”, “Love of Hope” and “From Heart to Heart”, the thriller “Masakra”. And although the roles in these films were not very noticeable, they allowed Polina to gain experience, gain practical knowledge of working on a film set and communicate with eminent actors.

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Husband of Polina Syrkina - photos, personal life, family, children

The actress is just starting her journey in the world of cinema, so there is little information about her personal life, and she does not like to share her details.

But her colleagues said that Polina Syrkina's husband actor Konstantin Strelnikov, whom she met on the set of the series "At Noon on the Pier."

They played a couple in love, and, apparently, they managed to enter the role so well that the love between them arose in real life.

In the photo - the actress with her husband in the series "Two on the Wharf"

Syrkina Polina Vadimovna

Born on June 20, 1986 in Minsk.

In 2008 she graduated from the Belarusian State Academy of Arts (course of V.A. Mishanchuk).

She worked in the Theater Studio of the film actor, the Theater of the Belarusian Army, the Modern Art Theater (Minsk).

Movie Studio Theater:
Dasha - M. Lado "A very simple story",
Clementine - ".. Forget Herostratus!".

Drama Theater of the Belarusian Army:
Zina Batyan - “Don't Leave Me.”,

Contemporary Art Theater:
Nina - "Relatives",
Julia, the bride, Nadia, Lena - "Minsk, I love you."

Public Jury Diploma "For the Best Debut" in the film "Cadet" at the international festival of film actors "Constellation" (2009).

Diploma "For a bright debut in the cinema" in the film "Cadet" at the international film festival "Golden Knight" (2009).

Husband of Polina Syrkina - photo

Polina Syrkina and Konstantin Strelnikov, as they could conceal the feeling that arose between them, but those around them simply could not help but notice the spark that ran between Polina and Konstantin. By the end of the filming, the entire group that worked on the series treated them like a couple.

They did not advertise their wedding, which, according to rumors, took place almost immediately after the release of the picture on the screen. The husband of Polina Syrkina answers all questions about his relationship with the actress very evasively, but does not refute that they are together.

But why hide that they became one family, if that is clear from the fact that the actress changed her surname Syrkina, and now appears in all credits as Strelnikova.

Polina was born in Minsk, where she graduated from the Belarusian State Academy of Arts. As a student, she began acting in films.

Her debut work was a very small role in the crime series "Challenge", in which the beginning actress was invited by directors Anatoly Artamonov, Andrzej Petras and Olga Perunovskaya.

The second role of the actress is already more high-profile - in the film "Hipsters", in which Polina Syrkina starred almost immediately after graduation. The most memorable role, after which the young actress began to be recognized, was the role in the film "Cadet".

In the photo - the husband of Polina Strelnikova

But Syrkina’s work is not limited to cinema only. Polina has already managed to take part in productions of several theaters - the Theater of the Belarusian Army, in the Minsk Modern Art Theater and in the Theater of Film Actor.

The future husband of Syrkina Polina, Konstantin Strelnikov, was born in Ufa, where he graduated from the directing department of the Theater Academy and managed to work in the drama theater of the Republic of Bashkortostan. To advance faster in his career, Konstantin moved to Moscow.

After graduating from GITIS in the capital, he worked at the Moon Theater for two years, and now, like his wife, he is more focused on filming in TV shows. Polina Syrkina’s husband has a dream to make his own movie, because by education he is a director, but so far the dream remains only a dream.

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