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Name: Julia Podozerova (Julia Podozerova)

Middle name: Vladimirovna

Birthday: November 2 1983 (36 years old)

Place of Birth: Moscow

Height: 165 cm

Weight: 53 kg

Eastern horoscope: Boar

Career: Russian actors 429 place

Photo: Julia Podozerova

Movie career

In the same year, Julia got her first major role - in the 4-episode melodrama "Wife for Rent", the actress played the rich girl Elena, who is going through a sharp turn in fate. Also in 2016, Podozerov could be seen starring in the mini-series Kira Angelina “The Key to His Heart”, in the melodrama “You Can Call Me Dad” in the role of mother Vera (Anastasia Zadorozhnaya) and wife Boris Semenovich (Yuri Stoyanov) and melodramatic the series "Hornet's Nest."

Around the same time, she starred in an L’oreal Paris commercial. Prior to this, it could be seen in commercials of Vanish, KIA and aquatic filters "Barrier".



Julia Podozerova, a native Muscovite, was born and raised in the capital. There were no relatives of the acting profession in the girl’s family, she had to achieve everything on her own.

While still in high school, the girl began acting in commercials. At the same time, she did not pursue the goal of becoming a fashion model, but in every possible way aspired to the acting profession.

At the end of school, Julia entered the directing and theater department of Moscow State University of Culture for a course led by Alla Kobzeva.

Julia Podozerova now

In mid-November 2017, a mini-series “Lessons of Happiness” was presented on the TVC channel, in which Julia played Jeanne - an object of love Valeria (Vadim Medvedev), Maria’s wife (Ekaterina Solomatina).

On November 18, 2017, the Russia-1 TV channel launched the 4-episode melodrama “I Will Never Give Up,” starring Julia Podozerova in one of the main roles.


In 2001, immediately after the university, Julia Podozerova was invited to the troupe of the April Studio Theater. There she was involved in the play “Behind Closed Doors” by Jean-Paul Sartre as Estelle, and in the play “Features of National Prostitution” based on the play “Mother and Daughter”, Alexander Mardan played Katya.

While studying at the university, Julia played the role of Isabella in the play "Invitation to the Castle" by Jean Anouillet, and also played the main character in the Shakespearean tragedy "Romeo and Juliet." For this performance, the actress received a diploma for Best Actress at the Theater Festival of Municipal Theaters of the Moscow Region in 2002.

Julia Podozyorova

Julia Vladimirovna Podozyorova. Born November 2, 1983 in Moscow. Russian theater and film actress.

Julia Podozyorova was born on November 2, 1983 in Moscow.

In 2001 she graduated from Moscow State University of Culture and Arts (MGUKI), course A.A. Kobzeva.

Acted in commercials.

After high school, she entered the troupe of the April Theater.

Among her theatrical works: Isabella - J. Anouil “Invitation to the Castle” (1998), Juliet - W. Shakespeare “Romeo and Juliet”, Estelle - J.-P. Sartre “Behind Closed Doors” (2004), Katya - “Features of National Prostitution”, based on the play “Mother and Daughters” A. Mordan (2009).

In 2002, Julia Podozyorova for the role of Juliet in the play "Romeo and Juliet" was awarded the Diploma for Best Actress in a theater festival of municipal theaters of the Moscow Region.

She made her film debut in 2006 with a small role in the popular TV series “Don't Be Born Beautiful,” played by the scandalous journalist Asha Booth.

Yulia Podozyorova in the series "Don't Be Born Beautiful"

Since 2010, actively starred in the series.

Among the most notable works of the actress are the social comedy “The Muscovites”, the melodrama “The Engagement Ring”, “Friendship of the Special Purpose”, “To the Death is Beautiful”, the sitcom “Traffic Light”, the crime tapes “Police Comrades” and “Pyatnitsky. Chapter Two. "

Yulia Podozyorova in the series "To Death is Beautiful"

She played the role of Olga in the popular sitcom of the STS channel “Mommies”, Lisa in the ninth season of “The Web”, starred in the detective series “Academy”, the comedy “Rocking chair”, the melodrama “Wife for Rent” and “The Key to His Heart”.

The growth of Julia Podozerova: 165 centimeters.

Personal life of Julia Podozerova:

I was married. I gave birth to a son. Then the couple broke up and now the actress herself is raising a son. In 2016, she took the boy to first grade.

Julia Podozyorova with her son

Filmography of Yulia Podozerova:

2005-2006 - Don't Be Born Beautiful - Ashi Booth, Journalist
2008 - Call my door - Masha
2010 - Engagement ring - Oksana's nanny
2010 - Our neighbors - Oksana
2010 - Muscovites - an episode in the credits of Yulia Solovyova
2011 - Police Comrades
2011 - Traffic Light - Asya, blogger
2011 - Our neighbors-2 - Oksana
2012 - Pyatnitsky. Chapter Two - Valentina Kutseva
2012 - Special Purpose Friendship - Olga Belskaya, journalist
2013-2016 - Two fathers and two sons - Julia Smolina
2013 - Kitchen - Gromov's wife
2013 - Beautiful to death - Tamara Vasilyeva
2013 - The second killer-2
2014 - The Sword. Season Two - Krivitskaya
2014 - Freud-2 Method - Elizabeth, wife of Cyril
2014 - Academy - Alla
2015-2016 - Moms - Olga, colleague Julia
2015 - The Sun as a Gift - Episode
2015 - Web 9 - Lisa
2015 - Love Wanted - Lyuba, friend of the Magician
2015 - Rocking chair (was not completed)
2016 - The key to his heart - Irina
2016 - Wife for rent - Elena
2016 - You can call me dad - Willow, mother of Vera
2016 - Wasp Nest - Levitskaya
2017 - Lessons of Happiness - Jeanne
2017 - I will never give up - Irina Kochetkova
2017 - Hostage - Hope
2017 - Ivanov-Ivanov - Diana
2017 - Psychologists - Marina
2017 - Bad Daughter - Marina
2018 - Beautiful Creatures - Anna

Does Julia have a husband and children?

The personal life of our heroine is hidden under a veil of secrecy, the girl tries not to advertise information about loved ones. The first experience of a serious relationship was unsuccessful. His lover's name was Artyom Karasev, they had known each other since the age of 14. He served as an architect and was not connected with the world of cinema. In 2005, they signed and played a magnificent wedding. Life together lasted a rather long period. But soon, disagreements and misunderstandings began to appear between the spouses, as a result, the couple broke up in 2011. But they had a son, Pavel, who currently lives with his mother and periodically visits his father.

In one interview, she said that she wasn’t losing her mind in her profession, trying to get used to the image of her hero, and she wasn’t bringing it into the house. Family for her is the main thing in life. But if the actress sits without work for a long time, then she begins to have psychological problems and her self-doubt increases. If she really likes the project, then the girl is ready to spend all day on the set.

After the birth of her son, Julia officially went on maternity leave for four years. During this period, she was worried about her son and was afraid to leave him alone, so she had to abandon several projects. Only after the child entered the kindergarten, she was able to more or less calm down. According to her, she was a crazy mother. Most recently, he went to study in the first class of a local lyceum and boasts to his friends that his mother is an actress. In fact, Podozerova dreamed of a daughter, but she loves Pavel very much, hopes that in the future she will have a beautiful daughter.

She devotes a lot of time to raising her son and says she is a strict and fair mother. Julia forbids her son to watch foreign cartoons and play games on the phone. The child loves to watch the movie "Only the elderly go into battle" and can name almost any quote from the military picture. Pasha was recorded to play football so that he physically develops and is always fit.

We all know her as a slender and beautiful girl, but few know that after giving birth she gained a lot of excess weight, more than ten kilograms. The girl did not control what she eats and allowed herself too much. The last point was put by her agent, who after a long break said that Julia would no longer act in films. This made a strong impression on her, and she decided to come to grips with herself. I set myself the task of losing 12 kilograms in just two months. After that, I enrolled in the gym and began to reduce food appetites.

She began to eat according to the separate food system, namely five times a day, and the portion weighed only 250 grams. As a result, the result was not long in coming, soon the actress began to transform and lose weight. Reached the goal, and without the use of certain diets. In them, the girl does not see the point and believes that they only harm health. According to her, you can eat everything, but in moderation. Now Julia constantly goes to the gym and leads a healthy lifestyle. Many directors even say that it would be nice to get a little better.

She told us about the products that she never consumes - carbonated drinks, which she refused at the age of 20, semi-finished products and pastries with a long shelf life. In addition, once a month he tries to cleanse his body.

Career and filmography of the actress

Professional activity on the big stage of our heroine begins even after completing her studies at the University of Culture and Art. She is accepted into the main troupe of the April Theater, located in Khimki. The first role of the girl took place when she was a student in the play "Invitation to the Castle." Later, already being a certified actress, she receives the main character in the world famous play “Romeo and Juliet”.

In 2002, our heroine received a prestigious award for this role at the Moscow Theater Festival. This was followed by the production of Jean-Paul-Sartre "Behind Closed Doors", where she perfectly got used to the image of Estelle.

Do not forget about working in the play “Features of National Prostitution” and “Mother's Daughters”. In almost every work she receives the main character, the directors see her only in the foreground.

The filmography of our heroine includes a small number of feature films, she prefers only multi-part projects. The first experience on television occurred in 2006, when she was invited to play as a journalist in the popular TV series “Don't Be Born Beautiful.”

In 2008, the actress takes part in the film “Call my door”, which received great success among the audience and high marks from critics.

Here our heroine plays the sister of the main character. A terrible tragedy occurred in their fate, their parents died. The sisters are trying to lead their own lives and grow up. A romantic story makes the audience empathize with the heroes with all their hearts. On the set, she was accompanied by popular artists Karina Razumovskaya and Alexei Zubkov.

In addition to filming a movie, our heroine gives magnificent photoshoots, her image can be seen in the photo in Maxim magazine. In addition, Julia became the face of the global brand of cosmetics L’oreal Paris, it is also easy to notice in advertising Vanish, water filters Barrier and KIA.

TV shows with Julia

Our heroine prefers work in television projects, she has counted on a huge number of roles in popular TV shows on almost every TV channel. The first experience of filming a movie took place in “Don't Be Born Beautiful” in 2006, where she showed a real bitch and a confident journalist. This was followed by the “Engagement Ring”, “Our Neighbors”, “Muscovites”.

In 2011, she was invited to the Traffic Light project, a romantic comedy about three friends. After that, "Comrade Police," "Beautiful to Death." But in all the series, she takes only minor supporting roles.

Then, Julia is accepted into a serial film on the STS “Kitchen”, “Under the Heel”, “Sword” and “Freud's Method”. In 2013, she shares the set with everything known by Dmitry Nagiyev in the series "Two Fathers and Two Sons", here she tries on the image of a school psychologist.

The real breakthrough occurs in 2015, when Julia gets one of the main roles in the project “Mom”, which tells about the life of modern young mothers, this theme was especially close to our heroine. Next comes a small series “Wanted Love”, but here she again had an episodic role. Soon, luck smiles at her again, Julia is taken on the main character in the picture "Hostage". The thriller received great success on television and attracted the attention of the viewer with its unusual plot.

This was followed again by a minor role in the series Ivanov-Ivanov on STS, which has already received three successful seasons. The next appearance on television took place in 2017 in the film “Psychologist”, in which she again took up the image of a bitch. In the same year, the film "Beautiful Creatures" was released, this time Julia was in the spotlight. The melodrama tells about two girls who go to Moscow in search of rich lovers, but they are not expecting a prestigious life. The film received positive reviews from the viewer and won first place in her filmography.

As you noticed, most of the roles that our heroine plays are self-confident and strong women who are not dependent on men. Few people know that all her images are fashioned from real life and carry a piece of Julia herself.

The article examined the biography of Yulia Podozerova. The girl was put in the wheels many times and prevented from becoming a famous actress, but despite this, she managed to achieve success and got out onto the big stage, with which she is currently conducting a dialogue with her audience. All this thanks to the incredible strength of character and the core inside the artist.

Childhood and youth

Russian theater and film actress Yulia Vladimirovna Podozerova is a native Muscovite. She was born on November 2, 1983 in the capital, in a family where there were no artists. However, this circumstance did not prevent Julia from dreaming of a career on the stage and on the set.

Actress Julia Podozerova

Acting talents, open-mindedness in public, charm and stellar appearance - these are the components that are necessary for the profession of a lyceum for Yulia Podozerova. With a growth of 1.65 m, Julia weighs 55 kg.

The Muscovite took her first steps in her career at school: a young beauty starred in commercials. But the goal of Julia remained the profession of an actress, therefore, after presenting the school certificate, Podozerova became a student of the capital's University of Culture and Arts (MGUKI), choosing the theater and directing department. She studied at the course of A. A. Kobzeva.

Creative path, life and family.

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Name and surname:Julia Podozerova
Middle name:Vladimirovna
Name in English:Julia Podozerova
Year of birth:1983
Birthday:November 2
Place of Birth:Moscow
Occupation:actress, russian actress
Height:165 cm.
Weight:53 kg
Eastern horoscope:Boar
Social network:Instagram


In cinema, Julia made her debut in 2006. She got the episodic role of the scandalous journalist Asha Booth in the rating series Do Not Be Born Beautiful.

Julia Podozerova in the TV series “Don't Be Born Beautiful”

In 2008, Julia Podozerova appeared on television again, playing Masha in the 2-episode family drama by Roman Prosvirnin, “Call my door.” Work with the masters of Russian cinema Sergey Varchuk, Yuri Nazarov, Karina Razumovskaya and Sergey Komarov affected the skill of the young actress.

In 2010, Julia Podozerova starred in three melodramas - the social comedy “Maskvichs” and the series “Our Neighbors” and “The Engagement Ring”.

Julia Podozerova in the movie "Wanted Love"

The episodes and roles of the second plan went to a Muscovite in 2011-2015. Podozerova appeared in the criminal projects Comrades Police, Pyatnitsky, The Second Slaughter, and Freud’s Method. In the tape of Ekaterina Dvigubskaya “To death is beautiful” with Peter Kislov, Tamara Vasilyeva played the leading role, and in the culinary sitcom “Kitchen” she played Gromov’s wife.

From 2013 to 2016, viewers watched the game of Yulia Podozerova in the comedy series of Radda Novikova's “Two Fathers and Two Sons”, where Dmitry Nagiyev starred in the main role. And in 2015-2016, the actress played Olga in the comedy melodrama "Mom".

Julia Podozerova in the movie "Mom"

In 2015, the 9th season of the Web project was released. The audience is again in suspense by a series of bloody crimes that unravel the Mists and Greeks (Oleg Kharitonov and Oleg Filipchuk). Appeared in the 9th season of the crime tape and Julia Podozerova, who played the heroine Lisa in the 6th film “Lucky Dead”.

The first starring role went to the actress in 2016, when in December on the TVC channel the 4-episode melodrama by Alexander Sazonov “Wife for Rent” was released. In a duet with Alexei Morozov, Julia brilliantly played the modern version of Shakespeare's story “The Taming of the Shrew.”

Julia Podozerova in the series “Wife for Rent”

The comedy is based on the Hollywood movie "Overboard" with Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn in the lead roles. The spoiled heroine of Yulia Podozerova, the socialite Yulia Smolina, also fell overboard and lost her memory. A simple village peasant took her to her house, saying that the lady with amnesia was his wife. The shooting took place in the capital and Khimki near Moscow.

Bright roles went to the actress in the projects "Key to his heart", "You can call me dad" and "Hornet's Nest", which premiered in 2016.

Personal life

The first family experience of Julia Podozerova was unsuccessful, and the actress does not like to remember him. Who was the husband of the Muscovite - the story is silent, but the son of Paul was born in the marriage.

Julia Podozerova with her son

In 2016, mom took the boy to 1st grade. Joint photographs of Julia Podozerova with her son Pasha can be seen on the artist’s Instagram. Son and mother are surprisingly similar - fair-haired and gray-eyed.

Early years

Julia was born on November 2, 1983 in Moscow. After graduation, she entered the Moscow State University of Culture and Arts (today the Moscow State Institute of Culture), on the course of Alla Andreevna Kobzeva.

Julia Podozerova in her youth

In 2001, a graduate of Podozerova was accepted into the troupe of the Khimki theater “April”, the stage of which she was well familiar at that time: in 1998, a student played Isabella from the play “Invitation to the Castle” in it. Later, she reincarnated in Juliet from a classic Shakespearean production, for which she was awarded the theater festival of the municipal theaters of the capital.

Actress career growth

In 2006, Yulia Podozerova made her film debut with the role of a scandalous journalist named Asha Bout in the cult series “Don't Be Born Beautiful”. Previously, the artist was awarded the Diploma of the Festival of Municipal Theaters of Moscow for played by Juliet in a play based on the famous Shakespeare tragedy. The next picture, in which Julia appeared, was the family drama "Call my door." In 2010, the girl played in the series “The Engagement Ring” and “Our Neighbors”.

On the artist’s account there are quite a few pictures with episodic roles (“Maskvichs”, “Comrade Police”, “Second Slaughter 2” and “The Sun as a Gift”). The most rated comedy series with the participation of Yulia Podozerova are considered to be “Kitchen”, “Mommies”, “Psychologists”, “Two Fathers and Two Sons” and “Traffic Light”. In 2016, the actress first played the key character Helena in the melodramatic film “Wife for Rent”. In parallel, Podozerova worked on a minor character in the series "The Hornet's Nest."

Later, the actress managed to successfully pass the casting for the main role in the melodramas “Hostage” and “I Will Never Give Up”. In 2017, fans watched Yulia Podozerova in the sitcom Ivanov-Ivanov and the 4-episode films Bad Daughter and Lessons in Happiness. At this time, the artist continued to appear on TV in commercials for L’Oreal Paris, KIA, Vanish products and Barrier water filters.

The actress received her first theatrical experience as a student. She played the role of Isabella in the production of "Invitation to the Castle." The artist also participated in the performances “Behind Closed Doors” (character - Estelle), “Features of National Prostitution” (Katya) and “The Bear”.


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