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Alexandra Kiseleva, which fans of modern dance art know by the pseudonym Sasha Cool, is a young dancer who prefers the outrageous style of Vogue. Even Kiseleva achieved success in the modeling business and cinema, starring in several documentaries and feature films, from which the drama “Dance of Silence” and the youth comedy “The Good Boy” stand out.

Alexandra was born on September 29, 2002 and at the age of six she got into her first dance studio. Mom took the girl to a children's group at the Alla Dukhova show-ballet "Todes", and Sasha quickly developed as an excellent dancer. In the first choreographic production, teachers chose the small Kiseleva as a soloist.

Actress and dancer Alexandra Kiseleva

The girl was worried, realizing the degree of responsibility, because the ballet was adapted to Sasha’s movements, and any mistake, even minimal, could be fatal. But Kiselev was encouraged by the fact that it was an important festival in Kazan, and she showed a very good level for her age.

In “Todes”, Alexandra danced for four years, after which she continued to develop independently at the age of 11. She studied at master classes with Russian and foreign teachers-choreographers, including in the creative workshop of Lika Stich, who she considers her godmother in dance.

Alexandra Kiseleva in childhood

Sasha completed an internship at the Moscow Dance Hero Academy and Yevgeny Yushkov’s theater and creative group. During this time, the girl participated in such theatrical and choreographic productions as "There is no place to know where," "I'm going to look for you," "Dream of the Sacred Spring," "The Royal Devils Show" and others.

With all her love of dance, Sasha Kiseleva saw herself in other areas of creativity. She found a place in the fashion world: she starred in the My Positive advertising video of the well-known Nutella company and was a participant in the Living Mannequins project of the famous Timberland brand. In addition, the young girl repeatedly appeared on the podium and demonstrated the latest collections of various couturiers.

Alexandra Kiseleva

Another interesting direction in the development of Sasha Kleva is acting. She underwent a one-year training in courses at the Theater College. Leonida Filatova, and in 2015 she participated in the Actor’s Laboratory competition of the Amedia film company, in which she won second place. Sasha Kiselyova does not leave her knowledge without application: she has already starred in several documentary and art projects, including the main roles.


After studying at the creative workshop of Lika Stich, the spectacular vogue became Sasha's native style. Over the course of the year, she managed to become so close to this trend that in 2013 she became the official representative of the New York dance house “The House of Xclusive Lanvin”. At first, the girl performed there under the dance name Candy XLanvin, but then changed it to the catchy name Sasha Cool.

Thanks to her skill, refined movements and amazing facial expressions, Sasha Kiseleva turned out to be noticeable in dozens of dance battles, including such prestigious ones as the Street Star festival in Stockholm, from which she returned three times as a winner, and the championship of the best Russian choreographers “Russia: Respect Show” Case 2014 ”as part of the creative team of Yevgeny Yushkov“ Start.Rec ”. Even a young dancer was in the groups of “Golden Banana”, “Ginseng”, “Startrec-357”, “Todes-Kurkino” and others.

Despite her tender age, Kiseleva has already managed to try herself as a choreographer. She independently set the movements for the performance “Basic Instincts” as part of the art project “New Lightness-2016”, and even earlier she became a director and back-dancer for the performances of singer Eden Golan for the Russian qualifying round of the Junior Eurovision in 2015.

In 2016, a talented girl tried herself in a TV show with a huge rating of “Dancing on TNT”. She came to the pre-casting of the third season, but she was not allowed to perform due to age qualifications. Then Sasha went to the Protantsi training camp organized by this project and managed to impress even a strict jury member Miguel in the classroom. For the sake of Alexandra Kiseleva, the organizers of the television project made an exception and allowed the girl to demonstrate talent before the judges.

Sasha Klevaya danced in her corporate Vogue style, while making the room very spectacular and elegant. Kiseleva’s performance was considered successful, the judges noted that at the age of 14 she was already an established artist with a bright, catchy appearance, who was able to create all kinds of images. As a result, Kiseleva got the right to compete further in the TV show and competed with older colleagues - Dasha Rolik, Alena Dvoichenkova and other representatives of the Vogue style.

To participate in the show, the girl switched to distance learning at school.

The audience remembered Kleva’s duet numbers with Cherry, Valentin Ermolenko, Stanislav Ponomarev. As a result, Sasha entered the top 14 best dancers of the 3rd season of the project “Dancing on TNT”.

The first appearance of Sasha Kiseleva on the screen occurred in a documentary film of a joint Swedish-American production about the dancers of the StreetStar choreographic festival, in which the young girl won the victory. Alexandra also showed herself in the Scandinavian psychedelic film “Voguerra”.

An interesting experience was waiting for the girl in the animated project "Swift". She became an actress of MoSar - with plastic movements she “revived” the painted character Maria Roshchina. Subsequently, Sasha and voiced this heroine. But in the short melodrama "Dance of Silence", Alexander has already appeared as an actress. She got the main role of a deaf-mute girl who took up the challenge thrown to her from the world of sounds.

This social picture tells about the relationship of people with hearing impairment and the world around them. It is interesting that initially the director Yevgeny Kravchenko planned to shoot an already adult actress, but, by chance seeing Sasha’s performance, he realized that she was suitable for this image like no one else.

The film was first shown to viewers at the annual international festival of the All-Russian State Institute of Cinematography named after S. A. Gerasimov.

Another interesting work by Kiseleva is the youth comedy “The Good Boy”. Then the girl collaborated with Konstantin Khabensky, Tatyana Dogileva and Mikhail Efremov.

Alexandra Kiseleva in the movie "The Good Boy"

Sasha portrayed a classmate of the protagonist - Kolya Smirnov, performed by the young actor Semyon Treskunov, this “good boy”. By the way, the roles of all the boyfriends are played by young dancers representing different directions of modern choreography. The film at the Kinotavr film festival in Sochi received the main prize and was named the best Russian film of the year.

Photo: Alexandra Kiseleva

The creative path of Alexandra Kiseleva

The starting point in Alexandra’s dance career was TODES show-ballet studio Alla Duhova, where she performed as a soloist.

At the age of ten, Alexandra came to the casting of the TV show "Big Dances." Having dealt with all the tasks on the qualifying rounds, she entered the group of the choreographer Liki Stich. Unfortunately, she failed to appear on the Big Dances, due to her young age and the corresponding restrictions on the project (people over 16 years old were allowed there).

Interesting Facts

Alexandra Kiseleva is the only representative of Vogue style in Russia who managed to win three times at the largest StreetStar International Festival of Street Dance Styles, which is held annually in Stockholm (Sweden).

Alexandra’s dance name “Candy Xclusive Lanvin” (abbreviated as “Candy XLanvin”) comes from the name of the house “The House of Xclusive Lanvin” in which she is a member. After Alexandra’s first victories at StreetStar, Dashaun Wesley Williams, an American actor, dancer and choreographer, a well-known representative of the dance style of Vogue, who is the head of The House of Xclusive Lanvin New York vogue, invited Alexandra to become a member at home and officially represent this house in Russia and at VOG tournaments.

Impressed by Alexandra’s performance at the StreetStar Festival, the Swedish director Henric Hemmerlind directed Voguerra with Alexandra Kiseleva, where she plays herself.

Initially, Alexander was not allowed to participate in the TV show "Dancing" because of the rules, according to which, project participants must be at least 16 years old. But a month before the start of the casting, Alexandra won the contest “Surprise with your dance” and thanks to this I ended up in the “Dance” camp, where Miguel noted her professional level and invited her to the “Dance” casting.

Many project participants noted Alexandra’s high intellectual abilities, and Yegor Druzhinin noted that the psychological age of 14-year-old Kiseleva is much older than him.

To participate in the show "Dancing" Alexandra Kiseleva left school and switched to the form of distance learning.

In 2018, the Organic Shop company released a line of natural cosmetic products from Alexandra Kiseleva “Shine like a Diamond”.


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Alexandra Kiseleva (Sasha Klyova): interesting biography facts

A talented and very bright girl, a participant in the new season, “Dancing on TNT,” which, by the way, is predicted to win the final. She is not just dancing, she is a professional dancer !!

  • Date of birth - September 29, 2002
  • Place of birth - Moscow
  • Height - 162 cm.
  • Acting Agency - Freshfilms

He is fluent in English, which means that Sasha is studying at a school with an English bias, alas, the number of the school. unknown. Interesting information about Alexandra’s life here - click

He lives with his mother, Lena, and dad would like to eat .. Creative path Cool - to read . Apparently this angel has a great prospect of becoming a real star!

The first dance school and the first steps in the creative field of Alexandra Kiseleva

The dancer was born in 2002 in the city of Moscow. From an early age she was fond of ballet and went to Alla Dukhova’s ballet show “Todes”. Sasha proved herself in dance classes as a talented person and was chosen by the leaders as the main performer in the team. These were the first successes of the girl, but far from the last. The girl’s experiences about staging the ballet were in vain, since for her age she showed herself very worthy.

At 11, Alexandra decided to start independent career advancement and abandoned the dance school. After leaving the dance school, she entered the Theater School, received acting skills in various courses. The girl showed herself in a variety of well-known performances, such as "There is no place to know where," "I'm going to look for you," "A Dream of the Sacred Spring," and the Show of the Royal Devils.

Sasha played an important role in the modeling sphere, actively participated in various exhibitions on the catwalks. The girl illustrated clothes, appeared in commercials of famous brands. Among these brands were Nutella and Timberland.

In 2015, takes part in the competition "Acting Laboratory" and takes an honorable second place. Acting lessons were not in vain, and the little artist took part in several newsreels, such as "Dance of Silence", "Good Boy".

One of Alexandra’s achievements was staging dances for an Israeli artist participating in the Junior Eurovision Song Contest.

Sasha Kiseleva dancing and dancing again

Sasha is more familiar to his fans under an assumed name Sasha Cool. Before that was known as Candy xlanvin. The girl was seen in numerous battles, which allowed her to continue working in such well-known teams as Golden Banana, Ginseng, Startrec-357, Todes-Kurkino.

The girl tested herself in the role of a choreographer, staging performances to many famous artists.

Today Alexandra Kiseleva emphasized the vogue dance style, with which she took part in a number of competitions, winning prizes. So, she became a three-time winner of the international dance tournament in Sweden StreetStar.

But the girl had these victories in the children's and teenage categories, and the girl decides to perform in the project “Dancing on TNT”.

Sasha Kiseleva in the show "Dancing on TNT"

At first, the girl was not allowed to speak on the show "Dancing on TNT" because she was not suitable for her age for such a serious event. But Alexandra didn’t stop there and decided to visit the Protantsi camp, where she showed all her skills and was able to shock the jury. And Sasha made an exception, and now she will be able to speak in the project.

The girl managed to conquer the jury with her bright and brilliant number. Many spoke of the fact that at the age of fourteen the girl had already taken place as an artist and found her style and her calling.

After completing all the selections, the girl got on the project and was able to compete with older performers of the same style as she herself chose.

Films with Sasha Kiseleva

For the first time, a young lady appeared in a documentary about StreetStar, a dance tournament in Sweden, where the girl won. In the future, she took part in the filming of the animation project "Swift". Sasha voiced the role of the heroine, which with choreographic movements led to the life of an imaginary character Maria Roshchina. Further, the actress starred in the movie "Dance of Silence", where she played the main character.

The girl supports a healthy lifestyle and eats properly.

Inspired by the creativity of the girl, in general, there is not enough time for dates, so it's too early to talk about personal life.

Personal life

Talking about the romantic adventures of Alexandra Kiseleva is not necessary. The girl is so keen on numerous creative interests that she has no time for dates.

It is interesting to note that Sasha is an ardent supporter of proper nutrition and a healthy lifestyle.

Actress and dancer Alexandra Kiseleva

Girl is an active user of social networks. Alexandra is registered on Instagram, where she shares personal photos and photos from professional photo shoots with subscribers. Another artist leads a channel on YouTube, where she uploads videos from performances and interviews.

Sasha Kleva has developed her own website. On the Internet resource you can find the latest news from the life of a versatile person.

Alexandra Kiseleva

Alexandra has a life motto that sounds like “There is nothing impossible.”

In a conversation with a journalist, the girl admitted that, although she was wearing makeup in the photo, she rarely uses makeup in her life.

Photos >>

TV projects

  • 2019 - “What does this mean?” (RBC TV Channel)
  • 2019 - Makeups (TV Channel “Friday!”)
  • 2018 - “ReMarkable Room” (Mark Cosmetics Russia)
  • 2017 - Fashion and Vogue (FashionTV Channel)
  • 2017 - Makeup in the Big City (Maybelline NY Russia)
  • 2017 - “Give Five!” (STS Channel)
  • 2016 - “Dancing” (TNT Channel)
  • 2015 - “You can do more!” (Match TV Channel)
  • 2013 - “Girls Only” (Children's Channel)

Alexandra Kiselyova now

Career biography of Sasha Kleva attracts the attention of thousands of fans. After all, a girl at such a young age manages to successfully develop in diverse directions.

In 2017, she starred in Kenzo Parfums commercials and the Kenzo World dance performance. From the same year, the author’s column by Sasha Kiseleva appeared in the KIDS RUSSIA magazine.

In addition, in 2017, Klevaya appeared in the advertising audio clip of the National Give Five! Award on Detsky Radio and voiced the audiobook Girl Online. Status: Free ”by Zoe Sagg.

In October, Sasha appeared in episode 13 of the television series Spider, directed by Mikhail Zhernevsky as Masha Bolshakova.

In February 2018, viewers saw the 4-episode drama Atonement.This is a story about the newlyweds Nadia and Roma, who have just entered family life. The idyll collapses when Nadia's mother bursts into the house of young people, who left her daughter 20 years ago. She decides to test her son-in-law for strength and seduces the young man.

Alexandra in the project got the role of the secondary character Alina Chulko.

In April 2018, the sports and comedy series Out of Game is released. The actress will appear in an episode of one series, but the role of the girl is not indicated.

In the same month, Sasha attracted attention at the Tatler Teen Party 2018. Kiseleva dressed in a red oversize lacquered cloak and complemented the image with red earrings and silver boats.

Also, viewers will see the acting talent of the girl in the detective story Eye to Eye and the drama series Teachers.

In 2017, Alexandra starred in several photo shoots for the magazines Virtuogenix, Elle Russia, Danilov Magazine, ElleGirl, Daisy Magazine, Harper’s Bazaar.

April 2018 was marked by pictures for “InStyle” in the photo shoot “Bold and Beautiful”. And in May, Sasha will appear in the Cosmopolitan magazine in the series of photos “The most delicious series of the season”.

Recently, the team of Mark Cosmetics Russia created a rubric on reMarkable Room on YouTube. Sasha received an invitation to become a guest in one of the issues.

Kiseleva Alexandra Alexandrovna (II)

Born on September 29, 2002.

She graduated from acting classes at Dance Hero Academy (2014), t / workshop of Evgeny Yushkov (2014-2015), t / workshop of Lika Stich (2013-2014), Theater College. Filatova (2012).

She performed as a member of the dance groups of Zhenya Yushkov (Troy) "Start.Rec" and "ZhenShen", in the choreographer Lika Stich's show productions, the Todes working group (Kurkino), and solo programs.

Entered the top three winners (2nd place) in the competition "Acting Laboratory 2015" film company "Amedia" with the monologue of the Mad Hatter.

Three-time winner of the international dance festival in Sweden "StreetStar" 2015-2016 in the category "Vogue" (street style).

Entered the TOP-14 of the best dancers of the project "Dances" on TNT, season 3.

Winner of the "Dancer of the Year" award according to the 2016 Fashion Room Magazine.

Theatrical and choreographic productions

  • 2015 - “There is no place to know” - A girl from a fairy-tale world
  • 2014 - “I'm Going to Look for You” - Alice
  • 2014 - "Dream of the Sacred Spring" - Lizard
  • 2014 - “Birth” - Newborn Man
  • 2013 - The Royal Devils Show
  • 2013 - “Pirate Station Revolution” (Record Dance Radio)


  • 2017 - “Author's column by Sasha Kleva” in the magazine “K> Model career

Collaborated with the brands Gucci, KENZO, Pinko, Furla, Avon, Estel, Maybelline NY, Timberland, Nutella, RL Jewel and Harper's Bazaar, Elle, Tatler, InStyle, Hello, Cosmopolitan, Glamor, Allure, Nargis, L'Officiel, L 'Etoile, VGXW. In 2017, she took part in Kenzo Parfums advertising projects and the Kenzo World dance performance at the presentation of the winning videos of the 64th Cannes Lions International Creativity Festival.


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