Brief biography of the Russian singer Glucose


Name: Glucose (Glukoza)

Real name: Natalya Chistyakova-Ionova

Middle name: Ilyinichna

Birthday: June 7 1986 (33 years old)

Place of Birth: Moscow

Height: 165 cm

Weight: 52 kg

Eastern horoscope: Tiger

Career: Russian musicians 159 place

Photo: Glucose

Childhood and family

When Natasha was born, her two-year-old sister Sasha, daughter from Tatyana Ionova's first marriage, was already growing up in the family. Parents were still very young, so they raised their daughters in a very liberal way.

The childhood of the future pop singer was in the dashing 90s, which could not but affect the formation of her personality. Prior to this, a relatively financially stable family began to experience serious financial difficulties. At some point, the parents had to rent their apartment, and Natasha’s family moved to her paternal grandmother, Lydia Mikhailovna.

She was reluctant to attend school, although she liked to take part in a variety of extracurricular activities. The girl attended all kinds of circles, was engaged in tennis and ballet, and even tried to master the piano, but quit after the first year of training.

Unlike the feminine older sister, Natalya grew up as a kid. Among her friends there were some boys with whom she raced enthusiastically around the yard, climbed trees, set fire to trash bins. In an interview, the singer recalled how, together with friends, she opened the windows in the apartment of a circus artist who lived on the first floor, and his trained monkeys ran around the yard. While the police caught the animals, Natasha and her friends watched the show with a laugh.

Childhood and school

Natasha was born on June 7, 1986 in a Moscow family. Natalya’s father, Ilya Efimovich, is a design engineer by profession, and Tatyana Mikhailovna’s mother is a “cashier-seller”. The singer has a sister, Alexander. The sisters are very similar, although their fathers are different. Alexander has nothing to do with music; she is a pastry chef by profession.

A large role in the life of the future singer was played by the grandmother of Lidia Mikhailovna. In the 90s, the family was forced to rent a Moscow apartment, so they lived in the grandmother's house. Grandmother helped Natalya in learning, which was difficult, and made up for the lack of parental attention as she could.

Sisters Alexandra and Natalya grew up completely different. The first is calm and feminine, the second is a real tear. Natasha was friends with yard boys and hooligan, like a real kid.

School years began for the future singer at school number 307 in Moscow. She did not show much zeal for studies, but with pleasure participated in extracurricular activities. Due to problems with attendance and discipline, parents were forced to transfer their daughter to evening school when she moved to grade 10.

First steps to fame

At age 13, Ionova got a role in the drama film "Princess War", where young Arthur Smolyaninov and Lyanka Gryu also starred. That's just because of the conflict between the producer and director, the picture was never completed.

At the age of 14, Natalya Ionova starred in the movie Triumph, which largely dubbed material from The Princess War. The music for the film was written by Max Fadeev. On the set, he noticed a young actress and saw huge potential in this lively charismatic girl. Although the first impression of her was not the most pleasant: "a brazen drunken girl who spat on the director’s balcony."

The first steps in creativity

In 1997, when Natasha was 7 years old, she and her grandmother went to the casting of young actors for filming in the issue of the children's magazine Yeralash. It turned out that they had not in vain defended a long line. Boris Grachevsky noticed a talented girl and offered her the main role. The first fee was spent on gifts for parents and a TV. The first series with the participation of Natalia Ionova was called "Toadstools", later she participated in several issues of "Jumble".

There were also invitations to the big movie. As a 13-year-old girl, Natalya appeared in a small role in the drama “Princess War”. Unfortunately, the picture did not appear. Then there was the film "Triumph", the music of which was written by Max Fadeev. It was then that the producer first noticed a brisk girl, guessing her great potential.

Glucose and Max Fadeev

Fadeev came up with the concept of the Glucose project before inviting Ionova. On the demo versions of early songs sounded the voice of Fadeev and his wife, through computer processing.

The resemblance to the virtual group Gorillaz was noticeable, but the girl Glucose with her faithful companion Doberman and other members of the group lived in their own, distinctive world. Each clip - “I Hate”, “The Bride”, “Glucose Nostra” - seemed to continue the previous one. The videos were full of references to popular culture, for example, in the "Bride" was parodied the popular film "Kill Bill" in those years.


Without exaggeration, we can say that Glukoza owes its formation as a singer to the famous producer and composer Maxim Fadeev.

It all started with the song "Suga", which Natalia composed to the music of the soundtrack for the film "Triumph". The author of the music was Max Fadeev. Natalya posted the recording of the song on the Internet and asked the producer to listen to it. That is how their creative tandem came about.

Further, the chronology of the most significant events in the career of singer Glucose looks like this.

  • 2002. Maxim Fadeev creates the group "Gluk’oZa", where Natalia Ionova becomes a soloist. He writes music for the group and directs music videos. Following the song "Suga" was a clip "I Hate", which became the beginning of the widespread introduction of 3D technology in music projects. No one saw the singer’s faces in the video. She drew herself, and the artists slightly corrected the picture and transferred it to 3D format. The Gluck’oZa project became popular, and the lack of any information about the singer greatly fueled interest in her.
  • 2003. Glucose first appeared on the stage "live" in the final program "Star Factory - 2". Fadeev produced the project. The animated character of the singer became the main character of the year on Rambler. Her first album “Gluck'oZa Nostra” was released.
  • 2005. The album “Moscow” was recorded, which became super popular. Many domestic radio stations now broadcast songs from this album.
  • 2007. After a short break caused by marriage, Natalya Ionova and Maxim Fadeev created their own company, which they called Glucose Production.
  • 2008. Natalia appeared as the host of the STS channel in the program “Children's Pranks”. Glucose’s song “Dance, Russia” entered the top of the best in several charts. Her website www.gluk.ru was created.
  • 2009. Glucose changes its image, becoming an exciting and stylish adult woman. This year she is recording the single "Money."
  • 2010. The song “Here is such a love” is released, the text of which seemed provocative to many, as well as the video clips “Like in childhood”, “Swipe”. According to some sources, the texts for the clips in Russian were written by the spouse of Glucose.
  • 2011. Glucose released the album Trans-FORMA.
  • 2012. This year, the video “My vice” is released, the most scandalous in the creative career of the singer. The TV channels rejected the video, but the online presentation on the ELLO video channel still took place.
  • 2017. Singer Glucose acts in films, in the comedy “Grandmother of easy virtue”.
  • 2019. In the continuation of the film “Grandmother of easy virtue,” Natalia plays the role of a nurse from a nursing home. She also begins to do charity work as a volunteer for the Best Friends Foundation.

Natalia Ionova: Biography

The girl performs under the pseudonym "Gluk'oZa". Natalia Ionova is not only a singer, but also an author of songs, a TV presenter, a movie and voice actress. One of the girl’s albums became a hit of the Russian Federation and Ukraine.

Natalya Ionova

A family

The singer is married and happy in marriage. Husband Alexander Chistyakov is 12 years older than Natalia. He comes from an intelligent St. Petersburg family. By occupation, Alexander is a businessman and one of the owners of the Ruspetro oil company.

Glucose with her husband.

The love story of Natasha Ionova and Alexander began on the plane. Glucose flew to Chechnya to participate in a concert, one of the organizers of which was Alexander. So they met, and soon Glucose herself invited Alexander to marry her. June 7, 2006 they celebrated the wedding.

A year later, on May 8, 2007, a girl was born, whom Natalia gave the name Lida in honor of her beloved grandmother. In September 2011, the second daughter Vera was born.

Childhood and youth

Natalya Ionova born in 1986 (June 7), according to some sources in the city of Syzran (Moscow), however, the singer claims that this is not true. The girl said that her PR managers invented her place of birth, as it was necessary for the project "Glucose".

Archival photo of Natalia

Journalists cannot understand in any way who the singer’s parents are, as the girl always said different places of work in her interviews. According to some sources, both mother (Tatyana Mikhailovna) and father (Ilya Efimovich) are programmers by profession, according to other sources, mother is a cashier seller and father is a design engineer. Natalia also has an older sister, Alexander, who works as a pastry chef.

In childhood

Since childhood, the girl was attracted to music. At the age of 7, Natasha was sent to a piano at a music school, but the singer did not like to play this instrument and only a year later Natalia left the music school. Parents wanted Natalia to be an old versatile person, so from childhood she went to ballet and played chess. From the first to the ninth grade, Glucose studied at school No. 308, which was in Moscow, but from the tenth to eleventh grade, Natasha decided to transfer to evening school No. 17.

In young age

When Natalia was 11 years old, she decided to audition for a television magazine "Jumble". The girl starred in the film "Princess War" (1999), and three years later (2002) took part in the video Yuri Shatunov called "Childhood."


Glucose now

It seems that singer Glucose has plunged headlong into family life. She enjoys the role of a beloved and loving wife and mother. Spouses do yoga, do not eat meat, and enthusiastically promote a healthy lifestyle.

Recently, Glucose rarely pleases viewers and listeners with new projects, although in October 2019 she nevertheless promised a song that will appear very soon.

The singer has a page on Instagram. She enjoys talking with subscribers, uploads videos and shares beauty secrets.


The first single singer came out in 2001 and was called "Suga", the girl published it on the Internet. This track was seen by a famous producer Maxim Fadeev and decided to certainly contact the singer in order to start working with her. So began the career of singer Natalia Ionova. Thanks to Fadeev, Natasha was able to sign a contract with Monolith.

Maxim Fadeev and Natalia

Maxim Fadeev decided to organize the group "Gluk’oZa" (2002). This group performs songs in the style of pop punk. The soloist of the glucose group was Natalia Ionova. The band’s first song was a track called “Suga,” which hit the radio but was not appreciated by the audience. After some time, the capital's labels became interested in the young singer and began to look for her for an offer to work together. The Monolith Records label really wanted to sign a contract with the girl. They learned that Natalia works with Fadeev, and through him in 2002 Ionova signed a contract.


Since the singer did not want to tour, appear on various covers of famous magazines and give interviews, her producer decided to make the girl a 3D version, which soon appeared on the network. Natalya herself wanted to create her own image, and professional designers only slightly decided to adjust her image.

Glucose decided to show itself only in 2003. This happened at the final concert of the Star Factory. After the girl’s unexpected appearance, her first album “Gluck'oZa Nostra” was sold in the amount of 1.4 million copies. The girl did not expect such a turn of events.

Gluck'oZa Nostra

Natalia Ionova, together with producer Maxim Fadeev, decided to open the company “Glucose Production”. After that, such songs of the actress as “Schweine”, “Butterflies”, “Dance, Russia!”, “Silitsil” took one of the highest positions in the national hit parade, and Natasha began to receive various music awards. A computer game was also created in the image of the project, in which the members of the Glucose Production team became the characters.

Natalya and her little daughter shot a video (2008), which hit all the country's TV channels. This clip was called "Daughter" and the girl singer Lida performed under the pseudonym "Glyu ...". The plot of the video was very unusual, in it Natalia and her daughter save the earth from aliens.

In the same year, the song “Butterflies” was written, but which was later filmed a clip. Natasha finally stopped avoiding journalists and television and in 2009 she became the host of the program “Baby Pranks”, which appeared on the STS channel. In the spring (2009), Natalia Ionova, as always, managed to blow up the hit parade with the song “Dance Russia!”, Which became the actress’s most important track. On her tour, the girl began to collect whole houses.

Natalya Ionova decided to try herself in voicing cartoons and in 2009 the first animated film “Monsters against Aliens” was released, in which Natasha voiced the character “Gigantika”. The first experience in voice acting was a success, and the singer decided to continue doing this.

Gluck'oZa - Clip - Cat

In the same year (fall 2009), the singer announced that she wanted to change her image. Now, various doll shirts, jeans, as well as coarse and huge boots are a thing of the past. The singer began performing in more gentle and feminine outfits. Journalists began to pay more attention to the young singer and at the end of 2009 she was included in the list of the most beautiful and stylish girls of shock business in Russia.

In 2010 (March), the premiere of the new song, "Here is such a love." The provocative text, as well as the performance of the track by the Glucose group, forced everyone to pay attention to the track.

In the same year (November 10), the group released a new album, Trans-FORMA. This album included a lot of famous songs of the group, as well as new tracks (“Have played enough”, “Freak”, “Shot in the back”, “My vice” “Forgetyounot”, “Schweine”). The members of the group decided to come up with the name of the album together with their fans.

Glucose and dark forces

In 2012 (January), a video was released for the song "My vice", which caused a lot of turmoil even before the broadcast. This clip, according to many journalists, has become the most provocative of all the works of "Glucose". The actress in it appeared on the screen almost naked, thereby demonstrating her beautiful postpartum figure. The producer was afraid that this clip should not be allowed to be shown on television channels, but fortunately his fears were in vain and soon the video was shown on television channels in Russia and Ukraine.


After Natasha gained popularity, she increasingly began to flicker on various television shows and television shows. Natalia Ionova took part in the project “Stars on Ice”. In a couple she came across the Olympic champion in figure skating Anton Sikharulidze, after that, in the project "Dancing with the Stars", along with Yevgeny Papunaishvili, she became the winner of this show.

You could see the actress on the New Year’s show on the first channel, where the singer, along with Sati Casanova and Julia Savicheva, sang a track called “Dance Russia” (2013). Glucose was later invited to "Evening Urgant", where the singer sang the song "Baboski" blowing with SmokeyMop. Also, the actress could be seen on the program "Good Jokes", which went on the STS channel.

Other projects

In 2008, viewers of the STS channel were able to see her as the lead author of the program "Children's Pranks."

In 2009, Glucose voiced the character Reese Witherspoon in the cartoon "Monsters Against Aliens", as well as the character of computer games Nancy Drew. Ionova also participated in the project "Dancing with the Stars" in 2012, the channel "Russia".

Personal life of Natalia Ionova

At 17, Glucose met a young man with whom she began her first serious relationship, lasting 2 years. However, the young man was very jealous, and parting with him was a settled matter.

The love story of Natasha Ionova and her current husband resembles a fairy tale about Cinderella. A girl from a simple family accidentally met on the plane with a rich and influential businessman Alexander Chistyakov. Exhausted by the tour, she fell asleep in his place, but the man did not wake the young artist. It turned out that he was organizing a concert in Chechnya, to which Glucose flew to perform.

Personal data

The biography of Glucose (Natasha Chistyakova-Ionova) dates back to June 7, 1986 in Moscow, when the girl was born. Her parents, Ilya and Tatyana, worked constantly, so the grandmother Lida was engaged in the child. Natalia has an older sister, Sasha.

A relative tried to raise her granddaughters with dignity, but they often walked in the yard with dysfunctional friends. Although little Nata attended tennis, ballet, and musical instrument clubs, she managed to try alcohol, cigarettes, and even drugs early.

Natalya is now

In 2017, rumors began to circulate that the singer was pregnant again, but in fact, Natasha had a lot of work. The singer told reporters that before her schedule was less busy. But now she plans to completely go to the production center of Maxim Fadeev. Actress, singer and TV presenter Natalya Ionova said that in 2017 she plans to create a new hit that will sound "from every iron."

Glucose wrote the songs “I only smell you”, in which Artik & Asti participated, as well as the track “Moon-Moon”. A track called “Tayu” was released in two versions, one of which turned out to be a remix. Since Glucose has a lot of different hits, she does not want to quickly release her new album, which she began to create.

Gluck’oZa now

Despite the fact that the singer is mainly engaged in a solo career, she is not afraid to take part in various musical experiments. So you are blowing in with Alexander Revva, Glucose decided to record the soundtrack “The Sun” for the comedy “Grandmother of easy virtue”. In this film, the TV presenter perfectly played the role of Luba, who was the beloved of the hero of Transformer. This hero was played by a resident of the Comedy Club. A young man who was hiding from his pursuers ended up in a nursing home. There he decided to introduce himself as an elderly aunt. The film pleased its creators with an excellent rental, which brought in $ 6 million.

One of the explosive hits of Natalia Ionova was the track “Ju-ju”, which the girl had been preparing for a very long time before demonstrating it on the pop scene. This track was recorded together with the Leningrad band. The hit was performed in Baku at the "Heat" festival, held in 2018. The girl performed the song in a tight latex dress, which very cool emphasized the proportions of the singer's figure. When Glucose and Cord performed this song, they hugged very often and for a long time, which caused bewilderment of the audience: the audience perceived the manifestation of the emotions of the artists ambiguously.

Actual Activities

The songs of Glucose (Natasha Chistyakova-Ionova) changed their focus, but continue to occupy the main places in the charts. The singer is making new videos, and in 2018 she performed several compositions together by Artik and Asti.

In 2017, the girl played one of the leading roles in the Russian comedy Grandma of easy virtue, and then in the second part, released in early 2019. In addition, she continues to actively engage in charity work.

2012 — present

In January 2012, the premiere of the clip of the last single from the album “My vice” took place on the ELLO YouTube channel. Made a lot of noise even before the premiere, “My vice” became one of the singer’s most provocative works in recent times. According to the plot of the clip, the singer is in the center of the enclosed space, which can be viewed from all sides of the room through hidden windows. In these windows there are a variety of freaks who watch the beauty. The video was shot in December. The plot of the clip was kept in the strictest confidence, the film crew signed an agreement on non-disclosure of details. The singer herself comments on the idea of ​​the video as follows: “We made the video the way it was seen at that moment. Yes, we are aware that the clip may be a failure in terms of TV broadcasts, but we were not afraid to take a chance. What is “Here is such a love” that was not “taken” because of the presence of the word “cocaine” in the text, as well as easy striptease in the video. This is stupid. Now on TV they just don’t show ... But then “Here is such love” became a hit on YouTube, which strengthened my confidence that the Internet is now one of the priority sites. Initially, “My vice” was not planned as super scandalous, but in the process of shooting creative chaos began, we deviated from the script and in the end it turned out what happened. ”Despite Gluk'oZ’s fears,“ My vice ”took the main music channels into rotation Russia and Ukraine.

In March 2012, Gluck’oZa opened a sculpture in the form of a dog in the new terminal of Vnukovo International Airport. The art object is a joint gift from the Chistyakov-Ionov family and the American sculptor Romero Britto. A dog named Buddy has become a symbol of the reborn Vnukovo Airport.

In the spring of 2012, a new track called "K $ ka" gets into the rotation of Russian and neighboring countries radio stations.

On April 18, 2012 in Kiev, Gluck’oZa presents a video for this song. The director of the video is Alan Badoev, who has previously shot the video for the song “Butterflies”, which is the first single from the third studio album of Gluk’oZy “Trans-FORMA”. The authors of the text are Natalya and her husband Alexander Chistyakov, and Artyom Fadeev worked on music.

On September 23, 2012, Gluck’oZa released a single entitled “Take My Hand”. The author of music and words is Max Fadeev. According to the singer herself, this song became very personal for her. In November, Natalia presents a video for this single. The director is Max Fadeev. In the fall of 2012, Gluk’oZa took part in the seventh season of the show “Dancing with the Stars” on the TV channel “Russia 1”. December 24, Natalia and Yevgeny Papunaishvili became the winners of the seventh season of the TV show "Dancing with the Stars." At the end of 2012, Gluck’oZa took part in the filming of the New Year’s concert for Channel One, “New Year's Eve on Channel One,” where she performed with her single “Dance, Russia. »With singers Yulia Kovalchuk, Yulia Savicheva and Sati Casanova.

On May 21, 2013, on the TV show “Evening Urgant”, Smokey Mo and Gluck’oZa present the single “Butterflies” from their album “Younger”.

On May 17, 2018, a joint animation clip of Gluk’oZy and the Leningrad group is released.

Other activity

In January 2008, Natalia became a co-author, and after the host of the program "Children's Pranks" on the STS channel. In the spring of 2009, the contract for filming in the program "Children's Pranks" on the STS channel was renewed. Now the program is not broadcast.

Natalia voiced the first four games in a series of games about Nancy Drew, released in Russia: The Curse of the Blackmoore Estate, The Secret of the Shadow Ranch, The Secret of Antique Watches, The Last Train to the Moon Gorge. In March 2009, the cartoon “Monsters Against Aliens” was released on wide screens, the main role in which was the role of the Gigantics (Susan Murphy), voiced by Natalia, for whom this was the first experience of dubbing the cartoon.

Studio albums

Albumdate of releaseFormatLabelSales
Gluck'oZa Nostra May 27, 2003 CassetteMonolith,

Music Factory Group

1,400,000 copies CD CD (gift edition) Digital distribution Moscow June 9, 2005 CassetteMonolith,

— CD CD ("Union" edition) CD (gift edition) Vinyl Digital distribution Trans FORMNovember 10, 2011 Digital distributionGlukoza Production,

— CD CD (Digipack)

Official singles

TitleAlbumdate of release
I hateGluck'oZa Nostra November 2002
"Bride"March 2003
"Kid"June 2003
“The bridegroom wanted”
(feat. Verka Serduchka)
The bridegroom wanted
(Verka Serduchka album)
March 29, 2004
"Oh oh"Moscow June 8, 2004
"Snow goes"November 12, 2004
SchweineMay 2, 2005
"Moscow"October 10, 2005
"Wedding"The best songs May 8, 2006
ButterfliesTrans FORM December 3, 2007
“Dance, Russia. "June 2, 2008
"Daughter"November 17, 2008
“That's such a love”March 29, 2010
"Swipe"January 31, 2011
"My vice"November 10, 2011
"Take my hand"no album September 24, 2012
(feat. Smokey Mo)
(Smokey Mo album)
May 17, 2013
“Do you want to hurt me?”


TitleAlbumdate of release
"Suga"Gluck'oZa Nostra April 2002
Gluck'oZa NostraNovember 17, 2003
KarinaMoscow September 18, 2003
"Yura"June 20, 2005
Schweine (Eins, Zwei, Drei.)no album December 23, 2005
"Star"Cook (OST) September 22, 2006
"Sashok"Trans FORM November 15, 2010
"High Sign"January 31, 2011
“I want a man (Bitch Gaga)”April 18, 2011
"Traces of tears"September 12, 2011
"$ Ka"no album April 21, 2012
(feat. Slim)
Lotto 33
(Slim album)
June 1, 2014
"Without you"no album September 20, 2016
"The sun"
(feat. Alexander Revva)
Grandmother of easy virtue (OST) August 17, 2017


As the main performer
2002 I hateMarat CherkasovGluck’oZa Nostra
2003 "Bride"Andrey Evdokimov
Gluck’oZa Nostra
2004 "Oops"Maxim Fadeev "Moscow"
"Snow goes"Andrey Evdokimov
2005 Schweine / Schweine
"Moscow"Maxim Fadeev
2006 "Wedding"Andrey Evdokimov"The best songs"
2008 ButterfliesAlan Badoev Trans Form
“Dance, Russia. "Maxim Fadeev
2009 "Money"no album
2010 “That's such a love”Maxim Fadeev,
Evgeny Kuritsyn
Trans Form
"As in childhood" (two versions) Maxim Fadeev
2011 “Swipe” / “High Sign”Alexander Chernov
“I want a man”Yuri Kurokhtin
"Traces of tears"Maxim Fadeev
2012 "My vice"
"$ Ka"Alan Badoev2013 "Take my hand"Maxim Fadeev
(Smokey Mo featuring Gluck'oZa)
Oleg Chervonyak"Younger"
(Smokey Mo album)
“Do you want to hurt me?”Maxim FadeevMaxim Fadeev,
Evgeny Kuritsyn
2015 "Sing to me, the wind"Stanislav Morozov
2016 "Warm up"Maxim Fadeev,
Evgeny Kuritsyn
“I will be a secret”Irma Polish,
Evgeny Kuritsyn
"Without you"
2017 “I only smell you”
(Artik & Asti featuring Gluck'oZa)
Max Kitaev
"Tayu"Roman Prygunov
2018 Zhu ZhuIlya Naishuller
"FENG SHUI"Tanya Muigno
2019 "Dancer"Stanislav Morozov
Like an actress
2001 "Fly after me" (Maxim Fadeev) Maxim Osadchy"The Red One: Triumph"
"Young winds" (7B) Maxim Rozhkov"Young winds"
2002 "Childhood" (Yuriy Shatunov) Maxim Rozhkov"Gray night"
2014 "Hipster" (B2) Irina Mironova "# 16 plus"
2018 LALLIPAP (Pharaoh) Pak Volchek"Pink Phloyd"


YearRussian nameoriginal nameRole
1997—2000 from Jumble Jumbledifferent roles
2000 f Triumph Triumph: The Red OneTina
2003 f Caution, modern! 2004 Caution, modern! 2004Natalie (voice acting)
2004 dock Gluck'oZa. EncyclopediaGluck'oZa. Encyclopediacameo
2004 f Disco style night Disco style nightcameo
2005 f Night in the style of childhoodNight in the style of childhoodcameo
2006 f 1st fast1st fastMarilyn Monroe
2007 f Rood and Sam Rood and SamMasha
2007 f Phantom of the soap operaPhantom of the soap operacameo
2009 mf Monsters vs Aliens Monsters vs. AliensSusan Murphy / Gigantics (scoring)
2009 dock Infinite Jumble Infinite Jumblecameo
2010 f Russian Hollywood: Diamond Hand 2Russian Hollywood: Diamond Hand 2singer
2013 f Princess War Princess WarTina
2015 mf Sawa. Warrior heart Sawa. Warrior heartPusik (scoring)
2017 from Voroniny Voroninycameo
2017 f Grandmother of easy virtue Grandmother of easy virtueLyuba
2018 dock Mikhail Galustyan. Understand and forgiveMikhail Galustyan. Understand and forgivecameo
2019 f Easy-going Granny 2. Elderly Avengers Easy-going Granny 2. Elderly AvengersLyuba

TV shows

On the screen, Natalia could be seen in the following projects:

  • 2006 “I am looking for him” (Ivanushki International, Anniversary Concert),
  • August 15, 2006 “The Little Prince” (Evening in memory of Mikael Tariverdiev),
  • She was also the host of the program Kids Pranks on the STS channel and the Cinderella 2.0 program on the MTV Russia channel.
  • "Stars on Ice" paired with figure skater Anton Sikharulidze.
  • Played good jokes

Biography of Natalia Ionova (Gluk'oZa)

Natalia Ionova was born on June 7, 1986 in Syzran, in the family of programmers Ilya Efimovich and Tatyana Mikhailovna Ionovyh. The elder sister is Alexandra Sidorova, a pastry chef. In childhood, she moved with her family to Moscow.

The future star was engaged in chess and ballet. At the age of seven, Natasha entered a music school (in piano), but after a year she abandoned her studies.

At the age of 11, Ionova passed a casting in the children's magazine "Jumble" and starred in several series.

In 2000, she starred in the movie "Triumph", the music of which was written by Maxim Fadeev, and two later appeared in the video of Yuri Shatunov for the song "Childhood"

At the end of 2001, producer Maxim Fadeev, who got an amateur recording of the song “Suga” performed by Natasha Ionova, created a project called “GlukOza”. The song "Suga" quickly became popular.

In 2002, the company "Monolith" signed a contract with the project. A 3D version of the girl appeared in virtual space. Natasha Ionova painted herself, and designers and artists only edited the image. “I Hate” is the debut video followed by an entire animated series.

The project has become one of the most popular in the country. It was not just a performer of famous hits, her name was given to a collective that performed in the style of pop retro-punk. The animated heroine became the character of the year of the Rambler Internet portal in 2003. Based on the idea of ​​the project, a computer game was created,


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