Justin Theroux - biography and personal life


Name: Justin Theroux

Birthday: August 10 1971 (48 years old)

Place of Birth: Washington DC, USA

Height: 185 cm

Weight: 82 kg

Eastern horoscope: Boar

Career: Foreign actors 1051 place

Photo: Justin Theroux

Childhood Justin Theroux

Justin's hometown is Washington. His mother is a journalist, and his father is a lawyer. Several of his relatives are famous writers. Justin's younger sister Sebastian also grew up in the family.

From early childhood, the character of the boy was difficult. When he went to school, scandals with teachers immediately followed. All this came to the exclusion from schools. In the end, he ended up at Buxton School. This is a private boarding school where there was an artistic bias. There was iron discipline and a clear daily routine. Over time, Justin got used to it and began to behave differently. All students at the school were introduced to the visual arts, and various productions were periodically staged there, in which Teru also took part.

Career start, childhood and Justin Theroux family

Having moved to New York, over time he was able to enter some acting groups, participated in a number of Broadway productions. At that time, Theroux met Ben Stiller, a famous comedian, who in his later life had a significant influence on his work.

In 1996, Theroux debuted on the movie screen. The picture was called "I shot Andy Warhol." Later, he also appeared in the comedy film “Romy and Michelle at the Alumni Meeting”.

The first roles of Justin Theroux

In 2001, Teru got a role in the television series East Park and The Client Is Always Dead, as well as in the movie Exemplary Male.

The actors began to be invited to roles in several films and television series annually. However, the roles played by him in 2005 did not add to his popularity. Such unsuccessful works were filming in the comedy films “Confessions of a Dog” and “Free Life,” as well as the main role played by Theroux in the film “The Legend of Lucy Keys” and the role in “Baxter”.

In 2006, David Lynch released the unusual film "Inland Empire", where Justin got the role. This film was presented at the Venice Festival, where she won the Golden Lion.

Justin theroux

Justin Theroux is a talented artist and multi-faceted person. Throughout his career, he manifests himself as an excellent actor, director and screenwriter. Success of the hero has been repeatedly noted by awards and prizes from famous film festivals and specialized organizations. In addition, Justin's army of fans and fans speaks of outstanding talent.

Justin Theroux is a talented screenwriter

In 2008, he acted as executive producer and screenwriter of the film "Soldiers of Failure." Robert Downey Jr. and Ben Stiller starred in the comedy. This film has been awarded a number of nominations for several prestigious awards, including the Oscars and Golden Globes. Thera can be called a writer with extraordinary abilities, which was most likely influenced by his genes.

Soon, viewers were able to appreciate Teru's new work as a screenwriter. This time it was the picture "Iron Man-2." In 2010, she was in third place among the highest grossing films of the year.

Personal life of Justin Theroux

Theroux had been living in a civil marriage for almost fifteen years with Heidi Beavens. They met when the girl was twenty, and Justin twenty-four. They broke up, it soon became known that Theroux began dating Jennifer Aniston. Within a few months, the couple became engaged. It is not known whether their relationship will end in marriage, as they have repeatedly announced their separation. Nevertheless, the couple met Christmas with the Theroux family. They also celebrated New Year together in Mexico City.

Unofficial sources said that the couple applied for registration on January 23, 2014. It can be assumed that the ceremony will take place in nine weeks. Since the wedding date has not yet been announced, it can be assumed that it will be held secretly. Information appeared in the press that the future spouses began to look for a surrogate mother for the unborn child.

Short biography

Justin Theroux was born on August 10, 1971 in Washington, DC. His mother, Phyllis Grissim, was a writer and journalist who collaborated with The Washington Post, and his father, Eugene Theroux, was a corporate lawyer. Numerous uncles of Justin could boast of fame: one of them is the writer and traveler Paul Theroux, the second is the novelist and poet Alexander, the third is the writer Peter, the fourth is the teacher and novelist Joseph. Justin's cousins, Louis and Marcel, work as journalists and make documentaries. From the father’s side, the boy got French-Canadian and Italian roots, and maternal great-grandfather Hillary Bowley Hollins was an influential financier, a wealthy banker and a railroad tycoon. Justin is also a relative of the famous writer and music critic Gustav Cobbe.

In early childhood, Theroux attended The Field School in Washington, and later transferred to Buxton School, where he began acting training. In 1993, he graduated from Bennington College with a bachelor's degree in art and drama. The actor’s cinematic debut took place in 1996 in the biographical drama “I shot Andy Warhol,” based on real events. The film is dedicated to the feminist Valerie Solanas, the founder of the Men's Extermination Party. The director of the tape was Mary Herron, and the main role was played by Lily Taylor. Since then, Justin has been involved in both Broadway productions and filming. Soon he appeared as Seamus O'Grady in the sequel to the adventure comedy Charlie's Angels: Just Ahead, Bradley Lake in Michael Showalter’s melodrama Baxter, Cowboy Clarence in David Mirkin’s comedy Romy and Michelle at the Homecoming, Marshal in Greg Berlanti’s film Club of Broken Hearts: A Romantic Comedy, ”and also appeared in Ben Stiller’s third picture, An Exemplary Male.

Justin’s track record includes many complex works, including the image of Timothy Bryce in the psychological thriller Mary Harron's “American Psycho,” based on the novel of the same name by Bret Easton Ellis. The actor’s partner on the set was Christian Bale. In 2006, Theroux played a major male role in David Lynch’s film “The Inner Empire”, and five years earlier starred in another project by the eminent director, the neo-noir thriller “Mulholland Drive”. In 2003, he took part in the creation of the music video for Muse for the song “Hysteria”. Three years later, Justin tried himself in directing, filming the comedy melodrama "Dedication", first shown at the Sundance festival. At the same time he played in the melodrama of Zoe R. Cassavetes “Love with a Dictionary” and the comedy of David Wayne “Ten”. In 2008, Theroux, co-authored with Ben Stiller, wrote the script for the black parody tape “Soldiers of Failure”, on the set of which he happened to collaborate with Robert Downey Jr. Subsequently, the actor recommended Justin as a screenwriter for the massive fantasy action movie Iron Man 2.

From the Writing Dynasty

It was written to his family to perfectly master the syllable. The Teru Dynasty is well-known in the writing world: one artist’s uncle, Paul, is a writer, the other, Alexander, is a poet, and uncle Joseph is the author of scientific books. Cousins ​​Louis and Marcel are documentaries, and Justin's mother, Phyllis, is a journalist who worked for the prestigious The Post.

Phyllis and her husband, lawyer Eugene Theroux, lived in the capital of the United States, where on August 10, 1971, they had a son, whom they named Justin Paul.

The theater became a salvation

The boy grew up a real boob, otherwise you will not name! The lessons did not bother him at all, and the negligent student with enviable constancy was expelled either from one school or from another. Finally, he settled in a private educational institution, whose teachers managed to interest the “difficult” young man with lessons in drama. This changed the biography of Justin Theroux.

He went to college in Vermont and graduated from there with a 22-year-old bachelor of arts and drama. This seemed to Thera little, and he went to the British-American Academy of Drama. Student performances based on Shakespeare's plays have become an excellent school for a novice artist. After there was a move to New York - there Justin was looking for work in theaters, and at the same time he painted and sold them - and so he lived.

Friendship for many years

Thanks to Chekhov's “Three Sisters”, directed by Theroux, a long-term friendship with actor Ben Stiller was born. Together with Justin, actress Jean Tripplehorn appeared on the stage, at that time she was Ben's girlfriend, and through her colleagues she met.

Unlike many colleagues, Theroux made his debut not on TV, but immediately in a big movie: the 24-year-old actor received an episode in the biopic “I shot Andy Warhol”. After that, there was a small role in the film “Romy and Michelle at the Alumni Meeting”. After that, Justin was offered to work in the show: a legal series about a woman lawyer “Ellie McBeal”, and then in the cult “Sex and the City”.

Career went uphill

In 1999, David Lynch released a pilot series of the Mulholland Drive show, but the studio rejected the project. The director did not worry about this and launched a feature film, which, released in 2001, became a cult - like many other tapes of the master. Naturally, the stars from the television version migrated to the thriller - among them were Naomi Watts and Justin Theroux. Adam - the first major role of the artist in the movie.

Timothy's Playboy in American Psycho, episode in Exemplary Male, villain Sheimus in the sequel Charlie's Angels, participation in the comedy with Duplex Stiller - Justin Theroux’s film biography confidently moved uphill. But Joey from the black-and-white series “Client is always dead” almost brought the performer the Screen Actors Guild Award.

Justin turned out to be a very funny sexually preoccupied infernal reptile in the parody fantasy Brave Pepper. Stuffed to the eyeballs with vulgar jokes and indecent gags, the tale of a beautiful princess and not always noble heirs to the throne was criticized a lot. But the play of the actors - from the always gorgeous Portman and James Franco (mocking the handsome knight) to Theroux - can be praised.

The actor starred in the recently completed sitcom "Parks and Recreation Areas", and now plays one of the central roles in the crime-fiction television series "Left".

Successful screenwriter

In 2007, Teru made his debut as a screenwriter - together with Ben Stiller, he worked on the film “Soldiers of Failure”.

And three years later, Justin wrote the script for the second part of "Iron Man", which earned at the box office nearly 624 million dollars. In 2012, another film by the scriptwriter Theroux was released - the musical Rock for Ages. The script of the “Model Male” is currently in operation.

An “office romance” happened

The stylist and designer Heidi Beavens was the actor’s common-law wife for a very long time - Justin Theroux's personal life remained unchanged for almost a decade and a half.

But the romantic comedy Ж Thirst for Wanderings ’made its adjustments. Theroux starred with Jennifer Aniston, and this actress, who swore that she would never take the “alien” (the pain of losing Pitt was too great), beat Bevens Justin.


Justin Theroux is a famous American actor, screenwriter and director. Having started his career with inconspicuous roles on the stage, the artist eventually gained popularity in the cinema. He gained fame thanks to the paintings “American Psycho”, “Duplex”, “Thirst for Wanderings” and “Girl on the Train”.

He was born in the capital of the United States. Justin’s mother, Phyllis Theroux, was a writer and wrote articles for The Washington Post, while his father, Eugene Theroux, was a lawyer. It is worth mentioning that the famous writer Paul Theroux, a laureate of literary prizes, is the actor's uncle.

Actor Justin Theroux

When Justin went to Lafayette Elementary School, he still had no definite thoughts on his future profession.

Thera could not be called a diligent boy. He often clashed with teachers and peers. As a result, the young man was expelled from school several times.

Justin Theroux

In high school, he went to study at the Massachusetts school Buxton. There, he regularly participated in student performances and gradually imbued with love for the stage. In addition, strict discipline was observed at the school. This led to a change in the character of the young man.

With a matriculation certificate, Justin Theroux went to Vermont and enrolled in private Bennington College, where until 1993 he studied acting and became a bachelor of performing arts. The young performer was invited to the theaters, but did not participate in some notable productions at the initial stage of his career.

Actor Justin Theroux

After some time, life brought Justin to comedian Ben Stiller. Stiller influenced the work of a novice artist.

As a result, Justin focused on the cinema and, as life has shown, did not fail.


Justin Theroux made his film debut in 1996 when he starred in the extreme biographical drama "I shot Andy Warhol."

The first serious role went to the actor in the youth comedy “Romy and Michelle at the Alumni Meeting”. Justin also appeared in such well-known projects as the thriller American Psycho, the comedy series Sex and the City, and the adventure action movie Charlie's Angels: Full Speed.

In 2003, the artist appeared in the black comedy Danny DeVito "Duplex". He played the role of a friend of the protagonist. Next came the two television series "Spy" and "The client is always dead."

The popularity came to the actor after the release of the mystical thriller “Inland Empire”, where Theroux played the main role. The picture was presented at the Venice Film Festival. Critics praised the film, as a result of which he received the Golden Lion.

The thriller was followed by the romantic melodrama Love with a Dictionary.

In 2011, the filmography of the artist was replenished with the comedy “Brave Peppers”. The picture caused mixed opinions among critics and viewers. Justin's company on the set was Natalie Portman and James Franco.

From the works of Teru, the sparkling comedy “The Thirst for Wanderings”, the religious fantasy “Left behind” and the psychological thriller “Girl on the Train” stand out.

In the television series "Left", Justin played the main role of police chief Kevin Garvey. The audience warmly greeted the serial film, as a result of which the tape was extended for two seasons.

One of the main roles, Teru played in the acclaimed film "Girl on the Train." It was the expected picture of 2016. However, the tape received mixed reviews from critics.

It should be noted that Justin Theroux participates on the set not only as an actor. He wrote the scripts for the action movie "Soldiers of Failure", the action "Iron Man 2", the musical "Rock for Ages" and the comedy "Model Male 2". In addition, the man directed the lyric drama "Dedication" and the video clip of the band "Muse" for the song "Hysteria".

Justin theroux now

The career biography of the actor does not stand still. He continues to act and regularly appears on the screens.

In December 2017, the world premiere of the cult film Star Wars: The Last Jedi took place, in which Theroux appeared in the role of “master cracker.”

In February 2018, a fantastic picture “Dumb” was released. Justin tried on one of the main roles. In the press, the film received mostly negative reviews.


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